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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  January 26, 2018 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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times. the photo appears to show two people pushing shopping carts full of raw, uncovered meat through the front door of the 99 ranch market on hoff stetter road in san jose. >> these two guys, slabs of pork and some were kind of flopped over and it was on the handle bars. does it go down the aisle and touch the products along the way? >> the santa clara county department of environmental health confirms they are now investigating this incident. >> it was absolutely horrific, in my opinion. >> reporter: tonight 99 ranch market tells us they just learned about the incident this morning and they dumped all of the meat from that vendor, and are looking into the vendor's meat handling procedures. and 99 ranch market tells us that jim's farm meat is the vendor who delivered the meat that day. i contacted the dump, but an employee told me, but an
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employee told me no one is available to talk about the issue and costco didn't comment on whether their shopping carts were used to deliver that meat. >> a lot of unanswered questions. >> we have new details about the stabbing of a san jose bouncer. six members of one family facing murder charges for frank navarro's death. two brothers, one sister and three cousins are indicted for the murder that took place last february. he was a bouncer at tres gringos bar. one of the suspects was denied from entering because he was using his brother's i.d. he called his brother who drove to the bar with the rest of the other suspects and allegedly punched a security guard. after navarro, head of security, confronted the group they attacked and stabbed him to death. a cop killer in an east bay
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court, 22-year-old muhammad ali crashed into a chp patrol car killing officer andrew camilari. the scheduled arraignment was postponed and also in court today six chp officers to show their support for the family. you might remember that crash happened on 880 in hayward on christmas eve night. ali rear ended the back of the patrol car killing officer camelari and injuring another y officer. not old enough to drive. early this morning a chase ended with police arresting several teens. the latest in the string of arrests of kids in the past 24 hours. nbc bay area's robert honda handa joins us. they're pretty young. >> that's right. the south bay police chief says he has seen a spike in juvenile crime including violent crime,
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but you're right, officials do have to struggle with the need to help children, but punish criminals. the crime is not always major. what's surprising is these days the suspect is off on a minor. this morning, for example, police caught these four juveniles in east san jose in a stolen truck. officers armed with rifles busted a group of thieves, all four teenagers. the police chief worried that the spike is caused by juveniles face minimal punishment. today at a gathering of social service agencies geared toward children's needs, they have worked with the juvenile crime system says he's concerned about the recent spike and emphasized harsher punishments won't work. >> because they don't happen to believe that the way to deal with trauma among youth is to lock them up and throw away the key. >> a public health director agrees. we need to be thinking about where do these children start? where do that teenager -- where
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were they when they were 2, 3 years old, what were they exposed to? they believe the upward trend involving youth is also because san jose doesn't have enough officers to respond to many crimes. nobody comes out and the people who do crimes know that, and we think that there's a lot of adults who are preying on or utilizing young kids. >> county officials say there are many more success stories with the juveniles than those getting headlines and coming up at 6:00, the programs helping those families and what to do about the hard core violent youth. live in san jose, robert handa, bay area news. >> thank you very much. legislators gathered for a rare hearing in santa rosa today. the topic of a north bay firestorm and where the investigation stand especially as it relates to pg&e. members of cal fire and the state public utility commission and pg&e answered questions about the fire and investigation. jerry hill wanted to know more about pg&e's recloser technology
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that could have spark those fires. the technology is evolving and the head of cal fire said the deadly blazes were a brutal lesson. i think we all collectively have a lot of work to do going forward. just as you said the amount of risk out there, 95% of fires are started by people. cal fire is still working to determine how each of more than half a dozen fires started. anxiety over the trump administration's immigration policies have berkeley's mayor using twit in an attempt to defuse tensions on campus today. immigration or i.c.e. agents were actually seen at cal, it wasn't a raid. the agents were invited on campus to speak. recently one undocumented berkeley student made headlines when he was detained for days down in san diego. he was taken into custody at a check point and has since been released on bond and is back at school. that same ongoing battle over
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immigration reform triggered a new protest this time in san francisco. the peaceful demonstration centered around a family pleading for the release of their undocumented father detained by i.c.e. agents after dropping his son off at day care. fernando carrillo's wife was among the demonstrators rallying outside i.c.e. offices in san francisco. >> it's been a nightmare. emotionally, physically, financially, we've been struggling. our daughters more, i think, than anyone. they are in a position where they don't understand why things are happening the way they are. >> spokesperson for i.c.e. says carrillo was moved to mexico three times since 2003 and he has convictions including possessing a false i.d. and a dui. carrillo will remain in custody while his immigration court proceedings move forward. tonight president trump is on his way back to the u.s. from switzerland. over the weekend his team will be working on an immigration plan expected to be announced on monday. nbc's blane alexander is
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reporting from washington. he ordered the firing of special counsel robert mueller last year. >> reporter: he is adamantly denying them, terry. in fact, the president just arrived at the white house just a few minutes ago and was shouted questions about that by reporters. he ignored those questions, but all along the white house has also been adamant saying that firing mueller was something president trump never even considered. before leaving switzerland, president trump attacking reports that he tried to fire special counsel robert mueller last june. >> fake news, folks. fake news. >> a source with first-hand knowledge tells nbc news white house attorney don mcgahn threatened to quit rather than carrying out the order causing president trump to back down. >> you have a pattern or practice and that's starting to establish a clear intent on the part of the president to stop this investigation. >> for months the president has denied that he ever considered firing mueller. >> no, i'm not. >> reporter: who appears to now
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be focusing on possible obstruction of justice. i think what trump can say in response with force is that maybe he thought about firing mueller, but then thought better of it. >> reporter: on the world stage president trump focused instead on his america first message, but back at home his team is pushing a new immigration plan, a path to citizenship for nearly 1.8 million d.r.e.a.m.ers and in return, $30 billion for border security and the wall. an end to the visa lottery programs or limits to family-based or so-called chain migration. the democrats say the president is holding d.r.e.a.m.ers hostage. >> we have a way to go forward without donald trump's irrational ideas for the border. >> reporter: the plan is too soft. breitbart news adopting the term don's amnesty plan. some republicans are onboard with the president's plan.
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senator tom cotton who san immigration hardliner called it generous and humane and also responsible. terry? >> thanks very much. police had to scour the area for a concord man who they believed did this. police say he crashed a car into this home on vera cruz and monty video drive. police eventually found the suspect. he was hiding in a parking lot and they arrested him. an alarming arrests with the car break-in is prompting action from city lawmakers tonight. out of more than 81,000 reports of car break-s in in the past seven years, only 13 resulted in arrests. the police chief says there is an average of 85 break-ins a day in san francisco, and he says based on that number, it's not even practical to have officers show up and investigate every case. we have a map that highlights break-in hot spots. most happen around the big landmarks. to address the problem, san
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francisco's d.a. is endorsing a plan to give prosecutors an easier path toward proving the crime. still to come, more fallout from the sexual abuse sentencing of dr. larry nassar and a shake-up at a major university where nassar also worked. escaping human trafficking and joining the world of high tech. the new bayier program that's helping survivors get hired. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. cool 50s across the bay area and i'm tracking drops in the 30s for tomorrow morning and a full look at the weekend forecast in just a few minutes. gymnastics b
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resigned -- bowing to every member of the usa gymnastics board has now resigned, bowing to pressure into larry nassar's sex abuse scandal and that's just part of the fallout. powerful testimony from more than 100 young women at nassar's sentencing hearing is shaking up michigan state university where nassar was a doctor for 20 years. the school's president resigned. today so did the school's athletic director. both say they didn't know about nassar's misconduct despite a 24-dean complaint and an investigation. today the school's board of trustees apologized. >> i have a daughter that dreams of coming here, and i want her to feel safe, and i want all of our daughters to feel safe here. >> this isn't about the business.
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this is about changing the culture at michigan state university. >> nbc has learned that nassar was not licensed to practice medicine in texas where he was at the karolyi ranch. now we're learning the local sheriff's department in texas is investigating that ranch. >> from the depths of despair to hopes, survivors say they're gearing up for a brighter future thanks to a program being launched today which aims to train those survivors to become engineers. nbc bay area's jodi hernandez is where the program kicked off this afternoon and what a change. >> reporter: it really is, jessica. the non-profit called love never fails held a kickoff party today and they are hoping to help victims of exploitation enter the world of i.t. >> with the beatings and the rapings, and with the not being able to go see a doctor when you need to. >> reporter: trish described
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what she endured during eight years of exploit aied by traffickers. she was pulled into it as a teenager. >> we learned to adapt and survived as much as possible day to day. >> reporter: with the help of hayward non-profit love never fails leon escaped and she's about to take part in a first of its kind training program. >> i am going to be introducing my clients into the world of networking, so router switching and how the internet works. >> love never fails has partnered with cisco and other organizations to provide human trafficking survivors and other underserved people a 14-week i.t. training course. >> they have abilities that they may not have even known they had. the i.t. biz networking academy classes start tomorrow. for leon, who is also the mother of of a 4-year-old, the future has never looked brighter. >> if trust myself hard enough it will turn out really well.
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>> the group of ten students start classes tomorrow. love never fails is hoping they help about 85 students every year. reporting live in hayward. i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> all right, jodi, thanks very much. if you are sick with the flu you are not alone. we have update with the numbers as the flu continues to spread across california and the cdc says 23 more californians died from flu-related symptoms last week and that brings the number this season to 97. 20 of them were right here in the bay area. researchers say we are still in the thick of flu season and continue to urge everyone to please get a flu shot. the flu coverage continues on "nightly news." last week, nationwide now, one in 15 doctor visits were flu related and the baby boomer generation getting hit especially hard and lester holt joins us in 15 minutes from now with the reason for why that is. >> uc berkeley has been on president bush's radar for nearly a year now and the
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administration is proving it in court. last february when the school erupted in violence over speakers invited by conservative student groups, that if, quote, cal doesn't allow free speech perhaps it should lose federal funding. now it is inserting itself in the subsequent legal fight. it followed the statement would have sued the university for limiting free speech. the lawsuit was dismissed, but the students are refiling their claim. yesterday rain and hail. today, sun and fog. and some beautiful shots here from sky ranger flying over the trivalley area late this morning. it's a beautiful shot. it could have been sunshine in one side and you have the thick fog on the other. it's beautiful and look behind us. >> i know. i can look at that for a long time. >> i might have another preview of that coming up here. >> fantastic.
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>> full screen, people. okay. >> so we do have the weekend coming our way and dry weather moving in after some wet weather this week which is really, really nice. yes! there it is. tablg take a look at our high-definition camera and look at that golden gate bridge and '95 opened back in 1937, 746 feet high and the main span, some 4,200 feet long and it is a beauty. okay. let's bring you back into the weather right now. currently 53 degrees and we will see temperatures drop down to the 40s once we hit 9:00 and 10:00 at night and take your jacket if you're headed into san francisco tonight. as you head throughout this weekend, the rain line is going to be super close to the bay area. we are just a couple of hundred miles away of potentially getting wet weather, but we're confident we're not going to see any just because high pressure has moved into just the right spot here out here off the shore of california. if you're heading up to washington or oregon, you will have rainfall moving in there,
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but for us, we do have the dry weather not only for tonight and tomorrow, but we think at this point for the next seven days and we'll have more in about a minute and a half on where we could have heavy rainfall moving in on the extended forecast and let's bring you right into saturday morning and if you want to sleep in and take it slow on the week end forecast and we'll have cloud cover out there and overall, it will just be cold out there and probably keeping you from going outside. those chilly temperatures and 37 in the trivalley and peninsula at 31 and the south bay at 42 and 39 in the east bay and 38 for the north bay and the high clouds in san francisco, and they'll kick on out of here. everyone expected to get sunshine as we hit your saturday forecast. let's take you into the microclimate forecast on saturday and you can see temperatures warming up to about 5 degrees and i think it will be noticeably different tomorrow and you will see it in the temperature and you will see some of that increased sunshine. 60 in cupertino and 60 in san
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jose. contra costa, alameda counties and 60 in livermore and over to oakland, 58 degrees and a mix of sun and clouds in the peninsula. 61 in redwood city and san francisco dropping down to the 50s across the board and heading out to the golden gate bridge and right toward the marina, and you're looking at 55 for the embarcadero and through the north bay, 62 in napa and cooler in mill valley at 59 and point have as, 56 degrees. my extended forecast keeps dry weather in san francisco as we head throughout the next seven days and temperatures in the upper 60s and 40s for those morning lows and throughout the inland valleys we'll see numbers in the 60s as we head through the next seven days. the next possibility of rainfall at this point looks like it could be on february 6th, not a major storm system, but the next time we could have wet weather back into the bay area. we do have 40s and 50s and no
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big snowstorm and nice weather to enjoy the one to three feet of snow they got this week. >> now i know why they call it the golden gate. >> oh, yes, yes, yes! >> literal. >> jeff, thanks very much. >> coming up, is it discrimination in the beauty aisle? why walmart is being sued for storing certain products under lock and key. even if no one in your home smokes, secondhand smoke can be closer than you think. secondhand smoke from a neighbor's apartment can enter your home through air vents, through light fixtures and even through cracks in the walls and the floors. secondhand smoke is toxic.
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especially to children. protect your family. visit so caltrans is warning drivers to prepare accordi happening now on the homepage, there's fresh snow in the sierra so caltrans is warning drivers to prepare accordingly and chains are required if you're headed that way. you can get a sneak peek of the exhibit by helping out the video on our twitter feed.
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like jack's one-of-a-kind breakfast pockets for $2 each. three of jack's famous tacos and a small drink for $3! or a classic bonus jack combo for $5! it's like i tell jack jr., it's all about big values, jr. prices. locking up products by race, that is the claim made in a lawsuit filed against walmart today. during a trip to wal namart she found beauty products used by african-americans locked up and,
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but other products were easily available. she was escorted to the cash register and that other shoppers were looking at them. gloria allred filed the suit and if walmart is concerned about security it should be locking up all of its products. >> what appears to be racial profiling of african-american customers must end. we think that it perpetuates a racial stereotype that african-american customers should be suspected of being thieves and criminals. >> allred went on to say that she and gundy are seeking an undisclosed amount in damages and an injunction against walmart. walmart has yet to comment on the lawsuit. if you remember the main spillway fractured a year ago under the pressure of record rainfall, but the disaster forced nearly 200,000 people downstream to evacuate. the california department of water resources announced today
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its estimated repairs has risen to $870 million. that's 200 million more than it originally budgeted and they tweeted the pictures of thing process and so far fema has reimbursed 87 million. >> san jose international announced that a record number of passengers last year and a total of 12.5 million people flew out of or into san jose. that's a 15% increase from the year before. the director of aviation says that are number is expected to grow more this year. a turtle on the brink of death nursed back to health, though, when we come back. sfx: tinny headphone music
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sfx: feet shuffling life can change in an instant. be covered when it does... ...with a health plan through covered california. we offer free expert help choosing the best plan for you. and all of our plans include free preventive care. financial help is available, so check for yourself to see what savings you qualify for. open enrollment ends january 31st, so don't miss out. because you never know when life... ...will change. get covered today.
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the new data that could make it easier for immigration >> tonight at 6:00, tracking license plates. the new data that could make it easier for immigration agents to track down undocumented immigrants while they're in their cars. the bay area company providing the information and why a legal expert says california may be why i.c.e. went after the data. that story and more tonight at 6:00. finally tonight, a turtle found abandoned with a cracked shell behind a target store is going to be okay. a good samaritan found this webster pond turtle in redwood
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city, and she had a three-inch crack, likely from being hit from a car. the wild life in burlingame saved her. she should be fully healed in about six months if everything goes well. so keep your fingers crossed for the cute turtle. >> we have people who care for such creatures. >> poor girl. >> jeff ranieri is talking about sunsets and not as good as it was, but still nice. >> it's beautiful, but the other one was nice. >> it was a wow. >> it was a wow. >> let's get a look at that seven-day forecast and you can see this weekend, we'll start off cold in the 30s for those interior valleys and 60s for the afternoon and partly cloudy skies and we'll see increased cloud cover and we are dry through the next seven days and we could see rainfall return once we hit february 6th and 7th and february 8th and we'll keep a close eye on that and a much-deserved break after this wet weather.
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>> thank for joining us. >> lester holt is next and then terry and i will be back coming up at 6:00. developing news tonight on this deadly flu emergency. federal health officials now say it's the worst in nearly a decade. so many parents rushing their children to jam-packed e.r.s. >> i wouldn't wish that on any mother, any parent, period. >> and this tonight from the cdc. it's hitting baby boomers unusually hard. new calls to otect the special counsel after revelations that president trump ordered robert mueller fired but backed down when his white house counsel threatened to quit. a bombshell report about casino billionaire steve wynn, one of the most powerful mega moguls in vegas, trump confidant and republican power player, accused of repeated sexual misconduct. a demand for answers after a rescue mission gone wrong.


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