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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  February 7, 2018 5:00am-6:01am PST

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we want to continue with that as you take a look at us. good morning and thank you so much for joining us. >> wouldn't it be great to live in the bay area? >> guess what, you do. >> i know. @v+seat weather as well. here. >> we have had some really nice >> we have had some real elsewh they are feeling with some frigid temperatures out east. as we start out this morning here is where we begin at 39 degrees, that's the coldest temperature we have, but look at that spread, you drive from napa to san francisco and you go up to 57 degrees and 47 degrees in livermore right now. we are talking about the potential of setting some new records again today. we are looking at a high of 80 degrees in napa, 77 in san jose and livermore 78 degrees, oakland 74, all of these temperatures in these areas we will be watching that will be very close to a record high. as we head over to mike we are
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looking at not record traffic yet. >> no, not yet. right now and so folks are going to mark that down in their memory books, south bay up into the north bay with green sensors for most of the bay, a little slowing out of the altamonte pass. south 880 at marina has been cleared from the chp report without any crashes. behind that marking a hazard on the shoulder, a narrow shoulder south 680 right around olympic billion dollar, but the walnut creek interchange moves smoothly. the cash lanes starting to show a little backup right on schedule. send it right back to you guys. 5:01. new this morning, a decision on the controversial plan to use license plate readers to track car thieves in alameda. early this morning city leaders officially shelved the proposal for now. sharon katsuda is live in alameda with the reason behind that decision. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the question really is would you
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want to be tracked while driving in and out of alameda and if this plan goes through that's what would happen, but for now it's on hold, the decision happened here overnight and this is what the city council decided. the city will set aside a half million dollars to pay for the cameras that would be set up near the tubes and heavy traffic areas and read those license plates of all cars going in and out of the city, but the council wants to hear more information on the plan before moving forward. the police said it would help cut down on crime and track what time cars are coming and going, but activists expressed concern over what law enforcement will do with that information. >> if there are people in the room, in the community, who are concerned that the police department is possibly racially profiling folks, here is the tool that we can have that doesn't do that. it doesn't care. it doesn't have the ability to racially profile. >> although the chief of police has put -- has said on the radio that data will not be shared
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with i.c.e., words are one thing but written policies are another. >> if they can't find a person person that does a crime they can track them better i think it's positive. >> reporter: the police chief says there has been an increase in auto thefts and burglaries and this will help address those problems. we have a call this morning into vigilant solutions out of livermore to see what exactly they do with that license information. reporting live, i'm sharon katsuda, "today in the bay." at 5:03 this morning, covering a big story out of washington. will the government shut down again? the senate will have a chance to avoid that today. senators will take up a stopgap bill passed by the house yesterday, it keeps the government funded until march 23rd. in the meantime president trump is threatening another government shutdown if democrats do not agree to his immigration reform plan. scott mcgrew is going to break this down for us, he's coming up at 5:45. in the meantime, new this morning, just one day from the
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start of competition at the olympic games. overnight the u.s. threatened the, quote, toughest and most aggressive economic sanctions against north korea. this message during a visit to japan. >> and we will continue to stand shoulder to shoulder with the people of japan, the people of south korea and our allies and partners across the region until we achieve the global objective of the denuclearization of the korean peninsula. >> now, the vice president is set to lead the u.s. delegation at the opening ceremony in south korea on friday. "today in the bay's" garvin thomas is already in south korea. >> he joins us now live. garvin, i was nervous for you. i understand you just got back from the dmz that separates the two countries. how did it feel to be in one of the most volatile places in the world? >> reporter: well, laura and marcus, when people often describe a place as one of a
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kind often they are exaggerating, but when you get to the dmz that's not an exaggeration, this is like no other place in the world. we arrived in the country on saturday, have spent a few days getting to know the lay of the land an here at the olympic plaza, for example, learning where all the venues are, the one with the colorful lights that's where the short track speed skating and figure skating will be. yesterday we were in a very different place. nbc organized a tour for reporters and photographers to go to the dmz, that's the two and a half mile wide stretch of land that separates north and south korea, the most militarized border in all the world. there is only one place in all of that where the fence opens up and that's the joint security area just north of seoul. our tour took us to those famous blue buildings that are run by the united nations that straddle the border and where you are actually able to step foot on to
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north korea. it is a strange other worldly place. soldiers stationed there tell us every day the north koreans blast music from nearby city just trying to annoy them. >> we hear it every single day, past 1800 they turn it up a little bit. it's just like a radio outside of my bedroom door every night. we are 2.4 kilometers away from that village. that goes to show you how extremely large and broadcasting that speaker is. >> reporter: of course, this whole spectre of north korea has hung over the leadup to the olympics. there have been some encouraging signs recently, of course, north korea sending a delegation of athletes that are coming, the north and south korean teams will march together in the opening ceremony. so at least that worry has lessened a little bit, but they got a surprising new worry in the last few days, norovirus.
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coming up a little later at 6:00 this morning, we're going to explain to you what that situation is and why they're bringing in the military to deal with it. marcus and laura, back to you. >> such an exciting time to be there as well. keep healthy, we're excited to see you and we will be checking in with him. >> we will see you back in a little bit. stay with nbc bay area for exclusive olympic coverage. follow garvin on line and on air, his twitter handle is @garvin thomas. new this morning a south bay school district is trying to attract new teachers to our high cost area by appealing to people who already live there. "today in the bay's" kris sanchez live in san jose with the new recruitment efforts that are under way. good morning, kris. >> reporter: good morning. my daughter's sixth grade science center left the high tech world for the classroom and hasn't looked back and the santa clara county office of education thinks that folks like her could help to fill this critical need as we continue in this teacher
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shortage in california. this week in the santa clara county office of education they are hosting a fair aimed at professionals or tech people who are looking to make a change. step into teaching will connect people who already have a bachelor's degree or who are working on one with the resources they need to get into the classroom. here they can find out about the credentialing process, compensation, benefits, retirement, also network with potential employers. now, the county office of education told me that in the three years of hosting this fair, hundreds of people have turned out and about 50 business and tech professionals have stuck around and made that permanent change are now in the classroom. and they are filling a critical void. now, our local districts are really struggling with the california teacher shortage. look at this, statewide california issued 77,000 teacher credentials back in 2000, but only 15,000 15 years later. the projected need was 22,000
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teachers and listen to this, about a third of our california teachers are now nearing retirement age. so if you are interested in making that change and filling that void, step into teaching, the fair is saturday, february 10th, it is open to business professionals or tech people or anybody who has a bachelor's degree or is working on one. you do have to preregister and you can do that at you do have to preregister by today. i will link you to what you need to know on my facebook page and my twitter page. on my twitter page. tell me what you think if this is something that you would be willing to do at this point. leave the business world behind and enter a classroom of young minds that are just looking to learn. in san jose, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." thank you, kris. right now at 5:09 we are starting out with some cool temperatures as you get ready to head out the door, but all depends on where you are because we do already have a wide change. as we look at napa it's 39
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degrees but 57 degrees in san francisco and 47 now in livermore. our high temperatures today may be setting some records. we are going to reach into the upper 70s for the south bay, 77 degrees there and in palo alto 76 degrees. also 76 in antioch and santa rosa, look at that, 82 by this afternoon. we will talk more about this coming up, but, mike, you're saying there are good speeds around the bay. >> and some not so good meaning you're going faster than you should. be careful. chp works all the time. a great drive around pretty much all over the bay, a little slowly out of the altamonte pass, i was covering up that little change there but you knew about that. by the time you get to the dublin interchange no problems, same thing for castro valley, east bay and across the bay for the san mateo and dumbarton bridges. north bay highway 37 no slowing out of vallejo, but the bay bridge toll plaza had the crash lanes backing up, they started to ease up just in time for the build again.
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we should see all these cash lanes clear for a couple minutes and then build around 520 foik for those lights to turn on. back to you. coming up next on "today in the bay," facebook facing backlash. happening now, the reason actor jim carrey says he's boycotting the social media website. plus stock market no doubt more ups and downs this morning. it will be another crazy day.
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good tuesday morning. right now it's 5:14.
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we're coming up on that time. let's get a look at cupertino and our temperature trend for#s the day that starts out at 56 degrees, but our temperature is going up quickly each hour by several degrees. we will be in the mid 70s again today and we may be setting new records. we are looking at another unusually warm day for early february and we will gradually get a cooldown. we will talk about when that arrives coming up in q+pe minutes. and the live look for fremont shows you activity on 880 as well as at the truck scales nearby tesla where they have that car that went into space. a smooth flow of traffic on the earth. we will show you how things are shaping up into the east bay. and we are looking at another volatile day on the stock market. the dow moving all over the place on tuesday, sometimes up 500, sometimes down 500 as well. i want you to take a look at the big board yesterday. take a look at this. a line graph over the numbers
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that really tells the tale of a roller coaster ride, even looks a bit like a roller coaster. we will open this morning at just under 25,000. chipotle a stock to watch, the company says its sales are still suffering from those contamination cases a couple years ago. the founder of uber is expected back in san francisco court today, travis kalanick yesterday testified in that lawsuit brought by google's became mow claiming uber stole its self driving car secrets. apple hinting at it may offer rebates for its batteries in its iphones. you may recall that apple got caught slowing phones down in order to save battery power. at first it offered a discount to people affected. the company tells senators looking into the matter it may make those batteries free. the reviews are in for that apple speaker. really expensive and the reviews are meh. the "wall street journal" says
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the smart speaker isn't very smart, "the new york times" says don't rush to buy it. an update to the spacex story for yesterday. californians say they saw the rocket as it streaked across the sky as it made its first orbit. incredible pictures of the star man and the tesla car leaving earth. think we'd;]m spacex says the rocket burned a little bit too long, it pushed the car a little too hard, meaning it's going to enter a solar orbit beyond mars and into the asteroid belt. so there are even pothole problems out in space as well. >> wow. it kept going. that was a fascinating look. >> fascinating and just$v:+ beautiful amazing pictures. >> right. >> under ro of applause. >> very cool. the day and age we live in, right? >> exactly. >> new this morning a big name in hollywood that actor says he is quitting facebook protesting the company's response to russian interference in america's elections. jim carrey says that he is selling his stock in the menlo
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park company, also says he is dee leegt his account and urging other investors to do the same. he says they are not doing enough to stop russian interference. we are hearing the 911 call made by patriots tight end rob gronkowski upon discovering burglars hit his home while he was away at the super bowl. >> 911. where is your emergency? >> hello, this isn't an emergency. this is just -- this is rob gronkowski calling and while i was gone, my whole house got robbed. while i was on the super bowl trip and i just got back. >> gronkowski made that call on monday night. according to the foxborough, massachusetts, police report he does not live in that house alone. his two roommates reported the items stolen and according to the dispatched call the thieves may have taken saves and guns. len nova is recalling 78,000 laptops due to a fire hazard. a consumer product safety commission says that the issue stems from an unfastened screw
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that can damage the battery causing it to overheat and potentially catch fire. these are think pad laptops sold from december 2016 through october 2017. here is a question one east coast diner is hoping you would like to pop this valentine's day, would you like a marriage with those fries? pauly's north end in boston offering quite the valentine's day special. one of their custom burgers complete with a diamond engagement ring embedded in the bun. it's $3,000. that's kind of a bargain, right? i mean, that looks like a nice ring. put your order in, at least 48 hours in advance. while you are at it you may want to hold the ketchup, not to mention the onion rings. >> interesting. >> i'm not a big burger gal but i'm a big ring girl. >> we are eating this weather up because it is nice. >> it is nice. we will have more of that
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weather, you will want to take the lunch outside and enjoy the sunshine and all of this record warmth we have had around the bay area. it's also been really dry. i wanted to show you how much rain we are lacking since the beginning of our water year. just trying to catch up here. so just wanted to show you the numbers and we know we see a lot of green grass and the trees blooming at this point, in santa rosa we have had almost 13 inches of rain and in san francisco 8.5 inches of rain. you can see here how much rain we need to catch up to normal and where we stand with our water year. so we are going to see these numbers kind of going down each day by a percentage point and we are going to see the percentage that we are needing to catch up to normal. right now at about 50 to 60%. as we go through the day in oakland nothing but sunshine, more dry weather and it will be warming up quickly into the upper 60s and low 70s today. all of our high temperatures nearing records with our high in
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east san jose up to 76 degrees. we will have some upper 70s for the east bay. hayward 77 there, antioch 76 and for the peninsula, half-moon bay, 75 degrees, beach weather, and 74 on the embarcadero. north bay up to 82 degrees in santa rosa. if you are like me all congested right now, kind of tell it in my voice, this is the reason why, i have allergies and the tree pollen is moderate, it will go up to high by tomorrow. so no improvement here. but we will see an improvement in our temperatures, going down over the next few days. our winds lake county picking up and that makes those allergens a lot worse, a lot of tree pollen floating through the air. also that increases our fire danger. it's been also very dry, low humidity and even with temperatures going down we will have to watch out for that as we head into the weekend. mike, it's mostly green on the
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roadways. we don't see any of that rain that we need in our area. i go he is that's good conditions thand that means good speeds as well south bay into the north bay. pretty much no problems. over here mark the hazard, that's where the police activity continues on chapman off 29th over in oakland. we are following that story as well but it's not presenting a problem for the morning commute, even the on and off ramps over there are open. an easy ride on the transit agencies listed here, bart and muni, ac transit and vta for the south bay. a quick look at the bay bridge, you do have the backup forming for all the lanes, looks like they are ready to turn those metering lights on because the slow down is on the incline right now and farther to the north also traveling westbound for your commute this is out of richmond across 580 to san quentin and the san rafael area. no problems. coming up next on "today in the bay," new this morning, the alarming trend at bay area high schools, the growing number of students abusing prescription drugs. co
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we will colorado back. new this morning school leaders in the north bay are reportedly raising concerns about students abusing prescription drug xanax. press democrat reports students are showing up at schools across sonoma county feeling the side effects from taking xanax. officials say in some cases use of the anti-anxiety drug is
5:25 am
trickling down to middle schools. this is in part because xanax is also so readily available. meantime, a new warning about a drug made from a tree that's been used for years in southeast asia as a mild stimulant. that drug is called kratom. the fda late yesterday warned it is not safe for medical use, kratom functions as an opioid in large doses but experts say it can also kill you. >> people have no idea how to measure it, they have no idea what they're ingesting. >> the effects of it, i mean, it's similar to heroin. it's similar to cocaine. those are obviously scheduled controlled substances. >> the fda warns that using kratom can cause agitation, heart attack and stroke and the u.s. drug enforcement agency is debating making it a schedule 1 drug. a fresh look at a very expensive procedure for women who want to preserve their fertility. when is it time to use frozen eggs to have a baby?
5:26 am
>> i was 39, single, really hoping i would have met someone at that point, but i was happy to have the opportunity, you know, to use technology in the hopes of, you know, having a child some day when i was ready. >> did you think i do this and that's it, i will have a kid whenever i want? >> i felt like, okay, i've done this, it's a sigh of relief. >> the most recent numbers show that only 22% of frozen eggs lead to live births. the full story airs this morning on the "today" show. coming up next on "today in the bay," in the hands of voters, the next step in the efforts to recall a judge who sentenced former stanford swimmer brock turner. preparing for the next big one, the efforts bay area leaders are taking to keep everyone safe if a massive earthquake strikes. [burke] vengeful vermin.
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and good wednesday morning to you. right now just seconds before 5:30 as we take a live picture now this is burlingame, a beautiful start to the morning. every shot we have used this morning has been a beautiful one. >> that's a sweet little area, too. >> great way to start the day. >> good morning, thanks for joining us, i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. right now to get a better look at what's going on with this beautiful day we're having in the bay area let's go to meteorologist kari hall. it starts outity nice and mild, another day with quickly warming temperatures. in san jose 48 degrees, all clear skies and we keep that
5:30 am
sunshine throughout the afternoon. reaching into the low 70s by 1:00, as you get ready to go back to pick the kids up you might just want to walk, it's going to be a nice one. and our high temperatures today heading into the low 70s for livermore. 73 degrees, 76 in palo alto and 80 today in napa. we will talk about those records that may be set this afternoon and we will go straight to the weekend coming up in seven minutes, but mike is getting you straight to work this morning. >> that's right. i will get you straight to the bay bridge with everybody else. metering lights are on, no surprises, but that doesn't mean no backup. we are used to that, metering lights turned on five minutes ago. you will see not everybody getting there, not problems. the maps show no slowing into the sensors, toward the maze a little slowing off the berkeley curve and that's about it. police activity in oakland and we will give you an update in a few seconds but i wanted to show you the rest of why you are commute. a little slowing out of the altamonte and that's about it. happening today, those
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looking to challenge santa clara county judge aaron persky in a june recall election can begin collecting signatures. the judge is facing backlash after he sentenced former stanford swimmer brock turner to six months in county jail after sexual assaulting an unconscious woman. "today in the bay's" bob redell live with the decision to put that recall measure on the june ballot. i know i had been approached by a lot of people covering this topic. >> reporter: correct. good morning, laura. if voters decide to recall judge aaron persky in june then they also must decide who will fill his shoes. so starting today people who want to possibly fill the judge's seat can start collecting signatures to get their own name on the ballot. this after yesterday's decision by the board of directors here in santa clara county deciding to put the recall on the june ballot. organizers who collected the 95,000 signatures for that recall, you can see them there, cheering the board's decision
5:32 am
yesterday. they believe judge persky was far too lenient in his six-month sentence of brock turner who sexual assaulted an unconscious woman two years ago at stanford. turner was released after serving only half of his sentence because of good behavior. some people are concerned that putting persky up for recall could negatively impact the judicial system. retired judge cord dell says persky followed the rule of the law and argues that the recall effort may hurt minorities in the court system. >> they're going to be impacted by this recall because if it succeeds judges are not going to be willing to exercise their discretion to be lenient for fear of being recalled. >> the voters will have an opportunity to weigh in on judge persky's pattern of bias in favor of privileged perpetrators of violence against women. >> reporter: so, again, now that the board of supervisors here in
5:33 am
santa clara county has agreed to let the recall go on the june ballot today is the day that people who want to possibly fill judge persky's seat can start collecting signatures. the deadline is march 22nd. reporting live here in san jose, bob redell, "today in the bay." 5:33 right now. new this morning a deadly shooting in oakland's fruitvale district. police say they found a man's body on chapman street just west of 880 near 29th avenue. that street is shut down and police say that that victim is a 20-year-old man but that's all they're saying so far. no word on the suspect's identity or motive. three people are being credited for stepping in to help solve a case of animal abuse posted to social media. police in hollister say officers arrest add 15-year-old boy accused of throwing an eight month old puppy to the ground multiple times and posting that abuse on snapchat. the dog named bella, you saw her briefly there, is okay, didn't suffer any substantial injuries.
5:34 am
three former classmates saw that video and reported it. police quickly moved in. >> we were able to remove her at this time before any further injuries she could sustain. >> the 15-year-old suspect faces felony animal cruelty charges. bella will be housed at an animal shelter at least until the case is resolved. happening today, a new option for the homeless in san francisco. today acting mayor mark farrell will celebrate $10 million in state funding to support navigation centers. tuesday the examiner reports that the board of supervisors voted to allow the city to negotiate with caltrans to open centers on state property. officials say the new centers could help more than 200 people. the scott metal company in richmond being cited after last week's fire at their facility. the black smoke damaged the air and led to road closures and a shelter in place. they face two citations from the air quality district, fines and
5:35 am
penalties are being reviewed nd they are pending. to taiwan, this is brand-new video just into our newsroom. the search for survivors continues after yesterday's 6.4 magnitude earthquake. now, that tilted building you are seeing right there, it's a military hospital where many people are believed to be trapped inside. so far at least four people are dead and dozens are still unaccounted for. the epicenter was about 100 miles south of taiwan's capital taipei. back in the bay area where we are always preparing for earthquakes. we know a 7.0 magnitude quake on the hayward fault would be devastating. have a devastating impact on all of us. but how devastating? happening today in san francisco leaders from around the bay area will detail the impacts of such a large quake on a heavily populated and developed area. the discussion includes results of new research detailing damage estimates for 16 earthquake scenarios. 5:35.
5:36 am
happening today, water is on the top of everyone's mind with our dry winter. in contra costa county water officials will discuss the planned expansion of los vaqueros reservoir in brentwood. it will raise the eastern dam by 55 feet to meet the water needs of 1.5 million people. the public meeting on the expansion's environmental report is planned for later this month. turns out san francisco's muni ticketing app is more successful than transportation leaders thought it would be so now according to the examiner transit leaders wilfork over an additional $300,000 in commissions. that's all costs to cover the app developer. muni mobile is apparently a big hit among the tourist set. in december four times as many app users bought cable car fares as opposed to regular fares. old technology with the cable cars meeting the new, mike. that's what the bay area is all about, preserving the past
5:37 am
and looking to the future. we will use our technology to show you good old getting to work morning routine. over here the south bay a nice easy drive, no problems along the peninsula. most of the traffic just building over for the east bay. we're tracking spots like walnut creek, southbound 680 there is a crash over on the shoulder, no major problems. that may be a follow-up report to the earlier issue we had farther south around olympic, again, over on the shoulder, a similar sounding car. just watch for activity off of the roadway. smooth flow over toward the bay bridge where the metering lights are on. no problems for the east shore freeway. san rafael pleasant drive, you know, these southbound folks know the commute very well. halfway through the workweek. >> we are. we are almost there and we're starting to make plans, it's going to be a nice weekend. maybe you will want to head to the beach once again but vein
5:38 am
where around the bay area it is going to be just perfect. 70 degrees inland, 67 degrees for the bay and 65 degrees for the coast. mid 60s for the coast and bay and low 70s inland on sunday. if you will be kicking off the weekend at the chinese new year street fair that's happening in chinatown in san francisco, 59 degrees during the morning but it does make it into the mid to upper 60s throughout the day. with the sunshine it will feel nice and comfortable. then if you're going to be hitting the road, maybe kirkwood will be your place to go, it will be in the low 40s, make sure you bring extra layers, it is definitely going to be cooler there than we have had recently as those winds start to kick up. and a nice weekend for a hike in muir woods with mid 60s throughout saturday and sunday. just a few clouds rolling by, but for the most part it will be a nice weekend to go stroll amongst the redwoods. also in napa valley low 70s for the weekend, 71 degrees on
5:39 am
saturday and sunday at 70 degrees doesn't get any better than that. let me know what you're doing this weekend on twitter, i'm @karihallweather, also on facebook and instagram, same handle, you may get a personalized forecast for your weekend an what you're doing. i will have a look at today's forecast coming up in three minutes. coming up on "today in the bay," safer roads, new study out this morning that shows how many californians are texting while driving. plus it looks like it's just a matter of hours now until the government runs out of money again. when "today in the bay" continues.
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5:42 am
mike traffic tease another cool start and another unusually warm day ahead. taking a live look outside in san jose, let's get a look at our temperature trend, at 6:00, 47 degrees, but 67 degrees at 11:00 and still we're heading into the low 70s by this afternoon. in the next couple of days but we will get a little bit of a cooldown, we will talk about that and also when this dry weather may come to an end, that's coming up in about five minutes. and a look at dublin. you've got a lot of company with these head lights heading in
5:43 am
toward dublin out of livermore. we will show you what's going on in the fremont area, looks like there is a new issue of concern. 5:43 right now. new this morning it seems more california drivers are making the smart and safe choice by avoiding using this texting and driving. that's according to a new study by the office of traffic and safety reported by the sacramento beat. researchers found that the number of texting drivers is about half of what it used to be a year ago. 4% of the drivers are now using their phones behind the wheel. last year the same analysis recorded the level at 8%. strict laws are believed to be playing a major role in that dropoff. accused of killing an nfl player in a dui crash is expected in an indiana courtroom today. president trump is using the crash to call for more border security just like he used in the kate steinle case which we're familiar with in the bay area. indiana police say manuel,
5:44 am
orrego-zavala crashed into an uber car killing edwin jackson who was a passenger and the uber driver. the suspect also had a record here in the bay area with two dui charges in san mateo county. he has also been deported twice. while president trump is going after the suspect's undocumented status, the nfl player's family is not. >> they are very christian people and edwin was an all inclusive young man so that would not be their focus. >> orrego-zavala is facing murder charges as well as charges for coming into the country illegally. president trump says he welcomes a government shutdown. >> scott mcgrew joins us now, that shutdown in a little more than a day away. >> we can call it a matter of hours, in fact, laura. president trump says unless democrats agree to his wall, among other things, he is willing to see the government run out of money and shut down again. >> if we don't change it, let's have a shutdown. we will do a shutdown and it's
5:45 am
worth it for our country. i'd love to see a shutdown if we don't get this stuff taken care of. and if we have to shut it down because the democrats don't want safety and unrelated but still related they don't want to take care of our military, then shut it down. we'll go with another shutdown. >> now, unrelated but still related the house voted to fund the government, but it's really the senate that matters. there are enough democrats in the senate to stop another continuing resolution. so trump needs the democrats to keep the government open. there is a bipartisan bill who save daca and keep the government open written by these two senators, one republican, one democrat, but the president has rejected it. the white house has confirmed a "washington post" story saying the president has asked the military to put together a big military parade with tanks and airplanes, similar to the one he saw in paris during bastille day last summer.
5:46 am
the white house confirms the president wants a big parade where, quote, all americans can show their appreciation. people who didn't clap for him during the state of the unionqi% speech had committed treason. unamerican. w says the president was republican jeff flake, not laughing. >> mr. jgnpresident, words matt. have we arrived at such a place of numb acceptance thatbghskç nothing to say when a president of tt united states casually suggests that those who choose u speech are guilty of treason? ñ hope not.guilty of treason? >> the government runs out of money again friday morning 12:01 a.m. so late thursday night, about 42 hours from now. we will keep you updated on twitter. i invite you to follow me on twitter, you can find me @scottmcgrew. oscar winner and stanford
5:47 am
alum reese witherspoon is coming back to town. >> she is among the keynote speakers at this year's water mark conference for women. amal >÷ clooney will also join lineup as well as jessica geary and myself. with more than 6,000 people attending the conference is the largest of its kind in the west coast. water mark's mission is to increase the number of women in leadership positions. the conference is coming up on february 23rd. just a great, great event. 5:47. so south korea. nbc's coverage of the 2018 winter olympics begins tomorrow night with the opening ceremony on friday. check this out, athletes are hitting the ice already, you're looking at the u.s. short track speed skaters practicing, here is someone you want to watch, maame biney is the first african-american woman to make the team. stay with nbc bay area for
5:48 am
exclusive coverage of the olympics, our own garvin thomas is in south korea this morning. he will bring us a life report coming up at 6:00, until then you can follow along with all of garvin's adventures on facebook and twitter. this is the 39th annual shovel race world championships, happened at new mexico's angel fire ski resort. you have to be careful, you don't want to fall or hit a rock. the rules are8y/c simple, just your bottomv on, a snow shoveld point thaty)vñ handle downhill. certainly notnnt child's play. hour andz2i according to x a do legend itwaqx started when ski operators"@ráshovels down the mountain at the endsmkátfmg workday. >> something fun turned into a sport. >> that's the thing, the danger at the end. >> 60 miles an hour. wow. pretty fast.
5:49 am
>> no brakes. >> the ride is fine, it's stopping. >> hard enough on skis. maybe you're going to try that out in the sierra this weekend. >> no. >> actually, there's some ski resorts still open but not a lot of snow he. >> there is not a lot of snow. we are only at about 25% of normal and we are still looking at some more dry weather over the next few days. some record temperatures. so as we get a look now as we step out the door in san francisco it's an all clear start, no fog, we have only seen light patches in the north bay. look at how cold it is in the north bay, 39 degrees now in napa, but compare that to the 57 we have in san francisco. 51 degrees in oakland and 47 degrees now as you head out in livermore. already a wide range in temperatures. we will all be feeling well above normal temperatures as we go through the day. in napa we are heading up to 80 degrees and the record is 79.
5:50 am
in san jose 77 is my forecast for today and 76 is the record. livermore also looking like it will smash that old record and san francisco very close, oakland also may tie the record and santa rosa will be just below that as we are looking at a day of some very warm temperatures. you do want to make sure you're dressed appropriately. i think a hat would be a good option because it may keep you warm in the morning but also give you some shade once that sun starts beaming down and some short sleeves for this afternoon. still no change in this pattern, we have this area of high pressure that's steering all of the storm systems to the north of us and there is no rain in the forecast through at least february 20th. yes, today is the 7th. as we get a look at our forecast it is going to cool off, so that's some good news there, but the winds will pick up as well and when we have gusty winds and dry conditions weta"6 do have t watch out for a high fire danger and that's something you will want to keep checking in about as we head into the next several
5:51 am
days. mike, you are hearing about a car fire in the tri-valley. >> doesn't sound like much of a deal, they are not sure if anybody was driving that car or if it was abandoned. we will find out more. it's right over here highway 84 at the alvarado niles area west of 680. it will effect you if that's the route you take through sunol past the railroad and over toward mission and fremont. the rest of the tri-valley look how light it looks, green over here, a little slowing for castro valley and the y and getting in toward hayward. a build toward the berkeley curve and the metering lights are on at the bay bridge, but no major concerns, just a bit more traffic coming off the carquinez bridge and through richmond. train 521 delayed and the muni stop in chinatown, kari talked about all the activity for chinese new year, there is a temporary stop closed for the next couple weeks there. back to you. coming up, new this morning, getting guns out of the wrong
5:52 am
hands. the step officials are taking to remove dangerous weapons from people who shouldn't have them. happening now a sacramento elementary school hopes to reopen for class tomorrow. officials had to shut down st. mary's school after the flu hit students and teachers very hard. plus heavy snowfall is causing major travel delays in the north half of france and paris. up to six inches fell in the region. hundreds of people actually had to spend the night strapped in their vehicles after city workers couldn't clear the roads in time. dozens of flights have been delayed. the bathroom.
5:53 am
when things go wrong here, you remember. quilted northern is designed to work so well, you can forget your bathroom trips. but daddy gator can never forget. "i've got to motor out of here. this is no place to raise a child."
5:54 am
5:55 am
11 we have a bizarre story involving a dead woman, her tonight on nbc bay area news we have a bizarre story involving a dead woman, her trust account, credit cards and a discount at a hardware store. >> good morning, this all centers around an attorney we've told you about before, ten years ago the state bar accused him of taking advantage of clients, now the state is going after him again, accusing the lawyer of defrauding an elderly woman out of more than $150,000. now, according to the charges the attorney helped create a construction company as a front
5:56 am
to funnel money out of that woman's trust. the attorney says he has a heart of gold and tells us he was only trying to protect his client. >> does any of that make sense to you? >> it doesn't make sense to me and -- no, it doesn't. >> so what really happened and what does this all have to do with a 5% discount at lowe's? we investigate tonight at 11:00. if you have a story for our investigative unit give us a call, that number 888-996-tips or you can visit our website that's at 5:56, new this morning, the state department of justice says there are still thousands of people in california who own guns but are not supposed to. the armed and prohibited person system is a database of people who bought guns legally but have since become unqualified typically because they created a crime. the database is larger than the doj wants it to be. officials say more guns and not
5:57 am
enough resources are to blame. attorney general xavier becerra says his agents need more help even despite $24 million in funding. >> we want to make sure that those who have decided to do it the wrong way know that we're going to try to confiscate their weapons as quickly as we can. >> agents are trying to overcome the backlog by processing cases in two weeks or less. dental health is very important, especially for children, and today dentists will be visiting south bay elementary schools for free dental screenings. that event is sponsored by the santa clara county dental health society and it's called give kids a smile event. here are just some of the schools that are participating including schools in san jose, sunnyvale and santa clara. all together 46 schools and seven boys and girls clubs in santa clara county will be participating in the free screenings this morning. they start at 8:00. toys "r" us says store closing sales will start today at select toys "r" us and babies r us locations throughout the
5:58 am
country. a bankruptcy court approved the plans yesterday. the liquidation sales are expected to be completed by april 15th. toys "r" us planned to close 182 stores but have taken a dozen off the list after negotiating better leasing terms. nine locations in the bay area are set to close. 5:58. new this morning a young sacramento cancer survivor is trying to help kids who are also fighting cancer. >> stanley was diagnosed with a rare bone cancer six years ago. the make a wish foundation granted her wish to go to disney world. now she's in remission and a freshman in high school. she's working as a make a wish ambassador trying to raise $7,500 for another sacramento child battling a life-threatening condition. last night dozens packed into el dorado restaurant to raise money. >> so you don't know who the money will go to. >> not yet. until we raise it, then we might figure it out. >> this is exciting. >> yeah, i know.
5:59 am
>> sammie hopes to one day become a spokeswoman for make a wish. she is well on her way. that's nice to see. new this morning, the controversial proposal put on hold in the east bay, the reason bay area leaders have questions about a plan to install license plate readers that could be used to track cars. plus we're just one day away from the start of the 2018 olympic games. we're live in south korea with a last minute changes this morning following a norovirus outbreak involving olympic security guards. and pushing for more teachers in the bay area, the south bay school district that is taking a different approach as it tries to lure educators to the area. "today in the bay" continues right now. and a very good now wednesday morning to you, thanks for joining us, i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. we're going to get a check on what your morning commute looks like, but first we want to head over to meteorologist kari hall. taking a look at this weather and today another warm day. >> it will be warm later today, but this morning it starts out
6:00 am
cool, we have had some 40s and 50s, even a few 30s in the north bay, but as we go to oakland we will be at 53 degrees at the start of the school day and kids will have recess outside with comfortable weather, warming up to 68 degrees and in that pickup line. we will see the highs up to 74, 77 in san jose and 74 also in san francisco. low 80s for the north bay. we will talk more about that and when these temperatures cool off in about seven minutes. mike, you are looking for a new crash in dublin. >> seeing if we can find the report that chp filed. west 580 your commute direction over towards the dublin interchange, you see the dublin grade heading toward castro valley. wherever that crash is approaching it does not look like it is interrupting the flow. this is west 580 around dougherty approaching that dublin interchange but we didn't see any problems for the flow over the last few minutes. we have a little build for 680 and i will continue to watch


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