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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  March 11, 2018 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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honor three women who . right now at 11:00, as the community continues to honor three women who dedicated their lives to helping others, new information about what could have led up to the deadly violent at a veterans center. a news at 11:00 starts right now. good evening, thank you for joining us. >> it's been a weekend of mourning in wine country. the community still trying to heal. meanwhile, the brother of the alleged gunman providing new insight today on what might have led to the shooting. tom jensen is outside the home where the tragic standoff unfolded two days ago. tom? >> reporter: this investigation is still unfolding out here. we saw investigators back out here today still a lot of
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unanswered questions remain. the number of flowers, candles and notes on a memorial outside the home continue to grow, as do heartfelt memories. >> to have people like this dedicated to helping them reintegrate into society, awesome work, awesome work. she held it close to her heart. >> dr. jenn fer, and pathway director christine lobar were killed friday after being taken hostage by a former patient. that patient, 36-year-old albert wong served in afghanistan and suffered from ptsd. days before the attack wong was kicked out of the program. tonight, wong's adopted brother tells the santa rosa democrat that he was kicked out because he was thought to be in possession of knives. the brother also says wong was
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obsessed with relatively minor conflicts and he had recently stopped taking medication, as more information about the gunman comes out many are still focusing on the victims. >> i'm going to miss her a lot. i really am. she's my friend. >> that minnesota credits dr. jan gonzales with teaching him how to cope with his ptsd, something he's suffered from since returning home from the first gulf war. meanwhile, the investigation continues out here and we hope to hear more information from investigators, and possibly more details from autopsies when they're completed, possibly later this week. live, tom jensen, nbc bay area news. coming up tomorrow on the "the today show," the husband and father of jennifer gonzales will sit down for an interview. she was six months pregnant when she was killed. another victim of the shooting of the pathway home,
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may be the home itself, a spokesman for the program today says directors have started a detailed review of security protocols. residents have been taken to other facilities where the future of the program is discussed. it's unknown if the home will be a place people want to live, if people can ever forget what happened there. it's a war that's impacted so many soldiers, including the alleged gunman. tomorrow marks a somer milestone in the war in afghanistan. first went to war there because that's where al qaeda planned the terror attacks. vietnam lasted ten years. we will continue to follow the latest developments on the veterans home shooting, both on air and online. track the updates on, and on our twitter feed. developing story out of oakland tonight, we have learned there's been a police shooting.
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happened around 9:00 at market and 40th street. just a few blooks away from the mccarture bart station. police still on the scene. not providing a lot of details. more information as it becomes available. a sad update on the helicopter crash in new york. all five passengers have now died. the helicopter crashed in the east river after 7:00 ooereaste time. it plunged into freezing water for unknown reasons. the pilot managed to free himself and was brought to shore by a tug boat. five passengers were trapped and they had to be cut from their harnesses by divers. >> the pilot freed himself. the other five did not. so police and fire divers entered the water, and removed the other five. three of them were removed in critical condition. they have been removed to the hospital. two of them were declared, pronounced dead at the scene. >> and those three people who
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were taken to the hospital later died. the ntsb is now nflinvestigatin the cause of that crash. new at 11:00, a power line sent a plane crashing into a field in sonoma county. take a look at this video. light aircraft, and it says a 73-year-old man was flying the small plane near the sonoma coast when the plane clipped a power line. it crashed into the field, and it's near highway 1. chp air lifted the pilot to the hospital. he suffered serious injuries, but is expected to survive. the pacific fertility center in san francisco, leading facility for inveet row in the world. >> they began contacting patients because a tank was in jeopardy. the equipment failure at the
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san francisco invitro fertilization lab happened a week ago. it's called an advanced storage facility. these next generation procedures designed to help our patients establish safe, healthy pregnancies or to safely preserve their eggs for future pregnancies. >> in the video, the doctor explains how they store eggs and embryos in liquid nitrogen tanks. as soon as the issue was discovered, the senior embr embreeologist inspected the equipment. it's upwards of $7,000 to store it. it happened on the same weekend as a similar but unrelated equipment malfunction in cleveland, ohio.
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>> the possibility of having a kid and having that taken away from you. >> patient kate plant is part of a lawsuit being filed against university hospitals in cleveland over the failure. here in san francisco, the pacific fertility center is apologizing for the storage tank malfunction and conducting a full investigation. >> now, for those patients affected by this, this is clearly a financial and emotional situation, a procedure becoming more and more popular. even some silicon valley firms that are offering to cover the costs as part of their insurance packages. >> were you able to contact any of the pacific fertility center's clients? >> i actually was able to talk with one this evening that tells me he has not been called yet. he has four embryos being stored. his biggest concern is how doctors will know if the embryos are damaged or not. and may not actually be able to find out until they are
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implanted. >> wow, sergio, thanks very much. in the east bay, another side show causing trouble for police. cameras captured the scene in oakland, 36th avenue and international boulevard 4:00 this afternoon. police busted up the crowd. side shows have been a problem in various cities in recent years. now, to the weather, and right now it's fine. look at that from emeryville, the bay bridge, crisp, clear night. gorgeous shot. >> a beautiful shot. >> the weather is about to change. that's what we're talking about here. meteorologist rob maeda. >> temperatures up to 74 in san jose, mild outside at 63 degrees. the emeryville cameras show fog. currently 55 degrees with increasing low clouds and also now at this hour, high clouds,
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the outer fringe of a storm system to the west that's going to bring a one-two punch to tomorrow's forecast, not just rain chances increasing, especially late in the day. monday may be more about the wind, which by the evening will be up to 13 to 15 miles per hour. clouds filling up again. winds increasing through the afternoon, and through the night, a chance of more rain. san francisco, patchy fog, a few light rain showers earlier in the day. coming up, we'll give you the timeline of when the heaviest rain will arrive. and more details with our forecast coming up. don't be the last to find out about the rain. track the storm using the free nbc bay area app. monitor the conditions before you head out. unsettling afternoon in the south bay today after back to back earthquakes. the shaking started about 11:00 this morning between gilroy and holist ter. it had a magnitude of 3.4, and a
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minute later, second earthquake, the same area, a bit smaller, magnitude of 3, no reports of damage. >> warriors head coach steve kerr will spend part of his day talking about gun reform. he's teaming up with bay area high school students to talk about gun issues. it will be held at newark memorial high. 2,000 people are expected to take part. kerr and conic came up with the idea after the two met. kerr talked about gun reform for years. his father was assassinated while serving as the president of the american university in beirut when kerr was 18 years old. it's been almost a month since the florida school shooting, and now students and teachers across the nation are planning a walkout. it's supposed to happen this wednesday, and it's scheduled to last 17 minutes for each of the students killed. the goal is to pressure
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lawmakers into taking action on gun control, and also to honor the lives lost. >> still to come, an announcement from the white house regarding gun control. details we're learning about the plan in the wake of recent school shootings. the mission to the moon, elon musk is promising a time loin to get there. how soon until a flight could blast off to the red planet, and it's sooner than you think. plus, a controversial face reaching out to its followers in a whole new way. people can tune in on tv. g
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the first step towards flying to mars, could happen as early as next year... at least according to elon musk. the first step towards flying to mars could happen as early as next year. at least according to to elon musk. he told an audience that the spaceship he plans on building for mars will be able to make short trips by 2019. he also wants to send a cardinal mission to the red planet by 2022. however, musk admitted afterwards sometimes his timelines are off, which caused the audience to laugh. for the first time since becoming president, donald trump is coming to california. he's scheduled to land in san diego on tuesday morning.
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mr. trump has two primary reasons for visiting the golden state. one to check out prototypes for his proposed border wall, the other to hold a fundraiser in beverly hills. he has a contentious relationship with california. last week the justice department sued the state over its lack of enforcement of immigration laws, and mr. trump has also criticized judges for blocking his agenda. the white house announced a plan to prevent gun violence in schools. it arms teachers. but it faces a lot of hurdles before it becomes a realtor. president trump promised action after meeting with students and parents of the parkland, florida school massacre, today, his administration did take action. vows to find weapons training to teachers. but backing off, earlier calls to raid the minimum wage, that's something the nra strongly
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opposes. florida lawmakers just raised the age of gun buyers to 21. but the nra is now suing that group, and some lawmakers believe the law is unconstitutional. >> to send our sons and daughters over to afghanistan in iraq, they defend our freedoms, i think if they do that, they ought to be able to have the right to buy a hunting rifle. >> to -- currently stalled in the senate. >> it's not an issue of whether you like it or not. >> the trump administration has now taken steps to ban bump stocks used in the las vegas mass shooting. the justice department saturday submitted a regulation to ban the devices, making them illegal to own or sell. >> in his lan, the president wants to give reported $50 million a year for school safety improvements.
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mr. trump is establishing a federal commission on school safety to be chaired by education secretary betsy devos that will explore possible solutions to the violence. new at 11:00, the major vote that could change politics in china for a long time. the president of chin has the option of staying in power indefinitely. a vote to scrap term limits was unanimously passed. he has overseen a crackdown on lawyers. a controversial group is getting its own tv network. tomorrow, the church of scientology plans to launch a network on several platforms, including apple tv and roku. the network's website says it will premier content at 8:00 p.m. eastern time. no word on what kind of content the network will air. a tweet from its twitter account says it's time for us to tell our story. 110 years ago women protested against working conditions. today, women in oakland marched
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in celebration. here's a look at the marchers in the streets today. they gathered to mark international women working day. thousands are -- gender discrimination, the theme of the event was rise for our communities, resist state violence, and unite for our right to dignify work. there was a speakout, a march, and cultural program addressing the needs of immigrants and working women in oakland. >> beautiful day around the bay for a march, and great timing for the kickoff of the 10th anniversary of sunday streets in san francisco. a few miles of roads in the mission district, closed off so cars stay out of there. people could come in and enjoy music and activities and all kinds of stuff. businesses set up booths for shoppers. the first of eight events scheduled to happen this year. the next sunday streets is happening in two weeks, and that will be in the excelsior district. the beautiful weather
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doesn't sound like it will last. >> they picked a good day for it. >> boy, did they? fog to start. and now it's making a comeback across the bay at this hour. making for interesting views from san francisco. take you to downtown and look at that. the.tos of the towers there, sticking out across the low clouds. currently, temperatures in the mid-50s, a high of 63 degrees. temperatures in the mid-50s this hour, and a bit more mild in san jose where earlier the temperatures climbed up to 74 degrees currently, 63. now, tonight we'll see patchy fog moving in and out across the bay. more sprinkles coming. highway 17 commute you might see stray showers during the day. temperatures tomorrow might not be quite as warm as today. mostly windy too. by late afternoon and evening.
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for the east bay temperatures, 70s in the trivalley. for the peninsula, mid-60s. upper 60s from san mateo into san francisco, also those winds picking up for your evening commutes and for the north bay highs in the 60s. winds are the first part of our weather story tomorrow. watch the wind speeds closely on the coast. the areas of warm are showing up, wind speeds close to 30 to 35 miles per hour. >> as the winds fan out across the rest of the bay area, by 11:00, or roughly this time tomorrow night, regionwide we should be experiencing the gusty winds. the rain takes it's time getting here. notice, by 9:00 a.m. tomorrow, partly cloudy skies, by 5:00, light rain moving on through. 3:00 a.m., here's the cold front. the reason why the winds are picking up tomorrow night. tuesday, commute, through 8:00 a.m., tuesday afternoon we
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should see more in the way of scattered showers as that system moves out and we way wait the next series of storms coming in wednesday and thursday. rainfall projections, monday, a quarter inch or less. look what happens for the tuesday commute. a third of an inch to half inch of rain for most of the bay area. it could see more with that inch of rain. wednesday, little bit of a break, and then thursday and friday, this storm, we think, will probably have the best chance for dropping the most significant rain. it will have cooler air, made snow levels to drop. it's a big change. winter storm warning this week, the snow totals could be approaching three to maybe five feet of snow by the end of next saturday, and, again, snow levels could be low enough to drop more snow around mount hamilton. a little bit of everything this week, a lot of rain in that seven-day forecast. but we will get breaks in
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between those storms. we'll get one on tuesday afternoon, into probably the beginning of wednesday, and then thursday and friday, cooler temperatures, chance of thunder, hail, low snow levels. feels like january again. >> yeah, january and march. >> yeah. >> mother nature is confused. rob, thanks. just ahead, a dog may be man's best friend, but some dogs are also capable of saving lives. the training they're getting to save lives in the middle of an avalanche.
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we have an update now for you on that officer-involved shooting in oakland we told you about minutes ago. police confirmed one person was shot and killed by police. we've learned a man apparently reported seeing someone with a gun outside a house on 40th
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street. police say s.w.a.t. teams arrived, something happened, and shots were fired. no officers were hurt in the shooting. we will, of course, continue to update the story online, and tomorrow morning on today in the bay which starts at 4:30 in the morning. really a leader, in preventing trafficking in particular, and illegal poaching. >> today, secretary of state rex tillerson visited an american-funded lab in kenya that helps track down elephant poachers. wildlife conservationists are fueling the international trafficking trade, and to stop it, they're putting forth aggressive -- they lifted a ban on elephant trophies. the white house says they could be imported on a case by case basis. in kenya, the elephant population is one fifth of what
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it was in the 1970s. the recent snow led to great skiing, but also danger. specifically avalanches achlt san francisco man was blurred in an avalanche in squaw valley. >> there's a rescue team that might have been able to dig him out sooner. a unique avalanche rescue team that uses canines. >> the continental divide in colorado, it's breathtaking, but the snow capped peaks have a danger of their own. avalanches that can bury anything and anyone in the way. and for those who get trapped in a mountain of snow, this first responder may be their best hope. hunter mortonson rescued tally nine years ago from an animal shelter, and now the border collie mix and other rescue dogs have been trained to do rescues themselves. >> one dog can do the same work as a professional in half the
11:27 pm
time. >> the dogs go through two seasons of intense training and get a refresher course every year. >> avalanches are almost unheard of at ski resorts like breckenridge. but just beyond that rope, out of bounds, you're at the mercy of mother nature. where those buried must be rescued within 20 minutes to survive. >> walk me through what's going to happen. >> i'm going to bury you in there. >> literally? >> literally. >> you'll be about five feet under. >> in a demonstration i get a sense of the urgency. >> we've got to find somebody. >> tammy got lost. we've got to go find her. are you ready? search. >> to find me, tally uses her nose. it's thousands of times more powerful than a human's. >> yay, tally, good job. >> but it's not all work for hunter and tally. play time has a purpose. it's a reward and strengthens the bond between these partners.
11:28 pm
>> the amazing thing we ask of all these dogs is complete trust in us. we're taking them into scenarios and locations no other normal dog goes into. >> when man's best trend becomes a trapped skier's best hope. breckenridge, colorado. school on a sunday, dozens of students trading their weekend off to take on a different kind of education, one that could save their lives in the event of another school shooting. precautions.
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ever since the deadly shooting in florida, many schools have been taking extra precautions. >> nbc's maya rodriguez reports on students that came to school on a sunday to learn what to do in the event that a shooter comes into their school. >> reporter: the student response to the mass shooting at stoneman douglas high is
11:31 pm
changing, from comem ration to action. florida's new gun law signed just two days ago, the move championed by survivors as a first step in what many of them think will be a nationwide movement. >> either we see that i think or we're going to change our politicians. >> a student walkout is scheduled for 10:00 a.m. on wednesday across the country. schools in all 50 states bracing for protests. >> but today, students walked into a school near orlando to learn how to respond when the next school shooting tragedy happens. for three hours, nearly 40 students ran, hid, and as a last resort, fought their way through active shooter response training. zach hudson is one of the instructors. >> if they understand what their role should be, what they should be doing, will you increase their chance of survival? >> for gabrielle la, it's a sign of the times, especially after what happened in parkland. >> i was a little scared to go to school the next day. there was also some threats
11:32 pm
going around and stuff like that. the course focuses on three basic tactics. how to react when there's an active shooter. how to help those when they're shot, and how to defend yourself, including how to disarm a shooter. >> do you think it's wise to teach teenagers to disarm somebody who has a gun on them? >> at this point, do we have a choice? i moan, you look at what's going on around, and do we really have a choice? i believe the answer is no, and everybody here believes the same thing. >> for micah jones, it's a lesson that might mean the difference between life and death. >> i was trying to put myself in their shoes. if that happened to me, i don't know what i would have done. i'm glad i'm here to get training. >> the instructors today told us that after a mass shootsing, they see more interest in training programs like this one, but that interest fades over time until the next one. >> well, quite a wake-up call in vallejo, five people living in
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an apartment above a commercial building are safe. after a fire tore through the building. it took firefighters three hours to knock the flames down. all five people escaped unharmed. but they lost their home. >> arson investigators in the south bay are looking into what they are calling a suspicious fire. the fire broke out at the ford is brothers tow yard after 3:00 this morning. when firefighters arrived they found several cars on fire. you can see how big the flames got. a total of six cars were damaged or destroyed. still to come, drowning in debt. >> a lot of people are struggling with medical bills, tell you what nbc is doing to alleviate the problem. i can't be your it guy anymore. what? you guys have xfinity. you can do this. what's a good wifi password, mom? you still have to visit us. i will. no. make that the password: "you_stillóhave_toóvisit_us."
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that's a good one. seems a bit long, but okay... set a memorable wifi password with xfinity my account. one more way comcast is working to fit into your life, not the other way around.
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tonight nbc bay area responds to the rampant financial hardship of medical debt. >> consumer investigator kris komura brought this to light two weeks ago. he's looking at who is struggling, and nbc is making a donation that could change a lot of lives. >> reporter: as we begun to put medical debt under the microscope, we found some striking realtors. consider this, most of the people debt collectors are hounding to pay their medical bills actually have health insurance. it's 62%, according to the kaiser family foundation, which is studying medical debt. kaiser also found that 75% of people who wound up with co-pays, deductibles and coinsurance, that ended up costing them more than they can afford. here's a crushing catch-22, say a doctor, lab or hospital takes pity on you, they want to help you out, well, they might be prohibited from giving you a discount. the national consumer law center
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found some insurance company contracts actually forbid doctors offices and hospitals from waiving or reducing co-pays, deductibles or co-insurance. nbc is stepping in to highlight this growing problem, and is partnering with an organization that can offer immediate help to hundreds of families. our company is making a $150,000 donation to r.i.p. medical debt, a new york nonprofit that said that we will use our donation to buy and forgive $15.5 million worth of medical debt for people around the country. that will include $1.5 million worth of debt for people right here in the bay area. we can't forgive the debt of specific people because the charity is buying the accounts in bulk from debt collectors. if your account is part of it, you will get a yellow envelope in the mail that looks like that, soon. if you get one, we would love to hear from you. if you don't want to contact us,
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hold onto this letter. that is proof that your debt has been forgiven, and the debt collector calls should stop. >> we've added a form on our website, in case you would like to join nbc and make your own donation. as we suggest with any charity, we encourage you to check out what r.i.p. is doing before you donate. >> if you have a consumer complaint for us, let us know, 888-996-tips, or visit slash responds. g. rob ad lib wx for those of you who think the old bay bridge is gone for those of you who think the old bay bridge is gone forever... think again.
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sz ♪ ♪ get high-speed internet from at&t $30 per month. no extra monthly fees.
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more for your thing. that's our thing. . well, for those of you who think the old bay bridge is gone forever, think again. we all drove on it for decades, took pictures of it as part of the iconic skyline of san francisco. >> local artists are using the old steel and giving it new life. here we are shown how. >> reporter: i'm always trying to be creative at all times. happier when i'm creative. >> the sparks of creativity, often draw inspiration from
11:41 pm
materials. >> i think that's right? yeah. >> in her oakland studio artist katy boyton is fleshed with 6,500 pounds of the bridge. it's covered in rivets, wells and memories, sits just over a mile where they spent eight decades burying rooidrivering ae bay bridge. how many people have driven over this, two and from their lives every day. >> boyton is one of 15 artists awarded steel from the dismantled bridge to create public art projects across the state. >> i am feeling the weight and the magnitude of how important this deal is. people would walk by, and just take pictures of it through the gate because it was like celebrity feel. boyton and her crew are
11:42 pm
crafting her allotment of steel into new structures for horn blower cruises on san francisco's pier 3. >> we think the metal makes a very strong statement, and will allow us to tell a story of the bay bridge. >> once in a lifetime opportunity for sure. >> this is not the first time boyton's volunteer anthony james has had his hands on this steel. he was among six union iron workers who dismantled the old bridge. while james has had plenty of experience taking things down, he's never had the chance to resurrect one. >> not only are there blood, suite and tears before, now i get to put it back up. >> the best use of the metal was to be giving it to artists to reuse in a different way. >> boyton plans to transform the steel into barriers, towers, a set of wind chimes for the pier, a bridge from the bay area's
11:43 pm
past, reaching into its future. joe rizato, you're. >> and i love the steel. >> nbc4 bay area news. no prom dress, no problem. free prom dresses to bay area teens that couldn't afford one. the silicon valley chapter had its first give away this weekend. along the peninsula to identify students who would benefit from a free gown. >> i think it's like a really fun kind of experience because, like, especially coming from a low-income family you don't really get an opportunity to find a dress because they're usually really expensive. each girl had their own personal shopper. terry was out there. they're volunteers who help them search among the 8,000 dresses donated. teens not only left with a dress, but also with shoes and
11:44 pm
jewelry. there will be one more giveaway next weekend. >> for clarification, i was not out there. >> i was kidding. >> i was outside enjoying the weather. >> when you talk about prom, you're talking about spring-like weather. and it's actually still 60s outside in san jose. mild night after temperatures were in the mid-70s. we started the day with fog, and tomorrow, a little bit more. is view from san francisco, city lights lighting up the fog from below. oakland, we will see the low clouds spilling across the bay, reaching oakland and berkeley towards the morning. san jose, there you see. and lake tahoe, 31 degrees. we'll give you a weekend edition of the twoi owe in a tahoe report. the reason why, as you're about to see snowfall totals from monday through next saturday
11:45 pm
could be three to five feet. that is a great late season boost for no snow pack that as of today it's about 38% of average, if we concede three to five -- dried snow. reasonable snow levels out of this pattern. might see it jump by 10 to 15%. short-term forecast for the morning, patchy low clouds, fog, misty skies for the morning. then as we go through the afternoon, 60s and sech70s for highs. evening commute, likely seeing showers passing through. heaviest rain. tuesday morning commute. and we'll see things change over to scattered showers into wednesday. rainfall projections for monday, at least around lunchtime, nothing showing up there. by evening, you'll see the rain
11:46 pm
hit the ground. the main focus is on that tuesday morning commute and then a few more scattered showers for the afternoon. beyond that system, we're watching a system behind it very closely, thursday evening into friday, that could probably be the heaviest rain we see this week. as we watch the system move through. cooler air follows it. that drops snow levels as low as 3 to 4,000 feet. if we add up all of the rain from monday through saturday, bay area, maybe getting close to two to three inches of rain. san jose, probably an inch or so. but we'll be watching local areas could see maybe three to four inches of rain if we add up everything over the next six days. a lot of rain in the seven-day forecast. we'll have breaks in between, but i think things get more interesting later this week as the cooler air arrives. that will give us a chance of thunder and hail.
11:47 pm
and the chance of mount hamilton getting a little bit of snow by next weekend. so, winter continues in that seven-day forecast, even as typically in march. no snow totals like that, not the case this week. >> with the ground, the three to four inches, we'll get good runoff. >> possibly, yeah. bigger impact on commute traffic than the streams and creeks. certainly, by thursday and friday that will add up. >> rob, thanks a lot. >> thanks, rob. a tight game for the giants in scottsdale, you saw it here on nbc bay area. >> dave feldman has a look at what's goming up in sports. >> dave feldman at the xfinity sports desk, tiger woods trying to do something he hasn't done in five years. great fireworks on the pga tour. why this tail end of a back to back was anything but a lay-up. sports coming up next.
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i'm april kennedy and i'm an arborist with pg&e in the sierras. since the onset of the drought, more than 129 million trees have died in california. pg&e prunes and removes over a million trees every year to ensure that hazardous trees can't impact power lines. and since the onset of the drought we've doubled our efforts.
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i grew up in the forests out in this area and honestly it's heartbreaking to see all these trees dying. what guides me is ensuring that the public is going to be safer and that these forests can be sustained and enjoyed by the community in the future.
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north korea continues... with a new winner emerging. our coverage in pyeongchang, north korea continues, yes, the olympics continue with a new winner emerging. >> nbc's kelly cobea reports
11:56 pm
about an american that endured after a serious injury on the battlefield. >> he didn't know he was close to gold until the final stretch. >> looking good. >> when he heard a coach's voice. >> they're yelling, you're in it, you're in it, go, go, i pushed myself as hard as i could, i came out 7 seconds on top. it was really amazing. >> a comeback nearly a decade in the making. he's a navy seal from topeka, kansas, leading troops in afghanistan in 2009 when he stepped on an ied, after eight days in the hospital, he came back to the u.s. to find both legs amputated. >> when i think about days in the hospital, i was focusing on getting out of a hospital bed or getting into a wheelchair, getting up on prosthetics, taking progress day by day and step by step. >> he was awarded a purple heart
11:57 pm
and a bronze star of valor. he loved being part of a team in the military. he found that again with the par olympics. competing in sochi, being honored at the white house. >> he never lost that fighting spirit. >> after first winning gold, he medaled again. >> adding another layer of paralympic history. >> after a fall in the second event, he picked himself up and won silver. >> your best effort is all you can do, cliche, but you have to be satisfied with that if you really gave your best effort. >> an american hero, sharing his fighting spirit with the world, nbc news, seoul. adam rippon stole americans' hearts in south korea, and now he may be finding romance here at home. he made history as the first openly guy athlete on the u.s. team. he caught the attention of actress sally field. her attempt to set him up with her son went viral on twitter.
11:58 pm
the match making was a success. today field's son tweeted out this picture with rippon, his caption said, thanks, mom. rob manning here with one last look at the weather. not your morning commute that will be affected, but maybe your evening. mild temperatures, breezy at times. monday night and tuesday, first round of rain, and more to follow as we go through the week into the beginning of next weekend. >> thank you very much, and thanks for joining us tonight. >> have a good night.
11:59 pm
12:00 am
this week on "in depth", the greatest big wave surfer ever, laird hamilton. >> i continue to not be con at the point and go, okay, that's it, i reached my goal. i think it will always be a continual pursuit. >> over the years, hamilton has conquered waves once considered unrideable. but decided early on he would never compete professionally. instead, he spent his life defying odds and innovating techniques to push the sport to new heights. >> i'm more like an artist. >> we visited him on kawhi, where he saw his property, joined his exercise program, and head out to the water to watch him in action. he reflects on his aggressive personality. >> aggressive, jumping off hh


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