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tv   Early Today  NBC  February 5, 2018 4:00am-4:31am PST

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wow, the world champions! [cheering and applauding] >> the new reigning champs, the philadelphia eagles toppled the new england patriots in their first super bowl championship in history. fans take to the streets to rejoice. the russian memo and probe makes waves in washington as new details come out on a former trump aide. an update on the deadly crash in south carolina that left over 1 shun injured. the federal reserve gets a new chairman. and if you missed the super bowl, you may have missed a sneak peek of an upcoming movie or two. we have all the trailers to get
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you caught up on. "early today" starts right now. good to be with you on a monday morning. i'm frances rivera. the country has a new reigning super bowl champion. >> and time runs out! >> this is the end of the game. >> and for the philadelphia eagles, the long drought is over. finally. >> fly, eagles fly. that was heard roaring through the stadium and through philly streets shortly after the massive win. thousands going on to celebrate the eagles's first super bowl win in franchise history. dee throning the new england patriots 41-33 in a fourth quarter stunner that had millions across the country glued to their seats. >> wow, the world champions! [cheering and applauding] >> for eagles fans everywhere, this is for them. this is for them. >> not only do we have the best fans in the world. we now have the best team in the
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world. >> eagles quarterback nick foles had the game of his life. knocking off tom brady with an impressive 373 passing yards, three touchdowns and a super bowl mvp trophy to boot. to say it was an improbable run for foles is an understatement. the second string quarterback took the lead for eagles midway through the season only to become the first play in nfl history to throw for and catch a touchdown in a super bowl. the eagles led the game for the first three quarters and in the first half after that gutsy catch by foles. only for the patriots to claw their way back, taking a 33-32 lead for the magical touchdown by five-time super bowl champ tom brady. but with over two minutes left in the game, it was an incredible jump into the end zone by zach ertz that gave the eagles the go ahead score. and they never looked back, sacking brady, taking control of the ball, scoring a 46-yard field goal to extend their lead. ultimately leading brady and the patriots with no options and no time outs.
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>> we battled as competitive, but we just obviously didn't get the job done. >> it's disappointing, but proud of the way our team competed. those guys are champions. champions of afc, they earned that. we came up a little bit short tonight. >> losing sucks, but that's part of ui, you show up sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. that's the way it goes. >> the eagles are expected to announce the date of their victory parade through the philly streets later today. to washington intel chairman nunes memo in the russia investigation continues to make waves. former cia director john brennan accuses nunes of overstepping his own position. >> it really underscores just how partisan mr. nunes has been. he has abused the office of the chairmanship of hpse. i don't say that lightly. >> brennan's tough words come as republicans cheer on the memo's
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release. arguing that it proves the special counsel's investigation into russia's election meddling cannot be trusted. the president tweeting this memo totally vindicates trump in probe, but the russian witch hunt goes on and on. there was no collusion and there was no obstruction. still there are those with the gop who say otherwise. here was congressman trey gowdy who had a hand in writing that gop memo. >> i actually don't think it has any impact on the russia probe for this reason. >> the memo has no impact on the russia probe? >> not to me it doesn't and i was pretty integrally involved in the drafting of it. >> this all comes as democrats push the congress and president to accept their own competing memo demanding it be released to the public as they accuse republicans of waging opposition campaign against the russia investigation and fbi and as we learn new details regarding one of the former trump aides at the center of that memo. for more let's go to nbc's tracie potts. tracie, good morning.
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>> reporter: hi, frances, good morning. that aide is carter page. he was working with russia and wanted to monitor his communications. as evidence they took to the secret fisa court this dossier that had unverified information. it was paid for by democrats, according to republicans. they didn't tell the court that at the time, and then the authorization to spy on carter page was renewed four times without the court knowing that information. but carter page was already on the government's radar. we have reporting now from "the wall street journal" that they knew or suspected carter page of having these links to the kremlin as far back as 2013. in fact, time magazine obtained a letter where carter page himself talks about that, saying that he served as an advisor to the kremlin in preparation for the g-20 summit at that time next month. now, carter page has not been
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charged with any crimes. that's important to note. also important to note, he may not be the end of this investigation. >> this completes just the fisa abuse portion of our investigation. we are in the middle of what i call phase two of our investigation which involves other departments, specifically the state department and some of the involvement that they had in this. >> so, here's what you want to look out for today. the republican version of the facts is already out. democrats say they've got their version and that committee could vote on whether to release the democrats' classified version today. frances? >> all right, we'll see what happens. tracie, thank you. an amtrak train traveling from new york to florida slammed into a parked freight train in south carolina killing two amtrak employees. over 100 others were taken to the hospital. authorities say the miami bound train appeared to be on the wrong track when it collude lied with a freight train. it also caused 5,000 gallons of fuel to spill. this is the second deadly amtrak
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crash in less than a week and the third since the crash in washington state last december. nbc's jennifer johnson gives us more details. >> reporter: a horrific scene near casey, south carolina, the mangled wreckage of amtrak train 91 and csx freight train. the trains collided just after 2 2:30 a.m. when most were asleep. >> it crossed like you would not believe. >> reporter: sources say just before the crash all csx signals were off line. csx gave verbal approval for amtrak to proceed down a set of tracks but the track switch was in the wrong position sending the amtrak directly into the parked freight train. >> key to this investigation is learning why that switch was lined that way because the expectation, of course, is that the amtrak would be cleared and would be operating straight down like this. >> reporter: most of the 139
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passengers traveling from new york to florida were taken to hospitals, most with nonthreatening injuries. >> we should have had a lot more casualties, but we didn't. >> reporter: emergency workers se say removing so many injured was a monumental task. >> we were able to get 116 patients to the hospital in a timely manner. >> reporter: this is the second amtrak crash in less than a week. on wednesday a train carrying dozens of memorandum ers are of congress in west virginia hit a truck killing the truck's passenger. jennifer johnson, nbc news, washington. >> now to more fall out involving gymnastics doctor larry nassar. they will now require gymnasts to be chaperoned by someone other than their coaches at upcoming events. in a letter to staff, coaches and parents, usa gymnastics said it will no longer compete at major events in canada and italy. nassar is accused of sexually abusing more than 150 girls and
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women. he has been sent to prison for molesting girls and child pornography. he will be back in court for his final sentencing. let's turn to our weather with bill karins and our monday morning forecast. >> good morning, frances. snow in areas of montana will spread into the plains. not a huge event. it could affect evening rush hour in iowa and milwaukee. in the mountains of montana, this is the snowfall the next few hours. when you get to the blue that's when you get to 3 inches. des moines fresh powder for you and spread into central illinois. chicago, indianapolis, anywhere between a dusting to 2 inches. it will be kind of slippery. 18 in chicago, and colder in new england as our rain and
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iowa and i understanndiana. cooling off today in the northeast. over the weekend, the 5th annual international wind games were held in spain. more than 200 fliers from around the worldcom peted for the ti c indoor sky diver. there's frances. she did well. rico was fastest flyer while a 12-year-old australian aim i watson won the junior free style competition. they are bidding to become an olympic sport for the 2024 summer games. it is certainly entertaining to watch. >> yeah, it is, very cool. better than my fly experience. still ahead, would won this week's battle at the box office. we'll show you our adorable video of the day. "early today" is back in two. see ya. -take care. ♪
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jungle clawed its way back to the top spot in the box office on the super bowl weekend. it brought in another $11 million. it boosted the total box office haul to over $350 million. it marks the first time the movie released nationwide in december has won a weekend in february since titanic back in 1998. as this year's flu season is shaping up to be the worst in 15 years, one viral video is warming the hearts of many. a georgia mom shared this video of her twin tauoddlers both sic with the flu, hug ing it out. it garnered millions of views on facebook in an update on shoeshl media the boys are fortunately getting a whole lot better. sweetest thing to see. tistill ahead, we'll take y to a pristine part of the world, those who battle for water and those who want to open a mine. you're watching "early today." e. it was tough getting out there on stage. e.
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it is common for people to be reappointed by presidents of the opposite party. i made clear that i would be willing to serve another term, and so, yes, i do feel a sense of disappointment. >> that was outgoing federal reserve chairman janet yellen revealing her disappointment at not getting a second term to lead the federal reserve when speaking with cbs sunday morning. replacement jerome powell confirmed by the senate over a
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week ago will take the helm of the fed when he sworn in later today. now to a clash of cultures involving an ancient life line and the needs of a modern world, it's playing out in a remote corner of southwestern alaska where native people are fighting to preserve a way of life that depends on water while others are fighting to win approval for a new mine. nbc news chief environmental affairs correspondent ann thompson went to take a look. >> reporter: even winter starkness can't diminish alaska's vast natural wonders. waters that teem with fish, land rich with minerals. wonders on a slow motion collision course with a proposed gold and copper mine at the head waters of the world's largest salmon run. in the winter, how many times do you eat salmon? >> three, maybe. >> reporter: with her grandmother's blade, she prepares fish they've eaten for centuries and feeds her family today. is all this fish caught by your
4:18 am
family? >> yeah, i wouldn't have it any other way. >> reporter: but the world needs copper from everything from smartphones to solar panels. >> we have two ways to get copper, mine in the united states ask -- or somewhere else. >> reporter: does the mine threaten the fish risk? >> not at all. and if it does it won't be built. that's why you go through permitting. if it was determined we would do significant damage to the fish we wouldn't build the project. >> reporter: the permitting is underway with the blessing of the trump administration. though it has kept in place an obama era -- it would be at risk. the days here are short, a mere six hours of sunlight and there is not much to do. just get ready for the next fishing season and talk about the pebble mine. time seems frozen. tell me, how do these waters all connect? why is it that this mine 100 miles away, will impact dilling
4:19 am
ham? >> because we are downstream, the mine could not be located at a more horrible spot. >> reporter: opponent says the mine will destroy some streams and wetlands the salmon depend on and a spill of toxic mining waste could kill the fishery. >> our entire culture revolves around this place. and if we could not fish, our people would be forced to leave. >> reporter: can you guarantee that there won't be a spill or an accident? >> no. >> reporter: so if you can't guarantee that, how can you guarantee the fishery will be protected? >> i can model what a spill will be. we believe we can reduce the potential of there being an accident out there to near negligible numbers. >> reporter: then there are the economics. the fishery generates 14,000 jobs and $1.5 billion a year. the mine would employ less than 3,000 people and operate for 20 years with $100,000 salaries. dee dee dennis is not impressed.
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is that a good trade-off? >> we can't eat money. >> reporter: trying to preserve nature's bounty in the demands of a modern age. ann thompson, nbc news, dilling ham, alaska. >> still ahead, we'll take a look at some of the hottest movie trailers that premiered during the super bowl. you're watching "early today." no, please, please, oh! ♪ (shrieks in terror) (heavy breathing and snorting) no, no. the running of the bulldogs? surprising. what's not surprising? how much money aleia saved by switching to geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more.
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night's super bowl and finally gave us a first look at a fan favorite and a galaxy far, far away. >> and which branch are you interested in joining? >> i'd like to be a pilot. >> best in the galaxy. >> that was the long awaited "star wars" story. hans solo origin. it didn't disappoint with flashes of the show's stars. even a possible cameo by chewy. >> nice. >> super heros of avengers affinity war, showing a slew, josh roland and his villain. >> one of the biggest shocks of the night came from netflix when its thriller premiered not only announcing the third installment of the fran schiez but also sharing -- >> creepy. >> the film would premiere after the game. it wasn't the only premiere that thrilled viewers. it looked to spook viewers a
4:24 am
little bit, too. >> something is coming. it's a t rex. >> it's not a t rex. >> my kids were not happy with that one. >> mine weren't either. >> she was scared. >> mommy, why the scary commercials? they do the hand filter thing. >> i told my kids we're not seeing that one. >> after months of secrecy, kylie jenner confirmed she's a new mom. she welcomed a baby girl with boyfriend travis scott. she took to instagram to say she was sorry to keep fans in the dark but needed to prepare for her role as a new mom in private. the beauty mogul then went on to share this new video showing doctor visits, late night food runs. we had to know about all that stuff, right? >> it was the baby's name everybody is waiting on. we'll see. join chicago west her cousin. what she'll be named. we'll be right back. >> interesting christmas cards. competition. big hype. big price. big deal.
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all this month we are celebrating black history. we shine a spotlight on a former nfl player turned teacher in baltimore. after a recent cold snap left some students wearing coats in class, aaron maybin took matters into his own hands. >> reporter: standing 6'4", former linebacker aaron maybin is tackling a new mission. >> nowhere else i'd rather be part of a change than the hometown that raised me. >> reporter: since leaving the nfl maybin has been teaching in baltimore where many classes like his have been dark and cold. he posted a video of his
4:27 am
shivering students on social media. >> yesterday i had frost bite. >> reporter: it went viral, drawing national attention but maybin couldn't wait for the city to address the problem. he went door to door,ing can for hand warmers and blankets. he helped launch a go fund me naming raised $82,000. amazon donated coats. finally the kids got back their heat and their smiles. what message does it send to these kids it took all that effort just to get heat turned on in their classroom? >> it tells them they don't matter. why are the kids in this community, you know what i mean, not prioritized as heavily as the kids a few blocks away. >> you're talking about more affluent whiter schools. >> reporter: exa exactly. >> reporter: now he wants to even the playing field. how important is school? >> real important. >> reporter: you want to do well in school.
4:28 am
providing a face of hope even in the darkest of hours. nbc news, baltimore, maryland. >> making a difference and hopefully the weather will help a little bit, too. let's check in with meteorologist bill karins to see if that's the case. >> some areas warmer and colder. little see-saw ride. the west coast warm air continues. today temperatures in the single digits bismarck. minneapolis at 16. the cold air will spread into oklahoma tomorrow. grand isle, kansas city and oklahoma well below average where some of the winter chill will be and some of that will spread into areas of ohio. temperatures rebound quickly as we head toward the weekend. friday in st. louis at 54, cincinnati at 45, nashville up to 60 degrees. so this little cold shot will be very short lived. today's forecast again some light snow and cold temperatures headed toward chicago, probably
4:29 am
some of the worst weather out there. thanks for watching. we leave you with the images of the spectacular frozen ad lib l
4:30 am
francisco. good morning and thank you for joining us. i )m marcus washington. and i )m laura garcia. starting with a look at the "bay


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