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tv   Today  NBC  January 8, 2018 7:00am-9:01am PST

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your day. back at 7:25 with a live local news update. >> don't forget to join us for nbc bay area news at 11:00. if it's raining out there, make sure you take your umbrella and boots. good morning. blackout. the 75th annual golden globe awards take on a new tone. the me too movement dominating the night. >> good evening, ladies and remaining gentlemen. >> oprah captivating the room with a stirring speech. >> the new day is on the horizon. >> this morning, what many are calling a watershed moment for hollywood. total meltdown a water pipe break floods a packed terminal at jfk adding to mystery and mayhem for thousands of travellers. >> it's a zoo in there. >> the race now on to get one of the nation's busiest airports
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back on track as the east coast braces for even more winter weather today. nbc news exclusive, president trump's lawyers in preliminary discussions with federal investigators about possibly intervening the president in the russia probe. we're live at the white house. all that plus -- >> ignition. liftoff. >> the mystery surrounding a late night rocket launch by elon musk. the world's most expensive vodka, worth more than $1 million, stolen. the bot matle found empty. who drank it? >> the saints survive. they move on in the nfl playoffs. hoda's morning got a boost, today, monday, january 8, 2018. >> from nbc news, had is "today"
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with savannah guthrie and hoda kotb, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> good morning. welcome to "today." nice to have you with us on a monday morning. >> i was stressed. i ate a big chunk of a coconut cake watching this. i was so worried. >> that's why they won. >> theld on. >> now you have to eat a coconut cake for every game. our top story, the golden globes. it's known as hollywood's biggest party. the mood was different. it was festive and upbeat but it was serious. there was a sense of purpose. al and natalie were there for all of it. good morning. let's begin with you. >> good morning. from the red carpet to the opening monologue to the acceptance speeches to lady o's standing o, last night's golden globes was a landmark event where women's many pempowerment center stage. on the golden night, women making a bold statement before the show started, taking to the red carpet dressed all in black
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to draw attention to the time's up campaign. >> time's up on discrimination, harassment and abuse. >> time's up on harassment and hostile workplaces. >> time super and time's up. >> live from the star-filled -- >> once the show started, seth meyers wasted little time addressing the issue with humor. >> good evening, ladies and remaining gentlemen. for the male nominees tonight, had is the first time in three months it won't be terrifying to hear your name read out loud. >> it was a big night for "big little lies" take home four golden globes, including best television limited series and awarding for anicole kidman and laura dern. >> may we teach our children that speaking out without the fear of retribution is our culture's new north star.
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>> "hand maid's tale" scored big. >> we no longer live in the gaps between the stories. we are the story in print. we are writing the story. >> sterling k. brown was the african-american to win for best actor in a television drama for "this is us". >> i'm being seen for who i am and being appreciated for who i am. >> natalie portman drawing laughs when introducing the best director category. >> here are the all male nominees. >> "the shape of water" won best director. james franco won best actor in a musical or comedy for "the disaster artist." gary oldman won for "the darkest hour." best picture, best supporting
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actor and best actress francis mcdormant. >> it was great to be in this room tonight. trust me, the women in this room tonight are not here for the food. >> it was oprah winfrey stealing the show with a powerful speech about truth and a new dawn. >> and when that new day finally dawns, it will be because of a lot of magnificent women and some pretty phenomenal men fighting hard to make sure that they take us to the time when nobody ever has to say me too again! >> i think everybody in that audience had goose bumps last night watching oprah speak. that powerful speech capping off what was an empowering night all around. savannah and hoda. >> what a night. thank you. >> let's talk more about the stirring speech from oprah and how people are reacting to her words. willie is here with that. that was a big wow.
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>> it was phenomenal. good morning. it was the show stopping moment of the night. oprah, the star of stars commanding the room and for many capturing in one speech a movement that has spread across the country. >> i want all the girls watching here and now to know that a new day is on the horizon! [ applause ] >> she's known and the queen of talk. last night, the world was listening. >> for too long, women have not been heard or believed if they dared to speak their truth to the power of those men. but their time is up. [ applause ] their time is up. >> win frher comments earning sg ovations. the crowd captivated by her message of female empowerment. >> it's here with every woman
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who chooses to say me too. and every man -- every man who choo >> what did you think of oprah's speech? >> my god. >> oprah's words resonating after the show wrapped, especially for the me too founder who spoke with al. >> hearing her say me too was so full circle for me. it was the most amazing moment. >> reese witherspoon tweeting, i will divide time like this. everything that happened before oprah's speech, everything that will happen after. >> i don't think anybody remembers anything i did after oprah spoke. that's about right. >> oprah tackling the topic of race as she became the first black woman to receive the cecil b. b b b.demille award. >> i can say the explanation in his performance in lilies of the
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field, amen, amen. amen, amen. >> a speech so inspiring many now calling for oprah to add another title in her name, president, with oprah 2020 trending on twitter overnight. >> i hope she runs for president. >> i think she's our next president. >> one person weighing in on that question overnight, her partner steadman telling the los angeles times, quote, it's up to the people. she would absolutely do it. >> oprah always said she doesn't want do it. >> he said she may. who knows better than steadman? >> we will have more throughout the morning. we will start with dylan. she's outside jfk. good morning.
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>> there's no play i would rather be. for folks in the midwest and the northeast. the cold is almost over. we are finally turning the corner coming off of what has been the coldest two week stretch on record here at jfk sunday morning it was four degrees. that broke the record of six set in 2014. right now, it's almost 20. for those traveling this weekend, it was absolutely miserable with the cold, the cancellations and the chaos. this morning, a new headache for passengers at new york's kennedy airport. just when air traffic seemed to be thawing out, a water main break sunday, caused by the extreme cold, creating more chaos. >> it's a zoo in there. >> water flooding from the ceiling inside terminal four. power had to be shut off. all incoming international flights were diverted. >> lights started to go off. we were left in the dark.
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they made everyone leave immediately. you are not going to get luggage. there's masses of people everywhere. >> a madhouse full of angry passengers. >> my bags might be subject to water damage. >> it's been a weekend of turmoil. unclaimed bags piling up. equipment failures, compounded by staff shortages. saturday, two planes collided on the tarmac causing damage but no passengers were hurt. >> it's mayhem, chaos. >> chuck schumer said even accounting for the weather, the airports should have been much better prepared. >> it seemed almost everything broke down. >> airport officials calling it totally unacceptable. >> we intend to understand why it occurred. get to the bottom of it and fix it. >> today, passengers are just keeping their fingers crossed. >> i think i have a zero percent chance of getting out on time.
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i'm here early anyway. >> as jfk gets back up and running, there are delays and cancellations. make sure you check with your airline. then get excited. today temperatures should get closer to freezing. not zero, freezing. then tomorrow, it's going to be warm. i will let al share that with you. >> freezing, yeah. thank you. >> those record cold temperatures have caused problems not only here in new york but up and down the east coast. there's more winter weather headed this way. good morning. >> good morning. i'm standing in an area that was flooded last week after the storm. now, it's all ice. residents are scrambling to make their monday morning commute with more snow headed this way. this morning, millions thawing out after a weekend of record breaking low temperatures. >> this is the worst we ever had.
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>> in boston, the temperature below zero, cars frozen to the ground. >> two cars dead. i still have heat and power. my neighbors lost everything. >> just off the coast, on nantucket island, surfers braving the wastes. old man winter not loosening his grip on the bulk of the country just yet. from philadelphia to d.c. and maryland, extreme cold crippling the northeast. 31 record lows were set or tied on sunday. west, cars sliding and crashing on icy roads in missouri. in rhode island, temperatures reached negative 3 as firefighters tried to battle flames with frozen equipment. >> hoses freeze. we had a couple engines freeze. our ladder trucks were trying to dig out from all the water. >> it's been a brutal two weeks here in massachusetts. temperatures below freezing every single day. believe it or not, it's the warmest day since christmas at
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24 degrees, even with this windchill, it feels like we're in the single digits. >> all right. thanks. we are going to get more from al and his forecast in a moment. ahead on this monday morning, nbc news has learned discussions with under way between the president's legal team and the special counsel investigators about possible options for sitting down and int interviewing the president. this as steve bannon is backtracking on some of the headline making things he said in a controversial new book. let's get all of it from kristin welker. good morning. >> good morning to you. according to three sources familiar with the matter, the conversations between the president's legal team and federal investigators are preliminary and ongoing with the president's legal team weighing a range of options, including one that would bypass an interview with the president all together. this morning, with the russia appropriate intensifying, three sources familiar with the matter tell nbc news preliminary discussions are under way
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between the president's legal team and special counsel investigators about a possible interview with president trump, with mr. trump's team exploring a range of options for the format, including whether the president would be interviewed directly by the special counsel robert mueller or his investigators, the legal standard for when a president could be interviewed, the location, duration and topics and potential compromises like written responses instead of a formal sit down. at camp david over the weekend, here is how the president responded when asked whether he is still committed, if asked, to speaking with mueller personally. >> just so you understand, there's been no collusion. >> a fired up mr. trump tried to put the focus on his former rival hillary clinton after revelations the justice department is again looking into actions by the clinton foundation. >> there's been no crime. in theory, everybody tells me, i'm not under investigation. maybe hillary is. i don't know. but i'm not.
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>> all this amid new fallout over the bombshell book "fire and fury" which details a white house in chaos. the president's former top adviser, steve bannon, is backtracking after he was quoted in the book accusing donald trump junior of treason, for meeting with a russian lawyer during the campaign. the president dubbed bannon sloppy steve and said he lost his mind. over the weekend, bannon writing in a statement his comments were not directed at trump junior but rather the president's former campaign chair paul manafort, also at the meeting, who should have known better. i regret that my delay in responding to the inaccurate reporti ining has diverted atten from the president's historical accomplishments. bannon saying his support of the president is unwavering. on "meet the press," michael wolff made a striking assertion, that senior white house officials regularly discuss the 25th amendment, ac constitutionl
7:16 am
procedure to remove a president. >> 25th amendment is a concept that is alive every day in the white house. >> mr. trump took to twitter over the weekend touting himself as a stable genius. the president's legal team and special counsel investigators declined to comment on any conversations they may be having. as for mr. trump, he heads to nashville later today for a farming event. then he ends his day in georgia for the ncaa national championship game. >> thank you very much. the stage is set for a meeting between north and south carolina -- south korea. the talks are expected to focus on the potential of north korea participating in next month's winter olympics in pyongyang. the meeting is also raised hopes of easing tensions in wake of recent missile tests by the north. president trump said over the weekend that he would be open to speaking with north korea's
7:17 am
leader. let's head to los angeles. al was up all night. he still has our forecast this morning. good morning. >> that's right. good morning. we're looking at big rain coming into southern california later today. we have flash flood watches. here in the east, we have heavy rain down south. snow and ice making its way into the northeast. in fact, we have winter weather advisories for about 70 million people for snow, sleet and ice from chicago down to atlanta, back to philadelphia. slick conditions, difficult travel. as this system pushes through, heavy rain through the south. icy roads across the midwest and making their way into the northeast. then as we move into tomorrow, that rain continues from tampa down to miami. the icy stuff starts to finally die down in the northeast. you can see, we have about a tenth of an inch to lexington, kentucky, icing down through southeast and snowfall amounts we are looking at anywhere from about five to six inches of snow through the mountains of west virginia, about eight inches in
7:18 am
upstate new york. we will get to your local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds. with blue apron, any night is a chance to see what cooking can do. good monday morning, i'm meteorologist kari hall. a good soaking across the bay ar area. some of the heaviest rain around the north bay while we are all seeing some rain, we have a steady downpour in san jose, as well. a lot of green here on the radar and we are going to drop that heaviest rain moving from south to north and at times it will get heavier and pockets of heavy
7:19 am
rain as we go through late morning and gusty winds picking up this afternoon as the rain continues through tomorrow. >> hey, guys, there's a warm-up coming. we'll have the details in the next half hour. >> the warm-up to 30? we'll take it. al, thank you. coming up, drama on and off the ice. u.s. star ashley wagner furious as she fails to make the olympic team. we're going to have the latest and we'll meet the skaters who are headed to south korea. behind the scenes at the golden globes. what the big winners hado say mome tnt
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coming up, are your kids lying to you? why that may actually be a good thing. >> okay. even in the sea
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we )re in a microclimate weather alert. a very good monday morning to you. 7:26. i'm laura garcia. we are in the weather alert. a live look at highway 101 in palo alto where drivers are contending with the wet roads. what may be the biggest storm so far this season rolls in. let's get an update from meteorologist kari hall. >> we have already gotten more rain than we have the month of december and we'll continue to see this rain rolling through. at times a few breaks, but we'll see this through at least tomorrow night. here's a look at timeline for tomorrow night as we'll see more heavy rain moving in and showing intense downpours and also some gusty winds and at times we may also have some isolated
7:27 am
lightning. we'll be watching oout for that. a lot of this rain rolling from south to north and as we go into this evening, more rain behind that and at times some really heavy rain and gusty winds. our winds may be picking up to 30 to 40 miles per hour with higher amounts, especially in the mountains. and then dries out for the rest and temperatures gradually warming up. the 60s for the inland areas. let's get an update on the morning commute from mike. >> looking that san mateo bridge where we see things move over on the west end. look at the conditions, though. so, the map will show you crowded roadways over there and you see a little brake, there must have been something going on for a few minutes. a slower drive on your typical patterns kicking in for 87 and 101. that crash north 680 cleared up. west 24 the crash at college, you see recovery still necessary
7:28 am
and still very slow for long creek. >> we'll be back with another update in half an hour.
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7:30 am
>> welcome back. 7:30 on a monday morning. january 8th, 2018. you're looking live at trump tower here in new york city. we have some fire crews up there on the roof at 57th and fifth responding to a fire. >> we're told it's a one alarm fire, some kind of electrical outage on the rooftop. no injuries, no evacuations and the situation appears to be under control and, of course, we're mentioning that the president is not at trump tower in new york city this morning. so check in on that and keep you posted on it. let's get to the other headlines of the morning. we'll start with the golden globes. >> taking a stand. >> the time is now and time's up. >> hollywood sends a powerful message in the wake of the "me too" movement as stars wear
7:31 am
black and unite on stage and off, highlighted by oprah winfrey's emotional lifetime achievement awards acceptance speech. >> i want all the girls watching here and now to know that a new day is on the horizon! travel nightmare. >> it's mayhem, chaos. >> a water main break at jfk airport makes a bad situation even worse as water floods the terminal after days of delays from that east coast blizzard. this morning, more snow and ice. >> we have winter weather advisories going from detroit to atlanta, to philadelphia and washington, d.c. >> liftoff. >> mystery launch, elon musk's spacex sends a secret satellite into orbit as many ask if this is the next step in the space race. oh, yes, the world's most expensive bottle of vodka worth $1.3 million stolen from behind a bar and found independent at a
7:32 am
nearby construction site. and wild card weekend. >> up top, he's got his man for the touchdown. >> jacksonville knocks off buffalo. >> reeves. end zone. open. touchdown hill. >> as drew brees leads the new orleans saints past the carolina panthers to advance in the nfl playoffs. today monday, january 8th, 2018. >> we don't have any nails left after watching that. >> and i've gained five pounds. meantime, with one month to go to the winter olympics, we now know who will represent the u.s. in figure skating and there is controversy surrounding one of the women who will not be on team usa. nbc's joe friar has that story. hey, joe, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. after days of competition, the u.s. figure skating team is now set. a lot of new faces are heading to the olympics. but one familiar staface is not.
7:33 am
ashley wagner, who was furious with the scores that kept her finishing within the top three. >> final jump right here, the triple lutz. >> it's a seismic shift in ladies figure skating. olympic medalist ashley wagner won't be going to pyeongchang after finishing fourth. >> she does not look happy with that. >> as solid as i skated and to get those scores, i am furious and i think deservedly so. >> the 26-year-old did not hold back her anger with the judges after her free skates. >> i want to be on that olympic team and i'm really mad that i'm in this position again. >> wagner later tweeted, as an athlete, i'm allowed to be mad. as a senior competitor with over ten years of experience, i'm allowed to question things. at the end of the day, i laid out my best and i'm going hope proud. congrats to the lovely ladies of the team. you've got me in your cheering squad now. wagner also had a difficult skating season dealing with an ankle injury. >> she has a lot of experience. she's a fighter. she's a true competitor.
7:34 am
but at the end of the day, her performances didn't match up to the other skaters. >> in 2014, wagner also finished fourth in the u.s. championships, but in a controversial move was picked for the olympic team. >> beautiful. >> instead of maria negasu. >> it made me a stronger person. i think i wouldn't be here today if that hadn't happened to me. >> this year, negasu is going to the olympics after an emotional skate that earned her the silver. last year's u.s. champ, karen chen, also made the olympic-bound team. >> wow, triple lutz, triple toe. >> reporter: as well as this year's surprise national champion, 19-year-old brady tennell. just a few months ago, few would have considered her a contender. >> why have you skyrocketed, to some, out of nowhere to this position where you are? >> i think it's due to my consistency. >> this team, one that's totally different from sochi.
7:35 am
>> on the men's side, all eyes are on nathan chen. he has five quadruple jumps in his free skate. >> this weekend, he landed all of those jumps. winning his second straight u.s. crown. >> the olympics have been my motivation throughout my entire career and, you know, the olympic team in 2018 is pretty crazy. >> what is the goal for you? >> ultimately, my dream is to be standing on top of that podium at the olympics. >> rounding out the men's team, vincent, joe and adam rapon who finished fourth this weekend, but was still picked. that's because the selection committee can look at other criteria and past competitions besides this one. ashley wagner was named first alternate to the olympic team. >> and ashley will be with us exclusively wednesday on "today." and the winter olympics are just about a month ago live on the networks on nbc.
7:36 am
>> we're seeing the trail of competition and sometimes the agony of defeat, no question. let's go back out to al in los angeles with the weather. >> hey, guys, good morning. it's been so cold across so much of the country, but the freeze is easing. 14 days below freezing for cleveland, 14 for pittsburgh, as well. but today, you'll see a high in detroit of 38. same in cleveland and pittsburgh. we'll see a high today of 36 degrees. that warmth is expanding. in fact, big dome of high pressure dominating and so we'll see albuquerque at 10 degrees above average. milwaukee, up to 39. oklahoma city 54 degrees. that's 6 degrees above average. milwaukee, you're going to warm up tomorrow. atlanta where the schools are closed today because of icing, you'll be at 56 on tuesday. that's 5 degrees above average and as we move to the east, finally, we start to see a warm-up. boston, by friday, you're at 53. d.c., almost 60. charlotte 67 and cincinnati on
7:37 am
thursday you'll get up to 62 degrees. break out the bermuda hey, we're breaking out the umbrellas here around the bay area. it's raining and it's going to rain throughout the day. even most of the day tomorrow. some of the heavier downpours still across the peninsula, over towards the east bay. south bay right now, a steady, light rain continues and watch out for the slick spots out there on the roadways. some of the heavy rain moving across the bay over towards oakland, as well. expect the rain at times to produce some gusty wind and also some potential street flooding. . >> that's your latest weather. get that weather anytime you need it on the weather channel on cable. big storm coming up to the shore. we'll have the details. >> al is there and the storm comes. i'm starting to put it all together, mr. roker. coming up, has the buttal cold taken a toll on your skin.
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glorious shot of new york city. we're back, 7:42, with more on the excitement of the 75th annual golden globes. >> that's right. once the winners finished their speeches they went straight backstage to talk to natalie. good morning. >> reporter: we got up close and personal with hollywood's top stars as they stepped off that winner's stage to talk about the glory of getting a golden globe and what this powerful night meant to them. golden globe winner elisabeth moss. get in here, my love. i'm happy to see you. and i'm happy to see you with
7:43 am
this. >> i know. >> my goodness. >> reporter: i'm a little in awe of you all right now. this is my show. i have been raving about this from the minute it started streaming. >> we're thrilled the audience loved it. they made the show what it is. you guys are what is making this all possible and how it's going to be possible to have a season two. >> reporter: i loved "lady bird" so much. and the message of the movie, what would you say it is? >> i think the message is that it's okay to not have things figured out when you're at any age. >> reporter: it's your first golden globe. what's the feeling tonight? >> we were on a terrific table. >> reporter: who was at your table? >> i was there with francis mcdermott. >> reporter: a winner's table. >> and sam rockwell. >> reporter: we'll mark that for next time.
7:44 am
read that for me. >> sterling k. brown just made golden globes history. he became the first black history to win a golden globe for lead actor in a tv drama. >> reporter: what does that mean to you? >> amazing. i've never been the first of anything, right? the fact that this award show has been around for 75 years and hasn't had a black man lead in best drama, is shocking. and hopefully it won't be another 75 years before another one is honored. >> that's the sacrifice a mother makes. >> there's so many stories i can't wait to tell, to bring to life, to bring to light, to affect change. even in our story, which was so abusive, even showing what abuse looks like, can sometimes be enlightening and life-changing for anyone because it can seem so normal almost. >> reporter: i love what you said on your speeches. reese, how you said on the
7:45 am
outside a lot of us have a different persona and experience than we do and what's going on in our lives. and sometimes women live in shame. >> it's such a profound thing when you talk about abuse. and that we're bringing it out of the dark and into the light. and i think people responded to that. and enough silence. people had enough. >> reporter: there's a theme tonight. it's girl power. >> it is. it's "the handmaid's tale" is led by a woman. all of us are proud to stand with women in solidarity in other entindustries. >> reporter: to think the red army is leading again. you have to go and have some fun, right? >> i may go check out some "game of thrones" people because i am a geek. >> are you? >> oh, dracaras. if i could walk around with a dragon all day, i would in a
7:46 am
heartbeat. >> i see a name for his golden globe. such an incredible night, hoda and savannah. profound and moving night. it was that theme, girl power all the way, and that women can change the world. >> thank you so much. i want to hear a little boy power. carson got on the red eye. he landed moments ago and is in the orange room. >> little boy power? come on. >> a little boy power. >> as natalie said, a lot of highlights. one of the most tweeted moments was oprah and her acceptance speech for the cecil b. demille award. neil patrick harris writes, oprah is everything. ben plat, if you need me for the next two years, i'll be drafting tweets in support of oprah's 2020 presidential campaign. saw tha lot of those.
7:47 am
no one was more star struck than kelly clarkson. all she could talk about was meeting meryl streep. after she left us, she did meet meryl streep on the red carpet. >> let me help you down. >> oh, my god. that's meryl streep. >> i thought you tripped. >> that's meryl streep. >> you saw meryl streep. my heart just dropped. there she is. >> i loved every one. i have adored you since i was, like, 8. >> the two were hugging and able to spend a few minutes chatting on the red carpet. we'll take you inside the golden globes. tom hanks got the party going. he was spotted at the bar during the first commercial break. and tom hanks doesn't just get drinks for himself. he gets a tray of martinis for his table. no one was more surprised to see tom hanks than steven spielberg.
7:48 am
i don't know if he had a martini or not. we had a ton of fun on the red carpet. as natalie mentioned, it was an empowering moment to be there with our crew, sheinelle, al and natalie. a different tone on the red carpet. a lot of discussions being had. the big takeaway is most people didn't want that discussion to end last night at the globes. it needs to take on a life of its own and keep going on. >> you did a great job with those conversations. thank you. you don't know if it was yesterday, today or tomorrow. >> no idea. >> back to you, blake and adam. >> exactly. just ahead, we'll do "trending." this will get parents talking. should you want to know
7:49 am
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7:56 am
good morning, we are in a microclimate weather alert. tracking some heavy rain rolling across the bay area. and these downpours will continue throughout the day and much of tomorrow, as well. we are also tracking where we are getting the heaviest rain right now. as we gate look now closer at san jose, steady downpour there but we have some heavy rain moving into san francisco and also over parts of the north bay. that extends over towards the east bay, as well. where, at times, there may be standing water on the roadways and many spots we already measured over half an in of rain. so, we do have a flash flood watch starting for the north bay at noon and continuing into tomorrow morning. the burn scar areas will have to be closely monitored for the potential of debris flows. winds picking up this afternoon. for all the areas shaded in yellow a wind advisory will be in effect as our winds pick up 40 to 50 miles per hour and we will have a slight chance of thunderstorms starting late morning into afternoon and overall this rain continues
7:57 am
through tomorrow. mike, how are the roads shaping up? >> we are looking at this slower drive as we get out there in palo alto. the conditions are the big problem this morning. the south picking up the volume compared to the next few weeks. northbound the direction for the slower drives and no major crashes going on right now. a lot of slowing getting out of daily city and 101 and 280 and all avenues getting over towards the bay bridge show that heavier commute, heavy traffic and wet roads. back to you. >> thank you very much. happening now, we are keeping an eye on the conditions in the north bay this morning, especially by the areas devastated, i should say by the wildfires two months ago in that burn zone. concerns are high about potential for mudslides. also worries about potential runoff from toxic debris moving into streams and rivers. we're posting updates to our twitter feed, as well. sign up for alerts on our nbc
7:58 am
bay area app. the first major storm of 2018 hitting the bay area. the threat of flash flood and high winds a big concern. and - i )m tracking when the ran is heading out. that )s tuesday on )today in te bay. ) 4:30 to 7. there's only one place where you can get... ... more adventure, more woo-hoo! more magic and more happy. so now come to the disneyland resort and get... more happy
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8:00 am
♪ it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, fashion statement. stars strike a different tone at the 75th annual golden globe awards. the red carpet a sea of black gowns and time's up pins. >> the time is up on the imbalance of power in society. >> oprah winfrey bringing down the house with her acceptance speech. >> i want all the girls watching here and now to know that a new day is on the horizon. >> we're live in los angeles. cold and chaos. amid record low temperatures, the northeast now emerging to assess the damage. >> two cars, dead. i'm fortunate that i still have heat and power.
8:01 am
lost luggage, colliding planes, and a bust water main at new york's jfk airport. plus, a new blizzard is on its way. the full forecast ahead. today, january 8th, 2018. [ cheers ] >> happy 80th birthday to our grandpa. >> interest rating our ninth anniversary on the "today" show. >> good morning to our mom. >> surprise, we're on the "today" show. >> happy 99th birthday, grandma! >> it is the big 5-0 on the "today" show. >> celebrating sweet 16 on the plaza. >> bundled up out there. good morning. nice to have you with us. it's monday morning. hope it's off to a great start for your week. >> we're going to join the crowd
8:02 am
in a little bit. >> it's the cold that's the top of our news. the news at 8:00, the deep freeze. it's almost over for millions of americans who had to work or travel during this prolonged cold spell. but guess what -- more winter weather is headed our way. morgan radford is south of boston. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. it has been a one-two punch for millions of residents waking up along the east coast this morning. in fact, this area of massachusetts was one of the places that was hardest hit by last week's storm. now, they're expecting even more snow today. this morning, millions in the northeast digging out after a blast of winter pummeled the reason with snow, ice and record low temperatures. from negative 3 degrees in rhode island to 9 below in hartford, connecticut, the cold snap shattering dozens of low records. the deep freeze putting travel plans on ice at one of the nation's busiest airports over the weekend. a burst water main to blame for
8:03 am
this mess in the international terminal of kennedy airport. last week the bomb cyclone already left thousands of passengers stranded. >> i was trying to get my bags for three days. it's crazy. >> reporter: meanwhile, water of a different kind on the high seas. >> what is that? >> reporter: this video captured by terrified passengers, showing it was anything but smooth sailing for vacationers onboard this cruise ship headed back from the bahamas. back on land, firefighters in boston battling flames with frozen equipment. >> a tough night. i've only been here 40 minutes. it's freezing. these guys, they're out there fighting it. >> reporter: in the midwest, the ice-covered fire escape of a chicago high-rise shut down an entire street. still, some took the deep freeze in stride. researchers in mt. washington didn't let the negative 37 degrees burst their bubble.
8:04 am
neighbors in the city of brotherly love summoned their inner rocky just steps away from a frozen schuylkill river. that snow is expected to slam here right around rush hour. that's why authorities are warning anyone who is waking up in these below freezing temperatures to exercise extreme caution if they're hitting the roads today. savannah? >> morgan, thank you. nbc news has learned exclusively that discussions are underway for president trump to possibly answer questions in robert mueller's russia probe. sources say talks between the trump legal people and federal investigators are preliminary and ongoing. potential options being explored ranged from a direct interview with mr. trump to having him provide written responses. at camp david, the president was asked if he was still committed to speaking with mueller, he answered, "yeah, just so you understand, there's been no collusion." an oil freighter that collided off of china ease coast
8:05 am
in fear of exploding and sinking. the tanker is still on fire and spewing oil. in the meantime, a u.s. navy plane has joined the search for 31 missing crewmen. but poor weather conditions have hampered the rescue efforts. it's not clear what caused that collision. time of the morning for "hoda's morning boost." >> let's do it. a middle school in dallas was preparing its first-ever breakfast with dads day. organizers were concerned that some of the boys may not have dads present in their lives. what happened next was pretty amazing. the call went out for 50 men who would volunteer as mentors. guess this. 600 showed up. there was a big "get to know you" session to break the ice, just talking and listening. one of the dads brought along some neckties. so he and the others taught the buys to knot them, which is a rite of passage that many have not experienced.
8:06 am
breakfast ended with new them linking arms for a prayer of thanksgiving for a morning that was a giant, positive step. >> look at those good men and good young men. nice story. coming up, al's highlights from a busy night on the golden globes red carpet and the fashion trends that dominated the annual party. plus, olympic royalty. we're going to get meryl davis' take on this year's u.s. olympic team. and megyn is coming up. >> so the golden globes black dress protests last night, were they impactful, was it a game-changer? or too little, too late, and possibly even hypocritical for a group that protected harvey weinstein for too long. and creative cures you can make at home for your dry, itchy, flaky winter skin. >> call the doctor. un-stop right there!
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8:11 am
the awards season. the mood was lighthearted, there were still plenty of serious conversations on the red carpet. ♪ on the red carpet, a fashion blackout. >> we're all wearing black in solidarity for all of the incredibly brave whistleblowers. >> we are showing we want to instigate change, right? >> reporter: hollywood using high style to show support for victims of sexual harassment and assault. >> we've been so excited about changing the carpet and turning something from just a fashion moment and a parade of dresses to something that means so much to all of us. >> probably one of the most important nights ever to be here to change this conversation. >> i think this is definitely historical. >> reporter: the stars sending a message to the world with their clothing and their accessories. even their guests, advocates and activists for gender and racial justice. >> i happily brought rosa
8:12 am
clemente who's a puerto rican activist and journalist. >> we're standing together instead of just in competition with each other. >> reporter: pins with the unofficial theme of the night -- time's up. >> the time is now. time's up. >> it became clear with all of the news that's been coming out about our industry and every industry, that it couldn't just be business as normal. >> reporter: men getting in on the movement, as well. >> the time is up, gents. >> let's be human beings first, above and beyond anything. >> reporter: stars of the big and small screen coming together to celebrate the ripple being felt across this industry and others, as well. >> it's equality. women's rights. >> it's celebration when you see women all over the world responding and having a conversation about so many areas and so many industries. >> reporter: this is your first "globes"? >> i'm just going to have a good time. i'm going to take selfies with every star here. and i'm going to be silly tonight. >> i am among people i admire.
8:13 am
jessica biel and justin timberlake who i love. i'm a fan girl. >> somebody let me into this party. you sure? they said, yeah. >> reporter: do you pinch yourself? >> no. if i wake up, i'll be pissed. i want to stay asleep as long as possible. >> this is why you come to the golden globes. on the red carpet, sharon stone and mariah carey. >> yeah, sharon stone. >> i'm going to steal her diamonds later. >> we'll trade. we'll trade our diamonds. >> reporter: can you feel the love? can you feel it? i have to tell you, it was an interesting mix of celebration and determination. i, for one, was really glad i got to see it. and i was with mariah carey and sharon stone. >> thank you, al. here to help us recap the looks and trends, we have olivia culpo. and brad, e!'s red carpet co-host. good morning to both of you. we had a really good
8:14 am
conversation about the meaning of wearing black. now, let's have fun, shall we? it was a striking red carpet. wouldn't you say? >> it was. everybody was standing in solidarity. but they had fun. they did have a little bit of fun. two of my favorites was dakota johnson in gucci. >> i thought this dress was stunning. >> she did look great. >> she always kills it. >> she does, too. what's so cool about this, i thought as well, was the front was so gorgeous. and just the simple column. and she turns around and -- >> there's something going on in the back that i was loving. >> yes. i think she always kills it. she wears a lot of gucci. >> business from the front, party in the back. >> did you have a favorite, brad? >> i loved margot robbie who was also in gucci. a nominee for "i, tanya." this was all-party in the front. this beading on this gown is so intricate and those flowers are actually three-dimensional.
8:15 am
they stand out from the fabric. this was custom made for her. black satin. the plunging neckline was a great way to show some skin. >> there was lots of velvet. >> tons of velvet. oprah. >> by the way, oprah looked stunning. >> stunning. >> she was in a versace. i thought that was a nice choice for her, too. just off the shoulder with the beading and the silhouette of the gown. >> and i liked the glasses, too. a good touch. >> and velvet looks so rich on the red carpet. it's one of the luxurious-looking fabrics. and the black really pops. >> i loved her last night. everything about her. >> sterling k. brown. jessica chastain. and a lot of sheer, too. who did it well? >> i liked catherine zeta-jones. i love angelina jolie. she kind of always kills it. the feather detail was fun. >> yeah. >> i like catherine zeta-jones,
8:16 am
as well. we got to interview her on the countdown show. she looked absolutely incredible. and she was like, i'm so happy to be here. i'm happy to be getting dressed up and coming to support everyone tonight. it was great speaking with her. >> were people talking fashion on the red carpet? i wondered if that was taboo? >> not really, no. people weren't asking, who are you wearing. if actresses or actors wanted to say who they were wearing, they were welcome to. but the message to get across was time's up and about the movement that's happening. and it was a really, really great start to this movement. it was pretty incredible. >> talk about when the movement meets fashion, as well. there were a lot of pantsuits, which is really cool. and a lot were a frilly pantsuit or a mix. >> except for claire foya. she went power suit. she looked so different, unlike i've seen her at a carpet before. wearing stella mccartney.
8:17 am
>> it was that smoking vibe, that very parisian feel. i loved alexis bedell. i liked the white beaded bodice. the cigarette pant. i thought this was a nice way to do a jumpsuit and make a statement. >> and lastly, the jewelry accents. emeralds everywhere. green was popping. >> emerald city last night. zoe kravitz in really big lorraine schwartz emeralds in the st. laurent column dress. one of my faves last night. >> that necklace. >> that was the perfect accessory. >> debra messing and ricky martin. >> we saw a lot of colorful jewels. >> and emerald is a symbol of power. >> it's fun to talk the fashions and talk about the meaning behind. we appreciate it. >> thank you. let's head back out to al and get a check of the weather. >> all right, guys.
8:18 am
here in los angeles and much of california, they're getting much-needed rain. but a lot of it is coming. in fact, we have flash flood watches from santa rosa all the way down to los angeles, riverside. the heavy rain on the burn scar areas could cause mudslides and flooding. we can see rainfall and strong winds. variable winds anywhere from 30 to 70 miles per hour along the coast. up in the mountain passes, could be upwards of 80 miles per hour. as we look at rainfall totals through tuesday into wednesday, locally about four to six inches of rain, especially between santa barbara and los angeles. but some of the foothills could see seven to ten inches of rain. that could lead to flooding and mudslides. so, this is going to that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> we do have that steady rain falling across all of the bay area right now. we'll continue to see that rain
8:19 am
towards the next several hours. some of the heaviest rain is approaching santa rosa right now. we're also seeing some heavy rain across the east bay. in the south bay right now, a steady downpour that continues to bring in about a tenth of an inch of rain per hour. we're also seeing that rain also in san francisco, extending over towards oakland, where we see the yellows indicate some heavier rain. it will get heavier as we go through later this morning. >> and that is your latest weather. savannah? >> all right, al. thank you so much. time for "trending." willie is here. jenna is here. >> carson is back. >> seriously. we all try to teach kids honesty is the best policy. the famous tale, the boy who cries wolf. but check out this article in "the new york times." check out the headline. is your child lying to you? that's good. there's research that says lying is normal and it is also a sign of intelligence. they also say kids discover lying as early as age 2.
8:20 am
and the earlier they start lying, the smarter they may be. i don't know what the message it is here. but it is interesting to see. have your kids lied to you before? >> my kids must be geniuses. they're so smart. mine are young. they're 3, 5 and 8. i don't know. there's nothing too bad about their lies. it's small stuff. did you wash your hands when you got home? yeah, dad. did you really? no. >> and you have to do the smell test. i went to pick up mila last year, she was 2 from school. and her teacher was like, can i talk to you. congratulations. and i was like, what? mila told me, you're expecting a baby in your belly. and i wasn't. so, that was a moment where i had to sit mila down. she has these stories. she has an imagination. >> we used to be proud that our kids were bad liars. that was until five minutes ago.
8:21 am
we should punish them when they lie. when they go to their rooms, high-five and start saving for harvard. >> vale got in trouble not too long ago for hitting charlie, which we do have a zero tolerance. she did get a timeout for that. i don't do a lot of timeout. and i said, do you know why you were in timeout? you cannot hit your brother. you may not hit charlie. and she said, i didn't hit charlie. i pushed him. she was very honest. >> that's honest. >> okay. you can't push, either. anyway, they say instead of punishing your kids for lying, you should try a different track and praise for the truth. >> don't you think you should expect the truth? thank you very much for brushing your teeth. and being honest about it. >> i think, keep punishing, privately celebrate. >> i like that, too. >> and start investing. >> my parents would say, if you lie, you get in double trouble. you get in trouble two times,
8:22 am
for the act itself and for lying about it. that's the opposite of this. i don't know. take us to "pop start." >> special golden globes edition for you. the awards show swept social media. we'll look at instagram. some of the photos that had the most likes. "stranger things" co-stars on the red carpet. in second place, justin timberlake, the singer posted that selfie with his wife, jessica biel. and the most liked post, barbara brown, that was a big one there. how about twitterverse. here's a countdown. nobody counts backwards better than me. at number five, on twitter, people were talking about sterling k. brown and best performance by an actor, nu. number four, nicole kidman, she
8:23 am
won for the best musical or comedy. third was natalie portman. a lot of people talk about james franco. but the most tweeted about star, no shock here, oprah winfrey. she stole the show last night. let me circle back to james franco and why so many people were tweeted about him. he won for actor motion picture for "the disaster artist." he plays this character. he's a real person. tommy is the director and star of a cult film called "the room." franco decided to invite him up for the acceptance speech. that's when tommy tried to steal the show. and it provided this moment. >> come on up here, tommy. 19 years ago. hold on. hold opinion. >> not so fast. tommy going straight for the
8:24 am
mic. james franco said, no, hold on. twitter had a field day with that moment. one user wrote, he made a gif. when you want to give credit but not too much credit. good moment there. a lot of reunions last night, too. some of our favorite duos were at the globes. telma and louise. we saw a roseanne reunion. and shanely woodley and elton elgar. that is your "pop start." if you need me, i'll be in the fetal position. not before "the daly click." >> with frigid temperatures, one resident let his dogs stretch out their legs. they're off to the races in his backyard. he was just going to shovel a little walking path. he decided to hit up all of the
8:25 am
dogs and give them something to do in the backyard, a little sport activity. he slept good that night. >> just a little racetrack? >> yeah. >> a dog track. >> nice. >> thank you. coming up, olympic gold meldalist meryl davis gives her take at the figure skating championships. and joy is helping one family work toward their diet goals in 2018. first, a check of local news and weather.
8:26 am
i )m ... we )re in a microclimate good morning. it's 8:26. i'm marcus washington. we're in a microclimate weather alert. here's live look at interstate 580 in freemont. drivers contenting with the roads. that's pretty much what it's like throughout the bay area. we want to go to meteorologist kari hall updating us on these conditions. >> it's going to be slippery out there. we're not the only ones seeing the rain. it's pretty much covering most of the state, even down to san diego. we see some heavy rounds of rain moving in as we go into late morning, early afternoon. at times there will be some gusty winds as well. we have the potential of some street flooding. we'll also be watching out for the potential of some flooding in the north bay in the burn scar areas. very heavy rain. we'll see yellows and reds moving through by about noon and continuing into this evening as we will continue to see more rounds of rain into tomorrow
8:27 am
afternoon as it is rain continues. as we head over to mike an update on how the roads are moving. >> very wet but moving well, despite the fact we have a return for the commute and these tough conditions. san jose and 101. the map will show you the south bay did show that northbound push, starting to ease for silicon valley. a lot of parents are back to work because kids are back to school. a nice easy drive for much of the bay. we have those conditions that are the toughest, getting over towards the bay bridge, a slower drive for all avenues but the crashes have cleared from 24, very slow. >> i'll have another update in half an hour. okay mcdonald's.
8:28 am
i see your one, two and three dollar deals. tell you what, i'll raise you five. introducing value jack's way. five great ways to save. like i tell jack jr., it's all about big values, jr. prices. that's value jack's way.
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like jack's one-of-a-kind breakfast pockets for $2 each. three of jack's famous tacos and a small drink for $3! or a classic bonus jack combo for $5! it's like i tell jack jr.,
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it's all about big values, jr. prices. ♪ welcome back, everybody. we're back, 8:30 on a monday morning. 20 degrees on the plaza. kind of balmy compared to the last two days. the east coast has been gripped by cold this weekend. it feels good, isn't it? >> feels like bikini weather right now. i have a crowd moment for you guys. there is a school in elk grove, california. where is katie? hi, katie. there's a school in elk grove, california. and there's a challenge there. if you can ask your sadie hawken's date the most interesting way, you get free
8:31 am
tickets to the dance. so, katie. are you ready? do your thing? >> tyler, will you go to the sadie hawkins dance with me? >> will you let us know if tyler calls you or texts you during this segment? >> of course. >> what a lucky guy. >> lucky guy. >> tyler, call us. >> if he doesn't do it, willie geist is going to go. >> i'll be your back upplup pla. a family that needs to break out of unhealthy eating habits, joy is here. >> sounds good. we talked about the drama at this weekend's u.s. figure skating championships and the team that will represent team usa there. no one understands that pressure like gold medal winner meryl davis. we'll get her reactions to the results. is winter weather wreaking havoc on your skin? >> is it? >> there's five rules to get
8:32 am
relief from the chapped lips you have and the cracked hands. >> cracked hands? >> willie is constantly putting balm on his hands. and miss megyn is here. what have you got coming up? >> a high school senior had a full scholarship to college and was accused of raping a woman. was threatened with 40 years in prison. took a deal for five years in prison. and she confessed after he served, it was all a lie. he is our guest on what he's doing about it to help, not only rebuild his own life but to help others. >> megyn, thank you so much. let's head back out west and check in with mr. roker. >> we want to look at the week ahead. we have a flood threat out here in the west, throughout much of california. icy start through the southeast. schools close this morning in atlanta. light snow between sunny and milder. snow oning throue in developing
8:33 am
plains and wet weather in the pacific northwest, temperatures warming up on the east coast. by the time we get to friday, heavy rain on the aeastern seaboard. another blast of that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. really good to see all of this rain moving into the bay area. it will make for a sloppy morning commute. and heading out the door, you will need all the rain gear. we will continue to see the showers moving through. also some heavy downpours as we go into late morning and early afternoon. the winds will be picking up. we may have some gusts up to 15 miles per hour. we'll also have to watch out for some street flooding and the flash flood watch in effect for the north bay. we will have rain even through tonight. >> get your full forecast anytime you need it. check out our friends at the weather channel on cable. this portion of "today," is
8:34 am
brought to you by team eyelove. >> now, to our special "start today" "steals & deals." all month long, jill martin is bringing us items that can help us reach our resolution goals. >> it's time for the deal of the day. we're talking about great hair for the new year. we're talking about l'ange air tools. we have two curling irons. one for thick or coarse hair. from there, you get shiny waves or the flat iron. you have three options here. go to to see all of the options. the retail, $109 to $129. the deal, 49.99, 61% off. i'll be here all month.
8:35 am
back to you guys. let's keep things going with our "start today" journey. a lot of you have resolved to eat better in 2018. like a lot of families, this one is struggling to choose the right foods. they prefer comfort foods over veggies. with lisa working the evenings, dinner falls on her mom, the grandmother. things are quick and easy but not always healthy. she's here with her boys. and also, joy bauer, our "today" nutritionist is here with our "start today" pledge for all of it. we're so happy you came here. this is a big step for you and your family. why is it important that you have to start right now? >> my mom is sick and going through health issues. this seemed like a perfect time for us to start eating healthy and make some good life changes. >> you work very, very hard. you're a single mom.
8:36 am
and sometimes the kids, your mom takes care of them. and they take an easy route. what are typical meals they have? >> frozen meals. microwavable. >> what do you think of this "start today" challenge? are you for it? are you excited? are you nervous? >> i'm excited. >> you're excited? >> you're all excited? all right. joy is going to help this wonderful family and all of us, too, joy. >> she's a bundle of love. she has so much on her plate. and she has been smiling from the second she got here. the whole idea here was to healthify and be sure you can whip them up super quick. they start the morning with breakfast. she can participate with a starchy pile of pancakes. you boys are going to dive in and try the pancakes. we have special pancakes here. the secret ingredient here is i
8:37 am
put in some cottage cheese, there's eggs and i sweetened it up with a smashed ripe banana. 18 grams of protein and 4 grams of fiber. >> i want you to be totally honest. i know it's not what you're used to for breakfast. would you eat that for breakfast? you would? you like? what do you usually have for breakfast? >> nothing, usually. >> that's a no-no, right, joy? >> you're going to bottom out. i don't want you to crash. i want you to have a lot of energy, too. if anyone needs a lot of energy, it is lisa. >> take us to lunch. >> now, we're going to flip over to dinner because that's the biggest problem. what i want lisa to do in the morning is embrace her slow cooker because it will become a personal chef. >> you like a slow cooker or crock pot? >> this is the simplest recipe ever. we're making pull epulleed flav
8:38 am
chicken. we're going to put in chicken and is alsalsa and taco seasoni. >> you're going to put the top on and set it on low for eight hours. and you're going to take off and go to work. >> right. >> you're going to come home and you're going to have a great big batch of delicious pulled chicken. you're going to shred it up in there. and you can make sandwiches or tacos. >> take a bite of that pulled chicken sandwich so bad. bite in there. give it. i like this. yes. >> give us two thumbs up? >> you like? >> yeah? two for two. you have over there, are tacos because you can add some lettuce and tomato and shredded cheese.
8:39 am
the thing about the pulled chicken is there's so many variations that you can serve it. >> when you're listening, and i'm going to get to the last things in a minute. this is a lot. you have a lot on your shoulders anyway. >> yeah. >> without worrying about all this other stuff. how do you feel listening to joy talk about all this? >> it gives me some inspiration. some easy ways to make healthy food. i'm excited about trying it at home. >> she's incredible. >> take us to the end. >> she regularly makes spanish rice and beans. but she uses butter and lard and refined rice. this is so simple. all i did was i swapped in brown rice for the fiber. go ahead, hoda. i only did one cup rice but two cups of beans. i mixed black beans and pinto beans. and then, i snuck in onions and red pepper. this is packed with flavor and
8:40 am
protein and fiber. would you like that if your mom made it again. woo. high-five. i'm going to high-five you, too. i need a free hand. that is awesome. tell me what you think. and the recipes are on the website. >> thanks so much. we're rooting for you. coming up next, the material borrowed from mother nature that could c
8:41 am
8:42 am
we're back with a look at what one company hopes will be the future of fashion. >> takingining a cue from mothe nature, they have been trying to develop a fabric from the inspiration of spider silk. here's jo ling kent. >> reporter: it's the stuff of hollywood blockbusters.
8:43 am
but in silicon valley, artificial spider webs aren't just for superheros. >> we had an idea that what spiders do is really cool and maybe we can copy it. >> reporter: the co-founders have figured out how to spin faux silk. >> why wait? these threads are as strong as steel. >> reporter: producing a web of opportunities, from fashion -- >> silk. >> reporter: to the front lines. the military is the next step, right? >> there's strong interest by the military. not only for the durability but for things that don't melt. >> reporter: re-engineering t k mother nature's work took years of development. they discovered that brewing was the way to go, as in brewing beer. what are you making here? >> this is yeast that are making spider silks. pumping little bits of sugar in,
8:44 am
yeast eat it and make more cells and make silk protein. we put it into fibrous. they are streamed out and they turn into a solid. >> reporter: in march, the company released its first product, a spider silk tie. >> we launched a number of these to show this technology can work. this was grown in a fermenter, spun into fibefibers. >> reporter: $300 for that tie. they hope to spin for a mass audience, soon. what's the point for a shopper to splurge a little more? >> i think a lot of people will continue to go with fast fashion. things that start as a new technology and material, maybe what you find in your fast fashion tomorrow. >> reporter: for "today," jo
8:45 am
ling kent, emoeryvillmeryville, california. >> how is that tie? >> i'll sell you this tie for $290. >> what a deal. >> it's faux silk. >> this can bear the weight of a car. >> you could scale a building with that tie. just ahead, is your skin showing wear and tear for what's been a brutal winter? the guys can't stop talking about this. there's new ways to get relief. first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:46 am
8:47 am
we are back, 8:47. much of the country has been braving bone-chilling cold. it can take a toll on your skin. good morning. >> how are you? >> good. this is the time of year, my skin is like a potato chip. what are the things we need to
8:48 am
know? >> the cold air takes all the -- makes your skin super dehydrated. shorten the hot showers. they're not great for your skin. they dehydrate your skin. apply moisturizer on wet skin. drink plenty of water. skip the alcohol if you can. apply a little hydrocortisone cream on dry spots. don't forget sunscreen. we see some of the worst sunburns during that time. >> i'm doing everything wrong. these are face moisturizes that pump up hydration. >> everybody knows about moisturizer. some of the things people forget about are oils and masks. masks contain oil and aloe. if you apply a little oil on your skin before you apply moisturizer, you can see such improvement in the hydration of your skin. if you are looking for a do it at home -- >> home remedy. >> you can create your own mask by combining avoe ining aavocad.
8:49 am
leave it on ten minutes or so. wash it off. >> dip a tortilla chip in and call it good. next we have -- these are for lips? >> lips have no oil glands. they are super thin. we lick them. sometimes we use lip balm that can dry out your skin more. use a balm, this new one has oatmeal in it which is soothing. even something as simple as aquafor can make a huge difference. you might want to take a toothbrush, brush your lips a little bit. >> to exfoliate? >> exactly. get rid of dry skin. if you don't want to use this, you can use a green tea bag. dip it in warm water, shake it out. apply it on there. green tea contained anti-inflammatories which work well. take your olive oil right out of
8:50 am
its little set here and apply on the skin. you have a great lip balm. >> all of us have been talking about cracked hands from the cold weather. >> gloves are the key to improving your hands. keep them in every coat pocket. keep them at home. we have gloves that you can apply your own moisturizer on. there are special gloves. try them on. they contain this oil inside of them. >> no way. i love these. >> mineral oil and olive oil. i love these. >> mineral oil and olive oil. you leave them on your hands when you're watching tv. your skin will feel soft and smooth. >> do you put moisturizer and put these on? >> you can. there's moisturizer built into these. they help your cuticles and nails to dry -- hydrate up -- >> i want that. >> here we go. >> i got it. >> she wants that. >> i don't blame her. you can buy coconut hand moisturizers. you can also make your life really simple, take some olive oil or coconut oil, and apply it directly on to your hand.
8:51 am
take some saran wrap and wrap your hand with this and create ore own home spa, which is a less expensive way than to buy these gloves, which are fabulous. >> for itchy scalp. >> you want to use a shampoo and some sort of hydrating oil for the hair. at home, you do a combination of baking soda or apple cider vinegar, leave it on your hair for a couple minutes. then you can politics in egg yolk with yogurt. make this paste and leave it on your scalp for ten minutes and you will be great for the winter. >> i love it. high-five. thank you very much. all of the recipes, i guess you would call them, are on our website. is it awesome? amazing. up next, meryl davis weighs in on the u.s. olympic figure skating team. first, this is "today" on nbc. skating team. first, this is "today" on nbc. sfx: squeak
8:52 am
sfx: stair creak sfx: clink sfx: deep breath sfx: grunt sfx: tinny headphone music sfx: feet shuffling sfx: slice sfx: gasp sfx: inhale. exhale. sfx: lights scraping on roof sfx: metallic scrape sfx: grunt covered california. it's more than just health care. it's life care.
8:53 am
8:54 am
this portion of "today" is brought to you by smucker's and jif, the official bp p&j of tea usa. >> i'm joined by meryl davis. you know what it feels like for the skaters heading into the olympics. as a spectator, what do you make of team usa? >> it's an incredibly strong team. a lot of big decisions were made, hard decisions were made. i think it's a strong team going into pyeongchang. >> through the olympics, smuckers and jif will fuel team usa. >> smuckers is donating $100,000 to team usa for present olympians, future olympians. it's been an incredible donation. sport is very expensive. anytime athletes get support and help in their training and
8:55 am
things like that, it's very helpful. >> some things go together like peanut butter and jelly, got us thinking, who is the peanut butter to your jelly. a spouse, a best friend. who is yours? >> my peanut butter to my jelly is charlie, my skating partner of 20 years. charlie has been by my side for 21 years. i'm fortunate to have an awesome teammate. >> the peanut butter to my jelly is my 3-year-old london, who has peanut butter on her face all the time. you can use the hash tag and head to the "today" show's facebook page. let's head over to the gang. >> willie is moisturizing. >> seasonal cracked hands. we've been talking about this. these are amazing. i'm taking these. >> do your hands feel better now? >> they smell, too. in a good way. coming up, guess who is with us at 10:00. tyra banks will be here.
8:56 am
>> i love her. >> yeah. good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. we're in a my crow climate weather alert as we track our first atmospheric river. our first moderate one of the season. a lot more rain coming in as we go through the day. some of the pockets of the heavier rain now across the north bay. we'll also see this making it into the south bay as well. and with that, we may have the potential of some isolated thunderstorms and winds will pick up by early afternoon. as we go through the day, there
8:57 am
may be a few more breaks by early afternoon. we will still have some rounds of heavy rain in the forecast through at least tonight as well as early tomorrow. before this rain begins to taper off. and our temperatures warm up as we dry out. let's get an update on how the roads are moving. >> and happening now, we're keeping track of a close eye on those conditions in the north bay this morning. especially in areas devastated by the wildfires three months ago. and the burn zone, concerns are high about potential mudslides. there are concerns about potential runoff from the toxic debris moving into the streams and rivers. we'll have a full report in our midday newscast and we'll post our updates on our twitter feed. you skcan sign up for our weath alert at, that app. the first major storm of 2018
8:58 am
hitting the bay area. the threat of flash flood and high winds a big concern. and - i )m tracking when the ran is heading out. that )s tuesday on )today in te bay. ) 4:30 to 7.
8:59 am
woman: so, greg, it's a lot to take in. woman 2: and i know that's hard to hear, but the doctors caught it early. hi, blake! my dad has cancer. woman: and i know how hard that is to hear. but you're in the right place. man: and dr. pascal and her team, they know what to do. they know what to do. the doctors know what to do. so here's the plan. first off, we're going to give you all... (voice fading away)
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