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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  March 3, 2018 7:00am-8:01am PST

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well, it's 40 in san jose. couple that with the wind, feels more like 36 degrees this morning. san francisco, pretty skies there. 43 degrees. so today's highs, low 50s and we're about to see the showers become more widespread as our stormranger mobile doppler radar shows offshore. for now, mostly isolated showers, but a sleet mix around mt. tam. still snow around mt. hamilton and notice the next batch offshore. expect late morning to midday things to fill in once again as we pass about 12:30. we'll see briefly heavy rain at times, changing over to scattered showers. as we head into the afternoon. but some showers may include some small hail. coming up in 15 minutes, a closer look at how much rain and snow we're expecting here, and with the second half of the weekend, the forecast coming up. >> hail, rain, snow. >> every single emoji of weather. you'll see at some point today. >> and i love those emojis. we'll tune in a bit, rob. thanks. an avalanche warning is still in effect in the sierra
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after five people were swept up in the deluge of snow at squaw valley resort. look at this dramatic video of a man being rescued yesterday. nearby skiers rushing in, working frantically to dig him out of the snow. witnesses say it was like a wall of snow came down, and that they only saw him because his board was sticking out of the snow. we're told he was completely buried for about six minutes. one woman's friend said he knew once the avalanche had passed it would be less likely another one would hit, so he succeed down the hill to help rescue the man. >> once it slid, he knew it would be unlikely to slide again so he succeed down and he was using his ski poles to probe, and i think they found him fairly quickly. >> three other victims of the avalanche were able to walk away. one person suffered a serious lower body injury. and from the mountains to the roads, rain and wind impacting traffic across the bay area along highway 17. the slick roads made for a number of traffic incidents. in the santa cruz mountains here, a home in ben lomond
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destroyed by a falling tree. for several hours crews had to buzz saw apart the massive redwood tree and the smaller trees it hit as it toppled over. the house now has a gaping hole in one of its bedrooms. stuart fishman wasn't home when it happened, but his eight dogs were. he says somehow they're all okay. >> it knocked the whole house off the foundation. and so the whole interior of the house is just -- it's just crushed. it's like not liveable. >> fishman tried salvaging as much as he could from the bedroom. crews put plastic tarps over what's left of the roof to help protect the rest of the home from continuing rains. and take a look at this video. the national weather service tweeted out from monterey county. a fresh coat of snowfall in the santa lucia mountains yesterday. this is south of carmel valley. the elevation is 4,100 feet here. and now to the calm after
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the storm. not one, but two rainbows in the south bay after yesterday's rain. one of our viewers, a teacher, snapped this picture outside of her school. beautiful. if you've got a picture or video to share, send them our way. address it to in other news, a small earthquake hit the east bay early this morning just after 3:00 a.m. the usgs reports a magnitude 2.8 quake hit about two miles from berkeley. it was centered near piedmont. there are no reports of damage nor injuries. a san francisco firefighter whose job includes saving lives now finds himself behind bars for potentially endangering lives. court documents show the firefighter had a, quote, arsenal of assault weapons at one of his san francisco properties. all that, even though there's a temporary restraining order against him. "today in the bay's" sam brock has more on the firefighter's back story. >> reporter: inside a mundane
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marina apartment building, police this week managed to dig up a mass stockpile of weapons. >> tuesday midday, they started pulling out some rifles, probably about six or seven of them. >> reporter: people who work and live in the neighborhood described the unlikely scene. >> you just never see anybody coming in and out of that building. it's just bizarre. >> reporter: in its motion to detain without bail, the government describes searching this property on buchanan and grenich, uncovering an arsenal of weaponry, assault weapons and firearms, partly found in two safes. the property's owner, 59-year-old rock plichcik, unlawfullying an assault weapon. he broke the terms of a protection order set to expire february 28th of relinquishing his weapons. the statement of facts includes the driving force behind that order, claimed from his sister that he threatened to kill her. it also highlights a series of no anonymous calls to the atf, warning of his various firearms,
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extremely mentally unstable condition and threats to open up fire on a smart train. behind the gate of the buchanan property, you can see the search warrant still stuck to plich ek's door. >> i've been working in the neighborhood. never seen him. never even seen the front lights. >> reporter: sam brock, nbc bay area news. now to a 12-year-old boy under arrest for sending several text messages threatening to shoot up a san jose middle school. police say the boy sent the texts to several students at sylvandale middle school. the threat was never carried out, but we should note it's the second threat of its kind in san jose this week alone. police say a 12-year-old girl made a similar threat aimed at the alum rock elementary school district. a threat on social media prompted a strong police presence at two bay area high schools yesterday. patrol officers with the milpitas police department responded to the schools just before the first bell, and they
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stayed on campus for the day. back at police headquarters, investigators chased down the source of the message, which surfaced early friday on social media. >> what we determined is that the posting was based upon several levels of hearsay, virtually a rumor that we have been unable to find any evidence to support this rumor. >> police say it's understandable that parents and students would be uneasy right now just two weeks after the massacre at a florida high school. in fact, some parents insisted yesterday on taking their kids home. oakland's mayor isn't backing down, even after strong words from the white house over the mayor's advance warning of impendi impending i.c.e. raids. mayor libby schaaf says she has no regrets about alerting her community. thursday white house press secretary sarah huckabee sanders called schaaf's actions outrageous and went on to say department of justice is reviewing the matter. but the mayor says she would do it again and what she did is
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legal. >> it has always been my intention to be law-abiding. to act within the confines of the law, but also to do what i believe is right. right for my community, as well as protects public safety. >> schaaf says despite being flooded with threats from across the country, she doesn't fear for her safety. schaaf says she continues to focus on her duties as oakland's mayor, knowing her community supports her. richmond police need your help finding the thief who brazenly stole a dog from a family's backyard. this surveillance video from the backyard where the french bulldog was stolen wednesday morning is near 25th and murdoch streets in richmond. a man broke into the kennel there, stole the french bulldog, and took off. that dog's name is mac. mac's owner got an alert on her phone when he was taken, and as of this morning, mac is still missing. 7:07. much more ahead on "today in the
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bay." one local supervisor proposing new legislation in an effort to get more guns off the streets. plus, you've heard of scammers going after senior citizens. coming up, the reason millennials are the latest target.
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welcome back. 7:10. oh, my gosh! look at that! i'm sorry. our control room surprised me with this beautiful rainbow. a prism over the eastern span of the bay bridge. they're probably cracking up in the control room right now. they said, we have a surprise for you. well, it looks beautiful out there. but we are under a microclimate weather alert. rain, hail, snow on its way. meteorologist rob mayeda, a very busy man this morning, will be along in just a moment to detail our microclimate forecast. i have to get serious now. that was a beautiful shot. our south bay supervisor is proposing a ban on gun shows,
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and on simply carrying a gun on county-owned property. today in the bay's ian cole explains. >> reporter: twice a year, guns flood the santa clara county fairgrounds for a gun show. county supervisor, ken jaeger, wants to put a stop to that. >> lower the level when it comes to guns and gun violence. >> reporter: he wants to ban gun shows at the fairgrounds in the wake of the florida school shooting. he says to keep more guns off of south bay streets. >> the primary mission of the county is the health and welfare of our residents. and it seems to me that it's very counter productive to have something like a gun show where people can buy and sell guns at a county facility. >> reporter: the bay area does hold a number of gun shows. the cal palace, for example, is on state land and hosts several a year, including one next month. some would rather gun sales and shows be regulated than stopped. >> if you are a registered gun
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owner, doing everything properly for the requirements in order to own a firearm, i don't see what the problem is. >> reporter: the company scheduled to host a gun show on the fairgrounds in november did not get back to us. yeager says the county would only lose $6,000 per event. the supervisors will discuss the proposal on tuesday. in san jose, ian cole, nbc bay area news. >> and we have much more ahead on "today in the bay." coming up, millennials are known to be tech-savvy. but apparently there is a specific tech-related scam they're falling for, and they're losing money at an alarming rate. and our microclimate weather alert includes a chance of snow showers. once again, seeing a bit of that around mt. tam this morning with a chance of thunder later this afternoon. a look at the hour-by-hour forecast when we come right back.
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welcome back. taking a live look outside at the golden gate bridge, we are under a microclimate weather alert. we are expecting rain, hail, snow in the lower elevations today.
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meteorologist rob mayeda details your microclimate weather in just a moment. now to millennials. they are among the most educated, savviest users of technology. so why are young people losing so much money to tech scams? a survey released by the better business bureau shows that millennials report more money lost to scams than the elderly and any other group. cyber security experts say the problem is that young people spend too much time on the internet, and they tend to be too trusting with their personal data online. >> their private information, you know, their important information about their bank, about their credit card, about their background. that is the problem. >> experts say be careful before following anyone online you don't know. you're also urged not to send anything personal over public wi-fi, at coffee shops or college campuses, for example. a former recruiter for youtube claims the company is going too far in seeking a more
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diverse work force. the man claims he was pressured to discriminate by excluding white and asian men from consideration for specific jobs much his lawsuit filed in redwood city says he was fired for complaining about hiring practices. he was a nine-year veteran of google, youtube's parent company. he also claims google sought to purge e-mails or paper trails that shed light on this practice. google says it will fight this lawsuit vigorously. tesla's cars may be green and clean, but the factory not so much. the electric car maker's fremont plant is being fined $140,000 for air pollution. tesla blames the violations on old equipment left over from the plant's previous occupant, which was new united motors. general motors originally built the plant back in the 1960s. tesla says most of the problems have been fixed. back to our microclimate weather alert. you're looking at sky ranger video from lake county near the town of whispering pines.
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this storm bringing a light dusting of snow to the trees there, and also bringing rain. "today in the bay's" laura samol went where the weather is a good flood test for areas ravaged by the fires. >> reporter: in downtown, locals embrace the rain like a long lost friend. >> can't tell you how happy i am. as a former farmer, i know how big rains are. and we don't have enough yet. >> reporter: the umbrellas are out, but fears of flooding are tucked away. >> it has flooded, and last year i think there were five warnings. but this year i would say the ground is not even saturated yet. i'm ready for the rain, but i fear we're too late on the season. >> reporter: a different story in santa rosa. the area hit hardest by the tubbs fire. residents fear the rain could push the fire debris into the storm drains and create flooding.
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>> i think it's a good thing. definitely a concern. so hopefully the city and, you know, the state are ready for the rain, for the amounts of rain that are about to come. >> reporter: a much more peaceful scene, even further north, just past calistoga. the hills covered with the light dusting of snow, no sign of a blue bird day on the horizon. >> that was laura sambol for us this morning. time to check in with rob mayeda with a look at our weekend forecast. i think you're literally forecasting everything. >> rainbows, snow, hail, showers, sun, thunder. wind. >> what are we missing? >> sleet. maybe that could happen, too. 2,000 feet this morning. let's show you -- >> we might get some sort of record. >> we'll see what we've got. right now, boy, it was beautiful earlier. a fading rainbow around the bay bridge for you this morning. we just posted that on our social media, nbc bay area. check that out on twitter and facebook. it was a gorgeous view just moments ago. it's chilly now. 43 degrees back around san
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francisco. feels like 40, coupled with the wind, dublin kind of chilly this morning. 42. look to the hills, south of livermore might see some fresh snow this morning and 42 in oakland. feels like 37 degrees. and there's a nice sunrise view. san jose currently at 40 degrees. our stormranger doppler radar has been picking up the scattered showers. and one other thing you'll notice today, high temperatures not all that high at all. low to mid 50s for high temperatures today with a chance of showers. now, a look at stormranger mobile doppler radar, where this morning we've been picking up some snow at times closer to mt. tam. you see this shower right over sfo, and we'll have to watch for impacts on flight operations today as the showers go passing by along with blustery conditions. snow early around mt. hamilton. you see not much happening now in san jose or around the tri valley. but what we're watching here is this next batch of moisture right here. that will be coming ashore today. this is cold air aloft. and with daytime heating, that could be a recipe for thunder and hail. so notice what happens as we approach lunch time. things do pick up.
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right there from 11:00 to 2:00, san jose back in the rain at times. and then as we approach sunset, we'll see the intensity of any of these popup showers or thundershowers starting to decrease as we head into tonight. and for the forecast tomorrow, might see a few more passing showers overnight. and then during the day around the higher hills still instability enough to kind of drive a few popup showers during the day. sunday will likely be a drier day than what we're seeing this afternoon. so rainfall projections moving forward, about a quarter inch and asome of the wetter locations. if you happen to be near a thundershower around the santa cruz mountains or south bay, may get close to a third of an inch of rain. kirkwood, 16 degrees right now. they have had 3 feet and more than that of snow so far with this storm. they will likely see another 1 to 2 feet. so the toyota tahoe report. the system begins to clear out,
7:21 am
we'll begin to see a drying trend showing up in that seven-day forecast until about thursday and friday. that's the next batch of rain, and at this point, as we head towards next weekend, things are trending drier. so pretty interesting seven-day forecast today, as you noticed, rainbows, showers, slight chance of thunder. snow levels close to 2,000 feet. and tomorrow, isolated showers. we think mainly for the hilltops. monday through wednesday, looks dry. and then more rain thursday into friday. but that storm not likely to bring the cold air like we're seeing now, and not seeing the same amount of rain totals, either. so the big final grand finale if this weather system happening today into sunday, we will see a dry start at the beginning of next week. kira? >> good. a little bit of a break there. a little bit of everything. rob, thanks. it is 7:21. still ahead on "today in the bay," do you create complicated passwords for all your devices, and is your personal information safe? experts say no matter how safe you think it is, the answer is
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security experts say your passwords probably aren )t welcome back. a warning now for all of us, really, about our passwords. security experts say your passwords probably aren't good enough, no matter how good you think yours are. as nbc's tom costello reports, there is a good chance your information is already up for sale online. >> reporter: how many passwords do you try to remember? e-mail, shopping, banking, netflix, amazon, prescriptions, kids' activities. the average person has 150 online accounts of some sort. but uses just 12 passwords. reusing the same one at least ten times, and that is a big cyber no-no. >> your password is actually cracked. >> reporter: you've got it already? >> today show 2018. total time to crack was 165 seconds. >> charles henderson lives sign irsecurity at ibm x force red. to crack my password, he used a kind of program that's easily found on the internet.
7:25 am
if you can crack that password that quickly, then criminals can do that. >> exactly. >> reporter: in fact, look what we found on the internet. >> so what we're looking at here is a database of e-mails and passwords that was leaked on the web. >> reporter: that's the former israel military technology expert now at ibm security. >> you've got tens of thousands of names right here. >> right. and that's just one database. there's tens of thousands of databases like this that you can look at. >> reporter: in fact, we found passwords for friends and nbc colleagues. not surprising, say experts, since there have been so many mega hacks in recent years. equifax, yahoo! big retailers banks and credit card companies, hospitals and insurance companies. >> so we have to assume that there's a good chance our information is out there, which is why we have to keep changing our passwords and updating our accounts. >> reporter: what's the solution? to begin with, my password, today show 2018, was weak. experts now advise using long phrases. i left my heart in san francisco
7:26 am
in 2017. but automated computer programs might even crack that. which is why security pros say we should all use password managers that keep our passwords encrypted. and even multistep authentication. a code sent via text message to your phone, which you must first unlock with your thumb print or a racial recognition scan. >> i simply line up my face, look around, and the first face i.d. scan is complete. >> reporter: some banks are already adding biometric screening as an extra layer of security. if it all seems like hassle, remember those e-mails and passwords we found on the internet? we also found this. hundreds of thousands of stolen identities for sale on the dark web. >> i can buy a delaware driver's license, a florida license, a uk passport. this is stealing people's identities and really taking over their lives. >> yeah. and the victim for this, he or
7:27 am
she is going to spend years recovering from something like this. >> where are we safe any more? that was tom costello reporting for us. we have much more ahead on "today in the bay." coming up, the scandal that rocked usa gymnastics continues. olympic gold medalist aly raisman is now suing over years of sexual abuse and the lawsuit has ties to the bay area. also, are we headed for an international trade war? president trump's latest economic move, and the worldwide fallout. at&t has a network
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good saturday morning. we appreciate your joining us. it is 7:29. here's a live look outside at the transamerica pyramid in san francisco. we are under a microclimate weather alert. still looks beautiful out there, though, somehow. but clouds and a little bit of sunshine. thanks so much for joining us. i'm kira klapper. meteorologist rob mayeda is in for vianey. you have a look at our microclimate forecast. and you have literally something for everyone. if you don't want rain, you
7:30 am
don't want hail, we have sunshine, we have -- >> everything covered, really? rainbows, clouds, sun, cold temperatures around here. at least by our standards they're cold. san jose is 40. couple that with the wind speed, the wind chill factor feels more like 36 degrees this morning. cloudy skies over san francisco. 43. and we've had a few snow flurries this morning, once again top mt. tam. so our stormranger or snow ranger mobile doppler radar for you this morning, tracking those lowering snow levels at times, close to 2,000 feet. you see the passing showers near san francisco, and not a lot right now around san jose. this is some cool air that's coming on in, so notice the highs today, most places low 50s. as we head into the afternoon, you'll notice the intensity of the showers picking up, especially from 11:00 later this morning to mid afternoon. you see san jose there, brief downpours possible with small hail. and then things will start to trend to a more calmer picture as we head into this evening. coming up in our full forecast,
7:31 am
how much rain and how much more sierra snow we're talking about as the pattern continues this weekend. >> it's rare to see a 43, feels like 40 here, isn't it? that's more of like an east coast midwest thing. >> that's why snow levels are so low this morning around the hills. >> wow. it will be interesting to see the rest of your forecast in a bit, rob. thanks. an avalanche warning is still in effect this morning in the sierra. this after five people were swept up in an avalanche yesterday at squaw valley ski resort. take a look at thiss dramatic video, this man being rescued yesterday. nearby skiers rushing in, working frantically to dig him out of the snow. a witness says it was like a wall of snow came down, and they only saw him because his board was sticking out of the snow. he was completely buried. >> once it slid, he knew it would be unlikely to slide again so he succeed down and he was using his ski poles to probe. and i think they found him fairly quickly. >> reporter: three other victims of the afterlavalanche were abl walk away. one person suffered a serious
7:32 am
injury. and from the mountains to the roads, rain and wind impacting traffic along highway 17. the slick roads made for a number of traffic incidents. in the santa cruz mountains, a home in ben lomond destroyed by a falling tree. for several hours, crews buzz sawed apart the massive redwood tree and then the smaller trees it hit as it came down. the house now has a gaping hole in the bedroom. stuart fishman, who lives there, wasn't home when it happened, but his eight dogs were, and he says they are all okay. >> it knocked the whole house off the foundation. and so the whole interior of the house is just -- it's just crushed. it's like not liveable. >> the man tried salvaging as much as he could from the bedroom. crews put plastic tarps over what's left of the roof to help protect the home from continuing rains. take a look at this video. the national weather service tweeted it out from monterey county. a fresh coat of snowfall in the santa lucia mountains yesterday.
7:33 am
this is south of carmel valley, by the way. the elevation there is about 4,100 feet. now to the east coast. at least five people are dead, including a 6-year-old boy, as a powerful nor'easter hammers the east coast from georgia to new england. the national weather service says widespread snow, rain and winds developed yesterday. the 6-year-old boy was in virginia. he was killed when a tree fell on his home, and he was in bed. more than 400 flights at new york's laguardia airport were cancelled yesterday alone. and at chicago o'hare, more than 200 flights were cancelled. back here locally, a small earthquake hit the east bay early this morning, just after 3:00 a.m. the usgs reports a magnitude 2.8 quake hit about two miles from berkeley. it was centered near piedmont. there are no reports of damage nor injuries. so did the abuse occur here? olympian aly raisman filed a lawsuit in santa clara county this week against usa gymnastics and the u.s. olympic committee.
7:34 am
it claims neither organization protected her or other gymnasts from sexual abuse by the team's doctor. "today in the bay's damian trujillo explains how it's related locally. >> reporter: aly raisman competed in the 2016 u.s. olympic trials at san jose's s.a.p. center. her lawyer now tells nbc bay area, this is also where team physician, larry nassar, sexually assaulted her. now raisman is suing nassar, the usoc and usa gymnastics in santa clara county for those alleged assaults. >> it's appalling to us. it's really a horrible thing that has happened to not just her, but so many other young ladies. >> reporter: david peterson runs the san jose gym where raisman once greeted young, aspiring gymnasts before the 2016 trials. he hopes for the best for raisman. >> what aly raisman is saying is, i was a young girl. my life was entrusted to usa gymnastics. and you put this monster with me
7:35 am
and so many other girls, that you had a duty to protect us from him. >> reporter: legal analyst, steven clark, says santa clara county will now become ground zero for claims against the defendants. he believes the usoc and usa gymnastics will fight to have the suit thrown out. but they'll likely settle before it gets to a trial. mainly because of raisman's victim impact statement at nassar's sentencing. >> well, you know what, larry? i have both power and voice and i am only beginning to just use them. >> reporter: powerful testimony that will likely give jurors little reason to feel sympathy for the defendants, especially in santa clara county. in san jose, damian trujillo, nbc bay area news. president trump's move to raise tariffs on imported steel and aluminum is being met with criticism from around the world, and even within the president's own party. it has people wondering, would it be good for the american worker or is it the beginning of an international trade war?
7:36 am
president trump is spending the weekend in florida, and there he's defending the plan he announced this week, tweeting that, quote, trade wars are good and easy to win. the tariffs intended to target china may instead hurt american allies like canada, brazil, south korea and mexico, which provide most of our imported steel. >> we are impressing upon the american administration the unacceptable nature of these proposals that are going to hurt them every bit as much as they will hurt us. >> leading republicans hope to talk the president out of the policy before he signs it next week. they're concerned china could retaliate by punishing some of america's biggest companies, like apple and intel. it has been a busy week for the trump white house. debates over assault weapons and steel tariffs. the loss of hope hicks, the possible replacement of hr mcmaster, tweets insulting jeff sessions and russia's new nuclear weapons.
7:37 am
even a professional can get overwhelmed. >> there's almost exhaustion just reading the list of things. but there is connective tissue in all of these stories. and that is the sort of what -- what may look erratic to the public, behind the scenes, it's i think proof that this russia probe is starting to consume the white house. >> and, of course, you can catch "meet the press" right here tomorrow at 8:00 a.m. on nbc bay area. 7:37. still ahead on "today in the bay," another scare for steph curry. and a brush with a rapper on the court. sports is next. warriors game --s
7:38 am
7:39 am
on edge. steph curry tweaking his ankle welcome back. a win is a win, right? but last night's warriors game had many fans on edge. myself included. steph curry tweaked his ankle in the first quarter. they were in atlanta taking on the hawks. and check it out, kevin durant and rapper kwafo saying hello.
7:40 am
now to the scare. instead of curry coming down the wrong way on his ankle, trying to block a shot. he limped off the court and returned midway through the second but was taken out of the game in the third for what the team is calling precautionary reasons. despite the early exit, steph still scored 28 points. they win 114-109. we have much more ahead on "today in the bay." coming up, her solar panel should have saved her money. instead she's nine grand in the hole. plus, we will give you the upper hand over pushy door to door salesmen using a little-known state law. right now stormranger mobile doppler radar picking up showers, including snow showers at times around some of the higher peaks. we're tracking that plus a chance of thunder and small hail, all in the forecast when we come right back. how to covet anything. even a "red-hot mascot." [mascot] hey-oooo! whoop, whoop! [crowd 1] hey, you're on fire! [mascot] you bet i am! [crowd 2] dude, you're on fire!
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the microclimate weather alert. a chance of thunder later today,
7:43 am
small hail and everything in between. your forecast now, pretty view looking across the golden gate bridge. 43 degrees. feels like 40 outside. and there is a nice sunrise view. san jose, 40 degrees, and the wind speed making things feel more like the 30s. so we've got temperatures this morning in the low 30s in the north bay. breezy conditions, especially by napa. so look at the feels-like temperatures. we're seeing in the north bay this morning, feels more like 27 in napa. 30s in san jose. when you combine the air temperature along with that wind speed. so as we head through the afternoon, even with the sunshine today, fairly cool. low 50s for highs for most places, but towards like port highs in the 40s where snow showers are ongoing. stormranger mobile flodoppler rr now picking up isolated showers where we have our x band mobile doppler radar deployed this morning, showers across the bay and at times snow showers. off to the east of morgan hill, anywhere above 2,000 feet this morning, fair game for seeing a mix of sleet and snow.
7:44 am
tri valley for now relatively dry, and there you see the showers mixed in with some snow at times. higher hills of the north bay. so this is what we're watching now. midday into the afternoon with the heating of the day that could help destabilize the atmosphere. so in addition to the showers becoming a bit more widespread right there from about 11:00 to 1:30 in that cool air environment, we could see hail or brief thunder, probably until just before sundown. and as the things start to cool down as we approach let's say 8:00 and 11:00 what's left of the showers, start to decrease in intensity and coverage. as we head into sunday, heating of the day across some of the higher hills might still be enough instability to fire off a few hilltop showers on sunday. so rainfall projections here over the next 12 hours or so, you can see some of the wetter locations, depending on just where some of those heavier showers set up. could still include a quarter inch to more than that at times, especially around the santa cruz mountains and parts of the south bay. now for the sierra, looks like we'll see another possibly 1 to
7:45 am
2 feet of snow across the higher peaks as travel conditions on sunday start to look better. and that base up at squaw alpine, was 72 inches, now to 112 as the snow continues there. so once the system passes us, monday through wednesday looks dry. next chance for rain shows up on thursday, but not nearly as much as what we just experienced at these last two to three days. friday we'll let more rain and next weekend looks like high pressure could build back. so seeing a drying trend as we head towards the 11th and 12th. so today, everything on the weather map could be headed your way at times today. chance of thunder, maybe some hail. snow levels close to 2,000 feet, lingering mainly hilltop showers tomorrow. and then monday through wednesday should be dry. so we'll catch a bit of a break. and thursday into friday, plan on a little more rain and showers as you approach next weekend. kira, back to you. >> a buffet of weather from meteorologist rob mayeda. thanks so much, rob. still ahead on "today in the bay." >> trouble with solar panels.
7:46 am
and nearly five figures left in limbo. i'm consumer investigator, chris chmura. nbc bay area responds, next. the we )ll track how much the storms have helped our local reservoirs. plus- the today show as more rain moves in over the weekend, we'll track how much the storms have helped our
7:47 am
local reservoirs. plus, savannah guthrie joins us live monday from 4:30 to 7:00.
7:48 am
welcome back at 7:48 on your saturday morning. this is our stormranger on san bruno mountain. we are the only bay area station with this type of weather technology. and this is the radar showing rain coming in. meteorologist rob mayeda says rain, sunshine, hail, snow, all
7:49 am
sorts of things headed our way this weekend. nbc bay area responds to a san jose teacher who says she missed out on a major benefit of putting solar panels on her roof. consumer investigator, chris chmura says all of us can learn something from her story. >> this case hinges on someone we have all met. a door to door salesman. now about $10,000 is in limbo after a teacher opened her front door and her wallet. >> we got the panels almost a year ago now. >> reporter: laura's solar panels have cut her electric bill substantially. >> a couple hundred bucks a month. >> reporter: but she says they're still costing her far more money than she expected. >> the problem is, that i am missing, you know, almost $10,000 of a tax credit for my solar panels. >> reporter: laura says the door to door salesman who sold her this $31,000 solar array on the last day of 2016 assured her she
7:50 am
would get a federal tax credit in 2017. she says they even went over her tax documents before she signed the contract. >> and we got out my w-2s. we got out my 1040. >> reporter: months later, when she filed her tax return, laura expected a credit of more than $9,000. which she had used to pay off part of the loan she took out to buy the panels. but -- >> it didn't materialize. i did not qualify for the tax credit. unknowingly. >> reporter: it turns out, without the energy tax credit, laura's tax bill was already zero, due to other deductions and her teacher salary. so she got nothing out of the energy credit. laura felt the solar company made a mistake. so she asked it to either give her $9,000 for the tax credit, or remove the panels and refund her. >> they can take them away. i'll go back to where it was before. >> reporter: the solar company declined. so laura asked us for help. we looked at her paperwork. nothing we saw promises that 30% tax credit. but laura insists the salesman
7:51 am
accounted for it when they made the deal. >> so when we did all the math for monthly payments, et cetera, that was how the monthly payment was figured. with that 30% already figured in. >> reporter: we contacted the company. it denied giving laura advice about the tax credit. its vice president said, quote, we are careful to advise customers that we provide no tax advice. he considers laura's case closed. so who said what? when the door to door salesman came to laura's home? we can't say. what we can say is that the situation might have been different if somebody else were part of the conversation. someone like ruth. >> it's very important to get it right or they don't get the credit. >> reporter: ruth godfrey is one of the only people in this country who actually reads the irs code. in full. >> every word. >> reporter: she's a tax accountant who sits on the board of the national society of accountants. ruth is emphatic. any time a tax benefit is part of a sales pitch, you have got to stop and bring in a tax pro.
7:52 am
an expert who can assess your eligibility in 15 to 30 minutes. >> you should never take tax advice from a door to door salesman. on anything. solar or otherwise. they're there to sell you a product. they don't really care if you're going to be making a sound financial decision or not. >> reporter: solar panels are going up fast in california. and so are complaints filed with the state. 792 people complained about solar companies in 2017. that's almost double 2016. the state says the top gripe is sales people. so a crackdown is under way. the contractor board planned an undercover sting for this month. plus, it's teaming up with the federal trade commission to investigate high-pressure tactics that are used to sell solar panels. >> i would say be warned. >> reporter: laura wants the state to do even more to protect people like her. especially on the tax credit part. maybe require contractors to encourage consumers to bring in a tax pro. >> it might be a problem more often than just me. >> here's one very important
7:53 am
protection for people who are sold a home improvement project by a door to door salesman. you may cancel within the first three days. it's your right by state law. so use those first 72 hours wisely to review the deal. get a second opinion. make sure everything you're paying for is what you're actually going to get. if not, speak up and cancel if you have to. call us with your consumer complaints. the number is 888-996-tips. or online at >> chris chmura for us this morning with some great information. now to u.s. colleges -- uc colleges, pardon me, are slipping in the rankings, that's what a survey by a global education company shows. ranks universities around the world by how well they teach each subject. overall, uc berkeley and ucla are still ranked among the top ten colleges in the world, but both schools have dropped a few notches in several subject areas like civil engineering and
7:54 am
chemistry. some professors in the uc system blame a lack of state funding. just shy of 7:54. much more ahead on "today in the bay." coming up, our clear the shelters segment, featuring our pets in need. we'll introduce you to camera-shy van gogh, next. we use our phones and computers the same way these days.
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welcome back. it's 7:56 this morning. our special guests from pets in need, canine trainer and dr. charlotte reuben are here with van gogh, who seems to want to look everywhere except at the cameras. he's big into hugging, which i think is what we heard on the microphone there, rubbing in. he is so adorable. i came over, and i said -- i asked if he was just groomed, because his fur is so perfect. it's so soft and cuddly. what kind of dog is he? >> you know, it's anyone's best guess, but we think he might be a little shepard with this sort
7:57 am
of black sabling he has on his hair. >> okay. and you rescue these animals, you get -- you rescue dogs and cats, and it's anyone's guess what most of them are. mostly mutts. any guess on how old he is? how big he's going to get? >> yeah, he's about 12 weeks old so he'll probably be around 50 -- 40, 50 pounds. >> okay. so he'll get a little bigger. so a home with some space for him. or people who live near a park can get out with him? >> absolutely. >> he'll definitely have some energy to get out, right? >> yeah. >> i think so. >> he seems a little rambunctious. but in a good way. >> yeah. >> he's staying on your lap, well-behaved throughout the last two commercial breaks. and he actually -- you rescued him, and then he got sick. >> yeah. he got sick a couple days after his neuter surgery. he was having a hard time breathing, and we took some x-rays and saw he had pneumonia, which with these little guys can progress pretty quickly. he needed oxygen support and iv,
7:58 am
antibiotics, and stuff that pets in need isn't really set up for so we had to hospitalize him for five days. and so his medical bills got pretty high. >> quite pricey. because with all the pets that you rescue and then try to adopt, you spay, you neuter, you microchip, you do all of the things. but this obviously was not something you had planned for. >> yeah. he needed 24-hour care. >> and it was something like $6,000, $7,000. >> yeah. >> wow. and so you're looking to -- >> we're doing a fund-raiser for him specifically. it's on our website. van gogh fund me. >> well, we'll send people to your website, to find out more about van gogh who will be up for adoption in the next few days. and thanks to both of you, ashby and dr. reuben and van gogh, for coming in this morning. and thanks to you for making us a part of your morning.
7:59 am
because of hockey, our next n s newscast is at 8:00 tonight. and have a great day. . symbol you know you're
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