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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  January 19, 2018 6:00am-7:01am PST

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this friday morning, i'm kris sanchez, i'm in for laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. we will have a look at what's going on trafficwise, but right now we want to head to vianey with a look at the weather outside. >> it's still a little bit with et in some spots. the good thing, though, we are not seeing too much fog. we are seeing some fog, though, in the north bay, very typical for this time of year. satellite radar i want to get you started with a look at the rain that moved in overnight. you can see far off to the east and just a coupling ring showers. we are expecting a couple of those showers to kind of kick up again right around your morning commute but the evening commute should be clearing out quite nicely. we are expecting some temperatures to be on the cooler side of things and i will have a look at that tahoe report in just a bit. the backup continuing to build in the upper east shore, the rest of the bay flows smoothly. we have a green highlighting so now some damp roadways through san francisco. we warned about that throughout the bay. slicker conditions possibly the on and off ramps and crash
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activitybáñ distracting folks, there is a double tanker on the shoulder and one car might be blocking the left lane, west 80 slows through meshing lease past highway 4 and in towards the san pablo area. once you pass by richmond parkway everything moves more smoothly. slicker communities around t-- commutes around the roadways. live to washington, d.c. this morning. you can see the flags are moving but not really much else. the deadline for congress to come up with a budget compromise is coming up at 9:00 our time tonight. based on what's happened in washington over the last 24 hours there is a very real possibility of a government shutdown. "today in the bay's" tracie potts is monitoring the developments live from capitol hill this morning. good morning, tracie. >> reporter: hi there. good morning. both are expected in the senate today. they may be compromised, they
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may go nowhere. we do know that the key issues are a budget preventing the government from shutting down and immigration, will congress deal with it now or later? the house of representatives passed a one-month budget extension that's expected to come to a screeching halt in the senate this morning as democrats insist on protecting undocumented immigrants set to lose legal status in march. the program known as daca. >> our friends on the other side say solve this illegal immigration problem right now or we're going to shut the government down. >> nobody, nobody wants to shut down the government, mr. president. >> reporter: but it's not just democrats. >> we have to deal with the daca issue now not later. >> reporter: democrats say they have the votes to force a decision. >> i don't believe that the take it or leave it cr that the republicans have handed us has support in our caucus. >> reporter: republicans say they have no idea what president trump is willing to accept.
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he told workers in pennsylvania the gridlock is really about a booming economy. >> the democrats want to see a shutdown to get off this subject because this subject is not working for them. >> reporter: lawmakers skittish about another short term fix. >> i'd rather not but i think that's our only choice. >> reporter: also in the mix, children's health insurance that must be renewed or millions could lose coverage, that's in the short term plan, but right now it appears to be no deal. and this morning we got word that president trump is postponing his trip to mar-a-lago to his florida estate where he had planned to spend the weekend celebrating at a big gala, the one-year anniversary of his inauguration. instead he will be here watching the clock and ready to sign off if there's something congress comes up with that he's willing to accept. coverage of the capitol hill showdown continues next on the "today" show. the impact a government shutdown to have on people all across the
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country coming up. 6:03. thousands of people are expected to participate in in weekend's second annual women's march. this is from last year. now, that event started last year during president trump's inauguration. "today in the bay's" bob redell is live in san jose with the impact this year's march could have on a lot of people in the area. >> reporter: good morning to you, marcus. there will be a number of women's marches tomorrow here in the bay area including ones this oakland, san francisco, another one will be starting behind me here at city hall in downtown san jose. so when you ask what kind of impact will these have, primarily the impact will be felt in the downtown areas and on public transit, namely bart. the women's march began last year in response to president donald trump's inauguration as a show of resistance to the kind of negative values these women believe he represents. the mercury news reports that more than 100,000 marchers are expected locally tomorrow with around 80,000 in san franciscodñ alone. this year's protest will focus
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on voter registration and electing democrats during this year's midterm elections. we've highlighted some of the marches that will be taking place tomorrow in the east bay. you have marches in oakland and livermore they will be starting at 10:00 in the morning, walnut jose 11:00 in thezr francisco that big march i was mentioning, 11:30 in the morning. again, all of these marches taking place tomorrow. bart is anticipating, trying to anticipate the large crowds. they are be running longer additional trains will be on stand by, they will also have extra station agents helping people get on and off the trains. during last year's march almost 350,000 people rode their trains that day, that was the second highest number ever for a weekend day, especiallyg/& wheu consider that on a typical weekend saturday you will see around 175,000 riders. not 350,000 roughly that they had last year. reporting live in downtown san
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jose, bob redell, "today in the bay." thank you, bob. a growing memorial in antioch, there are candles, flowers and little teddy bears at the site of a deadly crash that absolutely devastated a family. a four-year-old little girl died, she is there on your right-hand side of your screen, her younger sistergiv is on çq÷ support this morning. their mom is also badly hurt. as we've reported, police say a man driving a stolen pickup truck slammed into the family car on wednesday. the driver was arrested, but nbc bay area's jodie hernandez talked with the father who has been at the hospital by his daughter's side since the crash. that father told jodie he blames the sheriff's deputy who was chasing the suspect. >> i think i blame the police a lot because they didn't have their sirens on to alert people that, you know, this was going on. i just want my daughter to live. they already took one.
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it's hard, man. it's really hard. >> the"pue mother is being trea at a different hospital and we're told that she is trying to communicate with her ÷wo-year-old little daughter viq face time, trying to get a response, but so far the little girl has not responded. 6:07 right now. happening today a long time san jose school board member accused of swindling thousands of dollars from the school bond measure funds will be arraigned. police say john linder spent $16,000 of campaign finances on airline tickets, lumber and he is alsob@mñwh64nk\ dg, borrow $12,0 that moneid&zvvuawo franklin k6í áwp board at the commutestric t. be ónk ighways, but despite4hbl%dm;&z0 report # it is actually safer tombqxdñr
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taking 280.#^ájt highway fjqñh5f sensors to. 8>l in the bay area. reveals that the>1 most dangerous timex6hz»eabco$] drivt u92,ftxmd+c the lunch hour bet 11:00 in the morning and 1:00 in s%gé(óv:zuhp &hc, some rain at least through the early morning hours, but your microclimate forecast for today, good news is after those showers move out into the afternoon, well, look at the temperatures  talking 50s across the entire bay area, 55 degrees for san
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francisco, oakland 56, livermore 54 and san jose 56 degrees. we will keep these cooler temperatures through the weekend. another thing we will keep on our radar is going to be the arrival of another storm system and that is expected to bring rain more than showers but rain that will be sticking around for your sunday into your monday. i will break down your weekend forecast in a bit but let's check in with mike. we are looking at a smooth drive for most of the bay. key spot is the upper east shore freeway top of the screen, almost everywhere else green or speeds at 50 at the lowest here except for here, as you jam upcoming through hercules and westbound 80, your commute direction off the carquinez bridge about ten minutes longer from carquinez bridge through richmond out of san pablo because of that crash that blocks two, possibly three lanes now. emergency crews have arrived. no major injuries but we do have that backup. the bay bridge toll plaza provides the other backup that we see on the maps.
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things are moving well despite that. no worries as far as those rails. bart is a great option as well for this morning's commute. pete will talk about changes you will see, good changes for barto coming up a little later on.ty f coming up next on "today in for skiers is newss and snow borders, plenty of fresh powder on the sierra this morning. and a very strange story of a man versus a car in san francisco. i will tell it to you when "today in the bay" continues.
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good morning, it is 6:13. a quick look at your tahoe report. we are expecting more snow this weekend. saturday 30 degrees, sunday 31 and snow all weekend long. right now at the base we are talking about 38 inches, we are more snow on the way, 13 groomed runs and it is definitely going to be a lot more after we get that storm this weekend. remember to check those road conditions, we are also dealing with gusty conditions as you head up towards tahoe. i will have a look at when our next chance of rain will kick in coming up at 6:00. you are talking about i-80 getting to tahoe. i-80 getting to the bay bridge jammed up over in towards san pablo because of a crash now blocking three lanes. we will talk about what's going on there and what your options are coming up. we're tracking that snow in the sierra this morning.
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taking a live look from our caltransf÷,c camera along highw 89. enjoying those conditions there right now. one car coming off, two now. >> "today in the bay's" mike da sell is live in blast is that county with what you can expect. >> reporter: good morning. all you have to do is stop and look at your tv screen because this spot yesterday where i was standing it was bare ground, bare parking lot, this morning you can see all this snow. a lot of people want to know how much snow has fallen at the 5,000 elevation level. this is the snowplow berm that was made by just about two inches of snow on the ground at this one parking lot, but that two inches of snow causing issues further up the mountain where there's more snow. you can see all those big rig drivers who are lined up through dj di want to brave it with the chain
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controls but chain controls remain in effect, the chain guy moving up the hill a little>k b. now, good news and bad news with the snow that we have already this morning. the type of snow. the good news, this is a great demonstration, watch this, that is how much water is in the that's called theñ water conten and that is what is so vital for providing water supply throughout the year for the rest of california. it's a very wet, heavy snow. the bad news is because it's so wet and heavy with the temperatures below freezing that if you are going to be heading up after work tonight remember things are still wet up here and so when the sun sets as you're heading over downer summit and those temperatures are dropping lake county for slick conditions. another thing to watch out for and this morning we've seen that multiple times is this, broken chains that have fallen off of
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tires that are down on the multiple vehicles and big rigs have literally driven over chains like that. not a great thing for your tires. just some things to be aware of if you will be heading up over donner summit for the weekend. finally got some snow, could be fun skiing, but remember take it slow and take it cautious because we are back in winter conditions after what seemed like an awfully dry spell. live up in the sierra, i'm mike tess sell, back to you. >> good news and good add mice. vianey's forecast for saturday looks very nice to i think i'm going to stay put. here is an only in san francisco kind of story, robot car attacked by a pedestrian. >> scott mcgrew was telling us this is the first ever case of human on robot car violence. >> first ever. it is a strange story. it happened earlier this month. we are only just learning about it now because of paperwork that was filed after the incident. crews automation owned by general motors says it was one
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of their cars, it was at the corner of valencia and 16th street in san francisco waiting at a light. the paperwork filed with the dmv says a pedestrian ran across valencia shouting and struck the left side of the cruze's bumper and hatch with his body. the man apparently ran off 1z% uninjured. it's not clear why the man did what he did, but as you're pointing out history was made. wall street will sit back and watch what the government does today. will it run out of money? will it close down? can we trust the people to govern and actually govern? we will know today. and take a look at this fellow, he is the ceo of a company that processed $100 million in payments last year. what does he sell? believe it or not he sells virtual glitter. >> did you ever think you would be like selling online glitter? and making, you know -- and processing $100 million in
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transactions? you sell online glitter. >> i didn't know it and i can't even explain this to my parents. they don't get it. >> so what he does is you know those people online who do webcasts and things, you can tip them and then you can also send emojis and virtual glitter and that's the business he is in is handling those payments. $100 million worth of online glitter last year. >> we have to think of something. >> we have to think of something. >> i love that virtual glitter because the real stuff gets all over you. there are several new movies coming to theaters this weekend, maybe you will want to send them virtual glitter. kris hemsworth stars in "12 strong" based on the real events following the september 11th attacks. hemsworth plays a special forces captain who is sent to afghanistan but his small team is quickly jut numbered by 50,000 taliban fighters. they have to adapt their modern warfare tactics and learn how to maneuver on horseback.
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this one is rated r. and a country music superstar returns to his hometown in "forever my girl" he heads home for a funeral and reconnects with a girl that he left at the alter eight years before. now she has a daughter who was born just two months after that non-wedding. but this one is family friendly, it's rated pg. >> there is a story there. >> was i born early? no, ma'am, you are not. outside today a lot of people will have to bring those coats in, possibly the umbrellas. >> i think so especially because our highs only in the 50s. we will be noticing a cooler, cooler start, especially, you know, if you are going to be up in the north bay. now, the good news is that the rain for the most part will clear out by the afternoon, that will make way for a nice evening but right now if you are heading out the south bay 49 degrees, peninsula 41, tri-valley 45 and in san francisco 48 degrees.
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now, a live look at that doppler radar we've still got a coupling ring showers sitting just off of the pacific, the majority of the moisture is pretty far off the east. we will be in the 50s so we will be cooler and we are expecting kind of a stretch of cooler highs. showers will continue through the early morning expect another round of showers at about 8:00, 9:00, 10:00, between those two hours we will start to see a band of showers moving fsd the north bay down towards the south bay. remember that high surf warning is still in place, this will remain in place through the afternoon. we are expecting pretty decent swell, 18 to 22 feet, up to 40 foot breakers along the coastline. of course we have that sierra snow estimate, we have a winter storm warning, we are talking about gusts ranging from 45 plus, 70 plus for the higher elevation areas, definitely check the road conditions before you head out. long range outlook saturday we are expecting mostly clear conditions but a frosty start early saturday morning and then
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sunday this is when the weather event kicks in, this is when we are talking about showers and we see another round of showersedl into5h!l tuesday and wednesday. a quick look at what to expect the next 24 hours, high surf q we have of course that weekend storm ahead. look at the next seven days, we are tracking the arrival of plenty of moisture, i'm sure that will cause some issues out on the roads, mike. even this morning we are not really raining but we still have the row tension for slick roadways. heard about some spinouts early across the santa cruz summit. not right now, though, all lanes there are clear, so is most of the south bay. a little mr. through 101, 87, and 880 passed a crash on the shoulder south 880 at a street through hayward. a backup at the bay bridge toll plaza because the metering lights are on, but the upper east shore freeway is where things are really tough as you're coming down through rodeo towards san pablo. the crash now reportedly blocking three lanes, one or two open near the off ramp. keep that in mind. chp should be on scene and hopefully they will move that
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one vehicle. what should you do if you're coming through this area, 37 to the north and witch monday bridge as well. the alternate -- down the east shore freeway it takes two hours and 20 minutes but the alternate routes through highway 87 will take about an hour less. >> now we can stop and get coffee. >> or a doughnut. the bay," fighting the flu. new this morning we are looking into the hidden cost of deadly flu season and the steps that they are taking to try to keep people safe. we fought for the little guy all of 2017. how much money we saved, where people are calling from and the strong start to the new year. i'm consumer investigator chris chmura. nbc bay area responds next. sorry. i can't make it.
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consumer complaints every day! ...and this week was a busy one. consumer investi nbc bay area responds to consumer complaints every day and this week was a very busy one. >> consumer investigator chris chmura was catching his breath in the newsroom yesterday. he told me that he got more than 60 requests for help over the last seven days. he is looking back at some of the team's success. >> rapid fire and real quick here, patricia in petaluma was locked in a disagreement with her bank over unauthorized charges. after calling our consumer investigator center the bank
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returned $1,650 to patricia. gloria was battling a local fire department after her mother in san francisco said she was is closed andcaselw a $2,029 refund is on the way. nick in santa clara had trouble getting his money back from a shoe company that used crowd funding to get off the ground. we're happy to report we made strides and nick will get his $171 back. nick is lucky. lots of crowd funding cases end with consumers getting back nothing. so please be careful when you're considering investing. before backing a startup ask a lot of questions. look for guarantees and try to figure out if the company actually has a track record of making good on its promises. finally, a fast check of our totals. 8,275 calls for help and since we've debuted we have returned a grand total of $1.4 million to consumers like you. if you need help please call us,
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the number is 888-996-tips or online at i hope you have a great weekend. >> you, too, kris. 6:27 now. new this morning the deadly flu season is proving difficult not only for hospitals but also for our employers. business insider is reporting that this year's flu so cost employers more than $9.4 billion in lost productivity. experts say this is even more of a reason to not go to work if you are sick. data shows more than 12 million people may now have the flu. according to the cdc 78% of the samples tested have been the most aggressive of the four known flu strains. you might have heard of it it's the h3n2. researchers are working on a super vaccine, but that could still be five to ten years away. this year the "today" show is stepping up its fight against the viral infection in a new series called "today fights the
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flu." this morning jenna bush hager will get a flu shot to show it's still not too late to get yours. coming up next on "today in the bay," riding into the future, the major milestone for bart today as it launches its new fleet of cars. plus changes for a bay area play performance this weekend. all new this morning we are going to show you how they're making sure all kids can be included. hour' watching "today in the bay." the latest storm to hit th
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area is moving out-- but we )re tracking right now it's 6:30. the latest storm to hit the bay area is moving out slowly, but we are tracking another chance of rain for your weekend. this is a live picture from red wood shores, you can see the flags not really moving, it's nice and still and glassy this morning. thanks for joining, i'm kris sanchez i'm in for laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. right now we want to go to vianey arana she has been following with what's going on weather wise. what can we expect for today and the weekend. >> we still have a coupling ring showers that might start popping up around the 8:00 a.m. hour. right now the temperatures in the 30s and 40s. san jose at 49 degrees, santa rosa 39. that fog and visibility, we're starting to see dense fog through the north bay, santa rosa a quarter of a mile, napa three miles.
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everywhere else not too bad out there. especially considering what we had to it deal with the last couple days. yesterday we had really dense fog out there. i am track that go weekend storm, i will break all of the details down for you in just a bit. we are looking at this crash on the upper east shore freeway. the rest of the bay shows a nice easy drive, south bay starting with a commute through san jose but remember overnight rain leaves slicker roadways. if you have less traffic folks might be going at a higher speed. meter that a bit. traffic getting a little better, all lanes cleared west 80 at richmond parkway, that crash was blocking three lanes for quite a while. there is that big backup coming out of rodeo and the carquinez bridge. the backup on the toll plaza bart can help you there. happening today bart is rolling out its new fleet of the future. the first train will leave in just a few hours from the pleasant hill bart station. >> that's where we find "today
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in the bay's" pete suratos live there this morning with the impact this is going to have on the bart riders. good morning, pete. >> reporter: good morning to you guys. yeah, you know, passengers actually didn't know too much about these new trains when we spoke to them, but they're definitely excited about it. of course, bart initially wanted to roll out these new bart trains last fall but finally we will get to see the new trains later today. they will have the first one leaving from pleasant hill as well as macarthur. our crews got a sneak peek of these trains back in july. let's show you what these new bart trains will look like. the first one will be leaving at macarthur ba rt in a matter of hours, the first of 775 new bart trains going into service later today. it's been a comprehensive process as far as getting that fleet going which included more than 75,000 miles of testing for the pilot cars and 20,000 training hours for operators. as far as what's going to be different in these new bart trains, well, bart is saying
6:34 am
they are going to be quiet, comfortable and cooler. they will have micro plug doors to seal out the noise as well as padded seating. also something that will be different is you will see digital signs on the side of doors with your destination information right on it. also there will be more doors hopefully to prevent crowding as well as space for luggage. if you are at one of those airport stops they will have new higher seats this those bart trains to keep that luggage close to you. i did speak with passengers about the new trains and a good amount had no clue bart was adding the new trains. >> they definitely do need to -- we spend enough money they need to clean them up every day, you know, and put more trash cans. there's trash everywhere. >> the old ones i've heard are pretty old so obviously they get dirty after being used every day so it would be nice to start fresh. >> i'm more interested in them cleaning up bart in general the ride, you know, all the -- all
6:35 am
the trouble on it and everything, you know, that would be more what i would care about. i could care less -- you end up standing half the time anyway so i care less about chairs. >> reporter: looks like the bart riders are lookingë forward to clean bart trains with these new trains but that first train is expected to depart from the macarthur station at 11:00 a.m. live at pleasant hill bart, pete +n"ay." continuing coverage now on the house of horrors in southern california. we are lear,;#+ more disturbin details about the couple who was accused of holding their own children captive. the "today" show's miguel almaguer is live in perris in riverside county this morning with the charges that the parents are facing. miguel, they are very serious. >> reporter: they certainly are. david and louise turpin were arraigned at the hall of justice yesterday, they face up to life in prison facing 75 counts of
6:36 am
torture and other charges of abuse including one lewd act with a child for the father. later in the day before that arraignment here the district attorney held a press conference and revealed very graphic and disturbing details about what was happening inside that house. as you will recall there were 13 children living in that house, we're told they were shackled and restrained -- and chained and in some cases strangled inside that home as they were beaten over several years. officials say they were given one shower a year and given one meal a day for many, many years. that abuse is detailed through the district attorney in those 75 charges that the couple now faces coming up on the "today" show we will have even more detail about some of those horrific charges and horrific details that this couple is accused of carrying out against their own children. one investigator told us that the turpins are now shackle in prison living in better conditions than they provided for their own children. >> thank you very much. we know you will be there and we will continue to follow that.
6:37 am
it's been more than three months since a gunman shot and killed dozens of concert goers in las vegas. today we expect an update on the investigation. the las vegas sheriff is set to hold a news conference later in morning. in october you may remember that gunman opened fire from the 32nd floor of the mandalay bay hotel on the las vegas strip. thousands of people were watching an outdoor concert during that time. in all 58 people died, nearly 550 people were hurt. happening today an alameda county deputy accused of setting up an attack on an inmate is going to face a judge. investigators say joseph bailey arranged a revenge beating at the santa rita jail in dublin. nbc bay area obtained court documents that allege he boasted about that to another deputy. the documents quote bailey as saying, i told those six guys to take care of him, the inmate, and make sure it looked like he fell in the shower. the inmate was beaten and injured. the deputy now faces charges of
6:38 am
assault. new details now on the long road to recovery for an east bay high school wrestler. ryan joseph's family tells us that he's getting better every day. we told you earlier this week that was paralyzed from the neck down after getting hurt during a match. he had a tracheotomy procedure earlier this week and is recovering well. he is able to speak on his own and his family says one of his first things he said after the accident, was i love you. all new this morning one theater will be accommodating kids with autism who might be sensitive to loud sounds and bright lights. >> this is a good news story in our community. the theater group rehearsing for this weekend's performance of "the ugly duckling" at the mountain view performing arts center, one of their performances on saturday will be sensory friendly for children with autism and other sensory processing disorders. the theater company tells us they will tone down the sound effects and keep the lights on
6:39 am
during the performance. they are also setting aside a quiet area outside in case the kids get overwhelmed by the stage and would rather watch on a tv screen. >> what we want to do is provide an environment where families can come and enjoy the theater and if their kid needs to move around or ask questions or if they get overstimulated and need to go out, all of those things are absolutely okay. >> performances of "the ugly duckling" are this weekend at the mountain view performing arts centers. the sensory friendly one is 5:00 saturday evening and you can buy tickets online. over here in mountain view, there you go, a smooth drive through mountain view. it's san jose where the build continues, typical this pattern for a friday, light traffic for san jose and 880 through hayward on union city. over toward the bay bridge that's the big problem. the upper east shore recovering
6:40 am
from an earlier crash. you will notice the richmond bridge has some build but folks are held up into san pablo. you may want to use highway 37 but it boggs down out of vallejo, still. also a note that bart trains are running on time and as pete reported later on today you might see some of those new fleet of the future. we're going to get a combination of mostly clear skies and then, bam, rain. it's kind of a nice little mix going on. one thing that will stay consistent is the cooler highs for the day, san francisco and also inland areas can expect to storm that brought a little rain the past two days will move out by tonight and leave way for mostly clear skies on saturday. look at the temperatures, 54 degrees for the bay, but then on sunday we are tracking the arrival of a storm system that
6:41 am
is expected to make its way in overnight on saturday into sunday. look at the forecast, rain all day is expected for the coast, bay and inland areas. our highs will be topping out into those 50s but i do have a anybody is heading out to the women's march. this temperature trend is for oakland, but the good news is that if you're heading towards san francisco or san jose or any of the marches you can expect to see the mostly clear skies. it will be a little bit chilly out there, so, ladies, bundle up for sure. and gentlemen, too, if you're heading out there. 51 degrees by 2:00 and then we will kind of just stick to the 50s, but the good news no rain for the women's march tomorrow. coming up next, an nbc news exclusive. the woman accusing oscar winner michael douglas of sexual harassment shares her story for the first time. plus pot to your doorstep. the peninsula city making marijuana delivery stfr legal starting today. and we are now just hours away from what appears to be a government shutdown, looks
6:42 am
inevitable. the stock market is up and down. right now you can see the dow is up 4 points right now. stocks opened higher but worries of that government shutdown still loom this morning.
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it is 6:44. as you're making your way outside keep in mind this is going to be a little chillier today. your microclimate highs will be topping out in the 50s, we will
6:45 am
be keeping lingering showers through the early morning all the way through the afternoon before we see clearing skies. i will talk about your weekend chance of more rain on the way coming up inxy>z just a bit. here is the richmond side of the richmond-san rafael bridge. you see a lot more traffic the last time we tookabñ a÷&rñ look. that's because folks are able to more smoothly drive through san pablo and rodeo. we are talking about the effect on i-80 on your drive heading west. several women's marches are ) theuj bay area tomorrow. this is part of the second annual women's match. thousands of women and other ? participate in marches in san jose, oakland, san francisco, walnut creek. we saw a lot of children there last year as well. there are also planned events across the country. bart is going to run longer trains as it anticipates higher ridership. bart had its second highest weekend ridership of all time during last year's women's
6:46 am
march. recreational pot deliveries begin in mountain view even though the city is grappling with how to manage retail sales in their city. that means folks who order up recreational pot in mountain view are buying pot from outside their community sending their tax dollars elsewhere. back in december the city council passed a 45-day moratorium essentially hitting the snooze on recreational pot. the city is still working on its local ordinance as so many other bay area cities are as well. voters approved recreational marijuana more than a year ago. 6:46. new this morning some bay area sports stars are teaming up, steph curry says that he will match colin kaepernick's donating $10,000 each to the san francisco charity united players. they sponsor gun buy back events in the city with the latest donations. kaepernick is $70,000 away from reaching his goal of donating a million dollars to charity. also new this morning, the author and journalist accusing
6:47 am
actor michael douglas of sexual harassment is talking with the "today" show this morning. >> he thought he was the king of the world and that he could humiliate me without any repercussions. >> susan broady first opened up about her alleged experiences with douglas in an interview with the hollywood reporter this week. she claims she endured sexual harassment by douglas that included near constant profane and sexually charged dialogue, along with doo meaning comments about her ek?jappearance. :" admitted he might have used coarse language with his friends but denied being a sexual harassing. you can see brodie's full interview on the "today" show which starts at 7:00 right after "today in the bay". just under 14 hours away from a government shutdown. >> scott mcgrew, the two sides they do not look lick they are coming to agreement. >> no, they do not. it looks pretty grim. that agreement that we are looking for today isn't a
6:48 am
budget, it's just an agreement to move today's deadline to a later date. the house has passed a continuing resolution to keep the government open on a temporary basis, but it's not clear that resolution will pass the senate and it has to pass today or the shutdown begins. democrats are looking to fund children's healthcare and protect dreamers. president trump is pushing for money for a wall paid for by americans not mexico. early in his presidency trump supported a shutdown. back in may he was angry about a bill that didn't pass the senate, he tweeted our country needs a good shutdown in september to fix the mess. >> the white house says the president will cancel his plans to fly to florida today. he was headed to a party organized by republicans to celebrate one year in office. it's one year tomorrow. a new "wall street journal" nbc poll shows trump is the least popular president after one year in modern history. >> a shut doun looks inevitable, but not everything shuts down,
6:49 am
the mail will still come, the post office is self-funded, tsa will still check your ticket at the airport and the military will continue to operate despite trump's tweets to the contrary. he said on january 12th outright that the military would shut down. i guarantee you that is 100% not true. now, whether or not washington goes to work, we will stay at work and we will be on twitter, you can find me @scottmcgrew. from drama in washington to drag. new this morning some political pressure of sorts in washington for house minority leader nancy pelosi. vh 1 announced she will be one of the guest judges on "rupaul's drag race" all stars. in case you don't already know the program is a competition series featuring drag queens going through different challenges. there's a lot going on in washington right now, but in a tweet yesterday afternoon please kree hinted she had already been part of the taping. the tweet says you better work, you know the song, and she had a
6:50 am
fabulous time with rupaul and good luck to all of the queens. the "washington post" reports pelosi agreed to be a guest judge on that show to show solidarity against what she calls attacks against lgbt people from the trump administration. the new season of "rupaul's drag race" all stars kicks off on saturday. >> wouldn't that be great if all members of the congress entered? >> that would be funny. >> can you imagine the commentary? i can't wait to see her commentary on all the challenges and stuff. i always love hearing the commentary and i love reading the twitter comments, too. always fun. we are expecting rain to kind of make its return again by about the 8:00 a.m. hour, we are talking about a small band of rain that will move quickly through the area, wetting some of our roadways. peninsula 41 degrees, san francisco 48 degrees. look at this beautiful shot of san francisco. you can really enjoy all of the lights and we're not dealing with heavy fog this morning,
6:51 am
we're still seeing some foggy conditions in the north bay but overall for the rest of the bay area we can see the radar right now for the most part the majority of the rain off to the east. in the pacific we are expecting a coupling ring showers. highs for today will be a lot cooler than what we've seen all week long. we will only top out in the 50s. look at san francisco 55 degrees, san jose 56, lingering showers through the early morning. let me take you through that timeline. we can expect to see a couple popup showers here and there, by no means heavy rain. it might even dry up before it hits the ground. don't expect a pouring rain but we are tracking another storm that will make its arrival as early as sunday. that winter storm warning is in place for the sierra and if you are going to be driving up there expect gusty conditions, especially on sunday because our long range outlook does show that storm system moving in and that's going to keep an active cool pattern not just for sunday but also into monday, tuesday
6:52 am
and wednesday. so things to look at for, we are talking about the high surf warning. over the next seven days a quick look at what you can expect. the rain will return on sunday and sticks around through the next workweek. we have a lot of rain to look forward to. it makes it a hassle for the morning commute, but we as they say need the rain and it's true. we don't need any more slowing, we haven't seen any more most of the bay as the south bay northbound subtle slowing, your typical direction through san jose through the rest of silicon valley. we have recovery for the upper east shore freeway the earlier crash at richmond parkway cleared but just a few minutes ago we got another crash now a little farther down at he will portal. the crash is over on the shoulder but enough distraction to cue more slowly. the upper east shoer is the slowest drive. we will show you how yourf-ld alternates pan out. this blue route is an hour and
6:53 am
40 minutes, through vallejo it's still a little faster. join nbc bay area wazers, that's our team where we keep track of all this and share the information. coming up next a quick look at the top stories on "today in the bay." including a big day ahead for bart. the differences you should expect on bart trains as the transit agency launches its new fleet today. but first happening now, a southern california hospital set up a tent outside the hospital to help treat patientskpex simp because they are just too busy with flu victims. the tent is at loma linda university medical center. at least 42 people have died from the flu so far this season in california. and just in, delta just announced it is cracking down on support animals. pet owners will now have to show pet owners will now have to show in advance. delta says animal incidents have been on the rise. those new requirements start march 1st. we're back in two minutes. befor
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here are the top stories on today in the bay-- welcome back. before you head out the door it is 6:56. here are the top stories on "today in the bay." we begin with live pictures from the pleasant hill bart station this morning where bart's fleet of the future is going to pass through today. the first train leaves at 11:00 this morning. bart originally planned to roll out the new fleet last fall but the pilot cars needed more
6:57 am
testing. the trains now have gone through 75,000 miles of testing. the operators got 20,000 hours of training. the trains are designed to be more quiet. awesome. comfortable and cooler. there's also more priority seating, more doors and more space for luggage in case you are headed to the airport. the memorial is growing in morning in antioch for a four-year-old girl who was killed in a crash on highway 4. the girl's mother and two-year-old sister are still in the hospital nbc bay area spoke with the father who said that their two-year-old has not been responsive so far. that crash happened on wednesday. police say a man driving a stolen pickup truck slammed into their car after exiting highway 4. the driver was arrested. a new report examines the safest and more dangerous freeways in the bay area. the report from zen drive says interstate 280 is the most dangerous commute in the bay area. the golden gate bridge is safest to cross during morning rush hour and the san mateo bridge is
6:58 am
the worst. the safest highway to drive is 580 west in the morning. of course that's headed in the opposite direction of work for a lot of folks. the company used cellphone sensors to measure road safety, also found the most dangerous it time to drive is not in the morning or the evening but during the lunchtime hour, 11:00 to 1:00. coming up next on the "today" show, the latest on the capitol showdown as the clock races towards a possible government shutdown. this could impact people across the country and right here in the bay area. that's coming up light after "today in the bay." how about to something that's not at a standstill, here is the roadway i-80 at castle peak in the sierra. caltrans camera shows that folks are still driving along though there are chain controls along not only i-80 but also highway 50 right now. this is gopro video from a caltrans snowplow. this is what it looks like as they do their work overnight to make sure the roadways are safe for you. if you are headed to the sierra
6:59 am
it could be one of the best weekends for skiing this season, could be a rough day getting there, though. >> if you want snow there's snow in the sierra, if you want sunshine there will be some of that in the bay area. >> for tomorrow. tomorrow will be your west road conditionsl' for heading up to lake tahoe because come sunday4 it will be a mess. a quick look at your seven-day forecast as marcus mentioned once that rain moves out once that rain moves out tomorrow we wiltñv?z haveys# clearing skies and then by the evening hours on saturday you can expect to see the clouds start to roll in because we've got that rain making its big return, expect it to stick around for the next several days after sunday. sounds like you are sensing delays out of the north bay? >> a couple more reasons that we will show you the map. overall a lighter friday build. watch the slick roadways, south bay, east bay. the slowing for the upper east shore off the carquinez there is a crash past richmond parkway and debris south of the benicia
7:00 am
bridge. that is what is habit "today in the bay," we will be back at 7:25 with more live local news. >> join us at 11:00, with he will have your weather and all your news. what happened when they faced the judge? flu fears. the cdc releasing brand-new numbers on the epidemic sweeping the nation, as we take you inside the battle doctors and


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