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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  March 4, 2018 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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be back with you tomorrow. i'm kate snow, and from all of us here at nbc news, have a great night. we continue to follow brg news out of san francisco. police are looking for suspended football star aldon smith. we continue to follow breaking news out of san francisco. police looking for suspended football star alton smith. good evening, thanks for joining us. >> embattled alton smith wanted for questioning by san francisco police after a domestic violence incident. he's been at the center of several high profile investigations. >> we broke the details on our twitter feed. sergio continues our breaking news coverage from san francisco. you just talked to police. what are they saying? >> reporter: we just talked to police and actually just talked to witnesses about this around 8:30 this evening, the san francisco police department was called to this building on bush
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street, 600 block, witnesses tell us -- a witness tells us she saw the police arrive and some woman taken out to an ambulance to be examined. as you mentioned earlier, this was a domestic violence call. the video you're now watching is a prior -- of a prior appearance for smith. so far the san francisco police have not told us the woman who called for help did not -- so far the san francisco police told us the woman who called for help did not suffer life threatening injuries but not described what's alleged to have happened inside this building. smith was not here when the police arrived and according to plis radio calls, smith was seen climbing out of a window of the building down a fire escape and then he jumped into a black range rover and drove off. departments with the special victim units are still trying to locate him. in a statement released today by the san francisco police, they are hoping he will contact them. >> if you give our investigators
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a call, that would be great, they can set up a time and place to conduct an interview. if there's anyone who knows about the whereabouts we would like them to give the call on the tipline and provide that information. >> now this is not the first domestic violence investigation in san francisco that smith has been tied up in. in february of last year, the then suspended oakland raiders linebacker was questioned for a separate incident. smith started his nfl career with the san francisco 49ers in 2011 but he was released from the team in august of 2015 after being arrested for suspicion of dui, hit-and-run and vandalism. at that time it was his fourth arrest and third dui charge with the 49ers. smith is still on an extended as you say spepgs from the nfl and last year for that domestic violence incident last year, he was hoping to be reinstated and obviously now we're trying to
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learn further details about the incident that happened last night in san francisco. nbc, bay area news. >> sergio, thank you so much for that report. we've been covering the story all day long. this is our tweet from 4:40 when we first broke the details. you can follow us on twitter @nbcbayarea. menlo park homeowners have extra clean upto do. a redwood split and crashed through the roof. pg&e says it was struck by lightning back in september. they inspected it and said it was safe. on thursday, strong winds pushed the tree to its breaking point. firefighters used a drone to help survey the damage and went through a second floor bedroom and luckily no one was hurt. the calm after the storm. a live look outside at the golden gate bridge and it does look so calm and beautiful out there. >> beautiful day across the entire bay area after a week of wild weather but what conditions can we expect from here.
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meteorologist rob mayeda has the forecast for the workweek. >> clear skies will set the stage for a chilly night tonight. you can see san francisco currently seeing temperatures in the mid-50s and similar as they said south towards san jose. 52 with these clearing skies and temperatures will be cooling quickly, could see patchy frost in the inland valleys especially around the north bay and east bay combined with runoff in the hill tops, look out for icy roadways around some spots around highway 17 or the areas around mt. hamilton and maybe in the north bay. some of that may add to ice on the roadways. nothing showing up on the storm ranger doppler radar but we have two more opportunities for finding rain and snow in our 7-day forecast. the timing of when the rain will make a comeback coming up. >> thanks, rob. >> water officials hoping the snow pack survey has better results after all of that
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snowfall. tomorrow will be the third of five surveys this season of the last survey about a month ago showed the snow pack at just 14% of his torical average which is actually an improvement over the december measurement. wherever you are in the bay, the nbc bay area app is there to help. you can monitor conditions throughout the day while you're on the go. >> standing with the students of parkland, local students in the east bay held an event to raise money for the victims of that florida school shooting. trying to spark more dialogue about gun violence. this comes days before national walkout. nbc bay area christie smith is live in pleasanton with more. >> reporter: spent hours in the park raising money and want to urge lawmakers to act. after the school shooting in florida, they'd like to be part of the solution. >> at a park in pleasanton, students brought out posters and t-shirts to make signs and the #neveragain and enough.
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>> after the shooting in parkland, think all of our -- we were all really shocked and we hate how school shootings are being treated as if they are inestible in our country because they are not. this is our way of doing something about it. >> i just donated to the folks here. >> they raised $2500 for the funds set up after the school shooting. and plan to walk out of class for 17 minutes on march 14th and gather on campus. part of a national day of action. >> i think reasonably common sense gun laws are really important. >> reporter: her cousin's best friend was killed in the parkland school shooting. >> after that i kind of realized this affects so many real people, real families. >> this comes as senator dianne feinstein expressed optimism after remarks from president trump at the meeting on gun control. there hasn't been firm movement in washington. the bay area has been packed town hall meetings on gun violence prevention. lafayette last week, emotions ran high. >> why don't we look at the root
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of the problem and find out why people are doing this instead of blaming gun owners. >> students today want to be part of the change. >> it's not just about california, it's a national problem. this is our way of being part of the national conversation. >> reporter: the school district says a message that went out to their community about the potential for demonstrations and included a message that they would work to ensure that freedom of speech and safety were given the highest priority. reporting live in pleasanton, christie smith, nbc bay area numbers. >> tuesday is a big day for south bay gun owners, the santa clara count by board of supervisor supervisors, two gun shows happen each year. one supervisor says the county only made $6,000 on the last event so he proposed the ban in an effort to keep guns off south
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bay streets. >> the primary mission of the county is the health and welfare of our residents. and it seems to me that it's very counter productive to have something like a gun show where people can buy and sell guns at a county facility. >> some gun owners say the show should be regulated instead of stopped completely. firefighters made quick work of a house fire in loss gatos near blossom hill elementary. they smelled smoke and able to get out and firefighters say it had a fire wall in between the home and garage and helped contain the flames and the fire was out about 10:00 a.m. investigators looking into what caused that fire. >> mission accomplished. members of the california air national guard successfully rescued a man 700 miles out at sea. he was on board a carrier ship on friday and got very ill. 129th rescue wing took off from
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moffett field and got the man and brought him back to san jose regional medical center. this is a helicopter signaling the completion of the mission. they have saved 1100 people since 1977. it's been a tu multiuous week at the white house. president trump looks to push forward with the agenda on trade but advisers offer mixed messages today. >> across the country, hundreds and thousands try to regroup after a powerful storm. we'll have the latest. >> we're expecting a chilly start tomorrow morning but high temperatures making a come back in the '60s starting tomorrow, could see 70s in a few spots this week in addition to two chances of rain coming in. we'll look at that in the seven-day forecast when we come right back. you could save energy by living off the grid. completely. or... set the washing machine to cold. do your thing.
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energy upgrade california.
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controversial new tarrifs. welcome back, mixed messages coming from the white house on those controversial new tariffs. today the president's trade advisers confirmed that no country would be exempt from the tariffs but some companies might be allowed to apply for an exemption. on thursday the president announced new tariffs on steel and aluminum imports. he says it will allow the united states to produce more of the metals and that the money will help close the $800 billion trade deficit. but republicans say it could cost u.s. jobs. >> taxing car imports hurts bmw because they can do the same thing to us.
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bmw makes more cars in greenvilgree greenville south carolina thn the entire bmw family. >> the president hasn't made a final decision but that's expected to happen this week. more than a million people still without power, powerful nor'easter continues to pound the east coast. in massachusetts a state of emergency and parts of quincy completely cut off. national guard has been carrying people to safety. >> it's extremely cold in our house, no way to heat. we're shivering and they were getting freaked out. >> at least eight deaths are blamed on the storm largely due to trees crushing cars and homes. today on the 53rd anniversary of bloody sunday, they gathered to reenact a pilgrimage across the pettus bridge. lewis first tried to march across the bridge in 1965. they were heading from selma to montgomery protesting voting rights but police and marchers clashed and that infamous day
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became known as bloody sunday. >> well, i think we shouldn't forget our history. if we don't learn from it, we will repeat it. and we just need to do this so the younger ones coming up, they will know and they will be able to benefit from what we went through. >> you may remember president barack obama visited selma on the 50th anniversary back in 2015. and senator camala harris was at the march. her husband posted this on twitter. harris was the key note speaker for the martin and coretta king unity breakfast. >> lake tahoe is looking like this today, gorgeous. skiers and snowboarders taking advantage of the fresh powder and among the snowboarders, our own laura garcia shot this video at homewood mountain resort. homewood was within six feet of
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snow felt in the past weekend. what a difference between what it was and what it is now. now they can have winter. >> she's having so much fun i'm sure. >> yeah. >> rob mayeda here to talk about the rain and snow. it's all gone. >> we're watching it now and seeing clear skies over lake tahoe. what's good the temperatures will be cold enough to keep the snow around as we'll take you first towards the sierra. we'll give you a view from the resorts at squaw creek. look at the snow piled up poolside. currently seeing temperatures in the 20s, what an epic run of the last few days in the sierra, some places picking up five to more than 8 feet of snow. plo look at qusquaw valley and kirkland, almost 40% of the entire season coming down in the last few days. but now we're catching a break. clearing skies in the bay area, 54 degrees in san francisco and chilly conditions around emeryville, that will be the story towards tomorrow morning.
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30s and 40s around the bay area and 52 currently in san jose. our storm ranger mobile doppler radar, the loop not picking up anything. we had a few brief showers around the far north bay hill tops close to mt. hamilton. everything stabilizing and really moisture starting to move out with clearing skies and drier air. we'll see in our wind sheltered valley around the north bay, a chance of patchy frost and given that we had recent snow in the areas around the santa cruz mountains and mt. hamilton, we'll have to see if that changes to ice if it melts overnight. use extra caution on your hill top compute as we head into monday morning. as temperatures climb through the week, that will be a little bit less of an issue by tuesday and wednesday. highs tomorrow in the 60s around the south bay. that's an improvement from the upper 50s today. mid 60s around sunol and livermore and oakland tomorrow. low 60s from palo alto and upper 50s from half moon bay to
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downtown san francisco. for the north bay, temperatures chilly to start the day but 30 degree swing in the temperatures with highs climbing in the low 60s by the afternoon. the hour by hour forecast, monday looks fine, tuesday increasing clouds but increasing temperatures, mild air moving in for first half of the week. could see niumbers in the mid-60s. next chance of widespread rain will show up late on wednesday, likely starting off in the north bay. it may not be a big impact on the wednesday evening commute but as we get into thursday morning, especially, that's the time we suspect we'll see most of the rain that comes down. what we do get from wednesday night through friday again, nothing like the system we just saw. expectations are just generally less than a quarter nch rain and closer to 6,000 feet. the timeline wednesday to early thursday. by thursday night, skies begin to clear and friday into saturday at this point looks dry but bit of a change in the forecast now. next sunday into next monday the
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12th. looks like our next chance for find are more widespread rain. two chances of rain coming in, mainly thursday and late next weekend but in the meantime we have another chilly morning tomorrow but take time highs starting to climb out of the low 50s for highs yesterday. may see 70s tuesday and wednesday looks mild too. even if the rain chances we don't go back highs in the 50s. starting to look more like march in the seven-day forecast. >> feeling like spring. i like it. thank you. >> just ahead, one of the most talked about movies in some time and some lucky kids got to watch it today thanks for someone else. we'll have that story and more coming up next.
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video from florida. police say the boy trying to steal that silver car is only 10 years old...and this isn )t his first car theft. police say that boy there, darker car, he'll move over to the silver car and steal it. he's 10 years old this sfisn't e first time he's stolen a car. he steals two sets of keys and comes back with another person and two tried to make a geta way, here's what they got. the staff had realized the keys were missing and disabled the car. the 10-year-old was already on probation for stealing a car last summer. >> meanwhile, a group of east bay kids were in for a special treat today. warriors center invited kids to a special screening of "black panther." all 150 are part of the children's after school program. he met up with the kids at the grand lake theater in oakland and got a very warm weekend there. he said he wanted to organize a
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screening right after the movie came out but of course, he had to work around warriors schedule. >> i'm just glad i can do it. it was just -- it felt right because it's all black movie, all black director and i feel like that's really empowering certainly for kids in the inner city to see, people of our color just doing great things. >> the east bay agency for children provides after school activities for kids from marginalized communities. chinatown held its 40th annual chinese new year run today. the scenic run goes through areas of chinatown north bay, embarcadero and runs a fundraiser that benefits the physical education program and community center at the ymcymca. there's the girl winning it in what, ten years? she's in shape now. ymca serves 1500 with programs every single week. >> let's turn it over to sports now.
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joining us now live is fallon smith. >> hey, coming up, one giant prospect is -- the opening day roster. new face in the giants dugout but just for one day. more on that next in sports. we need to be ready for whatever weather may come our way. my name's scott strenfel and i'm a meteorologist at pg&e. we make sure that our crews as well as our customers are prepared to how weather may impact their energy. so every single day we're monitoring the weather, and when storm events arise our forecast get crews out ahead of the storm to minimize any outages. during storm season we want our customers to be ready and stay safe. learn how you can be prepared at together, we're building a better california.
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♪ ♪ get high-speed internet from at&t $30 per month. no extra monthly fees. more for your thing. that's our thing. the season opens in just a few weeks. for the giants - it can )t come soon enough. as they try to put last year )s disasterous season behind them. baseball is almost back, the season opens in a few weeks and for the giants it can't come
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soon enough as they put last year's disastrous season behind them. until then we have spring ball and this afternoon it was a good old fashioned rivalry. let's take you to scottsdale, arizona. doubles to right center and comes home to score. that was the only run not bad. top two, steven dugger, the 24-year-old trying to make a case to make the opening day roster and he does that right there. crazy, makes a diving catch with bases loaded. that won't hurt his chances, this time it's dugger at the plate facing mayeda, hola, third homer of spring, that won't hurt his chances either. bottom of the seven, mack will
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yamson at the tweet and maybe it helped him. let's see. yeah, i think it did, two-one double and gregor blanco score. that was all of the offense giants had today, dodgers win 9-3 the final. let's look at the rest of the giants spring broadcast schedule. six more on the docket. the next one next sunday at 3:00 in the afternoon right here on nbc bay area. now another great moment from sunday's game, veteran broadcaster chris berman, well known giants fan served as the skipper for the giants and had the pitching change in the seventh inning. look at the jersey, wearing number 83 and this was an honor of his late wife katherine who passed away in a car accident last may and married in 1983, hence the number 83. >> another inedible story, if
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you don't know who shakim griffin was before the nfl combine, you do now. he's a one handed linebacker from central florida, didn't even get an invite to the combine until january and today he did that. making him the fastest linebacker at the nfl combine from thre2003. to put it in per inspect i have been, adrian peterson and beckham didn't run that fast in their combine. pretty crazy. he also put up 20 reps in the bench press the other day and did that with one prosthetic hand. his story is incredible. >> it's amazing. it's amazing. thank you so much and we'll be right back.
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who are all these caretakers, advocates too? turns out, it's californians it's me and it's you. don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california and do your thing. down. rain, snow, and hail in the a live look at emeryville. a beautiful sight. look at the lights there and sun going down and rain and snow and hail in the forecast last few days. rob, what's on tap? >> none of that. >> just he recommend nising folks. >> we have chilly temperatures tomorrow morning. san francisco, 40s close to the bay. but even san francisco climbing to the 60s next couple of days. tomorrow after patchy frost or maybe ice in the mountain roadways, take caution in the morning commute. rain wednesday night into thursday. a lot less than what we just saw. >> thank you very much and thank you for joining us, we're back
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at 11:00. hope you can join us then. >> have a good night.
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