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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  January 14, 2018 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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cell phone camera rolled on extra large violence right now at 6:00, punches and pizza, cell phone cameras rolling on extra large violence break out at a parlor in the east bay. the news at 6:00 starts right now. good evening everyone thanks for joining us i'm terry mcsweeney. the fight unfolded in a family friendly restaurant and took police two hours to break it up. thom jensen is live for us with the details of the brawl. >> reporter: it started over accusations that someone stole another person's iphone. it went on for a long time. two large groups of people fighting for more than two hours and its turns out the phone was
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just misplaced. look at the video. it was crazy according to the man who shot this video, who i talked to earlier today. that's what went down, pushing, shoving, name calling and then blows at 9:00 last night. you could see two groups of people coming out hurt. a melee in the crowd where there were children all around them. it took a couple hours for the police to get it under control. newark police is small they had to call in support. one person told us she'll bring her kids and family here but wishing people would chill out. >> to do this in front of a whole bunch of little kids. it makes you want to keep your kids at home. >> reporter: she said she's not
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going to, as i said. but what's crazier, according to the man who shot that video, it was a good samaritan who found the misplaced phone and turned it in before this melee even broke out. so it was in lost and found, the phone was, for more than two hours while police tried to break it up. a lesson here, go check lost and found first, don't make accusation. newark pd talked to us earlier and hopes to have a statement if anyone was arrested by tomorrow. so far we don't know if anyone was arrested or charge red with anything. also management from the pizza parlor told us they were not able to comment. >> thom, thank you very much. people driving around in san jose today had something crazy to deal with wi, too. this is san jose. in the coming days we have three storms to look forward to.
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>> you think that's the golden gate bridge commute, no that was san jose around 101 and 280. we had some thick fog as we were headed around the santa clara valley. we will see more fog setting up tonight thanks to the recent rain we have moisture down at ground level, high pressure acting like a lid to trap that moisture and as air cools we see the fog form overnight. another spare the air alert issued on monday. north bay and inland east bay for smoke pollution. but air quality is about to improve as we have three storms coming in, the first tomorrow, lower snow levels at the higher bay area peaks. we'll show you the rest in our forecast in ten minutes. >> thank you, rob. you can get an alert where the rain is approaching where you live. just in, scary moments at
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the oakland zoo this afternoon. a fire broke out on one of the gand las, which have been at the zoo for less than a year. this is a file video of the zoo. the rides can fit up to eight people, firefighters said when they arrived everyone had gotten off safely and the fire was out. the ride debuted last year, they're custom made by an austrian, swiss company. the aftermath of montecito's deadly mud slides, we learned the death toll hassan risen to 20. searchers found the body of a father yesterday afternoon. four people, including that remain missing. the hope of finding anyone else alive is all but gone. the search and rescue effort is
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over. also highway 101 remains closed in the area. a candlelight vigil is tonight at the courthouse. housing is an issue across the bay area. that led them to demand for more housing at the mayor's house. the mayor wasn't home at the time but did issue a statement today. christy smith reports from oakland. >> reporter: it was business from usual in mayor schaaf's neighborhood. last night demonstrators set up tents in her front yard to draw attention to the growing issue of homelessness. there is nowhere you can go anywhere around my neighborhood where i don't see men, women and children sleeping in tents. that's ridiculous. take the money out of the general fund. >> reporter: today the mayor issued a statement saying we were working to fight the homeless crisis that impacts all
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oaklanders and as we work to protect affordable housing we are producing new units as fast as we can to alleviate the crisis in our region. >> there's a level of frustration. and certainly the city, government moves slowly. >> a counsel member was helping set up. >> so we've been able to relocate a good number of the homeless to this center. >> reporter: a temporary spot with por ta potties and trash pick up. they are looking to other cities. >> we're following those model that is other cities have demonstrated from la. la has over 100,000 homes and they've been in the forefront. santa clara is going through that now. >> we see that as a temporary solution to the crisis. the only solution to the crisis is permanent housing that everybody can afford.
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>> reporter: the demonstrators who showed up at the mayor's house say they also have a call to defund the police department and put that to social services. as for the council member he said that the city is looking to other bay area cities, as far as away as los angeles, for models of how they're dealing with the housing issue. an east bay dog sherlt is helping for your help after a hit and run crash. the driver left the car, took off. the building wasn't hit, just the fence. they need money to help repair that. the shelter said this is the second time this kind of thing happened. they work with the peninsula humane associate and oakland animal control. a tweet for d.r.e.a.m.ers, the president saying daca is probably dead. and this comes one day after the
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d.r.e.a.m.ers thought they scored a victory. >> reporter: what a difference a day makes. it was just last night we were telling you the federal government had good news for the drooefr d.r.e.a.m.ers and the president turned it upside down. just hours after the president told them they could start applications again, he threw a wrinkle into the debate saying daca is probably dead because the democrats don't want to talk about it. they announced in september the program would end. it protects hundreds of thousands of young undocumented immigrants who were brought here as children from being deported. but a federal judge blocked the president from ending the program. democrats say they want a deal but not one that includes money for the border wall. >> if they want our help they
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have to protect the kids. we're not going to allow the kids to be used as a bargaining chip to build a wall. >> reporter: the bill includes $1.6 billion for the wall that they've crafted to protect the kids. there is a threat of a government shutdown friday. still to come, a casino cruise boat with dozens of people on board bursts into flames. and hawaii still buzzing after the false alarm letter. mostly cloudy skies and the radar starting to pick up light rain offshore as we have opportunity for rain and when sierra snow is headed our way. in our forecast when we come back. sfx: squeak sfx: stair creak sfx: clink sfx: deep breath sfx: grunt
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you ok? eczema. it's fine. hey! hi! aren't you hot? eczema again? it's fine. i saw something the other day. eczema exposed. your eczema could be something called atopic dermatitis, which can be caused by inflammation under your skin. maybe you should ask your doctor? go to to learn more. condition, after this casino boat burst into flames eaie a developing story on the florida coast where one person is in critical condition after this casino boat burst into flames earlier today. there were 50 people on board, 15 were taken to a nearby hospital and the flames reportedly started in the engine. a strong earthquake rattled the coast of southern peru, killing one person injuring dozens. it was a 7.2 earthquake. government officials say it
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struck just after 4:00 this morning their time and injured 65 people. it did not produce a tsunami but they're monitoring for further quakes or landslides. a terrifying flight to turkey ended miraculously with no one hurt. the 747 skidded off the runway over an embankment last night. you can see the nose is close to the water's edge. video was taken inside the plane, passengers evacuating. they're trying to figure out what it was that made the plane leave the runway. homeland security working to restore trust after yesterday's false alert in hawaii. there was widespread panic caused by the government alert warning of an incoming ballistic missile attack. today they said alert systems
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are not to be ignored and mission takes like this are extremely rare. >> i would hate for anyone not to abide by government systems. we test them every day. >> it took officials 38 minutes to tell the public the warning was a mistake. the missile alert system was put in place after tensions escalated between president trump and north korea's kim jong-un. foggy skies and high surf on the coast. these are good looking waves. they were crashing all day long, brought a lot of people out there to the pier to watch the rough waters. you get so close and it's crashing, they have the retaining wall and it comes into that and smashes over. it's fun, keep your eyes open. >> if you're prepared. if you're walking along the beech and the rip currents come up. it's part of the change of the
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weather we're seeing. the storms feigning large swells and big waves our way and some rain during the day tomorrow. 55 in san jose as we get through fog heading towards tomorrow morning. 50 in dublin, keeping temperatures along the tri valley in the 50s today. and cloudy skies and san francisco right now 54 degrees currently. we'll see temperatures in the upper 40s to mid 40s in the san jose, maybe closer to 50s in san francisco. now for the afternoon, mostly cloudy, an increasing chance of seeing lighter rain by mid afternoon. san jose close to 52. 50s as you get to concord, 61 in oakland, and peninsula upper 50s with light rain at times. probably the most it will get out of the system holding off into later tomorrow night and tuesday morning.
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so the future cast shows a lot of clouds, 3:00 in the afternoon, san francisco northward. you'll see showers by the time we approach midnight, the main rain band moving out of the north bay, at this point, tuesday morning's commute looks like we'll deal with rain. but not by lunchtime or the afternoon commute. clearing skies there. and the first system we don't think brings a lot of rain. some of the more significant totals is north of the bay area. maybe the sonoma county in the hills. so when we add on the thursday storm, storm 2, your monday through friday rainfall now may be a quarter inch or so around the south bay. approaching a half inch or more in santa rosa. but storm number three this weekend is going to bring the biggest rain and snow totals our way. storm 2, what's interesting thursday into friday it has cold air support friday during the
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day, which could drop snow levels as lee as 4,000 feet and sunday is the main event for the rain. but the snow projections here are amazing. if this is right, that's the most i've seen on a snow future cast for the entire season so far. some of the totals in the gray would be 3 to 4 feet of snow and air cold enough as we talked about on friday, maybe a a dusting on the bay area peak. rain on and off in the seven day forecast. getting wetter as we get into next weekend. and looks like friday we'll see high for most in the 50s. so hil chilly weather coming our way and perhaps a dusting of snow on the peaks on friday. just ahead, something you don't see every day. there it is. the incredible story of how this car got stuck on the second floor of a building. ♪
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melbour kind of hard to believe the two people in this car dangling out of that building there are going to be fine. no serious injuries. this happened yesterday in southern california -- early this morning actually. police say the driver was speeding when he hit a raised medi median, went airborne and hit the second floor of this dentist's office. the car caught fire, the driver was left hanging to the bottom of the car until the police could get there. he let go and they caught them. they also rescued the passenger. the driver did admit to using
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narcotics. me too and times are are moving across the country. on friday, they'll be marching, longer trains are available for riders all day and additional trains are on stand by if they're needed. last year's march was bart's second highest weekend ridership of all time. a nuclear deal with iran is not off the table at least according to iran's president today. their president said president trump has been trying to kill the deal. he said he would work to remove sunset clauses allowing iran to continue nuclear. seth myers joked about the
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possibility of an oprah presidency. after the media mogul's acceptance speech, a view to kantd candidacy is a possibility. and meryl streep and tom hanks added their support. >> i believe oprah is some other type of social force that is one of a kind that has never existed before, quite frankly. i believe oprah wakes up in the morning and wonders what she can do specifically in order to make the world a better place. >> meryl streep also commented on oprah's speech saying that was a vase the voice of a leade.
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and then there were four. what's up. the conference championships are now set after a wild weekend of playoff football. the divisional rounds wrapped up today and they did not disappointment. let's start with the nfc. saints and vikings, fourth quarter vikings up 6 until drew brees to kamal in the end zone. they take a one point lead. 45 seconds left, breeze to willy
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sneed. that sets the stage for will will you tell us from 43 yards out, it's good. gives the saints a one-poingt lead but the game isn't over. the vikings need a miracle and they get it. he is gone. are you kidding me? 61 yards to the crib. and the vikings are moving on to the nfc title game digs the hero, 29-24 the final. >> i have no words. you ask me about this moment, what this moment means to me, it's going to go down as the third best moment of my life, beside marrying my wife. >> they count us out all the time. nobody think we could do it. this game was over. i don't stop playing until the clock hits zero. that's it.
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in theafc, jaguars, pittsburgh. first quarter, fornet bounces to the outside and races 18 yards to the score. 18-0 jags. second quarter, jacksonville up 21-7, ben roethlisberger is stripped, scooped up and 50 yards the other way for the score, the jaguars go up 28-7. fourth quarter, steelers down 14, roethlisberger swings it up deep and hello antonio brown. gets pittsburgh within 7. big ben steps up in the pocket laterals to bell, 2:18 left in the game, they go for an on-side kick, terrible execution, jaguars gain possession and hold
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on to win 45-42. the 45 are the most point against the steelers in post season history. the conference championships are set for next sunday. the afc title game, the jaguars take on the patriots. and the vikings take on the eagles. hoping to become the first team in nfl history to play the super bowl in their home stadium. that's it for sfoports back to you. stay with us we're going to be right back. and back to tracking our next
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chance for rain. kari dissects the newest weather models coming in overnight. plus: "rocking" the south bay. the small art projects popping up, and how you can get involved. )today in the bay ) - monday - 4:30 to 7.
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swinging into number one at the box office this weekend with 27 million dollars is " jumanji: welcome to the jungle." swinging into number one at the box office this weekend with $27 million is ju man gee, the post debuted in second place at about $20 million. the movie features meryl streep and tom hanks in the story of the washington post publication of the pentagon papers. and in third place the computer starring liam nieson. whether wise we have changes coming? >> tomorrow morning fog, but tuesday morning's commute we have rain, a break wednesday and thursday and friday come in with
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cold temperatures. >> thank you for joining us. we're back at 11:00. i hope you can join us then. good night.
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