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tv   Today  NBC  February 9, 2018 7:00am-9:01am PST

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local news update. >> don't forget to join us for nbc bay area news at 11:00. it is friday. enjoy the day. see you back here at 11:00. good morning. breaking news, over and out. after the federal government is forced to shut down overnight, congress finally approves a budget deal. the president quickly signing it this morning, but many lawmakers unhappy in the wake of an all-nighter on capitol hill. >> everything about this stinks, to tell you the truth. so what's next? we're live in washington. game on. >> big back flip. it's huge. >> the winter olympics off to an electric start as the world comes together for tonight's opening ceremony. but it's not without controversy for team usa. we'll tell you who to watch and what to expect as the games get under way. scandal and scrutiny.
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pressure mounting on white house chief of staff john kelly over his defense of rob porter, accused of domestic violence. >> i think it's fair to say that we all could have done better over the last few hours, last new days in dealing with this situation. >> this morning porter's former wife joins us live in studio 1a. the massive snowstorm racing across the country, canceling more than a thousand flights. one step closer to an arrest. the move by the lapd against harvey weinstein that could lead to capitol hill charges. and twinning, the record-breaking high school that has people seeing double today. friday, february 9th, 2018. >> from nbc news, this is "today," with savannah guthrie and hoda kotb, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. and good morning, everybody. welcome to "today." thank you for joining us on a friday morning.
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opening ceremony tonight. >> it is all happening. >> we have an interesting interview coming up in our next half hour. a woman who was married to rob porter. he is the white house aide who resigned this week amid allegations of domestic abuse. his second wife is here. and we will speak to jennifer willoughby in just a few moments. the late night and early morning on capitol hill saw the government shut down all while you were sleeping. kasie hunt is on capitol hill this morning. good morning. >> reporter: leaders thought they had a plan to keep this from happening, but they failed to account for senator rand paul. the senate rules require that all 100 senators agree to hold this vote before the midnight deadline. paul took a stand that delayed the vote until after 2:00 a.m., leading to a brief government shutdown for just a few hours.
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this morning, back in business. >> the yaes, are 240. the motion is upon the table. >> reporter: just after 5:30, the house voting 240-186 to pass a two-year bipartisan spending bill. the president signing the bill this morning. it comes after a brief shutdown, the second in two weeks, all of it because of republican senator rand paul using a senate procedure preventing the deal from passing thursday, ahead of the deadline. paul, protesting the voeft because of the large price tag on the spending deal, nearly $400 billion over the next two years. >> washington is completely broken. we are spending money like it's out of control. >> reporter: paul criticizing its own party for failing to adhere to 2011 budget caps. and fiscally conservative principles. >> i ran for office because i was critical of president obama's trillion-dollar deficits. now, we have republicans, hand in hand with democrats offering
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us trillion-dollar deficits. >> reporter: senate republicans praising some parts of the bill, like increased funding for the military, $165 billion over two years, but firing back at paul, accusing the senator of misusing the senate's time for no real reason, other than to draw attention to himself. >> he's holding us up. he has every right to do so. i want to let our soldiers know and their families we're going to wait him out. >> reporter: the senate eventually voting 71-28 to approve the bill shortly before 2:00 in the morning. >> the motion to concur in the house amendment to the senate amendment to hr 92 with an amendment is agreed to. >> reporter: after that procedurally dramatic evening, the bill was sent to the president's desk, the president signed it this morning. agencies are able to open as
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normal but this does set up the next major chapter in this fight, and that's going to be over immigration. you'll remember nancy pelosi went to the floor for eight hours to talk about this. she was focused on those dreamers. that debate will start in the senate on monday. savannah. also ahead on this busy friday morning. the eyes of the world on south korea where the winter olympics are officially under way. you are looking at pyeongchang olympic stadium where the opening ceremony just be gan. we're going to get to lester holt in a second. he spoke with vice president mike pence. but first craig melvin is outside the stadium. hey, craig. good morning. >> hoda, good to see you. i don't want to give away too much. but i just left olympic stadium behind me. and i can tell you that folks who tune in for the opening ceremony tonight are in for a dazzling nod to korea's history and culture, as well. more than 2,800 athletes from 90 countries makes this the largest
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winter olympics in history. against the backdrop of the pageantry and the competition this morning, there is also controversy. >> usa. usa. >> reporter: excited team usa fans pouring into olympic stadium for the opening ceremony. >> this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. >> the spirit of sport. >> we've got to come out and support our team. >> overnight, a plane carrying the north korean delegation arriving in south korea. among those onboard, kim jong-un's younger sister. and this morning, there's already an olympic controversy. at issue, the selection of the opening ceremony's u.s. flag bearer. after a tie vote and a coin toss, luger erin hamlin beat shani davis. davis, the first african-american to win
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individual gold at the americans criticizing the decision. team usa dishonorably tossed a coin to decide the flag bearer. no problem, i can wait until 2022. #blackhistorymonth2018. also this morning, a mea culpa from the sex abuse scandal rocking usa gymnastics. >> usoc has commissioned an independent investigation that will help us understand who knew what about nassar's abuse, when and what they did with that information. >> reporter: at least 265 women and girls have accused disgraced former u.s. gymnastics doctor larry nassar of sexual abuse. he is expected to spend the rest of his life in prison after pleading guilty. >> i made a bunch of mistakes. >> reporter: in figure skating,
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chen taking a rare tumble on the ice in the team event. the 18-year-old making his first olympic appearance, saying the mistake let the team down. >> i know i'm capable of more than what i showed out here. i think it was a little bit in my head. just let that get the best of me in the program. >> reporter: he did manage to pull off the first-ever quadruple flip at the olympics. and is still considered a favorite to win the men's individual gold. the u.s. is currently second in team figure skating after a near-flawless routine by married couple and two-time u.s. national pair champion alexa and chris knierim. two-time gold medalist sean white is no stranger to the halfpipe. but he told natalie he hopes these games turn out better than sochi. >> the redemption thing, it's so funny. i'm torn. i've done so much in the sport already and so happy and content
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with my life and all the things i've done, and this is definitely the bonus and icing on the cake of it all. >> also this morning, dozens of russian athletes lost their last-ditch appeal to compete in pyeongchang. sport's highest court ruled these 47 russian athletes and coaches won't be allowed to compete. they've been banned for doping. meanwhile, 168 russian athletes, other russian athletes will be allowed to compete. i can tell you again the excitement is palpable. it's in the air. the 23rd winter olympic games are under way. >> all right, craig. thanks so much. vice president mike pence is leading the delegation and using this trip to south korea to talk about the tough issues with north korea. nbc's lester holt sat down with the vice president exclusively and joins us now. hi, lester, good morning.
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>> reporter: good morning. the vice president here to cheer on team usa and also to deliver a strong message of condemnation against north korea. we talked about a number of issues including a new round of tougher sanctions that the u.s. will formally unveil. the vice president is downplaying any daylight between the south korea delegation and south korea's president moon who seems more intent on engaging with north korea than condemning it. >> we're going to put all the pressure to bear economically and diplomatically while preserving all our military options to make sure that happens. >> did that come up in your discussion with president moon, has he explicitly said please don't, please don't launch a military strike? >> president trump and our allies in the region have agreed to delay our military exercises until after the olympics. president moon has appreciated that. we're going to make it crystal clear, our military, and the
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japanese self-defense forces, our allies here in south korea, all our alliey are are fully prepared to defend our nation and to take what action is necessary to defend our homeland. >> reporter: vice president pence bringing as his guest to the opening ceremony, fred warmbier, the father of otto warmbier who died after being released from north korea custody. opening up the ceremony, just behind him, the sister of kim jong-un, part of the north korean delegation here tonight. we'll send it back to new york. >> lester, thank you very much. you can see lester's full interview with the president tonight on "nbc nightly news." then stick around and watch the opening ceremony of the winter olympics at 8:00 eastern, 5:00 pacific right here on nbc. here, a taste of winter weather and snow falling.
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a storm is moving east and creating major travel problems. al will have a forecast in just a minute. first, ron mott is in snowy chicago. hey, ron. >> reporter: hoda, good morning to you. if it was raining, it would be pouring. it's snowing. it is piling up good here. this all started about 6:00. when it stops, we're expecting in chicago ten to 12 inches of snow. if we get that much, it will shut the city down at least for most of the day. most of the schools in the area are closed, as the this system, as you mentioned, makes its way from montana to maine. 2,000 miles of snow and ice. as you throw in fog, travel will be treacherous. national weather service says travel conditions will be difficult if not impossible at times. we've seen flight cancellations. more than a thousand, expecting that number to grow throughout the day and can carry over into the weekend. for folks in the chicagoland
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area, last january and february, this city did not get a measurable drop of snow. so, we can't really complain. back to you. >> that brings us to al. what are we looking at? >> as ron intimated, we're looking at a lot of snow. stretching from the plains, cleveland, detroit, and into western new york. we're getting strong bands setting up west of chicago. it's going to be a mess. here is what we're looking for. there's basically going to be three rounds of snow. the first one is going to be the worst. between chicago and detroit, probably about a foot or more. chicago 5 to 9 through tonight. detroit, 6 to 9. airport delays going to be big problems as far as the roads are concerned. round two, saturday, lighter snow. but so much snow on the ground, it will be hard for them to keep up with it. and then, round three on sunday, with another 1 to 2 inches from chicago to detroit. light to moderate snow.
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more problems. airports are going to be a big problem. detroit and chicago both big hubs. if you connect through any of those or have somebody coming in from any of those, you may not see them until monday. guys? >> al, thanks a lot. we have a lot more to get to, including the rollercoaster ride on wall street. it has been a wild week with massive swings, including thursday's plunge that saw the dow close down more than 1,000 points. here to put things in perspective, as savannah calls it steph speak, stephanie ruhle, how are you? >> hey. >> you look at the drops and you start freaking out. but the headlines say we're in a correction. what does that mean? >> it means relax, slow down. a correction means we're coming off a 10% fix from a 52-week high. we just got ahead of ourselves. think about it -- in december, hatchables, right? everybody wants them, everybody
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has them. they're trading in the secondary market. people are hoarding them in their garages, you have to pay more for them. come january, we still like hatchables, they're a great toy. but the market is getting back to normal. you're still really good. you're 20% above where you were when president trump was elected. you have to think about interest rates. we've been in extraordinary low interest rates, why? the fed pushed them lower when we were in a recession because they wanted to spur investment. we got that investment, the economy is doing well, rates might go higher. mortgages, it used to take 10%, 15%, that was normal. when we've been in the 0%, 1%, 2%, that is a different world. we're getting back to a normal world. >> we are getting back to a normal world. i think of wall street as a little bit like junior high. one person does something and everyone wants to do it. is there a danger that it becomes more of a correction and people start getting spooked and you get a sell-off? >> yes. there is that danger, which
7:16 am
means for the average investor like you and me, stop looking at the market every day. stop looking at your 401(k). >> repress it. >> you bought stocks or you got an investment manager because you believed in it long-term. it's that fear of missing out. part of it, when you've got the president every day saying look at that market, look at your 401(k), people say, i got to get in. don't look at it as a game. look at it long-term. stay the course. >> all right. thank you, stephanie. in the meantime, there's new developments in the harvey weinstein scandal to tell you about. three new cases have been handed over to the los angeles district attorney. nbc's blake mccoy has the latest on that for us. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. with the latest cases being handed over, harvey weinstein's fate is now in prostitutors' hands. this is the next step towards possibly charging weinstein for his alleged crimes, ranging from sexual battery to rape. sexual b. this morning, disgraced hollywood producer harvey this morning, disgraced hollywood producer harvey
7:17 am
weinstein in legal limbo. will he face criminal charges for alleged sexual abuse? nbc news confirming los angeles police have referred three cases to the district attorney. two other cases were submitted by beverly hills police last month. the d.a., jackie lacy. she set up a task force to help with her review. there are challenges. it's unclear how many of the cases are within the statute of limitations, and whether they can be backed up by physical evidence. weinstein has denied all allegations of nonconsensual sex. nbc has reached out for response to the latest comments. we haven't heard back. according to "the hollywood reporter," in a new interview with oprah winfrey, she says that weinstein threatened to break her kneecaps during the filming of "frida." she also said why she waited so long to tell her story.
7:18 am
>> i felt by myself, it was just my own drama. but when we come together, it's about becoming part of something that moves powerfully and that can make the big change happen. >> reporter: original weinstein accuser, rose mcgowan, called herself the architect of his downfall in an interview with stephen colbert, and said, people have been trying to make her feel like she was crazy. >> it's called gaslighting. it's been going on -- >> people did try to gaslight you. >> word that mcgowan's former manager jill messick has committed suicide. her family said seeing her name in headlines again and again was devastating for her. she became collateral damage in a horrific story. in addition to the l.a. cases, criminal investigations are taking place in new york and
7:19 am
london. there's no timeline for when or if charges will come. >> blake mccoy with the latest developments, thank you. mr. roker is back with a check of the forecast. >> a quick look at what's going on around the country. you can see delightfully warm in the southwest. not just warm, but delightfully warm. bitter cold in the plains. we're going to get to your local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds. to have strength in life you need one key ingredient... confidence. new rénergie lift multi- action ultra. visible anti-aging benefits with spf 30 in an oil-free formula to visibly lift, firm and reduce the appearance of dark spots. see brighter, younger-looking skin. new rénergie lift multi-action ultra moisturizer. confidence, brings you fulfillment. lancôme. customize your free gift, worth up to $114. now available at macy's. good morning, i'm meteorologist kari hall.
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we've got a lot of sunshine, a nice clear start to the day, as we take a live look outside in san jose and our temperatures another warm one, near record highs up to 75 degrees in san jose and livermore, 74 in antioch and in oakland today look for a high of 70 degrees, 69 in san francisco and low 70s for the north bay. we are going to see those temperatures cooling off over the next several days, but the winds will pick up and we will still have some temperatures reaching into the 60s next week. >> and that's your latest weather. guys? >> al, thank you so much. coming up, rob porter's former wife, speaking out in a live interview with us, about her allegations of abuse against the former white house aide. also ahead, how is south korea wowing the world during the opening ceremony of the winter olympics? we're going to try to pry some hints out of the co-host for the week, katie couric. first, this is "today" on nbc.
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♪ here comes the man ♪ here comes the man two "v-i-p" a very good morning to you, it is 7:26. i'm laura garcia. two vip visits have the potential to create some traffi problems today or even temporary road closures.n
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continues. we're seeing clear visibility as we get a look at san francisco right now. no issues with fog for the most part and it's a cool morning for the north bay, while very mild in san francisco. san jose now as you get ready to head out at 50 degrees with highs today another warm one reaching into the mid 70s for those interior valleys. up to 76 degrees in concord, oakland 70 degrees, 69 degrees in oakland and some mid 70s in the north bay. santa rosa 74. what's happening on the roads? we had a very slow rolling truck across that san francisco approach on westbound 80, the bay bridge, but that did just clear a few minutes ago. the arrow shows in the green zone. great around the bay, a smooth flow of traffic, that crash cleared at stevenson in fremont that was about 7:00, we sho he had that just before the end of our show. the san mateo bridge shows a smooth flow, but slower westbound of course that is the trend, folks making their way to the peninsula right now. the dumbarton bridge is starting to get more company. back to you.
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another local news update in half an hour. ♪
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♪ make it habit ♪ make it habit... ♪ make it... it is 7:30 on a friday morning, february 9th, 2018. a day we've been counting down for quite some time. it is the opening ceremony in pyeongchang in south korea. they're going on right now. we're going to get a preview of the big night with katie couric. >> we chatted up katie and tried to get details out of her. >> yes, we certainly did. >> it's like 14 hours ahead or behind. it's yesterday or last week there. nobody knows. we'll have the latest coming up. let's get to the headlines. we're going to start with the chaotic night on capitol hill. >> back in business. >> i urged my friends in the minority, to stand with us on this bipartisan bill. >> the house passes an early
7:31 am
morning spending bill ending a brief government shutdown that went into effect after rand paul blocked the senate from reaching an overnight deadline. >> washington is completely broken. we are spending money like it's out of control. ready for action. a high-level north korean delegation, including kim jong-un's sister arrives in pyeongchang overnight, just in time for the olympics' opening ceremony. >> would you go for him again? >> god, no. never in a million years, never. >> omarosa opens up. >> it's not going to be okay. >> the former white house aide speaking out on "celebrity big brother," about her time working for president trump. the administration, firing back. >> omarosa was fired three times on "the apprentice." this is the fourth time we've let her go. what's the buzz? millions of bacteria-filled mosquitos are set loose in miami, in an attempt to drive down the mosquito population and fight the spread of zika.
7:32 am
and ride, eagles ride. hundreds of thousands of eagles' fans flocked to the street of philadelphia, for the victory parade, celebrating the team's first-ever super bowl title. today, friday, february 9th, 2018. that should be a national holiday there forever for those guys. >> when you have waited forever, you have a celebration. in the meantime, the fallout is growing in the scandal surrounding one of the president's former top aides. staff secretary, rob porter resigned earlier this week after both of his former wives came forward and alleged spousal abuse. in a moment, we'll talk to one of them. first, peter alexander at the white house. hi, peter. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, savannah. tough, new questions about who knew what and when when it comes to rob porter. "the washington post" today, reporting white house counsel, don mcgahn knew about the
7:33 am
accusations against porter a year ago, but kept porter in place because he viewed him as a professional voice within the west wing, according to people familiar with the matter. the white house defense of chief of staff, john kelly, that he wasn't aware of the allegations, until he saw a photo of one of porter's ex-wives with a black eye. this morning, the trump administration is facing new scrutiny in the wake of domestic abuse allegations in the resignation of rob porter. overnight, the president's chief of staff, john kelly, sending an internal e-mail to the white house staff condemning domestic violence and making them aware counseling resources are available. kelly writing, we understand the shock, pain and confusion that these allegations have caused in our work place. it's important for me to tell you, you're not alone. the white house calls the claims about porter serious and disturbing, while making this rare public admission. >> i think it's fair to say, we all could have done better over
7:34 am
the last few days in dealing with this situation. >> reporter: but aides are fiercely defending kelly, refusing to answer what kelly knew last year about the accusations from porter's two ex-wives and trying to explain his dramatic change in tone. first, praising porter tuesday, then, hours later, distancing himself. what was so shocking that had changed. you said it was shocking. >> the full nature of the allegation, particularly the images. >> reporter: that claim, despite a former white house official, telling nbc news that kelly was alerted months ago. as for the president's reaction -- >> he was surprised by it. he was disheartened by it. he was saddened by it. >> reporter: porter denies the allegations as simply false. the white house deflecting questions about a conflict within the president's inner circle, insisting president trump has confidence in communications director, hope hicks, reportedly dating porter while she helped craft the initial statements in his defense.
7:35 am
hicks, recusing herself from some of it, but didn't offer specifics. the white house says that president trump also has confidence in john kelly and don mcgahn. this morning, new reports suggest otherwise that kelly may have fell out of favor after initially defending porter according to "the new york times." one of the people that the president has called to vent to, his previous chief of staff that he fired, reince priebus. rob porter's former wife, jennie willoughby is here. jennie, good morning. thanks for being here. >> thank you for having me. >> it's not easy to relive a painful past and certainly not publicly. what's the past few days been like for you? >> it's certainly been overwhelming. i did not seek this out, did not ask for it. as the moment was brought to me to share these intimate and shameful details that i haven't shared with family and friends
7:36 am
has been really cathartic. >> when you say shameful, what do you mean by that? >> anybody in an abusive relationship, you feel like it's your fault. you carry that shame with you. i realize, as i speak out about it, that now, years later, i have done healing and the forgiveness, i still had shame telling that story. >> you were married three years, correct? >> four years. >> when did you know this has crossed a line? >> you know, abuse is a really tricky thing. it starts -- it starts slow. and it starts -- it cycles where you don't really see it for what it is. i don't think i realized that i could even call my marriage abusive until about a year in. >> what was the moment? was it what we read in the papers, when you say he pulled you out of the shower. what happened?
7:37 am
>> we had been fighting. rob followed me to the shower and pulled me out of the shower to continue the rage. and immediately saw how scared i was and recognized what he was doing and released it. but that was a moment when i realized he didn't have control. >> when you say abusive, do you mean physically abusive? verbally abusive? what was he like as a husband? >> for my marriage, it was strongly verbally and emotionally abusive. a lot of attacks on my character and my intelligence and things that i felt to be true about myself were systematically and repeatedly attacks so it was an emotional breakdown. >> you got a restraining order against him. you feared some physical violence? >> it was a temporary protective order, after he punched in the door of our home during our separation.
7:38 am
and the police officer pointed out that if he is able to do that, even though i didn't expect it, i didn't know what else he was capable of. so, yeah, temporary protective order. >> all these years later, you met colbie holderness and she has also come forward, his first wife. and she has put out an image that shows her with a black eye. she says rob porter gave her that black eye. do you believe her? >> of course, i believe her. >> you think he's capable of that? >> i believe her. >> what did it mean to you when you sat with her and the two of you looked across the table from each other and shared this experience? >> it's so isolating -- i mentioned the shame, but it's also the isolation. you don't feel like you can talk to anybody about it or anybody
7:39 am
would understand. to meet colbie and to hear her story and that we both had that experience was a release. it was a recognition. we were in this together. >> the reason this is a story at all, that we are sitting here talking about this so publicly, is because rob porter was a top white house aide. he worked in and around the oval office. he was subject to a background check. his clearance never came through for reasons we don't know. the fbi did contact you. did you tell the fbi what you have shared this morning, what you shared publicly? >> yeah. i've been clear as i've been meeting with the media, i was part of the background check and i was completely honest with my experience of the marriage, including telling them instances of abuse or police contact. >> i know you kept in touch with rob and, as i understood it, tried to maintain a cordial
7:40 am
relationship. did he talk to you about this fbi interview? did he ask you to say anything? did he tell you it was coming? what was his interaction? >> he let me know i was going to be contacted by the fbi once he was tapped for the white house. he was curious what i was going to say. he really wanted to know, what are you going to tell them? and i told him, i'm going to tell them the truth. >> did he accept that? >> yeah. i mean, he knew that -- i think he knew my character and he knew that was what i was going to share. >> since then, he has said that the claims of his first wife were outrageous and violent. he accused you of being part of a coordinator smear campaign. are you? >> yeah. i was asked that before. i'm not even really sure how to answer that question because there was no coordination of this. this was unexpected that i would have to be speaking about this and mentioning his name and describing the details of my marriage is nothing that i wanted. and i have only recently been in contact with colbie to discus it at all. >> what would you say to him right now?
7:41 am
>> i'm hopeful that he can face -- face the reality of these issues that he's dealing with. and i really hope that now, in the wake of losing his reputation and his career, the things he valued most, that he will be able to go inside and find the things that do matter most about him. >> did you want him to lose that job? >> no. no. and i've been clear on that. i think he is good at his job. and i liked that he was in that administration. but this is a consequence of his actions. >> jennie willoughby, thank you for being here, sharing your story. i know it's not easy. appreciate your time. >> thank you. we will switch gears now and get over to al for a check of the weather. >> thank you, savannah. the flip side of the snowstorm is on the warm side of this system, we have heavy rain, today through sunday. flood watches from west virginia to georgia.
7:42 am
a flood risk all the way into the northeast, as we get to sunday. look ahead of the front, temperatures from 14 degrees to 20 degrees above normal, from atlanta to new york. behind the system, chicago, cleveland, temperatures plunging anywhere from 5 to 12 degrees below average. rainfall amounts about two to three inches of rain in some spots, stretching from boston all the way down into the southeast, where they have drought conditions. this will be somewhat of a help. that's what's going on around the country. we need a little bit of that rain, but not this weekend. we're not going to see it here in the bay area. as we take a live look at emeryville all clear start and it's going to be a beautiful day with highs reaching into the upper 60s and even some mid 70s once again. we will be near our record highs for the last day, it's about to cool off. san francisco reaching into the mid 60s tomorrow and lower 60s by early next week. inland areas gusty winds and highs near 70.
7:43 am
>> and that's your latest weather. savannah? >> al, thank you. coming up, katie couric is going to join us with everything she can tell us, and maybe a little more, about the opening ceremony of the winter olympics. then, joanna gaines getting real about her pregnancy cravings. and you will not believe your eyes when we take you to one high school ruled by a record number of twins. facebook has a new answer to facebook has a new answer to calls for a dislike bu ♪ ♪ olympic glory doesn't just belong to athletes. and it doesn't just happen every four years. it happens one morning at a time, and one cup at a time. folgers. proud sponsor of team usa.
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7:48 am
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7:49 am
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good friday morning. right now at 7:56, still cool outside, but it's going to warm up and another day near record highs. i think for the most part we will stay just below these records, reaching into the mid 70s and the record up to 75 degrees for napa, and in oakland we may tie the old record and in santa rosa 74 degrees today and the record is 75. so it will be really close. a lot of numbers to watch here, also our winds that may pick up as we go into saturday, especially saturday afternoon. san francisco 65 degrees for the high and on sunday expect a high of 64 degrees. inland areas will also have some cooler temperatures, hopefully this is a last day of record highs. it will be cooling down early next week and we will really feel it during those morning hours, upper 30s early next week. let's see how the roads are moving with mike. i just got this alert from alert sf, they're saying to
7:57 am
avoid the fill more and sutter post area, some sort of gas leak. we jumping on this topic in the newsroom, that will affect local traffic, fillmore and sutter and post, reported by alert sf. the rest of the bay shows a pretty typical friday which is a great drive, slow down the east shore freeway of course and same thing for the east bay, 880 through fremont. over on the peninsula side southbound away from us you have to worry about that sun in your eyes. back to you. happening now an overnight house vote ends the federal shutdown within hours. on our homepage what had to be done for president trump to sign that new budget deal. the newest face of the 49ers should be around for a while, nbc bay area yesterday broke the in us about the team's five-year deal with jimmy garoppolo. there is a news conference planned for 11:00 a.m. -- 11:30 this morning, we will have a crew there. and the winter olympics opening ceremony already wrapped up in south korea but nbc bay area will air the entire thing starting at 5:00 p.m. tonight. on our twitter feed images from
7:58 am
today's slep brags.
7:59 am
8:00 am
it's . it's 8:00 on "today." coming up breaking this morning. >> the motion is adopted. without objection the motion reconsiders laid upon the table. >> lawmakers in the house pass a bipartisan spending bill ending a brief government shutdown. the bill signed by the president this morning. so what does it mean for you? plus everybody pyeongchang tonight. the winter olympics under way, the competition already intense. >> i know i can give a lot more than what i showed out here. >> we'll talk about the anticipated opening ceremony. and we'll take you to high school holding the world record
8:01 am
for the most single twins in one class. >> i get called a luke a lot. it annoys me. >> so what's behind this twinning combination today on friday 2018. >> everybody on my birthday wish list. >> sending love to all our pink warrior angels. you are never alone. >> we're the bffs you've never met until now. >> happy mardi gras from the plaza. >> here from iowa to celebrate. >> my 40th birthday. >> good morning from the high school in utah. >> that is crowd. we're so happy you're watching us. thanks for being with us.
8:02 am
good to have you with us at the end of the week. crisis averted after the second government shutdown in less than a month. congress worked through the night to pass a massive two-year budget deal. the president side the $400 billion measure this morning. along with money for hurricane relief and the fight against opioid addiction. the brief shutdown began when congress missed its midnight deadline. a final vote in the senate was delayed by republican senator rand paul. the measure does not address the fate of young immigrants under the expiring daca program which some democrats had tried to tie to that spending bill. 35,000 spectators are packed inside the olympic stadium in pyeongchang, south korea this morning. the opening ceremony of the 2018 olympic games under way right now. it is the official start of 16 days of athletic competition. but of course politics and
8:03 am
controversy mixed in there. hey, keir, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. nearly 90 countries, 3,000 athletes, 102 events. and already there is controversy at the opening ceremony. you have seen north koreans and south korea athletes together. and the sister of leader kim jong-un sitting just seats away from vice president pence. headed by kim jong-un's sister, the first member of the ruling family ever to cross the border. leading the delegation on the olympic stage, vice president mike pence. for the americans an opening ceremony controversy. all the athletes voted on who would carry the u.s. opening flag during the ceremony. but there was a tie. a coin toss decided hamlin would
8:04 am
have the honor. >> for my fellow teammate athletes who gave me this, and that means a ton. >> reporter: but that did not sit well with davis who tweeted team usa decidedly tossed a continue to decide the 2018 flag bearer. no problem, i can wait 2022. #black history month, 2018. >> the olympic system failed you and we are incredibly sorry. >> reporter: also this morning an apology for the sexual abuse scandal rocking the usa gymnastics. nassar expected to spend the rest of his life in prison after pleading guilty to ten girls. >> it'll help us understand who knew what about nassar's abuse,
8:05 am
when and other information. >> reporter: the men's figure skating competition already under way. nathan chen taking an unexpected tumble in his first ever olympic performance. but he did manage to pull off the first ever quadruple in the olympics. let the team down, i think, with that short program a little bit. >> reporter: the americans in first place, thanks to a strong performance from the married couple. >> you can't explain skating in the olympics. i don't have to explain to my husband. >> reporter: six new nations are making their olympic debut. hoda, it is set to be quite a games. >> looking forward to joining you out there, keir. you can watch the openinger e s
8:06 am
ceremony of the winter olympics at 8:00 eastern right here. "the morning boost" has an olympic connection? >> it does. when you go to the winter olympics, sometimes things get lost in translation. they got half a truck load of eggs. lots of omelets, boiled eggs and scrambled eggs. the supplier said they can take c back some of the extras. >> we're going. i like eggs. >> save some. coming up this morning, it's a busy friday. we're going to head back to pyeongchang. we're going to get a look ahead at the opening ceremony from katie couric. we'll get a taste of the fun that awaits us on the slopes in south korea. first, a look ahead to "megyn kelly today." >> good morning. happy olympic friday.
8:07 am
here's the question today. should kids who need medical marijuana be able to take it at school? while in school? that's the latest battle unfolding on the legalization front. and some parents are not happy. a mom and a dad open up to us today. and the high school where twin s rule. wait until you see how many are neil lane designs for hollywood's biggest stars. and at kay, he designs for the star in your life. this ring was inspired by an art deco design
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so you might want an umbrella. oh, that's thoughtful. it'll also read you the news, look up traffic, and tell you. gh: your first meeting is at 9am. and you know how sometimes you're in bed and you can't get out of it until you hear that one song that: gh: ok, playing your get out of bed playlist. yeah, it can do that too. it's google home mini, now only $39. we're back. 8:12. that's a live shot. the winter olympics are officially open. the caldron is politic at pyeongchang olympic stadium. >> the olympics are filled with pageantry and big moments. we talked to katie couric, who is co-hosting our coverage alongside mike tirico. >> good morning. >> hi, savannah. hi, hoda. welcome to pyeongchang. >> you look the part. people walking past you, must
8:13 am
think there's an olympic o athlete. >> i'm telling everyone, savannah, i'm on the curling team. and they believe me. >> you blend. you totally blend. this is your fourth time hosting an opening ceremony. i mean, how does this compare to those in the past? and go ahead and tell us everything about it. >> well, i'm really excited. it is my fourth time. it's my seventh olympics, you guys. so, i just doing these opening ceremonies because they're such a unique combination of art, music, history, culture, all wrapped up by the host country and presented as a gift to the world. and then, you, of course, have the added addition of some of the best and brightest athletes living their dream. as you both know, you've covered opening ceremonies before. it's really pretty magical. >> you've got to practice all those names. have you got djibouti down? >> by the way, hoda, i know you stole my joke. you stole my joke when you did
8:14 am
the opening ceremony. what country is next, bob? what, katie? you bet, djibouti. but djibouti is not in the winter games. i'm not able to use my joke this time. >> you're going to come up with something. i've been following you on instagram. you gave a teeny bit of information. you said it would be sensational. is there anything you're allowed to let out before the opening ceremony? >> not really. i don't want to ruin it for spectators and people around the home. i think it's a merging of ancient tradition with modern technology. i always marvel at what it takes to pull these things off. the technology, the choreography. but it really is visually spectacular. it's also very exciting at times, moving at times. so, you kind of go through a whole host of emotions watching.
8:15 am
i think you're really going to enjoy it. >> we cannot wait to see it. we can't wait to get there. we have a few selfish questions. how cold is it, katie? how is the food? what should we order? >> on the cold front, so to speak, it's been really chilly. it's been negative -- below zero most nights. but i'm happy to report that we're having a warm snap. and during the opening ceremony, it's supposed to be a balmy 25 degrees. that's good news. there's no roof over the stadium. the creative director was nervous about people in the crowds being dangerously cold and also about the technology really working in those kinds of temperatures. it has warmed up a bit. but bring lots of layers. i recommend some long underwear. as far as the food, there's lots of delicious, fresh seafood. and some very interesting food that maybe you don't necessarily want to partake in. but you know, it's really
8:16 am
healthy. and by the way, you guys are staying at the same hotel i'm staying in. they have a great gym. i think you're going to be happy here. >> what about the bar, katie? what about the bar? >> yeah. they have that, too. i wouldn't know. but i heard it's really nice. >> all right, katie. save a seat for us. we're on the way. >> i know. i can't wait to see you all. get a lot of sleep on the plane. you'll wake up at all weird hours, even weirder than you already do. bring a good book and don't look at this. the if you wake up in the middle of the night and you start sending instagrams of yourself in pajamas, i don't remember. but i've been doing that. >> that was the ambien talking, katie. thank you very much. can't wait to see you. we can catch the opening ceremony tonight, 8:00 eastern, 5:00 pacific time, right here on nbc. our conversation earlier with katie. mr. roker, what have you
8:17 am
got? >> we're talking a lot of snow between chicago and detroit. this system is going to bring three rounds of snow. the heaviest is going to be today, into tonight. we're looking at anywhere from 5 to 10 inches of snow between chicago and detroit. going to cause big problems for the airports and out on the roads. lighter snow tomorrow. still problems. sunday, maybe one to two more inches in that affected area. airports are going to have a hard time trying to recuperate over this whole weekend. pack your patience if you're going through that's what's going on around country. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> all clear and sunny here in the bay area. as we take a live look outside in san jose. we'll keep the sunshine throughout the afternoon. high temperatures heading up to 75 degrees in san jose and livermore. 76 in concord. oakland, 70 degrees. 69 in san francisco. low to mid-70s also for the north bay. over the next few days, cooler
8:18 am
air arrives with some gusty winds in time for the weekend. san francisco, some mid-60s. the inland areas will be up to 70 degrees tomorrow. >> that's your latest weather. >> all right, al. look who is joining us for our "trending" table. it's time to "trend." let's talk dreams. how about anxiety dreams. we've all had them. some of the most common ones, of course. you're being chased by somebody. you lost something. you can't find it. olympic athletes are just like us. a few of the athletes opened up to npr about their anxiety dreams. take a listen. >> there's been dreams that guys don't show up with their speed suits. i won't have my helmet. you get to the top of the track and runners are on backwards. >> show up to the starting line and i'm not wearing my rifle. >> i have had dreams that i have woken up in the sweats.
8:19 am
that's waking up in a jump and not knowing when you're going to hit but you knew you were going to hit hard. >> all right. we had those dreams. what's the one that you have? the recuring one that pops up? >> i have so many. >> do you? >> my teeth fall out once a week. and i wake up, like -- they're still there. and school, i didn't study. >> i do that. >> i show up to the math exam and i haven't gone to one class? >> that was a dream? >> it was a high school reoccurrence. and i'm thinking, how am i going to do this when i haven't come to class? >> we get those. for me, this was a weird one. it was reoccurring for a really long time. i was walate for my wedding. >> what does that mean? >> i don't know. >> i haven't had it in a while. i'm like, i'm so sorry. i would be out of breath.
8:20 am
>> we have a couch right over there. lay down. we're going to analyze this. >> al? >> i keep dreaming i ate this giant marshmallow and my pillow was gone. >> we're on the edge of our seats and we're all here. >> you could hear a pin drop in the stud oio. what can be better than meeting all of your favorite superheros? in honor of marvel's history, the photo shoot is just being unveiled. here's a few of the actors describing what the day was like. >> it felt like being at the academy awards or something. every person had been in one or all of my cyber films. >> there was a sea of people i
8:21 am
had grown up watching hanging out in one place. >> there's a lot of fan boy and fan girl in one room. >> some of hollywood's biggest names took part in the shoot, robert downey jr., gwyneth paltrow, chris larsen and vin diesel. joanna gaines, the "fixer upper" star is expecting her fifth child. she did a photo shoot and said she can no longer hide her growing bump. one thing she cannot hide, her cravings. she shared this photo with a caption reading, woke up and was craving fruity pebbles, deviled eggs and ranch dressing. didn't have any of that. and huey lewis is back in the news. get it? the singer himself made a big announcement. huey lewis is bringing some of the most popular music to the broadway stage, called "the
8:22 am
heart of rock 'n' roll." it will not be about huey lewis himself. but it will serve as the storyline. huey lewis and the news had 19 top ten singles and earned a grammy for "the power of love." come on. no word on when the musical will debut. but hoda will be there at opening night. >> i will buy tickets for everybody. >> hoda is reliving the '80s right now. now, a story that will have you seeing double over and over again. a high school near chicago holds a world record for an astoni astonishing number of twins in one grade. ron mott is back with that. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, again. they say there's power in numbers. this school is doubling down on that. they have twins here, twins there, twins everywhere. wonder twin power activated in suburban chicago. look at them all. 44 pairs of twins in a single academic year. the only class anywhere with this double distinction, the
8:23 am
guinness world record for most twins and most multiples. >> i think it's really cool to be able to say you're a world record holder, more than anything else. >> reporter: brothers luke and ryan have been on this record-breaking mission since fifth grade, when they were part of another feat, one set of twins at their middle school. if this sounds or looks familiar, it should. it's john hughes' territory. >> i get called ryan a lot. >> i get called luke a lot. and i think it really annoys me. >> reporter: 19 pairs are girl-girl. 14 girl-boy. 11 boy-boy. >> i think it's kind of fun. you get an award for just existing and having another twin around you. >> we don't get along. >> what? >> do we have to be brutally
8:24 am
honest. >> reporter: lest you think the twins are frapranking teachers, only three pairs are identical and they claim to walk the straight and narrow. naturally they're close and try hard not to confuse their fellow twins. >> we look for differences in people because when people come up to us and say, you look so similar. >> she's my best friend. i don't know what i would do without her. >> reporter: how rare is this? consider twins are born at a rate of 33.5 live births per u.s. 44 sets in one graduating class is rare, indeed. to be clear, fertility treatments were a factor in some cases. >> we're almost one in ten. nothing in the water. >> reporter: not to one-up the group, but the henrich sisters have them all beat. they're triplets. >> i would say it's cool to be part of it. i don't think that i am, like, think it's superspecial since i
8:25 am
get asked a lot about triplets. >> reporter: fittingly, this is the class of, wait for it, 2020. all right. you see what i did there? with all of the snow we have today, an arc is probably not the best way to escape. we expect the twins are lined up two-by-two, watching themselves on "today." >> that was cute, ron. thank you. just ahead, we're going to get familiar. we were talking about this with katie. the tastes of south korea. we're going to check it out. we have a great chef to show us
8:26 am
two "v-i-p" visits have the good morning. it's 8:26. i'm marcus washington. two vip visits could potentially create traffic problems today or even temporary road closures. canadian prime minister justin trudeau met in san francisco yesterday with tech leaders including sales force ceo. now, today, he meets with governor brown and lieutenant governor newsom also in san francisco. president barack obama spoke at a private event yesterday in monterey. he appeared at a conference hosted by at&t. there has been speculation he may show up at the pebbles beach golf pro am that's going on nearby. that tournament continues near sunday. right now as far as your morning commute, we'll head over to mike inouye. it's another friday morning. >> it's friday, light, but it's still the bay area, we still have the commute. here's oakland where you have
8:27 am
the nimitz, getting up past high street, slow. the map shows you the same slowing there for 880 as well as 580. heading up into the downtown area and piedmont, highway 15, the warren freeway. pretty standard, either side of the bay. easing up over on 880. north 101 and west 237 really recovering now. the earlier crash was there for about 20 minutes. that caused a big jam. we saw speed change from orange to yellow. that means they're continuing to improve out of sunny vail to mountain view. >> another local news update in half an hour. debate heats up on. plus: a south bay agency ... offering 800-bucks for a room in your house. why it could change the lives of l-g-b-t youth. that )s all on monday: 4:30 to .
8:28 am
8:29 am
there's only one place where you can get... more adventure, and more memories. stay at a disneyland resort hotel, and you can save up to 25% on select rooms. so now's the time to get more happy!
8:30 am
♪ hey, everybody, welcome in. 8:30 on this friday morning, february 9th. it's our final morning on the plaza before we head off to pyeongchang, south korea. can we just look at this crowd? hey. hey, bff. we have a crazy, huge, beautiful crowd. you know what? this is like a summertime crowd. this is definitely a summertime crowd. are you ready for the crowd moment? >> yes, ma'am. >> i mean, what can you choose? we have the twins that are here. we love you. come on this way. come on. we have a breast cancer survivor. we love you. and tenth anniversary, we love
8:31 am
you. where are the girl scouts? >> check out this sign up top. we've been raising money since kindergarten to be here. is that right? >> yeah. >> where are you from? >> wisconsin. >> how many cookies did you have to sell to get here? >> as many as we can. >> we want to say thank you for coming. we want to put you on tv. and we want to say hi to these girls. what's your name? >> haney. >> glad you game. are you from memphis? >> yes. >> you're from alexandria, virginia, we love you, too. we have a nice group. wait a minute. my teacher promised me an "a" if i appeared on the "today" show. what's your name? >> ron. >> you're welcome. >> just ahead, everything we need to know, apparently, as we prepare to head to south korea, from the saunas to the snacks. keir shows us what to expect.
8:32 am
>> nice, keir. and speaking of snacks, wherever we travel, you know we want to love it. we want to love the food. we called in a pro to give us an early taste of the best south korea has to offer. >> yum. and jenna introduces us to an aspiring young poet who is accomplishing a lot of historic firsts while still in her teens. medical marijuana, the new front when it comes to legalization. how about an 11-year-old taking it in school while at school? >> oh. >> it's controversial. but it's the next battleground. a mom and dad are here to talk about it. > and a special giveaway at the end of the show. superspecial. mr. roker, what you got? >> what you got? let's find out what i got. all right. let's start off with pyeongchang 2018. let's look at the next several days. milder weather, with the exception of sunday and monday. once you get into tuesday on
8:33 am
through the week, we have mild weather. wow. let's head to the mountains. you can see a little on the chilly side sunday and monday. it warms up there, as well. weekend outlook in the eastern half of >> heavy rain in the south, snow from the great lakes on into new england, warm and dry in the southwest. sunday, sunday, a soaking rain is probably going to be a lot of airport delays from atlanta all the way to northeast. some snow and rain. sunshine from the plain that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> we need a little bit of that rain to move out west. we are still in with some very dry and warm weather across the bay area. we'll be reaching into the mid-70s this afternoon in san jose and in livermore. oakland, 70 degrees. and 74 degrees in santa rosa. san francisco, upper 60s today. but some mid-60s tomorrow. that cooling trend continues into early next week. we will have some gusty winds, especially for the inland areas, between saturday afternoon and
8:34 am
sunday. and we'll be in the mid-60s to start next week. >> so many people. we want to make sure everybody gets their chance to be on tv because let's face it, they didn't come here to see us. they came here so everybody at home can see them. so look at those folks. we're almost there, almost there, almost there, almost there. i'm there. >> perfect. all right, al, thank you so much. as we mentioned we have our bags packed. we're heading to south korea and the excitement of the winter olympics. >> that's right. what's waiting for us? >> i have some questions for you. do you like speed, going fast? maybe. do you like the cold? no. do you like pancakes? well, let me tell you they have some of the best pancakes on it
8:35 am
planet here. it's worth flying every one of those 7,000 miles just to try the pancakes. the tranquility of an ancient temple, golden wintery sun sets. what are we doing? the name pyeongchang means peace and prosperity. i feel sick. but your korean adventure could be anything but peaceful. i just want you to know that was really, really fun. arctic wind in my face. i'm feeling like i'm going to die, i love that. it's the best. pyeongchang will be your winter playground. oh, get out the way. every part of my body just froze and it's not my face. and just like in minnesota.
8:36 am
al, they have ice fishing here, too. come on, fishy. okay, some had more luck than others. you know what? i'm in need of action. and olympic skier mosely knows where to find it. that used a be the thing you would conquer. >> yeah, now i look it at terrifying. >> reporter: johnny gave us an exclusive tour. >> it's so steep. i can tell right now athis is going to cause a lot of problems. >> reporter: are we going to be saying this is the best of the competition you'll see? and there are many records to be broken here, including temperatures. and we have the u.s. womens hockey team.
8:37 am
>> usa, usa, usa! >> reporter: we caught up with team usa on their one rest day before competition. what have you done so far? >> we've tried to learn korean. >> reporter: you need to learn how to say how it's cold. did i mention it's cold? here are some tips to stay warm. . pyeongchang central market has lots of it. on a cold day, that is perfect. >> thank you. >> reporter: and if all else fails, there's the korean sauna. here i go. but wait. this is the olympics. we're not here to relax. korean skiing. bring on the olympics. we are here to have the time of our lives. can't wait to see you guys. and i just want to thank producers jen long and chapman
8:38 am
bell for not showing me wipe out in the ski run. and not that imagery later in my hotel. >> i don't think we do. >> the sauna looked good, keir. >> can't wait to see you, keir. >> looking forward to it. coming up, we're getting in the mood here. we're going to taste south korea, right here in studio 1a. and plus, a remarkable young woman who really has a way with words. but first this, is "today" on nbc. ♪
8:39 am
8:40 am
we're back with our special series "breaking through today" in honor of black history month. >> a special lady who has accomplished so much. >> amanda goreman is the first youth poet laureate in the u.s.,
8:41 am
using pen and paper to voice social change. ♪ >> since i'm the first one, i get to set a precedent. what do i want to see in the poetic realm of the united states. >> you're as wide as the pacific tide. >> reporter: ammanda gorman is the first poet laureate in the u.s. what is it like to be the first? >> i didn't think i would be the first. i was reading about people. not only am i the first youth poet laureate. the first woman. the first black youth poet laureate. >> reporter: a lot of your poetry focuses on social change, social justice. where does that passion come from? >> i think that passion comes from my heritage. it comes from a place where i must write. i must speak up. there's too many people that's
8:42 am
been kept from that opportunity. >> reporter: who inspired you growing up? >> my mother. >> reporter: amanda grew up in los angeles. she attributes a lot of success to her mom, joan wicks, a teacher who raised her and her twin sister as a single mother. amanda's passion for poetry started in the third grade. talk to me about when you first knew you loved poetry. >> i was around 7 or 8 year old. and my teacher had us reading ray bradbury. i thought, he just related candy to something different. >> reporter: i love there was a metaphor. that was a metaphor and that's what you needed. >> it was like magic. poetry has been one of the most stable expressions for me of my identity and who i am. i love when i'm writing to have just all these books of people i look up beside me. what i really love to do is
8:43 am
choose one word from each of a collection of books i have. make a word cloud and select them to make a new poem. >> reporter: but public speaking didn't come naturally. >> will always be our future. >> reporter: it took courage, determination and grit for amanda to get on stage. you have spoken about having a speech impediment. do you think that led you to poetry? >> 100%. i talk about having a speech impediment. i can't pronounce "rs." it sounds a bit garbled. but i hear this strong voice when i'm reading a simple text. that told me that the power of the inner voice is over what people hear through their ears. the only thing that impeded me was myself. >> reporter: now, a sophomore at harvard, she started an organization inspiring other
8:44 am
young writers to share their voices. >> in a world that i think needs light constantly, and a world where social change is being talked about a lot, where does poetry come in? >> it's at the forefront of that, with martin luther king i have a dream speech, poetry is woven through the fabric of america and history. >> the blood of my pen against the cool flesh of my journal. >> reporter: what is breaking through? breaking boundaries? what does that mean to you? >> breaking through, especially in this day and age, is not only breaking through the door, but holding it open so other people can come through. >> when we write an american lyric, we are just beginning to tell. focus on your path. focus on your purpose and how
8:45 am
you as yourself can break flu a barrier. >> as youth poet laureate, amanda travels the country sharing her love for poetry. and she has her calendar marked. mark yours. she plans to run for president in 2036. i have put my vote in. she is so awesome. >> what an impressive young women. she is a very big crush, even though married, on lin-manuel miranda. she is a talent. >> he's a poet, too. >> they would have things to talk about. >> exactly. >> a great story. >> beautiful. coming up, a little pretaste of south korea before we go to the winter olympics. but first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:46 am
8:47 am
♪ welcome back.
8:48 am
this morning on a special edition of "today food," we have a taste of korea. we wanted a cooking lesson in korean cuisine. this woman right here, ether choi, who is the owner of her restaurant here in new york is amazing. i tasted your food. i swear, it is so delicious. it made me excited about the trip. tell us what you're making for us today. >> i'm making you the quintessential korean dish. >> what is it? >> it's a rice dish with seasonal vegetables and usually has protein and a fried egg. >> i am making a ribeye bibimbap. we have fresh peas, bok choy,
8:49 am
kimchee that's the fermented korean dish. we're going to start with making the rice. >> this is a rice cooker? >> this is a slow cooker. you can cook it on the stove. the rice we make is very speshg because we blend three. we have white, brown and black. i do a blend at the restaurant. >> do they taste the same? >> the black rice has more nutrition. >> i didn't know that. >> that's going to cook. we are going to blanch vegetables. >> you boil them and then dunk them in ice? >> ice water. >> they keep the color and the texture. peas are beautiful. >> what have you done to the bok choy? >> this is raw. we're going to blanch it, too.
8:50 am
>> you blanch it and stick it in the ice. >> you're blanching in steps. and then, the ice bath. afterwards, you have your blanched vegetables. you want to squeeze out the moisture so that it oaks up the oil a little better. sesame oil, a little salt. >> late pepper. >> a little pepper. >> and just fluff it around? >> i am making you do work. >> i need to. what kind of meat are you using with in? >> this, i'm using ribeye. if you pop it in the freezer for 30 minutes, it's easy to slice. >> you want it paper thin? >> it soaks up the marinade well. the marinade is soy sauce, sesame oil and sugar. >> i like it. all right. >> and then, this is going to -- you want to help me. >> whip that up. and you just put the meat right in there? >> right in there. >> just like this.
8:51 am
that's going to basically marinade. >> how long would you let that sit? >> you don't need to let it sit that long. i would say 20 to 30 minutes. >> do you add these goodies? some heat, some ginger and onions. >> that's aromatics for the meat. >> that sits for a minute. >> then, let's cook it. >> obviously, the best part of food tv is everything is already marinaded. >> let's take a check downstairs. as we're cooking this up, what do you think? >> this is so good. amazing. >> they're eating right now. >> they're eating right now. >> savannah is now into kimchee. >> i like it. it's hot, though. >> you cook all that up. you add the veggies. >> cook that up. add the veggies. when you built the veggies. >> you put on a pile of rice and add the meat on top. >> this is why it's so healthy. building, building. you're ready to eat.
8:52 am
>> i'm watching you. i want to get in here. >> you're layering the vegetables and the beauty of this dish is the colors. >> oh, my gosh. you have beauty dishes, too. >> we have dumplings, three different types. beef, vegan and pork. >> what's this? >> this is our famous ramen dish. >> ramen noodles in there? >> yes. i would try the soup. >> okay. you guys, so good, right? >> beyond. >> see what's happening? we're ready to go. you can find owl of the recipes and more at you can catch the opening ceremony tonight. all of the action from the winter olympics right here on nbc. we're back in a moment. first this is "today" on nbc. ♪ harmonica tune plays everyone thinks making websites is impossible.
8:53 am
[mimicking motorcycle noises] ♪ harmonica tune plays but they're wrong. ♪ i know... ♪ ♪
8:54 am
all right.
8:55 am
just love that olympic music. what do you have this weekend? >> we're going to have a split show. craig and dylan will be live at the winter olympics, with all of the highlights from the opening ceremony. wait and you'll see what craig was doing on the ice with a football player, trying his hand at curling. and sunday, willie will sit down with sara hendrickson, a key jumper going for the gold, after fighting for women to be included in the event. that will be willie geist from pyeongchang. >> you have a big show coming up, don't you? >> we are throwing a wedding today. it's a beautiful couple. you're going to love it. great music, great food, it's a party. >> and we're all headed to pyeongchang. >> everybody have fun tonight. everybody pyeongchang tonight. >> i would like to take some of that food in my carry-on bag. >> we'll have plenty of it.
8:56 am
>> and we're live monday. >>i )m - -... turns out the newest face of good morning. 8 oo 8:56. the new face of the san francisco 49ers will likely be sticking around for a while. he posted op eed on twitter thi, celebrating the long-term deal with garoppolo. the story our own raj broke on twitter yesterday. after trading for him last season, he reeled off five wins. the new five-year deal is reported to be worth $137
8:57 am
million. happening now, our bob ridell is in lee vie stadium where the news conference will be. bob will bring us a live report for our midday newscast. also, you can go to our twitter feed. that's where you'll see the post updates once the event is finished. a legal battle over the ownership of self-driving technology will not be playing out in court. both sides have agreed to a settlement announced this morning. now the exact terms of that settlement have not been revealed. the winter olympics in south korea ready to head into overdrive. spectacular opening ceremony took place earlier friday. that's our time. starting at 5:00 tonight, nbc bay area will air the ceremony in its entirety. go to our twitter feed for those images right out in.
8:58 am
8:59 am
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[ applause ] good morning, everybody. good morning and welcome. happy friday. i'm megyn kelly. we begin this friday morning with a true crime mystery. a terrifying and seemingly random crime that went on for years. the only witness, a 3-year-old girl. the case was cold for years, until it wasn't. watch this. march 15th, 2000. in a quiet community in central florida, 72-year-old margarita ruiz and her daughter, hope wells, were brutally murdered in their own home. >> she was the mother to all of us. she was a great


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