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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  March 3, 2018 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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chicken nuggets for $1, jack's one-of-a-kind breakfast pockets for $2 each, three of my famous tacos and a small drink for $3, two breakfast croissants for $4, or the bonus jack combo, now just $5. it's like i tell jack jr., it's all about big value, jr. prices. that's value jack's way. buried alive under the snow. a san francisco man and his wife, speak out about a ski trip that buried alive. under the snow, a san francisco man and his wife speak out about a ski trip that almost cost them their lives. a storm covering the bay area in hail and snow, rain too, more in store for the rest of the weekend. the news at 11:00 starts right now. thank you for joining us, i'm terry mcsweeney. >> it is the third straight day of rain across the bay area.
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and right now we are still tracking those showers. >> here's a live look at the golden gate bridge. slick from the rainfall. the lens has drops on it. a dangerous 72 hours for drivers from the bay area up to the sierra. meteorologist rob mayeda talking about what we can expect. >> right now seeing kind of the lingering effects of all the wild weather we had earlier in the day. right now 46. san francisco passing showers which some of these have included some small hail. a lot of that has moved off toward hayward and the san mateo bridge and approaching the dun martin bridge. spilling into fremont in the next 15 minutes and eventually san jose. through the night not a lot of the moisture here. overnight rainfall totals out of this last batch of showers, don't look like much as we head towards tomorrow morning. what you will notice tomorrow morning are these cold temperatures, wind-sheltered valleys near freezing tomorrow morning. we'll let you know if the afternoon may include a chance
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of hilltop snow showers. trapped by an avalanche. tonight, telling his story. the snowboarder in this video being pulled out of the avalanche at squaw valley yesterday is from san francisco. tonight he and his wife are talking about the ordeal and providing a message for anybody who plans to hit the slopes. nbc bay area's sergio quintana is live in san francisco with their story. this is remarkable. >> reporter: remarkable story, both of them are avid skiers, they're on their way to aspen right now. they talked to me by phone tonight because they want all skiers to make sure that they take every precaution possible before hitting the slopes. in the video of evan huck's rescue, you can hear one of the skiers who's digging him out mention how they spotted him. >> if i'd never spotted that snowboard sticking out --
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>> reporter: evan and kaylin huff heard people yelling about an avalanche. >> we looked back. over my shoulder, saw a ten-foot wall of snow barreling towards me. 60, 70 miles an hour. >> reporter: he said he was pinned headdown in the snow. he tried not to panic. >> at that point i just tried to kind of slow down my breathing and conserve air and just relax. i ended up passing out probably in 30 or 40 seconds after that. >> reporter: huck was buried for about five minutes. he woke up just after this video starts and says watching this clip of people saving his life is surreal. his wife kaylin was also caught but managed to keep her head above the snow and eventually freed herself. they want people to know skiers need to take every precaution possible. >> have a probe or a shot hole or a beacon. >> reporter: they're thankful that lots of advanced skiers with rescue equipment were nearby to help them out.
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evan and kaylin told me tonight that they did not go skiing today because they wanted to make sure to buy all of that safety equipment so they could prepare, be prepared, and also just in case they needed to help any other skier in a similar incident. from one avalanche to another, this is a different one. this one happened today near yosemite at mammoth mountain ski resort, popular skiing alternative to tahoe, about 10:00 a.m. ski patrol was doing avalanche prevention work when an actual avalanche hit. pictures posted on social media showing the frenzy, making sure no one was trapped or hurt. one couple says they were on a chair lift when the avalanche rolled by below them. >> it all changed quickly when we saw that happen. it was intense. it was definitely mind-altering.
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>> three people were buried and able to free themselves. several employees were partially trapped. it certainly looks like the sierra, but this is the bay area. take a look at the peaks of mt. hamilton in santa clara county, a dusting of white providing a treat for families. kids throwing snowballs, many of them had never seen snow before. >> it's really, really, really fun. i'm never going to have -- i've never had a snow fight before. it's my first snow babble fight. >> it was really, really, really, really fun is how she described it. >> really? >> it is unlikely you'll see scenes like this tomorrow. a lot of fun but not fun for everyone, the weather causing problems on local roads. in the santa cruz mountains, marianne favro has a closer look. >> reporter: traffic is flowing smoothly tonight on highway 17
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south of los gatos. but earlier today, we saw four accidents along a two-mile stretch. hail reduced visibility for many drivers and made roads and highways slick. some areas in the santa cruz mountains flooded. and heavy rains led to erosion, causing sections of bear creek road to cave in, creating danger zones like this one. here off highway 9 above saratoga, bakhe from oregon took in the breath-taking view. but she's waiting to enjoy the california sunshine. >> it's been super cold. so i actually will fly from oregon to california on friday, and it was warmer there, and i came to oregon and i was shivering and it was raining like anything. >> reporter: others welcome the cold. >> it's beautiful out here. to see snow along the peaks of the mountains -- >> reporter: the santa clara valley water district says our recent rains only gave our reservoir totals a slight bump.
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most, including at lexington reservoir, are up just 1%. a concern as we head into spring. right now it is a very chilly 37 degrees where i am. it's a good reminder to protect your pets, your pipes, and your plants. especially your citrus trees. our viewers have been sending videos like this all day long and we appreciate that. william allen sent this video of hail in gilroy. kelly connelly sent video of hail in brentwood. we want to see your weather videos. send them to us at stay up to date with the weather, download our free nbc bay area app.
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check it while you are on the go. new video tonight out of marin county. two people rescued from a car that went over a cliff into a creek. this happened about 6:30 this evening on the panoramic highway, a windy stretch of road between mill valley and stinson beach. the car went down more than 100 feet. you see the firefighters using a rope to pull the pair out of there. a woman was airlifted to john muir medical center with moderate to major injuries. a man taken to marin general wait minor injuries. the cause of the crash unknown but it does not look like weather played a role. tough questions in vallejo as people gathered for a town hall about preventing gun violence. >> this isn't enough. this is not enough. >> congressman mike thompson heads the house gun violence prevention task force. dozens of people came out seeking answers about what's being done to protect students and teachers in the wake of the deadly florida shooting. >> i'm a gun owner. i support the second amendment.
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and i don't think that civilians need assault weapons. the military should have them, cops should have them. civilians don't need them. >> thompson recently announced that he has 200 cosponsors from both parties on a bill that would strengthen background checks for gun buyers. there is a lot that has been done, there's a lot more that needs to be done. it's why it's so important we elect the right people. >> that was the husband of congresswoman gabby giffordss. you'll remember giffords was of course seriously injured in a mass shooting back in 2011. giffords and husband marklemark praised wicks for her work on national gun control reform. wicks ran former president barack obama's grassroots campaign in 2008 and 2012. new at 11:00, not just tuxedos and dresses tomorrow night. stars of the academy awards are
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expected to wear something else to make a political statement. these orange pins in support of gun control. the awards show airs two weeks after that deadly school shooting in florida. the pins are in support of every town for gun safety, a green advocating for gun safety. this isn't the first time stars have used fashion to make a statement during the awards. golden globes, many celebrities followed april all-black dress code for the "time's up" movement. some also wore special pips. some couldn't wait to make a statement at the oscars. over 100 demonstrated in hollywood today calling the academy racist. they say hollywood hasn't done enough to include hispanics in mainstream motion pictures. according to them, latinos make up 18% of the u.s. population but only got 3% of speaking roles in last year's films. still to come, keeping a president in office for life. president trump's comments creating quite a stir tonight.
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also, no fear. why some people ended up jumping into the ocean today here in the bay area. even in these frigid witness. speaking of frigid, tracking hail-producing showers across the bay area. how much of this could continue into your sunday, and more on our next storm ahead in our seven-day forecast. president tr
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florida this weekend... and offered some comments that are catching a lot of attention. president trump spent time in florida this weekend and offered some comments that are catching a lot of attention. during a private fund raiser the president reportedly said he admires how china's president can hold office for life, after the president did away with term limits. mr. trump reportedly joked maybe the u.s. will consider such a move. tonight the president attended a
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press dinner and joked about jared kushner's security clearance, and even getting into a fistfight with former vice president joe biden. it's been a contentious week for the president. the new tariffs expected to be a hot-button issue. on the sunday morning talk shows. he hear what the commerce secretary is saying on "meet the press" at 8:00 after "today in the bay." hundreds of thousands in the dark as that powerful nor'easter continues to wreak havoc on the east coast. winds so strong this large big rig nearly blown over. you see it tilting. in massachusetts the state of emergency tonight, the east coast seeing no relief from the vicious nor'easter. parts of quincy, massachusetts, totally cut off. the national guard's been carrying people to safety. >> it's extremely cold in our house, we have no wait to heat it. we're shivering and they were getting freaked out. >> at least eight deaths now blamed on that storm, left armly
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due to trees crushing homes and cars. check out this wintry scene just outside the bay area. this video was taken in lake county just off highway 175 on cobb mountain. one family switching golf balls for snowballs at black rock golf course. very brave souls with very kind hearts took an ice-cold plunge into the san francisco bay. this happened this afternoon. video from the polar plunge at aquatic park. runners raised about $170,000 for special olympics northern california. runners who wanted to stay dry were not forced to plunge into the freezing ocean, however, they were asked to just register as a chicken. >> i would happily register as a chicken. >> i'd send in the money and wish them the best. >> i'm getting hypothermia just looking at them. >> march should be warmer than today, snow as low as 2,000 feet. leengserring showers tonight.
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some of those still have been dropping a little bit of hail. let me show you the temperatures outside. 40s for most of the bay area. you see the wet roadways along the golden gate bridge. passing showers earlier. 46 in dublin, down to 40 and 30s tomorrow morning. you'll notice into oakland some light showers currently at 45 degrees. into san jose, temperatures also in the low 40s. as we head through the rest of the night, we'll see north bay temperatures, especially in the wind-sheltered valleys, having a chance of getting down to frosty levels. probably out towards contra costa county too, you'll see numbers in the low 30s to start the day. 40s closer to the inner bay. highs tomorrow a little bit warmer than today. mid to upper 50s, around san jose. but that's still chilly, especially with the breeze going during the afternoon. tri-valley temperatures, upper 50s, mid-60s. oakland toward antioch. peninsula, temperatures in the coast staying relatively cool. popout showers around the peninsula hilltops.
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san francisco, low 70s. low 50s i should say. it would be nice if we were in the 70s. mid 50s north bay. wishful thinking. let me show you what's going on, storm ranger mobile doppler radar, hayward into fremont, showers going by. they're weakening as they're moving south, no longer yellow and orange, which did involve hail earlier. and eventually less moisture out of the system as we get into sunday. but it's pretty interesting what happens during the day tomorrow. we start off dry with partly cloudy skies. then around lunchtime to about 2:00 p.m., you see what's happening on the hilltops? still some instability. cooler air aloft. heating in the day may drive hilltop showers mainly for the early part of the afternoon. as the sun sets you lose the heating of the day and the showers begin to move on. in fact, once we get into sunday night, things do look dry, probably from monday through wednesday. any rainfall that does come down tomorrow mostly confined to the peninsula hilltops.
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we might see something around kent field and north bay hills. nothing like today or since thursday. for the sierra, winter storm warning continues until 5:00 a.m. maybe a couple more inches of snow. we're seeing a pattern change through wednesday. things are dry. thursday, our next storm. the storm probably bringing in .25 to .33 inches of precipitation we've seen the last three days, so not as big. by friday, skies clear. as we head towards next weekend, if you want 70s like i was saying earlier, maybe it will be next weekend. the seven-day forecast right now, we'll see temperatures climbing monday into tuesday around san francisco. first half of the week will be dry thursday and friday. probably our next-best chance for showers. but no signs of any real heavy sierra snow. but we had 5 to 8 feet come down. you saw some of that yourself in the sierra, some places saw snow totals double in a week. >> i'm hoping if he keeps saying
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70s it will happen. >> positive thinking. he's willing it into reality. the olympic games are not over yet. 60 athletes from team usa left sfo this morning headed to compete at the paralympic winter games in pyeongchang. united airlines customers and employees signed a message wall wishing those athletes good luck. >> for the most part, it's the same tracks, the same events that they have. the only difference for us is it's modified to our disabilities. >> this year, nbc is increasing its coverage of the paralympic winter games, march 9 toth 18th on nbc 4. a look at what's coming up next in sports. >> the san francisco giants added some shiny new toys to the roster this offseason. one of them, evan longoria making his presence known in
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spring training. the last time i checked, it's march, which means it's time for some madness. we have stanford in action down in the desert. all that coming up in sports.
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xfinity sports desk bringing you the latest in bay area sports. spring has sprung, so did the giants offense in arizona today. split squad action from the giants, half the team taking on texas at scottsdale stadium. bottom of the first, giants down 2-0. joe panik flexing his muscles with this solo shot to right, his first of the spring. that puts the giants up on the board. to the bottom of the fourth, giants up now 6-4. evan longoria, one of the giants' prize offseason signings, doing this one han style, solo. one of the giants' four solo home runs against the rangers today. they win 9-4. the giants also won their other
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split squad game versus cleveland 13-4. you can get your look at giants spring training action tomorrow. they face the dodgers at noon on nbc sports bay area. the game will also be followed by our giants season preview show. college hoops, stanford at arizona state. pac-12 regular season finale, second half. cardinal up by 16. dorian pickins from downtown. one of the seniors, 5-3. sun devils will keep it interesting. final minute, we're tied. davis finishes. stanford regains the lead. closing seconds. at su down by one. martin with a chance to win at the buzzer. no good. the cardinal win 84-83 over the sun devils. in other men's local hoops, cal fell to arizona. usf defeated pacific to advance to the wcc semifinals. that's all for sports. back to terry and anoushah.
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festival. these puppies are movie stars-- it was a furry carpet in san jose at the cinequest film festival. these puppies are movie stars featured in "pick of the litter," following 30 puppies from when they were born to training as guide dogs for the blind. the documentary was filmed on the organization's campus in san rafael. >> too cute. you love that. >> yeah, totally. especially all the dogs lines up and having such a successful career. >> oh, yeah. they've got better hair than you and i, terry. we've got showers, a few going by right now. tomorrow just around the hilltops, less than we saw. >> "saturday night live" coming up next.
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