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tv   Sunday Today With Willie Geist  NBC  January 21, 2018 6:00am-7:01am PST

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the american people . no one deserves the plame more than president trump. now, larry, it's your turn to listen to me. good morning. a year and a day since president donald trump was inaugurated. i'm willie geist. the president is not vacationing in florida but instead in in the white house with a government shutdown has entered its second day. the latest on the blame game and we will talk to chuck todd about
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what happens next. then more than 1 million people on the streets for the second annual women's march. many with a message for president trump on his first anniversary in the white house. we will hear from some of those voices. then take you inside north korea where les lels lester hol arrived. and a sit down with helen mirren. a career that spanned more than a century highlighted by her real life of the queen of england. >> we share a little sparkle, you know? neither mentions it but we both know it's there sort of thing. >> but she doesn't acknowledge it, a bit of a wink? >> yes. not a wink. the queen doesn't wink. >> of course, the queen doesn't
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wink. a sunday sit dudown later in th show. the only two things the sides agree is the other side is to blame. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the shutdown marches on here in washington. lawmakers are scheduled to return to the capitol this morning in the house and the senate but, so far, few real signs the doors could be reopened. this morning, the federal government still closed. day two of a shutdown. >> we do some crazy things in washington but this is utter madness. >> negotiating with this white house is like negotiating with jell-o. it's next to impossible. >> you wanted a shut down. the trump shutdown is all ours
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use an argument over a poster of chuck schumer grinding business to a halt. >> pelosi recently said the efforts to fund the government and -- ship. >> reporter: an ad. >> democrats who stand in our way will be c. >> we will build them a wall. tell us how high you want it. free the dreamers. >> reporter: leader schumer maintaining he told the president he would pay for it. the white house today says you have the gull to suggest you offered president trump a border wall and you offered 1.6 billion in funding. >> the person who said it was not in the room. >> reporter: lawmakers have not made such progress. key questions whether the democrats will support a short-term deal and whether
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senate republicans will hold a vote on an immigration bill without the white house getting on board. >> we can't, any more, you know, say that we will only move forward if the president moves forward and if he is with us, we can't do that. >> reporter: democrats facing re-election in 2018 under pressure. their party, for now, holding the line. if democrats and republicans in the senate can't come to some green light later agreement later on today they will so have a plan to reopen the government. we should mention there had been concerns u.s. troops overseas were able to watch the nfl championships tonight because the american forces network had been off the air for the shutdown. we are told it's been restored in most places so hopefully, our troops will at least be able to take part in watching those games tonight. >> we got one important piece of that fixed. now let's get to the rest of it.
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thanks, kasie. she will have more on hur show tonight at 7:00 eastern time. demonstrators nationwide set to take to the street for the second annual women's march. on saturday, the one-year anniversary of president trump's inauguration the streets were packed from los angeles to "the new york times" -- new york city and dozens of cities in between. in l.a. alone, 600,000 people rallied something some famous faces. >> you told the world that times is up on violence. you told the world that time is up on silence. you told the world that it's time for a new day, time for a new locker room culture. >> actress natalie portman there. they are holding a registration drive with the elections coming in november. for more on this, let's turn to chuck todd, nbc's political
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director and moderator of "meet the press." good morning, chuck. let's start with the state of the shutdown. a lot of people are busy going about their lives and wondering what is going on and where do we stand and what is the way out of this? >> look. i have a feeling if we don't open this government in the next basically by the end of close of business tomorrow, we are going to be here for a while. look. the disagreement, at this point, about reopening the government has to do with the level of commitment there is to how to vote on a deal to protect the so-called dreamers. these are the folks that were brought to this country illegally by their parents. had known no other country really than america. their protected status completely will conspire in march. so what this is about. but it's about how they are even going to vote on the bill, right? that is what they are negotiating here. and i could tell you, i think a weekend shutdown, no one really notices it. frankly the federal government barely feels the effect of it.
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but if we start to get through a business day, then, at that point, i think politically both sides a comfortable digging in figure they jumped offer the cli -- off the cliff and see if they get anything in return. >> mitch mcconnell and paul ryan and president trump said we want a spending deal done but you're talking about the dreamers which they believe is a separate issue. they say democrats to-- are the right it's the democrats inserting something, let's stop the government? >> they are. then democrats will argue, here is why we did is that we had a promise from the president in september. >> right. >> that he was willing to do this. 'democrats argue we gave you a continuing resolution from december to january. december was the original promise to get this deal done and then we postponed until
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january. both sides believe they are on the side of angels here when it comes to being honest about where things are. and if you look at it from their perspective, i see how they are making that argument. by the way, that is when shutdowns happen when both sides believe that they can win this public debate. and that is where we are now. the republicans think they can make the democrats by, look, they are more worried about illegal immigrants than american service members. and democrats say, hey, mr. art of the deal? he was the guy that was going to change this culture and he has done nothing. i can tell you this ultimately the president has the most to lose here. forget anybody else. the president was supposed to be the one to change washington culture, right? he was the different outsider guy. he's played a pretty passive role the last 24 hours in this and some argue his revolution on this issue is the initial cause of many dispute. >> that art of the deal is built
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theoretically for this moment and get both sides together. quickly, with our remaining time here, chuck, the president's second year began and first year began with massive protests in the streets and more today of the women's marches. a year in now as president trump turns on the television and see those people in the streets, how is he feeling about his presidency? >> how he is feeling about it? i think he lives in his own feedback loop and feels better than it than the rest of the country. in our poll the majority of the country who couldn't just disproof. the number one word used in our poll last year was hopeful and today, it's disgusted. that is what is he staring at for the start of year two. >> chuck todd, thank you very much. we look for much more than on "meet the press" when press is joined by mark short. plus senators tom cotton and dick durbin. with less than three weeks to go until the start of the
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olympic games in south korea, north and south korea showing some signs of easing tension ahead of the global spectacle on their peninsula. today, representatives from the north traveled to south korea to preview locations ahead of the games. lester holt is reporting exclusive this week from inside north korea and he joins us now. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. it's a sunday and holiday here in north korea so families have taken to the ski slopes. this is what i don't think a lot of people expect to see in north korea playing patriotic tunes. we were talking to people here about the olympics. this is one of the places we are told north and south athletes will be training together. this is the fruit of a recent face-to-face talks. they are still working out some of the logistics of it but there is cooperation and there will be participation in the olympics by north korean athletes. we have been speaking to people here who are very excited about
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the prospects of two countries not only competing together but talking together and it makes them feel a little more secure and a reason that has had a lot of insecurity over the tensions certainly over the past year or so. this cooperation regarding olympics, of course, doesn't change the real issues, the nuclear program here and the sanctions. what you're seeing here certainly flies in the face of a country that is undergoing crippling sanctions and that may be part of the reason that we were invited to come here and see this. but nonetheless, there is a sense of guarded optimism, much like you're seeing in other parts of the world as the two countries are talking and beginning to show some signs of cooperation. willie, we send it back to you now in new york. >> lester holt inside north korea, thanks. you'll see his reporting throughout the week on "nightly news." watch him live from south korea tuesday on "nightly news." other headlines morning. a horrific scene in kabul,
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afghanistan, gunmen wearing suicide vests stormed a luxury hotel killing six people and some escaped by crawling out windows on the upper floors. the attack went on more than 13 hours before police were able to kill all of the attackers. the taliban has claimed responsibility. update this morning on the mysterious deaths of a billionaire couple in canada. originally, it was believed that their deaths may have been the result of a murder/suicide. but according to cbc toronto, private investigators hired by the family are now saying they believe the couple was murdered and perhaps by multiple assailants. the family has believed from the outset foul play was to blame. as we mentioned today, a big day for football fans. two trips to the super bowl on the line. in the nfc, the minnesota vikings visit the philadelphia eagles. in the afc, the mighty new england patriots host the jacksonville jaguars. lots of drama in new england this week after quarterback tom brady hurt his hand in practice earlier this week.
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espn is reporting despite that injury, brady will start the game today. dylan dreyer is from new jersey and a patriots fan with check of the weather. no giants, no jets? >> i worked in new england a year and you get into the whole lifestyle up there. let's take a look at the storm that is moving through denver right now. we could delays at the airports because of the low visibility and this will turn into a storm for the midwest and also visibility will be great deal reduced. we have blizzard warnings in effect from colorado up into southern minnesota where we could see those whiteout conditions because of winds gusting up near about 50 miles per hour and we could see about 5 to 10 inches of snow with isolated higher amounts closer to 15. on the eastern side of the storm where temperatures are much warmer, we could see some severe weather in texas and louisiana. minneapoli
6:14 am
we're off to a cold start out there. we're seeing some upper 30s and 40s across the bay area. right now san francisco is looking clear, but we are tracking an incoming storm that is expected to bring the possibility of some showers as early as this evening. our temperature trend does show those 40s, eventually we will start climbing into those 50s, but we should be topping out only at about 57, 58 degrees for san jose and there goes that satellite radar, not a lot of rain just yet. that is your latest forecast. >> dylan, thanks. the highs and lows of the week coming up including the wild celebration when the lights finally came back on at one school in puerto rico nearly four months after the storm. the long winter's nap that photo bombed this. we will see if we can rouse the old chap. later, one of the country's most popular forms of entertainment changing with the
6:15 am
times. how world wrestling entertainment is wooing a new audience while keeping the head locks and body slams. >> with fwe were a legitimate competitive sport, it would ruin the very fiber and the very heartbeat that makes us, which is story telling. >> it's all coming up on "sunday today." we head to break, our photo of the week. superstar american skier lindsey vonn celebrating a victory in a world cup downhill race in italy and her 79th world cup win, the most ever by a woman and a good sign for lindsey as she heads for the olympic games in pyeongchang in a couple of weeks. you wouldn't do only half
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>> our first high is something that happened in many parts of puerto rico since the storm hit four months ago, and that's electricity. schools have been operating in the dark. after four months without power, here was the reaction at one school? san juan when the lights finally came on this week. that is the school celebrating the end of 112 days without power. children screaming, teachers ringing bells to welcome back the light. the facebook page went viral around the world this week. progress has been painfully slow in puerto rico with an estimated 40% of the island still without power. a group of veterans volunteering a little bit later in the show. >> probably the happiest those kids have been in school. >> light. simply light. our first low goes to a pair
6:20 am
of politicians who became internet stars this week for reasons having nothing to do with political policy. ken clark is delivering a riveting 10-minute speech having to do with brexit. sitting behind him is sir desmond swain who supports both brexit and a good afternoon power nap. >> i wouldn't argue any of them at any length at all because i address some of them in committee without actually having very adequate response to any of them. >> boy, he's deep, too, right? really getting comfortable there on the handsome green leather bench. after a half hour of full snoozing, he did snap back into consciousness. back here at home, a moment in the united states senate that anyone who wears glasses could immediately sympathize with. at a meeting of the senate judiciary committee, senator orrin hatch reached up to remove
6:21 am
a pair of imaginary glasses, and the web couldn't get enough of it. senator hatch's office responded to the questions about his phantom specs, oh, you mean the invisible glasses? they're new. >> i tried to adjust my contact before and bumped into my glasses. >> we've all been there. something you've never seen in a sporting event. it happened last sunday between the new orleans saints and the minnesota vikings. after the saints kicked a field goal that appeared to give them a win and a spot in the nfc championship game, the vikings had one last play. case keenum threw a pass to stefan diggs, before sprinting timelessly to the end zone before time expired. you saw the fans going nuts inside the stadium, but what about the vikings fans watching at home, in bars, or even on a
6:22 am
different screen at a different sporting event? >> oh, my god! oh, my god! whoo! whoo! >> that little girl was watching at a basketball game and watching that on the big screen. >> i hope that pool wasn't in minnesota. >> i was thinking the same thing. must have been a california fan. the vikings play this evening for a trip to the super bowl which, by the way, would be played back at that stadium in minneapolis. our final low goes to a moment in live television when your local weather report turns into a reboot of alfred hitchcock's movie "the birds." it happened on fox 2 in the san francisco bay area. >> we actually have some sunshine in other parts of the bay area, down toward san jose,
6:23 am
but still some stubborn overcast here in the city. look at this. >> he's totally checking out the camera, mark. >> oh, my gosh. >> that is so cool. >> aiit's a crow. >> i might need a little more time for this weather segment because we have a visitor. >> it's like a science show. it's just what you want to watch. >> these are weather moments. back together with the green screen, you never know what will happen. >> i've had a giant spider on mine before. next, a sit-down with helen mirren on her real-life relationship with the queen. and connecting the tea service we put out for her. she'll have a facebook live chat with me and dylan in ♪
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transamerica pyramid -- san francisco good sunday morning, it is 6:26. we're taking a live look outside at the transamerica pyramid in san francisco. pretty clear. we can see all the way to the golden gate bridge and you know what that means, it is cold out there. thanks so much for joining us, vianey is back with our microclimate forecast. we missed you yesterday. >> i missed you, too. it's super cold. >> it's really cold. >> it was nice sleeping in yesterday. >> you could cozy up in your sheets. >> we're seeing 30s out there. look at the temperatures. >> oh, my gosh. >> now, in san jose 38 degrees right now, mountain view 36, palo alto 36, livermore 34 and napa 31 degrees. now, we are expecting an incoming storm, look right now
6:27 am
at satellite radar, you can see it's sitting just off to the pacific off to the north. now, as far as the timeline for the storm goes, it looks like we will be okay for the beginning half of today and then into tonight we are expecting that storm to move in and that's going to kick up some showers across the bay area, moving from north to south as far as our temperatures, well, we're really just going to be topping out into those 50s. so another chilly day across the bay area, i will talk more that rain at 7:00 a.m. >> thanks. a movement of marches, women and menu niegt on the anniversary of donald trump's inauguration. marches were held across the bay area. in san francisco tens of thousands of people gathered at civic center plaza for a rally before the march. people told us instead of focusing solely on president trump they are redirecting energy towards triumph at the polls. the theme of the san francisco march is how to make changes starting at the local level. >> i think most of all people are interested in equality and
6:28 am
representation, human rights, whether it be immigrants or reproductive rights, we want to be heard. across the bay in oakland a similar turnout of marchers made their presence known as lake merritt. this year's theme, hear our vote, march for our future. >> they women's march in san jose 20,000 people filled the streets yesterday morning. demonstrators marched from city hall to arena green east near the sap center. their focus this year a commitment to education, to action and engagement leading up to this year's midterm elections. for many just the solidarity means the most. >> there is so much negativity that we're surrounded with and bombarded with on a daily basis, it just seemed important to me to be out here in a unifying positive manner to voice my opinion on so many issues that i disagree with currently in the administration. >> the march ended with a big rally. representatives from 40 nonprofit organizations were there hoping to capitalize on the momentum and attract new
6:29 am
volunteers. it is just shy of 6:29. coming up this morning on "today in the bay," a team u.s.a. figure skater stops in the bay area on his way to the olympics. we will tell you what she's doing to prepare for the performance of her life. we'll have that plus all your top stories and weather of course coming up at 7:00. we do hope you join us. we will send you back to "sunday today" with willie geist.
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at the time of examination, the president was 70 years and 7 months young, his resting heart rate was a cool 107 bpm, he has a gorgeous coke bottle waist. his heart is 75 inches with legs that seem to go on forever. size 12 shoe, so you can fill in the blanks there. and it's my expert medical opinion that the president's got a rockin' bod. >> "saturday night live" last night giving president trump a stellar medical record this week. guest jessica chastain hosted with troy savant as musical
6:31 am
guest. dame helen mirren is hollywood royalty. her career has spanned five decades and a long list of impressive credits. one role seems to keep popping up, her role as the queen. she won a best actress oscar for her portrayal after taking an award for other roles. but there is a pair of upcoming new roles. helen and i got together in new york for a sunday sit-down. >> when hosting a dame of the british empire, keep in mind proper tea service. >> what is it? >> that's a coffee pot. >> we've already blown it. especially when the dame is helen mirren. i think we should begin with the glaring error here on our tea
6:32 am
set, which is not a tea set at all. >> it's a coffee set, that's for sure. if i were your teacher, it would be a for effort, absolutely, but a c-minus for the rest. >> a passing grade for the 72-year-old actress best known for playing british royalty. you've won every possible award for playing the queen. >> they love giving awards to queens, i don't know why. they do. no one really quite realized that you could do it, you know, and then, oh, yeah, we can. you're allowed to do this. >> was it difficult going in? >> it was quite dicey, it was. only because the british people have such an extraordinary, passionate involvement with their monarchy. >> there is no one who knows the british people better than i do, mr. blair. >> i've met the queen on several occasions, yes. we share a little sparkle. neither mentions it, but we both
6:33 am
know it's there sort of thing. >> but she doesn't acknowledge it, just a bit of a wink? >> yes. no, not a wink. the queen doesn't wink. >> mirren's fascination with acting began when she was just a young girl in the 1950s. >> do you remember the moment you got the acting bug? >> i grew up in a town that's the british equivalent of coney island. we have the longest pier in the world at south island sea. my parents took me to see a variety show at the end of the pier called "out of the blue." i was absolutely me ssmerized a i wanted to be a part of that world. >> she was introduced to the national youth theater where she gravitated to the works of shakespeare and soon was invited to join the royal shakespeare company. by 1967, the british film industry had begun to take notice of a rising star.
6:34 am
>> do you want me? >> mirren was bold in her roles, and in real life, too. >> you'll find that your figure, your physical attributes, hinder you in your pursuit of being a professional actress. >> serious actors can't have big bosoms, is that what you mean? >> when we hear these stories of hollywood in the last several months, do you say, yes, i've experienced that? >> i have never experienced that in hollywood because i was in my 30s. i was too old. when i was between 16 and 23, 24, men would expose themselves to me often. i would say about once a week. >> really. >> on the subway, on the tube, on the bus, walking down a road. it was like, ugh. weird, because it's not like
6:35 am
you're going to go, oh, my god, that's the most gorgeous thing i've ever seen. it's the opposite. it's horror. >> mirren's career took her to hollywood for the first time in the early 1980s. >> you drive a mercedes? >> and what do you drive in the american line? donkey? >> mirren met her long-time partner in 1984 for 20 years now, director taylor hackford. it was seven years later when mirren landed the breakthrough role of lieutenant inspector jane tennyson in the prime suspect series "natural suspect." by the time the show wrapped in 2006, helen mirren was a household name. nominated twice for best supporting actress first in "the madness of king george" and she
6:36 am
then won as the queen. since then she's had other choice of roles. mirren's latest film "winchester" takes her in an entirely new direction. >> profiting from such a thing as violence and death? >> i'm so fascinated by your choices. there is a moment when you watch the movie, your veil comes up and there's helen mirren and you're chilling in the role. what excited you about playing that kind of a part? >> it's more of a ghost story film. i thought that would be very interesting. but there is this real house and this real woman, and one of the legends that grew up around her was that she was building the house to placate the ghosts of the people who had been killed by the winchester rifle. that's basically the story that we embraced. incidentally, i don't believe in
6:37 am
ghosts. did you see that? >> you actually scared me for a second. you're good at that. >> she floated by. >> yes, she floated by. did you see that? >> mirren goes from a ghost story to a road trip in her next film. she co-stars with donald sutherland in "the leisure seeker" about a senior couple's w winnebago trip. >> we thought we would flash scenes of you. >> oh, where i grew up. i can almost remember that little swimming costume, yes. that's national youth theater we were talking about early on. i played cleopatra and that launch mid career, actually. thank god you can't see my knickers in that one. >> to the rest of us mere
6:38 am
mortals, what's it like to have your name called like that? >> there is nothing like that. there is nothing like it. that was a christian lecroix dress made especially for me. i had never experienced that before in my life. >> often a royal on screen, dame helen mirren sounds a lot like the rest of us at home. i heard you say in an interview that if you had your way, you would stay home at night and watch tv. i think people view you in sort of a regal way. part of it is the way you carry yourself, plus you played the queen. >> i am so not regal, though. i don't get it. >> you like to sit at home in your sweat pants and watch netflix? >> not in my sweat pants. of course not. tight pencil skirt with a neat little top and lapels and stiletto shoes. >> dame helen mirren says her favorite show to watch on
6:39 am
netflix is "stranger things." "the leisure seeker" opens on march 9. to hear what she faced in the 1960s as a woman in film, check her out on our website. hello, dylan. >> i also like "stranger things." >> twins. >> let's take a look at the heavier snow we're going to see, especially earlier this week across minnesota and northern wisconsin. heavy rain ahead of it, and we could see isolated severe storms, too. by the end of the week, that storm moves away but another one moves to the west coast bringing mountain snow. by the end of the week, it turns into a few scattered showers. rain showers at the gulf end of the week and if you're heading out bundle up, we are in the 30s and 40s across the bay area. right now 38 degrees in san jose, mountain view 36, san francisco on the warmer side at
6:40 am
44 degrees, but as far as our daytime highs, well, we are not going to get much warmer. we are only topping out in the 50s. we are tracking an incoming storm that is expected to bring some showers as early as this evening across portions of the bay area, moving from the north to the south bay, topping out at about 55 degrees. >> and that's your latest forecast. watch str"stranger things." >> she's been harassing me for the last 30 seconds. next we're stepping into the ring for a look at the evolution of professional wrestling and its many, many fans. why women and families may control the future of the popular wwe and its
6:41 am
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for the main event. wrestling exploded with popularity, with them in sold-out arenas. it celebrates its 25th anniversary in monday night raw, and wwe is looking in new places for its rabid fans. joe fryer steps between the ropes. >> reporter: mondraw has been a monday night staple. sports like john cena admitted its different than traditional sports. >> if we were a legitimate competitive sport, it would ruin the very fiber and heartbeat which makes us, which is storytelling. >> raw debutted on usa in 1993. whether you love it or not, the show's pop culture is hard to ignore, with guests ranging from
6:44 am
bob barker to betty white to mike tyson. in 2008, presidential candidates produced video messages for "raw"'s audience, and years before president trump took office, he made several appearances. >> i can do whatever i want. >> reporter: "raw" has created stars including the rock, one of hollywood's biggest stars. >> it prepares you for anything. you put yourself out there, a lot of times scantily clad, in front of tens of thousands of people. if you can't captivate them, you will sink. >> reporter: one of today's big nabi biggest names, roman. >> we were watching it in the bedroom, in the pool. we were getting yelled at all the time, get outside and do
6:45 am
that. quit breaking the furniture. >> reporter: "raw" had strong language. steve austin, the foul-mouthed blue collar guy who battled his boss mr. mcmann and once doused him in beer. dubbed the attitude era, it was a ratings high point for the show. afterward viewership dwindled. in 2008 "raw" switched to a pg rating hoping to draw more families. today women make up about 45% of the audience and their presence in the ring is growing, too. four years ago fans took to social media with the hash tag, give divas a chance, wanting female rewrestlers. >> they wanted more recognition, they wanted more story lines with our women. >> reporter: they stopped calling the women divas and started making them headlines. stephanie mcmann said the first
6:46 am
time the women would have a royal match, a battle once reserved just for the men. >> the whole audience started chanting, yes, yes, yes, because they want it so badly. >> reporter: edgey, unique and ever evolving, they have no plans of tapping out any time soon. joe fryer, nbc. next on "sunday today," we head to puerto rico with a group of military veterans who didn't wait for the government to help the people there. they rushed in themselves. >> they say in the army you never leave a soldier behind, and we can't leave these americans behind. and later, a life well lived. the doctor who turned all of her attention to fighting a deadly attention to fighting a deadly new pssst. what? i switched to geico and got more.
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members of the united states military are there in uniform because they volunteer to be. many of the most recent generation of soldiers, sailors, marines, airmen and coast guard stepped forward and signed up after the attacks of september 11. that instinct for service does
6:50 am
not go away when those men and women leave active duty. non-profit groups like team rubicon and disaster relief continue to suit up when their country calls. for the last several months, that call has been coming from puerto rico. nbc's gabe gutierrez has our sunday closer. >> reporter: in old san juan, celebration had been a long time coming. the iconic street festival rings in the end of the christmas season. but this year it also comes after the four longest months puerto rico has ever endured. >> they are americans. and they deserve not to be forgotten. >> jason maddy is still here. when fema was swamped after the hurricane, veterans swamped in. >> we first met maddy in october
6:51 am
as they rushed in with supplies. this social media post went viral. since then maddy has launched his own non-profit, veteran disaster relief. >> its time now to help puerto rico. >> reporter: among the new volunteers, jose le braun, a retired air force veteran in san antonio, and seth gonzalez, a retired police officer. >> i saw jason's post and contacted his wife and said, how can i get involved, how can i go? >> reporter: together they're traveling through the mountains bringing food and medical supplies for people desperate for help. >> claribelle tells us she's sleeping in what's left of her home. 70-year-old eugene ortiz strums his guitar to dull the pain. he's deadrbedridden.
6:52 am
for maddy the overwhelming need has given him new purpose. >> i've struggled with ptsd. it's given me overwhelming relief. >> her husband may no longer be at war, but he's on a mission. why do you do this? >> i don't think that i could look myself in the mirror and know that i walked away from the people here. they say in the army you never leave a soldier behind, and we can't leave these americans behind. >> reporter: which brings us back to israel ortiz and the moment he realizes he has power and a fan for the first time in
6:53 am
four months. on this island, amid the heartbreak, there are reasons to celebrate. >> to be a part of that is incredible. incredible. it's something that i will never forget. >> reporter: for "sunday today," gabe gutierrez, puerto rico. >> well done, guys. gabe, thank you very much. this week we highlight another life well lived. mathilde krim was a new york geneticist working on cancer research when a confounding deadly new disease showed up in the united states in the early 1980s. after hearing from colleagues about the early cases of incurable hiv aids that would rip through the gay community in particular, dr. krim refocused her medical career on fighting it. in 1983 she co founded the aids medical foundation. she researched and lobbied petitions for support, sounded the alarm about the crisis and
6:54 am
raised millions in her circle of friends. she was an advocate for safe sex. she decided to stigmatize patients often viewed as pariahs. elizabeth taylor was a founding co-chair woman. crime was born in geneva and moved to the states in 1958. bill clinton presented dr. krim with the award of presidential freedom. she exemplified the notion that a single person can change the world. dr. mathilde krim, whose (burke) at farmers, we've seen almost everything so we know how to cover almost anything.
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on teeth, tongue, cheeks and gums. giving you the confidence of a healthier mouth. colgate total. be totally ready for life. we close this morning with a look at what's next this week. president donald trump still scheduled to travel on wednesday to davos, switzerland to the world economic forum. but in light of the government shutdown, the president's schedule is day to day and could change. they will unveil their picks for this year's oscars. "lady bird" is expected to be nominated. >> we have felicia roman from "ladybird" in ttake a live look
6:59 am
7:00 am
sunrise over san jose good sunday morning. here is a live look outside ata 7:00 on the dot. san jose. picture perfect on this january 21st. thanks for joining us. i'm kira klapper. vianey arana is back with a look at our microclimate forecast. boy, you were lucky to be gone yesterday because it was so cold. >> it is still cold outside. if you're heading out this morning bundle up, we are in the 30s, guys. 30s and 40s. look at san jose, 39 degrees, mountain view 36, livermore 33 and napa at 32. san francisco is the warmest right now at 43 degrees. we are expected to keep on this cooling trend not just for today but for the next several days, but what we're monitoring and


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