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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  March 6, 2018 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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the football player is yet to turn himself into san francisco police in connection with a domestic violence incident that happened over the weekend. good morning, and thanks for joining us for our midday newscast. i )m scott mcgrew in for marcus washington. and i )m laura garcia. let )s get right to nbc bay area )s pete suratos - who )s at the county jail - and pete still no sign of smith? ad lib update this would mark the latest run let's get right to pete suratos. no sign of aldon smith. >> reporter: that's right. right behind me from the sheriff's office, still no sighting of aldon smith. i just called the san francisco police. they're saying they have no updates. as far as whether or not he is
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in custody, they're saying that alvin smith and his lawyer are expected to surrender at some point today. however, we haven't seen it as of this morning. let's show you why he would be turning himself in. this is the scene. alvin was allegedly involved in a domestic violence incident. a neighbor of the victim is the one who called 911 and according to dispatchers, the victim called saying she was bitten. the the charges include domestic violence, force likely to call bodily injury, vandalism and imprisonment. he checked into rehab following this incident. in fact, it was the parent of his fiance not too long ago who helped him get into rehab. and of course, smith is no stranger to the law including charges of dui and charges with assault weapons. he was released by traders as a
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result of this incident and he has been already suspended for previous incidents. so far this morning, guys have been staking out this area and we've seen no sightings of aldon smith. san francisco, pete suratos. >> thank you very much, pete. meanwhile, jeff sessions will be in sacramento talking to california law enforcement officers. we do expect him to tea the sanctuary city efforts. the justice department promise what's they're calling a major announcement. sessions has launched the effort to reduce legal and illegal immigration and called it unconscionable. new at 11:00, windows of nearly a dozen cars were blown out during morning commute. it happened on east taylor and fifth stths this morning. you can see the windows of some
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of the cars completely shattered. thankfully no one was hurt. police are trying to dheerm did this and what was the weapon that was used. and the tragic deaths of the san francisco mother and son near lake tahoe. this picture of the mother is from her linkedin page. they were on a ski vacation over the weekend. they died when three feet of snow came crashing down on top of them. the pair were hit by a truck of snow that fell from the roof of their vacation could understand dloxt son was a first grader in san francisco's hayes valley. we spoke to a grief counsellor at the campus right now. >> we're devastated to learn of their pass go and our thoughts are with them during this difficult time. we've provided grief he counsellors to help cope with the loss in our community and our deepest sympathies and
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thoughts go out to the family as they process this incident. >> a total of four skiers have been killed in california ski resorts this past week. now a little break in the weather. >> a sad situation out there. we are expecting to see a shift in this weather pattern. san francisco right now, look at the clear skies. we're not seeing any cause in sight. right now the temperatures in the upper 50s. even some 60s. we woke up to 30s and 40s. but right now, half moon bay, 65 degrees. oakland voorks. san jose, near 61 degrees. we have the ridge of high pressure warming us up. but now we're going to see that kind of change in the next 24 hours. right now, the 24-hour temperature change, believe it or not. we're about seven degrees warmer at this hour than yesterday for
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san jose. about 11 degrees warmer. this will keep us nice and warm tomorrow morning. come tomorrow night, we're tracking the arrival of the incoming system and it is expected to bring rain to the bay area. in terms of how much and the time line, i will break all of that down for you. looking toward the weekend, it looks like we're tracking several storms headed toward the bay area. happening today, a possible limit on gun sales. linda has been at that meeting monitoring what's going on. they just started the discussion. >> they just started talking about the gun sales and gun use at county owned properties as
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well. by the time i had to walk out of the chambers, four people had spoken to and in favor of that. two folks had spoken against that ban and the impact on things like scout and range activities. 16 people in all will speak with the proposed ban. i will pose, post the first four comments in my twitter feed and my facebook feed as well as the two main arguments. the obvious one is keeping guns off the streets which he says is in line with keeping them off the county. the help and welfare of the people of santa clara county. they make a financial argument. there are only two gun shows here at the fair grounds and he says the county only made $6,000 off the code of the west gun show in february. one counter argument, as you
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might imagine, is that end go legal gun show sales could drive sales underground. >> if you're not doing it in the public eye under controlled circumstances, i feel like there will be back door deals going. on one way or the other, you can't get rid of it. why not try to be a part of it and support it to the point where it is a little more controlled. >> for perspective during today in the bay, i pulled up a uc berkeley show. it showed there was a 70% spike in gun violence following gunning shows in nevada. in california communities within a driving distance, the violence continued for two weeks after the gun shows. in california there was no impact after gun shows. 16 people did sign up to give their public comment before the supervisors take tim issues
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themselves. my colleague is sitting inside of the supervisors' chambers. she will have a wrap-up of this debate coming up tonight. nbc bay area news. >> thank you. santa clara county supervisors plan to discuss a 2020 census at their meeting today. they will discuss allocating $1 million in the first phase of the coming count. supporters believe it is currently underfunded by the trump administration. it will help to ensure that every home in the county is properly counted. there has been enormous progress this morning in the talks between two koreas. nornl korean leader kim jong-un has agreed to meet with south korea's president next month and impose a moratorium on missile tests if his country holds talks with the united states. it follows a meeting on
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tuesday's visit. the u.s. capital said it will not sit down to talks unless north korea agrees to rid itself of weapons before the the negotiations begin. and after a chaotic series of days, one of the former campaign saves turning up the heat in the russia meddling investigation. sam nunberg has become the first to suggest the candidate may have done something wrong. >> nunberg really stunned journalists by giving several unusual interviews on cable networks, one right after the other. and the white house is firing back. >> reporter: this morning as the russia probe intensifies, the former trump campaign aide sam nunberg is sending mixed signals about whether he'll comply with the subpoena from robert mueller's team. even taunting mueller in a stunning series of tv interviews monday. >> they're not going to send me
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to jail. if mr. mueller wants to send me to jail, he can send no jail and then i'll laugh about it. >> telling nbc news he'll likely cooperate in the end but earlier a defiant nunberg insisting he wouldn't provide testimony or turn over e-mails. >> it's a witch hunt and i'm not going to cooperate. >> repeatedly suggest go mr. trump may have engaged in wrongdoing during the campaign, telling katy tur on msnbc -- >> i want to hear directly from you. do you think they have something on the president? >> i think they may. i think he may have done something during the election but i don't know that for sure. >> why do you think that? >> i can't explain it unless you were in there. >> later elaborating with ari melber. >> do you think it was in relations to all the social media? >> i think they were interested in something with his business.
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>> erratic. >> something like this is so ridiculous after i went down there, after, by the way, i spent money on the legal for a lawyer. >> even prompting this exchange on cnn. >> talking to you, i have smelled alcohol on your breath. >> well, i have not had a drink. >> so that's not -- >> no. >> the white house firing back at nunberg who was fired from the trump campaign in 2015 after writing rate of posts on social media and was later sued by mr. trump for violating a confidentiality agreement. it was settled in 2016. >> i definitely think he doesn't know that for sure because he's incorrect. we said many times before, there was no collusion with the trump campaign. >> all this amidst controversy from president trump's long time lawyer, michael cohn, to adult film actress stormy daniels.
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there was talk of paying her just days before the 2016 election. the "wall street journal" reports the bank cohn used to make that transaction flagged it as suspicious and reported it to the treasury department. the press secretary asked whether they knew about the payment. >> not that i know of. >> president trump has denied any sexual encount we are daniels. cohn telling the journal, the story is fake news. coming up next, if you're using this high chair for your little one, you need to stop right now. it's dangerous. markets latest
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san francisco leaders today that's your hockey team ringing the bell. the markets were down by 18 points. san francisco leaders will consider taxing some ride share
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companies. supervisors say it is time to charge lyft and uber. many cities already do this. it is not clear how much the companies of the riders would have to pay if that plan goes forward. self-driving buses have been shuttling riders as part of a pilot program. following dmv's recent approval, they will be rolling them out in the surrounding area. test runs start today. bay area lawmakers are boosting the number of homes around b.a.r.t. it would require to approve new streamline standards. cities would be required to loosen zoning restrictions. any city or county that did not comply would be on b.a.r.t.
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owned land. meanwhile, some muni fares may be reduced for people who bimonthly passes and visitor passports. they are offered to tourists. at the same time, the mta is considering rate niks other areas. they'll decide numerous dhings help close a $20 million budget deficit. now to a recall all parents need to listen. to 36,000 high chairs by graco are being taken off the shelves. they were specifically sold at walmart from october 20, 2016, to december last year. about $100. the rear legs of that chair can pivot out of position to make it unstable and a child can fall out of it. happening now, walmart issuing a massive recall for a certain time of instant pot. they are recalling about 164,000
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multicookers because of a fire hazard. there have been more than 100 reports of cookers overheating. five caused property damage. no injuries have been reported so far but they were sold exclusively at walmart from august of last year through january of this year. they cost about $80. if you have one, stop using it and return to it walmart for a full refund. meanwhile, walmart is launching a meal kit that will cost $8 to $15. you can buy them through the online grocery pick-up service. walmart is feeling the pressure from amazon and blue apron. the weather woes are not over for the north eastern united states. parts of the region still dealing with the aftermath of the storms last week. >> reporter: this morning a powerful one-two punch from mother nature as the northeast braces for its second winter
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storm in less than a week. another round of heavy snow he and whipping winds expected to hit the battered region. they are struggling to recover from last week's nor'easter. from virginia to massachusetts, more than 100,000 customers remain in the dark. crews now racing against the dlok restore power in time for the next blow. >> we've got 400 mutual aid crews. we expect even more to come in as the day goes on because we know this other storm coming. some residents facing their fourth day without electricity. how cold is it in here? >> 46 degrees and dropping. >> could you stay in here? >> no. >> he's been staying at a hotel with his family and fears the looming storm could cause even bigger problems than a frig full of frozen food. >> i'm worried about the i'm thats breaking. >> along with power outages, the storm may cause more flooding along the coast. a heightened sense of urgency in
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massachusetts where crews trying to stop water from pouring into the area of ducks bury. >> lose the seawall and thousands of houses. >> reporter: an area hoping for the best with another nor'easter on the way. a mystery under earthed in the northeast after that power. storm blew through maine this past weekend. a shipwreck was quick will discovered. residents are now flocking to the beach the catch a glimpse of the ship sent ashore by powerful waves. >> it's awesome. i don't know how old it is but it is incredible to see it is still in the sand. >> i've heard people talk about this ship and it shows up once in a while and it has never surfaced when it's i've been around. so i made the drive. i heard it had surfaced. >> authorities believe bits 160 years old.
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it won't be there for long. when the tide rolls in, it will once again disappear. >> too bad they can't keep and it study it. today is a beautiful day to get out to the beach. >> today will be your best bet. scott knows why. he's been around since the morning. he knows we're tracking rain. but look outside the window. if you can't, that's okay. i have a look outside the window. south bay, 61. tri-valley, 59 degrees right now. and look at the north bay. still in the 50s. san francisco, gorgeous, clear skies at about 58 degrees. partly clear skies. we have the ridge of high pressure. i've been talking about it all morning long. typically a ridge of high pressure means some happy weather is on the way. we started in the 30s and the 40s. a little chillier but take a look at this. we'll be topping out about 70 degrees at san jose. around dinner time, we will see
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it decrease. the overnight lows won't be as cold as we've seen in the past couple days. we're going to start noticing though, an increase in cloud cover tonight and into tomorrow. but today's overall daytime highs. look at oakland. a high of 66. out near santa rosa, 70 degrees and the bay area skies, all sunshine. now let's look at the time line. we've been talking about this rain and i want to take you through this hour by hour. 10:30 p.m. we start to sight stalling over the north bay and then it moves further down south. fast golden gate bridge. if i fast forward to about 5:30 a.m., thursday morning's commute could be a little messy. it doesn't look like it will bring too much rain. so not a big rain maker. not too powerful but just enough to get roads wet which means you
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have to be careful and take some extra time early thursday morning. so let's talk about the next seven days. so we've got the system moving in. and then that sticks around through thursday fiflt fast forward through saturday and sunday, we've got another storm system making its way in. at least the temperatures stick to the 70s through tomorrow. so we have one more day of warmer temperatures and one more morning and afternoon of sunshine before the rain moves in tomorrow night. >> all right. we'll be bracing for it. coming up, palo alto has big dreams. we'll see what alternatives the city might look at. first, kellyanne conway violated the hatch act. the law prohibits government officials are using their positions to influence political campaigns. issues with a warrantm
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sending our consumer unit into action. the steps we took to get the case rolling. plus- rain on the way. overnight i )ll track any changs to the computer models so you )re ready for wednesday. tomorrow morning from 4:30 to seven.
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a meeting on the future of caltrain tracks through the city of palo alto. tonight )s meeting comes in the wake of recent findings happening today, a meeting on the future of cal train tracks. the cost to send cal train tracks underground would probably be in the millions. that has leaders reportedly big to pull the plug.
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tonight's meeting is at 6:30. muni is planning to expand the train stop near warriors' new stadium in the mission bay district. it won't be cheap. the san francisco examiner says it will double in size to accommodate large crowds. with the cost to rebuilding, the stop increased by $6 million. muni homes to expand the $160 million lightrail platform. it works out to $85,000 a foot. another rocket launch in the history for spacex. >> 50! they blasted off from cape canaveral last night. no dramatic landing or a roadster being launched to mars this time. it carried a massive communications satellite that provides television, broad brand
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is other services. coming up next, dr. larry nassar facing more charges. >> it is sickening to me. the things did he were just awful. >> the gymnast spoke exclusively to nbc news and tells us what larry nassar did to him. you could generate your own energy, at home. or to save energy, unplug unused appliances. do your thing, with energy upgrade california.
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former gymnastics doctor larry nassar of sexual a upbu until now it has only been young women accusing dr. larry nassar of sexual abuse. >> now a young male gymnast is going public with what he says nassar did to him hoping his story will inspire other male victims to come forward. stephanie gosk has more on this exclusive report. >> i hope he rots in hell. >> reporter: jacob moore, now a college freshman, was just 16 when he says dr. larry nassar abused him. >> i wasn't a dumb kid.
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i knew what medical practices were and that one was out of the ordinary. >> reporter: moore says nassar treated him for a shoulder injury in the basement of his home. at one point using acupuncture needles on his pubic area. while another patient there, a young female gymnast was asked if she had ever seen a male body part. >> coming out of treatment, i felt very uncomfortable. >> reporter: years later when the allegations against nassar became public, moore tried find some explanation for his treatment. >> having found nothing, i kind of freaked out. it was kind of shocking. >> reporter: now moore is suing nassar saying the conduct of dr. nassar was sexual assault, battery, abuse, and sexual harassment. nassar is expected to spend the rest of his life in prison after pleading guilty to possessing child pornography and molesting ten girls. but he stands accused of assaulting hundreds more. >> my own brother --
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>> reporter: including moore's sister cameron who mentioned it at the sentencing hearing in january. >> you pulled his pants slightly down expose him in front of one of your other female victims. my whole family was fooled by you but i know now who you really are. >> my sister and i shouldn't be able to relate to the fact we've both been abused. >> reporter: usa gymnastics. >> he couldn't have done what he did without the complicity of each and everyone of these organizations. >> reporter: usa gymnastics would not respond but they said we are very sorry that any athlete has been hurt by this and saying we're committed to doing everything we can to prevent it from happening again. michigan state did not respond to our request for comment. but in january said we are committed to supporting those in
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our community affected by these terrible crimes. while some of the alleged victims only just coming to terms with what has happened to them. >> it's really sickening to me that he would violate a trust like that. the things did he were just awful. >> san francisco teachers using a slice of ingenuity to attract teachers. teachers are seeking a 5% income increase. they are offering three days worth of pizza and water as well as $50,000. the donations have shot past that total. bill cosby is back in court greeted by boos and cheers. he stopped and listened at several people shouted at him. he wants a judge to block some of the women who accused him of abuse from testifying against him. the prosecutors want as many as 19 accusers to take stand at his
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retrial next month. there's a new way to protect against zika virus. doctors are looking at a fess claims to be less expensive and more accurate. doctors are urging pregnant women not to travel to south america. and the this volcano, the volcanic ash blocked 90 flights. the tremors linked to magma movement jumped last week and the release of that ash increase. a huge break in a cold case in the east bay. police believe he killed michelle zpaifier and jennifer dewey in 1986. >> the murders left people in freelt living in fear for
11:34 am
decades. how investigators were finally able to make arrest in the case three decades old. >> for 32 years -- >> pretty shocking and scary. >> nobody knew who murdered two best friends off a dark and windy mill creek flowed fremont. the 1986 murders haunted the community. >> just a really scary time. we're all in that same age group. >> answers for the families of michelle xavier and jennifer dewey. >> it is a great feeling. >> the bodies of michelle and generjennifer were found naked shot back in february 1986. >> we had girls at home and making sure the doors were locked. we didn't want to take a chance. >> detectives never found a suspect until now. the police department charged
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57-year-old david mitch with two council of murder. david was already in prison for another murder when police charged him. >> a sense of relief for my own safety. i feel relief for the family. >> nbc bay area nuts. a massive online gambling operati operation. >> a woman was operating the gambling operation in the stockton. investigators took 16 hard drives and arrested the wol. police say it is the fourth time she's been arrested for this type of crime. here's how it works. pay to play the cashier and track the online game. if they came back a credit, then they would be paid out. >> so you have a cashier here acting as the bank and that's what makes it illegal. >> i'm extremely shocked and concerned but not surprised.
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>> some of the customers will likely be arrested as well and they're sending a warning to operators. this is a photo from the chp showing officers early sunday morning arresting jeremy guy during a traffic stop in oakland. that's when officers discovered explosive making material in the car. his father arrested a short time later. the chp last night searched. san jose leaders have eliminated one location for a place for tiny homes. there were three locations being considered. each would provide up to 40 homes for the homeless. one site is no longer under consideration. that's because the land is restricted for park use only. city leaders say a new
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replacement site will not be considered. a bay area man hoping to make his voice known on "the voice." ♪ >> that's a ukulele. he took the stage during the blind auditions last night. his skills impressed blake shelton. the blind auditions continue tonight on nbc bay area. then "this is us." coming up, tracking the forecast. >> look how gorgeous woodside looks. we've got warmer temps but i'm also looking ahead to the next chance can of rain.
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medical debt. how it is affecting families and how nbc bay area is doing something about it. nbc had bay area responds. next. to a rampant financial har:
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medical debt. consumer investigator chris chmura first brought this story to light last week. this morning bay area
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responds. >> we first heard this story last week. now looking at who is struggling with a problem and a donation that could change a lot of lives. >> as we have begun to put medical debt under the microscope, we found some striking realities. most of the people the debt collectors are hounding actually have health insurance. it is 62% according to the kaiser foundation which is studying medical debt. they also found 75% of people who wound up with co-pays and co-insurance, that ended up costing them more than they can afford. and here's a crushing catch 22. say a doctor or hospital wants to play pity on you and they want to help you. they might be prohibited from giving you a discount. the national law center found some contracts actually forbid doctors or hospitals from
11:42 am
waiving or reducing the debt. so there is help for hundreds of families. our country is making a $150,000 donation to r.i.p. medical debt that will use the donations to buy and forgive $15.5 million worth of medical debt for people around the country. that will include $1.5 million worth of debt for people right here in the bay area. we can't forgive the debt of specific people because the charity is buying them in bulk from debt collectors. but if your skt part of the batch of $1.5 million, you will get a yellow envelope in the mail that looks like that. if you get one, we would love to hear from you. even if you don't want to contact us, please hold to this letter. that's proof that your debt has been forgiven and the debt
11:43 am
collector calls should stop. r.i.p. medical semis letters from the public, too. we encourage to you check out what r., i p. is doing before you donate. if you have a consumer complaint, let us know at 1-888-996-tips. want to win some money of your own? want to zpleem the powerball jackpot has grown to over $265 million. you can buy a fixer upper. the powerball drawing is tomorrow night. probably a good time to get the fixer upper fixed on the roof. >> yeah. more rain is on the way.
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>> the weather is pretty unpredictable. look how beautiful that shot is in healdsburg. yes. the temperatures are on the rise. 58 degrees, check out the south bay. 61 degrees at this hour. even though we started in the 30s and the 40s. san francisco, 58 degrees. and overall, the micro climate highs will be in the mid to upper 60s and low 70s. concord, a high of 70 degrees. san jose will be in the 70s. so let's talk about this rain. when will it arrive? how serious is this going to be? the hour by power outlook, some of our weather models are showing the arrival late into tomorrow night. eventually moving south of the golden gate bridge. if you noticed by about 5:30, we
11:45 am
start to see the widespread showers. and it starts to clear out later into thursday. giving us a little break on friday. i also wanted to show you how beautiful this shot of kirkwood, lake tahoe. 39 degrees. here's a look at squaw creek, lake tahoe before the 39 degrees. we're tracking an additional storm system on saturday. that will bring more snow. not as much as last weekend but it helps. we're still at about 39% of what should be the average. cold, dry snow equals less water. if you don't know, the majority of water is from the melted snow. if we don't have enough snow, that doesn't raep help our dry conditions. to get up to speed, we would need four similar storms to what we saw last week. the chance of that is about 1 in 50 chance. we have a long way to go.
11:46 am
any snow is definitely welcome and needed around here. especially all the way down into southern california. over the next several days, here's what you can expect. tomorrow morning, we'll be fine. it will be on the clear side. by tomorrow night, things do change into thursday. a little bit of a break on friday. and then an additional storm system making its way in on friday. so it moves in tomorrow night into early thursday morning. the biggest change will happen probably while you're asleep. you'll notice early on thursday morning when you wake up, an early morning commute. the roads will be slick. we have a day full of sunshine. tomorrow morning and tomorrow afternoon. to still enjoy some of the 70s. we'll still be trending slightly warmer. if we take it all the way through friday, you'll notice the upper 60s. and then start to climb on saturday. if you notice the overnight
11:47 am
lows, nowhere near as cold as what we saw this past weekend. let us know what you're doing this weekend. any plans? >> i never thought that far ahead. >> still ahead, who helped get oscar? i want to show you the waze app. you can click there and click on your name at the top. that's your profile. scroll down to see teams and join ours. group is getting a hu
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thanks to nbc )s new series "rise." our own marcus washington was on-hand for last night )s event a north bay high school theater group is getting attention. >> american canyon high school drama department received $10,000 thanks to a special screening of the new theater inspired show "rise." it was held in napa. that's where damon gillespie showed one another $10,000 glek the rise america project. even the teachers are thrilled. >> i was absolutely shocked and surprised and floored. a full $20,000, my brain can't even wrap around. >> last night's event was packed. the show debuts one week from
11:51 am
today. the rise america project is wairgd half a million drama departments across the united states. you can watch it right here on nbc bay area. it begins at 10:00. a story that a lot of people are talking about. someone stole an oscar after the awards. >> a celebrity photographer chased down the thief and asked him to hand it back over. >> what's up, everybody? >> look at this. i got this. >> this morning terry bryant isn't celebrating. instead, charged with grand theft arts any after swiping the best actress oscar from winner frances mcdermott. after her role. her oscar went missing. according to the los angeles
11:52 am
police department, bryant took statue from her table at the oscars after party governor's party, allegedly seen walking out with the oscar. moments earlier, bryant was inside the ball appearing to record this video of himself on facebook. holding the trophy in celebration. >> got this tonight. it's mine. we got it tonight, baby. >> getting praise from onlookers -- telling the partygoers that he received the award for producing. >> i can't believe i got this. i can't believe it. best producer. >> his account shows him attending several awards shows.
11:53 am
making it clear, he has a fascination with celebrities. boasting an overflow of photos with every fwrun beyonce to halle berry is that betty white. er the person shooting the event for the celebrity chef wolf gang puck managed to stop bryant and get oscar back. police later arrested bryant setting his bail at $20,000. the oscar host jimmy kimmel posting fun at bryant on his late night show monday. >> what's the long term plan when you steal an oscar? do you hope your friends didn't notice that you didn't win? >> wow. he put it on facebook. unbelievable. >> not the smartest thing. >> yes. we'll be right back. "big little
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the opportunity for you.. the award winning t-v series is hold i this is kind of cool. this may be an opportunity for you. the award winning tv series big little lies is holding a casting call at the embassy suites and seaside. they're asking that you bring a 3 x 5 photo of yourself and a pen and a great attitude. sfwhaxt is believed to be the oldest message on a bottle has been washed up in australia. >> the bottle was traced to the captain of a german sailing ship named paula in the late 1800s.
11:57 am
it was common for sailing ships to use bottles to understand sea currents. this particular bottle was put into the ocean in 1886. >> and so well preserved. isn't that amazing? >> that's really cool. >> but you have more modern methods now. >> thankfully. if not, who knows how long it would take for me to give you the seven-day forecast. 64 degrees in san francisco. tomorrow, the rain moves in skooflt degrees. and then the next seven days. look at tuesday and wednesday for the inland spots. we'll be in the 70s and keep the warmer temperatures at least through the next seven days. more rain is on the way. we'll have to pay attention to see how quickly it moves in. >> have a great day.
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my name is cynthia haynes and i am a senior public safety specialist for pg&e. my job is to help educate our first responders on how to deal with natural gas and electric emergencies. everyday when we go to work we want everyone to work safely and come home safely. i live right here in auburn, i absolutely love this community. once i moved here i didn't want to live anywhere else. i love that people in this community are willing to come
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together to make a difference for other people's lives. together, we're building a better california.
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we're live in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. >> i'll help you. it's clearly not me. >> oh, my gosh. does blake dare. if it's painful, it's because it was so painful last night. >> he doesn't say anything. >> come on, ari, be a man. >> this is us last night, i'm yelling, my husband is like, i'm shutting this off. >> sean


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