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tv   Early Today  NBC  January 8, 2018 3:00am-3:31am PST

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and the golden globe goes to -- ah! "three billboards outside ebbing, missouri." >> a night of a thousand stars and messages as the me too movement gave launch to the times up initiative. plus a few major surprises. >> after a weekend of political posturing surrounded the block buster tell-all "fire and fury," president trump returns from camp david to a set of challenges. >> travel backlog because of severe water main break at one of america's busiest airports. but is relief ahead this week? >> and the story behind this viral sensation of a dog who pulls his own sled.
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"early today" starts right now. >> good to start the week off with you. i'm frances rivera. >> and i'm phillip mena. the me too movement was front and center at the 75th annual golden globes and many celebrities wearing black on the red carpet in solidarity with the movement. some also wearing time's up pins in the fight against sexual harassment in hollywood. both movements coming after a tumultuous year in hollywood something host seth meyers did not hesitate to address. >> good evening, ladies and remaining gentlemen. it's 2018. marijuana is finally allowed and sexual harassment finally isn't. >> strong female leads and their stories were honored right off the bat with nicole kidman, rachel, elizabeth moss winning awards in the first half hour of the show. natalie portman had one of the most memorable moments of the evening when she pointedly co-presented the award for best director saying, quote, here are the all-male nominees. one of the highlights included
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oprah winfrey honored with a cecil b. demille lifetime achievement award. >> i want all the girls watching here and now to know that a new day is on the horizon! [ applause ] >> and when that new day finally dawns, when nobody ever has to say "me, too" again. >> so powerful. winfrey is the first african-american woman to receive the prestigious award. and another first, sterling k. brown became the first black man to win best actor in a tv drama for nbc's "this is us." nbc's stephanie stanton has more. >> reporter: frances, the after-party here in beverley hills is in full swing. while the winners are celebrating, perhaps the biggest winner of the night is female empowerment. it was a sea of black earlier on the red carpet. many a-listers, both men and women, pledged to wear black in
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honor of the "me too" and "time's up" movement to draw attention to sexual harassment in hollywood. that is exactly what happened, and we saw that theme continuing throughout the show itself as many used their time on stage to honor those who have spoken out against sexual harassment in hollywood. as far as the winners themselves, let's talk about those for a moment because three billboards in ebbing, missouri came out a big winner. it took home the award for best drama, as well as best actress, frances mcdormand and rock well. it was "big little lies". the hbo mini series too many home four nominations, it was essentially a clean sweep. best actress nicole kidman, supporting actress and supporting actor. two big winners there. but again, the big story tonight is the fact that everyone was
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focused on the "me too" movement. it was definitely a more somber theme here at the golden globes, definitely a more serious tone, but one that many hope will lead to a sea of change within hollywood. reporting in beverley hills, i'm stephanie stanton. frances, back to you. >> all right, stephanie, thank you. >> for those looking forward to president trump's fake news awards, you're going to have to wait. the president saying on twitter that those awards will now be presented on wednesday for the, quote, most corrupt and biased of the mainstream media. the tweet coming as the scathing new book "fire and fury" is once again raising questions in the media about the president's fitness to lead. meanwhile, steve bannon is seemingly backtracking on comments he made to the book's author michael wolff. in a new statement bannon reiterated his unwavering support for the president and his agenda and called the book inaccurate. nbc's kelly o'donnell has more. >> reporter: brutal cold on the president's return from camp
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david. while a biting wind blew across twitter as the president blasted again. "i have to put up with a fake book written by a totally discredited author." adding, ronald reagan had the same problem and handled it well so will i. on "meet the press," that author, michael wolff, said they regularly discussed constitutional procedures to remove a president. >> they would bring up the 25th amendment. the 25th amendment is a concept that is alive every day in the white house. >> reporter: the book's fallout and mr. trump's response has made addressing the president's mental fitness a central question. cia director mike pompeo. >> i'm with the president nearly every day. we engage in complex conversations about some of the most weighty matters facing the world. >> reporter: a more blunt assessment from senator lindsey
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graham. >> i don't think he's crazy. i think he's had a successful 2017. >> reporter: ousted steve bannon gave an assessment saying he used the president's son of treasonous conduct for a trump tower meeting with a russian lawyer. >> i think that he saw this white house as, as dysfunctional in part, in large part because it was being run by the president's family. >> reporter: but after the president cast him aside, bannon backed down with an indirect apology. i regret that my delay in responding to the inaccurate reporting regarding don junior has diverted attention from the president's historical accomplishments. wolff defended his journalistic methods and his alarming portrait of the president. >> this book is not about my view of donald trump. it is about the view of all of the people closest to him. >> reporter: the president has insisted he did not give the author an interview for the book. wolff says that he had face to
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face interactions with the president, but concedes that mr. trump may not have viewed those as an actual interview. today the president heads to tennessee where he will address a farm-related convention and that puts him back in front of a live audience in a place where he is popular, rural america. back to you. >> all right, kelly o'donnell, thank you. georgia and alabama will battle for the national championship tonight. the number 3 bulldogs will face the number 4 crimson tide at mercedes-benz stadium in atlanta. the president will be attending the big game. even before his arrival, mr. trump is already stirring up some disturbances. the naacp is urging people to hold anti-trump signs and wear white to mock the snow flake label used to describe trump critics by his supporters. another group refuse fascism, atl plands to take a knee before the game carrying on the nfl anthem protests. atlanta police and the secret service are coordinating security a ed of the president's visit. >> the cold snap that blasted
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the u.s. is expected to ease this week but the weather woes linger. a water main break at jfk airport sunday delaying and cancelling a number of flights and stranding passengers for several hours. in chicago, a broken sprinkler system encased part of this building in ice. it shut down the street below amid fears that those ice sickles could fall when they start to thaw. meanwhile, on the other side of the equator, australia was sweltering, 117 degrees there on sunday. the hottest weather that it's seen in 78 years. it was so hot, roads were buckling and police even warned residents the freeway was melting. >> is that really something we all need to see since we've been -- thanks for the great video. no thanks. but the good thing is we are going to start to get milder temperatures. >> unfortunately to get there we have to get the storm system, weak storm system to move through. we have a lot of people that are dealing with icy conditions this morning through the ohio valley, detroit has a little bit of light snow. rain throughout areas much alabama, mississippi, even atlanta is cold enough for a little bit of freezing rain.
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so, we have winter weather advisories out there for a lot of people. right now the number has jumped to 82 million people, everywhere in white is under a winter weather advisory. later today we're going to watch that tracking in the nation's capital, also baltimore and philadelphia. here we are at 7:00 a.m., the blue is the snow. the orangeish color that's the freezing rain. that could go through philadelphia right around the evening rush hour, same for washington, d.c. it's not going to be a lot, but the timing could make it very slick for your evening easier. indianapolis, columbus, charleston, west virginia and even there in roanoke. the winter olympics are right around the corner. how about this guy? could he compete? this australian shepherd is proving she is the queen of the slopes. up she goes. down sled. even a running start.
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the sue city iowa secret became a viral after this video was posted on instagram for obvious reasons. >> great video. >> she actually positioned it to hit the jump, too. >> really? >> pulls the sled back up on her own. amazing. >> better than my kids. >> a lot of kids. all right, bill, thanks. coming up we'll get a preview of a major meeting between north and south korea coming up this week. also another successful launch for spacex as they forge ahead. details up next. factory in bos, 1,200 workers are starting their day building on over a hundred years of heritage, craftsmanship and innovation. today we're bringing you america's number one shave at lower prices every day. putting money back in the pockets of millions of americans. as one of those workers, i'm proud to bring you gillette quality for less, because nobody can beat the men and women of gillette. gillette - the best a man can get. whentrust the brand doctors trust for themselves.
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at walgreens, we'll help you save more with zero dollar copays on select plans and reward points on prescriptions. so no matter where you're going or who you are, it's worth the trip. we'll help you find low cost prescriptions including zero dollar copays on select medicare part d plans. walgreens. trusted since 1901. 3. 2. 1. ignition. lift off. >> always face nating to see. that is spacex launching its first falcon 9 rocket in the new year from cape canaveral, florida. it was carrying a secret satellite code name zuma in an undisclosed orbit. spacex entered the launch five minutes into the flight due to the classified nature of the pay load. the reusable rocket landed on
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its launch pad 8 minutes later. >> very cool. they will come face to face tomorrow for the high-level diplomatic talks in two years. the discussion will focus on a number of topics including the north's possible participation in the winter olympics. they might touch on the nuclear weapons. more on the upcoming meeting. bill, what can we expect here? >> reporter: good morning, phillip. well, we know where the talks will take place. we know who the delegations will be. but we don't really know beyond the basics of the agenda what will be discussed. item number one on the agenda is the olympics that will take place here in south korea next month. we know that there are two world class north korean figure skaters. the pretext for these talks, if you like, is to see if they and a larger north korean delegation
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can go to those olympics. but a bit like the 1970s, phillip, on ping-pong diplomacy. sport is just a pretext for what is really a political discussion. and that's item two on the agenda, relations between the two koreas. does that mean that nuclear missiles will be discussed? certainly not tomorrow, and almost certainly not for a very, very long time. president trump says talks are a good idea. he welcomes them. here, well, they're very skeptical. they're optimistic, but they worry about kim jong-un's motives. does he want to simply drive a wedge between south korea and the u.s.? what are his motives? but these talks will start tomorrow morning, 10:00 a.m., and they could go on for a very long time. the first, it's thought, of many runs of these discussions. phillip? >> very important coming up. bill, thank you so much. >> just ahead, a frightening moment when two planes collide and the scary aftermath as "early today" returns.
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blitz! a sack! saints win! >> that was the sack that killed the panthers season. panthers losing to the saints 31-26 in the wild card round, the saints third win against the panthers this year. they now head to the divisional round against the minnesota vikings. the other wild card game, jaguars donating 1,000 tickets to that game to refugees, those
3:18 am
displaced by hurricane irma. it was a great gesture. they got to see them win the pillow fight of the weekend. they move on to play the steelers in pittsburgh on sunday. >> in case you missed it there was panic in toronto as two jets collided on the runway. no passengers were injured by the evacuation was slowed down because some wanted to take their carry-on bags with them. nbc's tom costello reports on how it happened. >> remain seated. >> reporter: fire on the wing and terror on board. a west jet passenger plane just arriving in toronto from cancun. >> there's people running around and they're on fire. >> reporter: it happened as an empty plane being towed backed into the west jet plane as it approached the gate. >> it vented fuel and a second or two later it was a big fire ball. and everyone started yelling and panicking. >> reporter: after first
3:19 am
remaining seated, passengers quickly jumped down the slides. >> going alpha kilo, they are evacuating. >> reporter: some grabbed their carry-on bags, a deadly mistake. >> you could put the members in jeopardy because you stopped to get your back. >> passengers grabbed their carry ones when they crashed in san francisco when a british airways plane crashed in vegas and when an american plane crashed in chicago. planes try to avoid pain to check bags. >> the briefcase, the books, clothes, none of that is important. >> reporter: the advice from crash survival experts, obey flight attendants, kickoff high heels. leave behind all coats and carry ones and get off fast. a matter of life or death. tom costello, nbc news, washington. >> just ahead, deborah messing jumps into the wage of quality
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3:23 am
barack obama. it will be obama's first tv talk show appearance since leaving office. the six-part series includes both in studio and outside interviews with george clooney, malala, also jay z, tina fey and howard stern. the series premiers netflix january 12. something tells me six parts is not going to be enough. >> it's not. that's what's going to make it so great. he had the grind of day in, day out when he had the late show. now he can focus in on these six guests here and during these six shows it should be good. people are being looing forward to that. all right. amid >> s a sea of black, deborah messing took time to talk with about the recent departure after learning her male co-host made double her salary. take a listen. >> i was so shocked to hear that e doesn't believe in paying their female co-hosts the same as their male co-hosts. i mean, i miss cat saddler.
3:24 am
we stand with her. that's something -- >> mincing no words there. messing was the first of many actresses who spoke to host julianna and ryan see crest about saddler. and closing the gender pay gap. hollywood has always been at the front of these social issues. it was on display last night. >> look at bug. she was saying it. strong words there. red bull's latest extreme sport, check out french speride. he is only lit by the moon and l.e.d. ribbon in the sail. he skimz and ridges flies off cliffs 5,000 vertical feet. after seven months of planning it took four minutes 27 seconds to get down. the this is combining para gliding and free skiing. you're watching "early today." looking for balance in your digestive system? try align probiotic. for a non-stop, sweet treat goodness, hold on to your tiara kind of day.
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now to a teenage football player in washington state who overcame tough odds to climb to the top of his game. >> here's nbc's ann thompson with his remarkable comeback story. >> reporter: at the u.s. army all american bowl, rod rick fisher, wide receiver 88, runs into what appears to be a very bright future. a remarkable comeback story, of football, family and love. >> it's an exciting feeling compared to just kind of being like around and just, i don't know, surviving instead of living. >> reporter: he is a high school graduate. >> this diploma is as hard earned as any that i've seen. >> reporter: you see, when he
3:27 am
was just 15, he left home, and school and football for a year. homeless and directionless, rod rick went back to school in spokane, washington and broke down in his football coach's office. >> he goes, coach, i have nowhere to go, i have nobody tonight. i need help. >> reporter: we first met rod rick in 2016 after coach adam fisher and his wife joe lien took him in giving him support, structure and two new sisters, ali and sidney. which is tougher, rod rick, life or football. >> life definitely. >> reporter: then a year ago adopting rod rick. now rod rick has a scholarship to play at washington state. and opportunities like this to compete against some of the best high school football players in the country. >> if i'm doing the extra rep and it hurts and i'm like, you know, i can't do this. it reminds me the pain isn't any worse than what i've been through before.
3:28 am
>> reporter: in the stands his family. adam retiring from coaching so he can watch rod rick in college. >> the support just doesn't end when he leaves the house and he goes to college. this is a lifelong journey. >> it's a good life. >> reporter: on and off the field. ann thompson, nbc news. >> yet another reason i love sports. >> yeah, and these are the stories you're so glad that come out. they belong together. >> room for him all the way. >> let's check in with meteorologist bill karins with what's in store for the week, bill. >> it's amazing, southern california we talk so much about the fires the end of last year. they're going to get rain. normally it's okay, they're going to get rain. in some cases it hasn't rained in 11 months. can you imagine not seeing rain drops in 11 months? it doesn't usually snow there either. so far we're looking at a one to 2 inch rainfall event in southern consolidate. the only issue is areas that burned could get debris and mud floes and burn scars.
3:29 am
it's a very welcome sight in southern california. >> bill, thanks. i'm frances rivera. >> i'm phillip mena. keep it right
3:30 am
it's been happening for a very long time. >> right now we have the chance to be heard. we're sick as hell and we're not going to take it anymore. >> we're more united as an industry more than we've ever been. men and women. >> the me too movement dominates the golden globes, moving the discussion to a whole new level. >> after a weekend surrounding the tell-all "fire and fury" president trump returns from camp david to face a whole new set of challenges. >> and america's new olympic hopefuls as the team begins to solidify. >> and will we get a break from the temperatures early this week? "earlyay


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