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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  February 13, 2018 4:30am-5:01am PST

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♪ team usa to south korea! we can't fly... ...but you know who can? ♪ helping superheroes fly. united. ♪ flame on this tuesday morning.... we )ve been following a lot of "today in the bay." we are taking you live to pyeongchang, a look at the olympic flame on this tuesday morning. a lot of."mv developments ove when it comes:lañ to the olympi. twoh? athletes of northern california connections have been very busy, speed skater c.l.
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sell ski and hillary knight on team u.s.a. just started a match against the russians. everyone is talking about california's chloe kim. the teenage gold medal sensation. how she was hangry. there you go. got to fuel those athletes. i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. we will get to all the olympic headlines throughout the morning but first we have to get you to those big stories starting out with traffic and weather. this morning another cool start. >> yeah, it's a really cool out there. >> bundle up. >> we're back to february again. we're going to have a cool morning and a mild afternoon. it's not going to be really warm in a lot of spots, our temperature starting out in the mid 30s now in morgan hill, but we are up to 44 degrees right now starting out in san jose, 40 in livermore and 50 now in napa. so we're starting out with those clear skies, as we go to the neighborhood of santa teresa we
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will be in the low 40s throughout much of the morning and reaching into the low 60s by noon. we will talk about what's ahead and the rest of that forecast coming up. mike, you were mentioning something happens on the east shore freeway. this was early morning for about an hour they had activity, a total of three crashes is what it turned out to be. look at all these speed sensors. around the bay no major problems as far as this green flow, anywhere south of the bay bridge. away from the bay bridge eastbound 80 we had what turned out to be a total of three crashes, one with an overturned vehicle and two others in the area. no major injuries, that's great news. z7:qthere may be a little debri. area. thd said the debris&r is not bad enough for us to use theçó sweepers, but there may be some watch for clutter around highway cf1 o getting over toward the bay bridge everything moves smoothly. easy drive right now. i will show you our live camera from emeryville. easy flow of traffic westbound 80 in toward the berkeley curve. this will definitely change that
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volume of traffic gets heavy right here, just one of your trouble spots predicted for today. happening today, growth in the bay area comes with a double-edged sword. one tech giant's expansion could could mean a growth in the housing costs. this is centered around the decision to i a lou google to expa expand. >> today san jose city leaders expected to decide if they will sell a half a dozen properties downtown near the diridon station. those against the plan say it will drive up housing costs and create more traffic in an already congested area, kris sanchez live in san jose with a closer look at the impact this could have on thousands of people. >> reporter: hi there, google has been buying up all kinds of properties around diridon station where we are today. they've been working with businesses and and people who own homes in the area. today they want a price for buying some of those city lots. according to a city staff memo
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we are talking about $67 million for nine different parcels. if you work in downtown san jose or come to sharks games or concerts here at the sap center you've parked in one of those. it is the parking lot for the arena. also san jose fire department training facility that you would pass just down the street from where we are, that's one of them and patty's that dive bar down the street is another. you may -i. by now that google is proposing those 8 million square feet ofyu)(q spacep-q! or up to eady bought 23 areas, as i mentioned, from private individuals and businesses. setting the price today would open the door for google to buy those additional properties from the city. now, though the development creates a lot of jobs as you mentioned, a lot of folks are worried about the fact that it would drive up housing prices and drive up the commute time for folks who don't work in the proposed google village, but this is going to be a topic of conversation, we always see a
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lot of public comment when this comes up at city council. we expect that that will happen today as well. in san jose, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> and we know those prices are already pretty high on some of the homes. new details for you this morning on a scary night for a san jose bound air travelers. this is when a plane filled with smoke. this is video of that flight on the tarmac at orange county's john wayne airport. passengers say just before takeoff smoke started to fill the cabin. this is video from a passenger. you can see right there the emergency chutes deployed and people sliding to safety. a little after midnight passengers actually arrived in san jose on another plane. no word on what triggered that smoke. keeping an eye on officers and other bay area police department is considering outfitting their officers with body cameras. concord city council will take on that topic tonight at 6:00. it could cost east bay city $1.5 million. bay area's largest police
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departments, san jose, san francisco and oakland require their officers to wear body cameras and last week we told you that san mateo pd also started doing the same. now to pyeongchang where it was a big day for california athletes on team u.s.a. >> 17-year-old chloe kim from long beach dominated the snow board halfpipe. she had a near perfect score on her third run nailing back to back 1080s scoring 98.25 easily winning the gold. her parents are immigrants from korea, they were there as she really wowed the crowd. right after the competition she tweeted these photos along with the caption i hate crying but i will give myself a pass for this one. thank you everyone for the love. stoked to bring home the gold. aerial gold won the bronze. quickly we want to get you up to date on those olympic standings. the u.s. has come -- some catching up to do, norway has the most medals with nine, germany and netherlands and canada have seven medals each,
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the u.s. with six. so much more coming up today that includes hillary knight born in palo alto she is on the u.s. hockey team, they will be playing the olympic athletes from russia. "today in the bay's" garvin thomas is in south korea, he will join us in less than 30 seconds. that countdown begins for you to show your love. how about a visit to one of the most romantic cities in the country. we will break down that list. one of those cities right here in the bay area. plus when you get behind the wheel of your car you know how tired you are, but what about the driver of the ride sharing vehicle you might be in? what uber is doing to keep your driver from driving drowsy.
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good morning, i'm landon dowdy and here are today's top business headlines. wall street could be set for a pull back this morning after yesterday's strong rally. the dow posting its best two-day gain that's 741 points since august of 2015. now, however, the index is still down more than 7% from its all time high. investors shaking off the recent market volatility to buy beaten down stocks at cheaper prices. the dow jumping 410 points yesterday to 24,601. the nasdaq rising 107 to 6,981. amazon is laying off a few hundred people as it shifts head count to faster growing parts of the company. sources say the cuts are primarily from the headquarters in seattle.
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the cuts come from the consumer retail business, toys, books and groceries. they're making room for hiring in other units such as alexa, sam gallon web services and digital entertainment. amazon added 130,000 jobs worldwide last year. uber will now require drivers to take six-hour breaks after they've been on the road for 12 hours straight. a new version of the app logs off after 12 hours and it will not let drivers log back into it until it has been offline for that six-hour period. drivers will also get a warning when they are approaching that cutoff. drowsy driving accounts for about 6,000 fatal crashes a year. marcus and laura, back over to you. >> i think that's a really good idea because a lot of people have uber as a second job. you don't know if they are coming off of a whole different shift. >> we did the story last week of how dangerous it is in the bay area. >> take care. coming up here on "today in the bay," before you step outside let's check in with meteorologist kari hall with a look at what we can expect this
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morning. >> starts out cool and clear as we get a live look outside in palo alto and our temperatures warming up today, but pretty much like yesterday it will start out in the 40s and then make it into the 60s. a little bit warmer in a few spots. we will talk about that and when we may have some rain in our forecast, that's coming up in just a few minutes. and we are looking at palo alto, bay shore freeway nicely lit by that sign and the head lights. looking at slowing that just popped up in oakland. san franci t plus, commuters are waiting for the new transbay transit center in san francisco to open up. the delays the project is facing. still ahead. you're watching "today in the bay."
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even if no one in your home smokes, secondhand smoke can be closer than you think. secondhand smoke from a neighbor's apartment can enter your home through air vents, through light fixtures and even through cracks in the walls and the floors. secondhand smoke is toxic. especially to children. protect your family. visit
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jose on this tuesday morning. welcome back to "today in the bay." a very good morning to you. if you are just joining us, quarter to 5:00 right now. a live look outside downtown san jose. winter decided to come back and visit. maybe it was that whole punxsutawney phil thing, right? >> blame it on -- >> blame it on the groundhog. kari has the forecast coming up. you see t you know what that means, that team of year with parades, marching bands, costumes, they fill the streets of the big easy. mardi gras kicks off today in new orleans. people have been celebrating that over the past weekend. for the past 150 plus years people flock to new orleans to celebrate in those streets. purple, yellow, green beads.
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yep, they all rule the day. what's called the greatest free show on earth. maybe while you're there you might find some love as well. >> we'll see. >> with that in mind comes the time to show your love to that special someone. valentine's day. it's a day to be romantic and show how you can be different -- >> every day you should be romantic, don't you think? not just one day. >> it's a tough job for a man to be romantic every single day, don't you think? what about a trip for you and your loved one, your bae to the most romantic city in the country. >> you don't have to go far. oakland ranging as the sixth most romantic city in america. this is according to a san francisco grocery delivery company. >> what? >> because, do you know what, they know. >> they do. >> they say the most romantic city was boston, followed by atlanta, austin, philly and charlotte. the least romantic city, indianapolis, raleigh, orlando, seattle, denver and san diego.
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san diego is always sunny. well, the company studied valentine day related searches from across the country and that's how they came up with the list. >> i've been to five of the top six. >> got to go shopping for love. >> that should be their tag line. >> the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. >> that's right. >> i solved the puzzle. >> you're just like, oh, my gosh, it's tomorrow. >> it is tomorrow. >> so, yeah, as you rush out today to get those valentines presents and make sure you don't forget. >> roses are fresh. >> yes. everything is all good. the chocolate covered strawberries are fresh, all of that stuff. >> wow. >> looking live right now at san francisco, wasn't on the list, wasn't it, i don't know why -- all right. so we are going to have temperatures starting out cool this morning and that seven-day forecast is up at the bottom of the screen.
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50 degrees now in napa, oakland 49 degrees and it's 44 in san jose and morgan hill you're winning right now at 34 degrees, the coldest temperature across the bay area this morning. and in milpitas 63 degrees will be our high today. in gilroy 67 and morgan hill goes from the 30s to the upper 60s today. it will be a little warmer than it was yesterday afternoon in some spots just by a degree or two, but it will be a nice one, up to 62 in hayward, 62 also in san mateo and in belmont and 61 degrees in the mission district and for the north bay we are looking at some mid to upper 60s for this afternoon not bad at all, a lot of sunshine, but with that cool start you do need something nice and warm, always recommend the layers, whether it's a scarf or a hat or maybe even some gloves if you will be waiting out there on the bus stop for a while. long sleeves also a good choice. it's still very high with our pollen count and the allergens
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in the air because of that tree pollen. over the next several days we still have a large area of high pressure keeping it dry, it's kept our weather also fairly warm for this time of year, but we will get some changes in here next week and that means we can see some rain. an area of low pressure moving in by early next week along with some cooler temperatures. we will start to feel the cooler air moving in on sunday with more clouds and possibly some scattered showers on monday and we will have storm ranger there to track all that's going on around the bay area. mike, you were saying there was some slowing for oakland already. >> there was some slowing in oakland, i will explain why i think that was happening. over here you see this is up at the high street high-rise as folks traveling northbound with taillights, that direction does have road work north of the coliseum, southbound coming away from that area. let me show you what we're talking about, the overnight construction between 23rd and 26th that's where we saw that slowing pop up over the last 15 minutes. i think they're moving the cones and moving the crews there.
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overnight they had a couple lanes blocked but the freeway remained open. traffic looks like it's getting by okay there and around the rest of the bay. no problem for mass transit. we will take a click look at the north bay, we're just starting to get folks traveling through san rafael, easy drive for 101. it's often said that justice delayed a justice denied. well, our investigative unit found that justice is being delayed in criminal courts. >> in some cases for years. here is senior investigator stephen stock. we discovered that throughout the bay area not only are civil court cases now being delayed for years, but now criminal cases are, too. all courts have been underfunded throughout california for a decade and with fewer staff, judges and resources the effect is now hitting criminal courts. in san francisco county according to state court data only 68% of all criminal cases were disposed of within a year. that same state data those santa clara county has only a 45%
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clearance rate within a year. santa clara county court administrators don't agree with that data, they crunched the numbers a different way and came up with about an 85% criminal case clearance within a year. even so, that's still below the state average and well below counties such as san mateo and sacramento. it's not just a lack of money causing the delay, last year santa clara county's civil grand jury released a report blaming prosecutors, defense lawyers and judges for allowing a, quote, culture of complacency that tolerates delay. both santa clara county's district attorney and public defender say changes to the system are being made right now to try to fix that. to hear their explanations and see our full report go to our website i'm stephen stock, nbc bay area news. >> you can always contact the investigative unit as well, they are ready to get your stories. 888-996-tips. give them a call, or head to our
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website it's not clear when the new transbay transit center will open. the examiner reports this morning the massive transit center has missed key construction milestones. may 1st opening has been delayed now to june and there are concerns the opening could be delayed to even september. the nearly $3 billion transit center is right next to the new sales force tower, you may have seen it, which will one day be home of high speed rail. coming up on "today in the bay," nbc bay area responds. >> a simple merchandise return goes all wrong. i'm consumer investigator chris chmura. nbc bay area responds. a colorad their possessions and but first happening now, did you hear this one, a colorado couple they lose all their possessions and life savings when their sailboat sank off the coast of florida. they were planning on traveling the world, they sold most of their belongings, just to fund the trip to buy the boat, but it sank. they didn't have insurance.
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go fund me account for the couple has raised more than $10,000. an alaska native says his otter fur are for sale again on etsy. the site briefly took them down. the items -- the animal items were relisted after the company learned his fur comes from southeast alaska otters which are actually not considered threatened. we will be back with more news after the break. oakland woman who says a popular
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retailer owed her money. nbc bay area responds to an oakland woman who says that a popular retailer owed her money. >> and she turned to our responds team to help recover it. here is consumer investigator chris chmura.
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>> julie more ran says she got $40 in cloths on forever, but they didn't fit so julie returned them using a shipping label that came with the order. the address on that shipping label was to san mateo. well, a couple days later julie called forever 21 in san mateo to see if it had received her return and they said, nope, we can't find it. she said one employee told her the return address she used wasn't correct. julie was confused, she says she called the store a few more times trying to track down her return, but had no luck. so she reached out to us for help. we contacted forever 21 and it refunded julie's 40 bucks. it also reimbursed her shipping fees and tossed in a $15 bonus gift card. in a statement forever 21 said we appreciate our customers reaching out if they have a concern as we always strive to provide the superior customer service that our guests expect. so julie said her shipping label didn't have a tracking number. if you're ever concerned about
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something getting lost it's worth considering paying just a little bit more more traffic, maybe even insurance just to be safe. if you have a complaint call us 888-996-tips or online at i hope you didn't get used to those warmer temperatures last week. this week different story. kari? >> you can feel the difference out there, even though as you get ready to head out the door this morning. as we take a live look outside in fremont, i can see the flag is still waving. we have breezy winds and our temperatures starting out in the low 40s this morning and we will be reaching into the mid 60s by this afternoon. we will take a look ahead to a slightly warmer forecast coming up next. and it's an easy drive across the bridges right now, but there are cars out there despite the lack of slowing. you will be met with some folks. we will see what's going on for the oakland slowing we saw coming up.
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plus searching --. today in you )re looking live at the olympic torch in south korea on this tuesday, february 13th. thanks for joining us for )today in the bay. )
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i )m marcus washington.. and i )m laura garcia. we )ll get to mike )s traffic - and kari )s weather in just a moment. we're going to get to mike's traffic and kari's weather in just a moment. first let's check in with garvin thomas he is live in south korea. we are bundling up here because it's starting to get cold. >> he knows cold. >> reporter: good morning, guys. i talked to one local athletes overnight who is disappointed in his performance on the slopes. we will have that story for you just ahead, but first back to you guys in the warm studio. >> it is warm here. >> you're getting a great experience out there, right? >> his tweets are bringing us behind the scenes in so many ways. very cool. a lot of bus pictures, though. >> very, very cool. >> a series of cold people, too. >> cooler temperatures really for us. >> yeah, it's a cold morning in parts of the bay area we started out with 30s and 40s, we are looking at highs today that will
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be a little bit warmer than yesterday so making some improvements here. i know a lot of people are complaining about the cold weather, we are in the low 40s still by 8:00, at noon 60 degrees, mid 60s today which is year, we are looking at highs that will reach into the mid to upper 60s for the south bay, east bay up to 66 degrees in concord and for the peninsula we've got some low to mid 60s there as well and san francisco 61 in the mission district while the north bay reaches into the mid 60s today. as we head over to mike, you've been tracking issues in the east bay. >> we had slowing for oakland, road crews were moving, that is what i suspected. it's not clear from the report, but it is clear from the sensors. i'm going to say that's better between 23 ard nd 29th. a little slowing popped up over at the toll plaza and the incline. we will track that build, but it's right on schedule. so the rest of the bay. over here northbound 280 at


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