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tv   Today  NBC  February 5, 2018 7:00am-9:01am PST

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>> join us for nbc bay area news at 11:00 on this monday morning. have a great day. good morning. fly, eagles fly. >> caught over the middle and into the end zone. >> the philadelphia eagles upset tom brady and the new england patriots to win their very first super bowl ever in dramatic fashion. and back home in philly, it's bedlam. >> the city of brotherly love. >> we're live in minneapolis with the latest on the game, the celebrations and we'll talk live to some of the game's big heroes. what went wrong? federal investigators on the scene of that deadly train crash in south carolina. an amtrak train slamming into a parked freight train, killing 2
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people and injurining more than 100 others. >> bodies everywhere. >> was human error to blame? running rampant. the flu epidemic somewhere getting worse. the number of deaths and hospitalizations climbing even higher. this morning what the cdc wants you to know and do. all that, plus, uma thurman breaks her silence on harvey weinstein. icy conditions lead to massive pileups in the midwest, as a new winter storm marches across the country. and super monday. from the commercials that everyone is talking about -- to the surprising star of the halftime show. to the star of the postgame show, mandy moore, joining us live to talk "this is us." and we got it covered for you, today, february 5th, 2018. >> from nbc news, this is "today," with savannah guthrie
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and hoda kotb, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. and good morning, everybody. welcome to "today." thank you for joining us this monday morning. i will not be neutral this morning. >> i'm happy to see you wearing your jersey. what a game. >> what a game. it's incredible. it had everything. the patriots played great. they played their hearts out. but it wasn't enough. the eagles were on fire. my feelings are best expressed by al roker, go ahead -- [ bird noise ] >> can't get enough of it. the predatory birds flew. >> we will be talking about the eagles all morning long. >> it's our top story, our middle story, our bottom story. we're going to talk live to two of the big heroes in a moment. first, craig melvin is at
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u.s. bank stadium in minneapolis. hi, craig. good morning. >> reporter: savannah, good morning to you. congratulations. it was an epic back an forth. you had the per rannial goliath, and this year's david, led by nick foles, a journeyman quarterback, a backup quarterback, who finally gave the city of brotherly love something to cheer about. >> and for the philadelphia eagles, the long drought is over. >> reporter: the philadelphia eagles conquering tom brady and the patriots to win the franchise's first super bowl. >> everybody don't believe in us but people from philly. >> e-a-g-l-e -s. eagles. >> we battled but we didn't get the job done. >> reporter: overnight, tens of
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thousands of overjoyed fans, decked out in green, swarming the streets of philly to celebrate. it was the eagles that found the end zone first. >> it is caught. >> reporter: in the first half, tom brady missing on a trick play that had him on the receiving end of a pass. just before halftime, the eagles pulling nearly the same play, with better results. >> touchdown. >> reporter: tight end, trey burton finding nick foles in the end zone, making foles the first person ever to catch and throw a touchdown in the super bowl. >> it worked perfectly. >> reporter: the hall mark marky super bowl, the halftime show. this year, the highly anticipated return of justin timberlake. justin timberlake, performing a medley of his biggest hits. ♪ i'm bringing sexy back >> reporter: and honoring
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minnesota royalty, prince, projecting the late icon's likeness on to a large screen. ♪ i would die for you >> reporter: and bathing the stadium and city in purple. also during timberlake's performance, one young fan, snapping the selfie of a lifetime. >> super bowl selfies. >> reporter: where does this rank in terms of moments of your life? >> number one, definitely. >> reporter: back on the field, the game would come to the wire. the patriots taking the lead, with a t.d. that got the seal of approval from gisele. but it was foles who would answer with the go ahead score. and that put the game away. >> the first sack fumble of the game. >> reporter: first, with the brady sack and fumble recovery, and then, on a patriots hail
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mary to end the game. >> losing sucks but that's part of it. you show up and you try to win. and sometimes you lose. and that's the way it goes. >> reporter: foles, the teams backup quarterback, who had debating retiring, the game's unlikely hero, everybodying mvp honors. message for eagles nation? >> we did it. we're world champs. >> reporter: foles went on to tell me, you should never stop believing in yourself and you should always be ready. i can tell you, being in that stadium last night, i had the opportunity to be at a number of super bowls. i've never been in a stadium that was that electric. we can also tell you, tom brady -- there's been speculation whether he's going to retire. he told a radio station before yesterday's game, no matter the outcome, he would be back next season. >> all right, craig. thank you so much. amazing. we are so excited because joining us now are two of last night's stars for the eagles.
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safety malcolm jenkins and tight end, zach ertz. good morning, guys. >> how are you doing? >> we're so excited you all are here. this is so big. your city, obviously, has never won a super bowl. you get to bring that trophy home. just describe for us what you're feeling as you woke up, if you ever went to sleep last night. >> yeah. we have not been to sleep, by the way. i mean, for us, you know, the season has been so crazy. it's been so much that we carried as a team, we're so excited to bring this trophy back to philadelphia. they waited so long for an eagles team to be a super bowl champion that, you know, we're trying to hurry up and get on the flight back to philly to join the celebration because we know that city is electric tonight. >> you could just fly there yourselves, it's so exciting. i'm thinking about that catch. when you were a little kid, this
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is the stuff that dreams are made of. your team is down. you catch it. it's a touchdown. how do you top that? that's amazing. >> yeah. it was an unbelievable day, obviously, from start-to-finish. when you're 5 years old watching the game, you never expect to have the opportunity to play in the game. and then, you're there and it's just another game of football. it was a full 60-minute fight. the patriots are a fantastic football team. but our quarterback played amazing. and i said all along, when the quarterbacks play like that, my job is so easy. all i have to do is run and catch. i was lucky enough to have my number called at the end. >> nick is amazing. he's the first quarterback to both throw and catch a touchdown pass in a game. that trick play is one that's going to go down in replaybooks forever. did you practice the heck out of that? did you know it was going to
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happen at some point in the game? >> that was installed for the vikings game. the bears ran it against the viki vikings. the coaches found it and ran it against the vikings. and we had trey burton, who i think was a quarterback for two years at florida. and nick, obviously, was a great actor to start the play and get everything started. but to call that play on fourth and one from the 1 yard line is pretty remarkable from our head coach. >> yeah. >> that guy has so much confidence in us, to go out there and make plays. obviously, it was successful. >> he has so much guts. it was uncredibl incredible. malcolm, you beat the patriots. you beat tom brady. they didn't have an off night. they had a wonderful night, but you were better. how good does that feel? >> as a defense, you get in these games and we realize, okay, our offense is on fire.
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their offense is on fire. for us, we needed one stop. and we were searching for it the entire game. when our offense went down late in the game and scored, we realized, our defense is going to be on the field for us to win this game. we didn't bat an eye. we knew that somebody was going to be legendary at this point. somebody was going to be the hero. and that somebody happened to be brandon graham. and we had derek barnett scoop up that fumble. it was the only sack we got the entire game. it was the biggest one of our entire season. >> i would say you're all heroes. >> you were awesome, guys. enjoy getting back to philly. >> get back some sleep because it will be a lot of partying in philly for the next few days. thank you so much. >> thanks for having us. >> we'll have more on the super bowl. we have the commercials. the selfie star of the halftime show. and "this is us" star mandy moore on that episode. we have more to talk about
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including a frightening train crash. an amtrak train slammed into a parked freight train. gabe gutierrez has the overnight developments in the investigation. >> reporter: good morning. this crash happened while many of the passengers were sleeping. two people were killed. 116 others were injured. most of them are out of the hospital. questions are swirling about who is to blame and whether new technology could have prevented this. this morning, investigators are looking through the mangled wreckage of amtrak train 91, working to found out whether human error was to blame for the violent crash. >> i have never seen anything in my entire life like this. bodies everywhere. people on top of one another. i couldn't move. the seats were on my legs. >> reporter: the train was en route from new york to miami, with 136 passengers and 9 crew members onboard.
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near columbia, south carolina, it slammed into a csx freight train. passengers describe a terrifying jolt. >> you wake up bouncing off of chairs. >> reporter: amtrak's president pointed the finger at csx. csx dispatchers were manually routing trains. the national transportation safety board says it's working to confirm that. but investigators have found a rail switch that forced the amtrak train off of the main line. does this appear to be human error? >> we want to look at that. we will be examining everything for whatever reason, it appears that switch, the rail switch, was in a position that it was not intended to be in. >> reporter: in a written statement, a csx spokesperson did not address the cause of the crash.
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but said their sincere c condolenco condolences for those passed away. >> he said, one of these he told me that. and it happened. >> reporter: it's the late in a series of deadly crashes. last week, a train hitting republican members of congress to a retreat hit a truck. and in december, another amtrak train derailed in washington state, killing three people. the ntsb chairman tells me that gps technology called positive train control would have prevented this crash. but amtrak's president says, while it's in use throughout the northeast, private companies that run the rail tracks elsewhere have delayed implementing it. hoda and savannah? >> gabe, thank you. there's new fallout over the release of that controversial republican memo tied to the russia investigation. democrats are now pushing to release their own classified rebuttal. nbc national correspondent peter alexander, is at the white house
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with the latest on all of it. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. despite president trump's declaration that the memo vindicates him in the russian probe, it may undercut his case. several white house allies cautioned that the memo did not contain convincing evidence of a conspiracy. president trump, arriving back at the white house, after re-igniting controversy over the nfl players kneeling during the national anthem. the president issuing statements hours before thanking service members saying, we hold them in our hearts as we proudly stand for the national anthem. the president's opponents spending their super bowl sunday on offense. arguing the release of that memo, accusing the fbi and justice department of surveillance abuses, was nothing more than a partisan ploy. >> the interest was not oversight. the interest was a political hit job on the fbi in the service of the president. >> reporter: president trump touting the memo written by republicans to proclaim his
7:15 am
innocence, using the third person. tweeting, this memo vindicates trump in probe. former cia director, john brennan, accusing the republican chairman, devin nunes, of abusing his office. >> devin nunes, all the way back to the spring of last year, has been engaged in tactics to defend, make excuses and defend and try to protect mr. trump. >> reporter: nunes responding saying there was an abuse of power but not by the chairman. claiming partisan bias as detailed in the memo. a charge democrats call inaccurate and misleading. the president venting about the special counsel investigation. russia, russia, russia. but several republicans on the house intelligence committee dismiss the argument with the criticism the fbi undercuts robert mueller's inquiry. >> this memo has nothing to do with the special counsel. >> i don't think it has any impact on the russia probe.
7:16 am
>> reporter: the president's former chief of staff, reince prebus, defending his old boss. >> i can tell you, i have never felt that there was some sort of collusion or some kind of obstruction situation going on in the west wing. >> reporter: this evening, the house intelligence committee is likely to vote on whether to release the democrat's rebuttal of the memo, if it passes. the president has to sign off on it before it becomes public. to come up with a bipartisan agreement on immigration, with a possible government shutdown looming this thursday. hoda and savannah? >> big week, peter. thank you. now, to an update on the flu season. the cdc is reporting new cases and is warning there's a long way to go. in kentucky alone, the number of flu-related deaths has reached 100. kerry sanders is in louisville. good morning. >> reporter: good morning.
7:17 am
mother nature may be doing a favor to a portion of this community this morning because rural schools are closed due to ice and snow. as you know, when people congregate, kids congregate, that's how they spread the flu virus. they're hoping here in the e.r., that it's possible without the kids coming together, it may ease the number of traffic of patients being brought in here to the hospital. this morning, the deadly flu is not giving up its grip on the nation. in fact, overall, it appears to be getting even worse. the heartland is getting slammed. kentucky now recording 100 flu-related deaths. indiana, 136. the latest report from the cdc shows the number of people hospitalized with flu symptoms is climbing. topping the previous high two years ago. 1 out of 14 doctor visits is a patient complaining of flu symptoms, the highest in almost a decade. >> my body ached a lot. >> reporter: hospitals like norton and louisville are seeing
7:18 am
a steady stream of people feeling miserable. >> it wouldn't be shocking if you had influenza. >> reporter: doctors are administering rapid flu tests. some able to tell if the patient has the virus in as little as 15 minutes. but you have to go to the doctor to get it. >> i think there's people that, i think, unfortunately, don't take influenza as seriously as they should. >> reporter: the death toll of children is up to 53 nationwide, jumping by 16 last week. one of those, savannah jesse, a first grader died within 24 hours of being diagnosed with the flu. >> you hear about it all the time. you don't think it will happen to you. >> reporter: doctors say the flu vaccine is the best defense against getting sick. in oklahoma city, the department of health is making it easy to get, with a flu drive-through. just roll down your window and roll up your sleeve. >> thanks for coming. >> reporter: so, in addition to getting the flu shot, the second
7:19 am
piece of advice, wash your hands as often as possible, guys. back to you. >> kerry, thank you so much. al is here with a first look at the weather. as hoda's phone goes insane. >> she just sat on it. >> it's a super bowl conversation. it sounded like tom brady. i swear it did. >> tom brady is calling you. >> i have no idea what that is. >> i'm sorry. i don't know how to turn it off. >> roker, thanks for having us last night. >> we had a lot of fun. unfortunately, not a lot of fun on the roads in missouri. look at this. this is conway, missouri, just north of branson. they had a 30-car pileup. fortunately nobody killed. from were some injures. but this is i-44 eastbound. what a mess. here's what caused it all. this little band of snow. it's a quick-mover. it moved through quickly yesterday and left a slick coating, caused big problems. and unfortunately, we have more
7:20 am
snow coming that way. it's going to be causing -- right now, we have winter weather advisories throughout the midwest, snow, gusty winds, slippery travel, reduced visibility. as that pushes through, light snow, one to three inches, through the afternoon into tomorrow. we'll get to your local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds. good monday morning, i'm meteorologist kari hall. a live look outside in san francisco, it's 54 degrees. we have a fairly mild start now.
7:21 am
look at how warm it's going to be today. reaching into the upper 70s in the north bay, 77 in santa rosa in san jose and palo alto we will see a high of 74 degrees. 73 in san francisco and in the tri-valley look for highs there also in the mid 70s. >> and that's your latest weather. guys? >> thanks, al. still ahead, uma thurman breaking her silence and leveling new accusations against harvey weinstein and acclaimed director quentin tarantino. what she is saying and how hollywood is reacting. plus, the game within the game. who won the night when it came to super bowl commercials? first, this is "today" on nbc.
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just ahead, "this is us" fans are buzzing about the
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now you an talk to a doctor online and get free shipping at just in to our newsroom: good morning. it's 7:26. i'm marcus washington. just into the newsroom, another lengthy sentence handed down to disgraced team usa gymnastics doctor larry nassar. the judge sentenced nassar to 40 to 125 years in a case tied to a game nast iks school, that's in addition to the 40 to 175 years he was sentenced to two weeks ago. it further ensures he will spend the rest of his life behind bars. danville is among the neighbor hoots celebrating the win of the zach ertz. ertz attended monte vista high school and later stanford. right now it is going to be set to be a beautiful day in the bay area, kari. very warm, big contrast from minneapolis.
7:27 am
our high temperatures today are going to be reaching into the mid to upper 70s. we will be up to 77 in napa and in palo alto 74 degrees. san jose 76 degrees and 73 in san francisco. we still have some well above average temperatures as we go through the rest of the week, as we get ready for the olympics starting on thursday and even into the weekend it gets a little bit cooler, but still move average for this time of year. let's get an update on the commute from mike. looking over toward the dumbarton bridge, we had trouble all morning but that crash cleared just before 7:00. still slow getting over toward the toll plaza from the nimitz freeway westbound 84, that's the slowest part of your commute, the most up expected. the rest of the bay a good drive, the south bay slowing down around 17 or 880 for 280 and 85. toward the bay bridge not so bad but the toll plaza does have the backup, the metering lights are on.uzw just about a half hour from highway 4 to the berkeley curve. back to you. >> thanks, mike.
7:28 am
i will have another local news update for you in half an hour.
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back, now, 7:30 this morning, the day after the super bowl. and philly, the city is ready to throw its first-ever super bowl victory parade after last night's thrilling win. >> they've been waiting for literally ever. >> you took your jersey off? >> it will come back on. the game is our top story and begins our headlines of the morning. >> for the philadelphia eagles, the long drought is over. >> eagles soar. >> caught, foles, touchdown. >> philadelphia knocks off the new england patriots in a game for the ages. thousands of philly fans taking to the streets overnight to celebrate their team's first super bowl win ever. >> not only do we have the best
7:31 am
fans in the world, we now have the best team in the world. iraq troop drawdown. breaking overnight, the u.s. starts withdrawing some troops in iraq for the first time in three years, after declaring victory over the islamic state. korea-bound. the father of otto warmbier, the father of the student who died in north korea, will be mike pence's guest at the opening ceremony. apple music to overtake spotify in paid subscribers in the united states by this summer. and you want hair with that? japanese scientists combined a chemical found in mcdonald's french frees with stem cells to regrow hair. today, monday, february 5th, 2018. >> did i hallucinate that?
7:32 am
>> that is a weird one. we have a lot coming up this morning. oscar nominee uma thurman is speaking out, adding her name to the more than 90 women who have leveled allegations against harvey weinstein. sheinelle jones is here with all this. >> reporter: weinstein helped make uma thurman a household name. now, thur mman is saying he mad advances. and the director, quentin tarantino, put her life in danger. after hinting she may have been victimized by harvey weinstein. >> when i'm ready, i'll say what i have to say. >> reporter: actress uma thurman is finally speaking out. in an interview with "the new york times," the actress breaking her silence on allegations of sexual assault, at the hands of the disgraced movie mogul. thurman detailing an incident in
7:33 am
paris, where weinstein tried to lure her into a steam room. it was followed by an aggressive case in london. he tried to shove himself on me. he tried to expose himself. he did all kinds of unpleasant things. weinstein responding in a statement to thurman's accusations. acknowledges making an awkward pass 25 years ago at thurman in england, after misreading her signals, after a flirtatious episode in paris. but her claims of being physically assaulted are untrue. the statement goes on to say, ms. thurman's statements to "the times" is being carefully considered. in the second installment of "kill bill," thurman drove this convertible -- >> i am going to kill bill. >> reporter: thurman now saying,
7:34 am
tarantino insisted she perform a dangerous stunt in that car, despite her on jbjectiobjection. thurman releasing this behind the scenes footage. no comment from tarantino on thurman's claims. fellow celebrities speaking out on social media. reese witherspoon describing the interview as deeply upsetting. jud apatow saying, there's no excuse for not protecting your cast and crew. and evan rachel wood, adding, thank you for your brutal honesty. nbc news reached out to quentin tarantino for comment but have not heard from him. >> sheinelle, thank you so much. mr. roker is at the weather wall. what you got? >> we have a possible midweek mess for a good portion of the country. we have a big area of high pressure tuesday morning. it's pumping up gulf moisture to the north.
7:35 am
that meets cold air in the southern plains. heavy rain develops along it. as the cold air comes in, tuesday night into wednesday morning, heavy rain through the gulf and the appalachians. we're looking at heavier snow intensifying moving into the northeast. and by wednesday afternoon, significant snow in northern new york and new england. rain along the coast. the models hint there could be a shift to the south. if that happens, we could look at heavy snow closer to the good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. we've got a lot of sunshine and very warm temperatures today. our high in milpitas will reach up to 73 degrees, los gatos and downtown san jose 76. we will see a high of 75 degrees in walnut creek, also in fremont, and 75 today in redwood city. daly city 70 and 72 on the
7:36 am
embarcadero. mission district 76 degrees. north bay reaching into the mid to upper 70s as well. 77 in santa rosa. >> don't forget. get the full forecast anytime you need it on the weather channel. >> just chitchatting. >> we're talking about cold weather gear for pyeongchang. >> we're packing for the olympics. coming up, the new questions facing the fbi about the handling of the larry nassar scandal. could more have been done to stop him? the kid who snapped that epic selfie with justin tame per la timberlake. he will join us. and mandy moore will talk to us about "this is us." which commercials won the night? we'll break down the e way to test everything. but do they test their baby's soap? this paper represents proteins in your baby's skin.
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are cream conditioners bringing your hair down? switch to new pantene light as air foam conditioner, full of rich pro-v nutrients. for 100% conditioning, 0% weight. new pantene. foam conditioner. here we are. we're back with the most talked about super bowl commercials. which had scorn? which ones dropped the ball? we'll look at "usa today's" ad meter, who has been ranking the commercials for 31 years. with us is charisse jones and james cooper. good morning, guys. before we get to the countdown. good year? bad year? >> middle of the road. it was a mixed bag. some that were funny and creative, and others that didn't do so well. >> and for you? >> our tracker and instant reviews showed that it was a solid year. but not really an epic year for
7:42 am
creativity. >> one thing that caught people's attention. it was a controversial ad. it was by dodge ram trucks. and that they used mlk's words from a speech. let's look at it and talk about it. >> you only need a heart full of gra grace, soul generated by love. >> some thought it was a miscue. some people liked it. what did you think? >> i think it shows how hard it is for advertisers to straddle this line. you want to push that emotional button. but sometimes you can offend part of the audience. this really backfired. they thought it was cross ass te mlk's words to sell trucks. >> let's talk about the winners. this is according to "usa today" ad meter. the number three is budweiser's stand by you. it shows efforts to help
7:43 am
hurricane victims. did you like it? >> i did. one of the hallmarks of the super bowl was responsibility. and budweiser focused on water and the relief efforts that so many people need at this moment. >> number two, this got a lot of laughs. eli manning and odell beckham jr. doing a "dirty dancing" remake. >> i think they need to stick to football. it was great to see them come out of their comfort zone. >> watching eli dance was epic. >> both of them. they have a future. let's talk about the number one, enroll it. this is the amazon alexa commercial. >> alexa, play some country music. no. country music. alexa? ♪
7:44 am
>> you like the ad? >> yeah. this ad really, i think, really hits so many cues. it has great celebrities. it has comedy. what did you think? >> i think it was of the moment. a lot of us wouldn't know how to tie our shoes if alexa didn't tell us how to do it. if she lost her voice, we would be terrified. >> james, you loved the tide commercial. that was your home run. how come? >> the advertising team thought this was the best ad. it was funny. it had great celebrity. it had -- ebiquity. it was very special and creative. it hasn't been done before. and tide got a social lift for it. >> they had multiple pieces of
7:45 am
it. >> the diet coke one didn't go over well with some folks. was it boring or what was it? >> i think they're trying to appeal to millennials but it didn't work. they had an actress that people didn't recognize. it was odd. >> you didn't like the pepsi, james? >> it didn't deliver on the nostalgia of cindy crawford. and they showed her for a nanosecond. >> you wanted more cindy? >> i wanted more cindy. >> it seemed like a mashup of "b" roll segments. i was disappointed. >> thank you so much. if you want to vote on your favorite commercials, you can do it at up next, more of the big game, of course. and some of the top moments on social media. first, t i'm going to start with some balayage clip-ins, then razor cut up to a blunt angled lob. i'm dead. i'm back. it's going to be everything. what?! he's gonna make your hair long, then cut it short, to make it big.
7:46 am
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volunteer at state farm. let your inner light loose with one a day women's. ♪ a complete multivitamin specially formulated with key nutrients plus vitamin d for bone health support. your one a day is showing. sheinelle is in the orange room covering for carson. she is wearing her eagles green. >> i love your outfit changes, by the way. >> well. >> eagles fans are flooding social media celebration videos. but the party started long before this game began. check out this flight filled with eagles fans. >> just tone it down a little bit. ♪ fly, eagles, fly on the road to victory ♪
7:51 am
♪ fly, eagles, fly touchdown one, two, three ♪ >> can you imagine if you're not an eagles fan? the party would continue in philly. bud light promised beer for everybody if they won the super bowl. bud light shall flow in the taverns along the parade trail. they declared parade day philly philly day. your family takes it all. i can't get enough of little vale. >> who are we rooting for? >> the eagles. >> yay. >> touchdown. whistle. >> uncle al roker gave her that whistle. we'll be listening to it all day and all night. >> the gift that keeps giving.
7:52 am
>> all the eagles fans waking up happy this morning. >> al, you had a nice get together. we had a lot of fun. >> you were fun guests. >> we had a good time. speaking of all things super bowl, mandy moore will talk to pro golfer. to me he's, well, dad. so when his joint pain from psoriatic arthritis got really bad, it scared me. and what could that pain mean?
7:53 am
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good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. right now it's 7:56. we start out with a clear sunshine and a live look outside in san jose and it's going to be a mild and cool start for most of the bay area. in fremont we're going to see those temperatures within the next hour up to 48 degrees, you still need a jacket as you get ready to head out the door, but you will be taking it off later on today with our temperatures reaching into the low 70s there. we will have some upper 70s in parts of the bay area. 74 degrees in livermore, 76 in san jose and 73 degrees in san francisco. santa rosa, look for a high of 77 degrees. we will see some more 70s for the coast, also for the inland areas. over at least the next three days. but it does get slightly cooler as we head toward the end of the week but we still keep that sunshine and we see that through this seven-day forecast. let's get an update on how the commute is rolling with mike. we will talk about the rails
7:57 am
first. caltrain northbound train 207 if you are waiting for someone on 207 in the city they will not get there. they've been transferred to 211 because there were some mechanical difficulties over in millbrae. that means 211 is just about three or four minutes late. 207, again, has been canceled because of that issue. that train just won't get there. a smooth drive for most of the rest of the bay. we are looking at a slower drive in many places, though, the north bay a couple crashes means southbound 101 jams up from highway 37 down in towards san rafael. happening now another sentence handed do unto dr. nassar who sexual assaulted many young girls and gymnasts. this further ensures nassar will never see another day of freedom. on a lighter note, the super bowl is still all the buzz this morning as the great debate about the best commercials. now, you can go to our homepage for a link, including eagle with bay area roots who scored last night. and see why humor seemed to rule the day, the commercials that scored the highest with viewers.
7:58 am
i'm marcus washington. under firl sentencing in the brock turner case. and - we )ll be there as olympic athletes leave the bay area in the morning... bound for south korea. join us on )today in the bay )- 4:30
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, super bowl stunner. >> over the middle and into the end zone. >> the philadelphia eagles take down the new england patriots to win their first super bowl ever. >> the long drought is over. >> as philly fans go wild in the city of brotherly love. from the big plays to the big stars, we're live in minneapolis. plus, shocking revelations. a new report says dozens of young girls were molested by former olympics doctor larry nassar while he was under investigation by the fbi. could more have been done to stop him earlier? and moore emotional than ever. >> i think you're mistaking.
8:01 am
can you back up? >> fresh off last night's heartbreaking episode of "this is us," mandy moore tells us about that gut-wrenching scene and how fans are reacting today, monday, february 5th, 2018. ♪ we escaped minnesota for warmer weather in new york city. >> we stayed up late to watch jimmy fallon. and we woke up early to see savannah and hoda. ♪ >> i'm jessica. >> i'm donna. >> we love "today." >> good morning to my cats and my wife, sarah. >> good morning, everybody. welcome back to "today." congratulations being up at this hour. it seems like the whole world was watching the super bowl. >> you recovered from the game. >> i'm still flying.
8:02 am
flying like an eagle. we're thrilled for philadelphia. we're going to get to your news at 8:00. it's all about the super bowl. the party is going on in philadelphia this morning. the eagles with a stunning super bowl victory, the first in franchise history. craig melvin is at the stadium in minneapolis, who was at the game and the wild celebration that followed. good morning, again. >> reporter: they are likely partying on broad street. final score, 41-33, eagles. we should note here, the eagles were not supposed to win the game last night. they went into that game as five-point underdogs. i talked to a number of eagles' players on the field after, and they were well aware they were counted out. they were playing with chips on their shoulders. the player with the biggest chip, nick foles. a backup quarterback, who had contemptlated retirement early on before the season. and now, this morning, he's the super bowl mvp.
8:03 am
after the eagles won the first super bowl in franchise history, the long suffering fans back home, took to the streets in mass celebration, giving a new meaning to the nickname, city of brotherly love. in a stunning victory, the underdog eagles, led by journeyman quarterback, nick foles, defeating five-time super bowl champion, tom brady, and his patriots. foles, once cut by the eagles, became the team's starting quarterback, after carson wentz injured his knee back in december. the unlikely star made history to be the first player ever to throw and catch a touchdown in the super bowl game. >> foles, touchdown. >> reporter: nick foles was a receiver? >> we practiced it, man. it worked perfectly. >> reporter: in a surreal turn of events, the 29-year-old, who last year, had considered giving
8:04 am
up football, was named super bowl mvp. a message for eagles nation? >> we did it. we did it. we're world champs. >> reporter: one of the hallmarks of every super bowl, the halftime show. and this year, it was the highly-anticipated return >> one of the hallmarks of every super bowl, the halftime show. and this year it was justin timberlake. the pop star performed a duet including with late superstar prince. and timberlake posed for a super selfie with 13-year-old ryan mckenna. >> i was like can i get a selfie. he didn't say anything but he like leaped in. it's going on instagram. >> the kid picked up a lot more instagram followers as well last night. savannah, nick foles' fick name
8:05 am
by the way, in eagles nation is saint nick. and one of the striking conversations on the field is how humble and awe struck he is by this. the temperatures have been brutal. it's been subzero much of the time, but they are a really warm bunch here in minneapolis. that minnesota nice is a real thing. >> yeah, everything they could control they did really well. >> craig, thank you. also ahead on this busy monday morning federal investigators are trying to figure out why a switch was in the wrong position sending an amtrak train into a freight train. >> reporter: this crash happened in the middle of the night, so many passengers were sleeping. two people were killed and 160 injured. and this morning investigators are trying to determine whether
8:06 am
it was a blame. now, amtrak says the rail company's signal system was not functioning and the mtsb is now trying to confirm that. but investigators have found that the rail switch that forced the amtrak train onto a sidetrack was not where it was intended to be. now the two people killed our the amtrak engineer and conductor. this is the latest in a series of crashes, four amtrak crashes in the last month. and gps technology called positive train control would have prevented this crash. hoda and savannah. >> gabe, thank you so much for that. while new questions are being raised this morning about whether the fbi could have stopped larry nassar sooner. nbc's stephanie gosk is on this story. she's in pyeongchang, south korea for us. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. that's right.
8:07 am
the president of the international olympic committee gave his press conference here in pyeongchang. and he opened up his remarks by saying he was shocked by the larry nassar scandal and applauded the accusers who came forwa forward. while in the u.s. many are asking the same question, why wasn't nassar stopped sooner? 15-year-old erin is saying she's still afraid by former gymnastics doctor larry nassar. >> i have internal scarring by this abuse has caused. >> reporter: after that organization says it notified the fbi mchb b. but for nearly a year nassar stayed on the job at michigan state university. >> do the right thing for us. be honest, try and help us, tell us who knew what and when.
8:08 am
tell us how and when there were opportunities to suspend you. >> reporter: now many are asking how that could have happened. where was the fbi? according to a document described to nbc news that summarized how usa gymnastics handled the allegations against nassar and the organization contacted the fbi field office in indianapolis in july 2015. at the time there was some confusion over jurisdiction. but the fbi felt that the bureau was the best place to start. in a statement issued last month usa gymnastics says it honored the fbi's request to not do anything to interfere with the investigation. usa gymnastics interpreted that request to mean they should not discuss the matter and it refrained from doing so. nbc has learned that the case bounced among three separate fbi field offices over the course of
8:09 am
the year, and still michigan state was never alerted according to the university. n statement the fbi says the allegations against nassar trance snded jurisdictions, adding that they worked with law enforcement partners to identify violations of federal and state laws, calling the sexual exploitation of children an especially heinous crime. the bureau says the safety and well-being of our youth is a top priority for the fbi. nassar is back in a michigan courtroom today. he will spend the rest of his life in prison while multiple investigations and lawsuits could go on for years, guys. >> stephanie gosk in pyeongchang for us. thank you so much. >> we've got a touching moment. it came at the beginning of a high school girl's basketball game in kentucky. she's a student with autism. she was named the honorary captain of the team. watch what happened right after
8:10 am
tip off. [ cheers ] that was the -- that was the very first shot attempt in her high school career. and she nailed it. >> nailed it. >> such an incredible moment for her and her teammates. good for her. we get why she was the honorary captain. we have so much more to come, including pink's rendition of the national anthem and what made that moment even more remarkable. we're catching up with former team usa stars this week. we're getting you ready and psyched up for the winter olympics. this morning, dan sxwrajansen o emotional journey to gold. our guest today, suspected her mother was keeping a secret. what a daughter found out about her mother's identity that would change them both forever. she will tell us today. and, go, eagles. see you the top of the hour.
8:11 am
coming up next, mandy moore will join us live. she will talk about that huge she will talk about that huge post-super bowl episode of for you, it's always leap over look. she will talk about that huge post-super bowl episode of now over later. and pause. not even in your vocabulary. so when a cold sore tingle strikes you act on it. only abreva can heal a cold sore in as little as two and a half days when used at the first sign. it starts to work immediately to block the virus and protect healthy cells. nothing heals a cold sore faster. and because abreva acts on it... you can too. act on it, with abreva. cheerios can help lower cholesterol. ♪good goes around and around multi grain cheerios. five whole grains a hint of sweetness and a lot of good. ♪good goes around and around
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8:15 am
♪ here comes the man, ♪ here comes the man, ♪ here comes the man ♪ here comes the man, ♪ here comes the man ♪ here comes the man welcome back, everybody. the super bowl was not the only highly-anticipated event on nbc last night. fans of "this is us" got answers to the biggest question, how does jack die. >> mandy moore plays jack's wife. she's with us. >> good morning, guys. >> did you put us on an emotional rollercoaster. the highs of the game and this
8:16 am
gut-wrenching episode of "this is us." are you happy to have this out in the universe now? >> i think all of us are relieved. milo and i have known from the beginning. not all of the specifics around how he passes away. but it's just nice to sort of, i don't know, pop that bubble a little bit. and now, we can move forward with the show and answer more pressing questions, as well. >> it put us on an emotional rollercoaster. you had this instagram post with puffy eyes and the things underneath. you seeing that episode affected you, too. >> it did. actually, that was the episode before, which affected me, pretty much all of the episodes affect all of us. we all cry. we saw the episode together as a cast at dan fogleman's house last week. and none of us could speak afterwards. we were recounting our favorite parts of the episode and
8:17 am
favorite lines. and we would start crying again. >> it must feel so gratifying that people connect with this so much. it's almost like they feel like this is their family going through it, as well. >> yeah. it's incredible. all of us were at the super bowl yesterday before the episode here in minneapolis. and just meeting people everywhere we went that were just as excited about the show or to talk about the show, as they were about the game. it's pretty mind-blowing to feel people's direct connection to this family. they want to have in-depth conversations with you, as well. they don't want to sort of give a compliment in passing. they want to talk to you and talk about what draws them in and what family member reminds them of a character on the show. it's remarkable. >> give us a little bit on the game. what was it like being in the stadium? >> electric. i feel sort of guilty because i'm not the biggest sports fan in the world. but my dad was at the game with
8:18 am
me. and my boyfriend. so, it was fun to have that celebratory atmosphere. >> former vice president biden was in that shot, too. >> we note some famous folks. >> i was shaking. literally, we were standing at this tailgate party and i turned around and went, joe biden. he was looking at me. i totally fan girled and freaked out on him. >> you're a doll for getting up and talking about the episode. we ftry not to give too many details. it's a breath take taker. >> we have another episode on tuesday. and i dare say it's even more heartbreaking. >> roker is still mopping up the tears from last night. >> wow. wow. >> roker can't take it. >> he can't. he's very sensitive. >> he is. >> mandy, thank you so much for being with us. >> thank you.
8:19 am
good to see you guys. >> as she mentioned, "this is us" tomorrow night. she says it's better than last night's. >> one of my favorite actors, bill irwin in that episode. we love bill irwin. hold on. we got some heavy snow today, make its way through the plains. sunny and mild through the southwest. beautiful weather through the gulf coast. some morning fog in central and southern florida. that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. we've got some warm weather in the forecast again today. in san francisco, expect a high of 73 degrees. and still some sunshine as we go into the next several days. no rain as we go throughout the rest of the week. for the inland we'reareas, expe high of 76 and warm for rest of the week. even into the weekend, temperatures come down a few degrees, but still, that's about 10 degrees above normal for early february.
8:20 am
>> and that is your latest weather. >> thank you. it's time to talk "trending." there's only one thing that everybody is talking about. at least we are. this individual who stood out during justin timberlake's show. ryan had the best seat in the house when j.t. ran into the stands. he is the kid who got the superselfie. he is joining us now. hey, ryan. good morning. >> good morning. >> tell us what happened. justin timberlake comes up the aisle. there you are. was this spontaneous? did you know he was heading your way? >> no. my dad told me he was coming around. i went behind the people. and i jumped in there. and he stopped right where our row was. i had to jump out there with my phone and try to get a picture. >> that took guts. were you thinking, the whole world is watching me right now? or were you like, got to get the selfie and post it for my
8:21 am
friends? >> yeah. i had to post it. but i'm a huge justin timberlake fan. that's my favorite song, "can't stop this feeling." he was right there playing that song and stuff. >> you were fooling with your phone, everyone was laughing. were you trying to post? what was happening? >> yeah. no. i had a video going. and my phone got shut off. and i had to pull back up the phone to get the picture going. and then, i finally got the selfie at the end. >> oh, my gosh. >> that's why i looked at my phone. >> you're just like us. we try to take the selfie and you kbcan't get the thing to tu around. how many likes have you gotten, ryan? >> the story on my instagram has gotten 60,000 views. and i'm up to 12,000 followers now. >> he's flying his patriots shirt.
8:22 am
>> thank you for joining us. >> thank you. sheinelle has "pop start." >> a lot of super bowl in "pop start." jennifer lawrence was high in the sky and felt the game day spirit. she grabbed the intercom. it's super bowl sunday. we know what that means. can i please just get a fly, eagles, fly. fly, eagles fly. fly, eagles, fly. fly, eagles, fly. there's a colonial woman on the plane. >> right. she goes into the movie. the flight attendant had to take the control back. there were some fans there. >> maybe in coach. next up, everyone is praising pink for her rendition of the national anthem. she announced she was having a difficult time rehearsing while
8:23 am
battling the flu. it appears she was trying to kick it as she pulled out a throat losenge as she started to perform. but she nailed it. let's take a look. ♪ and the home of the brave >> what throat losenge is that? i want that one. she says that was the biggest honor of her life. gisele bundchen sipping on red wine. she was having some wine. and the tweets started pouring in. one said, giselle bundchen chugging a glass of wine is the only super bowl moment i understand. was that vegan, all-natural, sustainibly grass-fed wine?
8:24 am
she was a good sport and congratulated the eagles players afterwards. and kylie jenner's big announcement. it might have gotten lost on the super bowl madness. kylie announced the birth of her daughter. she decided to keep her pregnancy private, including this video, that documents what the past nine months have been like. we get a glimpse of her daughter that was born on february 1st. no news on the name yet. congratulations goes out to her. >> "pop start" had everything. and "daly click" is pretty good. eagles fan, haley parks, had her wisdom teeth removed, she had a specific concern. >> i missed the super bowl? >> no. you didn't miss the super bowl. >> are you sure? i want the eagles to win so bad. >> who do you want to win? >> the eagles to win so bad.
8:25 am
>> can i go? >> we don't have money for a ticket. but i'm sure they know you're rooting for them. >> no, they don't. >> haley's surgery was days before the super bowl. but after her video went viral, the eagles gave her tickets to the game. and she shared her view from the stadium saying, god bless america and go, birds. >> you feel that. >> if i'm haley, i'm mad at who took that video. >> she went to the super bowl. just ahead, olympic heroes, where are they now? we're going to catch up with dan jansen. and what could be the answer to an ancient mystery tied to king tut. we're going to reveal that mystery. first, your local news and weather. i )m ...
8:26 am
leaders at san lorenzo high good morning, it's 8:26. i'm marcus washington. leader at san lorenso high school create a relatively low-tech device for drastically cutting smart phone use during school hours. the school allows students to bring their phones to class and even hold on to them but the phones must be locked away in a special green pouch that only unlock when school ends. the bags unlock automatically with the help of a small magnet that releases at the end of the last class. the pouchs were especially made by an area company. they rolled out at san lorenzo high school thanks to a grant secured by the company that makes those bags. it's been a tough last 30 minutes. >> a lot of folks hit the roadway. we're recovering still.
8:27 am
880 slow down to the dumbarton bridge where there were earlier problems. still focusing on that area. meanwhile, rest of the roadways are moving well. the south bay really seeing that push through silicon valley. a crash and disabled vehicle clearing from the mountain view areas. slow towards the bay bridge. no surprises there. san rafael, a live look there, a fire involving a bus. no one was injured but it made things slower as folks traveled southbound from 101 towards 580. past these curves right here, it's on the shoulder. >> another local news update in half an hour. ♪
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
hey, everybody. welcome back. it is 8:30 on this monday morning, february 5th. and we have a great, wonderful crowd outside today. and i've got a crowd moment i think you're going to love. >> okay. >> we have a principal here from highland school in queens. her name is robin corn. where is robin corn? robin has come to the plaza with her kids every year for ten
8:31 am
years. >> yay. >> you have an announcement to make, don't you? >> i do. i'm retiring. >> she is retiring. we thought it might be nice if you and all your kids, since you've come every year for ten years, came inside and got a little behind-the-scenes tour. would you like that? >> thank you. >> we're going to go inside for a little tour. kevin is going to take you. are y'all excited? >> that's a yes. >> congratulations. >> i'll have what they're having. >> how much is about you and hoda and how much about the temperature? the winter olympics begin on thursday. and we're going to catch up with stars from olympics past. we start with speed skater dan jansen. what an epic story he had. we catch up with him. an exclusive tie to ancient
8:32 am
h mystery. who was king tut's mother? we have something remarkable to show you. >> i'll bet that's hoda under there. she's our egyptian queen. and natalie caught up with clint eastwood and the unlikely stars of his new film, "the 15:17 to paris." the real-life heros that inspired the movie. megyn is in the house. >> imagine finding out a secret about your mother she kept from you for your entire life. she kept it for another 17 years. but she is revealing it today. talking about how it affected her entire life and her identity. that, plus one visit to the kitchen, three meals for the week. make ahead monday, today. mr. roker, how about a check of the weather? >> you're my egyptian queen. >> he loves his joke.
8:33 am
>> pyeongchang 2018, it's 3 degrees right now. at 10:30 in the evening. you look at the forecast, oh, boy. you can see, it actually warms up after friday. 34 degrees and light snow for opening ceremonies. it's going down to about 18 degrees. it's going to be cold. we're going to have a good time. that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happensing in your neck of the woods. >> it's going to be warm and we're going to have a good time. take a look at our highs today. 77 degrees at half-moon bay and 76 for the high this afternoon in san jose. oakland, 72 degrees. and 73 in san francisco. we will stay in the 70s at least through midweek along the coast and then slightly cooler temperatures as we start the olympics. we'll be up to 67 degrees on thursday and for the inland areas, expect us to go from the mid-70s today to the lower 70s by the end of the weekend.
8:34 am
>> it's your 42nd anniversary? what's your names? >> keith and debbie gallagher. >> it's also national weatherman day, too. there's that. savannah? >> all right, al. thank you so much. the winter olympics get under way on thursday. just a few days away now. we have a special olympic edition of our series "where are they now?" >> we're catching up with our athletes that captured our hearts. >> we're starting with dan jansen. his story is about so much more than a quest for gold. his legendary moment showed the true spirit of the olympic games. do you think you knew somewhere in you that you had a gold medal? >> i knew i was capable of that gold medal. >> reporter: dan jansen's journey to gold spanned four
8:35 am
olympics and many disappointments. he finally fulfilled his quest for gold in the last race of his olympic career, 1994, in the games in lillehammer, norway. 24 years since you won gold. can you believe that much time has passed? >> i can't. >> but we all remember it. we remember that moment. do you remember what it felt like to be in that moment? >> i do. the emotions i felt when i crossed the finish line. >> reporter: it was not an easy road to the finish line. he failed to medal in his last three olympics. 1988, on the eve of his event in calgary, his sister, jane, died of leukemia. >> i said, i was going to win for you. obviously, i didn't. i won for her eventually. i was ready and physically there. but mentally, i wasn't. >> it was such a hard day. you know, my sister's death and
8:36 am
everything in the same day. >> reporter: four years later, in albertville, france, once again, determined to win for his sister, dan stumbled in both races and failed to medal. >> there's a little embarrassment as an athlete. it hurts when things don't go the way they should. it stopped being about a gold medal. i really want to get there and sort of prove to myself that i can do this. >> reporter: all eyes were on jansen in lillehammer. he was the fastest man in the world on skates. but slipped in the 500-meter race. >> i have never given up before. i'm not about to do it now. i still have another chance. >> reporter: his perseverance paid off. four days later, he finally clinched gold in the 1,000 meters. >> i remember it physically inside. i can almost feel it, how good it felt, crossing the line. >> reporter: programs the most emotional victory of the games in 1994.
8:37 am
they say your name. and you climb that podium. and that look you have like, hey, i'm finally here. >> finally is right. to this day, i don't think i've ever felt so patriotic. i was so happy for my pride, i was so happy for my family that they were going to be able to celebrate. to jane, i looked up and gave her a salute. >> a salute to his beloved sister who he continues to honor and his charity golf avent who he continues to honor. your sister, jane, is as much of the story as you are. >> dan's oldest daughter is named jane after the sister he lost whom he proudly carried after a victory lap in lillehammer.
8:38 am
>> it started with sister jane and now ending with daughter jane and just amazing memories. >> i love reliving those moments and what an olympic spirit. can you imagine trying four times, saying i'll do it again, i'll do it again, i'll do it again. >> olympics are so special. >> wow, that was beautiful. >> so tomorrow we're going to catch up with another gold medal winner who thrilled us on the ice. coming up just ahead has the ancient mystery of the mother of king tut finally been solved? the reveal that's not to be miss. but firedst
8:39 am
8:40 am
welcome welcome back. as host of travel channel's expedition unknown, josh gates is used to uncovering iconic mysteries. his latest mission brought him to egypt where he got exclusive
8:41 am
access to the remains of king tut's mother. >> reporter: it's a mystery as old as the pyramids. what happened to queen neph nephertiti, after death she was erased, her mummy gone. >> this is the most famous image of her. >> reporter: josh gates an archaeologist and adventurer whose hooked traveling to egypt to look for answers. >> this is tomb known as kb 35. >> reporter: the first tomb far from king tut a lady. in 2010 dna tests proved she was king tut's mother. was she a mistress, another wife or as gates and david daudson
8:42 am
suspected, the missing nepher titi. is it possible the missing mummy is sitting under glass right now? >> it may be probable. >> reporter: scanning her head for the first time, creating an exact replica, the basis for a replication. >> it's a face you can't visualize. >> they're so often framed by men. so this is an opportunity to see a real woman, a real powerful woman from history brought back to life. >> reporter: enter elizabeth daines, the artist behind this reconstruction of king tut and now his mother. she says the toughest job yet rebuilding her face with the missing eyes, a tough job. and now the younger lady has a
8:43 am
face. a face just may be able to help solve an ancient mystery of the legend legendry extraordinary nephertiti. >> and what was the inspiration for doing this? the ancient world. she was a substantial leader. she was a pharaoh. and i think it's time to identify her to figure out who she really was. we know her from a famous bust in berlin that everyone remembers her from. that's an i'didolized image. we wanted to look at this mummy and say, could this be the real nefertiti. >> you think this is spot-on. >> a 3d image of the head was done. it was given to a forensics team and reconstruction artists. this is extremely accurate.
8:44 am
>> the big reveal. >> one, two, three. >> wow. >> there she is. >> that's intense. >> isn't she amazing? >> she is. >> how do you reconstruct? how accurate do you think this is? >> i think it's extremely accurate to the mummy. the forensics artists are good at looking at the tissue, the depth and muscle and all of that. we're looking at king tut's mother. >> we don't know if it's nefertiti. we know that his father was married to nefertiti. the encouraging thing for me, when you look at the known images of nefertiti that we have, like the berlin bust, there's amazing similarities here. >> a lot of people get the necklaces, they sell them everywhere in cairo. >> the berlin bust is the idolized image. this is a real woman. and when we look at this
8:45 am
reconstructed bust, we see someone here who is substantial and whose mummy was cast off. and now, we can see her restored, have her dignity restored anyway. >> that was cool. >> incredible artistry, an archaeological feat, as well. really cool. >> we're going to find out more about this on "expedition unknown" on the travel channel. coming up next, the new movie from hollywood icon clint eastwood on a terrorist attack on a train. it stars the real-life heroes emselves. emselves. th
8:46 am
at&t has a network with thousands of best-in-class security experts. which means... more of the eye balls you want watching the network...
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& less of the ones you don't... more experts preventing security issues & less security threats impacting our customers. more of a highly secure network with more security products available for further protection & less per month than comcast for business internet. switch to at&t internet for business. more & less - that's the power of &. clint eastwood is known for celebrating american heros in his movies. the latest is no exception. >> it is. but there's a big twist in this
8:48 am
movie. "the 15:17 to paris." eastwood cast the heroes that experienced it. and natalie morales sat down with all of them. >> reporter: it's as real as a movie can get. "the 15:17 to paris" tells the true story of three vacationing americans who risked their lives to stop a gun-wielding terrorist on a train in 2017. and directing this thrill ride -- clint, can you do that for us? five-time oscar winner, clint eastwood. he cast the real heroes to play themselves in the film. >> they knew all the parts. they knew the dialogue. as i was looking for actors and i was interviewing really good ones, i kept thinking, i wonder if -- >> reporter: it's risky. and i imagine the studios were like, what? >> they weren't enthusiastic at the beginning.
8:49 am
>> reporter: when you get a phone call from clint eastwood, he wants you to play yourselves, was from a moment of panic? >> when he penaltied the idea to us, we didn't understand. we were confused. oh, he's asking us to play ourselves. we looked at each other and were like, oh, we're doing this. >> reporter: had you been in like a high school production? a play? zero acting. nothing. ♪ >> reporter: we caught up with clint and the guys at his mission ranch in caramel, california. every time i interview you, the story is, he's under budget or on time or earlier. >> don't tell anybody that. >> reporter: "the 15:17 to paris" is based on a book written by the three heroes. it tells their life stories from childhood best friends to their tours in the military, all
8:50 am
leading up to that fateful day. it seems like, having watched the film, your whole lives prepared you for that moment. >> we spent our whole lives training for this without knowing it. >> reporter: before working with clint, what were your impressions of him? you had seen the dirty harry movies and the other movies. >> he was an icon. we went into it intimidated thinking it would be this intense environment. >> reporter: were you expecting the dirty harry scowl? >> when are we going to piss him off? >> we didn't want to catch that look, no matter what. we made sure every day to come in prepared. and he made the whole environment chill. it was like fun to work in. >> reporter: it seems like you have a fascination with american heroes. "the american sniper." "sully." >> brace for imacpact. >> reporter: now, this movie. >> these guys are the real deal.
8:51 am
this guy had ammunition to take out 300 people. >> reporter: real-life heroes. now, hollywood heartthrobs. we have to talk about the ladies situation. now that you're big stars in a movie, girlfriends? >> i do, yeah. >> reporter: you have a girlfriend? >> i'm dating somebody. >> reporter: do you have advice for them on how to handle this part of their lives? >> you keep asking the wrong person. >> reporter: i don't want to give away your age. but 87 now. and yet, you still have projects going. i think youth keeps you even younger, though, right? having guys like these around? >> yeah. when you're 87, almost everybody you're working with is younger. so, you just kind of think that's a good influence on you. but the main thing is, you enjoy life and the circumstances that happen with life. >> reporter: so, no talk of retirement at all. >> no. not really. why would i retire when i'm just getting near the top?
8:52 am
>> that was awesome. >> i love nat. i'm not going to mention your age but 87. he looks great. "the 15:17 to paris" hits theaters on friday. we're back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc.
8:53 am
8:54 am
we're back. and mr. roker is here. he has some birthdays. >> bring on the smucker's jars. a great batch of folks for us. happy 100 birthday of jeanne grimm. she enjoys a crossword puzzle every morning. essie is celebrating 102 years. she's a retired nurse from virginia. happy 101st birthday to charles roberts, a huge cardinals fan from lawrenceville, illinois.
8:55 am
actually had the honor of throwing out the first pitch at a cardinals' game. zita rae is 100. clinton barber is 100. ho hoda, he is a die-hard saints fan from new orleans. and love is in the air. happy 57th anniversary to allen and bonnie holland. they were high school sweethearts from gig harbor, washington. they say the secret to a long and happy marriage, a good sense of humor. there you go. you know somebody we should be celebrating, go to and include a picture. a lot coming up at 10:00 with kathie lee. we're going to talk to dillon scott. how about the orange room? you guys having fun? >> yeah. >> enjoying the
8:56 am
behind-the-scenes tour? >> you have a great teacher. happy new details .. on a shootg good morning. it's 8:56. i'm marcus washington. new details on the shooting saturday night that left one woman on life support in the south bay. according to the mercury news, it started with a chase where someone was following a car with a man and woman inside. that car then crashed in camel. moments later, someone approached the car and opened fire. that shooter is still on the loose. protesters are gathering at a san jose homeless encampment
8:57 am
that caltrans is hoping to clear out today. people are living in tents and tarps underneath the interchange near felipe avenue. happening now, we have a crew there monitoring the situation. you can look for a live report in our midday newscast and check our twitter feed for those updates. well, the super bowl is all the buzz this morning as are the great debate about the best commercials. that's where humor seemed to rule the day. you can go to our homepage to link to more including the eagles with bay area roots and the commercials that scored highest with the viewers. on our twitter feed, the game of clever super bowl memes just getting started. you'll find more there. i'm marcus washington. we'll have more news for you, i've seen wonders all around the world but what i see here never ceases to amaze me: change. i see it in their eyes. it happens when people connect with nature,
8:58 am
with culture, with each other. day after day i'm the first to see change. to see people go out, and come back new. princess cruises. the best premium cruise line. 7-day caribbean cruises from $599. sentencing in the brock turner case. and - we )ll be there as olympic athletes leave the bay area in the morning... bound for south korea. join us on )today in the bay )- 4:30
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[ applause ] good morning, everybody. happy monday. welcome, everybody. i'm megyn kelly. how are you doing today? doing all right? you feeling a little bleery-eyed like me? they are in philadelphia where much of the city was awake most of the night celebrating after the eagles won their first-ever super bowl. fly, eagles, fly. my husband, doug, is thrilled. to weigh in on all of it, we have juliet huddy with us. and amy hall. and savannah sellers is here. she's the host of "stay tuned." happy monday.


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