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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  February 9, 2018 4:30am-5:01am PST

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and the winter games are officially her to you. here in the bay area, the und weather is great, but the winter games, how exciting, they're officially here. opening ceremony is under way as we speak. this is a look over olympic park in pyeongchang. very exciting time. . > beautiful. of the world. . >> it is. >> good morningng and thanks fo joining us, i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. >> it's a nice cool morning, all clear skies. i have seen a little bit more patchy fog in the north bay and also in the south county, but other than that we are starting out with temperatures in the 40s and low 50s with mostly clear skies. it's 44 right now as you head out in livermore and it's 54 in san francisco. here is a look at our highs
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again today, that will be warming up into the 70s and we will be very close to some records once again, but some cooler air on the way for the weekend. i will talk more about that coming up in just a few minutes. mike, you're saying there's already a crash in san jose. i've been tracking this. originally reported here at the bottom of your screen, southbound 280 coming into cupertino. we are looking at the fire department that acquired on scene blocking your two right lanes, sounds like a car went off the roadway down into an embankment to the fence. there is fence repair work that will need to be done later but no lanes blocked right now. loon shut to you. breaking news for you right now, a live look in washington t where theo si latest federal shutdown is nearly over hours after it started.e hous we are just waiting for the president to sign it.reemen the good news here for everyone, a short time ago the house agreed to a two-year budget deao on the heels of a sensitive the agreement.
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it now goes to the president'spp desk. >> at aboutt 2:30 this morning pacific time the house passed deal, the senate passed it but four hours earlier, it includes funding to keep the government s running until at least the lastu week ofpt march. technically the government ran atat midnight, but obviously the shutdown does not cause major disruptions.ington the agreement increases domestic spending and suspends the debt ceiling until march ofof 2019. tracie potts is in washington, o she will join us with some wn t reaction at the tophis of the h happeningng today, st. matthews catholic school in san mateo shut down this morning, d forced out byam a massive water main break. that cleanup continues but thist is a view of that damage as our nbc bay area sky ranger flew yet over the daniel yesterday. c >> "today in the bay's" kris sanchez has beenlean tracking t story ever since this broke yesterday morning and a lot of people are very concerned about the leanup there this morning, kris. >> reporter: good morning, laura and marcus. you can see the crews behind me still hard at work. this was a pipe that was two
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feet across, we are talking about a for rent of water and then mud after that. the cleanup there is still continuing. that stream of water went into the parking lot into one classroom and into the gym. it took 12 hours for that water main break to go from a river to just a trickle and only then could crews start to dig in and repair the line that broke and figure out the reason. but by then the water was inside st. matthews catholic church and inside that school gym which we're told was brand spanking new. >> the floor was really nice and it was -- it was very clean and it smelled good in there. >> what do you think it smells like today? >> yucky. >> reporter: now, the water rushed through the gym and then into the homes on the other side on aragon boulevard. several folks had feet of water
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in the basement of their homes, others saw their cars nearly swallowed up by the water. now, cal water tells us that the goal is to have this mess cleaned up in time for sunday mass on sunday and also in time for class on monday morning for the kids here at this school. now, as far as the reason for why this line broke, they are still looking into the cause. we do know that the pipeline was put in in the 1950s. by the way, coming up at 5:30 i will tell you whether or not this kind of flooding is covered by your homeowners insurance. in san mateo, kris sanchez, noh "today in the bay." it's's 4:34 right now. safety concerns rattling a norti bay neighborhood as the search is continuing for a fifth suspect after two violent home invasions.home yesterday s.w.a.t.s teams and streets of d the santa rosa. investigators say a crew of sue armed men and women targeted two homes there yesterday looking for marijuana. melcon the suspect shot two victims, one of them died.
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it happened on fulton road near melcon caugh detectives spotted the suspect's van in vallejo where three people were eventually arrested two got mor authorities eventually caught one of those suspects who took l off. law enforcement still looking for onelowing more suspect this morning. we're following developing news out of antioch. a suspectt is in the hospital and officer on administrative leave. this after an officer involved shooting at a 76 gas station. it happened on golf course roadh last night. investigators say officers were trying to arreste a dangerous fugitive, that's when an officer shot that suspect. he was taken to the hospital, his condition unknown.eath has the gunman was found at the scene. a man found dead inside a bay area college dorm.ound u the mysterious death has students and parents asking questions this morning.fra investigators say that he was in s, found unresponsive tuesday night at mary ward hall ional francisco state university. namee aren't releasing the or cause of death, but they say he was not a student.
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students say that this was an emotional scene. >> i saw a bunch of police and like then the firefighters and ambulance and stuff and i saw a girl crying and i was wondering what was happening. >> i didn't believe it at first, i was like, no, someone didn't die, they got taken to the hospital, they didn't die, and then they said that they did. i was like, wow, that's crazy. intense. >>that h students tell us they hearingg the death may have bee caused by alcohol poisoning but phat's something that has not beenos confirmed. happening today, you might find yourself facing more s top traffic problems. possibly even road blocks. that's because the bay area is i playing host toll world leaders and california's top rrive representatives. >> canadian prime minister y - justinn trudeau will be meeting with jerrysha brown and gavin ig san francisco.lars i he arrived yesterday meeting with marc benioff who is committing to invest $2 billion in salesforce's canadian
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operations. here is trudeau's response to that. >> we know that being open to investment, to highlighting our extraordinary diverse workforce that's willing to work hard, willing to innovate and create the future is what it's all about. >> he is an incredible leader of the world, focused on the things that are most important to us here in san francisco, equality? diversity. >> a lot of people talking about that l a big question for you thist morning, will former president barack obama tee off, a lot of questions will asking that. at last check mr. obama is still in monterey.e yesterday he spoke at a private at&t event. we know he brought his golf clubs with him but don't know fell be playing at the pebble hg golf tournament going onn today. we wantou kno to go to pyeongchang, a big day today, ou the openingrs ceremony is later tonight and you know the world c
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will be watching.g. right uple gwatch it here, nbc bay aarea. - exp >> theer games have already check out u.s. skating duo alexa and kris, the couple married. they gave it certainly their all last night. experts say it was the first performance of their career. we will see much more of them for sure. no bay area athletes are on the schedule today. we wanttfra you to join us an winter olympics watch party,g come to u players sports grill d arcade in san francisco tonight, that opening ceremony starts at 5:00 p.m. coming upree ont "today in tracking your money, the volatility continuesq on wall street after another day of huge selloffs yesterday.ionaa what should we expect today? we'll check with cnbc world headquarters live on how international markets and american futures are looking right now. it's time for the 'ultimate sleep number event'
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only at jack in the box. good morning, i'm landon dowdy and here are today's top business headlines. wall street set to open higher after yesterday's round, stocks went into a free-fall late in the session with the dow and s&p 500 closing in correction territory, meaning that they are down at least 10% from their most recent highs. the dow, in fact, falling more than 1,000 points, that's the second worst point drop ever. within $5 trillion in value has been wiped off the global markets in just the past two weeks. this selloff was sparked by continued concerns a stronger
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u.s. economy could lead to higher inflation and that may push the federal reserve to hike interest rates faster than expected which would make borrowing costs like loans and mortgages more expensive, but traders and market experts say stocks were likely due for a pull back given the big gains we have seen in the past year. facebook confirms it's testing a down vote button, designed to let users flag inappropriate, offensive or misleading comments. facebook is also denying it's working on a dislike button which is one of the most requested features. marcus and laura, back over to you. >> you think they would give people what they want. >> give the people what they want, mr. zuckerberg. coming up on "today in the bay," kari has a look at your weekend forecast. >> i think this one gets a thumbs up as we start out this morning, looks pretty good as we get a live look outside in san jose and let's go to campbell for our temperature trend. starts out in the low 50s at 8:00 and some mid 70s today. we will talk about what's ahead for the weekend with some cooler temperatures, that's coming up
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next. and also looking good, this is the toll plaza at the richmond-san rafael bridge, a few folks now heading across from richmond into the north bay, but i will talk about what's going on just off of another bridge to the north. youy
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welcome to friday morning. thanks for joining us on "today in the bay." another nice day on tap today. boy, those springlike temperatures throwing all of us. is it time for baseball?
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taking live look at at&t park. tomorrow actually is giants fan fest, so everybody is getting ready, you can meet the players and coaches along with checking out the field. it is from 10:00 to 3:00 tomorrow and it's free. giants tickets go on sale tomorrow as well. so feels like spring, feels like baseball. >> might as well get out there. >> a lot of times they will have special transportation, good option. >> a great idea. nice weekend to head to the city. >> yeah, absolutely, because we're going to have a lot more sunshine. we're going to also have some cooler temperatures which will be some great news. here is a look now at storm ranger. this is our mobile doppler radar, it's able to scan around the bay area and pick up what's going on. showing some fog over the central valley right now and some may be creeping into the delta, we've soo en that in the south county. as of now mostly clear visibility. storm ranger we're able to move
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it around as we are seeing some storms arrive and when those storms arrive we will be able to track it with some better details. also gives us storm accuracy and gills in the radar coverage some of those other radars may miss and also defects the type of precipitation, fog and smoke. today we know it's all clear and we are going to have another day with some very warm temperatures, reaching near record highs. in santa rosa i think we will be just one degree shy of a record, but in oakland looks like we could tie a record there and most of the other parts of the bay area very close, but staying just below our record with highs today in the south bay up to 74 degrees in milpitas, also 74 in los gatos and 76 degrees in vanville, 70 in oakland today, 73 in san mateo and san francisco up to 74 degrees at the outer sunset and 76 degrees in novato today. so you start out with a jacket but it will be a good day for short sleeves and probably shorts once again. also you can, why not, it's
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casual friday, wear some sandals and that will help keep you cool as well. heading over the next several days there will still be that high pressure but a quick moving area of low pressure will bring a chance of rain to the sierra or some snow to the sierra and also some rain to southern california. so that's some good news, although we will miss out on that early next week. so we're still going to have our temperatures in the 60s, cooler air on the way but some gusty winds. you will notice the winds picking up for the inland areas between saturday night and early sunday morning as we will have some changes there and that could increase our fire danger. so that will be something we'll have to watch over the next 48 hours. mike, you were hearing about a car that was spinning out. >> that's right, but i also know a meteorologist, kari, and just asking what are the conditions like over here. overall green, green speeds and that's good for the flow of traffic. up here just off the carquinez bridge where you see a little
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slowing there was a spinout reporting, but the conditions should be all right for the drivers there. we do have a crash that occurred after it sounds like a spinout, to speed may have played an issue. your right lanes are blocked as you come past cummings sky way. if you join us on the east shore freeway after highway 4 you are just fine, at speed towards the bay bridge toll plaza with no major issues. tri-valley no problem out of the altamonte, yesterday there was a crash, nod today. we are looking also toward the north bay where traffic flows smoothly from novato down to the golden gate bridge. back to you. 4:49 right now. new details, it's the me too case that rocked the world of hollywood elites, possibly charges will be filed against hollywood producer harvey weinstein. "usa today" reports los angeles police have sent three cases to the l.a. county district attorney and those cases are now under review.
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the dach is not giving any details. he has been accused by uma thur ma of sexual harassment and even rape. he denies all the allegations. you will notice these images, pictures of billboards that alameda county just put up. they say human trafficking is real and it's here. we here at "today in the bay" have been doing stories on this. the district attorney hopes the billboards will bring more awareness to this very important issue. now what about your health? a rodent is invading california, now wildlife officials want you to help them catch the creatures. they're called nutria, here is a picture of what one looks like, germans call them beaver rats. wildlife officials say they're growing in population and threatening wetlands by eating aquatic vegetation. mostly happening in the central
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valley. no one is sure where they came from. they were thought to be eradicated in california back in 1978 but they are now back. bay inequality between men, women and minorities is a huge topic in america and also canada. >> one national magazine up north is taking that issue straight to its cover. the magazine has two covers out this month to show the 26% gap in pages between men and women in canada. the one cover says that women pay $6.99 for this magazine, men pay $8.81 because men make more for doing the same job. they should pay more for these magazines. experts say that the wage gap in america is more than 30%. >> pretty strong symbol there. 4:51. black history month celebrations continue in the bay area and happening at san jose state today is a brand-new exhibit called harlem reimagined. >> the exhibit is showcasing photography that visibly captures the community of harlem and new york city and the
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gentrification that is sweeping through the neighborhood. these are some of the photographs that are on display. they were taken by photo journalism students at san jose state university. the exhibit runs through the end of the month. >> i've seen where that whole foods is, they say when the whole foods came you knew something was changing. coming up "today in the bay," nbc bay area responds. >> a shady force tinkering with airfare. i'm consumer investigator chris chmura, nbc bay area responds next. just learning the 2026 winter olympics won )t be held n at 4:52 first happening now, we are learning the 2016 winter olympics will not be held in america. the u.s. olympic committee won't be bidding for those games. plus keep an eye on the sky, another asteroid heading our way, it is the second this week. space rock will pass within 39,000 miles of earth on friday but still no need to worry.
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taking a live look right now, beautiful city right here as we look at the san bruno camera this morning. the time is 4:55 as we get started with your friday, yes, i said it, friday. >> say it again. >> okay. so the question is what's going on with the airfare? some security experts say there are shady forces at work. >> chris chmura has a preview of our story and our response team has been looking into it. >> good morning. we were tipped off to some suspicious activity with flight local company that is fighting back. take a look inside this network, a san francisco security firm, its engineers are working to
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shut down elicit computer programs that have been tinkering with airfares. >> this is a constant battle. for some airlines there are thousands of requests every day, they hold thousands of seats. here, computer programs that distill says are exploiting airlines reservation systems at your expense. we will show you how they're doing it and how to avoid the airfare bots and what happened when we asked the major airlines about their efforts to battle bots. call usugp[ w ñ#= your consumer questions, 888-996-tips on online at i will see you tonight after the olympics. coming up next on "today in the bay," a check of your forecast. another nice day, kari? >> yes, it will start out cool with warm air ahead, again, today. let's take a live look outside in palo alto. all clear skies. as we start out you will still need a jacket, we will be in the low 50s, mid 70s again today. we will talk about some cooler air in the weekend forecast and some events going on around the bay area. that's coming up next.
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and over here the maze shows a nice flow of traffic. these folks are on the curve there heading toward the bay bridge but westbound 80%t]r tha the east shore freeway does have one more issue, i'm tracking some slowing as you come off the carquinez bridge. the government shutdown over, congress comes to an agreement, now it's heading to the president's desk. what the deal means for hundreds of thousands of dreamers.
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today in the bay. it )s friday morning here in good friday morning to you. welcome to "today in the bay." all right. so it's friday here in california, but in south korea it's friday night. they're moving on. and it's a big one. we have brand-new video this morning, you can see the crowds of people how exciting they're arriving, waiting for the olympic ceremony overnight. they're way ahead of us right now. >> but we're getting started. >> it would be nice if it was friday night. good morning. thanks for joining us, i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. we will get a check of what's going on trafficwise but right now we want to get our day moving with weather. you want to get us out the door and on with our day so we can get to this weekend. >> the weekend starts out really nice with some clear skies, cool temperatures this morning and a lot of sun later on today. it's going to be another warm one. here is a live look outside in
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san francisco right now, all clear with our temperatures heading up to 69 degrees there, 70 in oakland, 75 in san jose and livermore and santa rosa up to 74 degrees. we will talk about a cooler and windier weekend ahead that's in just a few minutes. mike, you are tracking that crash on the evast shore freewa. the reported spinout, sounds like one of those vehicles was driving perhaps a lot faster than they should have been. looking over toward where you can be at the speed limit and that's pretty much all over the bay except for a little slowing past the scene of that crash west 80 just past cummings sky way, but it's clear by the time you get through hercules and highway 4. if you join on past there you're doing just fine. the spinout still blocks your right lane, sounds like there may be some injuries, but we don't know the details on that. and a little buildup over at the bay bridge toll plaza. no major concern as well. your travel times getting through all of your maze outlets are moving at the speed limit.


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