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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  January 13, 2018 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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the entire state, shocked by a message that appeared on their t-v )s and their phones, right now at 6:00, high tension in hawaii. news at 6:00 starts right now. good evening, everyone, thank you for joining us, i'm terry mcsweeney. some bay area residents traveling in hawaii are talking about the shocking ordeal, that as emergency officials try to find out what exactly went wrong. nbc bay area's marianne favro has a look at the mistake. live in the newsroom, marianne? >> the governor of hawaii says the terrifying alert was the result of one employee pushing the wrong button. this is the frightening message sent out to hawaii area cell phones and broadcast on radio and tv.
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ballistic missile threat inbound, it read, this is not a drill. elizabeth fong of gilroy was in hawaii when she got the alert. >> it was panic, everyone thought we were going to die. >> the governor later explained the false alarm was not a computer glitch, but a human error. >> it was a procedure that occurs at the change of shift, where they go through to make sure it is working, and an employee pushed the wrong button. >> a mistake that took 38 minutes to correct, while terrified residents and tourists scrambled to seek shelter and reach out to loved ones. lkts >> i called my husband, i said i love you, you know, that's all i can tell you. there's a missile coming. >> elizabeth fong said she ran to grab water and get her family in the bathtub. the incident comes at a time of heightened tensions with north korea, which has conducted numerous demonstrations of growing nuclear power and prompted hawaiian officials to
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reinstate air warning sirens. local officials are now working to reassure a shaken public the emergency alert system is reliable. >> what we experienced today happened, we can learn from it and get better. >> and the ftc is now promising to launch a full investigation into the incident. the defense department is already making some changes to prevent this from ever happening again. now they are requiring two people to be in charge of the alert-sending process. marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> marianne, thanks very much. we've been following this story since it first broke. we posted this picture of the alert, seen by everyone in hawaii. posted it there on our twitter feed. follow us, our twitter handle is @nbcbayarea. surfers on standby for the competition are told to stand down. it's not going to happen tuesday after all. the world surf league called off
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the competition after closely monitoring conditions for the past 4 hours. organizers had been organizing monday, last year surfers didn't get a chance to compete because the organizers declared bankruptcy. the hope now is the right conditions develop before the competition closes february 28th. we have time here. rob mayeda tracking the conditions, rob? >> watching wave heights through next week, six to eight feet offshore, but there is promise we'll see bigger wave heights over the next seven days. wave hikes in the central gulf of alaska close to 20 to 30 feet as that wave energy and the wind energy approaches the coast, wave heights on the increase tuesday and we think even higher on thursday. so we may begin to see beach hazard statements or high surf advisories posted later next week. the big surf is in addition to wind and rain potential as a series of three storms arrive. something setting these storms apart from their predecessors,
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it's the cold temperatures, which is going to be big news for sierra snow levels. we'll have the time line of the storms, how much rain and snow we're expecting in our forecast coming up in ten minutes. back to you. >> and you want to know when the rain is arriving? download our nbc bay area app. it is free, comes with a complete forecast for your community. a man is dead after officers shot him in the east bay. police say he was reaching for a gun. happened late last night in pittsburg. officers approached the man to investigate a possible drug deal and that's when they saw a handgun. officers told the man to put his hands up, but instead he reached for the gun and that's when officers opened fire. the man died at the hospital. pittsburg police are waiting to notify the family before releasing the man's identity. tensions are rising in gilroy over the city's homeless population. the issue has come to a boiling point after police arrested this man for allegedly stabbing a
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pizza shop owner. the man is now charged with attempted owner. a special meeting is called for wednesday to express community concerns about the homeless. continuing news in montecito, where officials say the death toll has risen to 19. the body of a 25-year-old woman found today. there are also stories of survival. one of the firefighters who discovered a baby is now speaking out. santa barbara fire captain says he was out with his crew when they heard crying coming from under a pile of debris. >> so, i was able to find the baby. it was down a couple feet underneath logs, and there was just a small pathway that went down to his face, and just a miracle. >> the focus shifts to cleanup and recovery, highway 101 is a major focus. it is closed indefinitely. the entire santa barbara area taking a big economic hit. the local economy down there relies on tourism. more backlash from
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controversial remarks attributed to president trump about impoverished countries. nancy pelosi weighing in on a teach-in town hall event in san francisco today that also focused on the tax law. nbc bay area's christie smith joins us live in san francisco to explain. christie? >> that's right, nancy pelosi touched on a number of issues, the key one her opinion on the tax plan, but she also had a strong opinion about what she says were the president's recent remarks that she described as outrageous and vile. >> so, we cannot be misled. >> democratic leader nancy pelosi described it as a gop tax scam, the work of republicans in congress. >> 83% of the benefits of the bill go to the top 1%. >> she spoke at a teach-in at the university of san francisco with congressman mike thompson. he touched on issues like workers bonuses and the example
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of a plan with temporary and costly measures. >> any benefit that's going to accrue to individuals is going to sunset and be gone in a few years, and the richest people in the country are going to benefit greatly, and the corporate benefits are permanent tax benefits. >> in december, president trump celebrated the passing of the tax reform package as a win for middle class americans. >> the largest tax cut in the history of our country and reform, but tax cut. >> thompson noted a hit for those in high-cost states like california, and in the crowd today, some union representatives trying to get clarification. >> what we want to know is, how middle class families are going to be affected. >> i'm worried how much i'm going to pay this year, which is, you know, very important to pay mortgage and then you have that new policy. >> and today leaders weighed in on recent reports of remarks from president trump, as he denies using profane language to describe haiti, el salvador, and
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other impoverished countries. >> but we all have to speak out and reject the vile statements that he made, and again, on martin luther king weekend. >> now, this event was only supposed to go about an hour and 15 minutes but went quite a bit longer. again, she spent much of her time talking about that tax plan. reporting live in san francisco, christie smith, nbc bay area news. that was the sound of demonstrators in switzerland today protesting a planned visit by president trump. the president is due to attend the world economic forum in davos later this month. the annual forum brings together global business and political leaders. critics of mr. trump's say his polarizing personality can ignite protests. the planned protests in london are believed to have playing a role in president trump cancelling a trip to open a new
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u.s. embassy there. still ahead, keeping the south bay landscape clean. the big clean-up event with a special guest. also, the hidden beauty of silicon valley. a san jose artist's goal to make sure we don't take it for granted. calm conditions right now, 54 degrees, high clouds in emeryville as we await the first in a series of three storms over the next seven to ten days. when the rain will make a comeback when we come back in just two minutes. you could generate your own energy, at home. or to save energy, unplug unused appliances. do your thing, with energy upgrade california.
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but that didn )t stop some south bay volunteers from rolling up their sleeves to clean up "guadalupe creek" this morning. it's a messy job trying to keep san jose beautiful. this is along virginia street. sam ricardo spearheaded the cleanup. >> city is certainly stepping up efforts around cleaning up illegal dumping and picking up trash. >> timing was key and the cleanup planned just in time. the river park con sservancy is hosting a run later this month. that's going to look good as the runners go by. we sometimes forget to experience the world around us. one south bay artist spent a year doing just that. nbc bay area's joe rosato jr. shows us how he captured the things most people miss.
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>> i've been drawing since i was a little kid. >> the artist's eye. often sees things others miss. >> make a little purple here. >> he sees nature in places where nature is rarely seen. >> we're in lake cunningham park. >> to paint the scene here, a san jose creek winding between a busy expressway and the raging waters water park. >> looks kind of mundane if you take a peak ek at it. >> more than that, that made it his job to help others see that beauty, so he launched what he called the quest. >> i set out for a year once a week to go out and paint right on location one of the creeks in silicon valley. >> some of those creeks -- >> norwood creek. >> more humble than others. >> doesn't look like much, but
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if i could do it on the sunset, it would be okay. i didn't realize it at the time, but there are 60 main creeks in the area. we're just behind a strip mall in the evergreen area of san jose. i wanted to give citizens here a better appreciation of what's under their seat, what's around back alleys, under bridges. lots of vodka bottles. >> neff captured homeless camps along the creeks and places that once were. >> this whole area used to be full of orchards, creeks. silicon valley has slowly encroached upon that. >> he's not a foe of tech. >> then the dot com stuff went bust. started painting and never looked back. >> these days neff just looks around. >> wouldn't believe it, but there's wild beaver right in downtown san jose. you can find quiet, solace, in
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kind of the strangest places, i guess. >> during his year-long quest, neff painted 60 portraits of 43 creeks, but along the way he realized if you look around enough, you'll find inspiration is a river that never stops flowing. joe rosato jr. -- >> i could spend the rest of my life around here finding spots. >> -- nbc bay area news. >> a lot of inspiration to be found today. it was a very fine day. >> it was, yeah. we had a nice sunset. >> earlier, i was showing it behind us. >> fog didn't mess things up for your sunrise, it was pretty nice around the east bay and it is a dry start to the weekend with changes coming up. seven-day forecast, we're watching three storms trying to make a comeback as we watch san francisco right now. 54 degrees, little haze out there, high clouds above. emeryville, that was a gorgeous sight earlier, 54 degrees and we'll take you over to dublin where it's 49. east wind blowing in some of that fog-cooled air down into
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the tri-valley and right now 56, cooling in san jose with partly cloudy skies. wind direction offshore, high pressure in control of the weekend. this is sort of a fog machine in the tri-valley. tomorrow morning we'll likely see visibilities at times maybe dropping to less than a mile around solano county and concord. areas of low clouds, lots of 40s to start, closer to 50 in san francisco, low 40s around livermore and concord. afternoon temperatures interesting tomorrow. areas around the south bay have a chance at upper 60s, maybe even close to 70 for your sunday. cooler around livermore, antioch, peninsula, palo alto, daly city, close to 60s. north bay temperatures climbing into the low 60s. so during the day we go from the low clouds starting off the morning, to a few high clouds through the day. no worries about rain for
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sunday, then your holiday plans through monday morning, a chance at some lighter rain, at times, mainly the peninsula northward until monday night, that's where we begin to see the rain reach the south bay. in terms of impact, doesn't look like a big impact. lighter rain totals possible north of san francisco as the main event for this first in a series of storms comes in from 11:00 monday night through the tuesday morning commute. you see totals about a quarter inch to half inch of rain for most of the bay area, but that's the first system. second one rolls in as we get into thursday. likely a little more rain, but what's setting these apart from the storms we've seen over the last week is the gulf of alaska nature to the storm, so probably not as much in terms of rainfall, but we'll have wind and some cooler temperatures, which will really make a big impact in terms of the snow pack through the next few days. rain expectations around the bay area, if you add up all three storms, maybe about a half inch to three-quarters an inch of
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rain for the central bay, but this is the home run out of the series of storms, we think, and we hope this is true with the statewide snow pack of only 25% of average. finally, storms that can be adding up snow by the foot as we head through the end of next weekend. so no impact on this weekend, but we'll begin to see the changes late monday, tuesday, thursday, friday, second in the series, and if that was a ten-day forecast, you'd see the third storm sunday to monday of the following week. so the timing works out good, breaks between systems, but we hope a big snow builder. >> all right, rob, thank you very much. still to come, actor mark wahlberg making headlines for what he's doing in the wake of a gender pay controversy. we'll be right back.
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after outcry over his huge pay gap for a recent movie. actor mark wahlberg is giving one and a half million dollars to the time's up legal defense fund after an outcry for a pay gap in his recent movie, after kevin spacey was fired from his supporting role. the co-star michelle williams was only paid $1,000 for the reshoot. wahlberg says he fully supports the fight for fair pay and is donating the money in williams' name. from criminal leaker to senate candidate, chelsea manning has filed paperwork to run for a u.s. senate seat in maryland. manning is a former army intelligence analyst convicted of leaking a large amount of classified documents in 2013. she spent more than six years of a 35-year sentence behind bars before granted clemency by barack obama. british supporters of president trump interrupted a speech by london's mayor today.
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there they are. the small group of protesters shouted there are millions of brits who support mr. trump, and they called for a citizens arrest of the mayor. the anger comes after khan tweeted yesterday that president trump is not welcome in london until he stops pursuing his divisive agenda. yesterday trump cancelled a trip to london to open a new embassy. >> it is a pleasure to be here, even though we were disrupted by the actions of what some would call very stable geniuses. >> the protests came during a speech on gender equality at a left-wing think tank in london. nbc bay area sports mindi bach with a look at what's coming up. hello. >> yeah, pierre garcon has a message for president trump, we'll share that with you, and stephen curry returns to the court tonight as the warriors go
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on a scoring spree against the second-best team in the east. crazy thing, though, curry was not part of it. we have highlights from toronto that are unbelievable. you have to see these next.
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warriors line up after missing two games with a sprained ankle. with a 5 stephen curry returned to the lineup after missing two games with a sprained ankle, so with all five starters available, the warriors just tore up toronto, putting up their best first half of basketball on the road since 1990. they were simply on fire. the warriors were in milwaukee last night, in toronto tonight. we go to the second quarter, and the warriors are already up 19. draymond green gets it to curry, but the fake and kevin durant ends up with it. the warriors up by 23. green this time to durant, the beautiful alley-oop. 81 points, 22 assists, only one turnover in the first half. curry had only six points, right
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now they are up 108-89, the start of the fourth quarter under way. the nfl divisional round kicking off in the nfc, falcons visiting the eagles. fourth and goal, legarrette blount goes wide right one yard out for the score. the extra point no good. eagles take a 6-3 lead. foles off the knee, into the hands of torrey smith. that drive would lead to a field goal. final minute of the game, fourth and goal for the falcons. matt ryan scrambling, finds julio jones and through the fingertips, the falcons' season is over. look how close it was. eagles advance to the nfc championship, they win 15-10. and another familiar face is returning to oakland. nfl network is the first to report the raiders are bringing tom cable back as the offensive line coach. cable served in that position in 2007 before becoming the interim head coach in 2008, and then getting the full-time gig in 2009 and 2010. cable spent the last seven
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seasons as assistant head coach and offensive line coach with the seattle seahawks. and president donald trump caused an uproar when it was reported he made disparaging remarks towards immigrants from certain countries, haiti was one of the president the president named and pierre garcon is of haitian descent. he had an interesting message for the president when asked by tmz sports. >> what would you say to donald trump? >> you know, we would just, you know, we'd forgive him. that's all we can really do. you can only try to show somebody something if they, you know, don't want to experience it, that's there, but we are happy to be from haiti, happy to be haitian immigrants. a lot of haitian people in america are happy to come here and be an asset to the country, and, you know, take pride in that and being an asset to our country. >> i love that, we all need a little forgiveness all the way around. terry, the sharks are back on
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home ice tonight after a league-mandated five-day break. they are going to be facing the last team in the western conference, the arizona coyotes. we hope that's not a trap game. puck drops 7:30. see you there. >> thanks very much and thanks for sharing pierre garcon's comments. very interesting. thanks a lot. we'll be right back. what a way to start the new
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year for one lucky golfer. fore!
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what a way to start the new year with a lucky golfer over in livermore. they wanted to give away a free year of golf to one of the many people who played at the course last month, so management wrote down each customer's name on 2,700 golf balls, had a helicopter drop the balls on to a target, the ball that made it into the cup first was the lucky winner. >> exciting way to do it. >> that is an exciting way to do it. absolutely fantastic way to do it. i like when they come down like that. i hit a lot of golf balls with my drive. >> i can't find mine. >> we'll be back at 11:00. hope you can join us then. annog an nbc bay area news special. tonight, "we investigate." dylan park-pettiford: it's something that i'll never forget, that i'll never stop thinking about. announcer: his brother was murdered during a south bay crime spree by a man using a gun stolen from southern california. we teamed up with other nbc stations to trace thousands of stolen guns, and for the first time publicly, uncover the firearm pipeline operating
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throughout the us. plus: cheryl hodgin marshall: we were in disbelief and in tears at the outcome. announcer: former students say they reported sexual misconduct by teachers 20 years ago, and nothing happened. we investigate allegations made against a prominent san jose private school. then the label says one thing, but the potency of the pot could be something else entirely. we put pot labs on the hot seat by testing the thc in marijuana across the state. what we found may surprise you. but first: patricia dowel: really, just the pain of just being homeless is the hardest part. announcer: homeless and pregnant, it's a growing problem in the bay area. we investigate why more women are ending upon the street, and what's being done and not being done to help them. here's investigative reporter bigad shaban. bigad shaban: good evening, and thanks for joining us. tonight, we investigate and hold the powerful accountable.


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