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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  March 6, 2018 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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this could be a potentially explosive visit, janelle. >> reporter: no details only that it's about sanctuary cities. jeff sessions is speaking tomorrow morning at 8:00. this event held by the california peace officers association. the attorney general is a last-minute surprise add-on keynote speaker. the association says they want him to address the confusion between local and federal law enforcement. california is a sanctuary state, but in the past couple of weeks, i.c.e. has raided northern california, making dozens of arrests in the bay area. i.c.e. says they could have made more but oakland mayor libby schaaf gave her community the heads up that i.c.e. was doing the sweep. many praised her but she also received death threats for her actions. this afternoon, sacramento's mayor who's in d.c. right now made a statement about the ag's visit on twitter, saying there is a rumor sessions is filing a lawsuit against the state and sanctuary cities. >> you can sue us, you can threaten us, you can intimidate
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us, you can talk about jailing us. it doesn't matter. we are going to continue to be who we are proud to be. >> reporter: oakland mayor libby schaaf just issued a statement 30 minutes ago that reads this administration has tried to portray all immigrants as villains. we know that is a racist lie and we will shed light on that myth every day. sam lacardo says i know how to follow the law and i know this administration's radical shift toward indiscriminate enforcement of immigration laws is making communities less safe. and mark farrell said we have seen repeated attacks on our city and its values, from insulting tweets to hateful policy decisions but san francisco will not be intimidated. demonstrators are expected to be outside tomorrow's event in sacramento. immigration advocates are currently finalizing their plans right now. >> we will be following this extensively tomorrow from
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sacramento and here in the bay area. a peaceful surrender today for former football star aldon smith three days after an alleged domestic violence incident. smith showed up at the hall of justice and was promptly arrested. we have new video of the former raiders and 49ers linebacker leaving the county jail in san francisco. he walked out without comment after posting a $30,000 bond. the 28-year-old was booked for a number of misdemeanors, including domestic violence. police say on saturday he assaulted his fiancee at a home on bush street in the city. this was his latest mug shot taken earlier today of the smith has previously been arrested on multiple dui charges as well as illegal weapons charges. a heartbreaking day at a san francisco school. grief counselors spent the day on campus helping classmates of a 7-year-old boy and his mother killed in a freak accident after skiing at kirkwood. ole la perkovic and her son were buried by snow that fell from the roof of their resort condo. mark matthews is outside of the
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school where aaron goldstein was in first grade. her mom was very well known for all of her volunteer service there, mark. >> reporter: that's right. olga perkovic volunteered to raise funds for this school, very well known. her son had been at this school since pre-kindergarten. both of them killed sunday afternoon when a roof full of snow fell from the condo where they had been staying. it was a 20x20 section of foot three feet thick. olga and her 7-year-old son had concede to the back of the condo late sunday afternoon. it wasn't until 9:00 that night that they were discovered, dug out and rushed to the hospital where they died. >> our community is reeling with the loss. olga was very close to many of the parents in our community and aaron was a class member of many of the kids here. you know, we're taking it one step at a time.
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>> reporter: a spokeswoman for the school where aaron was a first grader said grief counselors were called in to help the students and staff cope with the loss. at the family's san francisco home, a poster was outside the front door with a message to the surviving family, david goodstein and his two daughtersr loss. they will never be forgotten. a neighbor told us she just heard the noise. >> they were quiet, they were sweet. i walk my dog pretty often in the neighborhood so i would see them outside, in and out, and it's just bizarre. like a bit shocking. >> reporter: parents picking up their children this afternoon were reluctant to talk with us in part because the school staff had asked parents not to talk with reporters. reporting from the french american international school here at oak and franklin in san francisco, mark matthews, nbc
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bay area news. >> thank you very much, mark. we want to show you some breaking news right now. the trump administration has just announced that it is suing to block california -- suing california to block laws limiting cooperation with immigration authorities. as we told you at the top of the show, u.s. attorney general jeff sessions will be in sacramento tomorrow to speak and it is known that he will be making a major announcement concerning sanctuary jurisdictions. you're looking at video of oakland mayor libby schaaf. libby schaaf, as you well know, a couple of weeks ago on the weekend gave a heads up about i.c.e. raids were going to be happening throughout california. that has brought the ire of the trump administration on her. she has been widely criticized. tomorrow we're hearing that jeff sessions is going to be in sacramento. we don't have exact confirmation that this lawsuit has to do with it, but it is suspect that it may be happening, the timing. that may be the announcement
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that jeff sessions will be making tomorrow. of course we'll continue to follow this tonight at 11:00 as we get more information. in the south bay now, a dangerous crime with an expensive cleanup. a citywide shooting spree. someone shot out windows of dozens of cars and businesses. you can see some of the damage there. this happened overnight in nearly a dozen different parts of san jose. nbc bay area's damian trujillo broke the news on twitter and joins us now in san jose. damian. >> reporter: raj, nearly all of the windows at the western store are damaged. there's a hole right here. this window here is shattered and then there is no window here at this door right here. it's all -- the debris is all in this bucket here ready to be picked up. it happened all across allen rock avenue here and all across town. it's believed to be caused by a bb gun. window repair crews were busy all across town today. >> down the street on 7-eleven
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there's also broken glass. nick the -- down the street, nick the greek and up allen rock. >> reporter: windows and store fronts were either punctured or shattered by what's believed to be bbs. >> you wake up in the morning and come to open your business and you find all the windows broken. it's really, really upsetting that somebody just goes by and destroys your property. >> reporter: javier sandoval has to play thousands of dollars in repairs. his surveillance captures what he believes is the culprit, someone driving a black dodge charger. this is what the vandal did to his neighbor's business, broken glass everywhere. >> it's scary, you know. hopefully he doesn't have a real weapon where he can start shooting people too, because you can expect anything from somebody like this. >> reporter: the vandalism was reported all over san jose. a neighborhood in japantown saw nearly a dozen car windows
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shattered. police say ten other neighborhoods were hit by the same crime. >> it's kind of dangerous. i don't know why they act like that. >> reporter: police don't know if all the vandalism is linked, but merchants on allen rock say they don't care, they just want more vigilance and not just the request to fill out a police report. and good news for the merchants here, the replacement windows have arrived. they're only hoping it doesn't happen again tonight. live in san jose, i'm damian trujillo, nbc bay area. no criminal charges, that's the word from the santa clara county district attorney for the south bay deputy who shot and killed a navy veteran in saratoga. back in september of 2016, deputies went to the home of 86-year-old eugene craig for a welfare check. our investigative unit looked into whether they followed proper protocol when they kicked in two doors and found craig holding a handgun. deputies say that craig ignored their orders to drop it, so they opened fire.
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the official d.a. report says deputies feared for their safety and thus were legally justified in shooting craig. craig's widow, though, has filed a lawsuit against sheriff's department alleging the deputies violated her and her husband's constitutional right and used excessive force. would you believe $1,400 per month to rent a brand new apartment in san francisco? this could be a game-changer. or maybe is it just a curveball. here's a preview of what that neighborhood will look like right next to at&t park in a few years. today the city officially signed off on a longstanding project at mission rock featuring affordable housing. nbc bay area's sam brock joins us near the ballpark. sam, it sounds too good to be true. what are the details? >> reporter: you know, it does sound too good to be true, but it really could become reality, raj. behind me what you're looking at if you've been to at&t park before, that's lot a, one of the parking lots next to the ballpark but this is exactly the same sprace where this sprawlin
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multi-use development will go. the city hopes it will have nurses and teachers. if you think my family makes $60,000 or $70,000 or $80,000 a year, how can i afford that, we're digging to get into the details. for everyday san franciscans, it's a sight for sore eyes, pavement at mission rock, a place to call home for middle class workers. >> do you think the city can back that up? >> absolutely. we have 40% affordable housing on this project for low and middle income individuals and families here in san francisco. that's exactly the type of housing we should be building. >> reporter: with the stroke of the pen, mayor mark farrell launched the legislation which has been talked about for a while. >> i believe bruce bochy was a rookie manager at the time for the giants. >> reporter: but this was no rookie move from the giants, who proved team players to put this project into motion. >> what we had to do was say, look, the project is big enough that we will take less of a
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return on the housing in order to make this the first neighborhood. >> reporter: so too did the port of san francisco. the entity that controls the land. by taking less, the city and the ball club open the door for a wider net of people to rent. consider the average median income in san francisco for a family of four is about $115,000. these affordable units will be available to those who make much less and also much more. the range stretches for incomes between $57,000 to $173,000 a year, again for a family of four. convert that into rent. it's as low as around $1,400 a month all the way up to $4,300 a month. in this case san francisco's definition of affordable housing for tfamilies. sam brock, nbc bay area news. well, fda approval with caution, though, after a silicon valley tech company gets the thumbs up for its breast cancer gene test. also moving forward with the controversial gun proposal. the steps santa clara county
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leaders are taking on a ban on sales. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. a storm system is develop out here in the pacific. we'll let you know when our chances of rain start to increase. my forecast in about six minutes. clara county fairground
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step closer to becoming a reality. a gun show ban at the santa clara county fairgrounds is one step closer to becoming a reality. today supervisors agreed to draw
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up an official legal ban on selling a gun on county property. so what happens next? >> reporter: well, now the county's legal team is going to delve into several issues that were brought up today, including what's going to happen to metcalf shooting change, which happens to be on county land. there may never be another gun show held here at the santa clara county fairgrounds. the santa clara supervisor is proposing a ban on gun shows on county-owned property. he began pushing for the ban after a gunman killed 17 people at a florida high school last month. >> i just didn't believe it was appropriate to have it at the county fairgrounds. >> reporter: this veteran is getting the ban. >> keep the gun shows. >> reporter: others say the ban would violate their second amendment right. several students from prospect high school spoke out in support of the ban. >> i do support people's second amendment rights. i just don't understand why it
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has to be on public county land. >> reporter: this mom says she thinks it would help keep kids safe. >> it is a drop in the bucket. it will protect students and protect everybody in the community by reducing the prevalence and availability of guns. >> reporter: mark hinkle with the libertarian party argues the proposed ban will send the gun trade underground. >> frankly, this will have no impact whatsoever on gun violence. in fact probably -- it will probably have a positive impact to increase gun violence because gun transfers will happen on the black market instead of out in the open. >> and the measure carries 5-0. >> reporter: after listening to comments from 18 people, the supervisors voted unanimously to have an ordinance drafted that would ban both the sales and possession of guns on county-owned property. another concern is that this proposed ban could prevent the county from hosting gun buyback programs on county land. reporting live in san jose,
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marianne favro, nbc bay area news. not just your ancestry, the popular company 23 and me is now focusing on cancer. a simple at-home test might reveal if you have a higher risk for developing cancer. today a green light from the fda. our business and tech reporter scott budman joins us from 23 and me headquarters right there in mountain view with this pivotal decision. scott? >> reporter: good morning, raj. this could mean a new way to detect genetically whether we are at risk for getting cancer. 23 and me calls it one step in the process. doctors say they want to be involved as well. 23 and me, which just last year got approval to include some health risk information, alongside genetic profiles, has a direct way to find out if you have a gene mutation that can show a risk for certain types of cancers. >> specifically we can tell people about risks for breast, ovarian and prostate cancer. >> reporter: now with fda
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approval, it's the first test of its kind that you as a consumer can take without a doctor's prescription. >> i think it's great that we have access to all this information. >> reporter: but doctors say they should be involved in the process as well. >> where you can fully counsel the patient, obtain all of the correct personal information and family history, knowing how to interpret the information to see which test is appropriate for each patient. >> reporter: something 23 and me agrees with, calling its test an early warning system that can help you figure out what you may be at risk of. >> so the test that we offer directly to consumers without a prescription is a way for these people who may fall somewhat outside the system to access this test directly and then they can follow up with their health care provider. >> reporter: 23 and me says if you're already a customer, you can opt in to get the new data. if not, you can buy the kit online for $199. reporting live in mountain view, scott budman, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, scott.
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want to check this out. what you're looking at there is a 5-year-old girl dangling from a chair lift. not what you want to see. and you saw that? the crowd was underneath her to catch her. she dropped down. this all happening at big bear mountain ski resort on saturday. there she is dangling and then the crowd catches her. the girl's mother says the little girl slipped from the lift. quick-thinking staffers caught her with a tarp. she was scared but safe. that's an amazing piece of video to see how people just pull together quickly. >> everyone was right there to catch her. >> they were not going to let her hit the ground. >> so many people are going skiing to take advantage of the snow. just be careful not only skiing but getting up there and getting back traveling. and that leads us to jeff with our forecast here and in lake tahoe. >> icy temperatures the next several days up across lake tah tahoe, also the chance of snow increasing yet again from thursday into saturday. now, we're not going to see nearly as much snow as we had last week, but it will be insult
6:20 pm
to injury for a lot of spots that picked up quite a bit of snow over the past two weeks. right now in san francisco, 62 with high clouds. moving across we'll drop into the 50s as we head throughout the 7:00 hour and we'll stay in the 50s as we head throughout early tomorrow morning. i want to show you where the cloud cover is coming from. it's a storm system out here offshore. the center low pressure is well in the pacific. it's going to stay away from us, keeping the heaviest rainfall well up into canada, washington and oregon. the rain line is super close to us so i still think we'll have a decent chance of picking up wet weather as the rainfall pushes off towards the north. we'll hold off on any rainfall chances through the day for tomorrow, so primarily it's cloud cover we'll be dealing with for the morning and afternoon hours for a partly sunny to mostly cloudy sky. temperatures still mild so it will feel kind of strange. 70 in san jose, 70 in palo alto, also 70 in livermore, concord as
6:21 pm
well. cooling off a few degrees for napa and also santa rosa. on my extended forecast, notice this. chances of rain each and every day for wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday, sunday, monday, and also into tuesday. i'm going to detail this further. how much rainfall we're going to get with each of these waves of wet weather that's moving in and also more details on that timing coming up. that's all at 6:48 tonight. i'll see you then. >> very good, we'll see you then, jeff. up next, angry birds or turkeys in the east bay. take a look, the steps a local hospital is taking to get rid of them. a lot of neighbors are crying foul. next. lyft i
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at&t has a network with thousands of best-in-class security experts. which means... more of the eye balls you want watching the network... & less of the ones you don't... more experts preventing security issues & less security threats impacting our customers. more of a highly secure network with more security products available for further protection & less per month
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than comcast for business internet. switch to at&t internet for business. more & less - that's the power of &. )march for our lives ) rallies across the happening now, lyft is offering free rides for anyone going to one of the march of our lives across the country. the rallies are calling for more gun control following the school shooting in parkland, florida. you can read more on our website. also snowfall in yosemite. we want to show you some pictures posted to our instagram. we'll have more news after the break. ruffling feathers at johns
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health center in okay. a flock of turkeys has apparently been ruffling feathers at the health center in concord. the gobblers have become aggressive and pose a health and safety risk and now they plan to trap those birds. >> the neighbors say the turkeys
6:25 pm
are part of their community. jodi hernandez is in concokoercr us with this turkey debate. >> reporter: john muir health center says they're having big problems with these birds. we'll show you some of these turkeys that they're talking about. they're saying these turkeys are causing tons of problems out here and now a plan is in the works to trap them. but i'll tell you, the community is crying fowl. this is what patients at john muir health center in concord are often faced with, groups of wild gobblers. >> and they have chased my kids and they're not afraid of cars. they're not like super ferocious, but they can get a little intimidating because they're kind of big. >> reporter: john muir says they tried to get the big birds to leave by using motion sensor sprinklers, repellents and other measures, but nothing has worked. now they plan to trap the turkeys and likely euthanize them because they say the big
6:26 pm
birds have become aggressive toward patients. and have even damaged property. >> when i learned that they might be trapping them and euthanizing them, that makes me so sad. >> reporter: the neighborhood is outraged. they say the turkeys are an important part of the community. they have been watching the feathered families for the past decade. >> we go on our morning walks and we see them. our son, jackson, he loves to wave to them and he knows how to do a little turkey call. we love them as a part of our community. >> they literally are like family. >> reporter: charles says the birds have lived here longer than he has. he says everyone knows this is turkey territory. >> there are people who care about them and just want them to be part of the small community that we have here. >> we see them all the time and we have to deal with them as well, but i see their value. it's part of the wildlife. we can't just knock them all
6:27 pm
out. >> reporter: and we are back here live. now, john muir tells me that they have already trapped these turkeys once, but somebody set them free, let them go before the usga had a chance to pick them up. no word on when they're going to try trapping them again, but again, this community is very upset. they are asking john muir to reconsider. reporting live in concord, i am jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, jodi. coming up, new details about our breaking news and confirmation about the trump administration suing california, accusing the state of intentionally undermining federal immigration law. ump adme is
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right now at 6:30, we want to update our breaking news. the trump administration is suing the state of california and governor jerry brown for standing in the way of federal immigration laws. this news just coming down within the hour. we're getting more specifics right now. a very blunt response from governor brown. >> our janelle wang has been tracking the story as it unfolds. she joins us now. jeff sessions will be in california tomorrow, janelle. >> yeah, he's speaking at 8:00 a.m. the associated press is reporting the white house plans to sue the state to block laws limiting cooperating with federal immigration authorities. the attorney general is the keynote speaker at this event tol morni tomorrow morning. the ag's office would only say
6:31 pm
jeff sessions is planning a major announcement about sanctuary jurisdictions. this lawsuit is the major announcement. california and many bay area cities have not cooperated with i.c.e. raids in recent weeks. that includes oakland mayor libby schaaf who gave the community the heads up i.c.e. was doing a sweep. i.c.e. was extremely upset, even calling her the equivalent of a gang lookout. many city leaders supported the mayor's actions and stand by her. so does governor brown. he just responded to this lawsuit news calling it a political stunt. he said at a time of unprecedented political turmoil, jeff sessions has come to california to further divide and polarize america. jeff, these political stunts may be the norm in washington, but they don't work here. sad! a lot of people planning to show up at sessions' event tomorrow including demonstrators. we'll be following it, back to you, jessica. >> of course we invite you to stay with us for continuing coverage.
6:32 pm
we will be streaming attorney general sessions' 8:00 a.m. announcement live on our website on more drama at the white house today. president trump's new proposal about tariffs has pushed his top economic advisor out the door. gary cohn is the latest defection from the trump administration. a goldman sachs executive and registered democrat, cohn threatened to leave before last year but apparently the tariffs were the last straw. during a joint news conference today with sweden's prime minister, president trump stood firm on those tariffs, despite threatened retaliation from the european union. he also insisted russian hacking had no impact on the election results of 2016 and isn't necessarily worried about it continuing. >> because we'll counteract whatever they do. we'll counteract it very strongly. we've actually been working very hard on the '18 election and the '20 election coming up. >> those claims run counter to recent statements from some top intelligence officials and members of congress who say the
6:33 pm
u.s. is not doing enough to combat russian hackers. there's also trouble for another prominent white house aide. long time spokeswoman kellyanne conway may have violated federal law. a federal watchdog says when she publicly promoted republican roy moore in last year's alabama senate race, she violated the hatch act. it bars government officials from using their positions to influence political campaigns. this is now the third time conway has been cited. weeks after the inauguration, she urged the president's supporters to buy ivanka trump's clothing. the watchdog informs the white house and the president will decide if there should be any disciplinary action. a 1-2 punch for the northeast. they're bracing for another major storm. as of right now 200,000 homes and businesses are still without power tonight. now another nor'easter threatening the region, about to bring in snow, high winds and more outages tomorrow to about 60 million people. >> now we're going from what is
6:34 pm
inconvenient to what could be a very dangerous situation. >> it is dangerous for everyone involved there. the winter storm warning stretches from pennsylvania all the way up to new england. san francisco firefighters pleading for congressional help. the firefighters joined crews from all across the county -- country, pardon me, urging lawmakers to help combat cancers plaguing first responders. 15% of firefighters over the age of 40 have been diagnosed with breast cancer, six times the national average. today firefighters from several departments asked senators to invest more money by enacting the cancer registry act for firefighters. the bill already passed the house. >> we need action. firefighters all over the country are in need of action by our elected officials to get these policies, get these amendments, get this stuff moving. >> members of the department are currently working with bay area researchers hoping to produce more concrete answers for
6:35 pm
scientists and for their ranks. well, tonight nbc bay area responds to the rampant financial hardship of medical debt. >> consumer investigator first brought the story to light last week. now he's looking at who's struggling with the problem and how nbc is making a donation that could change a lot of lives. >> as we begin to put medical debt under the microscope, we found some striking reality. consider this, most of the people debt collectors are hounding to pay their medical bills actually have health insurance. it's 62%, according to the kaiser family foundation, which is studying medical debt. kaiser also found that 75% of people who wound up with co-pays, deductibles and coscienc coinsurance ended up costing them more than they could afford. here's a catch-22. say a doctor, lab or hospital takes pity on you and want to help you out, well, they might be prohibited from giving you a discount. the national consumer law center
6:36 pm
found that some insurance company contracts actually forbid doctors' offices and hospitals from waiving or reducing co-pays, deductibles or coinsurance. so nbc is stepping in to highlight this growing problem and is partnering with an organization that can offer immediate help to hundreds of families. our company is making a $150,000 donation to rip medical debt, a new york nonprofit that says it will use our donation to buy and forgive $15.5 million worth of medical debt for people around the country. that will include $1.5 million worth of debt for people right here in the bay area. we can't forgive the debt of specific people because the charity is buying the accounts in bulk from debt collectors. but if your account is part of the batch of $1.5 million in the bay area that rip is buying and for giving, you will get a yellow envelope in the mail that looks like that soon. if you get one, we would love to hear from you, but even if you
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don't want to contact us, please hold on to this letter. that is proof that your debt has been forgiven and the debt collector calls should stop. rip medical accepts donations from members of the public too. we've added a form on our website in case you would like to join nbc and make your own donation. as we suggest with any charity, we encourage you to check out what rip is doing before you donate. if you have a consumer complaint for us, let us know, 888-996-tips or visit >> okay, chris, thank you. san jose city officials are talking about a big debate now. here they come, those tiny homes. the officials are narrowing down the proposed sites of these homes. initially there were three locations being considered. take a look, each would provide up to 40 small spaces for homeless people. today we learned the land near hellier and silicon valley road is no longer on the list. that's sight number two on the
6:38 pm
map there so cross that one out. that's because the land there is zoned for park use only. the city will focus on the other two proposed sites. a stanford researcher revising his study of uber and lyft drivers after it was roundly slammed by both companies. the original study concluded that the median earnings for uber and lyft drivers was less than $4 an hour. the researcher has upped that number close to $10 an hour. he said the problem was in the methodology he used and for drivers in smaller cities. he says those numbers are still accurate. ready to roll. no driver necessary. the only city in the country where you'll soon see self-driving buses right there on the streets, and this city is in the east bay. fan of driverle
6:39 pm
6:40 pm
six of them have been damaged across the state so far this year. not everybody in the bay area is a fan of those driverless cars. six of them have been damaged across the state so far this year. two of them were damaged by angry people attacking the cars right on the street. both times in san francisco.
6:41 pm
the one instance, a man ran across a do not walk signal and smashed a taillight. the other case, a taxi driver caught out and slapped the car's window. new shuttles are about to hit the road in the east bay. no driver needed. the autonomous shuttles, you see them right there, have been given the okay by the dmv to be tested on public roads in san ramon. here they are today. the shuttles are designed to help solve the so-called final mile problem taking passengers between transit stops and their final destinations. this is the first place in the united states where completely driverless vehicles are being road tested. >> but with this technology, we can get it in to serve parts of our community so we're not testing a bright, shiny object, we're trying to test a solution to problems that have plagued us over the years. >> we've got to get out to san ramon. right now they are testing at bishop ranch, a nearly 600-acre office park home to at&t, chevron and ge.
6:42 pm
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secret. jess, i never notice you. a live look here at our sierra snow totals that we expect. the computer models showing anywhere from 2 to 7 inches as we head from thursday into saturday. we'll track our bay area rain chances coming up in a few minutes. it...and drove on it for
6:44 pm
6:45 pm
decades. and now -- we )re getting a new look at the second life for we saw it, photographed it and drove on it for decades. now we're getting a new look at the second life for pieces of old bay bridge. remember the old bay bridge? >> the joe rosato jr. checks in with the artist awarded some of that old steel from the old bay bridge to make some new art. >> i'm always trying to be creative at all times. i'm always happier when i'm creative. >> the sparks of creativity often draw inspiration from material. >> i think that's right, yeah. >> in her oakland studio, artist katie boynton is flushed with 69,000 pounds of inspiration.
6:46 pm
>> this is bay bridge steel. this is pieces of the bridge. many, many pieces. >> reporter: these many, many pieces covered in rivets, welds and memories sit just over a mile from where they spent eight decades bearing drivers as the bay bridge. >> how many millions of people have driven over this to and from their lives every day. >> reporter: boynton is one of 15 artists recently awarded steel from the dismantled bridge to create public art projects across the state. >> i am literally feeling the weight and magnitude of how important this steel is. people would walk by and just take pictures of it through the gates because it was like celebrity steel. >> reporter: boynton and her crew are crafting her allotment of steel into new structures for horn blower cruises on san francisco's pier 3. >> we think the metal makes a
6:47 pm
very strong statement and will allow us to tell the story of the bay bridge. >> once in a lifetime opportunity for sure. >> reporter: this is not the first time boynton's volunteer, anthony james, has had his hands on this steel. he was among six union ironworkers who dismantled the old bridge. >> piece by piece. >> reporter: but while james has had plenty of experience taking things down, he's never had the chance to resurrect one. >> not only did i have blood, sweat and tears tearing it down, i get to put it all back up. >> the best use of this metal when they took it down instead of just recycling all of it somewhere else, to be giving it to artists to reuse in a different way. >> reporter: boynton plans to transform the steel into barriers, towers and even a set of wind chimes for the pier, a bridge from the bay area's past reaching into its future. joe rosato jr. -- >> and i love the steel. >> reporter: -- nbc bay area news. >> beautiful shots actually. >> very much so.
6:48 pm
>> do you want to talk skiing or do you want to talk rain? what do you want to talk first? >> i think somebody has some plans. >> you're ruining them. >> it's enhancing the ski vacation. >> we don't expect a blizzard like we had last weekend. yes, we do not want that. we're going to get a closer look at those totals up across lake tah tahoe. again, we expect just in case you missed them because a lot of you may be heading that way soon, as we take a live look outside of our high definition camera down across the south bay in san jose, the city lights shining bright, nothing in the way of thick cloud cover at the lower levels but we do have some high cloud cover streaming across right now. check out the high today, near record-setting temperatures for our interior valleys. 72 here in downtown san jose. right now dropping to 62. you can see 50s here as we head through 7:00 right into early tomorrow morning. throughout tomorrow morning we keep the clouds with us, so that will bring us a 48 for the south bay. possibly a little bit of drizzle for the peninsula as we get our
6:49 pm
latest storm system beginning to move close. right here for the tri-valley 45 degrees. we'll also look at 44 here for the north bay so not nearly as cold as it has been lately with these clouds push on in. 48 in san francisco and in the east bay overcast and 46. throughout the day and tomorrow we will see some sun breaks at times and also have that high overcast with more mild temperatures persisting. it looks like right now we'll see another day of some low 70s. that will put cupertino at 70, san jose at 70 and east san jose at 71. right here throughout the east bay also 70s from concord into danville over to livermore down to fremont and oakland at 65. right through the peninsula, you have 69 in redwood city and over towards the coast a cooler 61. san francisco, no 70s, but you'll get up to 66 here throughout the mission. and right through the north bay, we have 67 in napa and also 65 in mill valley. so it looks like a nice day. again, a little bit weird there with those temps near 70 and
6:50 pm
those clouds at times. we'll hold off on the chance of rain, though, until the evening hours. we're starting to see some showers moving close. not a big storm system, but definitely enough to get those roadways slick. we think by about 8:30 we'll get some rainfall here in the north bay. every single forecast model shows this breaking up in the overnight hours, just keeping some scattered rain in the forecast here for thursday morning. so totals with that wednesday night/thursday system a trace o to 0.37 of an inch. not a big day. spotty rain or friday. a second system on saturday with lingering rainfall into sunday morning. the storm to watch out for would be on monday night into next tuesday. we're looking at a quarter to a half inch. that's the largest chance of rainfall and also some wind moving in. right here across the inland valleys, we have a 70 average tomorrow and then drop it down to 65 there by saturday and 67 on sunday's forecast. so a lot of rain, more just kind of a nuisance on again/off again
6:51 pm
the next few days. if you're heading up to lake tahoe, we're thinking 2 to about 7 inches from thursday into saturday. i think it's manageable. and i think you're going to look great in the snow with it coming down. >> i'll send you pictures. >> yes. we've got to get it on air. you know, in your ski outfit. >> slowly going down the mountain. >> you're athletic, you can do it. that's no big deal for you. >> okay, good. now i feel pumped. >> we're ready to go. >> thank you, jeff. the warriors are about to play one of the worst teams in the league, so how do they get pumped up themselves? we'll have the answer, next. tha
6:52 pm
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hey, guys, i'm fallon smith. toejt the warriors are looking for their sixth straight win since the all-star break and looking to pick up their 50th win for the fifth consecutive season. they hope the brooklyn nets, who are the worst team in the east, but klay thompson says he's not taking them lightly. >> if you play every game, you're trying to win. it doesn't matter if you rest guys or not. with the team and talent that we have on this roster, we should
6:55 pm
be able to compete in every game and win every game. so i meant that. i'm sure coach can rest guys and like i said, i mean we're trying to -- really when i'm in the game i'm competing and trying to win. >> and you can catch tonight's warriors/nets game on nbc sports bay area. tipoff is 7:30 with warriors postgame live immediately following the game. well, they say dogs are a man's best friend and that sure is true for klay thompson. he loves his dog, rocco, so much that klay decided to honor him with some signature kicks. this weekend klay is launching a limited rocco anta kt 3 sneaker. i do not like the fact that klay's face is on the tongue so i wouldn't buy it. but other than that, those shoes are fresh.
6:56 pm
some nfl news now. for the second straight season the pittsburgh steelers have put a franchise tag on running back le'veon bell. bell is slated to make $14.5 million next year. now, the two sides have until july 16th to work out a multi-year deal. if not, bell will have to play under the tag all season. $14.5 million, i'll take it. that's it for sports. back to you. >> thank you, fallon. i actually like the fact that his face is on the shoe and the dog is on the other one. >> fallon won't buy the shoes, but you'll buy the shoes. >> in terms of all this off and on rain -- >> yeah, it's going to be a little annoying but keep that umbrella close. you can see we have a chance of showers tomorrow night into thursday. really the best chance of accumulating rain doesn't come until next monday night into tuesday with a quarter to half an inch. >> thanks for joining us here at 6:00. >> we'll see you at 11:00. bye-bye. fire fighting is a very dangerous profession.
6:57 pm
6:58 pm
we have one to two fires a day and when you respond together and you put your lives on the line,
6:59 pm
you do have to surround yourself with experts. and for us the expert in gas and electric is pg&e. we run about 2,500/2,800 fire calls a year and on almost every one of those calls pg&e is responding to that call as well. and so when we show up to a fire and pg&e shows up with us it makes a tremendous team during a moment of crisis. i rely on them, the firefighters in this department rely on them, and so we have to practice safety everyday. utilizing pg&e's talent and expertise in that area trains our firefighters on the gas or electric aspect of a fire and when we have an emergency situation we are going to be much more skilled and prepared to mitigate that emergency for all concerned. the things we do every single day that puts ourselves in harm's way, and to have a partner that is so skilled at what they do is indispensable, and i couldn't ask for a better partner.
7:00 pm
now on extra. a picture perfect proposal and then a slap in the face. >> i'm in love with someone else. >> bachelor ari, shocking betrayal as he dumps becca to go back to lauren. >> don't touch me. >> does the biggest villain in bachelor history think he made a mistake. the former bachelors watching and cringing. >> that was kind of hard to watch. >> and what will happen when the three come face to face tonight. >> all new oscar candids and gossip. new details on the man who stole frances mcdormand's oscar, who else the professional party crasher has gotten close


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