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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  February 12, 2018 5:00am-6:01am PST

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it's night there. >> reporter: local athletes are making headlines here in pyeongchang. i spent the last two hours talking with them. i will be sharing their stories all morning, but first let's spend it back to you. >> we will look forward to that. thank you, garvin. right now we want to turn to meteorologist kari hall getting a track of what's going on weatherwise. we see 45 degrees, i'm sure pyeongchang a lot colder. >> but even though they started out really cold with those single digit temperatures it is getting a little bit better there so we will talk about that. we are going to have a morning starting out with some even mid 30s in the north bay, 41 now in santa rosa, 49 in san francisco, 40 in livermore. a look at our highs today, we are not talking about 70s and 80s, how about 50s and 60s. we are going back to normal for the middle of february. that's coming up in just a few minutes. heading over to that, mike has been tracking a few major issues on the roads already. a critical portion of your
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commute. this is not a major freeway but a major part of some folks commute. the roadways are great as far as the speed sensors go. out to the tri-valley, this purple section between 580 and tesla road we have this closure of corral hollow and a short section of tesla as well. important because a lot of folks use this to cut the corner and avoid the altamonte pass. if you are going out to the area that's also important but these folks will take eastbound 580, that's not the problem. we're seeing more traffic hitting over toward the march with 205 and coming through dublin and livermore. so far your travel times coming from grant line road over towards 680 seem to be about the same but we will see the slowing where corral hollow meets with 580 and folks are having to reroute. the transit system looks great, the backup at the bay bridge toll plaza has started for the cash lanes and we will monitor that as well. now to a developing story that we're following this
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morning that has left the 49ers organization and a lot of fans in shock and disappointed. one of their rising stars reuben foster in trouble with the law once again. he has been arrested for the second time in a month. this time he's facing domestic violence charges. >> "today in the bay's" bob redell is live outside of levi stadium with what's next in this case. certainly something fans don't want to hear when they wake up in the morning but this has become a reality right now. >> reporter: good morning. this case will now go to the santa clara county district attorney's office and there the prosecutors will decide which specific crimes if any to charge reuben foster with. police arrested foster yesterday morning, we will talk about sunday morning, at a home on shannon road in los gatos after a call came in about some sort of disturbance. foster who is 23 years old was booked and jailed on charges of domestic violence and possession of an assault weapon. santa clara county jail records
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show he was released later yesterday on $75,000 bail. the 49ers have released a statement, they put this out yesterday, the san francisco 49ers organization is aware of the report regarding reuben foster. we take matters of this nature seriously and are gathering all pertinent information. foster was arrested last month in alabama for second degree marijuana possession which is a misdemeanor in that state. foster, if you don't recall, did join the 49ers last year as a rookie linebacker. now, unfortunately as marcus was alluding to, foster is not the first 49er to have had a run in with the law. a number of other players have been arrested over the years for various offenses. included in that list aldon smith, ter main block, ray mcdonald. the 49ers released brock, miller and mcdonald after they were arrested. it is not clear what if anything the 49ers will do with reuben
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foster. reporting live outside levi stadium in santa clara, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> we will continue to follow this one. 5:03. new this morning violence near an east bay transit center, police are searching for the suspect after this morning. a man was shot near emeryville amtrak station. this happened at 59th street and horton. a 26-year-old man is in critical condition. police say that that suspect ran away and is still on the loose. trying to make bart safer. bart's police chief is scheduled to talk about policies on gate jumpers and fare evasion. bart recently promised more aggressive measures to prevent unpaid fares including going car by car on trains. the chief will speak with the police citizen review board at 4:00. live look now at the crosses at lafayette. the future of that memorial right now very much up in the air. that's because the family that owns the land wants to sell it. a potential sale is being held up by an appeal of a recent line
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revision of the property. council members want more discussion on this before that lot line is changed. that is if this still is not clear the crosses will be allowed to remain. tonight's meeting starts at 7:00 at lafayette library. now at 5:05 on to washington where the gate over immigration is heating up today. hundreds of thousands of lives hang in the balance. senate lawmakers will debate a proposal that would resolve the uncertain future for so-called dreamers. republican senators released a new proposal yesterday calling for $25 billion in funding for president trump's proposed border wall, in exchange it would offer a pathway to citizenship for close to 2 million eligible immigrants. more than half of them are registered in the daca program. gop lawmakers say the plan makes sense. >> if someone is pulled over for speeding the ticket goes to the driver not to the four-year-old sitting in the back seat. >> the new proposal echos a plan first put forth by the white
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house. it would also place new restrictions on family-based visas drastically cutting the number of eligible immigrants. we actually looked closer at how significant dreamer legislation would be for our state of california. there are currently cles to 700,000 immigrants enrolled in the daca program across the u.s., nearly three of ten of them live in california. the l.a. metropolitan area has 89,000 daca recipients, the most of any region in the united states. this morning northern californians can stand up and cheer as we continue our coverage of the 2018 olympic winter games. northern california is already a gold medalist. >> all new this morning we're seeing the moment that jamie anderson celebrated with her mom and dad. the star won the snow board slope style in her second straight games. pretty exciting. >> "today in the bay's" garvin thomas talked with her after that big win. he joins us live from south korea and certainly an exciting
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time for the family as well as all of us here in northern california. >> reporter: i know, our first northern california gold of this winter olympics. guys, just how good is jamie anderson? in this year's slope style final each rider got two runs, she didn't even need the second one. her first score was so good and so far of all of other riders she could just coast down the hill on her second run and into the embrace of her happy family. within just moments of becoming the first woman ever to win two snowboarding gold medals, jamie anderson was in the arms of her mom and dad, she was overjoyed and probably a little relieved. >> i was super nervous, i was talking to my boyfriend, i was freaking out. he was like you know what you tell me, like one thing at a time. >> reporter: anderson conquered conditions that every rider said
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were less than ideal, even dangerous. strong, gusty and unpredictable winds sent many athletes tumbling, but the south lake tahoe native at the end was standing tall. >> so you proved that the first time wasn't a fluke, huh? >> i guess so. goodness. >> reporter: jamie is not done at these olympics, though. this year they added a new sport, snow board big air, and she will be competing in that. jamie is not the only local athlete we're watching today, two others bryce bennett and kelly clark compete tonight, you will hear from them coming up this morning at 6:00, for now marcus and laura, we'll send it back to you. >> thank you, garvin. we have another big headline from the competition. america won bronze in the figure skating team event. a bit of controversy with this one as part of that event skater adam rippon had a year perfect
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performance but lost to the athlete from russia. very shocked by that outcome. >> let's take a look at the current medal count, norway has the most of any nation with eight medals, canada with six total medals, so does germany with the most gold medals. team u.s.a. has four total medals, two gold, one silver and one bronze. right now we're tracking weather here in the bay area, but also, kari, very cold there. as you see right there. >> that's where garvin is and it's late on monday night and it's 12 degrees. it's actually a little bit better than it has been as we get a look at this forecast. heading up to 40 for tomorrow and there will be a chance of snow, but this is going to be an improvement over the weather they have had there recently. as we bring it back home taking a live look outside in san jose, all clear skies and going throughout the afternoon highs reaching into the low 60s with more sunshine and some breezy
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winds. we will talk more about this coming up, but mike is now going to give us a look at what's happening in oakland. i've still got my eyes on that closure, tesla road is cut off, not an option, you have to use 580 out of the altamonte pass coming into the bay area. eastbound 5 away from the bay there is a crash overnight. there was a traffic break around harrison. there may be still crash activity around grand. that's what chp report shows and so do our speed sensors past lake merritt. the bay bridge westbound 580 and the rest of the approaching look good but the bay bridge toll plaza never fully cleared from these cash lanes once they opened up at 5:00. we may see an early start to the backup here. we will fast track it. back to you. you might be surprised by facing criticism, a child movie, the reason allergy advocates are boycotting the new peter rabbit movie. wall street hoping for a fresh start. it is after all monday. when "today in the bay"
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mike traffic tease now time to get up and get moving with a chilly start this morning. we've also had some breezy winds as we take a live look outside in san jose, another clear start to the morning. we will get a lot more sunshine today, but it won't be nearly as warm as it was last week. we are only going to see those highs today in evergreen up to 59 degrees. a little bit cooler than normal.
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ahead asgé we gradually warm up this week. that's coming up in five minutes. i'm tracking these travel times, the top number is my concern, more folks may be heading through the altamonte pass and past grant line road congesting livermore because of a closure which is one of your -- usually one of our popular alternates. and we're looking for a better week on wall street. week. vñ despite closing higher on friday worst week7t in two years week. carolytics pulled off an ipo on friday. wells fargo apologizing to all the customers it cheated, but they sent apology letters to people who didn't even have accounts. president trump will unveil his infrastructure plan today, $200 billion, 100 will be for matching funds if a state or
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county spends money to fix infrastructure the feds will match that spending. the only downside to that is it may boost the economy further making interest rates a real problem. interest rate hikes is what has been quashing the stock market lately. do you remember this video, it's a bay area company called kitty hawk that promises a flying car. now, this is just an early prototype but the head of the company says the company will have a major announcement next month. sebastian brought us google's maps. and uni lever says it will pull its ads from facebook and youtube unless they get a hald on racism and sexism. this may be what they really need to get it done. >> because it comes down to the dollar. >> it comes down to dollars. >> and they own a lot of deliver
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things. unilever does. >> happening today bay area fast food workers plan to support protesters across the nation calling for a $15 an hour minimum wage. today's protests are meant to commemorate the 50th anniversary of a sanitation strike that was led by dr. martin luther king jr. in 196. local rallies are planned outside mcdonald's restaurants in san jose and ocala nd. when you go to a child movie you expect to have a lot of laughs. peter rabbit comes with that as those makers are in damage control. this is after backlash from a scene some are calling insensitive. now, the scene centers around a character mr. mcgregor who is allergic to blackberrys. at one point he is forced to use an epipen after the rabbits throw blackberrys from them. the filmmakers have an issue or now have issued a joint statement with sony pictures. we are calling good allergies a
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serious issue. >> which food allergies are a very serious issue. i have a food allergy but i took the kids this weekend, i was expecting to see the scene, i almost think that it was purposely planted there because peter looks at the camera -- he is animated but he looks at it and he says no mayo please, almost inciting it a little bit. it's brought attention. we put out a poll as well on twitter this morning. what do you think about it? we'd love to hear from you. little peter rabbit. sparking the senate in the newsroom as well. so go ahead and reach out, i'm on twitter @lauragarcianbc. 5:17. the family of late mother daughter "star wars" debbie reynolds and kari fisher gave fans a chance to own hollywood history. >> hundreds of items from the star's collection were auctioned off in las vegas this weekend. everything from a "star wars" figure u recent to fisher's
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princess leia cookie jar, marilyn monroe's gloves. >> reynolds was the largest collector of movie memorabilia that there is hands down. she's in the guinness book of world records. she has sold dresses of marilyn monroe's in the million dollar ranges. >> money made from the auction is set to go towards the debbie reynolds performing arts scholarship at the university of nevada, las vegas. >> i know a lot of fans would want to get on line and bid for that one. >> i guess the auction is now over, but i would imagine with so many items they might have another one. >> that would be cool. using hollywood's past to help the future. >> propel the future, you're right. exactly. someone who is always telling us the future weatherwise. >> we have amazing tools here here at nbc bay area. of course, storm ranger.
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this morning it shows you that everything is looking good as you get ready to head out the door. that red beam that you're seeing from san jose, that's showing storm ranger. it's our mobile doppler radar. if there was a storm coming in we could move it around but here is a look at what's happening in the sierra. light snow falling, really good to see that even though it does only bring a dusting i'm sure for everyone there, they're cheering it on like, yay, we need more. it's going to be light for today and one more thing about storm ranger, it gives us some improved accuracy and we are so excited to have it here. it also defects the type of precipitation, fog and smoke. looks like we might get some action as we go into next week. here is a live look outside in san francisco right now with our temperatures a cool start 49 degrees, 45 in san jose, our high temperatures reaching into the upper 50s and low 60s today. coming back down closer to normal with 58 degrees today in walnut creek and 59 in san mateo, 59 on the embarcadero and
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the north bay today up to 60 degrees in novato as we go throughout the day in oakland, starts out with some cool temperatures you need a nice warm sweater or jacket, 44 degrees and highs in the upper 50s later today. as we get ready to head over to mike, you're still tracking some of that police activity? it's police activity. you want to be very careful. we talk about what we know for sure. there is police activity and that closure for tesla road, corral hollow coming off of 580 and cutting through over in toward livermore. that popular cut through is closed this morning. we see some slowing right there as folks were making the decision, actually probably seeing the closure and they have to merge with 205 and 580 west. by the time you get to grant line road everything is back to speed and you're sorting yourself out. not seeing any more problems for livermore or the tri-valley. getting away from the bay bridge we still have that slowing past the crash at grand for eastbound
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580 getting away from the bay bridge, getting to the bay bridge, though, all your avenues toward that funnel there are moving smoothly. you see that sticking around with the backup. we never got a break from the early cash lanes backup, now it's starting to blend with the morning commute. backed up past west grand avenue. we should see the metering lights turning on right now. coming up next on "today in the bay," we investigate. >> if you don't like the rules, then change the rules. but don't leave them in place and ignore them. >> small business owners accuse the city of san francisco and the golden state warriors of unleveling the playing field. we'll tell you why the warriors are on defense coming up.
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the city of san francisco and unilever. welcome back everyone. it's 5:24 on your monday morning. not playing by the rules, that's what the golden state warriors are being accused of when it comes to building their new arena in san francisco. >> they are making a full-court press to move across the bay to oakland. their new home should be ready in a year and a half but some are already creating foul. bigad shaban has been digging into this story. the golden state warriors are on defense this morning and it's minority and small business owners who are on the opposing side. blaming the warriors for who they're hiring and not hiring to
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build their billion dollar arena. key development areas in san francisco the city sets a goal to assign 50% of the work to small businesses. construction firms are required to make a good faith effort to meet that mark, but with more than 80% of the construction projects already assigned for the warriors arena, we've learned over 18% of the work is actually going to small businesses. remember the goal is 50%. minority-owned businesses only scored 1.4% of the work. the warriors declined to speak with us on camera but say not all small businesses are capable of working on such a large project. the team also told us it's exceeded the city's requirements on making a good faith effort to meet those hiring goals. the city of san francisco tells us it does monitor whether developers actually make a good faith effort to assign 50% of their work to small businesses. companies that don't can face up to $50,000 in penalties. but we've learned, guys, not a single company has ever been
5:26 am
fined. >> thank you. well, if you have a story for our investigative unit you can give us a call, that number is 8 8 8 88-996-tips or visit bay area residents strongly support the idea of new housing. we certainly need it. but the support is actually dwindling when commute concerns are factored in. a new poll conducted for the silicon valley leadership group and bay area news group finds more than six in ten people favor new housing in large numbers. less than half of those supporters still favor new housing if it means they would have a worse commute. 46% of those polled support sacrificing open space for development. coming up on "today in the bay," a senseless killing. the investigation under way this morning after a dog is thrown off of a high-rise parking garage in san francisco. plus -- >> this is being done across the country and it's -- people have
5:27 am
been really successful with it. >> new this morning a south bay nop profit offering 800 bucks for a room in your house. why it could change the lives of lgbt youth. francisco
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let's take a peek outside, get this day going. a gorgeous view outside of city by the bay, san francisco, this morning, all lit up waiting for the sun's arrival. don't expect things to get too
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warm, though. we will check the full forecast with kari coming up in moments. good morning and thanks for joining us, i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. to get a look at that forecast let's head over now to meteorologist kari hall. good morning. >> good morning. it starts out with a cool one, all clear skies, no worries about fog this morning. we have had enough winds to really mix things out. we will see the temperatures in the low 40s. as you get ready to head out the door in oakland, 40 in livermore, 45 in san jose and napa now 35 degrees. our highs today will be reaching into the upper 50s and near 60 degrees. this is closer to normal for the middle of february and it's still going to be breezy throughout the afternoon. i will talk about our changes ahead with some warmer temperatures and a slight chance of rain when that could arrive coming up in a few minutes. mike, you're continuing to follow an important road closure. >> it is an important commute spot. also we are talking about the san mateo bridge right here, kari has been talking about breezy conditions and chp said overnight there were gusts across the high-rise.
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but the closure is over here, tesla road. that's important because even though most folks we talk about driving on 580, the altamonte pass, there will be more folks heading over there because this portion of tesla and corral hollow has been closed overnight, some sort of investigation going on closer to tesla right around carnegie. slowing for 580 as the pass by that transition and slowing toward the altamonte pass. the bay bridge no i think maar problems getting there, the toll plaza itself did tart start an early backup, those cash lanes never cleared from the overnight slowing. so we have this all the way back past west grant towards the maze. i really hate to start out your monday morning with such a disturbing investigation, but it is going on in san francisco. this morning police are looking into the heartless killing, it really was, of this little dog. dunky was thrown off a high-rise garage this weekend. "today in the bay's" pete suratos live in san francisco with what actually led up to this tragedy. good morning, pete.
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>> reporter: good morning to you, laura. horrible indeed when you think about what took place here over the weekend and a very busy part of san francisco near that union square area at the center stockton garage. a suspect has been arrested, 35-year-old joaquin best of san francisco is connected to allegedly throwing that four-year-old dog that we just showed our viewers, throwing that dog off of the seventh floor of the garage behind me here on stockton street. we will show you guys that picture of that dog we are talking about, a four-year-old black chihuahua who went by the name of dunky. according to san francisco police they're saying that sfers responded saturday to the 400 block of stockton for the report of a car burglary and dead dog. the victim returned to the location to find the dogs in the hands of another person, the victim thought the dog got out of the car and fell from the seventh floor of that garage, but police found a trail of evidence showing that the dog was thrown off the ledge by that suspect. evidence that included video and audio from a nearby dash camera
5:33 am
according to san francisco police. they say the suspect was eventually located and arrested on sunday near polk and bush streets. now, that suspect faces several charges including animal cruelty and burglary. now, while an arrest has been made, they are still investigating this matter. so if you have any information to help out with this case, contact sfpd. we're live in san francisco, pete suratos for "today in the bay." >> just tragic. thank you, pete. a warning from stanford university that has left a lot of people feeling violated right now. palo alto online reports there has been a rash of thefts at buildings on the west side of campus, we are talking about expensive items stolen in places you wouldn't expect. last week laptops, smart phones and other devices were taken from cubicles in study rooms and offices. a ford truck was also stolen but later found in pleasanton. investigators are looking at surveillance footage to identify a possible suspect. continuing coverage now, a man fighting for his life in san francisco after gusty winds knocked a fence and construction items on to him and a woman.
5:34 am
in this video you can see the man who was getting help earlier there from emergency crews. it happened yesterday afternoon in the mission. neighbors who ran to help that pair say the man suffered a serious head injury. >> i mean, it wasn't that loud of a -- it was mainly i could just hear them screaming for help. the man hit his head on the back, so he was bleeding out the back of his head pretty -- pretty bad, actually. >> we are still waiting for word on the man's cannen this morning. some neighbors tell us the construction company that had the fencing up had left the fence and other construction materials unsecured for days. a new story for you this morning. if you have a spare room in your home, you can rent it for $800 a month and perhaps make a change in a young lgbt person's life. now, it's not foster care, it's the next best thing according to south bay social service agency. "today in the bay's" kris sanchez has more on this home
5:35 am
host program. >> reporter: you can think of this as sort of an exchange student program, except for this young person is formerly homeless. we are using video provided to us by the bill wilson center in order to respect the privacy of the young people in their shelter waiting for placement in this new home host program. it is the new way that the south bay nonprofit is trying to get lgbt youth out of shelters and into temporary housing. the about wilson center sheltered 2r50 young men and women last year between the ages of 18 and 24. the ceo of the nonprofit says shelters are expensive to build and take a long time and that the young people would rather be someplace that feels more like home anyway. so the idea behind the home host program is to run it like a short-term rental site, like airbnb, with rooms that people are already renting. agencies are in their tenth year of this model in minneapolis, they are also trying it in l.a. and new york, too.
5:36 am
>> and this is being done across the country and it's -- people have been really successful with it. so if you want to take a chance and instead of renting to a stranger, you can rent to a young person who really needs that help. >> reporter: the bill wilson center will screen the home host and young adults, they will provide supports and life skills program and intervene if something isn't working, plus they will provide an $800 monthly spimonth monthly stipend. you young person and perhaps make a change. they hope to have their first placements in the next couple of weeks. in santa clara, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." 5:36 right now. nature lovers, here is one for you. primary roads to point reyes and
5:37 am
muir woods are among those reportedly in line for major renovations. according to the marin ij this morning nearly $40 million has been secured for improvements along 23 miles of road in west marin. work on the first phase of the project may start as soon as next year for sir francis drake boulevard west of inverness. >> anytime they're doing road repair work we're happy about that. the roads are doing well as far as the speeds go. i'm tracking the slowing as you're coming down out of the merge with folks coming through livermore and dublin. the whole tri-valley is my concern because we are looking at a shift that's possible. looks like the alameda county sheriffs still handling the investigation or whatever is going on here at tesla closing folks accessing from 580 over on corral hollow. the volume does look like it's starting to slow early coming toward grant line road and clearing for 580. more slowing heading in toward livermore. sweating closer to the bay bridge.
5:38 am
we saw the metering lights turn on a little earlier and the backup bigger for the cash lanes. unrelated to the investigation at tesla, but we still have slowing getting there. the east shore freeway just 17 minutes, though, not a big deal coming down from richmond. coming up a great weekend. >> maybe you didn't get to go to the beach this past weekend because it was so cool and windy, you are wondering about what it's going to look like for this weekend coming up. it's still going to be fairly cool but very nice and i think those winds won't be as much of an issue as we get a look at saturday's forecast, mid 60s all across the board, more clouds moving in on sunday and that's ahead of some changes that will be here for next week that we're excited about. we will talk more about that, but we are going to have a high along the coast at 63 degrees this sunday and 65 degrees by the bay. if you're going to russian river valley this weekend it's going to be nice, highs in the upper 60s for friday and saturday, a little cooler on sunday with a
5:39 am
high of 61 degrees andr if you are going to the sierra here is a look now, light snow coming down squaw valley. you will have another chance of some snow coming in once again on sunday. so we will talk more about that and what's ahead for the bay area for today, that's coming up in three. it's 5:39. coming up next on "today in the bay," preventing future tragedy. move the makers of oxycontin are doing to pry to prevent overdoses amid a nationwide opioid epidemic. owning a piece of bay area history, how you can get your hands on the santa rosa home of charles shultz. and have republicans given up on fighting deficits? the latest numbers coming out of washington when "today in the bay" continues.
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good monday morning. right now at 5:42, as laura just said, take your lysol to work as everyone is getting sick. we will have clear temperatures as everyone is heading out the door. san jose's temperature at 9:00 at 50 degrees and gradually warming up as we go through the day. high temperatures are usually at 62 degrees and that's6rd exactl in our changing forecastl five minutes. and over here the san mateo )pr(t&háhp &hc% but overnight chp said they got a few gusts of wind. be careful on the high-rise.
5:43 am
we'll track that. no problems reported thus far. thank you very much, mike. 5:42. ù[ crash just outside 0fmoscow. 4úujui4m say that plane went down just five minutes after taking off, it crashed into an empty field covered with snow. president vladimir putin post pond a planned trip to sochi so he could stay in the capital and monitor the investigation. ntsb investigators will be arriving in the grand canyon today to start their investigation into a tour helicopter crash. it happened yesterday. three tourists from the united kingdom were killed, four others critically injured. a photographer shooting the wedding captured the moments after the crash. emergency crews say poor weather conditions slowed down rescue efforts. friends and loved ones today say good-bye to a pro football player killed by a suspected
5:44 am
drunk driver. indianapolis colts linebacker edwin jackson was killed eight days ago along with his uber drive. that's when authorities say a drunk driver struck the car along an indiana highway. that suspect is an undocumented immigrant. authorities say that he was convicted and then deported twice for driving drunk in the bay area. at 5:44 new this morning, san francisco police reportedly one step closer to equipping their officers with tk[/ers. the examiner reports the police commission last week approved the money to cover costs for taser devices and training. the price tag $3.5 million. right now those tasers may roll out by the end of the year but that's pending potential future ballot measures. happening today, smoking pot in the south bay is up for debate. santa clara police department holding a community meeting on pot rules. the city still has not come up with rules to allow the sale of recreational marijuana. other cities across california have already placed laws and now tonight's meeting is at 6:00 at
5:45 am
the city hall. there will be another community meeting this thursdayafter noon. there is a new push this morning to slow america's opioid epidemic. starting today the company that makes oxycontin is halting all promotion of the drug to healthcare professionals. the announcement coincides with the local story the press democrat reports twice in the past two weeks rohnert park authorities helped save someone overdosing on drugs, the most recent case involves opioids. the first overdose involved heroin. in each case victims were revived with the help of the nasal spray narcan. happening today a pleasant hill town hall canceled the first time due to federal shutdown is instead taking place tonight. the congressman is hosting that town hall. it was canceled in late january when the debate over spending triggered a government shutdown. tonight's town hall meeting starts at 6:30 on deeb brow valley college.
5:46 am
more questions about who should have access to government secrets. >> it's supposed to be people with security clearances. >> right. you get a job, marcus, in the white house, the fbi checks out, makes sure you are a loyal american, you get your access to secrets, but though we know one of the president's closest aides did not have a finalized security clearance because of concerns about spousal abuse. rob porter only had interim security clearance which should have limited what he was allowed to see. porter is now out of the white house. so porter very close to the president did not have full security clearance and neither does jared kushner on the right. he has been at the job for more than a year. the "washington post" quotes two white house officials as saying it's unlikely kushner is going to have security clearance anytime soon. the question then becomes what is kushner allowed to see? remember he has a full workload. he is in charge of bringing peace to the middle east. but so far is not allowed to see america's most secret information.
5:47 am
president trump will reveal a massive infrastructure plan this morning. a short time ago he tweeted after wasting trillions of dollars in the middle east it's time to start investing in our country. the plan would spend billions on bridges and airports and other infrastructure and offer matching funds to states that start their own projects. this is the first time we are looking at $1 trillion deficits. mick mulvaney trump's budget director said interest rate hikes were a real significant danger. fears of rate hikes have caused the stock market to have real trouble over the last couple weeks. and will mitch mcconnell keep his promise to allow discussion and debate on daca today. the deadline to get something done march 5th. you can find me on twitter, join me the debate, i'm @scottmcgrew. it's 5:47 right now. happening today we are going to get our first glimpse of the official portraits of former president barack obama and michelle obama. the pictures will be unveiled at
5:48 am
the smithsonian's national portrait gallery today. the former first couple will attend the unveiling. the museum partners with the white house at the end of each presidency to commission the official portraits of the president and his staff. if you have a few million dollars on spare and you want to buy some property you can own a piece of bay area history. the santa rosa home of charles shultz the creator of peanuts comic strips is on the market for $3.8 million. it's 8,100 square feet with five bedrooms, nine bathrooms. shultz died in santa rosa in 2000, his comics first appeared in 1950 and continued to bring laughter to people around the world. we were just talking about that, when you look at how much space you're getting in this area, $3.8 million doesn't sound too bad. >> you will have a little bit of a commute, my trend. >> also the bedroom where big pen stayed has that dust cloud over it. >> that's why you had to have nine bathrooms.
5:49 am
>> this morning we're starting out with cool temperatures, it was a windy weekend, but as we step out the door this morning it feels much cooler, probably breezy where you are, too. a live look in san jose with a mostly clear start and here is what to expect, 45 degrees today our high temperature heading up to 62. we will see just a few passing clouds throughout the morning but today we are back to normal for our temperatures for this time of year. we will actually feel like it's winter outside and tomorrow it will be a touch warmer. we will bring down those winds just a bit. here is a look at our high temperatures today all around the bay area, still going to be very cool in ukiah with 54 degrees, 63 in santa rosa, san francisco at 59 degrees and 58 degrees today in livermore. so getting started this morning, you are looking out the window, getting dressed and you will need a nice warm coat and some light long sleeves for the afternoon. plus we get those milder
5:50 am
temperatures moving in, today might be the only day you can wear boots and get away with it because it will be the coolest day of the week. of course you need the pants. as we go through the rest of our forecast we are going to have that cool start in the morning, driving through the peninsula, we will be in the upper 40s through about 8:00 and we will only make it into the mid 50s for parts of the peninsula. we are also seeing this area of low pressure that's bringing some light snowshowers to the sierra, dropping to the south, that's what's creating these gusty winds. we also have high pressure. when you have high pressure, low pressure close by we will get those winds live look outside moving. by early next week a change in the pattern, there could be a storm system moving in that could bring us light rain, but we will start to seat clouds increasing on sunday. we are all dry this week as our temperatures gradually warming up heading through the end of the workweek. mike, you were checking back with the effects of one closure. >> one particular closure over at tesla road. all the bay's communities across the bay look great.
5:51 am
it's coming into the tri-valley out of the central valley looking at that closure for tesla road. we haven't seen any appreciable effects on the altamonte pass. that is good news. we will continue to follow the police activity and investigation going on at tesla road. 580 remains open, we see traffic floel smoothly through pleasanton. the castro valley y now slowing as well as hayward. typical pattern toward the san mateo bridge and the dumbarton bridge. the bay bridge as well, we have that focus on the maze. i want to show you the live shot at the toll plaza itself. what i've notice it had over the last few minutes the left approach is looking great and the right approach congested off of 880 and off of the berkeley curve. we are getting a little bit of a break. there may be a crash on the backup on the track back toward the 580 approach to make sure nothing weird is going on. this next story could have you calling disneyland the priceiest place on earth.
5:52 am
ticket price increase you need to know about before you visit disneyland. new york's attorney general files a lawsuit against harvey weinstein and his former company. the film producer is facing dozens of allegations of sexual abuse including rape but denies nonconsensual sex. the lawsuit alleges weinstein abused female employees and made verbal threats to kill staff members. parts of puerto rico thrown back into darkness, an explosion and fire at a substation creating a huge setback for efforts to restore power five months after hurricane maria hit that island. several areas are still without power including parts of the capital san juan.
5:53 am
i was in my third tour in iraq when my vehicle was hit by an ied. i looked down and i knew i was out of the fight. but playing for team usa has been a second chance to represent my country. i get to show my children and the world that, yeah, i might have been knocked down, but i'm up, and i'm honored to be able to represent the flag. comcast is grateful to all who have served our country, and we're proud to bring the 2018 olympic and paralympic winter games home to everyone.
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5:55 am
is now delaying criminal cases around the bay area. a crisis a decade in the making is now delaying criminal cases around the bay area. hundreds of victims and criminal defendants are waiting a year or longer to go to trial. >> senior investigative reporter stephen stock joins us with the details. >> reporter: a decade ago during the economic downturn the governor and legislature took hundreds of millions of dollars from california's court budget. replaced. creating a backlog of thousands of criminal cases around the state and the bay area, but some
5:56 am
courts such as sacramento county have found a way to keep the system running efficiently. >> there became a culture here in the court in our county with our justice stakeholders of cooperativeness. >> reporter: the honorable david dealba is sri siding judge of sacramento courts where 97% of all criminal cases are disposed of within a year or less. >> many of the criminal filings felony and misdemeanor cases are filed in what we call home courts and they stay in those courts unless they didn't be resolved and then they're sent to a trial court. >> reporter: the state average for clearing criminal cases is 88% within a year but in some courts that do not use the system of home courts, including several here in the bay area, that percentage is much lower and many criminal cases planning wish for years before they go to trial. >> we think we've learned a lot and gained a lot of the
5:57 am
efficiencies that you're probably concerned about because of that design. >> reporter: coming up tonight we will show you exactly which bay area criminal courts are lagging behind and we'll dig into why that's happening and find out what they plan to do about it. that's tonight. i'm stephen stock, nbc bay area news. and if you have a story for our investigative unit you can give us a call, that number 888-996-tips or you can visit our website that's at 5:57, new this morning, school officials in sacramento are investigating a racially insensitive science fair project. superintendent of sacramento city unified released a message to students and parents in response. josé agholor says the project made suggestions about the intelligence of african-american, latino and southeast asian students. agholor says he respects freedom of speech but does not condone intolerance.
5:58 am
>> we have started investigating details around this matter. specifically whether proper instructional protocols were followed. i want to make one point clear as we continue our investigation, the use of racially offensive language in our schools by anyone does not reflect our values as a school district and will not be tolerated. >> agholor says the district will conduct an internal review of the specialty programs and look at the diversity of the pool of applicants and review the selection process. it will analyze the climate of acceptance. an oakland dmv office will stay closed through next monday after flooding. the oakland coliseum office flooded last wednesday. the office will still be open for scheduled drive tests. if you had an appointment you can go to another dmv office and then honor it there.
5:59 am
civic drive and carl back avenue and civic drive and the project is expected to last through march 30th. new this morning police say an explosion at a northern california apartment complex was caused by a butane canister. they were being used to make honey oil for marijuana. the blast happened saturday night in an apartment complex in rockland just outside of sacramento. residents were evacuated. one witness helped police locate some of the evidence that the suspect threw into a nearby field. >> i asked him if he was okay and he said, yeah, i'm fine, so he came to the back of the building, got on a bike and rode off this way. >> there is a reason why it is illegal and that is because it is inherently dangerous. >> police have collected the butane canisters and will test for dna. pull out your checkbooks because we have to balance things out for this next story. if you are planning a trip to disneyland you might want to start saving early.
6:00 am
ticket prices have gone up again. starting yesterday the regular price of admission is now $117. yeah, that's up $7. single day ticket during peak periods is now $135. that's up $11. prices are also going up at disney parks in florida. last year disney's 11 parks around the world brought in $45 billion. >> look at the mad latter go there. 6:00 right now. at 6:00 we're following breaking traffic news with some police activity along a busy road in the east bay. >> plus more disappointment for 49er fans, the criminal charges one of the team's rising stars is facing this morning. also the debate over immigration heating up today on capitol hill. the plan the senate will discuss today to protect dreamers. and we're keeping a close eye on the forecast and whether we have any changes -- chances, rather, for rain as we head into the new workweek. "today in the bay" continues


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