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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  March 5, 2018 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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report of a man attacking a woman. today smith's fiancee told tmz he chhas checked into rehab wit the help of her parents and she said he will treat what she called his substance abuse problem. the 28-year-old posted this cryptic photo on his instagram page of a sidewalk and the caption read, you are all wrong. smith has had several run-ins with the law since being drafted bit 49ers into 2011. today the raiders released him. le likely never play again in the nfl. police have solved a cold case murder. two women killed in fremont years ago. david misch is accused of killing michelle xavier and michelle due yu. the bodies shot and strapped and left along mill creek road in fremont in 1986. xavier's car was found at the mission valley shopping center. investigators say dna and
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interviews with family witnesses led to a break in the cold case. >> it is a great feeling. to be able to say we can get some closure for this family. they've felt like they are a close family to us as the police department and we've kept them close to us and we want to go and tell them the great news. it was a great feeling. >> mish is in the folsom state prison for a murder in alameda county. he will be moved to santa rita county jail and arraigned next week. and tense moments in the air. in a plane where a passenger tried to get into the cockpit. it is bumpy but it happened mid-flight from sfo to boise. it is a passenger subduing a woman holding her on the floor. the woman can be heard in the background saying, i am god, over and over again. a spokesperson said no one was hurt and the plane did land safely. unclear at this point why the passenger tried to get in the cockpit. boise police did take her into
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custody but at this point she was not arrested. 14 months later and we're learn blg wh -- learning what led to the ghost ship fire in oakland. it killed 36 people in december of 2016 during a party at the residential warehouse. one of the men facing criminal charges released a 21-page manifesto today. our investigators have been reviewing the details. we found the master tenant said police and fire and child protective ser protective services had been in the ghost ship house years before the fire and never complained. he said in 2015 he even hosted a party for the kid's school in the warehouse and an oakland firefighter attended. al mena admitted adding a stairwell and shower and bathroom which he said the landlord knew about. he and his second in command pleaded not guilty to charges of in voluntary manslaughter. they're trial is set for this
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july. new at 6:00, a t was -- it was supposed to be the moment to shine instead a high school team watched away detected and out tens of thousands of dollars around the rebought and ge-- re and gear was stolen. and after all of the hard work, they have to be devastated. >> reporter: a lot of hard work. just last saturday this team placed seventh out of 52 teams in a competition held in utah. they celebrated only to find out the very next morning everything was gone. a robotics team from monta vista high school in cupertino is down but determined to bounce back after someone stole a trailer carrying a robot and their gear used for competition. >> our whole team was just devastated ux could s devastated, you could see the look on everybody's faces.
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>> it was stolen outside of the hotel they were staying. the robot is named el toro 21 and tools worth $50,000, they spent hundreds of hours working to build it. >> all of the hours we put in and it was like -- hours and endless hours and the money and time and i was disappointed for the team. >> due to strict competition rules, if el toro 21 is not found, they need permission to build a new robot andn an additional $25,000. if it is found, it is unclear if they can use it. because the robot's must be sealed before the first competition. >> when it is in the bag, you are not allowed to touch it until you take it back out of the bag for the competition. they will do whatever it takes to be ready for the next competition in only three weeks. >> we'll get through this and be ready for idaho and do great. >> reporter: the team has some high-profile sponsors, including google and microsoft. but they're also asking for the
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public's help. for more information, log on to live from cupertino, laura sam bol, nbc bay area news. fear and anxiety, what thousands of undocumented students across the bay area say they are feeling. as they wait for a resolution to the federal daca program. our sky ranger was overhead at san jose city hall and you could see the protesters rallied on what was supposed to be the day the program was halted by president trump. a supreme court ruling delayed that decision. but dreamers and their supporters say little has been done to find some sort of permanent path to citizenship for about 800,000 people in this program. nbc bay area's jodi hernandez is at berkeley where they say the limbo is leading to fears. >> reporter: students say it is a constant worry. dreamers say they are glad that the daca program didn't end today. but the fight is far from over.
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>> this is home for me. yes. i believe this is where i grew up. and i consider it my home. >> reporter: but 20-year-old joset worried he may some day be forced to leave the only home he's ever known. he moved to the bay area from mexico when he was just 2 years old. the berkeley city college student is now a daca recipient whose future is in limbo. >> feeling like unsure. will i be here to continue my academic journey, my sister, she's a u.s. citizen so if i weren't -- if i was not allowed to be here any more, would i be able to see her grow up. >> reporter: daca students and supporters are rallying at berkeley. they're joining others across the country demanding protection for dreamers. today was supposed to mark the end of the deferred action for childhood arrivals program. while the supreme court issued a reprieve, dreamers aren't
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keeping quiet. >> being undocumented as a student, it is -- it is like you are not sure, you don't have a certain future. >> reporter: he said though he was born in mexico, he doesn't know anyone there now and doesn't speak spanish very well. >> i would be going there blind and that is the scary part. going there blind and not knowing who is there and what is there. >> reporter: dreamers and supporters say they will continue to fight until a dream act with a path to citizenship is passed. reporting live in berkeley, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. this billboard that you see is causing controversy tonight. an international airline advertising flights from san jose to ho chi minh city and that triggered anger along the vietnamese population. robert honda joins us live and many of the community find that
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language and particular phrase very hurtful. >> reporter: well that is right. it is a complex situation. officially the destination city is called ho chi min city but many here in the community don't accept that and didn't want the airline to either. >> saigon forever. >> reporter: san jose counsel members have successfully reached the top level of city government so it was natural members of the vietnamese community would reach out when they saw these billboards that promotes a flight on a.n.a. from san jose to ho chi minh city which most vietnam refugees and communities prefer to call saigon, the city's name before the vietnam war. customers at cafe paradise on monterey road, a popular cafe that sat under a billboard were the first to complain, including non-vietnamese patrons. >> as soon as i noticed the billboard, my reaction was that is not right. >> reporter: and wynn got called calling him a community even
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though he had nothing to do with the ad but such is the furor over opposition to the naming of the local little saigon district and shows the emotion of the large community's reaction. >> the idea of anything related to communist is not only offensive but a blow to the community. >> reporter: counselman did praise a.n.a. airlines for taking down the billboard's quickly. >> what is important for the community is to not have this constant reminder in our face about ho chi min and to not normalize it for our non-vietnamese friends. >> trying to gloss over or erase the past is the biggest offense. >> reporter: and a.n.a. did remo remove the billboards but we have not heard back on whether it will make the change on the rest of the flight information. robert handa, nbc bay area news. it is not often a tennis match drives 15,000 people but it is happening tonight at the shark tank. the world's number one ranked player, along with the world's
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richest man will join savannah guthrie for a charity match. let's take you inside the shark tank. terry mcsweeney joins us. this is big. roger fedder, bill gates and savannah and you. you are are in good company there. >> reporter: you are three out of four. that is not bad. this is a huge deal. it is a huge night. they are raising money for -- this match for africa to made money for the roger federer foundation to help millions of children in africa get a good education. it is a serious cause. with serious tennis. and a lost fun here at the sap center tonight. let's look at video. this starts at 7:30 with a doubles match and you got to check out the doubles -- the doubles teams. you got 20 time grand slam winner roger federer teaming up with bill gates against savannah guthrie and american star jack sock. now guthrie calls herself a federer super fan and closer to a fanatic and met him for the
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first time yesterday and very excited. can't wait to play on the same court as her hero as she said, she's a bag of nerves. >> i'm nervous because it's hard to perform in front of all of these people and to do something athletic, especially the serve. it scares the most. because once the ball is in play, the pros -- they'll make bill and i look good. but when you are serving, it is just you. you are alone and if it were possible to triple fault, i would. >> reporter: well after the doubles match they have a singles match and this is the serious part of the tennis out here. it will be roger federer against jack sock. the fifth match for africa event benefiting the roger federer foundation. they've already distributed $36 million in africa to help children get a good education. there are seats available at the sap center and it is 6:10 or so and this march starts at 7:30
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and the doubles start at 7:30. come out here, tickets available. at the sap. terry mcsweeney, nbc bay area news. >> save us two spots for jessica and i. >> we're on the way. a big oscar win for pixar but an even bigger win for the mexican culture. the woman who helped ensure that "coco" was authentic. and more snow but not enough. the latest water survey results and the bigger concern about another possible drought here in the bay area. >> i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. clearing skies across tahoe with snow and i'll have details on a reason and season numbers an the snow pack and when we could get more rain in about six minutes. u
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seen any of the mov did you watchie the oscars? more importantly, have you seen any of the movies yet? one in particular made a whole lot of people feel very proud about their mexican culture. and it is all from a bay area studio. let's bring in scott budman and pixar had to get this one just right. >> it did. the movie "coco" took an important part of mexican culture so the bay area movie studio turned to a bay area expert for accuracy. the ninth pixar movie to win best animated feature came with a cultural mandate. >> it is a critical component.
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>> reporter: "coco" based around dia de los muertos and starred an all latino cast paid to its roots and the company hiring a full time consultant also from the bay area. >> what that means is that you're figuring out a way to put yourself into the shoes of that community, or that heritage. >> reporter: the results say those who saw "coco" is a movie that entertains them and making them feel a sense of pride. >> because it makes us think ma mexican people can achieve the same of anybody else. >> it makes me feel proud because it shows our culture and it shows people who can't experience it like we do. >> another note of cultural pride for the movie biz, as of last night three out of the last four best directors oscars have gone to directors from mexico. >> very exciting. our recent storm may have
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dropped a decent amount of rain and plenty of powder in the sierra but not much to ease the california water shortage. that is the headline from the sierra snow pack measurement. marianne favro is live in san jose with a look at what it means for water conservation and we do still need a lot more rain and snow pack. >> reporter: and conservation as well. well our water levels are definitely up. you can tell that by looking at this basin behind me. but because we had such a dry january and february, our marked rain so far are not making a difference to our overall water supply. the recent storm gave skiers in south lake tahoe plenty of fresh powder and today's sierra snow pack check confirms the snow level is up 80% compared to last week. while that is encouraging, it is still well below normal. despite the days of rain, hail
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and even enough snow to launch a few snow ball fights on mt. hamilton, the water levels at the ten reservoirs are up just 2%. and most are nowhere near full. >> this rain is always helpful but we're behind. we're using last year's water. >> which is why the santa clara valley water district is asking people to continue to make conservation a high priority. >> right now we're going to continue with our 20% water conservation volunteer program. >> reporter: not everyone is listening. in january, despite a dry month, people in santa clara county only cut back water use by just 9%. >> stop conserving because i thought we had plenty. so i started watering the lawn. >> reporter: but he said now that he knows this picture may not tell the whole water supply story. he plans to start conserving again. >> reporter: in april the water district board will consider whether or not to make that 20%
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conservation goal a permanent recommendation. reporting live in san jose, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. and here we go again. with jeff ranieri talking about possible drought coming to the bay area. >> and we don't want to see that. we have a lot of catching up to do as we've been mentioning. with the most recent rainfall, we need from another four to ten inches of rainfall to just get he is close to normal. another look at some of the numbers. you can see at squaw creek in lake tahoe, we do have some clear conditions. all of that fresh powder 28 degrees. so how do the numbers stack up as we just pause and take a look at things. right now we are 43% of normal to date across the central sierra, which includes lake tahoe. only 39% of the april average and a equivalent of 11.5 inches. at this point we need about ten more feet of snow to at least get us back closer to where we should be during this time of the year. and in terms of the rainfall
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totals, yes, we did see a lot. several inches for the bay but not good enough for our deficit. take santa rosa, since the water started on october 1st, 15.33 inches but still running a 13.03 deficit. in fact, all of the bay area in the deficit column. we do have several chances of rainfall coming our way over the next seven days but still a slow climb to catch up. tomorrow is mild. high clouds. instead of cold weather, we have mild 70s coming back. 70 in santa rosa and also for napa and concord and morgan hill and san jose and san francisco at 64. so the biggest difference is temperatures warming up an the high clouds streaming throughout the bay. what about the rainfall chances? well we get the chance coming back on wednesday night into thursday. another chance saturday night into sunday. and possibly a third storm of the week by monday. we're going to detail how much rainfall from each and every chance coming at 6:48 in the
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full forecast. >> we'll see you then. inspiring theater in our schools. the big grant from an nbc show that will change the lives of theater students at a local high school. r twitpte3 "day care" won
6:22 pm
arrested in chicago. happening now on our twitter page, three day care workers have been arrested in chicago. they're accused of giving a class of toddlers gummy bears laced with melatonin. they wanted to calm the kids down for a nap. also on the twitter feed, how
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department already on the this is so exciting. a new nbc show is giving momentum to the local theater department that is already on the rise. >> well said. today a north bay high school was recognized for the potential in performing arts. here is the deal. the students get plan to get better and there was a dramatic reveal. sack brock is in napa. >> at american canyon high school, students knew the stage was set for something on monday morning, but what? >> it almost feels real. >> reporter: students are there to watch the submission for the nbc rise america, an initiative supplying half a million dollars to high school theaters around the country suddenly had the curtain pulled back.
6:25 pm
damon gillespie star of "rise" came out carrying a $10,000 check and chocked full of hope. >> when i got the call i was working at dunkin' donuts and two days later i was in rehearsal for the pilot. >> now a transformation could be in store for a program trying to scrape together money for productions. >> this program was just nonexistent. >> reporter: these students joined the drama department as a freshman and four years later she has watched it blossom to soon a musical. >> it is hard to accomplish on a shoe string budgetet. it takes expertise and guidance. >> they will perform on stage as a dancer and singer. >> reporter: and a sign that in a day and age where arts has struggled for due recognition and funds, the field is finding a new footing n., in napa, sack
6:26 pm
brock. >>" rise" was about a high school theater program. it premieres here on nbc bay area march 13th. defying a subpoena. the reason a former aide to president trump is refusing to cooperate with the mueller investigation. >> also it is official. gavin newsom making his run for governor. one of the biggest challenges taking him to task over one specific issue. we'll explain.
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my name is jamir dixon and i'm a locate and mark fieldman for pg&e. most people in the community recognize the blue trucks as pg&e. my truck is something new... it's an 811 truck. when you call 811, i come out to your house and i mark out our gas lines and our electric lines to make sure that you don't hit them when you're digging. 811 is a free service. i'm passionate about it because every time i go on the street i think about my own kids. they're the reason that i want to protect our community and our environment, and if me driving a that truck means that somebody gets to go home safer, then i'll drive it every day of the week. together, we're building a better california.
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oh hi sweetie, i just want to show you something. xfinity mobile: find my phone. [ phone rings ] look at you. this tech stuff is easy. [ whirring sound ] you want a cookie? it's a drone! i know. find your phone easily with the xfinity voice remote. one more way comcast is working to fit into your life, not the other way around. gavin newsom may have been
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right now at 6:30 an important formality. gavin newsom may have been running for governor for years but today he is formally on the ballot. the former san francisco mayor first announced his run three years ago but it wasn't until today that he formally finished that process. and right away there is a new challenge. >> mark matthews joins us from san francisco city hall on this symbolic day for new some. mark? >> reporter: as you know, photo on op is what you get with a candidate files his papers, but because this race has tightened in the last few weeks, we wanted to give it a closer look. with his wife and toddler, it only took a few moments for gavin newsom to hand in the necessary paperwork and turned his focus to the importance of the open june primary. >> this is an opportunity to shape the future of this state and this nation. >> he filed and his closest
6:30 pm
point issued a new challenge to debate. >> to debate on sb-562 which is legislation promoting a single payer health care system without a plan and without a funding plan and without any specifics that would call for a vote of the people. >> reporter: and villariagosa said sb-562 would cause a big jump in taxes and require voter approval. newsom called the challenge a stunt. >> we have eight or nine debates so i -- it is a stunt. >> reporter: and the two have debated health care with a host of other issues. villaraigosa would like a more detailed discussion. he countered that the bill could work with the right leadership. >> what will we do to address and triage this moment. we're offering a bold vision and a bold approach and they're offering timidity and excuses. this is a contrast in the campaign. >> reporter: a little bit of context. gavin newsom points to healthy
6:31 pm
san francisco but did not author that measure. that was a former supervisor who has been criticizing newsom for being slow to come to that program. and which has now become center stage in the race for governor. reporting from city hall, mark matthews, nbc bay area news. >> it is a fascinating race for the governor. thank you. california voters will cast their ballots in the primary using a new system. the state law gives 14 california counties the option to participate in what is called a uniform voting system. so far sacramento, napa, nevada and san mateo and maduro have signed up and you can mail in or cast ballots at any voting center before or on election day. >> on the past you got your ballot and i have to go to this place to vote. no more. you choose your place.
6:32 pm
>> anywhere in your country. they hope to have the entire state on the same system by 2020. >> a campaign aide defiant telling nbc news he will not comply with the sweeping grand jury subpoena. president trump is face aing a new turn into the russia investigation, rob mayeda ert ms asking for documents dating back to 2015. former aide sam nunberg he wouldn't comply. >> you sat there in that room being questioned by mueller's investigators, i want to hear directly from you. do you think they have something on the president? >> i think they may. >> what. >> i think that he may have done something during the election. did you i don't know that. >> i think he doesn't know that for sure because he is incorrect. >> now legal experts sayn if he defied the subpoena he could be charged with obstruction of justice or potentially contempt of court.
6:33 pm
now last fall president trump's attorney said he expected the mueller investigation to be ending by thanksgiving. and then it was moved to the end of the year. >> now it is march and the probe seems to be gaining steam. larry ger sinn joins us. we knew it would be long and where are we? and that nunberg interview today was fascinating. >> riveting. just riveting. every word on every station. the guy got good press but you wonder how many people were sacrificed along the way in his effort to save them. what a story. but about this one, this is a huge quick reminder, number one, the average investigation by special counsel since watergate takes three years. this one is falling right into line. so we have to go back to last may. remember what happened? james comey gets fired because he is getting too close. sniffing around too much with respect to the russians and president trump. and so deputy attorney general rosenstein -- dan -- rod rosenstein hires mueller. giving him the special counsel. do what you need to do and find
6:34 pm
whatever you need to find in order to see whether -- whether there was some sort of collusion. some sort of connection between the russians and the trump campaign. well, along the way you find things you might not think of finding you go places you might not think of going and that is why this is taking so long. >> and one of the things you are referring to is financials. so far in this investigation it has to do with money but isn't that outside of the purview of russian interference. >> one would think. think back to watergate for a moment. and how it started about a land deal and how it wound up with president clinton in a sex scandal. things happen with a special counsel. in this case, we have several things going on. the major question people keep asking is what is going on? why is it that president trump isn't doing anything about russia, giving 17 intel agents which have gone ahead and said we have proof. why when they had mueller going ahead and saying we have 3 113
6:35 pm
yushans with proof and now you have more subpoenas coming because they want to know about financial records and they want to know about phone calls and e-mails. they want to know about who blew what smoke in the air. believe you me, this is getting very thorough. >> mueller knows a lot of the answers. is he finding the technical ways -- >> bingo. and he does know the answers. and when he calls people in to ask them questions, the answer to which he already has, if they don't tell him what is going on, now he has them in a vice. they have lying to the fbi or in case the special counsel coming with five years chopping up big rock news little ones and that is how he caught so many already. but what is going on, the haunt of what is really happening. every once in a while you learn in these big investigations there is that one question. in watergate the question was, with howard baker asking it, special committee, i want to know what the president knew and
6:36 pm
when he knew it. bingo. that opened up all kinds of things n. th things -- in this case the question is why is it president trump is so reluctant to impose sanctions or say anything negative to keep the russians from interfering with the election in 2018 or 2020. why? that is the question we ask and we're not getting answers and the longer it goes without any answers the more that special agent mueller will go ahead and go into more areas because it is one link to another to another link and there you have it. >> three years. thank you. well in the wake of the nation's deadliest high school massacre, the florida state senate passed a school safety bill. parents of the children killed in parkland, florida, today, sent a message of action to state lawmakers. the gun legislation creates a voluntary program allowing qualified school staff, not teachers, to carry guns. it also designates millions of
6:37 pm
dollars to students mental health programs and raises the age to 21 to buy any firearm in the state of florida. but it does not ban the sale of assault-style rifles like the one used in that parkland shooting. student activists say this is not enough. >> at the end of the day, i don't care if you are democrat or if you are republican, the only thing i care about is these 17 individuals lives and the thousands of others that have died. >> a few if any senators there in florida were happy with the legislation. republicans don't like raising the minimum age to buy rifles and democrats wanted a ban on all assault-style rifles. the bill now goes to florida's house. a landmark moment. the uss carl vinson docked into vietnam. the first time a u.s. military ship has done so since the vietnam war. experts say the arrival of the vinson under scores the vietnam increasingly tense relationship with beijing over the disputed south china sea. diplomats say it is also a
6:38 pm
strong signal to china about the growing ties between washington and hanoi. today china which is mustering forces in the south china sea announced it will increase defense spending by another 8%. here you go. the pharma bro has to pay up. that is what the judge is ordering martin shkreli to do. $7 million into assets including his stake in a rare album from the wu tang clan. he was found guilty last year of cheating investors in two failed hedge funds. the former pharmaceutical executive was nicknamed pharma bro on social media and known for raising the price of the drug dara prim by more than 5,000%. he is scheduled to be sentenced this friday. a new delay in bringing bart to san jose. the reason that project is being pushed back. a ory we first st
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maybe you should ask your doctor? go to to learn more. we )re getting a closer look ata teenager, who may have be a follow up to a story we first brought you last night. a closer look at a teen who may
6:41 pm
have been involved in several burglaries and robberies in san mattoyo. bradshaw shough w bradshaw -- was arrested after driving a stolen car out of the mall. it crashed into other cars near the mall before taking off on foot. one of the teens was hit by an unmarked police cruiser and rushed to the hospital. at this point no word on that suspect's condition. there are more delays for b.a.r.t. expansion in the milpitas and san jose. the next phase is being pushed back to next year. because of delays in testing, not enough personnel and what they call breakdowns in communication. in ishlly they were scheduled to open in december of last year. as in two months ago. but that doesn't happen. it is now looking like the stations won't open until next january or march of 2019. if you commute on cal tran you notice it is getting
6:42 pm
crowded. journalists reporting that ridership is up by 3%. the increase has brought in a million dollars in extra revenue. however, that growth also means bigger crowds on the trains. cal train is then proposing running extra trains during peak hours but it is not likely to happen for another four years when they convert to electric trains. jeff ranieri back with us. the giants and a's are down in arizona looking for the sunshine. but we have it here. they should come home. >> beautiful start to the week. we do have rainfall coming our way as we head through the next seven days. we'll detail that. but we show you again how nice it is outside. san jose 57 and colder to 45 at 11:00. that is coming up in minutes. and the car passes an inspection but then trouble that costs more an a grand. i'm consumer investigator chris ke kehm ora. nbc bay area responds next.
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nbc bay area responds, solving consumer problems and recovering over $1 million. if you want help, call us or visit >> nbc bay area responds to an antioch man who asked for help with a car dealer. >> consumer investigator chris chmura joins us now with the case rolling. >> michael paid more than $50,000 for a used porch 911 care era and the seller mercedes benz of walnut creek said it passed an inspection before he bought it. but a week later when he took it to a nearby porsche dealer for a once-over, he was told the tires were ten years old. michael said he has a picture showing the cracking. he shared it with us up there. so he said he paid $1,300 for new tires. michael then asked the mercedes benz of walnut creek to rebim urs him and the dealer declined so he asked for help. we contacted the dealer and it
6:46 pm
paid michael in full for the new tires $1,300. the dealer didn't respond to our questions. two things here. first, michael might have avoided this headache if he asked someone to look over the porsche before he bought it. and second, that seller's inspection, it is not very clear what that actually entailed. so if someone tells they've inspected a car that you're going to buy, press them. who did it? how, when and where and demand answers. call us at 888-996-tips or log on to >> that is a big purchase. thank you. well nbc's hit show "the voice" returns for the next round of blind auditions and a bay area man is hoping to land a spot. ♪ [ singing ] >> he's good. >> that is a good song.
6:47 pm
that is brett hunter from oakland. you'll see his full audition and find out if kelly clarkson adam levine or blake shelter turned around. see who rotates out. "the voice" at is 8:00 and then good girls followed by us at 11:00. >> and his name is brett. >> brett hunter. >> we're rooting for you. >> we will turn around for you. >> you have our vote for today. >> it was so good out there. hopefully you enjoy it because we do have changes coming over the next couple of days and keep that umbrella handy. let's take a look at our microclimate forecast right now. and i want to start with a bird's eye view of what is going to be happening here as we head throughout the next several days so you could prepare for some wet weather to come back. we have our next chance here wednesday and thursday. a second chance on sunday. and then maybe, just maybe, by next monday a third chance of wet weather in the forecast.
6:48 pm
we'll detail the amount of rain from all of these coming up in about two minutes. but let's get to the change for tomorrow. it is mild. we have this weak area of high pressure building in. that is not only going to help to bring in some warmer weather, isolated 70s but also some high cloud cover. so that will be the biggest change for tomorrow morning. the high cloud cover streaming across and that will help temperatures from getting down below the freezing mark as you see in the south bay, 41 degrees. tri-valley at 39. also starting with upper 30s in the north bay. san francisco and high overcast and 45. and for the east bay 43. we'll get some sunshine as we head through the afternoon on tuesday. and those temperatures warm up with some isolated 70s right down into the south bay. really beautiful here for some early march weather. 70 in downtown san jose. 70 in morgan hill. 71 in east san jose. also some isolate
6:49 pm
6:50 pm
[ technical difficulties ] >> we need a whole lot more but the long range forecast looks like it could still keep a wetter weather trend as we continue throughout march. i know a lot of folks are excited to get up there and go skiing on that snow in lake tahoe. >> someone is going skiing here soon. >> thank you, jeff. the warriors are back home in the east bay and well rested. how did the guys rejuvenate themselves? we'll tell you. colin joins us next.
6:51 pm
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6:53 pm
for the best basketball team on the planet? you also get access to th so what happens when you play for best basketball team on the planet, you get access to the best. they played augusta. >> but they didn't get the green
6:54 pm
jacket. >> after the practice coach kerr was talking and here is colin in oakland. >> we all look forward to having our days off from work. nba players no different. after the win over atlanta on friday night, steveker gave the guys the weekend off. low-key, a common approach. >> we slept on the couch all day. great. played with the kids. catch up on some sleep. catch up on some tv. and enjoy my home. pretty much all i did. >> despite tweaking an ankle against the hawks, that is not all steph curry did. but you could still call it low key. he played golf with klay thompson. but it is where they played that makes it interesting. and makes steve kerr and the rest of us jealous. >> it is augusta and he's a golfer. he had a great time. >> it was phenomenal. i wasn't too worried about his ankle. it was -- i was more interested
6:55 pm
in him feeling good, rejuvenating his body and playing a couple of days of golf at the world's greatest golf course. good for all of those guys. >> so curry is rejuvenated an the ankle is fine and full steam ahead. the final 19 games of the regular season of which, yes, running the table post all-star break is still a goal. >> i think it is always realistic. i think that is should always be a goal, to win every time you step on the floor and continue to be better. so i think it is a good way to go. >> the warriors 5-0 to start the home stretch and looking to make it 6-0 on tuesday night at oracle arena. in oakland, colin resch, nbc bay area news. >> a lot of hype for the warriors down the final stretch of the season. also in 30 minutes we mentioned that unique tennis match at the sap center in san jose. it is called match for africa and it is a fundraiser for children education. the highlight of the night, a doubles match between number one, roger federer and bill
6:56 pm
gates against savannah guthrie and jack sock. she called herself a federer superfan. and not a stalker, but just loves federer. >> she knows how to play tennis really well if she's -- >> it is not like they call anybody up. she has to play. >> she's been take lessons and practicing for weeks. >> come on, for years. >> and she could be pretty good. >> 15,000 people at the shark tank to watch that. so a lot of people. it is nearly sold out. >> i'm glad they didn't tell me. i close my eyes to the ball. >> one more check of the forecast. >> we have time for. >> that you could see mild tomorrow. 70 degrees. clouds in the morning and sun in the afternoon. chance of rain on wednesday and thursday. and then possibly more rain on saturday night into next monday. >> bill gates also at the tennis match. you could ask him for a loan. >> see you at 11:00. tonigh
6:57 pm
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it's extra -- >> at the oscars -- >> right now. women rule at the academy awards. >> all the female nominees stand with me in this room tonight. >> what did you think of frances mcdormand. >> i was like, yes, girl. >> the times up takeover. >> it's not a hash tag for me. >> kelly ripa, standing by ryan seacrest. did taraji throw shade at seacrest? she clears it up with us. allison janney's best night ever. >> i'm with the big winner of the night. >> what's our big video surprise for the best supporting actress? >> sandra bullock, oscar night returns. breaking news about the all female ocean's eight.


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