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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  January 4, 2018 4:30am-5:01am PST

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>> at this point. we will continue to track that for you, though, as well. we want to check in with kari hall who also in addition to those weather maps also watches those earthquake maps. >> we did, once again, measure a 4.5 magnitude earthquake just to the east of berkeley. a lot of people describe it as more of a rolling kind of earthquake, that one also being measured as well as another one about an hour later around cupertino. so we did have a lot more people in the south bay feeling some earthquakes this morning, being shaken out of bed, and also dealing with a very unnerving situation here to start out this thursday morning. now, that first earthquake occurred on the hayward fault, the last major earthquake we had on this fault was very long ago, so we know that we are very much overdue for a major earthquake there and the reason why we do pay attention to these small earthquakes is because it could be a foreshock to something a lot more major, but the last
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magnitude 7.0 we had was back in the 1800s that killed 30 people. now is the time to make sure you do have a plan. if you do start to feel that shaking make sure you drop, cover and hold. those are the three words to remember. get under some sturdy furniture, a desk or a table. after the quake make sure your family has a meeting place and that should be something arranged ahead of time. why pay attention to the small earthquakes? once again, it could be a foreshock to a larger event. if you are indoors you want to make sure you stay away from windows, stay away from outside doors and walls and do not use a doorway as a shelter unless it is strongly supported. we try not to try to run outside, even though you may be frightened at that time, do not try to exit a building. these are the things that we will be watching as we go throughout the day as we get prepared. there may be more shaking later on today as a lot more people get outside so we wanted to give you preparedness tips for being
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outdoors. if you are out there, stay outside, move away from buildings. once you are out in the open stay there until the shaking stops. most injuries are caused by people trying to get away from the buildings and things like that and there may be some falling debris. those are some things to keep in mind as we go throughout the day, even though we haven't had any major reports of damage or any injuries which of course is really great news. we will continue to monitor that right here. >> once we realize that there is no major damage or injury the next step is always to remind folks to have a plan, to be ready, because this is earthquake country and on some of our bigger faults we are long overdue. >> it could happen at any minute. we've been talking about that, that epicenter happening in berkeley near the claremont hotel. right now we want to go to pete suratos who is live there right now. pete, what are things looking like in that area? >> reporter: well, marcus and kris, i'm not seeing much damage or any damage at all here in the
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berkeley area. we're near that claremont hotel right across the street from it on this area. you've got coffee shops, you have book stores like you see right here. we showed you earlier this morning when we showed our show at 4:00 a.m. none of the items have fallen over. you have books here, you have some glasses that didn't fall over as a result of that earthquake. we actually walked around the block as well and didn't see much damage as well, but of course folks woke up to this, including myself, i was awake at the time and you felt a little bit of a rumble, but no major damage at least in the oakland hills where i live where we felt that earthquake. we will show you nice some video, i believe you showed it not too long ago in san leandro in that safeway, some items in the aisle way, at least the person who tweeted out this video is saying that is as a result of the earthquake. we're seeing people at least tweet out information or say that they felt that shake this morning as a result of the earthquake, but as i mentioned, at least here in the berkeley
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area near the claremont hotel we are not seeing any major damage. we will take you guys back out here live, there is a store that we've been showing you so far this morning that has items that typically would have fallen over if this was a much more strong earthquake, but at least with a 4.5 you are not seeing these books fall over or these glasses fall over. we will continue to monitor this area and bring another report to you in the next hour. we're live in berkeley, pete suratos for "today in the bay." we want to show you what bart had to say moments after the 2:39 earthquake this morning. bart said no initial reports of damage on our system. in an abundance of caution we are running the first trains at reduced speed for another visual inspection by the operator. riders will experience a 20-minute delay. normal speeds will resume following. they tweeted moments after the earthquake, this tweet is just from about ten minutes ago but we wanted to make sure that you knew that there was no big damage. now, there is some fallout for
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the commute, though, because those trains will be delayed. >> we want to go to vianey arana she has been tracking the traffic perspective of all of this. vianey, are we seeing -- it looks like on the screen we're seeing more green which is a good thing. >> so far what's going to see the biggest impact is those earlier commuters from mass transit, especially on bart. they are running 20 minutes late and it's initially on those first trains. i have seen a couple people replying to bart's tweets and bart did reply back saying it's only on the initial first trains. their hope is after that visual inspection they will have everything back up and running. as far as the other mass transit ivta, caltrain and muni we are checking for delays. our assignment desk is working hard to get a response from them to see if they can expect to see delays in terms of all of their riders. for now the biggest delay is coming out of bart. we will keep you updated also on our twitter account. as far as the rest of the commute for the bay area, no major accidents to report at this time. a lot of folks were in bed
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still when that earthquake struck this morning. some folks were on the job already. >> right now we want to go to sergeant david marble with berkeley police department. sergeant, you were in your squad car when this actually happened. what did that feel like and what did you do after that? >> well, when it hit my vehicle just started shaking violently for about two to three seconds. immediately i knew what it was and got on the phone with the dispatch center just to confirm that we did, in fact, have an earthquake. this he said, yes, we did have an earthquake. >> you are out and about in berkeley this morning. we know that that's the epicenter. have you seen anything that maybe with your trained eye you noticed that some of us maybe wouldn't? >> no, we did not have any reports of injury or damage. it did generate some calls, but
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the calls were not forwarded from our dispatch center to the officers on the street. i believe they were more calls of concern. >> so folks calling in and saying, i felt it, do i need to know anything? >> basically, yes. >> okay. >> and what is the procedure for you all if something like this happened? do you all just drive around to observe what's going on to see if there's any major damage or anyone needs help? what's the protocol for police officers if you are on patrol during a situation like an earthquake? >> that's exactly what we do, we drive around and just make sure everything appears normal, if there's anything obvious, any trees down, power lines down, buildings down, anything like that, and then we react from there, but this one we were fortunate and, like i said, no report of injuries or damage at this time. >> good to know. >> this is your opportunity for a public service announcement. sir, do you want to remind folks to be ready? >> yes, you just have to be
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ready when you wake up and find out there is an earthquake, you get a little concerned and it is still wet out because of the weather to just drive carefully and be cautious. >> all right. sergeant david marble of berkeley pd, glad that your patrol car shopped shaking. thank you for protecting the streets there in berkeley. >> thank you. we want to continue with our coverage it's online, it's we will keep you covered on all the updates that we have throughout the morning dealing with this 4.5 magnitude earthquake centered in berkeley. >> we will continue our earthquake coverage. we will also continue covering the rest of the day's news and we will bring you that in just a few seconds. mean while, we will leave you with a live picture of san francisco this morning. breaking news.
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a magnitude 4-point-5 earthquake overnight. we continue to follow breaking news at 4:41 this morning. a magnitude 4.5 earthquake overnight that struck around 2:39 this morning. >> the epicenter was in berkeley and it could be felt far away. san jose and richmond, people feeling that jolt this morning. take a look at the seismograph. you can see that jolt, 4.5 really shaking a lot of people this morning. >> we will continue to cover this and we are trying to get more pictures and video, what little there is, because there was not a lot of damage this morning, which is a good thing, but we also want to check in with business and tech and
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landon dowdy live at cnbc world headquarters. >> good morning, landon. >> marcus and kris, good morning. wall street is set for a higher open this morning, the dow, nasdaq and s&p 500 all closing at record highs this morning. the dow is now less than 100 points from that 25,000 mark, a little more than just a month after it crossed the 24,000 mark. investors will look for data today on hiring in the private sector. the dow rising 98 points to 24,922, the nasdaq closing up 58 to 7,065. the computer str i is scrambling to patch security flaws in chips that power nearly all of the world's devices including pcs, phones and data centers. what is called a melt down is known to adult incompetence ch. they can allow hackers to steal data stored in the chip itself including passwords, so what should you do to protect
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yourself? apply the latest security updates pushed out by microsoft for wand dose and apple for ios. >> your amazon echo could be making you spend more money. a study found that people who own an echo spend 66% more on average on amazon than other consumers or $1,700 a year. as a whole amazon prime members spend about $1,300 a year. the echo makes shopping more seamless because voice shopping is enabled by default. amazon provides exclusive offers to echo devices. >> i think some parents have found that out the hard way. thank you very much, landon. right now we want to go to meteorologist kari hall who is tracking what's going on weather wise as well. >> we do have some rain that's still affecting parts of the bay area, mostly light showers now. more on that and what to expect as the day goes along coming up.
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all right. the earthquake is what you're going to be talking about this morning, though somebody slept through it. but your dog was barking. >> my dog started parking, i thought he was just barking at a noise. >> kari, you were awake, standing up, putting on your makeup, didn't feel anything. >> didn't feel a thing in san jose but then i saw the alert on my phone and i was like, oh, wow, okay. that's what we are some dealing with, not feeling anything and
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some areas or some people were just jolted out of bed, felt that rolling rumble with that earthquake, 4.5, that happened at 2:39 this morning. other people felt a 2.6 magnitude earthquake that happened about an hour later in the south bay, around cupertino. so a lot of rumbling this morning. now we are getting that rain that was causing rumbling with lightning dwred and some thunder. that has since moved off to the east, now producing rain for the ptorm, not producing a lot of snow for parts of the sierra. while we are still getting lingering light rain in the bay area, it is going to be a wet drive so make sure you get up and get moving, but you are probably up a little bit early anyway. we will be tracking light showers moving through parts of the north bay as well as san francisco this morning as you head out for that morning drive. we have mostly drud out in the south bay, but still some rain on the roads. here is the reason why, we have
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measured quite a bit of rain.!añ bodega bay had 0.3 of lane. american canyon almost a quarter inch of rain and napa close to a quarter inch of rain, napa three-quarters of an inch. in east san jose almost a half of an inch and fremont about a tenth of an inch there, moraga almost one inch of rain and that just shows you how some areas can get a lot of rain with those showers, some of those heavier downpours set up where san francisco measured 0.1 of an rain. looking at our high temperatures today we will be reaching into the low to mid 60s, upper 50s for parts of the north bay, santa rosa 58 degrees, 65 in san jose where we will get a little bit more clears today. good one for a coat as we do start out with cool temperatures and also a hat because it's so humid outside and with that light mist and drizzle probably not a good hair day.
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then as the day goes along some light long sleeves and probably still want to wear your boots because there will be some puddles still left on the walks as you head out and about today. as we get a look at the radar, still some light showers beginning to line up here as we look at what's happening in the north bay and as we go throughout the rest of the day, that's where we will have our highest chance of still seeing light showers moving from south to north as that weather system approaches from the north, we will have a cold front moving in tomorrow and still some heavier rain in the forecast as we go into late tonight and early tomorrow morning that will give us a wet morning commute, especially for areas north of the golden gate bridge and then the rain starts to push to the south by tomorrow afternoon and it's all out of here by about 11:00 tomorrow night. the weekend will be mostly dry. san francisco highs reaching into the mid to upper 50s, partly to mostly cloudy skies. another storm systemíep# will b moving in next tuesday into wednesday, in the near term we will continue to track that rain
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that will be in thmn much of the north bay, especially for today.ímu as we head over to vianey still tracking delays on public transit. >> indeed, it was all due to that earthquake. a lot of people are wondering if this is going to affect your morning commute. mass transit so far the only alert i have seen online and all the websites we've checked is bart. it looks like they're experiencing pretty heavy delays on their first initial trains. the latest information bart tweeted out was that they are on a 20 minute delay due to earthquake inspections. they are still checking just to play it on a caution side, a visual inspection and are slowing down some trains. as far as cta, cta and muni i have not seen any delays. as far as the roads, i have not seen any major accidents or any delays because of the earthquake or otherwise reported at this hour. back to you. >> thank you very much. di from vta that they will be
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inspecting some light rail lines. also other news this morning, bart police are still trying to get answers after a shooting incident last night led to a second shooting involving bart police and insn that one o man died. it all unfolded outside a barber shop across the street from the west oakland bart station. witnesses say one man shot another in the leg and then arriving officerst broke up the shooting by killing the man who fired. one person says she understands why police used ct,ñforce, but doesn't think the man hadlp to die. >> i feel like they undertrain traineda a little bit better so  could do what they need to do in order not to take a person's life. >> investigators are still not confirming that the officer is actually the one who fired that deadly shot. oakland police also plan to interview that bart police officer. 4:51 right now. an update for you. the search continues for a man accused of sexual assaulting and
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robbing a teacher inside her1 classroom. we were telling you about this yesterday. this is at harker middle school in san jose. police still asking the public's help in identifying the man. take a look at your screen. this is from surveillance video. you can see it again as many times as you need to atñlñ new this morning, the new year's resolution a lot of folks have is giving up cigarettes but in this case the resolution was made by one of the world's leading producers of tobacco. phillip morris international is launching a new campaign announcing plans to give up cigarettes. the producer of brands including marlboro and chesterfield said that its ambition is to build a smoke-free future and replace cigarettes with e-cigarettes. they do not indicate the timetable. to a developing story involving a uc berkeley student who might be reported. we've learned he may be forced back to ecuador.
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border control confirms that the cal junior luis mora is being held in department of homeland security custody in san diego. he is due to be turned over to i.c.e. he was visiting family in san diego over the holidays when he ended up in an immigration checkpoint. activists and trends said he admitted to being undocumented but asked for a hearing so he could return to berkeley. so far a hearing has not been set. supporters are calling on authorities to let him finish his education. >> luis would be qualified for many of the iterations of the d.r.e.a.m. act proposed by congress and congress decided not to act on it and now we have a student luis mora who is in custody an immigration lawyer is working to free mora. the construction industry is expected to grow in 2018. nbc looked like a new report for the associated general contractors of america which says contractors are very optimistic for higher demand this year. 75% of construction firms plan
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to hire more people because of a strong economy. construction firms say the recent tax cuts signed by the president for a potential investment in infrastructure will help the industry sñbgrow. 44% of firms expect higher demands in construction in public and private sector. concerns still remain the biggest challenge in the industry is facing right now is hiring qualified workers. some firms have increased their base pay or are planning to invest more money in training. the report says our state is most hopeful about highway construction followed by public building construction, then water and sewer construction. 4:54 now. new details about a happy story that we brought you on monday. one of the first bay area babies of 2018 now has a name, it's not marcus or kris. it is little ryan powell dominguez. he was worn at 12:02 january 1st at ucsf mission bay, 6 pounds, 10 ounces. mom, samantha powell is the
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psychiatrist, dad is a cardiology fellow at ucsf. they moved to san francisco from the philadelphia area about a year ago so now they have a little bay area native on their hands. >> welcome, ryan. >> he was probably awake anyway. coming up on "today in the bay," is it not a done deal, but some silver and black fans know who they want as raiders head coach. the signs popping up in the east bay. -look at seismograph
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-but now - other news 4:57 now. we will show you once again that seismograph, in case you are just joining us this morning, this is an earthquake that struck about two and a half hours ago, lighting up twitter, lighting up facebook.
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if you felt it we want to know about it as well. no major reports of damage or injuries, so some frazzled nerves and maybe some picture frames on the ground. nothing official yet, but that is not stopping die hard raiders fans from going out on a limb in hopes jon gruden will come back home to the raiders sideline. if you haven't been there you may not know this, but other than the coliseum rickie's in san leandro is probably the epicenter for raiders fans. right now the sign outside says "welcome home jon gruden." in the parking lot you can find a spot that says reserved for coach gruden. the raiders may announce their new coach next week. right now meteorologist kari hall is busy tracking the rain in our area as well as the earthquake from this morning. >> right. we do still have some wet weather this morning that may be slowing people down on the way to work this morning. we will take a closer look at the radar and what you can expect throughout the day coming up. breaking news.
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a magnitude 4-point-5 earthquake overnight. it stuck at 2:39. we are following breaking news. magnitude 4.5 earthquake if you are just waking up you probably didn't feel it, but if you've been awake with us this morning we can tell you that it did strike at 2:39. >> the ooepg was in berkeley and it could be felt as far south as san jose and also felt in richmond as well. take a look at the seismograph as you can see that jolt that shook a lot of people throughout the bay


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