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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  March 10, 2018 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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she is going to be really, really missed. and the impact of those lives lost, family, friends and loved ones reflecting on an unimaginable loss. the news at 6:00 starts right now. good evening, everyone. thank you for joining us. i'm terry mcsweeney. >> and i'm anisha ross at that. a lot of questions tonight following yesterday's shooting. an armed man killed three hostages at the veterans home in yountville. we brought you breaking news coverage throughout the day. >> tonight we continue to learn more about the lives lost, including that of the gunman. we have team coverage of the latest developments beginning with nbc bay area's christie smith, live in napa. and christie, you are learning more about the victims. >> reporter: yeah, that's right, terry. but i have to tell you, people are grieving today. but a few of them did share stories of how remarkable these women were. very dedicated to their work of helping veterans. one of them, they say, christine loeber, showed kindness and compassion always to those who needed it most. >> you never saw her without a
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smile. >> reporter: outside pathway home in yountville, there are flowers today. christine loeber was executive director. >> she was definitely a bright, bright, bright light. and wias such a great addition o our valley and community. she is going to be really missed. >> reporter: loeber and two colleagues killed after a gunman took hostages at the veterans home of california. we spoke with her father by phone. he called police when he heard. >> was a great kid. she loved what she was doing, and it killed her, but she loved it and she was a great kid. >> reporter: the program includes help for veterans for issues like ptsd. the suspect who died was previously dismissed. >> i just kind of well up every time i think about the work she was doing. >> carpenter says loeber previously taught up to 2016 and moved on to teaching veterans yoga. he, like many, are heartbroken. >> how do you reconcile someone who was working and so passionate working for our nation's veterans, and then have
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this happen to her at the hand of someone she is trying to help? >> reporter: today her photo sits in the lobby. a warm, smiling face. >> she was a delight to be around. she never really let things get her down. she was always the one handing out the optimism when people were falling apart. >> reporter: now we spoke with her father today in florida, and he told us that he had actually made plans to come out and visit his daughter here in the bay area in may. and they planned to go see yosemite. reporting live in napa, christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> okay, christie, thank you. remembering the lives of all three women killed yesterday. tonight therapist dr. jen golick is being remembered as a passionate professional at the pathway home. before coming to pathway, she worked at a treatment center for teen substance abuse and behavioral illness in the north bay. we spoke to one of her former patients about the care that
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golick gave. the young man saying golick saved his life. >> without her, i was going down the wrong path, and i have no idea where i would have been if the place that i went to hadn't stepped in. if jen hadn't stepped in. >> zachary also described dr. golick as very kind and respectful and that she never asked him anything that would make him uncomfortable. the third victim, jennifer gonzalez, had just gotten married last year. a picture on a go fund me page shows her and her husband on their wedding day. gonzalez was 29 years old and she was pregnant with her and her husband's first child when she was killed. the go fund me has raised more than $46,000 so far. friends and family say every aspect of jen's life was dedicated to others and her caring spirit was evident with everyone she met. tonight we're learning more about the gunman, from his legal guardians, the people who raised him as a young boy.
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they will tell nbc area news that when this veteran returned from combat, they saw signs he needed help. sharon katsuda is live with the emotional interview and more on his upbringing. . >> reporter: yes, their eyes were tearing up as they talked to me about this suspected gunman. they told me they even tried to call authorities yesterday to help them out with negotiations since they knew him, but never received a call back. they also described how he struggled as an army veteran. >> he was given medications to try and level out some of his mood swings. he couldn't sleep. and i think that was hard for him, because a couple times we saw him, i barely recognized him. >> reporter: in front of sissy and matthew's home, where they say they proudly display the american flag every day, the couple is trying to retrace what led up to the horrific ending. three female victims who cared for veterans and wong shot to death. >> my heart and prayers have
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been with them from the very beginning. >> reporter: the couple became the legal guardians for wong when he was 8 years old. he lived with them for several years, and then went into foster care as a teenager. >> the behavior never fit. so soft-spoken. so happy. >> so loyal. >> and, yes, just a happy -- >> reporter: they kept in touch while wong served in the army. scherrer says he needed help when he came home from afghanistan. >> he would sit on the sofa just staring, saying, "i can't believe i'm in a safe place." and clearly the idea of being not worrying about if you could step out and not have a bomb under your feet. >> reporter: the sheerers say they knew wong was getting help from the veterans home. >> he sounded so helpful. >> reporter: they aren't surprised to hear he had a rifle. >> he was licensed to have a weapon. and he obviously was trained to have it in the army and everything. >> reporter: they say he was even looking into work as a security guard. >> we are shocked and saddened
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and feel very bad for everybody involved. >> reporter: and the scherrers tell me they're waiting to hear more from the investigation and the autopsy reports. reporting live in yountville, sharon cat sueda, nbc bay area news. >> thank you very much. support continuing to pour in from across the country. president trump sharing his condolences on twitter this morning, saying he's deeply saddened and he mourns the life of three incredible women who cared for our veterans. nancy pelosi also releasing a statement, sending condolences to the victims and their families. democratic leader also saying this heartbreaking tragedy must stiffen our resolve to make real progress to treat the invisible wounds of war that devastate countless americans. we must pledge to leave no veteran behind when they come home. not just yountville, but an entire community of veterans who dedicate their careers to helping they will reeling after this tragedy. about a thousand residents live in the pathway home, the largest veterans center in the united states. veterans dating back to world war ii have sought refuge there.
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nbc bay area's roz plater continues our coverage with more on the facility and its members who try to cope. >> reporter: the yountville campus is grieving and so is the outside community. and as they mourn, there is a lot going on here. police are still investigate the deadly shooting. madison hall, also known as building g, where it took place, is cordoned off as a crime scene. cars tagged with evidence markers remain in the parking lot. and the violent attack is taking its toll on the cal vet family. devastated after losing three dedicated workers. >> many of us knew all of these people personally. in particular, those that worked at pathway. and so this is not easy for any of us. >> reporter: veteran jeffrey christiansen says it has struck the workers here hardest. >> and most of us are used to this type of stuff, even though it's been decades since we've had to deal with it. the ones that are really hurting hard are the civilian employees. >> reporter: the secretary of
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veterans' affairs says counselors are working to help people cope. >> starting this morning, we have teams of people through the employee assistance program that are coming here. they're already on campus. >> reporter: but it will be a while before things feel normal and those dedicated to helping the veterans struggling with ptsd still have to keep working. >> we have decisions that we need to make about the short, medium and long-term future of the program. we are staying committed to serving our veterans that need our help. >> reporter: in yountville, i'm roz plater, nbc bay area news. >> we will continue to follow the story. so much to learn in the coming days. we're monitoring the developments on as well as posting tributes to the victims. to other "news now." in the past half hour, we have learned new details about a house fire in the south bay. turns out the fire started after some sort of explosion at about 11:00 this morning. this is on bel-air avenue.
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fire department tells us one person inside the home was badly hurt. they don't know what caused the explosion, but say both arson investigators and police are now looking into what happened. turning our attention now to the forecast, light rain, a little misty falling across the bay area. >> yea live look across the goln gate bridge. definitely heavy fog. what can we expect from here on out in meteorologist rob mayeda has the answers. >> a sneak preview of tomorrow morning. you see it spilling across the golden gate bridge. not quite into the bay just yet. but that will be changing later on this evening. right now still 56 degrees in san francisco. starting to see those clearing skies in san jose at 60. as our stormranger mobile doppler radar showing you not much to find out in san francisco with those partly cloudy skies. the light rain we saw earlier now is moving through central and southern california. so tomorrow morning, low clouds and fog will be the story. maybe some mist early in the day. but the afternoon is actually going to be looking pretty nice. we should see 70s and reach
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tomorrow, but the big change is right there. some cold air behind this next storm. we'll see it arriving as we start the week and over the next seven days. we have a chance of above-average rainfall and well above-average sierra snow. we'll have a time line on the rain and full seven-day forecast in ten minutes. >> okay, rob. thank you. and to stay up to date on the weather, download our free nbc bay area app. you can check it throughout the day, getting the weather conditions for individual neighborhoods. new at 6:00, a new report saying that man right there, richard sherman, of the seattle seahawks, is going to play for the 49ers. mattly aoki of nbc sports area confirming the news. he's been an arch nemesis of the 49ers in had 13 games against the niners, he has four interceptions. he's been killing us and now he's one of us, says the 49ers. more sports coming up later this half hour. still to come, a detour in san francisco. what happened before this car
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crashed into a building in the city? and a christopher columbus controversy. a statue that's stirring up a lot of debate in the south bay getting a new home for now. trib
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yountville. the south san francisco police department tweeted out this flags are flying at half-staff in tribute to the victims of yountville. the san francisco police department tweeted out this photo with the caption our thoughts and prayers are with the families of the victims in this senseless tragedy.
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there will be a lot more to come out of this investigation, of course, and for continuing coverage, you can read updates on our twitter account. that's @nbcbayarea. the man who opened fire at an east bay home is in jail after a violent confrontation with police. livermore police arrested this man, allen hunting. it happened last night on college avenue near 6th street. officers arrived at the home near 8:00. they received a report of a family disturbance. hunting was inside a trailer and told officers he had a gun and then he opened fire. after officers talked to him, got him to come outside, he became confrontational. police took him down. he was booked at the santa rita jail. san francisco police investigating how this might have happened. a car crashed through this wall overnight, way up high on the wall. this is at grand view terrace. you can see the crews towing away not one but two cars from a garage. we have been asking police for a comment on how that car got up so high, what happened there. they're not saying much about it, at least not yet.
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a former fixture no more. an historic but also controversial statue was removed today from san jose city hall. christopher columbus statue was moved today to the italian-american heritage foundation in san jose. it's been a fixture in city hall since the 1950s. however, recently a mexican-american activist group has been pushing for its removal, saying the statue is also a reminder of genocide, slavery and colonization. city leaders voted last month to have it removed. rob mayeda here now following up on his forecast from a few minutes ago. and we've got some serious stuff coming not tomorrow, but it's coming. >> in periods over the next seven days. >> all right. >> spread out over five to six days right now. the view behind us, sneak preview tomorrow morning and the high-tech way to see if it's raining, looking to see if the windshield wipers are moving as the cars come across golden gate bridge. the afternoon will look mostly sunny, and how about 70s to wrap-up the weekend. sounds pretty good for tomorrow. as we look outside right now,
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we're seeing those clearing skies, at least around downtown. but obviously a different story around the golden gate bridge with the low clouds and fog sweeping in. 56 degrees. we'll show you dublin right now. 58. had high temperatures around the tri valley in the upper 50s to low 60s. should see temperatures about 10 degrees warmer for tomorrow. right now 57 in oakland. eventually we'll see the fog setting up across the east bay, as well, and into san jose. finally getting some clearing skies at 60 degrees. so our stormranger mobile doppler radar, which, by the way, is much better to see if it's raining outside, you can see right now other than the fog, we're beginning to see things dry out as the rain now moves south of monterey, central coast into southern california. that is the focus for your weekend storm system now. and you can see the clearing line now passing through the bay area. so as we head towards tomorrow morning, much like you saw around the golden gate bridge, low clouds and fog, misty skies to start. but afternoon temperatures should climb into the low 70s around san jose. but still a little bit overcast at times, heading into the afternoon. mostly 70s for the east bay.
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oakland close to 72 degrees. same for hayward. 60s around half moon bay into san francisco with a foggy start to the day. and for the north bay, highs, we think climbing into the low 70s before more clouds and those rain chances come back heading on into monday. so for sunday morning, that's a look at the fog. here's the overcast skies. by 5:00. now monday morning, we begin to see the rain approaching the coast right around lunch time into the afternoon. now initially those monday rain totals aren't a lot. most places picking up less than .10 of an inch of rain. so a little more than we saw today. but really the two main events will be tuesday into wednesday and another system as it comes down the coast thursday into friday. so, again, the heavier rain approaching midweek. tuesday into wednesday morning. wednesday afternoon we'll see things change over to showers. probably a third of an inch to an inch of rain. and then now thursday into friday, probably will be the wettest period in the next seven days as the low really just kind of tracks down the california coast, and as we head towards the weekend, this should move
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into southern california. so we think this could be good news for a sierra snow pack that is 38% of average. here is the projection as we go through the week, all the way through next weekend, possibly three to four feet of snow. if that were to happen, we could boost those sierra snow pack totals by another 10 to 15%. so it would be nice to approach 50% of average, given how dry things were last month. so for the bay area, periods of rain at times. the total for the week may be closer to 1 to 3 inches of rain when that is spread out over six days, again, we'll get breaks in between. but the good news is, by the end of the week, the sierra snow pack should look much better, and we should finally make a dent in our rainfall deficit here, too, around the bay area. >> so much of our water from up there, it's all coming together a little bit now. >> yes. >> all right, rob, thank you. just ahead, panther power. a film directed by an oakland native clawing its way into the record books. the rare stratosphere the film has soared to today.
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the justice department submitted a proposal to ban bump the white house moving forward with gun control. the justice department submitted a proposal to ban bump stocks. it happened today. bump stocks can be attached to weapons, making them capable of firing bullets more rapidly. the proposed ban was expected in the wake of the florida school shooting. president trump told officials to work on a bump stock ban, and now that proposal is going to the white house office of management and budget for approval there. plans are under way for a historic summit between president trump and north korean leader kim jong-un. what can we expect? nbc's kelly cobiella has details. >> reporter: the planning is now under way for what would be a historic summit between donald trump and the north korean leader, kim jong-un.
6:21 pm
president trump tweeting about it again, saying the deal with north korea is very much in the making, and will be, if completed, a very good one for the world. the south koreans suggested the president would meet kim jong-un in may. but officially time and place and agenda still being decided. sweden, the u.s.' diplomatic representative in north korea could be a potential neutral site for the two leaders to meet. switzerland is another possibility. or the dmz, the demarcation line between north and south korea where the south korean president, moon jae-in, is planning to be at the end of april. south korea's foreign minister was asked about this, and she was cautious about avoiding mistakes of the past. kelly cobiella, nbc news, seoul. let's turn it over to sports. before we get to the tape segment, let me tell you that
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richard sherman of the seattle seahawks has now signed a three-year deal with the san francisco 49ers. it's just amazing. he was the enemy and now our best friend. and also hockey and spring training and golf. >> reporter: good evening from s.a.p. center here in san jose. we're about to give the sports for the sharks. the home crowd took on the washington capitals. but could they come up on the right side of this contest? also some golf highlights to get you. tiger woods two strokes off the lead at the valspar championship. but how did he finish? the results and highlights coming up after these messages.
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good evening. once again, brody brazil. we are on location from s.a.p. center where it was hockey day in san jose. the sharks taking on another team, this one from the eastern conference. also with 81 points in the
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standings. the washington capitals, and, of course, their powerhouse goal-scorer in alexander ovechkin. he's got 40 on the season. let's get you right into the highlights of this one. the afternoon affair, the sharks didn't waste any time getting physical early on. brendan dylan laying a big hit there late in the first period. there was no scoring in this one until the second stands, and that's when niklas backstrom's shot beat martin jones. but the play earlier on looked offside. however, the sharks did not challenge as the capitals go up 1-0. then third period, sharks looking to tie it up. brendan dylan's shot saved by phillip grubauer. san jose could not find the back of the net. the sharks got shut out at home 2-0. that brings us to baseball. spring training style. it's the giants and angels, split squad style, top of the sixth. hunter pence signaling to right with runners on the corners. allan hanson scores, putting jirn
6:26 pm
giants to within one. and mack williamson to center. it finds beyond the fence. his fourth homer of the spring. that new swing looking good as the giants win by one, 9-8 the final. and by the way, tune in right here tomorrow at 3:00 p.m. giants baseball is on nbc bay area. they'll take on the padres. lu luis pa dreamo set to face the safety. the pga valspar championship. tiger woods two shots back of the lead headed into the weekend. on the par 4 9th. here is woods in the rough looking to save par. instead, he chips it for birdie. that gives tiger a share of the lead, something we haven't said a whole lot in recent years. then the next hole, tiger looking for birdie again. this one from 22 feet. he sinks it to the bottom of the cup, as woods shoots a 4 under 67 for the day. he enters sunday one stroke back of the lead. that's all for sports here
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with the xfinity sports desk from s.a.p. center in san jose, i'm brody brazil. you could generate your own energy, at home. or to save energy, unplug unused appliances. do your thing, with energy upgrade california.
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dollar movie club this weekend. welcome back. "black panther" joined the billion with a "b" dollar movie club this weekend. >> it's been out for almost a month, the fifth marvel movie to make a billion dollars. "black panther" directed by oakland native ryan coogler.
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the second-most popular superhero film of all-time. all-time. >> pretty cool. >> yeah. pretty good action movie there. >> what's going on weather-wise. >> your commute right now stuck in the clouds. but the fog will eventually get to san francisco. tomorrow, despite the foggy start to the morning, looking at 70s in the valleys tomorrow. so a bit of a warm finish to the weekend. and periods of rain begin monday off and on through the week. >> all right. rob, thank you very much. >> we'll take it. >> back here tonight at 11:00. we hope you can join us then. >> yeah, have a good night. tonight, we investigate a year after oroville dam spillway collapsed. we uncover seven other dams at risk of suffering a similar fate, one of them right here in the bay area. plus, the results of a toxic cleanup faked. we investigate new developments involving radiation
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at the hunter's point shipyard in san francisco, then-- female: it's not safe, it's not healthy. feces on the ground, needles. male announcer: public streets used as public bathrooms and preschoolers dodging drug needles. we investigate how things got this bad with one of our wealthiest cities now being compared to some of the dirtiest slums in the world. but first. female: the fear is always that you're not coming home. announcer: we investigate bus drivers under attack, and why the people in charge may not know how often it's happening, even though it's all caught on camera. here's senior investigator reporter vicky nguyen. vicky nguyen: good evening, and thank you for joining us. tonight, we investigate and hold the powerful accountable. these riders we're about to show you were left stranded. they were forced to get off the bus after


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