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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  January 10, 2018 4:30am-5:01am PST

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ad lib live picture-- san jose a very good wednesday morning to you. taking a live look outside overlooking san jose. look at that, it's not raining right now. we have a break from the rain. no umbrellas needed. i don't think so, today. we are going to check in with kari in moments. good morning to you, thanks for joining us, i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. >> we needed to dry out a little bit. >> a little bit. there will be a quick moving rounds of rain moving through. it's not going to be a huge deal, it quickly moves across the bay area. as we look at what's happening out there, the showers are just to the north of us. that will roll across the bay area today. as we go through 9:30, 10:00,
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spotty showers. mostly along the coast and for some of the hills. then we'll see it clearing as we go into the afternoon with sunshine. we'll take a look ahead at what else is in the forecast. that's coming up. mike is tracking the crash in san jose. >> not completely dry. just a word of caution. look at the map. the green highlighting isn't there. that is where things are going to be slick. over here, southbound 101 at capital expressway, an earlier crash has paperwork going on and waiting for another tow truck. no slowing shows up here. a smoother drive toward the bay bridge with no delays through the maze travel times. the san mateo bridge where chp, overnight, gave a high wind advisory. they are talking about the high wind. we have no problems right now, just a note. back to you.
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>> thanks, mike. developing in southern california, more rain could fall this morning. these are live pictures from montecito, the city hardest hit by the mudslides. the rain could only add to the devastation in santa barbara. >> mudslides came through an area ravaged by wildfires last month. at least 13 people died. roads and freeways are buried in mud and debris. we have a look at the most dramatic rescues. >> reporter: bulldozers are scraping away tons of mud in the streets of santa barbara county. trees uprooted, a landslide lifting homes off their foundation. survivors in disbelief. >> i went outside, there was an orange sky, explosive fire and started videoing it. we couldn't go back to sleep. >> reporter: rescue teams are
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looking for survivors in a town taken by surprise of mud and debris. >> we got a call saying hey, there's a ground party at this location, the co-ordinates, a family of five. see what you can do. >> reporter: an impossible pass when you look at what they are dealing with. a 14-year-old girl found inside a home, buried in mud. she waited six hours for help to arrive. >> it was so hard to hear. we could have taken two more steps and not heard her at all. >> reporter: neighbors helping each other. the rescues taking an emotional toll especially on this man who found a child. >> got to the house. got the mud out of its mouth. i was hoping it was okay. >> reporter: hospitals are filled with victims who had to
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be air lifted to safety. thousands have been ordered to evacuate. cheryl herd, nbc bay area news. >> we have a crew in santa barbara. they tweeted this video when she arrived. also follow us on twitter and facebook. here at home, a developing story. reports of a deadly rock slide led to the closure of highway 21 in both directions. this happened oat monticello road. witnesses tell us that car was hit by a rock slide and says it is unstable to retrieve the car. pete suratos is headed there and will bring us a live report in the next hour. we have developing news out of central america. a magnitude 7.6 quake hit
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between honduras and cayman islands. no threats of dangerous, large waves. no reports of major damage. a plan to use drones to detect quake damage. the examiner is reporting commissioners unveiled the plan yesterday. the camera equipped drones would examine piers and walls. they usually conduct inspections by boat. u.s. figure skaters got a look at car break ins. she said someone broke into the suv her parents rented and parked in japantown. they were in town after competing in the championships last week. her ice skates were stolen and two custom skating dresses. this is video of her competing in one of those dresses.
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they are worth more than $1,000 a piece. >> the dresses are very personal to me and mean a lot to me. if they could please return it that would be very much appreciated. i love those dresses and wish i could have them back. >> more than 30,000 break ins were reported in san francisco alone. we have been telling you about it this week. coming up on "today in the bay," good news for enthusiasts. x box one has no interruptions playing a game or watching a movie. alexa is spreading her wings. now able to travel with you. the plans from toyota that might put the cloud based voice on the road with you.
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good morning, i'm eric live at cnbc global headquarters. here are the top business headlines. wall street could take a breather after stocks closed at record highs yesterday. they have their best start of any year since 1987. the dow rising 102 points to 25,385, the nasdaq closing up six to 7163. microsoft is rolling out an update for x-box 1 users including a do not disturb mode.
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it eliminates distractions when playing or watching a movie. they cannot hassell you will chat invites. toyota and mazda plan to build a 1.6 million dlarls assembly plant in alabama. the announcement is set for this afternoon. it is the fifth for toyota. they are projected to employ 4,000 workers and build 300,000 vehicles a year. back to you. >> thank you. 4:40 now. alexa will soon ride shotgun with toyota drivers. toyota says more models will be added in 2019. you can ask for directions, have alexa read the news or control gadgets in your home such as lights and thermostat from behind the wheel.
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i wonder if she'll sing along? coming up on "today in the bay," kari has a look at the dry morning forecast. >> it starts dry, we will see clouds build in with a slight chance of rain. willow glen, the temperatures low 50s. not bad. it will be partly to mostly cloudy for a good chunk of the day. we'll talk about what's ahead as we finally get a chance to dry out, coming up next. a live look from our open camera holding steady here. we talked about the breezy san mateo bridge. toward the bay bridge is a breeze as well. we'll show the south bay as well. plus, more fallout from the massive snowstorm that hit the east coast. the damage and danger left behind. welcome back you )re watching
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today in the bay. live pictures of the home of the oakland a )s on this wednesday good morning. 4:44 for you right now. welcome back to "today in the bay." live pictures of the home of the oakland athletics on this wednesday morning. i actually sang the national anthem there last year and got to see a game for free. you can sign up to watch the boys take on the chicago white
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sox april 17th. that day marks the 50th anniversary of if first game for them. get those tickets at >> do you go back every year and sing or a one-time deal? >> i'm trying to make it an annual thing. as the snow melts on the east coast, problems are developing. that's a chunk of ice that fell 20 stories on to that suv. luckily no one was hurt. it happened yesterday in manhattan as temperatures were rising and the city is starting to thaw out. >> can you imagine? >> i remember those days. i worked at a tv station that had a huge television tower in the back. when the temperatures would warm up, chunks of ice would crush cars in the parking lot.
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you had to park away from the building or you would have a crushed car. >> or get a job in california. >> no problems like that here in the bay area. we have seen the rain rolling through and now it's drying out. we had light showers lingering in san jose, even through last night. here is what to expect today. it's 48 degrees as you get ready to head out the door. the high today of 60 degrees. it will be cool with clouds rolling by. rain moving through by the afternoon. a breezy and mild day. for tomorrow, the north bay will have a chance of showers, otherwise, a dry and cool day for the rest of the bay and we'll be in the low 60s for the south bay. 59 degrees in oakland and san francisco. upper 50s for the north bay and the seven day forecast is at the bottom of the screen showing the peninsula and the slight chance of rain we'll have today. getting dressed this morning, you will stand in front of the
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closet like, what will i wear today? a good day to have the jacket. light, long sleeves will be comfortable. as the day goes along, pants and dress shoes. you can put away those rain boots for now and bring them out next week. let's talk about the forecast and the rain. it shows quick passing light showers moving through especially on the coastline and in the north bay. for tomorrow, slight chance of rain mainly around ukiah and areas north of santa rosa. after that, we'll have a dry weekend. the storm systems will be lining up out there in the pacific for next week, a couple moving in, starting on monday and continuing wednesday. here is a look at the seven day forecast. in san francisco, it is going to be the upper 50s today, mostly cloudy tomorrow and the weekend looks nice, low 60s there and mid-60s for the inland area. we'll be tracking that rain for early next week, up to 61 degrees on monday.
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as we head over to mike, you have a couple issues for 101. >> nothing major, but a couple issues in the chp report. we'll call them out. i'll show you the map. there's not green highlighting. the slick roadways yesterday and the day before, be careful. there are spots that haven't dried out. kari is talking ant the light rain. south 101, you are passing by capital expressway. it may be affected by a crash there. there was paperwork going on. no slowing at the beginning of the show. there's activity out there, be careful, watch for flashing lights. here you have the off ramp blocked southbound 101 at lucky drive. no injuries but you will have to loop back or take the next exit. that is moving very well as well as the rest of the north bay for san rafael. the bay bridge, there are no delays.
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mass transit fine getting under the bridge. let's show you the live look of the bay bridge toll plaza. a few folks in the cash lanes. we'll watch as it builds, but it should be a relatively steady build. back to you. the man accused of sexually assaulting a teacher could be out on bail today. he made his first court appearance yesterday. he's accused of assaulting and robbing a middle schoolteacher last tuesday before school opened. the judge did not allow us to show his face. police say this is surveillance video of him at the school before the attack. once he posts bail, he'll be fitted with an ankle monitor and must stay at least 100 yards from the school. he should be back in court to enter a plea next month. live oak high school in morgan hills has been vandalized numerous times over the past few
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months. police believe this is the man responsible. they believe he spray painted the school. the campus has been hit by a thief, but they don't believe the person in the photo is involved in that. a close up look at human trafficking in petaluma. the police department is holding an event to highlight the problem. it's happening at 6:30 at the mystic theater where a movie will be shown. more details now as our team on "today in the bay" dives deeper into the numbers. california has the highest number of human trafficking cases reported in the u.s. this map from the nonprofit tracks human trafficking cases. you can see the bay area, los angeles and san diego are hot spots. the number of cases reported in the state has been on the rise.
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since 2012, nearly 500 cases reported. last year, 1300 cases. it is 4:50. happening today, the fight over the transport of coal in utah is headed to court. a judge is expected to hear from someone suing oakland. the city wants the judge to throw out the lawsuit. the judge could rule today or send the case to trial that is set to start next wednesday. scary moments at walt disney world in florida. door on the monorail stayed open. this happened over the weekend. that opening, big enough, as you can see, a child could have gotten through. no one was injured here. once the train stopped, it was taken out of service for repairs. coming up on "today in the bay," nbc bay area responds. an expensive and unusual problem with a car, followed by an all too common silence from
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the manufacturing. i'm consumer investigator, chris chmura. nbc bay area responds, next. first, president trump will not allow drilling for oil and gas off the coast of florida. he proposed opening up almost all water for gas and oil drilling. it sparked protest from coastal states, environment lists and the tourism industry. mortgage applications are more than 8% to start the year. people may be taking advantage of lower rates now considering they may move higher this year. we'll be back with more after this break. san jose man who says his car
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radio glitch caused a
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transmission failure. >> nbc bay area responds to a man who says a car radio glitch called a transmission failure. >> we have how the response team sorted out the bizarre situation. >> when michael's radio went out in his dodge, he tried to fix it himself. he found a fuse labeled fair and switched it with a new one to get it working. the radio did work, then the car wouldn't. the car wouldn't run. he towed it to the local dealer, where he learned his transmission failed. why? michael says the fair fuse was incorrectly marked. it was actually linked to the transmission and that caused the failure. he paid $175 to fix all of this. he didn't think he should be on the hook for anything because the fuse was incorrectly marked. right? he filed a claim with dodge for
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a refund. you can guess what happened. they denied the claim. he reached out to us for help. we contacted dodge and michael received a $175 refund. fiat chrysler, dodge's parent company wouldn't say it was improperly marked but they were pleased to extend apologies. this was anomalous and inconsistent with company policy and practice. if you have a complaint call us, 888-996-tips or log on to okay raiders fans, it is official. jon gruden is back as the head coach. >> a standing ovation yesterday and a who's who of former players there to see jon gruden. the theme of the day, unfinished
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business. he was first hired by the late al davis nearly 20 years. this week, he was traded to tampa bay. the raiders new head man has this message. >> i'm thrilled to be back. i have a great opportunity and plan on doing everything i can with this opportunity. go. let's get going and quick talking here and get to work. >> get to work and get some wins. coach gruden is said to be ten years and roughly $100 million. >> i can still hear raider nation. >> exactly. 4:57. coming up next, a look at the forecast with meteorologist, kari hall. >> we are getting a chance to dry out across the bay area. this quick moving round of rain will not affect everybody. we'll talk about the showers moving through the peninsula and isolated showers. that's coming up in the forecast. i saw that radar. it does come through fremont. right now, it is drying out.
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a smooth drive past the truck scales. we are going to cover a change of status in the north bay, coming up. we are tracking a developing story out of southern california. more than a dozen dead. a live look outside in san
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francisco ad lib good morning on this wednesday morning. a live look at san francisco. nice and dry this morning as we look out there this morning.
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meteorologist, kari hall, is going to have a look at that forecast in a second. good morning, thank you for joining us. i'm marcus washington. >> i'm laura garcia. as we get a chance to dry out today, the ground was saturated in parts of the bay area. >> we set a lot of rainfall records. we are catching up to the normal totals for the year. it will be a very nice day. as we get a look at san francisco, once again, we start out with a few clouds overhead. our temperatures in the low 50s in san francisco. mid to upper 40s elsewhere. it's a cool morning, bundle up and it will be a nice day, low 60s for the south bay and upper 50s for the interior and north bay. we'll talk about what is ahead for the weekend coming up. mike is tracking a traffic alert in the north bay. >> i am. this is not a new crash. more folks are hitting the road and chp issued a


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