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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  January 25, 2018 5:00am-6:01am PST

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mike is going to look at the morning commute and kari is going to look at our forecast. quickly approaching 5:00 right now. good morning. >> i am laurie garcia. >> i am marcus washington. >> another wet one. >> yeah, it is going to be wet off and on. not all day. we are going to see it popping up in spots as we go into the morning and afternoon. here is a look at what's left with the storm system as the more the widespread rain and the snow is still coming down just to the east of us. now, as we get a closer look, we can see some rain across parts of the east bay and the north bay right now as we get a closer look, we can see the rain moving to the east of 101. we are going to have chilly temperatures along with that, that's causing some light snow to fall on mount hamilton. here is how the rest of the day shapes up. we'll see some rain popping up that'll bring in some additional
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rainfall totals into this afternoon. we'll take a closer look to this forecast and also the weekend in just a few minutes, mike is looking at that oakland camera again. >> kari, that's right, we see flashing lights over there on the shoulder. this is north of the coliseum. southbound side, this is on the shoulder and that's reported by chp. clo clearly something is going on on the south. flashing lights should be seeing there. the off ramp is remaining opened. that's the activity there. as we zoom out, we see that there are green blotches, wetter road ways but no major problems. damp road is expected around the bay. you see the pink and the white on the maps there. no major delays getting towards the bay bridge.
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we have a smooth slow downright now and of course, it is early. back to you. president trump arrived in the town of davos. he's set to speak at the world's economic forum, including theresa may, the president trump will meet with her today. trump is the first to visit davos since bill clinton in the year 2000s. the white house is giving a time line for a possible daca deal. today kris sanchez has more as the waiting game continues for hundreds of thousands of recipients of daca across californi california. >> reporter: hi there laurie, he hinted of a pass of citizens for dreamers in the u.s. >> i think it is a nice thing to have the incentive of after a period of years being able to
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become a citizen. >> reporter: now the president said that as he was leaving for the world economic forum. he leaves behind lawmakers who are working and struggling to come up with an immigration plan and budget before the february 8th, deadline. on monday, the white house is set to unveil what they would be willing to accept as a solution. it includes a permanent solution on daca and could include citizenships over the next ten to twelve years and securing the border and also eniding family change migration limiting the number that can join the u.s. citizens here. today's comment on citizenship is a dramatic change from what president trump has said in the past that citizenship and amnesty were not on the table. as this debate continues in washington today, here in san
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jose about 75 young immigrants will raise their hands and take the oath of naturalization. they'll become u.s. citizens. these are not dreamers. however, they can empathize with the insecurity that the dreamers are likely feeling right now. that ceremony is at the mlk library at san jose state at 10:00. in san jose, kris sanchez, nbc bay area news. we are following breaking news in italy. that's where two people are dead after a crash on a commuter train in milan. at least 10 people are injured. there are reports of several passengers trapped in that wreckage. one of those cars almost snapped in two. that crash happened during the morning commute with hundreds of people on board. investigators are looking into a possible track problems. the search is on for a man accused of robbing an east bay tanning salon. the whole thing caught on
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camera. the video is just in to our newsroom this morning. today with pete suratos of what we learned. >> reporter: before we get to the surveillance, i did do a search on crime incidents in the area. not much crime going on here on the 3100 block of oak road. something did happen behind me at the glow tanning salon on th tuesday night. hopefully viewers can catch the bad guy in all of this. this video was posted on facebook by a private security company, it took place on tuesday around 6:30 p.m. the suspect walking in casually into that tanning salon and hunches over and revealing the box knife in his right hand to her before making threats and demanding cash. this employee keeps her cool as she empties out the cash for her
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and had the nerves to take a few pieces of candy. he's described as being 50 or 60 years old between 5'10" around 180 pounds. he's considered armed and dangerous. if you have any information to help with this case, contact the sheriff department. we are live, back to you. yeah, someone will recognize him in the video. police released this photo of the 21-year-old. investigators spotted the car with bullet holes. he was last seen driving this
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2009 black mercedes-benz. he's wanted for attempted murder. on the look out. cal campus police say a worker saw a cat that was a mountain lion cub. the cat was spotted between memorial stadium and theater and took off. police gave no further description of the cop and there is no report of anyone else seeing full size mountain lions. the proposal would have increased tuition by more than $300 per year. the number even more for out of state students. yesterday's region meeting members said enrollment is at an all time high but the state is not providing a lot of money. 5:07 and new this morning. we are getting a look at a fire that destroyed a mobile home near marin valley drive.
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firefighters say the person who lives there suffered a minor injuries. the damage is nearly half a million dollars. there is no word on the cost. some evacuees are being allowed to return to their home more than two weeks after the dead dead deadly montecito mud slides. th thousands more are not given the all clear. at least 21 people have died and two people are still missing. some of us are taking a break from hearing the rain hitting the roof. we'll have some passing showers throughout the day. here is a lot more rain where that came from. some thundering and lightning further to the north. we are still tracking some spotty showers and northern sonoma county and parts of the east bay and some light snow right now happening on mount
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hamilton. as we go throughout the morning commute and the peninsula. we are going to have a cool day and off and on rain, i will talk more about this and if you are going to the sierra, we know someone who is. we'll have a look at that forecast in about four minutes. mike is starting out in the tri h tri-valley. i will take you to the tr tri-valley. west 580, there is a crash there. report of a flat tire being addressed right now. be careful and stay over to the right if you can. there should be plenty of room. no problems going out of here. it is not disrupting the flow right now. we'll watch those speed sensors and see if travel time comes up. the east bay is getting over the bay bridge still which is a minor backup. back to you.
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glad you are drinking your coffee this morning. the big change that's coming. also new this morning, a major scientific advancement. the impact researchers say the first successfully cloned monkey could have at our house. we'll take a look when today continues.
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all right, it is almost 5:13 on your thursday morning. lets take a look at what's happening in the sierra. we had a lot of snow coming down. as we take a look at our squall la valley, 44 inches of snow at the base. more snow is on the way, we'll talk about how much of the climate forecast in about five minutes. >> and we are looking at fremont, i showed you the picture and forgot to talk about it. it is looking good and watch those slick roads in places. happening, a doctor amazingly survived the las vegas rampage is expected to head home. the 30-year-old was shot in the head. her brain was so seriously injured, at one point they considered to take her off life
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support. her recovery had been nothing but a miracle. >> i had a dream that she visits me. >> i won't not be the same, i will come back stronger. >> wow. >> well, she's a mother of two and still has a lot of rehab to go. she says she refuses to give up and partly because of her children. >> that's amazing. the love that they have for each other, too. a scientific break through had a lot of people talking. >> researchers in china successfully cloned monkeys. the first success in primates. they use the same procedure that processed dolly the sheep, remember her back in the '90s. experts say the animal can use
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to practice on diseases. the argument is whether it will be tested for humans. scoit is going to compete harder against those companies. that should pull other airlines into the frame like american and delta. united needs to expand to stay profitable. you are seeing this in san jose. united just announced new routes including non-stop to chicago. only american and southwest flew to chicago and prices are falling. more mixed news on stocks. this time the dow is opening at a high and the nasdaq is coming at a loss. we told you of net neutrality. burger king is taking a crack of
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net neutrality. if you are paying more, you get your whopper shoooner. >> they voted on it. >> this is the worst thing i have heard of. >> are you kidding me. >> you paid $26 for a whopper? >> you get your hamburger sooner. that's the argument and no, this is not happening at burger king. the one little thing that i like is at the end of this commercial, take a look at this, the burger king himself has a coffee cup, the big reese's coffee cup. he drinks out of this enormous coffee cup as he's doing all of this, getting rid of net neutrality. i will find you that picture. it is a little bit of a dig there.
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>>. speaking of coffee. your coffee cup may carry a cancer warning chemical due to every brew. a judge in la is expected to rule in a couple of months. the "today" show is getting reaction to this. >> they should be honest as much as possible. if something present that's detrimental to your health, you should know about it whether or not it is a small amount or not in coffee. it is up to consumers to decide whether or not to go ahead and consume the product they are buying. >> okay, so these are the same types of warnings that you see almost every building in california, a full report airs later this morning on "tthe
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"today" show. >> we'll have a story next week that will say story is so great for you. >> yeah. my friend's dog used to eat rocks and that's not good. >> nor is running with scissors, that i h did they put that on there? >> all right, i don't know where to go from there. >> run with your umbrella. >> yeah. just watch out for that point at the top. we are seeing rain off and on today, it is still going to be raining today even though you may not see coming downright now. you want to make sure you are prepared for that and also getting a look at some of the showers and some of the heavier downpours moving through northern sonoma county. a closer look, we dhave been seeing some snow and snow showers further north and as we get a look at mount hamilton. here it is right there. you may be able to see that in
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the distance. we had some patchy dense fog in the north bay, santa rosa is down to three quarters o f a mile and it may get worst. as we go into the eight or 9:00 hours. we'll start to see more showers popping up. some of them maco may contain h rain. even in this evening that commute is going to be wet. it is still snowing in the sierra as we talked about. some of the snow may add up to two feet. the next several days, well, it is going to be dry here. temperatures gradually warming up. we go from the low 50s today and tomorrow and into the upper 50s by the end of the weekend and for the in land valleys expect mid-50s today and 63 degrees on sunday and that sunshine keeps it warmer than normal for this
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time of the year. lets head over to mike. >> folks are able to be at speed. just be careful because even when it is not actively raining, you may have to watch especially of the bridge. a smooth drive, you see the pink and the white, that's where ckai have been talking about. the freeway themselves move well, puddles reported outside of the roads. the bay bridge, hold on a second, i want to show you mass transit, no delays here. on time for bart tickets. we do have this backup forming the last 45 seconds. it is really building up. they must have turned on the meter lights about two-minutes ago. we do have the backup here to keep things move smoothly and no problems on the bridge itself. back to you.
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thanks mike, it is a story that you will want to see before highwaying o heading out the door. germs are spreading and how dirty are our desks and the phones that we use. the investigation the "today" show is doing this morning. i don't know if i want to hear that. >> no lie, meryl streep is coming the coast. an all-star cast of a new tv show that she will be joining this year. oakland.
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5:23 right now. right now a live look at oakl d oakland, you can see cars are getting out there. >> 5:24 right now, an unsolved case of animal cruelty. patrol found an disoriented otter. x-ray revealed about half a dozen of bb bullets were lodged in the otter's head. >> animals don't get enough justice and they don't get to speak for themselves. workers at the wildlife museum
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looked at the otter, they believe the palettes were embedded there for some time. new this morning, a late night preemptive statement from magician david copperfield. she was the 17-year-old model who copperfield drugged her. he emphasized last night that he was being falsely accused. meryl streep agreed to join the cast for second season of "big little lies." meryl streep does not often appears in television production, her last role came in 2003 in the nbo mini series of "angels of america."
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the flu is on everyone's mind. do you think your co-worker is making you sick? the question is something that jeffe jeffery rosen have been asking this morning. >> i promise that we'll do it. you have to step away from the desk because i don't trust that you are not try to clean it. >> hold on. here we go. >> be kind. i just want a better score than hoda. >> i cannot promise that. >> so today on the "today" show, what you can do to prevent those germs from spreading. this could happen all around the workplace so you definitely want to stay tuned and watch. >> oh no, that's not. we'll do a facebook live at 6:00 a.m. maybe we'll go in our newsroom, too.
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coming up, new pictures this morning. major drug bust, the suspects are from the bay area. what we are learning from authorities in a few hour. bart could face a delay, the reason behind the holdup. -stillg
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thursday morning, as we take a live look right now at our radar. still some rain lingering in the area. seconds away from 5:30.
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good morning to you, thank you very much for joining us today. i am marcus washington. >> i am laurie garcia. lets check our forecast right now. kari hall, feels like we are getting a break but more on the way. >> don't let your guards down. don't put the umbrella down. we'll have more rain moving in. we see it hit or miss right now and tracking lightning bolts further to the north. as we take a look at what's happening in sonoma county, a few more of those showers popping up and some just offshore moving closer to san francisco and peninsula. we'll start to see that moving in the next 30 minutes. the rain is mostly around clover dale and south of santa rosa and we are getting some snow right now on mount hamilton. pop up showers and it does
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become more$c$c$c$cbc widesprea. i will talk about that and the weekend within view. that forecast is about 7 minutes. mike is giving us a look at the bay bridge. >> yes, looks like they turned on the meter lights a couple of mens, slick road ways in many parts. look at the map, not a problem for the speeds. all around the bay. shows a little bit of puddling. no major issues coming through the tri-valley. this pink, that's what kari was talking about of the dusting of the snow. if you are driving up there, it is not the best idea to drive down hamilton when it is slick up there. over here, slick because of rhett rowet road ways. folks are traveling past the scene. i will let you know if chp has
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closed any lanes. no delays for traffic, we'll send it back to you. bart officials will be talking about something impacting thousands of people. if you are living in the south bay, you have to wait longer for bart to make it down to san jose. seems like we have been waiting so long already. >> i have been waiting. >> live outside milpitas, bob redell, what's the holdup here? >> reporter: good morning. the federal government is helping fund part of this project given them an extra three months to come up with the design for the under ground portion of this project. whether to build a single or a double tunnel. the bta is scheduled to approve one of these designs in april. the bart board director will receive the latest look of the
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extension. this is known as phase two. you see on the map here, it will extend six miles into the south bay with four new stations, that'll include alum rock and santa clara and downtown san jose. the three-month design process is not a lot of times. they're saying it will be opened by 2026. phase one is near completion including warm springs and milpitas and berryessa were supposed to be opened last month which would have been ahead of schedule but they are opening at june. the milpitas bart station here at capital and great mall, looks like it is almost complete. the next step is handing over to bart so that agency can begin
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its testing. bob redell. all right, new this morning, silicon valley leaders are getting on board at a new push for larger commuter villagers. ceos from companies including more than 100 tech leaders joining the support behind the measure. rough week for google, google's heads to mountain view. google is a wealth hoarder. consider residents. they want google to help with
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affordable housing and legal representations help them because of rising prices. >> we have serious concerns around impact on housing and we need them to take action now. >> google released a statement saying they plan to work with officials to benefit the city of san jose and those who live here. new this morning, an alameda bay making a large scale drug bust on the high seas. this happens late in december, nearly 3500 pounds of cocaine, it happened off the central american coast and international waters. the crew arrested four smugglers. this was apart of a 23-ton hall of cocaine. drugs were seized more than the
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recent bust from the pacific ocean. roger federer is coming on the 26th in san jose. it would be a great present. he's going to team up with bill gates and double the match. >> i played tennis in high school. >> bet you were good. >> putting a little spin on that. >> you kind of glossed over there. bill gates playing tennis in the bay area. good stuff. i want to see him in those shorts. all right, your bay area drive, be careful out there. we have some snow over the local hills but not a problem for the commute. i will take you tout the tri-valley. no problem for the drive. past the crash earlier of the flat tire is being addressed, no
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lanes are blocked. towards the minimum, you see 16 minutes at the top and slower to richmond and of course, the backup is at the bay bridge. lights are in motion. i like that. >> maybe everybody got washed off. >> good cleansing. >> we'll be clear for the weekend? it will be clear for the week, we'll have off and on showers for today. we'll get some sunshine and here is a look at the radar right now before you head out the door. you can download the nbc bay area app and get the forecast. here is a look at saturday, 50 and 60 degrees. along the coast of the bay is 59 degrees. it will be a nice weekend but a little bit on the cool side but gracefully wa gradually warming up.
5:38 am
for the weekend. chilly start on friday and saturday is not bad. sunday, that's your day to get there. 67 degrees. in kirk wood. this is a look at our high temperature, look at that, 28 degrees. by the end of the weekend, you will be able to ski in 50 degrees temperatures with some sunshine. should be clear though as well as you are heading up to the sierra. if you are missing out going to muir woods of all the issues we had last weekend. this weekend will be a good one to go and we'll have temperatures in upper 50s on saturday and more clouds moving in, still, a nice 60 degrees. let me know what you are doing this weekend and i am @karihall weather on twitter. let me know what's going on in the bay area and i will have our week's forecast in about an hour. today's forecast is coming up in about three minutes. >> sounds good, thank you, kari.
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bay area's high school is paralyzed, brand new this morning, the improvements he's making and the new message to his friends and family. >> this is bigger than las srry nassar. ali raisman is talking about the gymnastic doctor. new from our president, he says he's willing to testify under oath when the bay continues. the bathroom.
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when things go wrong here, you remember. quilted northern is designed to work so well, you can forget your bathroom trips. but daddy gator can never forget. "i've got to motor out of here. this is no place to raise a child."
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it is 5:42 right now. still some rain across parts of the bay area. we seeing more showers lining up just offshore, about to move into parts of the peninsula within the next few minutes. lets go to los gatos, look at that, times of rain and sunshine, we'll see it all today coming up in five minutes. the tri-valley is looking good, 580 despite the earlier crash. the crash has been cleared on the bridge. new details on the high school wrestler in pleasant
5:43 am
hill. who was paralyzed from the neck down from a match. ryan joseph is now feeling some sensation in hiss feet and that he's still breathing on ave a ventilator. ryan thanked everyone on their support and on my worst day, i think of all of you and know that it is going to be all right. ali raisman is speaking out to larry nassar. she speaks on the "today" show experience about confronting him in court during the sentencing hearing. >> i don't feel that now -- it is hard to put into words, it makes me sick of all the stress and trauma and everything. for that moment, i had to be strong and i am exhausted from
5:44 am
it. >> understandably she felt a comradery with other victims. you will see the entire intervi interview on the "today" show. >> he received 175 years in prison. cobrown also had a lot of success such as taking the state from a huge deficit to a surplus. you can watch live on nbcbaya a normally the event did not make headlines but it did yesterday. the department of justice
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renewed its effort to keep funding from sanctuary jurisdictions. mayor liccardo tells the bay that the mayor did not attend with the president due to busy schedules. while the mayor heads to washington, the president heads to switzerland. big news of the mueller investigation. >> the president says he will be willing to answer questions under oath. the president spoke off camera but on tape. >> i would love to do that. i would loo i cdo it as soon as possible. >> do you trust this guy? >> now to some degree it is irrelevant whether president trump speaks under oath or not. lie to the special counsel and the fbi is a crime in of itself. just as formal national security adviser michael flynn who's under criminal investigation, not for what he did but for allegedly lying about it which
5:46 am
brings up an important point. what is exactly mueller investigating? we tend to use the shorthand of the russian investigation, really, it is three things. did the trump campaign collude with russia, was there an attempt to obstruct the investigation itself. this is where mueller is investigating right now and this is where flynn got into trouble. of course, money issues. this is where moanafort got int trouble. the trump interview will concentrate on the center one for now. donald trump arrived at davos for the gathering economic forum. trump will give a big speech tomorrow. > on his way to town, mr. trump
5:47 am
mentions that he will be okay with a pass for deemers. our kris sanchez is covering that angle, she will join us with that. we are covering the president 24 hours a day, i am on twitter @scottmaru. new this morning, a 4.1 meter earthquake. people in the riverside and santa ana reported feeling that jolt. no injuries. la times report scientists recently discovered a quake fault running underneath the world famous rodeo drive in beverley hills. the fault maybe capable of producing a magnitude 7 earthquake. they are saying.
5:48 am
>> that's a big one, right? >> that's a big one. i am just thinking of the ones we had and i was like wow -- >> yeah, that's a big one. >> okay. >> a lot of damage, that would be expensive, too. >> there you go. >> all right, so today, hopefully none of that is going on. we'll be tracking some rain around the bay area. in some parts of the bay area, we are getting a little bit of a break from those downpours. i want to show you where it is raining. you will have to be prepared for that as we go throughout the day. some of the showers moving through sonoma county. we are seeing the rain rolling through. we'll have some off and on rain, as we get a look at the peninsula, there is a line of showers just offshore. as we track when that rain will be moving into pacifica. it will be about ten minutes and for the south city, we'll see that in about 20 minutes and then moving into san mateo at
5:49 am
6:21 and more rain returning to palo alto at about 6:40. that'll help you plan as you are ready with your drive to work or school this morning. santa rosa, we got three kwauqur of an inch of rain. much of the bay area from bolder creek and santa cruz mountains, morning and looking out the window, you don't see it raining, those roads are wet and you need the umbrella. we'll still have a chance for showers moving through and also with these chilly temperatures, you will need a jacket and keep those layer and rain boots as well. we'll still have a lot of puddles left behind after the good amount of rain we have. we are going to see these little cells popping up hit or miss showers and not everyone will see the rain all at one time.
5:50 am
we'll at times have the potential of some small hail and some heavy downpours in those individual showers moving through. all of that clears out for tomorrow. look at the rest of the forecast shows we'll go from the mid-50s and upper 50s in san francisco. a lot more sunshine and maybe a while before we get some rain back here so we'll take every drop of what we can get with this current storm system and for the rest of the weekend, early next week, highs in the low 60s. mike has an update on that crash on highway 17. >> chp gave us a little more detai details, we don't have a lot of slowing here. some slick conditions continue of those on and off ramps. be careful. over here, at big moody, that's a sharp turn, before you get to the summit. we did have report. it was a solo card spin out.
5:51 am
keep that possibility in mind and all around the bay. it is not causing a slow down heading towards the santa cruz site. getting over to the tri-valley and no major issues. we'll show you on waze of what we are talking about. the slower drive is right here on 72. the purple right here is the fastest way right now. but as these bridges build westbound, you will want to stick with the limit so far. follow us in the morning and join us nbc bay area waze, that's the team that we'll give you all updates on the road. >> more for you this morning, a shoot out at a busy intersection, the dashcam video that you cannot miss.
5:52 am
the flood waters are rising. paris is dealing of the water over flowing. it has risen more than 15 feet. a union representing the workers making that push a new legalization. >> we'll be back here in two-minutes with more news. at stanford health care,
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we can now simulate the exact anatomy of a patient's brain before surgery. if we can do that, imagine what we can do for seizures. and if we can fix damaged heart valves without open heart surgery, imagine what we can do for an irregular heartbeat, even high blood pressure. if we can use analyze each patient's breast cancer to personalize their treatment, imagine what we can do for the conditions that affect us all. imagine what we can do for you.
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richmond-san rafael bridge.. the roads still wet this morning. a full check of your weather and traffic with kari and mike is it is thursday morning, taking a live look outside of the san rafael road. >> terrifying scene caught on camera. police in florida released this new footage at a brazen shoot out at a stoplight. take a look. >> now this happens at pensacola on monday. th about a dozen bullets were shot at that car with two children inside.
5:56 am
preliminary investigation revealed that the shoot out was drug related and somebody in one car owed money to the other person in the other car. at least one person is arrested. new details of the hit-and-run crash we told you yesterday morning. police arrested 33-year-old benjamin yager. happening today almena is going back on trial. he's facing 36 counts of involuntary man slaughter. almena leased the building and harris was a lease director. as tax season is under way, scammers are already trying to steal your money with phone
5:57 am
calls. the caller claims to be from the irs and threatens to freeze your account if you don't pay up. now the real irs is saying don't fall for this. >> that call is so bogus, we are not going to tell you to pay by money gram. the urgency of asking you to pay is a way of victimizing people. >> you will never be contacted by phone. the call of the scam is they demand money on the spot. 5:57 happening today, another bay area city will begin recreational pot sales. they are expected to open this week. it comes more than three weeks after sonoma's sales begin on january 1st. new for you this morning. whine shipments increased more
5:58 am
than 1% in the u.s. last year. that's according to the press democrats. u.s. winery sold 403 million cases last year. consumers binge in wine last year. experts say the industry shows how much the wine industry is growing year by year. medical news this morning, a large number of americans have never been tested for hiv. 39% of women and 54% of men never had an hiv test outside of donating blood. the majority of untested people felt that they have not been exposed to hiv and one and five says they were never offered with the tests. the fashion industry company, bizarre is calling its
5:59 am
pokemon key chain. the company's product safety commission says that the center of that spinner can fallout causing a choking hazard. the company will giver full refunds for the product. happening today, the first of several town hall meetings to discuss traffic in san mateo county. tonight's meeting is at the library at 6:30. talk about bathrooms. some are saying boeing's max plane is not all that company. the sinks are so tiny that only one hand can be washed at a
6:00 am
time. passengers also complained and saying those seats are too small and measuring an inch smaller than standard plane seats. >> tahat's tough. here is a story that you don't hear everyday. it involves a beauty contest in saudi arabia but for camels. >> 12 camels have been disqualified after their handlers caught used botox for them. they worked on them with a perfect camel pout. it is apparently very valuable in these sorts of comcompetitio. botoxes are -- are used on the animals' nose and jars. >> there is a 50,000 prize money at staker


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