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tv   Today  NBC  February 7, 2018 7:00am-9:01am PST

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7:25 and every half hour after that. don't forget to join us for nbc bay area news at 11:00. we will have your news and weather and so much more. good morning. nasty storm, 83 million people from the south to new england waking up to a wintery mess. snow ice, and freezing rain leading to school closings power outages and a dangerous commute. that same powerful system behind this huge chain reactionrash caught on camera. al's got our forecast. another shutdown showdown with hours to go before a deadline. key vote facing the senate after this threat from president trump. >> i'd love to see a shutdown if we don't get this stuff taken care of. >> will he get the shutdown he says he wants. leaving las vegas.
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billionaire steve wynn resigns as the ceo of company overnight following multiple allegations of misconduct. what he is saying about the scandal. all that plus kim jong-un's surprise announcement about the winter olympics as cheer squad overnight. robbed gronk robbed. >> hello. this isn't an emergency. this is rob gronkowski calling. and out of this world, elon musk pulls off historic rocket launch. as his sports car becomes the newest star in the sky. wednesday, february 7, 2018. >> from nbc news this is today with savannah guthrie and hoda kotb live from studio 1-a. thanks for being with us on
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a wednesday morning. i wish you could see al roker dancing when i said there was a big winter storm coming. he loves it. he can't help it. >> a lot to get to this morning. start with the massive winter storm. >> that's right. another brutal round of snow sleet, freezing rain and make a mess of the morning commute this morning. here's a look at conditions in pennsylvania. this is just north of pittsburg. we're going to get to al's forecast in just a moment, but let us start with nbc ron mot in harrisburg pennsylvania good morning to you. good morning. tens of millions of americans waking up to snowy slushy icy commute this morning. into the northeast and new england. that's where we're expecting some of the hardest hit cities above the massachusetts turnpike north of there and upstate new york already governor andrew cuomo of new york urging residents to take caution were the commutes because some cities along the storm zone could see upwards of 10 inches of heavy wet snow.
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others get wintery mix and others might get a kblazglazing of ice and dangerous ice. here in pennsylvania t state capitol is closed today in anticipation of the weather. fortunately accumulation around hairsrrisburg expected to be minimal. other parts of the state could see ten inches. fortunately traffic is a lot lighter than normal with the state office complex closed. still going to be slow going. back to you. >> starting us off. thank you mpkts. a lot of people wondering where it's going. >> the good news is it's a fast mover. that's really good news. this thing has a real mess with it. see the snow where ron is now covering all of pennsylvania. we've got an icy mix from cincinnati to washington, d.c. heavy rain down to the south. 83 million people from kentucky all the way to new england at risk for either winter weather adviseory or winter storm warning. here's what we see this morning. look for big travel delays in atlanta heavy showers and
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thunderstorms in the warm sector of this storm. get in the northeast. looking at snow and ice and that's going to cause airport delays. then this afternoon, steady rain along the i-95 corridor, but cold air being drawn in behind this system. making for a lot of snow. then in between the rain and the snow we're talking ice from bowling green all the way up into new england. anywhere from a tenth of an inch to quarter of an inch of ice and that's going to mean downed power lines and a real mess. tomorrow morning, look for anywhere of 6-9 inches of snow as we make our way into the parts of central pennsylvania. snowfall rates of about 1-2 inches per hour. again, this will all be out of here early tomorrow. >> al thanks. >> now, push to avoid the next government shutdown ahead of tomorrow's deadline. congress appears to be nearing a
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deal despite new threat trss from the president. >> you know well by now americans have become accustom to washington governors from crisis to crisis. this time with less than 48 hours to avoid a government shutdown there is room for optimism. the senate's top republican and top democrat working to finalize a major budget deal even as president trump is throwing a wrench in that process. >> the motion to reconsider is laid on the table. >> overnight the house voted to keep the government open for six more weeks. now it's up to the senate to avoid a repeat of last month's shutdown before federal funding runs out tomorrow night. with new indications senate leaders may be closing in on a larger longer terms budget deal but back at the white house. >> let's have a shutdown. >> president trump unexpectedly threatening to hold the government hostage if he doesn't get his way on immigration. >> i'd love to see a shutdown if we don't get this stuff taken care of. >> that stuff, white house proposal to address the
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immigration crisis. the president during a meeting on gang violence accusing his political opponents of stone walling. >> if we have to shut it down because the democrats don't want safety then shut it down. >> a member of the president's own party pushing back. >> we don't need a government shutdown on this. >> we're not getting support from the democrats. >> the senate's top democrat pouncing. >> speaks for itself. we had one trump shutdown nobody wants another maybe except him. >> later press secretary sanders trief trying to clarify. >> we are not advocating for a shutdown. the president wants a long-term deal and wants to get a deal on immigration. >> as part of that deal president offering protections not just for those nearly 700,000 undocumented immigrants. living here under the daca program. a million more dreamers. chief of staff john kelly sparking a fire storm. describing those immigrants like this. some would say we're too afraid to sign up. others would say we're too lazy
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to get off as, but they didn't sign up. >> kelly later not backing down. some of them probably should have gotten off the couch and signed up. doesn't really matter now because president trump has given them the status. >> former vice president joe biden taking shots at mr. trump suggesting he not sit down with interview for the special counsel because the president has difficulty with proecision. also >> i just marvel at some of the things he says and does what two days ago, anybody didn't stand up and clap for him was un-american and maybe even treez treasonous. >> they say it was tongue in cheek. democrats can't take a joke. >> let me tell you, he is a joke. >> democratic memo about the investigation of a former trump campaign adviser. ordering to complete their review by tomorrow night. the president also met tuesday
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with a man he's publically criticized. deputy attorney general rod rosenstein overseeing robert mueller's russia inquiry. the two discussing differences between the democratic and republican memos. >> peter alexander at the white house, thank you mpkts. we have another big headline out of washington. unusual orders from the pentagon. wants a massive parade to highlight the country's military strength. that request is not sitting well with some lawmakers. >> reporter: this morning, the pentagon is in parade planning mode responding to a directive from the commander in chief for a military parade in washington, d.c. a pentagon spokesman telling nbc news we are aware of the request and looking ging at possible dates. the spokesman adding planning was still in infancy, but suggesting veterans day in november could be a target date. last year the president expressed strong appreciation for the french
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a bastille day. when he told defense secretary jim mattis and top generals he wanted to showcase the military's might. the idea not sitting well with democrats. >> i was stunned by it to be quite honest. we have a napoleon in the making here. >> for the most part u.s. presidents have avoided displays of power that are often associated with former soviet union red square celebrations or more recently kim jong-un's parades in north korea. the nation's capital hasn't seen a procession of tanks and troops since the victory in the gulf war. at the height of the cold war, president kennedy included military equipment in his inaugural parade in 1961. as did president harry s truman
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in 1949. they want the focus to be on the troops. mindful the soldiers face real danger around the world. for today, nbc news. the pentagon. >> another story, winter olympics will begin tomorrow. athletes arriving. vice president mooins isike pence is getting ready to lead the delegation. nbc kate snow is in pyeongchang. got it all covered for us. hi kate good morning. >> hi good morning to you. vice president pence made last stop in tokyo last night before he heads here for opening ceremony making it clear politics will be front and center as team usa gets ready for games. there's also another threat to mention. same illness that often sweeps through cruise ships, the norovirus, is here. >> as the south korean team
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officially raises flag over olympic games, tough talk from vice president pence about north korea saying the u.s. is preparing to roll out the toughest and most aggressive economic sanctions against the regime. >> we'll be there to cheer on our american athletes, but we'll also be there to stand with our allies. and remind the world that north korea is the most oppressive regime on the planet. vice president also saying he's coming to the game to make sure north korea can't hijack them. pence has invited the father of otto warmbier the deedtained college student who died after north korea released him. announcing overnight kim jong-un's younger sister will be in the audience. first time any member of the king regime has visited south korea. earlier north korea showing off 200 state sponsored cheerleaders crossing to the south wearing matching red coats and pelt hats. as u.s. athletes get ready for
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the game concerns about the norovirus with more than 80 cases now. speed skater says she feels great. becoming super sanitary so we always wash our hands. always put sanitizer on. >> women's hockey star got a text from her dad about the anymore revirus. >> what did dad say. >> he said i don't know if you know what's going on. yes, dad, i know what's going on. >> doctors scramble to make sure it doesn't spread to olympic villages. the health and wellness of the athletes is highest priority. >> the outbreak started at a housing facility for security guards, but now there are cases here at the ski resort. a gathering place for the media and the international olympic committee. >> at that housing facility where security guards first got ill, workers told us the sick
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were taken away the water turned off and rooms being sanitized. some told us they're headed eded back to work. korean government is running tests to figure out if water or food were contaminated. >> and with all of that also headed to pyeongchang, ivanka trump, white house confirming she'll be here to represent the administration at the end of the two weeks for the closing ceremony. >> thank you. by the way, coming up in the next half hour take you inside north korea, see how people there are feeling about the games. >> meantime new questions about the safety of amtrak after yet another incident involving a train. this time in maryland. nbc's gabe gutierrez is there. gabe good morning. >> reporter: hoda good morning. this stretch of amtrak is extremely popular pairing three times as many passengers as the airlines between washington and new york. now the causes of all these recent incidents are different. they are putting train travel back in the spotlight. this morning, amtrak is trying
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to reassure passengers amid growing concerns of several high profile accidents. >> i think actbout it all the time. >> i don't really have a choice. >> speeding to boston when two cars separated from the rest of the train. amtrak calling it a mechanical issue. no reported injuries, but four fatal accidents involving amtrak trains in less than two months. >> we derailed and everything flew to the front of the train. on sunday a train barrelled into a train in south carolina. engineer and conductor were killed. last week a train carrying republican members of congress hit a truck killing the driver. a pastor and wife were killed when they amtrak slammed into an suv in north carolina. a train in washington state going 80 derailed on inaugural run killing three and injuring dozens. overall the number of accidents
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has been trending down, but the number of deaths has been rising for the past decade. 119 in 2008 to at least 167 last year. most of those were pedestrians on the tracks where vehicle collisions at crossings. only 12 were amtrak passengers. company admits they can do more. >> we need to do a better job, both investing in crossing technology so it's impossible to try to quote, beat the train, closed quote. >> in response questions about safety amtrak writes in part it is committed to maintaining an environment where employees are encouraged to report any unsafe condition. following investigation into 2015 crash, blasted amtrak for lacks attitude towards safety. wouldn't go that far after these recent crashes. >> are we willing to say there's a systemic issue with am track, no we're not. >> the trump administration proposed slashing amtrak subsidy
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subsidies by more than $600 million. congress is still debating that as they final budget deal. >> gabe thank you. big talker of the morning. space enthusiast world over are still talking about that remarkable spacex launch on tuesday using the biggest rocket in the world. went off almost without a hitch. two of the three rockets even came back to earth. i mean that was amazing. nbc tom costello back at space center for us. tom, now that we saw it we get what the fuss is about. >> it was pretty cool. elon musk saying it just was almost picture perfect. almost. one of those three rockets crashed into the ocean. the other two landed perfectly, but the internet this morning blowing up over these photographs and this video showing manny can. fake restaurant going into deep space. these images look so spectacular
7:17 am
spectacular. you would think they're fake. >> space has a new star man. headed for an orbit around the sun. his journey beginning in spectacular fashion. a picture perfect liftoff at the kennedy space center as three rockets and 27 engines simultaneously fired to lift the spacex falcon heavy rocket off. admission control near los angeles, jubilation. then just a few moments later, an engineering marvel. as the two side rocket boosters landed back on earth on their exact targets right next to each other. >> and the falcons have landed. >> that was epic. that's probably the most exciting thing i've ever seen. ever. spacex founder elon musk in a post launch news conference.
7:18 am
>> i'm still trying to absorb everything that happened because it seems surreal to me. >> outside the space center thousands have gathered to take in the biggest launch since the retired 2011. >> well worth the wait. all the way from california. los angeles, and it was a great job, elon. >> the ultimate goal of the new rocket to more cheaply lift cargo into or bit and eventually carry humans towards a lunar or martian rendezvous. >> next ten years are going to be really exciting. maybe tourists trying around the moon for spacex. >> for now, star man is blazing the trail. riding in elon's personal tesla listening to david bowie. and headed towards deep space. >> kind of silly and fun, but i think that's you know silly fun things are important. normally ordinary rockets launch
7:19 am
like a block of concrete or something like that. that's so bores. >> yes. did you see the sticker on the dashboard of star man. says don't panic. now musk says he wondering what aliens will think in a million years when they come across the star man in a tesla headed towards the sun in or orbit. when will humans be able to ride to the . . . . . . going to go forever and ever. >> ever and ever and the david bowie song is going to loop and loop. >> problem is you got to rotate the tires every one million miles. that's tough. >> get that engine light, forget it. quick look at what's going on around the rest of the country. the southwest, showers moving to pacific northwest. next half hour look at the heavy rain down to the south and
7:20 am
another storm system going to bring snow in the upper midwest. get to your local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds. ♪ volunteer at state farm. good wednesday morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. check out this beautiful sunrise view of san jose this morning and we are going to start out withf little bit milder, though, in san francisco where it's 58 degrees but only 39 now in santa rosa. it will warm up quickly, we're heading into the low 80s for the north bay and for the inland
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areas some mid to upper 70s, up to 74 in san francisco and in san jose today expect a high of 77 degrees. >> and that's your latest weather. and that's your latest weather. >> thank you, al. coming up the abrupt resignation of steve wynn. amid troubling sexual misconduct allegations. what he's saying about the accusations against him. the inside north korea. a rare look at the people and places there, but first, this is today on nbc.
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straight ahead, dylan ♪ reunites the jamaican bobsled team. >> after your local news. ♪ here comes the man, ♪ ♪ here comes the man ♪ ♪ here comes the man, ♪
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with our 1/4 moisturizing cream,... ...leaves baby skin more nourished with every bath. for now .. alameda leaders are shelving a plan to use license plate readers to a very good morning to you, i'm laura garcia. for now alameda leaders are shelving a plan to use license plate readers to track car thieves. last night the police chief requested a half a million dollars to install 13 devices on bridges and tunnels connecting alameda to oakland. the chief says the system would be used to track stolen cars but privacy advocates worry the information might be used for other reasons such as monitoring undocumented i'm grnts. while council members approved funding for the cameras they rejected the proposal in its current form calling for it to be modified before it is considered again. let's take a look at the forecast for this wednesday morning, here is meteorologist kari hall. >> starts out nice and cool as we take a live look outside in san francisco right now and you do need a jacket before you head out the door later on today we
7:27 am
will be shedding layers. look at how warm it's going to be, in the low 80s for the north bay and we could set a lot more new records by this afternoon. san jose 77 degrees and 76 degrees in palo alto. in oakland and san francisco looking at a high of 74. we will be gradually cooling off over the next couple of days as the winds pick up and a little bit of an ocean breeze causes those temperatures to dip into the low 60s. for the high by the weekend in san francisco while inland areas will be the upper 60s. let's get an update on the commute from mike. look at this shot and see traffic gumming up northbound with the taillights going away from us toward high street. still slow here and we will look at the map. slow as well continuing up toward the earlier crash around oak, it looks like that may have cleared from lanes in the last ten minutes still slow for 880, 580 a good alternate. eastbound there is some debris around the high-rise but we
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don't see a lot of slowing. your south bay has your build.
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hey, everybody, welcome back. 7:30 on a wednesday morning, february 7, 2018. we're talking about the snow that's falling in harrisburg, pennsylvania, al has been talking about the snow that's coming through, but coming through quickly. >> it will be a big mess, but then it will be gone. that winter weather begins our check of the day's headlines. messy commute -- millions of americans in the path of a massive winter storm, unloading snow, ice and sleet across a large part of the country. >> we've even got advisories from texas through the northeast. in total, about 90 million people are under a winter weather advisories or storms. >> government groundhog day,
7:31 am
overnight the house votes to avoid a shutdown for six more weeks. senate now in the spotlight as president trump says he's fine with a shutdown if he doesn't get his way on immigration. >> i'd love to see a shutdown if we don't get this stuff taken care of. >> we had one trump shutdown. nobody wants another, maybe except him. shaken to its core -- at least six people are dead, hundreds hurt and dozens missing in taiwan after a strong 6.4-magnitude earthquake hits on the island's eastern coast. super bowl break-in -- the 911 calls from new england patriots star rob gronkowski released. revealing the moment he found out his house was robbed after his team's big loss. >> this is rob gronkowski calling and while i was gone my whole house got robbed. while i was i was on a super bowl trip and i just got back. and snow blankets the city of light. paris' eiffel tower closes for safety as winter weather cripples the capital of france,
7:32 am
just weeks after heavy rains flooded the city. today, wednesday, february 7th, 2018. also in the headlines this morning, billionaire casino mogul steve wynn resigning as ceo of wynn resorts. amid allegations of sexual misconduct. nbc's blake mccoy is in las vegas with the overnight developments. good morning. >> hoda, good morning. here in las vegas they do not get bigger than steve wynn. his namesake casino behind me this morning he's the latest titan of his industry brought down by sexual assault allegations. women saying me, too. overnight, las vegas icon, steve wynn, stepping down from the casino empire he built. his abrupt resignation coming on the heels of troubling sexual misconduct allegations. wynn releasing a statement that says in part, i have found myself the focus of an avalanche of negative publicity. as i have reflected upon the environment this has created, one in which a rush to judgment takes precedents over everything
7:33 am
else, including the facts, i have reached the conclusion that i cannot continue to be effective in my current roles. the 76-year-old billionaire hotel titan transformed the las vegas strip. building the mirage, treasure island, bellagio, as well as wynn and encore. steve wynn, a major gop donor. >> steve wynn, would you stand up. >> recently stepped down as finance chair of the republican national committee. more fallout from a blistering "wall street journal" investigation, allegeing he harassed female employees for decades. >> there is a cumulative pattern of sexual misconduct from steve wynn that comes into view from talking to a large number of employees over a long period of time. >> in one case according to the journal, wynn paid an unnamed manicurist a $7.5 million settlement after she filed a detailed report to the casino's resources department.
7:34 am
claiming during a manicure in his office, wynn pressured her to take her clothes off and have sex with him in 2005. >> she said she did not want to do that. and she was married. and he basically told her she had to do that. >> wynn resorts says they have never received any complaints. wynn has denied all of the accusation, calling them preposterous. adding the instigation of these accusations is the continued work of my ex-wife, elaine wynn, with whom i am involved in a terrible and nasty lawsuit. elaine has explicitly threatened to slander and destroy me. the board of directors of wynn resort said in a statement they reluctantly accepted his resignation, adding that steve wynn is a industry giant, a beloved leader and visionary, he played the pivotal role in transforming las vegas into the entertainment destination it is today. wynn resorts has several big projects under way here in las vegas. and just outside boston.
7:35 am
those will now have an easier time going forward, in light of his resignation. of course they'll have to move forward without steve wynn at the head of the company that bears his name. savannah and hoda, back to you. >> blake mccoy if vegas, thank you. >> al you're the man of the morning with a messy map. >> down south they've got drought conditions, they can use the rain. we could see minor flooding, from half an inch to an inch of rain throughout the southeast. and then tomorrow we've got another storm system coming across the plains and through the midwest. 12 million people under winter storm watches through northern indiana and illinois. looking at anywhere from 8 to 12 inches of snow in the plains and tomorrow evening to friday morning we're expecting heavier snow from cedar rapids through detroit. going to be airport delays and school closings friday, so kids, but not for the bay area.
7:36 am
we are feeling some really warm temperatures and that continues again today with our highs heading up to the mid 70s for san francisco and oakland and 73 degrees in livermore today. san jose 77 and 80 in napa, 82 in santa rosa. the next several days we will gradually get cooler temperatures moving in but that also comes along with gusty winds and still no rain as we head through at least next tuesday. that's your latest weather. >> don't you love a snow day? come on. >> the best. >> thank you so much. still ahead this morning an in-depth look at a popular option for women trying to have children what you should know about freezing your eggs. also ahead, dylan is reuniting some of the most unexpected winter olympians ever. we're talking about the original jamaican bobsled team. and an instant icon, the inspirational new gerber baby. but first, a revealing look
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home mini, now only $39. it's time to get your glow on! new aveeno® positively radiant® body lotion... with the moisture-rich power of soy. it transforms dull dry skin to leave you glowing. new positively radiant® body collection from aveeno®. welcome back. the winter olympics begin tomorrow. and that has the neighbor to the north in the spotlight. >> how are people in north korea feeling about the start of the game and the escalating tension with the u.s. keir simmons traveled to north korea to find out. he joins us now from
7:42 am
pyeongchang. keir good morning. >> reporter: good morning. tomorrow, north korea will hold a military parade a day ahead of the opening ceremony here where south korean athletes will compete alongside north koreans. the americans accusing north korea of using the olympics for propaganda. we spent a week inside north korea and gained rare access to the people there. the flight into north korea crosses mountainous train, southeast to the capital. we drove at dusk from the airport. first impressions, clean. organized and a lot of people in uniform. a tour of weapons captured from american forces in the korean war counts as a school outing here. what are you learning here? we are learning about the great fighting spirit of our war heroes this child tells me. america gave unfathomable pain to our people he says. here an amusement park in the
7:43 am
capital. bumper cars. they're ruthless these guys. and cell phone cameras, though not connected to the worldwide web, they're small signs of a growing economy. the average income around $1,000 to $2,000 a year. but everyone we met was quick to thank one person for everything. the country's supreme leader. you thank kim jong-un for this ifthis? at a beer hole the usual bar chat local brew and snacks. smoky, vinegary chewy. you need beer with it. the conversation becomes more animated as bar talk often does. what do you think of america? we are ready to fight, this man says until our last drop of blood. but another says truthfully we don't want to become america's
7:44 am
enemy. as fathers, we all want peace. in this tightly controlled country, you can never be sure what people are truly thinking. they are constantly accompanied by government officials, listening in and translating. inevitably we weren't shown evidence of what amnesty international calls violations of most aspects of human rights. this the country where otto warmbier was sentenced for 15 years for the theft of a poster. the student mysteriously fell into a coma and never regained consciousness. on friday otto warmbier's dad will attend the olympic opening ceremony as a guest of vice president pence. the diplomatic tension, spilling over in the sports arena. among those who qualified, two north korean skaters. their olympic dreams have flourished here under the watchful eye of the leaders. when you're from north korea,
7:45 am
the pressure is at another level. we meet their mentor this 74-year-old speed skating champion. she was the first korean to medal at a winter olympics back in 1964. she has dreamt of north and south competing as won. her brother, she explains lived in the south. i last spoke to him in 1990, she says. four years ago, he died of cancer. for decades, families have been divided, lives devastated by a conflict that here they say, never ended. in an education center, with its own replica missile, young people learn music and sports. but these boys must soon start ten years military service. would you rather fight for your country or play sport for your country? we would rather protect our
7:46 am
country, one says. for our nation i can sacrifice my happiness and life says another. even today, north korean's people know little of the outside world beside what they're told. and most of us know little of them. a note on how our trip was organized, we asked for where we wanted to go. of course the government controlled where we went. so inevitably the people that we spoke to were pro-government. what we didn't see, hoda what defectors have talked about, which are terrible conditions there. >> you go they see what you they've want you to see. fascinating nonetheless. thank you. let's go to sheinelle in the orange room. >> up next the girl who just found what could be the ultimate spot to sell girl hi, i'm mindy kearns. it's great to finally meet you. nice to meet you too. your parents have been talking about you for years. sorry about that. they're all about me saving for a house or starting a college fund for my son. actually, i want to know what you're thinking.
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see what's possible. (phone) maddie... you have everything you need right inside you. 9 out of 10 u.s. olympians grew up drinking milk. it's got natural protein and balanced nutrition to help your kids grow strong and milk life. ♪ ♪ when you have a cold stuff happens. [ dog groans ] [ coughs and sneezes ] nothing relieves more symptoms than alka seltzer plus maximum strength liquid gels. here's a question. if you needed to sell girl scout cookies, where would you go? sheinelle jones is having fun with that question. >> a fair question i guess. this girl scout sparked a discussion after she was spotted selling cookies outside of a marijuana dispenseary in saying.
7:51 am
she sold 900 boxes of cookies. but that may be against the rules. the girl scout cookie agreement states that girl les may not sell on private commercial properties or sites used by the general public. some say there is a gray area here. she didn't set up a booth. she kept it moving walking up and down the sidewalk with the cookies in her wagon. social media users are weighing in. one says she's one smart cookie. piper writes can't someone give her a badge for creativity. on the other side this one says if from are rules in place, they need to be followed. we asked on twitter, what do you think of her cookie-selling strategy? look at this. 89% say approve. 11% say disapprove. the girl scout organization is taking a forgiving approach. should we learn that a girl is in violation of a cookie program standard or guideline, we almost discovered that the parent was
7:52 am
unaffair unaffair unware. if it reoccurs punishment is term determined on a case-by-case basis. >> i bought cookies outside of the stop and shop. >> she was resourceful. >> we'll see if this continues. coming up, do you love
7:53 am
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good morning. right now it's 7:56. we take a live look jewett side in san francisco, it is beautiful this morning. a nice cool start with a lot of sunshine. all clear skies and we will be warming up quickly today heading into the mid 70s there, also in oakland 74 degrees and a high today of 77 in concord and in san jose low 80s for the north bay. we're most likely going to set a lot more new record high temperatures today. only slightly cooler for tomorrow and then as we get ready for the opening ceremony in san francisco it will be only 64 degrees. for the olympics throughout the weekend here in the bay area a very warm one heading into the weekend with some upper 60s for the inland areas. winds will be gusty as well and that will continue into early next week. let's get an update on the morning commute now from mike. we are looking at a typical pattern.
7:57 am
the south bay northbound 101 and 87 tough heading up toward capitol expressway no crashes not like yesterday but there is the slowest drive. a nice drive westbound across the san mateo bridge, it's the dumbarton bridge now seeing a lot of congestion over toward menlo park, east palo alto and the like. slow for oakland north but the arrow westbound 580 also slow as we recover from the earlier crash near downtown. the east shore freeway now jammed up-ñw richmond to the berkeley curve and the toll plaza. happening now police investigating a deadl
7:58 am
winter olympics special section. another update soon. the obstacles san jose will have to overcome. and - no returns? only on )today in the bay ) - one local woman )s retail fight - and what to do if you face the same problem. that )s all tomorrow - 4:30 to 7.
7:59 am
8:00 am
it's 8:00 on dah. coming up morning mess. tens of millions of americans waking up to a slushy commute. snow ice and rain making the roads treacherous from south to new england. al has your full forecast. >> plus fertility or false hope. with more and more women freezing their eggs, new questions about what happens when it is time to use them. >> none of this is a guarantee. it is about upping your olds. >> this morning we take a closer look at the growing trend. ♪. and still running. >> still running! >> with the winter games now just one day away we take a look back at one of the greatest olympic stories of all-time the
8:01 am
jamaican bobsled team. >> jamaica bobsled over comes incredible odds. what they see in us is themselves. >> today wednesday, february 7, 2008. ♪. good morning to my parents mel and bob in dover ohio. i love you. >> from florida to new york city love you michelle. >> it is a great day to be on the plaza. ♪ waking up on a wednesday with savannah and hoda. >> sending my love to my son willard in long island. i love you. >> to my girls in huntsville, alabama. >> we're from san francisco. >> we watch dah every morning. >> and we're finally here! . hor ray, you made it. good morning, everybody. welcome back to dah. thanks for welcome back to "today."
8:02 am
>> a massive winter storm closing schools, knocking out power and forces millions of americans to slow down on the road. al is back and has been following all day with the latest on the february blast. >> hey guys. mostly the eastern third of the country, stretching from texas to chicago all the way into new england, an icy mix stretching from cincinnati, washington, d.c. ahead of it snow behind it. we have a lot of wet weather. from louisville to bangor maine, folks at risk. icing will be a problem north of bowling green pittsburgh into harrisburg and into portland anywhere from a tenth of an inch of ice to quarter inch. that makes for treacherous driving conditions. a real mess there. then as we look at the snowfall from cleveland ohio and the central ohio into new england looking at one to two inches of snow. a look live in cleveland, and that's what it looks like. the slow-going and it will be a
8:03 am
mess this morning. the evening commute here in the northeast will be a big problem, but the good news is it is a quick mover. it is in and out. >> great. thank you, al. in politics now, the president threatening to let the government run out of money tomorrow night if democrats don't agree to a deal on immigration and border security. during a white house meeting on gang violence on tuesday, the president said congress must close immigration loopholes which he said let gang members enter this country. >> if we don't change it let's have a shutdown. we'll do a shutdown and it is worth it for our country. i'd love to see a shutdown if we don't get this stuff taken care of. >> well overnight the house did pass a bill to keep the government running for six more weeks. that bill does not address immigration. so the measure has to make its way through the senate. new developments this morning in a story we told you about last week. actress nicole eggert has filed a police report following her claims of sex abuse with her
8:04 am
co-star scott bello. she alleges the abuse started when she was 14 years old. he denies the accusations. admits he had a sexual encounter with eggert but says it was after she turned 18. he welcomed the police report and said "perhaps she can explain her ever-changing story." >> a little boy in texas got a sweet surprise in school. connor was kept in his pre-k class while the other students lined the hallway. they sang and you waved flags and then the guest arrived. to greet connor was his dad who had been serving for eight months. >> daddy! this is my daddy! >> connor said the first thing he wanted to do when he got home
8:05 am
was -- >> how about "this is my daddy." >> every time it gets me every time. that is sweetest. that's my daddy. coming up on a busy wednesday morning, an emotional topic for a lot of women. what you need to consider before freezing your eggs. we have a personal perspective. >> also ahead, huge news ot of hollywood for fans of both star wars and "game of thrones." >> let's see what is coming up on "megyn kelly today." >> hey, ladies. are you tired of being told to smile more look on the bright side and be happy? our guest today says right on. why she says being kind of grumpy can ultimately be a good thing for your mental health. see you at the top of the hour. >> thank you. all of that plus the real-life cool runnings. we are reuniting the original jamaican bobsled team. dylan is in pyeongchang with their remarkable story. first, these messages. >> hey, guys. (laughs desperately) it never stops. which is why the online financing application
8:06 am
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it's time for the 'ultimate sleep number event' on the only bed that adjusts on both sides to your ideal comfort, your sleep number setting. does your bed do that? right now, our queen c2 mattress is only $699, save $200. ends soon. visit for a store near you. welcome back. since it first became available more than a decade ago, egg freezing has become an increasingly popular option for women who want to preserve their fertility. >> but what happens when it's time to use those eggs. kristen dahlgren is here. >> reporter: we have done stories on egg freezing and many companies include the procedure. as "the washington post" pointed out in a recent article, things don't always work out the way they planned. the headlines and ads often fuel
8:11 am
the open. freeze your eggs freeze time. briget adams was the cover girl for some of those promises after freezing her eggs in 2011. >> i was 39 single really hoping i would have met someone at that point. but i was happy to have the opportunity, you know to use technology in the hopes of you know having a child someday when i was ready. >> reporter: did you think, i do this and that's it? i'll have a kid whenever i want? >> i felt like i've done this. it's a sigh of relief. >> reporter: the number of women choosing to freeze their eggs is on a steady rise. in 2009 under 500 women completed the procedure. that number rose to 6,200 by 2015. this dr. octor was one of the first to experiment with egg freezing. he says managing expectations is key. >> it's about upping your odds of an efficient process.
8:12 am
it's great when it works. it's disappointing when it doesn't. >> reporter: only 22% of thawed egg cycles resulted in a live birth. those statistics make 41-year-old amy west grateful for her outcome. when you got the positive news -- >> oh my gosh. i remember i was alone in my apartment. but i was dancing around in glee. you know? just very excited. >> reporter: amy froze her eggs at age 37. she knew she wanted to be a mom but was still busy traveling and working and happy to have a few extra years. >> some kind of shift where i felt feeling empowered and excited to embark on this journey. >> reporter: her son, oliver is almost 2 now. the happy ending that briget was looking for when she, too, decided to move forward as a single mom. last year she defrosted 11 eggs. >> nine defrosted. nine defrosted, six fertilized.
8:13 am
in a week i was down to one. >> reporter: that one embryo transferred to briget didn't make it. >> i was screaming, crying. you think, it's not going to happen to me. >> reporter: briget wants women to fully understand their own fertility and the limits of technology. >> it can be a long road. it can be a sad road. you have to look at egg freezing not just as a segmented part but a wholistic story that it doesn't always work. >> reporter: her story has a happy ending though. today, at 45, briget is 5 1/2 months pregnant with a baby donor eggs. grateful for medical technology even if it's not the exact technology she planned for. >> she's all cuddled up. >> kristen, you are the perfect person to do this story. this has been a personal journey for you, too. you went through this.
8:14 am
and it's not a smooth and easy path is it? but yours has a happy ending with a little girl. >> it was. it's been a long journey. i was 39. i had my dream job, not a lot of time. i decided to freeze my eggs. i met my husband. we got pregnant naturally. and then, the miscouragearriages came one after another. and i turned to what i always called my insurance policy. 17 eggs. we defrosted them all, all were damaged or destroyed in the thaw in what the doctor said was some type of lab mistake. we don't know what happened. and then amazing doctors, luckily, were able to figure out what was going on with my miscarriages. everything from immune issues to lyme disease. they treated me. at 43 with my own eggs i had my little miracle. it's such a long journey. it can be painful and people need to have realistic expectations. >> i was going to say, i'm sure co-workers and your friends say,
8:15 am
what do you advise? would you tell someone to freeze their eggs? >> my co-workers do i tell them all the time do this. if you want to have kids 22% is better than 0%. go in with realistic expectations. maybe you need to do more than one freezing cycle. maybe there's other things going on with you. understand it can be painful. it can be difficult. there's a lot of incredible ways to become a mom. when it finally does happen it makes it all worth it. >> it does. and it happens right on time. >> yes, it does. thank you for sharing that. that was brave of you. thank you so much. if you want to learn even more you can go to our website at >> kristen wrote a great essay. we'll take a pause now and get a check of the weather. >> "today's weather" is brought to you by sleep number. meet the new sleep number 360 smartbed that snowknows, senses an adjusts to you. experience today at a sleep
8:16 am
number store. >> let's take a quick check of what's going on around the country. southwest warmth looking good there. chilly in parts of alaska. a beautiful day, and some showers in hawaii. mountain snows out to the west. the heavy snow in the northeast, in new england today. heavy rain possibly some localized flooding in the that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> we've got some warm weather across the bay area today, another one where we had near record highs. topping out at 77 degrees in san jose, 80 in napa, and 74 in oakland and in san francisco today. we'll still have some fairly warm weather over the next several days but it will be a little bit closer to normal for this time of year, with some gusty winds and high in the low 60s in san francisco this weekend. inland areas will be in the upper 60s once that cooler air arrives. >> and that is your latest weather. hoda? >> al thanks.
8:17 am
we've reached "where are they now" as we count down the start of the olympic games. >> it starts tomorrow. the music should give you a hint about this one. we're looking at some of the greatest olympic stories of all-time. at the top of the list you have to put the first jamaican bob slet sled team. dylan caught up with three of the original members. it's cold in pyeongchang. >> you remember the movie "cool runnings" about the bobsled team. it's based on a true story about athletes from jamaica, who against all odds qualified for the 1988 winter games in calgary. and from there, became worldwide sensations. from its beaches to its streets and markets, in jamaica, it feels like summer year-round. winter olympics weren't
8:18 am
something that jamaica competed in. it's hot here. that's what makes this such a remarkable journey. how familiar were you with bobsledding before you signed up? >> no idea. i knew it was a winter sport. i knew it was fast and dangerous. that was it. >> reporter: devon harris michael white, and chris stokes original members of the legendary bobsled team. >> we would push this sled up and down this concrete strip. >> reporter: right here. rewind to 1987 when two americans saw push carts in a derby. it reminded them of a bobsled. is it true there was a posting looking for bobsledders? and i said to myself nobody could get me to go on one of those things. that's crazy. >> reporter: maybe crazy. certainly clever. a small team of strong speedy men was formed. and an olympic dream was formed.
8:19 am
there wasn't ice. but there was plenty of grass and plenty of spirit. so right here at the jamaican defense force, training began on a device much like this. you're running as fasth as you can go downhill on ice? >> yes. >> reporter: they practiced for months. incredibly they qualified for the 1988 calgary games and headed north to canada. did you have a sled when you got there? >> no. >> reporter: a story so seemingly preposterous it inspired "cool runnings," a classic starring john candy. >> this is a bobsled, sort of. >> reporter: it didn't happen like the movie. but these guys say the real story is more unbelievable. >> it was the second week of the olympics. we go hey. we should enter to win a medal.
8:20 am
>> reporter: the jamaicans has competed. and the lovable underdogs had become hugely popular. their team shirts was a hot item. and the anthem was hotter. >> for the olympics to work to really compete. >> reporter: they were eager to compete with the four-man sled. they were short by one member. in a last-minute scramble the guys recruited chris stokes the team member of dudley stokes. >> we knew everything about pushing it. we didn't know that much. we only had three days. >> reporter: on the third run in competition, the team started off with tremendous speed. then dudley stokes lost control of the sled. they went spinning, crashing on the track at roughly 85 miles per hour a shocking blow. what was that crash like? >> violent hit. >> reporter: the guys knew they were disqualified. but refusing to throw in the towel, they got out of the sled.
8:21 am
>> i was in front, walking up. and i heard this cheering. >> reporter: with the whole world watching they walked slowly and deliberately all the way to the finish line. >> that was the lowest point of the experience, at that moment. and they lifted us up. >> reporter: that crash made history. and it paved the way for the team's future. >> if we had not crashed, there would not be a "cool runnings" and there would not be a jamaica bab sled bobsled team today. >> reporter: all of them competed in future olympics. >> jamaica has not won a medal yet. >> reporter: and the original members of the bobsled team all in their 50s, are actively involved today in bobsled teams, helping to raise money, awareness and support for the next generation of olympians. >> jamaica bobsled is about overcoming incredible odds. >> what they see in us is themselves. they can do that we can do that.
8:22 am
>> yes. >> reporter: now, it's incredible that it's been 30 years since the jamaicans made their debut at the winter olympics. and there's a good reason why dudley, the fourth member of the orng original team wasn't at our interview. he's once again making olympic history. he's working with the jamaican women's bobsled team. they're making their debut right here in pyeongchang. guys? >> that is great. >> dylan, thank you so much. that was awesome. coming up tomorrow we're going to take a spin down memory lane with the great peggy fleming on get this the 50th anniversary of her historic gold. >> the action in pyeongchang kicks off tomorrow with coverage across the network of nbc. you can catch the opening ceremony live friday night, at 8:00 eastern, 5:00 pacific on nbc. it is time to trend. has anyone started spring cleaning?
8:23 am
>> no. >> before you start cleaning we're going to let you know a couple of things you might want to replace in your home. there's an article at nbc it holds the answers to when it's time to throw away certain things. we're going to play a game. i'm going to read some ideas in the bedroom and you guess when you should replace them. first up, your mattress. when should you replace your mattress? >> ten years. >> seven to ten. >> five to ten. >> the right answer is ten years. everybody got that one right. your pillows on your bed. >> never. >> once a year and never. >> the right answer is every one to two years. they get those mites and stuff inside. when to toss your humidifier or dehumidifier that you have going? >> i have a new one every year. >> really? >> are you saying you do this? >> i do. >> you just guessing? >> i don't have one. >> six to nine years. you can hang on to them. >> i am worried about them getting gunk in them. >> a good one. your sheets.
8:24 am
how often should you replace your sheets? >> what you do or what you should do? >> every two years. >> i'm going to say, every six months. >> replace? >> no, discard them and get new ones. >> ten years. >> i say five years. >> al roker is right. every two years you're supposed to throw your sheets away. here's the last one. when do you toss your comforter or duvet? >> the fluffy side? >> replace the fluffy part? >> never. >> every 15 to 25 years. >> that's the same as never. >> that's right. >> that's interesting. >> i have my mom's sheets from when she was little. i'm not kidding. my kids use them. >> those are antiques. >> you wash them. >> all right, sheinelle jones. first up an update on kylie jenner's baby girl. the reality tv star gave birth to her first child on february 1st. her daughter's name was a secret
8:25 am
until now. kylie jenner shared this photo. the caption read stormi webster. webster is the real last name of kylie's boyfriend and the child's father. we have "star wars" announcements. the trailer for "solo" was released the disney announced more installments are in the work. and will headed by the "game of thrones" director. they will write a series of film bus no word on how many. they will be separate from the original "star wars" installments. no timeline for the new series. they are working on the final season of "game of thrones" set to be released in 2019. >> all right, sheinelle. thank you. >> something to be excited about. thank you, sheinelle. just ahead, creative and customizablei )m ...
8:26 am
a live look from nbc bay area skyranger right now .. flying over the "oakland good morning, i'm marcus washington. a live look from nbc bay area sky ranger flying over the dmv office on 85th avenue near interstate 880 and highway 5. if you look closely at the doorways you can see the water seeping out. that's because, firefighters say, there has been a water pipe rupture of some kind inside the building. we've seen several people milling outside. they normally open at 9:00 a.m. we're sending a ground crew there right now to learn about the damage and if it might require closure to that office. mike is tracking activity on the san mateo bridge. >> a backup all the way back
8:27 am
here, westbound from hayward to the foster city side. the commute on the map shows the same thing, a big stretch of orange and red toward the high-rise. that will continue to build. dunbarton bridge the better route if you can choose, and if you're watching me now you can. marcus talked about off the freeway at 85th where the dmv has water flooding, and we're tracking that. meanwhile, the 101 is very slow in towards sunnyvale and mountain view. typical there. back to you. we'll have another local news update in half an hour.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
♪ hey, everybody. welcome in. it is 8:30 on a wednesday morning. february 7th, 2018. we're so excited. it is now snowing in new york city. sheinelle jones, get under. >> yes. >> sheinelle and i have weather-sensitive hair. so we have a great crowd moment. it involves everybody on the plaza. all right. have you finished shopping for
8:31 am
valentine's day? that's a no. good. every single person on the plaza is going to go away with $100 worth of gift cards. $50 of treats and $50 from and kevin has got them. he's handing them out. thank you guys for coming. we're happy you're here. >> carson loves gold belly. >> sorry. >> everybody at home don't you worry. we have you covered, as well. we have creative ideas for the special somebody of your life. >> what's going on there? >> that's like a pillow with a hand. who doesn't want that? >> that's so strange. then are popular prepared foods at the grocery store worth the money and the calories? jean and joy are here to break things down. sheinelle, i heard they have cvs couscous.
8:32 am
>> if you haven't tried it you're missing out. and we have this year's gerber baby winner. >> we just met lucas. megyn, what do you have coming on? >> a mother is on to reveal a shocking inging secret about her own son. why she needed to do it in a tv moment. and the happiness shamers. don't you hate that. smile, what if i don't feel like smiling? our guest is from harvard and she's smart. she says not only is it good for our mental health. it's hurting us al. >> you hurt me. >> all right, al. >> this is for me. >> now, it comes out. okay. let's see if this weather makes you grumpy. pyeongchang 2018 opening ceremony. cloudy cold temperature about 27. it will feel like 18 degrees. and then let's take a look at the main venues where we're going to be down by our little
8:33 am
olympic setup. it will be pretty mild actually. monday sunshine 39. sunny on tuesday and 45. we head up towards the mountains, a little colder. on sunday bottoms out at 19. that's what's going on around the korean country. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. sunshine and temperatures heading back to record territory. highs reaching up to 74 degrees in san francisco and oakland, 77 degrees in san jose and 73 in livermore. napa, we're looking at a high of 80 degrees there and 82 degrees in santa rosa. with those temperatures in the low 80s for the inland areas, we gradually cool off in time for the weekend. >> because we have all these nice people out here want to make sure everybody gets their
8:34 am
little on-camera time as we go around. happy birthday. there you go. all right. now, let's go back into savannah. >> al thank you. now, to the series "cutting calories and saving cash." we're tackling the hottest area of the grocery store, the prepared food section. prepared food is the fastest growing department in the entire food service industry. half of supermarket shoppers are getting more prepared foods than in the past thanks to the quality and the variety they can get. are they worth the money and the calories? jean chatzky and joy bauer decided to join forces. we decided to find out. good morning to you. prepared foods for people that don't cacook, such as myself we like those. are they worth the money and the calories? >> they're often not worth the money. you can make them yourself for half or even less. when it comes to calories they can be a calorie bomb.
8:35 am
>> you're going to get more calories than you realize when you get prepared. we're going to show you how to whip stuff together. >> this is a salmon dish. that's a prepared salmon dish. prepared fish is a little risky. >> people are scared to cook it, right? that's why salmon -- we figured out which are the hottest prepared foods. salmon is at the top of the list because people are frightened of it. you cut the cost of the salmon in half. buy whatever is on sale. you can get a two-pound bag of carrots for a little over a dollar. we had original cost on $10.50 a portion. we cut it down to $5.22 a portion. >> you think you're doing so great. you get the salmon and the vegetables. something this size will run you 800 calories. i'll show you how to make it for 300. it's all about the oil. it's minimizing the oil. you're going to spray with a
8:36 am
little bit of olive oil, a little lemon juice, some salt and pepper. in it goes. you're going to roast it at 425, five minutes per half-inch. and depending upon the doneness you like. when it comes to roasted vegetables the more the better. for ten cups two tablespoons of olive oil. and whatever seasonings you want in there. the salmon is done. we went from 800 calories to 300 calories for this full plate. >> all because of that oil. who knew? >> i know. penne ala vodka. >> pasta should be cheap. when i was in cooking school -- >> you were in cooking school. >> i was. when you want something cheap, pasta or pancakes. when you get pasta in the prepared food aisle, you are paying so much more for it. we were able to cut the cost of the penne ala vodka from $5 a
8:37 am
portion, to $1.87 a portion. one tip on the salad, they're selling tons of salad kits. you're going to pay double triple, sometimes four times as much. make it yourself. >> this is exciting to me. my family was happy i was experimenting with a lightened up penne ala vodka. this with a caesar salad for 1,200 calories. these are shallots and garlic for six minutes. then two cups of marinara sauce that is on sale. a quarter cup of half and half and a quarter cup of vodka. this will simmer about ten minutes. you add part skim ricotta cheese. this is a half cup.
8:38 am
and a little bit of parmesan. >> you're not skimping on the good stuff. >> there's no full-on cream in here. and we have nice seasonings. >> how do you get around the pasta situation? >> i don't. i go for real pasta. i get whatever is on sale whole grain penne. i would love for you to taste this. people need to believe this is delicious and creamy. for the caesar dressing we're talking 20 calories. isn't that delicious? for two full cups 360 calories. for the caesar dressing all of the recipes online i swapped out the yolk and the olive oil for avocado. >> nice. let's do this fast. the chicken pardon mem? >> this is the chicken parm. we reduced it by half. that's fantastic. >> instead of 1,300 calories for the chicken parm with the pasta, i'm going to bring it down to
8:39 am
300. we're doing it a creative spin. i'm calling this chicken parm meatballs. you make your meatball. you pop in a pearl mozzarella ball. they go in the oven. you simmer them in whatever marinara sauce is your favorite. they go over a great big mound of zoodles. if you buy them in a package, they're so expenseiveexpensive. zucchini is a dollar. >> just a word about the zoold zoodles. ladies thank you so much. coming up next the face of cuteness. we're going to introduce you to the brand-new gerber baby. first this, is "today" on nbc.
8:40 am
8:41 am
8:42 am
we're back 8:41. too much cuteness for this studio to hold. we have the privilege of revealing the winner of the gerber baby photo contest. >> kristen dahlgren is here. >> we'll get to plenty of pictures of lucas. that's what everyone wants to see. since 1921 it is one of the most famous baby pictures. now, every year they hold a photo contest for a little one who embodies what it's like to be the gerber baby. this year's winner lucas, is a first for this contest. >> he's always been such a good baby. i've never met anyone to come in contact with lucas and not smile. >> reporter: when you meet 18-month-old lucas warren -- >> he likes to play with his piano a lot. he likes to wave constantly at everybody he comes into contact with. >> reporter: -- be prepared for utter cuteness. >> we didn't know he had down
8:43 am
syndrome until he was born. my biggest concern for lucas is how people would treat him. i was afraid that he would be bullied or how people would be scared of him. nothing has changed. he is our son. >> reporter: what is it about lucas that people just love? >> his smile. he has that twinkle in his eye and his chubby cheeks. >> reporter: it was that smile that convinced parents courtney and jason to submit lucas' photo for the gerber baby photo contest. since 1928 all packaging features the original gerber baby. but they've held an online contest for baby of the year photo. >> i decided to do it on a whim. i thought he was adorable. >> reporter: courtney submitted this picture of lucas, the winning photo. the first time a baby with down syndrome has won. what was your reaction when you read that e-mail?
8:44 am
>> we had just walked into the house. we opened the mail. and she started screaming. i'm like what's going on? and she's like he won. he actually won. >> shock. a little disbelief, like is this real? am i dreaming? >> then it really set in my goodness my child is going to be the next gerber baby. >> reporter: lucas will be featured on gerber social media. he also takes home $50,000, money his parents plan to put towards education. >> as a father seeing your child -- seeing him laugh and go to school it's what i'm looking forward to. >> reporter: this is life-changeling. >> it is. that it is. we're hoping lucas looks back on it and feels proud. >> mainly i want him to look back and say, i was the gerber
8:45 am
baby. look at everything i did. >> reporter: a message that could change more than lucas' life. >> i hope it shines light to the special needs community, showing that you know they are just like you and me. they should be accepted, not based on their look but based on who they are. >> awesome. >> lucas. >> hi lucas. >> congratulations. he's so ready for his close-up. he's high-fiving everybody. waving. come here. what has this meant to you guys? i mean it's incredible. >> it's just amazing. he gets to spread so much joy and love with everybody. and that's what we're mostly looking forward to. >> i think when you were pointing out, courtney, you were worried about him getting bullied. what you're doing today is changing all of that. do you feel that? >> i hope that it does yes. i'm very excited to see how the world reacts to him. >> oh we can let you know. the world will be very very
8:46 am
happy. >> they will fall in love with this baby. it says so much because the gerber baby is the ideal baby. and, lucas, you are the ideal baby. are you going to wave? thank you so much for introducing us to him. >> kristen, thanks. just ahead, getting ingting creative for cupid. special valentine's day gifts for your special someone. first this, is "
8:47 am
8:48 am
you're going to love this. welcome back to "today." we have a special valentine's day edition of stuff we love for you. gift ideas for every kind of couple. newly dating long distance love birds, you name it. our cupid at large for the day has some gift ideas you're going to love. we're so happy you're here. each one of these gifts we're going to show is totally unique. >> they're so much fun.
8:49 am
i'm so excited to show everyone. >> start here. >> and starting with the custom star map. >> when you and joel met. the stars aligned, didn't they? >> they did. >> now, this company, modern map arts can re-create a beautiful poster of exactly what the night stars looked like at that moment. any really special moment in your life. >> the day your child was born. >> exactly. >> the day you met your significant other. >> this is what you get, the night sky at that moment. >> a lot of us wish we had a tat but are too afraid. >> these are custom tattoos, so adorable. we have one of little haley joy. they're so easy. you put it on. you get a little wet cloth and you rub it on for about 30 seconds. get it nice and wet. >> going to leave this on. >> and then we pull and reveal. aren't they precious? >> where do you get them made?
8:50 am
>> you send in a photo. this is the symbolic works etsy shop. i have you and savannah on my arm. >> that's crazy. >> i love it. next up we have a beautiful sentimental necklace. it is the family tree necklace. it is gem stones from your child's birth, along with engraved name and put in initial in here. we have a little one for haley joy. savannah. for vale and charlie. and these are just $37. >> beautiful. cute socks. >> if your significant other or loved one is getting cold feet you have to warm them up right away. and these are custom merino wool sacks.
8:51 am
they partnered to make high-quality wool sackocks you can customize. >> all of the stuff we can get before valentine's day. we're hungry. >> right, next level breakfast in bed. we have the heart-shaped bagel. you can get these shipped to your door at they ship everything right there. and this is so much fun. >> like a breakfast in bed. >> look at our boyfriend pillows. >> who -- >> people are wondering what these are. but you know it's okay. >> right? it's the boyfriend pillow. they won't fight you for the remote. no trouble at all. they won't hog the covers. and they're virtual hugs all the time. >> the lip seat is adorable. >> this is from it's great for the teens or the tweens afterwards all year long. >> you know what this is?
8:52 am
a shower curtain. this is crazy. >> isn't this what you want to see every morning when you walk into your bathroom? >> i'm not sure. >> it's larger than life size. this is from you're going to love this. this is from the katz's kel ka delicatessen. this is a pastrami or corned beef dinner for two. >> should i do the tattoo reveal? see if it works. >> oh haley joy. >> i'm going to take this with me to korea. i love it. >> you can get this at katz's >> all this is great. we have more on our "today style"
8:53 am
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8:55 am
could we do some birthdays? >> that's a good idea. let's bring ok the jars of smucker's. first up happy birthday to glat gladys nailer. sam is 100. he served our country during world war ii. we salute your service. happy 100th birthday to andres of hawaii. first worked at the first sugar mill in his hometown. lorraine is celebrating 102 years, a crowd grandma from portland tennessee. jay is 100 years old, a penn state football fan, from charleston massachusetts. married to the love of his life for 70 years. last but not least, ham by 100th birthday to gussie thomas of chicago, illinois. she loves to test her luck at
8:56 am
the casinos. happy birthday to all. >> we have a fun hour coming up. we have john cena who is -- >> have you seen him? >> when he shows up -- >> do you see me? >> he's going to be with us. and we're going to talk about winter wines. why wouldn't we? that's what we do. >> and megyn kelly isi )m - -... a look from nbc bay area good morning. it's 8:56. i'm marcus washington. take a look from nbc bay area sky ranger. this is over the oakland coliseum dmv office at interstate 880 and highway 85. you can see the water flowing out of those doors. that's because a water pipe ruptured inside the building. the offices are normally scheduled to open at 9:00 a.m. instead, we've just learned the building will be closed for at least the rest of today.
8:57 am
happening now, our sharon katsuda is talking to dmv workers and talking to frustrated drivers. we'll have more on our twitter feed including the raw video. house minority leader nancy pelosi is speaking on the house floor and so far is not showing signs of wrapping up. it's not officially a filibuster but she's talking at length about the urgent need to pass legislation for leaders. filibusters are only allowed in the senate, not the house. we'll have more at 11:00. the olympics opening ceremony is on friday but things are already ramping up. our own garvin thomas is there.
8:58 am
the obstacles san jose will have to overcome. and - no returns? only on )today in the bay ) - one local woman )s retail fight - and what to do if you face the same problem. that )s all tomorrow - 4:30 to 7.
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[ applause ] good morning, everyone. good morning. welcome. i'm megyn kelly. we begin this morning with breaking news. nbc news has confirmed that actress nicole eggert has filed an incident report with the lapd. nicole was on this program last week in her first live television terview. she recounted her claims of sexual misconduct against actor scott baio in the 1908 80s, when the two were onle the hit show "charles in charge." the statute of limitation has one on a criminal case on that conduct. but detectives could conduct an invest


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