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tv   Early Today  NBC  January 3, 2018 4:00am-4:31am PST

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/s weather so extreme it's called a bomb cyclone and it's about to unleash damaging wind, blinding snow and resemble a winter hurricane. >> president trump boasts that his nuclear button is bigger and more powerful than kim jong-un's. >> new details this morning on the 10 americans killed when their small plane crashed into a mountain. >> outrage and fall out from a shocking video posted by youtube star logan paul, but is his apology enough? >> i have made a severe and continuous lapse in my judgment. i should have never posted the video. i should have put the cameras down. >> and the nation's biggest lotteries now have a jackpot of over $850 million. "early today" starts right now. >> good morning, i'm phillip
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mena. >> i'm frances rivera. a deadly arctic blast is gripping the country from coast to coast. tens of millions of americans are shivering in record low temperatures and dangerously cold wind chills. drone video captures growing chunks of ice floating along the mighty mississippi river. in georgia the iconic mountain at a complete stand still with ie ice sickles forming there. the bitter cold being blamed for a number of deaths. nbc's blake mccoy has the latest from chicago. >> oh, my gosh! >> reporter: 19 degrees and snowing in buffalo. >> look at that. >> reporter: a massive pile up is snarling interstate 90. a forebodeing look with a major snowstorm set to move up the east coast. >> look at the truck. >> reporter: much of the country sits under the brute' grip of a deep freeze responsible for 14 deaths. chicago the 5th day in a row of
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below zero temperatures. >> it's no way around it. i don't think you can prepare. >> reporter: more than half the u.s. population, 200 million americans, saw temperatures below freezing. from the north at niagara falls, down south to savannah. 23 people were hurt in bronx, new york, including a firefighter as they battled against the elements, fire and ice. hoses, helmets and ladders frozen. frozen pipes a common sight in the midwest. this illinois house caught fire when the homeowner tried to thaw the pipes with a blow torch. >> i would not recommend a homeowner trying the torch, i would not recommend that. this is professional use only. >> reporter: check out this close call near dallas when a police officer slipped and fell on an icy highway as a car nearly slid into him. it's not all bad. ice fishermen are happily dropping their lines. but amber martin isn't looking for silver linings. >> i couldn't even tell you how
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many inches thick of ice that it has on it. >> reporter: she's looking for a way out. travel is going to get even more difficult starting later this morning with that snowstorm developing off the east coast. drivers and fliers will be impacted. some airlines are already offering waivers. frances? >> all right, blake mccoy for us. blake, thanks. >> nbc's meteorologist bill karins the request with the coming storm. >> it's already begun. north florida is going to freezing rain. jacksonville between tallahassee, it has a chance. i've never seen an ice storm forecast like this. in north texas all the way through southern georgia, winter storm warnings right along the coast. this is primarily a storm from i-95 to the coast, all the way up through new england. but look at this ice storm forecast. this is a half inch to three quarters of an inch of ice possible in southern portions of georgia and north florida. think of the pine trees, think of all the damage that could do during the day today. and then on top of that we'll
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have the snow all the wait up through the carolinas and snow in the south they're not usually prepared with the trucks and salts like they are in the north. a lot of major impacts even though it's only 2 to 4 inches of snow. >> wow. >> we'll be ready, hopefully we will. bill, thank you. >> mine is bigger than yours. that is how president trump is responding to north korean leader kim jong-un's warning that he stands ready to use his nuclear button against the united states. president trump tweeting last night, i, too, have a nuclear button, but it is much bigger and more powerful than his. and my button works. major papers immediately grabbed onto that saber rattling rhetoric which launched criticism from the left and right. california congressman eric salweil tweeting help me put this lunacy in check. this is not normal. the secretary of state condaleeza rice under george w. bush said spoken like a petulent 10-year-old. >> north korea announcing kim has given the order to reopen
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cross-border communications with seoul, proposing talks begin on tuesday. but with speculation, kim may be planning another missile test, those talks could quickly be in jeopardy. nbc's kelly cobiella has more from seoul. >> reporter: u.s. military sources tell nbc news kim jong-un might be about to test another ballistic missile. what would be a dramatic move after his surprising call for talks with south korea, saying he wants to ease tensions. south korean officials now suggesting a meeting tuesday at the most dangerous border on earth, the demilitarized zone. in these buildings known as truce village where guards stare each other down. not far from where a north korean soldier was shot in november during a desperate escape to south korea. now talk of north korea's figure skaters gliding across the border for the winter games, with kim jong-un's blessing. president trump weighing in.
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sanctions and other pressures are beginning to have a big impact on north korea. rocketman now wants to talk to south korea for the first time. perhaps that is good news, perhaps not. we will see. kim jong-un already claiming he has a nuclear button on his desk, that his missiles, like this one launched in november, can reach all the way to the east coast. although experts say there are still technical hurdles to cross. >> i think we have a 10% chance of a full-on war on the korean peninsula. here is the good news. i think there is still a 70% chance we can resolve this diplomatically. >> reporter: regardless of any potential talks on the olympics, the trump administration says their position hasn't changed. they say they will never accept a nuclear north korea. phillip, frances, back to you. >> kelly, thank you. >> congress is officially back in session today, ready to tackle a laundry list of items this month including a quickly approaching deadline to fund the government and avoid a shut
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down. but at first the sflat will swear in two new democratic memb members from minnesota and alabama just as orrin hatch announced he will retire at the end of this year. let's bring in tracie potts. good morning. >> reporter: there is a long list of things that need to be dealt with immediately like the budget, the january 19th deadline. also by then congress has to figure out what to do about chip, children's health insurance, a temporary extension was included in that budget. then there is disaster relief. so, they've got some immediate things to deal with. the senate resumes today and in doing so those two new democrats that you mentioned are coming on board, doug jones of alabama and tina smith of minnesota. they will now be coming in, boosting slightly the democratic majority. but what democrats really want to talk about here is daca, protection for young immigrants brought to this country illegally. it has been a hot button issue.
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that protection runs out in march. there are a couple of white house officials coming to capitol hill today, but the white house insists they're here to talk about the budget, not about daca. president trump, meantime, tweeting about daca, that order that he's rolling back as of march that democrats are doing nothing. they're just interested in politics and that activists and hispanics as he says will go hard on dems and start falling in love with republicans and their president, the president says they are about results. but not quick ones when they come to daca. the focus here starting today is that budget. phillip? >> all right, tracie, thank you so much. >> investigators from the faa and the ntsb arrive in costa rica to help determine what caused a small plane to slam into a mountain tragically killing a dozen people. coast aric an authorities say united states aviation officials and the maker of the small plane will work together in the accident investigation. and we are now learning more about the victims who perished including ten americans. nbc's gabe gutierrez speaks with
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one family about their devastating loss. >> reporter: by all accounts, amanda geisler was fearless. 33 years old, she loved her life. >> she loved with all of her heart and she would do anything for anyone. sa >> reporter: now her family is heartbroken. >> should had this light that nobody else has. >> reporter: amanda grew up in wisconsin, a college basketball stand out, loved adventure. she had been working as a trip leader for a travel company since may. >> and that was the magic of the -- she could do things and move people. >> reporter: she was among the ten americans plus two local crew members killed sunday when a single engine airplane slammed into a mountain in costa rica. also gone in an instant the weiss family from near tampa, florida and the steinbergs from suburban, new york. >> still trying to digest it. a family goes on vacation and doesn't come back.
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>> reporter: another plane crashed in december. he told nbc news he didn't believe a larger safety issue with the airline. but for amanda geisler's mother -- >> amanda, i was so proud to be your mom. i love you to death. >> reporter: it's not why that matters. it's who was lost. gabe gutierrez, nbc news. >> all right. time to check back with nbc meteorologist bill karins who is keeping an eye on a new blizzard warning. >> let's talk about the northeast portion of this storm. this is mostly a thursday event. winter storm warnings now for norfolk, virginia beach areas, southern portions of maryland and we are still waiting to see the impacts how badly from d.c. to philly. as of now it looks like a little bit of snow. maybe something d.c., nothing philly. it is really i-95. and the areas of eastern new england that will be hit the hardest. possibly a foot of snow. 6 to 12 inches likely from hartford to providence to boston. again, pretty good cut off line in the dry air back in areas
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carolinas. the cold air is in place in southern areas of new england waiting for the storm late tonight. of course one of the biggest dangers is going to be the high winds with the storm, power outages and the cold air behind it. i'll tell you how cold coming up. >> all right. a lot to watch. bill, thank you. the nation's biggest jackpots have swelled to a whopping $858 million. an eye popping mega millions 361 million. nobody one. it swelled to an estimated grand prize of $418 million the next drawing is on friday. so, if your game is powerball, tonight may be your chance. the next monster jackpot of over $440 million. >> 2018 is shaping up to have more female candidates for public office than ever before.
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boxing may be tough, but so are these grannies. these south african women between the ages of 75 and 80 years old use boxing to fight off aches and pains and stay fit. the gym offers l sessions that include cardioand boxing exercises hitting a punching bag. they challenge each other and go head to head inside the ring. according to gym trainers women are inspiring younger people to get serious about their personal fitness. >> those are impressive. 2018 could be a banner year for women in politics with a record number showing interest in running for office. that's according to emily's list, an organization dedicated to getting women elected at all levels of government. since the 2016 election, emily's list says more than 26,000 women access their website looking for information about candidacy. and the washington post reports at least 79 women are either
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running for governor or seriously considering it this year. that is a new high. experts say the surge seems to be fueled with frustration from president trump along with women winning key races this past november. >> thick dark smoke was visible for miles after a crash in northern italy that killed six people. italian news agency reported a truckloaded with sand struck the car in president fro of it causing it to slam into a tanker truck that then exploded into flames. five of the victims including two children were in the car and the 6th was a truck driver. meanwhile in peru another deadly accident kills at least 48 people injuring at least six after a bus tumbled 262 feet down a cliff. peruvian police say a truck struck the bus that sent it plunging down the steep slope. the investigation indicates both vehicles were speeding at the time of the crash. >> still ahead, a youtube star facing a big backlash for sharing something horrific with his millions of followers, many
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i get to sit next to savannah guthrie starting in 2018, and it was so cool. there was something about hearing our names together. >> yeah. >> and it just -- it felt right, like, i looked over and i just felt like, yeah. it was like one of those -- when something -- it's like two puzzle pieces, when it fits, it fits. >> it's official now, familiar
4:19 am
face, the permanent fixture from the 7:00 to 9:00 hours on the today show. hoda kotb officially named co-anchor alongside savannah guthrie. she replaces matt lauer who was fired for sexual misconduct. >> now to the growing outrage over a shocking video posted online by a youtube star. logan paul is now apologizing after sharing what appears to be images of a suicide victim with his 15 million followers. many of them are kids. and it's raising new questions about what our children should be able to see on the internet. we get more from nbc's joe fryer. >> reporter: with more than 15 million followers, most of them millennials and younger youtube star logan paul is known for making daily video blogs that detail his life. >> let's jump out of a plane and hopefully not die. >> reporter: clips that are funny and high energy. paul's lowest video is a low-kia apology. >> a made a severe and continuous lapse in my judgment. >> reporter: paul is facing a strong backlash for him and
4:20 am
friends walking through a japanese forest, a place known as a destination for suicides. >> do you think that's real? >> reporter: the video viewed by millions before it was deleted showed a body hanging, an apparent suicide victim. >> i should have never posted the video. i should have put the cameras down. >> reporter: forbes ranked paul fourth as highest youtube stars. he made 12 1/2 million dollars in a year. some are looking to push the envelope. >> because there is so much competition for that ad money and for the clicks, they're going out of their way to shock the viewer. >> in his written apology, paul says, i didn't do it for views. i get views. i did it because i thought i could make a positive ripple on the internet. >> you never stood next to a dead guy? >> reporter: mental health experts say showing a dead guy doesn't raise awareness about suicide. >> if somebody sees a harmful image, it could impact the distress they are experiencing. >> reporter: it did violate
4:21 am
policies and hopes prevention groups will realize they can reach out for help. joe fryer, nbc news. >> still ahead, the stars of tv's fixer upper reveal they are working on a new addition. not talking about a renovation here. we'll explain on "early today." . 40 million americans are waking up to a gillette shave. and at our factory in boston, 1,200 workers are starting their day building on over a hundred years of heritage, craftsmanship and innovation. today we're bringing you america's number one shave at lower prices every day. putting money back in the pockets of millions of americans. as one of those workers, i'm proud to bring you gillette quality for less, because nobody can beat the men and women of gillette. gillette - the best a man can get. hey, l'eggo my eggo. i don't see your name on it. really? ba bam! know the rules. keep your eggo. l'eggo my eggo. okay.
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touching her husband's fake baby bump with the caption gains party of 7. if you're still confused, we're pregnant. no word on when they're due. >> apple is teaming up with fandango when they buy tickets on the website or app. >> and the indonesian resort island of bali is welcoming 2018 with the bang. it captured the massive eruption which sent smoke and ash into the air. >> let's get another check of the frigid forecast from nbc meteorologist bill karins. >> for those lucky enough to miss this big ocean storm, you're not going to miss the next arctic blast if you're east of the mississippi river. negative 20 wind chills to areas like duluth, indianapolis negative 6. by the time we get to friday, it's going to be all through the east and right into the weekend in areas like new york city. "early today" will be right back. 40 million americans are waking up to a gillette shave. and at our factory in boston, 1,200 workers are starting their day
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new this morning, mike tyson and his business partners have broken ground on their latest venture. a 40-acre ranch north of los angeles that will focus on california's newly legalized recreational marijuana. the former heavy weight champ will reportedly allow professional growers to use half the land to cultivate new strains and technology. according to, the ranch will also feature an amphitheater, glamping an edibles factory and extraction area. >> while it is legal in california, a new gold rush of sorts has kicked in. now hundreds of businesses are cropping up and looking to cash in. nbc's jacob soberov takes us inside the new pot bonanza. >> reporter: at day one of
4:27 am
recreational pot sales at med men, they are hoping lines multiple city blocks long will help them cash in on what researchers project to be $5 billion in newly legal pot sales. why do you come here versus another dispensary? >> this is the nicest store i've ever been in. it's like an apple store. >> reporter: they expect the sales to quadruple lured in by sleek stores like this one. >> this particular strain is called dr. jay's lat rust og, whatever that means. >> reporter: steve dee angelo has been refurbishing greenhouses to grow cannabis and lots of it. you've been waiting on this for a long time. >> i have been working for and struggling towards this moment for my entire adult life. >> reporter: he hopes by taking a page from modern agriculture and producing pot on a massive scale he'll become a brand name in weed. to me this looks like you could be growing anything in here. anything they might find in the super market. >> yeah, you can grow cannabis in greenhouses that is equal or superior in quality to the
4:28 am
cannabis that's grown in warehouses. it's also a much less expensive way. >> reporter: as de angelo works to increase production at his greenhouses he, too, is working to expand his medical marijuana dispensaries. this location is almost like ground zero. how many more of these are you going to open across california? >> we expect to have a statewide footprint within three years and hope to be able to take this model out to the rest of the world. >> reporter: in a country where marijuana is still federally illegal, not everyone is happy. but nobody ever is in the gold rush. and this one is officially underway. jacob soberov, nbc news, los angeles. >> you know what's weird, everything to be jealous of in that whole thing they're standing in line, it's so sunny out there. they're just standing in line waiting to buy weed in the sun. california. >> that's california. >> thanks for watching. i'm phillip mena. >> i'm frances rivera. we leave you with an inventor
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who found a new way to create the ball drop. the news continues on our nbc stations. >> do what you got to do. -welcome
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-wednesday, january 3rd -live look at san francisco good wednesday morning to you, january 3rd, as we take a live look outside san francisco. nice and clear, but things could change later today. meteorologist, kari hall has a look at that in a few seconds. good morning, thanks for joining us, i'm marcus washington. >> i'm kris sanchez. laura garcia is off. we are feeling the wednesday blues. kari, you brought us a pop of color. >> red wednesday, i guess? do whatever feels right. grab the umbrella before you head out especially if you are going out this morning. we are tracking our next weather system that will bring us rain and finally moving in this afternoon. as we get a look ae


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