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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  January 14, 2018 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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right now at 11:00. major changes in the forecast. three storms about to bring a steady dose of rain to the bay area. the news at 11:00 starts right now, i am terry mcsweeney. tomorrow many people will see rain. rob mayeda will show us how much and when. >> ahead of the first rain, the first of three storms. 54 in san jose. visibility starting to drop off around the east bay. the holiday morning begins with more patchy fogs. but as we go through the next few days dealing with not only
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changes in terms of rain but a spare the air day tomorrow for unhealthy air. arriving tomorrow cooling temperatures and progressively stronger storms. a colder storm due in thursday and another next week. and rain totals perhaps measured to an inch. highest peaks around the bay area could see some snow. full forecast coming up in about 12 minutes. >> sounds good. download our nbc bay area app. the flight from san francisco to france was diverted to virginia because of a medical issues. the plane landed at dulles international airport about an
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hour ago. people caught in the middle of this male it went on for two hours. nbc bay area thom jensen live with the new accounts and the crazy reason the fight started in the first place. thom? >> reporter: it started about 9:00 inside the arcade section when a girl went looking for her missing phone inside the restaurant and this broke out when she asked a group of people if they saw the phone. >> next thing you know there is a massive brawl of people throwing fists and quite crazy. >> reporter: he says he saw two
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young women arguing about a phone and then it got physical. >> their boyfriends or males who they were with started throwing punches and throwing punches at other parties. >> reporter: in the end there was no iphone theft. it was up stairs in the lost and found. in a strange twist when we were out here earlier today, we heard from customers and also people inside, there was another fight here today, not a brawl like last night, just a couple of people in a tangle. and it was crazy strange because customers and people who worked here for a long time told us they never have seen a fight inside the restaurant. newark, thom jensen bay area
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news. victims of montecito mud slide remembered in a vigil. leaders from across the state spoke at the vigil remembering the lives lost and thanking first responders. >> we will be committed to work together to strengthen our community. and we will move forward and never will the loss of lives be forgotten. >> yesterday, two more bodies were found. a 25-year-old woman whose sister also died in the disaster. and then a 30-year-old father. the focus is in clean up down there. 101 is the priority today.
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a lot of concern and uncertainty tonight for undocumented immigrants. the president said the daca program is probably dead. nbc bay area rossplater joins us now. >> the young man we talked to tonight said he hopes both sides will work it out soon. >> reporter: a federal judge ordered the trump administration not to shut it down. at least temporarily. sunday morning the president tweeted this. daca is probably dead because
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the democrats. >> i don't know. just sad because it is confusing. as. >> if they want our help, they are going to have to protect these kids. >> reporter: all of which leads hundreds of thousands of young undocumented children brought them here as children. jose is an olympic hopeful. in his third year studying health sciences. >> i may not be able to achieve my goal and that is outside of my goal. >> reporter: he would like both sides to do something sooner rather than later.
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another drama in washington. the fall out over president trump's remarks is not over yet. >> i think it is unfair to sort of paint him, oh well, he is a racist which i know for a fact he helped people in haiti. >> there is no question what he said was racist. no question what he said was unamerican and unmoored from the facts. b.a.r.t. is gearing up for next weekend's women's march.
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b.a.r.t. is preparing for huge crowds. longer trains will be available and additional trains will be ready if needed. an east bay dog shelter asking for your help after a hit and run crash. the car slammed into the shelter's fence this morning. the driver got out of the car and ran. the building wasn't hit, just the fence. the nonprofit shelter says this is the second time this kind of thing happened and they need money to fix the train. coming up next, picked by the presidents, a crucial member. the 24-year-old chosen to take on the nation's opioid crisis.
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not something you see every day, a car dangling from a second story building. storms lining up in the bay area and bringing low snow areas like we haven't seen in quite a while. rain totals and how much to expect when we come right back. kari dissects the newest weather models coming in overnight. plus: "rocking" the south bay. the small art projects popping up, and how you can get involved. )today in the bay ) - monday - 4:30 to 7.
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take a look at what could be the video of the night. surveillance video showing the moment a speeding car hit the median and flies into a second story of the building. wow. car narrowly misses a bus. this happened in santa ana. another look at the violent crash coming up. i guess we are not going to see it again. we saw it twice and this is the aftermath. the car left dangling from a side of a dentist. the car left hanging. had he rescued the passenger. nobody was seriously hurt. the driver admitted to using narcotic. the trump administration is
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planning to reveal guidelines for self-driving cars this summer. the guidelines would not only address self-driving cars but also trucks and buses. the third set of self-driving car vehicle guidelines. a 24 has been appointed the chief deputy staff. white house says staff turnover is behind all of this. at least seven of those appointed the national drug control policy has left. the office is in charge of combatting the nation's opoid crisis. all across the country people are celebrating the life
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of martin luther king. this year marks the 50th anniversary of dr. king's assassination. what started as a golden globe joke still has people talking. during the awards seth meyers joked about oprah presidency. >> i believe oprah is some other type of social force that has never existed quite frankly. i believe oprah wakes up in the morning both personally and
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professionally wonders what she could do to make the world a better place. taking the fight over housing to the mayor's house. activists 20 directly to lib by schaaf's home. it turns out the mayor wasn't home but she did issue a statement today. christie smith reports from oakland. >> reporter: last night demonstrators set up tents in her front yard put on by the anti police terror project. >> there was nowhere you can go anywhere around my neighborhood where i don't see people, men, women, and children sleeping in tents. that is absurd. take the money out of the general fund.
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>> reporter: the mayor issued a statement, as we work to protect affordable housing, we are producing new units as fast as we can. >> certainly the city government moves slowly. >> reporter: council member was in the village today. >> we have been able to relocate a good number of the homeless to this center. >> reporter: a temporary spot to this center. gaya says the city is looking at. >> l.a. has over 100,000 home examines they have been out in the forefront. santa clara is going through that right now. >> we see ourselves is the temporary solution to the
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crisis. >> reporter: demonstrators who showed up at the mayor's house say they also have in their platform to defund the police department and put it in social services. models for how they are dealing with the housing unit. in oakland, christie smith nbc bay area news. take a look at this unusual scene in san jose. the south bay doesn't get this all that often. tracking three storms this week. rob mayeda shows us this scene could be here. >> a lot of rain recently. temperatures cool. you hit low clouds and fog forming. might see a repeat performance
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tomorrow morning at the moment it is the north bay, santa rosa and napa starting to see the drop off in visibility. north bay and east bay valleys. and probably around san jose. san francisco 54 degrees. san jose downtown. dublin 50 degrees. we will see temperatures dropping into the low to mid-40s. watching patchy fog. but you are about to see there is a change up in a time line of this first storm with the weather model update pushing it back. showing you the hour by hour impact coming up in a moment. mostly cloudy skies tomorrow. future sprinkles possible. upper 50s and concord and antioch. up in the coast towards san francisco where you might find
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misty skies. here is your hour by hour outlook by tomorrow. all the way through three clock a lot of clouds. notice the rain timing here for the north bay starting to show up. six-hour delay from the models six or 12 hours today. by 5:00 a.m. tuesday a significant impact from the tuesday morning commute. by noon tuesday, skies are clearing on out. not a lot of moisture. not surprisingly the rain projection of this first storm. by january standards, not too impressive. the hills of the north bay may be a .5-inch of rain. so if we add the second system and your monday through friday rain, probably .5-.25 inch in
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the north bay. what is unique of thursday is the cold air that is going to drop on down. that thursday and friday system, and next weekend that third storm coming in. and look at the snow in the sierra. this gets interesting, friday and saturday as the cooler air drops in. maybe snow on the hills in lake county and possibly mount hamilton. late next week as we get into the weekend, by the weekend could see snow there in the higher mo higher mountain tops. so a big drop in temperatures. we have had 60s for highs in the last few days. we will see highs in the low 50s on friday with scattered showers may have a slight chance of thunder. thursday and friday probably the
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main impact of the storms as we go through the news week. coming up in our next half hour a closer look at the three storm rain total. that does look to have the biggest punch of the three. >> thanks very much. coming up, planning a fun night of gambling, those plans up in flames. a plane skids off a runway and left dangling off of a cliff. the surprising ending next.
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. disaster off the florida coast. one person in critical condition after this shuttle burs into flames today. 40 miles north of tampa. 50 people on board jumped off the shuttle. in turkey tonight, investigators are trying to figure out why a jet skidded off the runway and went off the cliff and almost plunged into the water. how close this was to a true catastrophe. >> reporter: a boeing 737 dangled off a cliff in northern turkey. nose feet from the sea.
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a baby whales as terrified passengers getting off the plane. emergency crews secured the plane with rope. its starboard engine breaking off and tumbling into the sea. all 168 people on board survived. the pegasus airline flight took off from the capital in angora -- late last night. pegasus airline apologized for what it called a runway excursion incident. the plane overshot the runway. a pilot misjudgment. but authorities are still
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investigating what went wrong. a strong earthquake rattled the coast of southern peru. 7.1 magnitude quake damaged homes. it struck about 4:00 in the morning and injured 65 people. officials are monitoring for further quakes or landslides. verbally attacked. megan
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it's me and it's you. don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california and do your thing. clean up crews expected to announce tomorrow when highway 101 will open in monteci montecito. the community continues to mourn
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tonight. death toll now stands at 20. >> reporter: inside the evacuati evacuation zone this morning a service of remember a. crews dig by hand. by shovel, by machine. discovering just a few scattered mementos, tough for rescue crews searching for their own neighbor's properties. captain says he could use some good news. this week he found the body of a little child. >> i wrapped him as if he was my own and stayed with him. >> reporter: we met this family taking shelter last month during
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the massive thomas fire. the boy's father almost among the dead and his sister missing. residents forced out of evacuation zones are finally allowed to pick up vital supplies. >> we are thankful that we have the opportunity to go back. >> reporter: this community in the face of healing in the face of so much lost. >> we will be monitoring the impact of these mud slides highway 101. stay connected with us. our handle is @nbc bay area. the search is on for a man in the tenderloin area.
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australian man in town for a tech conference says he and a friend just talking about how safe san francisco was and then the shots rang out. >> next thing you know, five shots rang out and police and everything. so there was a shootout right out front. and if i was here earlier, that is it, i reckon. the fight over a deal to protect so-called d.r.e.a.m.ers is heating up. president trump tweeted out that it is probably dead. last night the federal government announced it will per court order once again accept renewal applications for d.r.e.a.m.ers.
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being able to work under areas of profession. so many engineers, doctors, and the diversity of areas, they continue to keep their jobs and able to breath a little bit more. >> only those who have been previously granted deferred action under daca is eligible to seek renewal. reportedly making a racist remark about prince harry's meghan markle. jo marny is apologizing saying the text messages were taken out
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of context. nuclear deal with iran is not entirely off the table. at least that is the sentiment of iran's president today. on friday mr. trump extended the waivers that were lifted under the agreement. he said he would work to remove so-called sunset clauses allowing iran to gradually resume activities over the next decade. i am consumer investigator chris chmura, nbc responds next. firefighter hailed a hero for his quick reflexes.
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that story coming up next.
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scarey moments at the gondolas at the oakland zoo. electrical powered drives takes visitors up to the cafe. the fire was out when the firefighters got there. the new gondolas just last week.
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consumer chris chmura responds. >> i just broke down. so relieved. >> reporter: within 24 hours of her story airing, state farm offered a cash settlement which means she and her husband will not have to document every item they lost. >> they lost 75% which is not 100. which is a compromise. i don't have to do the list. they don't have to read my list and it feels good. i can't thank you enough. >> reporter: they are now set to receive more than $175,000 for
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their belongings. there is one thing holly might have done differently and something that you can do right now. you can do a home inventory while you still have a home. upload those images and clips to the cloud for safekeeping. holly called out and the number is 888-996-tips. have a great weekend. frightening moments caught on camera as a family trapped on a balcony. a desperate father throws his child's to a firefighter. there you go. this was in atlanta. the video captured by a firefighter with his helmet camera. 12 other people were able to
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escape with only minor injuries. just a head, again, caught on camera. jewelry worth millions stolen out of paris. the video of the crime and what we know about the thieves tonight. watching strong storms off to our west bringing a high surf advisory through tuesday and eventually rain. the time line on our three storms ahead when we come right back.
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wild new video is emerged that appears to show thieves in paris escaping on a motorbike. this is wild. police say three people smashed jewelry cases with axes and threw bags out of windows to accomplices. three suspects outside the posh hotel have been arrested. and they locked the gates right there. a well-planned escape there. authorities say they recovered all of the stolen merchandise. a value of $12.4 million. do you think you would be
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able to tell the difference between a real e-mail and a fake. the top five flaws to look for before you open an e-mail. >> that is scarey. >> my husband is in it security. i'm in so much trouble. >> reporter: in reality they are sophisticat sophisticated phishing scams. we have come out of our headquarters here in new york city hitting the streets and we are going to ask you, our viewers to see if you can spot them. we have a security expert put together some e-mails here. claiming to be from real
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companies. and in each one of these, is one of those flaws. can you spot them? look at this e-mail. there is a major problem here? can you see it? i will give you a second. time is up. this says bank of america. but look at the actual e-mail address. it is missing the letter a. and that is red flag number one. misspelled e-mail addresses. who is this e-mail from? can you spot the hack? >> it says bnk. >>. >> reporter: you click on this and you get hacked. red flag number two. bad formatting.
11:44 pm
check out the blank line. person after person unable to spot it. on to red flag number three. links or attachments asking you to update your personal information. >> i am from a small town. >> reporter: do you get e-mail? she gives up. never click on the attachment. on to red flag number four. beware of deals. it should have the last four digits of your account number in the e-mail. this one doesn't. >> wow. it is phishing for my credit card and financial information. >> reporter: everything you got.
11:45 pm
for number five, grammatical errors in the e-mail. >> on you're account. >> reporter: the five warning signs. >> i can't believe you guys are doing it in the cold. >> in the cold, that was nbc jeff rossen reporting. this was earlier today in pacifica. it is phenomenal. you get the sound and the mist in your face. if you are going out there, be safe. >> turning my back on an ocean
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to catch a wave once and you never forget. you are not expecting. we are going to be seeing those wave heights stay high until tuesday. strong storms out to our west could bring higher swells later in the week. right now 6-7 wave heights offshore. 25 to 30 feet here from windy offshore. and that pushes the wave energy off the coast. watch what happens wednesday and thursday. those wave heights might be higher than what we are seeing to start the week. we could see more high surf advisories later on in the week. short-term, our main weather concerns, patchy area and mist fogs. now rain between your morning to
11:47 pm
about 3:30 in the afternoon, nothing there. the weather models have backed off in the timing holding off most of the measurable rainfall. highs tomorrow, low 60s around san jose. 50s to 60s. upper 50s around the peninsula. cooler to san francisco into the north bay where you might see sprinkles at times. not until about midnight, right there in santa rosa and then watch what happens. that line hits san jose and weakens. and the rest of tuesday afternoon, things dry out. not a big impact we think the tuesday storm. but the majority will probably fall from midnight to 7:00 a.m. cold air, we could see snow
11:48 pm
levels getting closer to 4,000 feet by friday. and the third storm in the series. going to take some time getting through sunday afternoon to early monday morning. first storm doesn't look like much as we add on a second storm on friday, more. and the weekend storm, the three storm total picks up, from 1-2 inches around the bay area. southern california may catch a break which is good news. look at the north coast and the sierra. looks like we have sent a lot of pink and white paint under the forecast. and look at the coastal mountains around the bay area. dusting of snow possible friday and perhaps the following monday.
11:49 pm
definitely feeling more like january as you wrap up the week. i think sunday night, early monday looks the best of the three storm systems. low snow levels interesting to see if we have white capped mountains around the bay area. >> i still find it exciting. >> it is. thanks a lot. fallon smith with a preview of what is coming up next in sports. >> the road of 52 continues today. the steelers hoping to set up a showdown for the patriots next week, but the jaguars have other plans. and one step closer after a wild finish in minnesota. highlights and reactions next in sports. sorry. i can't make it.
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and then there were four. what's up, i am fallon smith at the infinity sports desk. the conference championships are now set after a wild weekend of divisional football. the rounds wrapped up today. let's start in the nfc. saints, vikings. drew brees to cammar in the end zone. come back from 17 points down to take a one point lead. brie to snead. 43 yards out, it is good, baby, gave the saints with a lead. vikings need a miracle and they do it here. defender slips and he is gone. are you kidding me?
11:53 pm
61 yards to the crib and the vikings are moving onto the nfc title games. the hero. 29-40 for the final. >> i have no words. what this moment means to me, going to go down the best moments of my life. and this one -- nobody think we could do it. this game is over. i don't stop playing until the clock hits zero. that is it. >> reporter: love it. in the afc, first quarter, jacksonville. just like that, it is 14-0 jags. jacksonville up 21-7 then roth
11:54 pm
lessberger. flings up deep and hello, antonio brown. what a catch. later in the fourth after jag touchdown big ben. belle says, hello pay dirt, how are you doing? one score game with 2:18 left in the game. terrible execution. jaguars gain possession. so, the conference championships are set for next sunday. the afc title game will feature the jaguars as they travel to new england to take on the
11:55 pm
patriots. cannot wait for that. what a great weekend of playoff football. that's it for sports. back to you. >> a great with coueekend and ol look at the forecast. we will be right back. at stanford health care, we can now simulate the exact anatomy of a patient's brain before surgery. if we can do that, imagine what we can do for seizures. and if we can fix damaged heart valves without open heart surgery,
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>> number one at the box office this weekend with $27 million, is jumanji, welcome to the jungle. the post debuted in second place at $20 million. features meryl streep and tom
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hanks. the third place is "the commuter." starring liam. forecast foggy tomorrow. the main event of the first system holding off until midnight. storm two comes in thursday. biggest storm in the series sunday. >> thank you for watching. have a great night and a great week. take care. it's time for sleep number's 'lowest prices
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this week, we're sending a day with the billionaire, philanthropist and businessman, best known as co founder of john paul mitchel systems and the patron spirits company, induckty of the sturgis hall of fame. the prasprawling property on th colorado river to talk about his success and struggles to get there. >> what money i had isn't there any more. i felt terrible. >> the entrepreneur has since used his massive wealth to sponsor sports teams and sponsor charitable causes. he shows us around the ex expansive community-first village to support the underprivileged in central texas. >> what if we took the homeless off the street to do something nice w


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