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tv   Early Today  NBC  March 13, 2018 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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make sure you are ready for the rain. . it's 4:00 a.m. and we're on early to make sure you're ready for the rain. nbc bay area has issued a microclimate area alert. look at all that green, that's rain headed our way already in some part of the bay area this morning. good morning, and thank you for joining us early on this tuesday. let's get straight to that rain. >> it's coming down, but right now we're seeing the majority of the moisture, a bit of it off to the coast. we've seen a couple of pockets of rain move inland. we've seen light showers move in overnight. this is the cold front, this is the strongest of the storm. our storm ranger is on top of san bruno mountain and it's scanning the latest data. you can see a couple of showers
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moving in through san francisco right now. we're seeing some of the heaviest pockets of rain in the north bay. this is going to be pretty fast moving. we're expecting for this to kind of make its way from the north bay down to the south bay. san jose is seeing pockets of rain there, even in the morgan hill area. the majority of it right now is over the north bay. mill valley, expect to see that push its way through in the next half of an. you can see future cast here. we have pockets near napa, even through walnut creek and parts of the fremont area. we'll keep a close eye on the system. storm ranger is up and running. i'll have the latest on where it's moving in just a bit. yeah, the radar shows you the next hour half is going to see that rain smack down across most of the bay area. at least the first part of t. you see this radar on our traffic readout where it is
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right now. you'll have those slick roadway conditions. south 880 i passed this crash, i saw the silhouette of a back of an suv or some sort of vehicle down on the side of the front. major front end damage. someone reported also that there was someone walking around earlier in the area. over here, this is 880 at 23rd. yesterday the power lines were down, today they're doing repair work. maybe that's a follow-up, but no lanes are blocked. do you see the rain in the north bay? that's kicking it over by the golden gate bridge. the bay bridge shows you the slicker conditions. be careful. we're starting to see some of the rain kick in already. there's concerns about flooding in all the usual spots. >> we're in the elements right now, pete, where you are, i can see it's windy but i can't tell if it's raining right now where you are. >> reporter: good morning. yes, it is not raining so far
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here off of lucky drive where we're at here. this is where a typical problem area when we see a lot of rain coming down but you don't see any rain coming down. it is a little bit windy in this area. i want to show you some video. this is in san jose overnight in the willow glen area where some of that rain is coming down. as i mentioned, we just showed you here off 101 north off lucky drive, no rain coming down. take you back out here live. we're keeping an eye on the conditions. of course, we're expecting the rain to come here at some point in the north bay. we'll have another update for you in the next half hour. we're live off lucky drive for today in the bay. you can take our weather app with you. stay connected. take the radar with you, it's great. take it with you in the palm of your hand wherever you're headed. our next top story for you right now, president trump's first visit to california since becoming president.
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he'll stop marine corp station in san diego county. he's expected to attend a republican fundraiser. this is video from san diego yesterday. there's already protesters taking to the streets. more of the same expected today. today in the bay's tracy potts from washington, d.c. >> reporter: these are the 30 feet border wall samples president trump will see today. these, demonstrations, protesting his visit. >> he's trying to divide us on every way he possibly can. >> my mother and i are not rallying for your base and the state of california is not your golf course. >> reporter: california a hotspot for immigration paolicy.
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and sanctuary cities. mr. trump's immigration director yesterday. >> we're protecting the american public. >> reporter: last week the trump administration sued california over laws that made it illegal to cooperate with federal officers. >> our cities should be safe havens for american people, not for american criminals, okay? not for american criminals. >> reporter: his visit today, a test on immigration, border security, and politics. tracy potts. our coverage continues this morning. scott mcgrue will join us at 5:00. ann coulter will be visiting. we're live in mountain view where she is expected to attend a sold out event. things got rowdy last time she
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was expected just to speak is in the bay area. >> reporter: correct, conservative speaker ann coulter will be appearing behind me here in mountain view. the mountain view police department will be shutting down part of sterling starting late this afternoon until after her speech which is scheduled to be around 7:00. that's because of concerns for vu security. the daily post newspaper also reports that the liberty forum of silicon valley has hired private security as well. coulter's event is titled in trump we trust. we expect her to speak out in defense of the president and his policies. the liberty forum's website reads, liberals head for your safe spaces, ann coulter is coming to town. coulter has sold out all 450 seats of this venue. about a year ago her visit to
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berkeley was canceled after there were violent protests. thank you for that. coming up on today in the bay, a new story we're following this morning in the south bay. a hazmat situation forces evacuations of a neighborhood. happening now, new england bracing for another powerful winter storm. the impact it could have on air travel all across the country. live pictures from san rafael. we're tracking the latest storm to hit the bay. you're watching today in the bay.
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♪ [thinking] mexican spices? ♪ [thinking] nacho cheese sauce? they don't want these coming out. who's they?
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the burger people. they! they! nacho fries, now serving at a taco bell near you. [bong!] morning - as rain move right now, we are under a microclimate weather alert on this tuesday morning. as the rain moves into the bay area, already hitting some areas. stay with us another weather and traffic update coming up for you in less than five minutes. we continue to monitor this morning's storm. we're keeping an eye on the east coast. >> new england is bracing for another nor'easter. take a look at this live look. imagine traveling in it. people are hitting the stores, getting ready. items like generators, shovels and snow blowere are running ou. a live look from boston there. as much as 18 inches of storm are expected to fall today. we've got video from the second nor'easter that slammed that region last week.
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most towns still digging out of it. air travel is going to take a hit today as well. boston's logan airport has canceled many flights. back here in the bay area, one man is in custody after a small explosion triggered vae evacuations in the south bay. witnesses saw debris and smoke coming from a home. about a dozen other homes were evacuated. officers arrested that man who lives there. people were allowed back three hours later. police have not yet said what they found at that home. and new this morning, a bit of bay area inspiration in case you need it. >> a boston auction house selling a decades old job application and it was signed by steve jobs. he filled out that application at age 18 back in 1973. it's a little hard to read. it was in response to a question whether he has access to transportation. he wrote possible but not
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probable. >> there you go. >> it's not clear even what job he was applying for. jobs was reluctant to give autographs so experts consider items like these to be extremely rare. the auction house says it expects that application itself to sell for $50,000. >> wow. >> isn't it interesting? i wonder if our job applications will be worth that. coming up next, it's going to be a rough morning commute. matter of fact, our storm ranger is up, and it's scanning on top of san bruno mountain. you can see the radar here. it's lit up. we've seen a couple of showers start moving through san francisco. the majority of that moisture is out to the coast, but pretty soon the line of showers will move all the way through, starting from the north bay, even down through the san jose area. san jose right now getting light
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pockets. i'll take you through the timeline coming up in just a bit. did you say san jose? we know the way there. we have water droplets on the lens. there's slick conditions, we'll show you the bigger look coming up. deadly deliveries. austin, texas, on high alert after exploding devices were left on front porches. the latest on that investigation coming up.
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4:15 for you right now.
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take a look at that radar right now. green means go and the rain is go right now. we've been tracking this throughout the morning. it's coming down in many parts of the bay area right now? >> it certainly is. our storm ranger is up and it's tracking all of the incoming rain right now. sitting on top of san bruno mountain. if you can see right here, we're not seeing too much rain there. where you see the scan light up the red and the yellow hues, that's where some rain is. the line showers is expected to bring heavier downpours. you can see a couple of showers moving through hayward. you saw redwood city and through the san jose area as well. we can expect to see a couple showers continuing to move through. as this rain makes its way through, we're tracking some windier conditions. and within the next couple of hours, here's a look at what you can expect. we've got heavy pockets of rain heading through mill valley and even through the richmond area,
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starting to see some more showers pushing through now. within the next half hour or so, we'll start to notice the rain really picking up in sonoma, napa and yonville. we're seeing hit or showers, hit or miss in some spots. we're even expecting to see some of that rain also push through the oakland and berkeley area. right now oakland and berkeley, not seeing too much of the wet rain right now. we're expecting that to kind of happen within the next half hour or so. we're going to continue to track this, at least through your early morning commute. we're still seeing showers moving through saratoga, san jose, lexington hills right now. we will continue to see the rain through the middle of the morning. when you look at that, compare today the future cast, you can see by 5:00 we'll see rain moving through napa, walnut creek, fremont, san jose, and all the way down through the
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morgan hill area. so even though right now we're seeing the majority of the moisture off to the coast, you can see that by 5:00 a.m. we'll start to see that band of showers really pushing through. making its way widespread all the way down through morgan hill. and beyond the santa cruz mountain area. another thing we'll be keeping an eye on are the wind speeds. right around 6:00 a.m., we'll see the heavier pockets of rain moving through the north bay, even through san francisco and then again it's sticking around until about 6:30. if i take you to that 7:00 a.m. hour ho hour, we'll see a couple of heavy of pockets of rain. that's going to bring down pretty heavy downpours. if you notice the future cast, by about 2:30 we see the heaviest of the rain moving out. this is what our doppler radar looks like compares to the storm ranger's. it's mainly just green, so
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that's what our high resolution map picks up on storm ranger compared to our regular radar. i'll talk more coming up, let's send things over to mike. a lot of activity out there. i've kept up one of the layers of radar we have because of the traffic and the weather is tied together. these are active radar hits right now. the rain coming in, strongest off the coast there. as i pull that away you see the green that's over here, these highlighted blobs. that's where we are anticipating the most roadway with puddling. watch all over the bay. that's the condition from overnight rain anyway. here's highway 17, no major problem. santa cruz coming up, through morgan hill out of hollister, everything is moving well. look at san jose, that's where we see the most green
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highlighting left over. over here, the antioch bridge likely to see a lot of rain. the transit systems are running on tom. the weather has not impacted the b.a.r.t. schedule. sometimes the rain and especially the wind would affect those systems, but, again, not a problem right now. 880 does show the traffic moving. southbound, around auto mall parkway there is still the crash off the shoulder and into the dirt. people in austin, texas, are on edge this morning. two people are dead and two others badly wounded after a string of package bombings. the latest victim was a 75-year-old woman who is in critical condition. a package found outside of her home exploded in her arms yesterday. police say that woman was hurt just hours after a 17-year-old boy was killed and another woman was injured by another deadly delivery. a neighbor heard the explosion. >> i thought it was a shotgun,
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but it was way louder. i heard debris afterwards. >> a similar incident happened on march 2nd. investigators are searching for a suspect and a motive. people who live in san jose's willow glen neighborhood are back in their homes this morning after san jose police brought in a bomb squad last night. it happened a little bit before 8:00 in the area of willow and meridian. at least four homes were told to evacuate. police have not yet told us what they found or if anyone was taken into custody. happening today, robots will be a hot topic for san francisco supervisors. the board is set to approve fees for robot deliveries in the city. they will have to spend $860 for a permit to test a device. the max is set at three applications. those applications won't be available until sometime after the board votes tonight, assuming the measures pass. it's 4:21.
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we have brand-new insurance data overnight showing a spike in er visits for kids with severe allergies. a seven year study shows a 150% increa increase. the visits have to do with allergies to peanuts. researchers say parents are getting better at recognizing some of the symptoms and seeking treatment more quickly when a child does have an allergic reaction. coming up, new this morning, more and more older drivers are on california roads and highways. the danger they could be facing.
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another storm hitting the bay area, taking a live look outside. a wet golden gate bridge, not a lot of traffic so far. of course, the san mateo bridge, look for high winds in the area as well. the storm is off the coast right now, but it's coming our way. weather and traffic coming up in just moments. well, allowing more housing options for the south bay, san jose city leaders will debate the future of an incentive program designed to keep mobile home parks in operation. over the past three years, the city has been working on an opt in program for park owners. it would guarantee parks remain stay in exchange for certain breaks in financial incentives. that plan has never been approved. today, city council members will look at ways to keep the mobile home parks open. this morning, more older drivers are getting into deadly crashes, especially in california. a non-profit that studies transportation data released that new report overnight. it shows nearly 4 million
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licensed drivers in california are 65 years old or older. in 2016, over 550 people died in california crashes that involved at looeeast one driver that was or older. the increase in crashes coincide with the increasing number of older drivers. a big boost for the san jose sharks and their push for the playoffs. >> the sharks got a big win last night. they beat the red wings 5-3. the sharks won four of those six games. they head to edmonton to face the oilers tomorrow night. coming up on "today in the bay," lots of rain. >> lots of rain that was off the coast, now moving on in. we've got our storm ranger now scanning through san francisco, seeing pockets of rain all the way down to redwood city, also seeing showers. we'll get this system moving through, i'll take you through that timeline coming up.
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over here our view from the oakland camera, it trimbles a bit as the rain moves it around. we'll show you what conditions are like. we're not seeing a lot of rain so far in the north bay. there's other weather conditions that could affect your weather commute. i'll explain that to you after the break. you're watching "today in the bay." you could generate your own energy,
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at home. or to save energy, unplug unused appliances. do your thing, with energy upgrade california.
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we )r 4:30 on your tuesday morning. we are in a microclimate weather alert, tracking a storm moving into the bay area. taking a look at the radar right now, a lot of this is off the coast. it's coming our way, just in time for that morning commute. good morning, to you, and thanks for joining us. right now, we want to go to the storm as it moves into the bay area. >> we're definitely starting to see the rain finally move more inland. and what's going to happen is it's going to be a line of showers, we've actually got our storm ranger, it is up and running sitting on top of san bruno mountain where it's picking up the yellow and orange hues off the coast. that's where the heaviest of the rain is. we're starting to see rain moving through san francisco, kind of making its way in through redwood city. in the next less than ten or possibly 15 minutes, we'll start to see a couple of those showers start really pouring and coming down in the north bay. i'll take you through that
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timeline and where that system is moving next coming up in just a bit. you've got that active radar. over through daily city, pacifica, it's moving through this area. also the south bay has been hit. as we remove the radar, you see the road weather index. that green highlighting in all these blotches, they'll continue to build as the rain comes through. that's where you'll find the slickest conditions. be careful out there, traffic is relatively light. overnight we had this crash, and i passed by it on south 880. this car went off the roadway and down into the roadside ditch. so there were no people reported there at the scene when chp got there but one report said they saw somebody walking away from the scene. here is the conditions, slippery over here in san jose north 101.


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