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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  January 13, 2018 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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sirens offici are working to ensure the emergency alert system is reliab >> it happened. you ca learn from it. >> the sec meanwhi announced a or relacking weekend morning. nbc news. new video into the news room of a spacex cargo ship. it will splash dow of nas cargo. and samples from space station. nasa says after it slashes
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>> group shouted there are and called for a citizens the anger comes after khan yester trump canceled theprotesters were escorted out by police. >> it is a pleasure to even >> protests came during this >> new at 5:30, from criminal leaker senate candidate, paperw to run for a u.s.
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she spent six years of a 35-year senten behind bars before the 30-year-old manning is maryla it happened on a trip from some of those on board tried to . >> refused to. that's when i was like calling >> police were able to stop the
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bus. identi man has not been releas gettin worse. emergency room vis it was absolutely heartbreaking. >> here in california, flu weeks. 42 people have died. a giant statue of jesus in bf the pope is set
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video shows the statue on fire police still investigating the pope is expected to arrive severa churches were fire
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>> san francisco's emergency the allegations are that a party in honor of a firefighter' so far, at least five we've also learn ed that incapp tated. that c violate the agreement betwee the licensing department and de of health. >> the allegations are very distur there' pending investigation allega after we asked him about the
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of drunken firefighters back in 2013, a firefighter but still faces criminal charge the victim ended up getting firefi being nbc bay area news. just ahead, a new use for in just two minutes when i catc
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an organization unveiled the color. zblnch now to a new and drones kier simmons is putting it to >> a road, a drift on the ocean. it is out here. seas are getting rougher and roughe gettin darker. and it is not very much fun just hour early, i hunkered
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it's g rescued. bye by just have a little, a little dingy. four f six foot. not much space. someon the water at this minute so today, this crew i >> drones >> the drones in the air. we've got a sernl
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>> communications system a a drones will communicate every of water more effici >> about ten miles away. >> with the height and these so you expand your search area. they w be the eyes in the year, technology like this could one day make the difference >> and other conditions where anythi up to about 60 to 70 realis >> so it has to be pretty stormy for them to stop working. >> abs that's the whole point. >> these prototype rescue drones
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develo by a project last year funded by a british insurance compan direct lines. a phone app was used to summon it's now being tested at night feel l hear someth wait. that's a drone. >> 2.9 it's a >> people safe from the sea owe in the future, they maybe
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>> take a look at this. a lot of snow falling on central coast. that's the most the region has offici predict that the 15 inches is going to fall in some >> a lot of snow. >> it is and we're going to be and the next weekend. snow levels may be as low as 4,000 feet, which could put the models squaw creek. any snow this weekend, but late lookin from emoryville.
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57 degrees with mostly cloudy air-co degree so win sbresing here. we've had a lot of rain. it's a good recipe for getting mornin it looks like we'll have more of the fog in a few spots. especi bay valleys with 40 to the day and then look at that. upper 60s from san jose down number closer to you'll find simila temperatures in the low 60s and for the north bay, highs climbing into the low 60s on sunday with low clouds
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and evening tomorrow. cloud, which makes pretty sunset so monday, the holiday for ooempk get to see the becaus if you look through 7:00, only measurable rainfall tuesdamorning's commute u not expecting big totals, but watch what happens towards next
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it's great news for the snow 5,000 feet missing out from our recent storms. so estimates through the next coast. areas county north as we add up all three storms, impres the fact of seeing we'll likely find new feet of snow. 3 to 4 feet possible with the intere next weekend, we could see highs
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still a little, maybe closer to by next weekend. seven- forecast, first storm next, into friday. may ha surf advisories, as we can see 20 foot waves and if you remember, t this could make a big
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catego >> pro not as much as last week, so what's been missing has so it's a mixed blessing, we'll get rain here, but the air that's nice and cold, the snow nice recovery over the next ten 50 dwreers ayears ago to northern californi made foreve famous by johnny cash. we take you inside and show you
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init involves a music lege zpl hello, i'm johnny cash. folsom >> behind the metal gates barbed is the world's most 50 years has dragged on since
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the album made the prison so museum >> peo here, it's is where was johnny cash. >> he's never done time here, >> in the auto shop, cash's >> looked at us like hello, but >> cash's folsom prison blues is like a currant running throu and share his story and give a
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>> cash's concerts lot. becausbars, sometimes, ♪ this spot in dine iing roo >> everybody knows. althou cash land ed in jail numerous times, hi >> you can go through this and succes none of them as famous as fol
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for one lucky golfer. a free year of golf to one of custom on 2700 golf the customer whose ball made it winner i've heard it raining cats and balls. who needs hail when you've u got golf balls themselves. >> helicopter dropping them. no golf ball hail around here. we cou the snow. sierra we talked about it last
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statew is 25% of only 18%. outloo this is what we're 2 to only six or seven thousand feet nothin about tomor and numbers that might be close area. in the upper 60s, those changes night. then thursday into friday, we weeken sierra rain h highs in the 50s. usually better news for the sierras a opposed >> thank you so much. >> thank you so much. that does it for us.
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the entire state, shocked by a message that appeared on their t-v )s and their phones, right now at 6:00, high tension in hawaii. news at 6:00 starts right now. good evening, everyone, thank you for joining us, i'm terry mcsweeney. some bay area residents traveling in hawaii are talking about the shocking ordeal, that as emergency officials try to find out what exactly went wrong. nbc bay area's marianne favro has a look at the mistake. live in the newsroom, marianne? >> the governor of hawaii says the terrifying alert was the result of one employee pushing the wrong button. this is the frightening message sent out to hawaii area cell phonesnd


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