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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  March 14, 2018 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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francisco. we are going to help get you started with your day. i'm marcus washington. >> and i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia. she will be working the 5:00 and 6:00 news tonight which is exciting. i will get to watch her during dinnertime as i'm chopping, right. lucky she's not commuting this morning. >> not commuting this morning but she will still have some rain by this afternoon. it's going to be off and on. we're starting off this morning with pockets of rain across parts of the bay area. we have storm ranger to show you the highest resolution and most up to the second updates than any other station here in the bay area. it's all clear, the rain has moved out of san jose, so let's go right to the east bay where we're seen some of those heavy downpours around berkeley and also approaching orinda, emeryville and also just leaving richmond. i will be tracking this second by second as we continue to see these showers moving through. as we go through the day there is more rain on the way, in fact, more light showers and a
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chance of some thunderstorms. i will talk about that coming up in about seven minutes. mike, you're tracking the impact out there on the roads. >> that's right, kari. i borrowed your radar readouts and showing you san francisco toward the east bay, where she shows all that activity and there's berkeley, richmond. let me show you the camera we have for the east shore freeway. it is kind of murky over there, from time to time we actually see the low clouds blur our shot. looks like it's clear up to university right now from our emeryville shot. traveling on that roadway will be affected. folks are slowing down as that rain travels through, i have removed that radar level, you see the green highlighting there and patches throughout the bay area signaling wetter, slicker roadways. we're looking at a smooth drive toward 17 at the summit and gilroy through morgan hill no delays right now. we're watching cochran and dunn all the time. that crash did clear at 205, traffic getting through dublin
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pretty standard. no delays for the transit system. back to you, kris. happening today, thousands of students are preparing to walk out of their classrooms across the country and here at home. from the south bay to the east bay these protests are expected to be widespread this morning. this comes one month after the parkland, florida, school shooting where 17 people lost their lives. sharon katsuda is live in pleasanton at foothill high school with a protest happening there this morning. what are the students demanding with these walkouts? >> reporter: well, kris, they are planning on walking out at 10:00 this morning along with many other schools throughout the bay area. they plan on honoring the victims who died in last month's shooting at the parkland high school. many students plan to walk out for 17 minutes, symbolizing how many people died at the high school. the suspect has appeared in court for murder charges and the case has sparked debate over
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stricter gun control laws. at joaquin miller elementary in oakland children held signs and chanted safe schools a way to go. oakland unified school district told nbc bay area that they are fully supportive of the walkout. they want to see kids stay on campus with schools setting up a free speech assembly area for students to take part in an important conversation. >> we support our students' right to express their first amendment rights. this is an important time in our history, this is a very important time that students are taking charge as you see across the country. there are young people who are upset with what's going going on in this country and we want to support our students' rights to join that movement. >> reporter: the district is in close contact with school administrators about the walkouts. any disciplinary action for students will be dealt with on a case -by-case basis. here in pleasanton local students have raised more than $2,000 to help support students
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in florida to travel to washington, d.c. to fight for stricter gun control laws. reporting live in pleasanton, i'm sharon cat tud katsuda. students from more than 100 bay area schools plan to participate in today's walkout. you can see the full list on our website we will have a team of reporters at schools around the bay area watching for developments. if you are participating in today's event, tag us in your photos and video on facebook and on twitter. a tribute pouring in this morning for renowned british theoretical physicist stephen hawking. he died in the early morning hours at his home in england. he was 76 years old. his family says he died peacefully. best known theoretical physicist of his time. hawking wrote of the mysteries of space, time and black holes. in his book "a brief history of time" it became an international best seller making him one of sciences biggest celebrities
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since albert einstein. hawking was paralyzed at the age of 21 by als and he was told he would only live a few years. he defied those odds. >> my illness has meant that i cannot use pencil and paper, so i have to do things in my head. >> and despite being a british citizen stephen hawking was awarded the presidential medal of freedom in 2009 by president obama. it's the u.s.'s highest civilian honor. now to those tributes, here is one from the show big bang theory, he was on that show and it reads in loving memory of stephen hawking it was an honor to have him on the big bang theory. thank you for inspiring us and the world. astro physicist neil degrasse tyson reads his passing has left an intellectual vacuum in his wake. think of it as a vacuum energy permeating the space and time
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that defies nature. nasa tweets his theories unlocked possibilities that we and the world are exploring. may you keep flying like superman in microgravity. astronauts on space station in 2014. that's hawking in that picture floating in zero gravity. happening today president trump's road trip continues today. he's headed to st. louis. he spent yesterday here in california and the president reviewed prototypes for border wall in san diego before going to l.a. he also gave a scathing rebuke to leaders in california's sanctuary cities. >> protecting a horrible group of people in many cases. criminals. >> back in washington secretary of state rex tillerson is still on the job today, he is officially out at the end of this month. tillerson says he is handing over duties to a deputy. and now at 5:06 back to our microclimate weather alert.
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if you are headed out the door soon you are going to experience another round of wet roadways as we look live at the golden gate bridge we can even see the rain falling just a few minutes ago, kari? we will talk with kari in just a minute. >> right now we want to go to "today in the bay's" thom jensen live in san jose with what you can expect as that next storm sets to move in. good morning, thom. >> reporter: good morning, marcus. yes, don't let this traffic behind you deceive you or folks at home as you're getting ready to go into work or maybe work out before you go into work this morning. i can tell you as i was driving into work this morning albeit in from sacramento and then down through the east bay, i was in and out of those rain showers as kari was talking about and at one point on i-80 i saw a seven-car wipeout just a couple minutes in front of me, obviously all due to this wet weather, it was coming down in buckets and as kari said we
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expect another series of showers to come through later and we have seen, you know, as she said, pockets of rainstorms this morning. so we thought we would do a little research and give folks as you are getting ready this morning a couple tips, these from aaa this morning about driving in this wet weather and it all starts of course with good tires on your car and keeping your focus, concentrating on the road and the cars ahead. and then also this is a good one, too, you want to avoid using your cruise control. you might not think about that, but as that cruise control tries to adjust it can cause your tires to spin out and can cause your car to spin out. also make sure, again, and this is one of those old rules, make sure you leave a lot of room in front of the car in front -- or between you and the car in front of you and do not drive too fast behind the traffic in front of you. like i said, i saw a seven-car wipeout this morning. stay calm and don't panic in
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situations. if you do start to skid out, make sure that you don't panic and slam on the brakes and continue to steer your car into the same direction that you plan on going. again, just good tips to keep in mind this morning as you're heading out because as kari said, especially if you're coming over the santa cruz mountains or any of those other winding roads, we could see some real storms coming in 7:30 into the 8:00 hour this morning. we're live in san jose this morning, thom jensen, "today in the bay." thank you, thom. you were talking about i-80. it's still raining on i-80 right now. so i would imagine there is a lot more puddles and storm ranger our mobile doppler radar showing the very high definition of exactly where that rain is falling. just moving just through the east of i-80 in the east bay from el sobrante over toward concord, it's approaching that area right now, martinez and also moving into orinda.
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here is the bigger picture, we're still going to have some very unsettled weather as we go through the day. that means that we will have passing showers and even a chance of a few thunderstorms by this afternoon. it's much cooler this morning, we're right now in the upper 40s and low 50s, our highs today will only reach into the mid 50s today, up to 56 degrees in san jose and 56 in santa rosa, livermore today 54 degrees. we will talk about how much rain is ahead and also sierra snow. it's looking pretty good. that's in just a few minutes. mike, when the rain drops gather at the bay bridge i'm guessing the cars do, too. >> everybody gathers here, kari. right here in this live shot kari was talking about that rain pushing to the east, you could cece a few drops from time to time. the crowd is starting to gather for these cash lanes but all of the left approach is open as far as the lanes so traffic let up from the last time we took a look. things starting to back up on schedule.
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this is what kari was talking about, the rain traveling over here east of i-80 and that's going to affect folks for highway 4 heading over in toward the benicia bridge leaving these wet roadways where that green highlighting shows there and other parts of the north bay. south of here we do have a spinout reported 87 right around 101. so i wanted to track that, let you know if lanes are blocked, guys. back to you. coming up next on "today in the bay," a trip turned tragic. >> and then my mom got up and got the bag and she took him out and she was like, wake up. >> this little girl and her family are mourning the loss of their plofd little bulldog who they say died after being forced into an overhead bin on a united flight. new this morning, we investigate how often this is happening. on a lighter note do you watch "the crown" on netflix. you will be surprised how much they paid the queen in business and tech.
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art. it can be sculpted in beautiful detail. or painted in luxurious strokes. and in rare cases... both.
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it can be sculpted in beautiful detail. or painted in luxurious strokes. and in rare cases... both. right now at 5:14 it is wet all around the bay area, but let me get you up to the second on exactly where that rain is falling with storm ranger right now. in the east bay, but as we go to palo alto we still see the water on the roads. we will have some light rain moving through today and our highs only reaching into the mid 50s. it's going to be cool and at times soggy. we will see more of this weather in the forecast and we will talk about that and how much more coming up in about five minutes. and it just hit the east shore freeway, you see the glow,
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look at that, tough to see. clearly those head lights are moving smoothly westbound coming in toward the bay bridge. slowing a bit here. we will show you what's going on for our longer commutes coming up. and good morning and happy wednesday. stocks set to open higher this morning. the nasdaq yesterday snapped a seven-day winning streak after president trump said chip maker broadcom would not be allowed to buy san jose -- san diego's, rather, qualcomm. broadcom was an american company, it isn't now and trump has been pressuring broadcom to come back to the u.s. here is the president in november at a press conference with broadcom execs. >> my administration is working every day to make the united states the most attractive place in the world to do business so that more and more companies like broadcom come back to our shores, grow their businesses and create more and more american jobs, and you see it happening on a daily basis.
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>> speaking of foreign business, it sounds like the president will make good on his promise to slap big tariffs on chinese made goods including electronics. this is something he said over and over on the campaign trail. tariffs up to 45% and if you go by what he said during the campaign, that includes big tariffs on m a and apple made goods. you recall candidate trump called for americans to boycott apple, a thing he never actually retracted. the president like tariffs, the one guy who is trying to convince him that free trade was a better way to go has left the white house, remember. gary cohn left earlier this month when the president added tariffs to steel and aluminum as a way to punish china. >> clair foy was not paid as much as her on screen husband prince phillip. we learned that from the show's producers who were speaking at a panel. clair foy earned $40,000 an episode, matt smith who pays her
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husband got more, it's not clear how much for. the producers said smith was a well-known actor from "dr. who" and clair foy this was her first big rule. they have since declared no one will make more than the queen. the problem is clair foy is no longer the queen, in season three they switch out to an older queen. if you haven't seen this series, it is fabulous. i think it's netflix's best stuff. >> you have told me about that and a i watched the first couple episodes, but i will say that she didn't seem like she was subpar to the king. >> certainly not. >> bad optics on that one. continuing coverage now of the controversial handling of a french bulldog puppy that died on a united airlines plane. the airline is now apologizing after that animal was found dead in the overhead bin. sophia says that her mom sobbed when they found her family dog
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kokito dead when they arrived in new york. passengers say a flight attendant insisted that they place the dog in its carrier in the overhead bin because the dog's terrier was blocking the aisle. >> she was like it's a dog, it's a dog, and she said we have to put it up there. >> it's horrible now because now i'm thinking about hearing that dog and not knowing that it was needing help. >> united airlines released a statement assuming responsibility saying in part this was a tragic accident that should never have occurred, as pets should never be placed in the overhead bin. still no word if the flight attendant will face disciplinary action. we do have more details on this story. not every airline allows travelers to transport their animals, but we did look a little closer at the number of deaths involving pets in transport last year. according to the department of transportation, four airlines accounted for all 24 animal deaths in 2017. that includes dogs, cats and
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birds. three-fourths of those deadly incidents took place on united airlines. >> if you're planning to travel with a pet we're learning the skies will be crowded this spring. an industry group is projecting u.s. airlines will carry a record number of passengers, about 2.5 million per day. that's between march 1st and april 30th. that's up 4% from last year. increased competition and lower fares is making flying more accessible. there are several peak travel periods in march and april including spring break, easter and passover. a new video shows new englanders taking full advantage of the third nor'easter to hit in two weeks. that's a new way to get to work. this woman from boston decided to spend the day showing off her skills cross-country skiing right down her street. >> i do it all the time. my gym is closed so i need to get some exercise today. >> you think it's weird? see, i think it's normal. i went to school up in maine, so i used to go to class and just
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ski to class. >> okay. it's totally normal. there are some folks walking down the street and they are snow filled for sure. >> wow. >> you know, i could see going across town. >> i sure do not miss that. living in connecticut just three years ago i shared a memory and the snow was piled all the way up over my head, having to just track to work and do simple things, i don't miss it at all. >> we're glad you brought the sunshine. >> the best part of watching winter is watching it on tv from california. we are talking about rain this morning and we cheer on every single raindrop as we watch what's happening for our morning commute. we are still seeing some rain across parts of the bay area and then we're going to also have some times of rain and some times when we have breaks. that's what we are seeing in
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morning. as we get a look at that forecast here is a look at storm ranger, what's happening this morning. one little cell that has been slow to move from the east bay and i'm going to zoom way in and show you where this rain is happening, just moving out of el sobrante and also approaching concord, martinez in the thick of it with bright yellows and reds showing where the heaviest rain is coming down. we're starting to see new cells developing right around the north of burlg game. i want to take off storm ranger and show you what the national weather service radar looks like. it just doesn't give you as much detail and you are also seeing exactly where that rain is falling. we have impulses in the atmosphere that's forcing this cold air to rise. we know that by basic science that warm air rises but when we have cold air rising it causes rain and we will have the chance of some thunderstorms, even some small hail today.
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this pattern stays unsettled over the next couple days until this large area of low pressure that's well to the north of us starts to push off to the east and that won't happen until saturday. so as we look at our forecast, still some rain. some students may be walking out right at 10:00 this morning all around the bay area. kids, make sure you have your rain gear. it looks pretty foggy. as we go into the evening the rain perhaps up. more rain in the forecast. several more rounds of this that could bring in heavy sierra snow. mike, those wet roads also problems for commuters. even if it's not actively raining where you are, we had overnight rains all over the bay so they will be slick at least damp roadways. here is where kari's radar showed a few seconds ago. going over from san francisco and patches there and we are looking over toward the east shore freeway, then martinez and looking towards benicia bridge as well. heading in toward concord, we remove that layer from the
5:23 am
national weather service and look at the road weather index from our traffic system which takes that weather data, says it's going to be slicker for the upper east shore freeway. south county no delays, highway 17, 101 freight out of gilroy through morgan hill. one spinout highway 87 around sky port. sounds like everything is getting pushed off to the shoulder. no problems for livermore. back to you. coming up next on "today in the bay," how healthy is your county? new this morning that data that shows the fittest places to live in the u.s. and there are several right here in the bay area. and don't forget to follow us on social media. we share behind the scenes views of "today in the bay." oh, geez, there's kris in stereo. find me on twitter.
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snapshot" of every county in we like to say we love all of our nine counties in the bay area equally, but the question this morning is how healthy is your particular county. a new report this morning is giving a health snapshot of every county in america. >> that data is compiled by the university of wisconsin. it shows access to good doctors is one of the many factors in determining how long and how well people live. well, we looked up the bay area counties, marin county leads the state in quality of healthcare. all of the rest of the bay area counties are in the top 12 except for solano which comes in at 26 out of 56 counties in
5:27 am
california. researchers say the goal of the ranking project is to give communities a window in their own health and provide opportunities for improvement. do you know what day it is? pi day. not this pie, though. >> pi. >> pi, the number, the never ending number 3.14159, et cetera. the day calls for pies all around. the exploratorium in san francisco is celebrating pi day. also it is steph curry's birthday today. the exploratorium will have a presence at tonight's game against the lakers at oracle arena. coming up on "today in the bay," tracking another week of wet weather. meteorologist kari hall has the timeline on this latest storm to hit the bay area. >> it's going to be off and on today but the big story is going to be all of the sierra snow. it's snowing right now, winter storm warnings in effect and look at how much snow we could
5:28 am
see over the next several days, possibly five, six feet of snow. yes, we will talk about how much rain for the bay area that's coming up next. a live look outse
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golden gate bridge. it is another wet morning. a live look outside at the golden gate bridge and on the left part of your screen the reason why it's a little soggy out there, you see some pretty heavy rain showers there. kari tells us that yellow is heavier than the green which we
5:31 am
are getting used to at this point. i'm kris sanchez, in for laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. right now we want to get to the meteorologist kari hall keeping us up to date on what's going on with the weather today. >> marcus and kris, we've seen much of the rain over slap know county and contra costa county this morning as we use our storm ranger our mobile doppler radar to give you a very high resolution look at what's happening second by second. we are seeing that rain now approaching concord. you are about to see heavy rain for the next 20 to 30 minutes and then it will get lighter. martinez, you are about to catch a break. we are going to see periods of showers today, mostly lighter rain becoming more widespread as we go through late morning and early afternoon, but also by this afternoon i will be watching out for a chance at a few of these downpours could pop into lightning or even small hail. we will talk more about that and also look ahead to the weekend in just a few minutes.
5:32 am
mike gives us a look at what's happening at the bay bridge. >> and it's backing up. it's going to happen because this is right when they turn those metering lights on, about 5:20, 25. the backup formed. it's looking like a typical schedule. wet roadways, recent rain so that affected this flow on the east shore freeway. minimal impact coming from berkeley. that radar imprint shows us as kari talked about martinez and the benicia bridge really getting hit with rain right now. for now we are talking about the rain across 680 heading down toward highway 4. there will be puddling and ponding for some of those roadways. no i think maar slowing, just a bit out of the altamonte pass. at 5:32 right now happening today widespread protests across the nation and right here in the bay area as you can see kids getting ready for that. this is as thousands of students will walk out of their schools
5:33 am
at 10:00 a.m. to mark the one month anniversary of the mass shooting in parkland, florida. teenagers are demanding stricter gun control and to stop the school shootings. "today in the bay's" pete suratos is live in milpitas with how local school districts are preparing for this. pete, a lot of kids taking part of in this demonstration. >> reporter: that's right, marcus. i know you guys mentioned earlier in the newscast more than 100 walkouts taking place across the bay area so we will see a lot of activity when it comes to this later this morning, but here in milpitas at the milpitas unified school district there was a bit of back and forth as far as whether these students who take part in this walkout would be disciplined. the superintendent cheryl jordan sent out a couple letters in the past few days, in fact, on monday she said that for students that would participate in this walkout they support what the students are saying, but she did not condone the walk out saying in that letter, quote, leaving campus during school hours to participate in police cal activity is not a safe and responsible way to work
5:34 am
for change. in fact, at that time she said any student choosing to participate in the walkout would get an unexcused absence. but yesterday the superintendent had a change of heart saying students here at milpitas high who voice their concerns and want to participate in this walkout they will not get an unexcused absence for taking part in the walkout since it will be supervised by staff members and they will only walk a few blocks to the milpitas police department. i want to point out most schools in this district say they will take part in a moment of silence on campus to honor the victims. there will be a 17 minute moment of silence and throughout the day they will have counselors on site to have discussions. we will see how this shakes out when that walkout takes place at 10:00 a.m. pete suratos for "today in the bay." plans for the nationwide walkout originated of course in parkland, florida. that is the site of last month's deadly school shooting. survivors have been vocal about gun reform and changing the law. >> we know what we're talking
5:35 am
about. it's not just me out here, but all of these well informed students. it is our job to be educated and informed and know the future. >> we are he' not trying to take guns away from people. we're trying to go to school and not be shot. >> every student should go to school and feel safe and secure. >> student activists are also planning a march for our lives next saturday. the main event happens in washington, d.c. with similar events scattered across the country. we have confirmed students from more than 100 bay area schools will plan to participate in today's walkout. you can see the full list on our website we will have a team of reporters across the bay area schools today and watching for those developments. if you have any video as well as those photos of you participating, we want you to tag nbc bay area on facebook as well as twitter. developing news this morning, a 12-year-old girl is recovering after she was hit by a car and the driver just kept going. all of it caught on video.
5:36 am
the video that we are about to show you may be unsettling but maybe you can help crack this crime. this is surveillance video from monday morning in san jose, the intersection is north 17th and east julian streets. you see the girl in the crosswalk, that toyota camry strikes the girl, then pulls over, appears to almost stop and then just takes off. the little girl's injuries are not life-threatening. police say the driver is a white woman likely in her 40s with brown hair. it is a toyota camry, unknown year. if you know something, you can exact san jose police, thom jensen will be covering this story later in this newscast. san francisco's police commission will meet today to consider equipping officers with tasers. city leaders have debated a taser policy for years now. then last november the police commission finally approved rolling them out by the end of this year. acting mayor mark farrell has added a new sense of urgency to the debate calling for a june ballot measure.
5:37 am
farrell tells the examiner he will continue to push for a ballot measure until the commission approves a new policy. the commission may actually hold a vote at tonight's meeting. happening today, remembering the victims of last friday's veterans home shooting in yountville. people in brentwood will hold a vigil at 7:00 organized by diane burgess. in sonoma county there are still a lot of questions about the response from authorities on the day of the shooting. a lot of folks asking why it took law enforcement nearly seven hours to storm that building. everyone including the gunman was found dead. the chp is leading this investigation and so far is not commenting. and at 5:37 now, new details, experts at a bay area forensics lab will play a key role in trying to solve the recent deadly package bombs in texas. two people died in three attacks over ten days in austin. one victim was a 17-year-old boy. the third woman critically injured a 75-year-old woman and
5:38 am
all of that evidence is being sent to an atf lab located in walnut creek. that lab is one of three such facilities in the entire nation, it's exact location, though, is kept a secret. happening today, the second of two public feedback meetings on plans to renovate san francisco's markets street. designs are in place for a long-term project called better market street. this involves more than two miles of busy street. it's an improvement plan between octavia and the embarcadero. construction is slated to begin in the year 2020. font's meeting takes place at hastings law school, that's at 6:00. all right. right now we're looking at 5:38 we are looking at your commute. overall very light volume. we have a little blip 101 through san jose and also we have a slower drive out of the altamonte. typical almost any time of the morning. move you toward the upper east shore freeway and down through
5:39 am
vallejo westbound 80 typical slowing heading down towards the carquinez bridge, slowing at the toll plaza. not a major issue. as we widen out you see traffic flows nicely coming out of concord. i'm sharing the data with kari, putting on recent radar readouts there. the rain will be over toward concord off of the benicia bridge. i can take that data from kari because kari is sharing her data. >> it all works together. >> we just need to know what's happening this morning. it's wednesday, we're trying to get out the door but i know you also want to know about the weekend. we will cover all of that. let's get a look at storm ranger this morning. we are all seeing some wet roads, but the rain is still falling across parts of the east bay so it does make it very soggy out there. we're still going to have showers lingering into our saturday morning. temperatures are going to only make it into the low 50s on saturday, for the inland areas 56 degrees and the bay at 55.
5:40 am
so it's going to be a cool and at times wet, but sunday is your day to get outside. it's going to be slightly warmer reaching up to 61 degrees inland. we will get some sunshine. it's not st. patrick's day unless you're heading to dublin for the celebration, the parade starts at 9:30 in the morning. there could be some rain coming through. it's also going to be pretty chilly with temperatures in the upper 40s and low 50s. as the day goes along we will start to see the sunshine breaking out. if you're thinking i just need a beach weekend, santa cruz this weekend, saturday still a slight chance of rain early, but sunday is going to be up to 57, so that's your day to get out there on the beach. let me so he what you're doing, we will talk about what's ahead for today coming up in three minutes. coming up next on "today in the bay," dreams of having a biological child dashed. the next step a bay area woman is taking after her eggs were destroyed by the clinic that was supposed to keep them safe.
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right now at 5:43 much of the bay area can walk out the door without being hit by some rain, but i'm watching this cluster of clouds here. this is making its way into the bay area and will bring our next round of rain late this morning. mostly light rain. we are still not seeing the
5:44 am
showers as of now, looking live in san jose, santa teresa, that rain starts to fall right at about 10:00 this morning. we are going to see more off and on showers not only today but the next couple of days. we will talk about how much coming up in five minutes. over here the tri-valley looks great. wet roads, perhaps out of the altamonte but no major delays. look at these travel times, no delays right now for the east bay freeways, we will talk about the east shore freeway coming up. 5:44, happening today some parents plan to protest the fremont unified strict board meeting. they don't agree with a series of sex education classes scheduled to begin next month. those classes are for students between fourth and sixth grade. they cover top picks including health, puberty and sexuality. the district calls the teaching essential saying it follows state law but is also sparking heated gate because some parents
5:45 am
believe it goes too far and not to be age appropriate. that meeting is scheduled for 6:00 p.m. the first lawsuit has been filed against a san francisco fertility clinic where hundreds of frozen eggs and embryos may have been damaged. this morning there is a push to turn that claim into a class action lawsuit. the mercury news is reporting that a woman is suing pacific fertility center for damages due to negligence and breach of contract. the law firm representing that woman claims at least 400 people were affected about i that storage tank failure at the facility which may have malfunction ds. the problem was discovered by the clinic earlier this month. a similar incident happened at a cleveland fertility clinic coincidentally around the same time. at 5:45 no comment so far from the president about a big loss in democrat. >> appears another democrat won a seat in congress. >> the race in president's special election was a squeaker, kris. nbc news has declared democrat
5:46 am
conor lamb as the winner and conor lamb has declared conor lamb as the winner >> it took a little longer than we thought, but we did it. >> now, how close is close? take a look at this. fractions of a percent. 49.9 and 49.6. it's a district donald trump won easily during the presidential election, but it does look like a win for the democrats this morning. that said, conor lamb is a very conservative democrat who went out of his way in campaign ads to distance himself from minority leader nancy pelosi. former democratic candidate for president hillary clinton coming under fire for what she said during a speech in india that white women didn't vote for her because men in their lives pressured them not to. she also implied states where she lost were backwards. the "washington post" ran an editorial this morning that was head lined just stop, hillary,
5:47 am
please and accused her of hurting democrats chances in the future saying clinton told an audience she won in all the smart cool places then hit a pandering low that puts a catalog of others to shame. the kremlin this morning says it was not responsible for a chemical attack on a family and a police officer in great britain. great britain says the russians are responsible. rex tillerson said he thought the russians were responsible and he was fired. we're watching to see what the white house reaction is to putin's denial will be. you remember president trump said he asked putin will he interfered in american elections and twice putin said he didn't, twice trump said he believed the russian leader. it's a quiet da i in washington. we're waiting for that first morning tweet. we will bring it to you when it comes. >> thank you very much, scott. 5:47. happening now a live look at intersta interstate 80 in kingvale where snow is still moving through.
5:48 am
no road closures have been issued so far but chains are required over donner summit. if some areas yesterday traffic on 80 was reduced to just one lane. people who live in communities surrounding the sierra one sight became popular over the past week, that was shoveling of course. even the stores are having a hard time keeping up with demand for shovels. >> they come in, they get batteries and oil for oil lamps, you will see them buying shovels because their shovel broke the last time they had a storm. >> trying to get ahead of it before it starts getting heavy. once it gets to three or four inches it will be hard to move. >> snow is expected to continue in the sierra through at least saturday and it is possible some areas could see up to six feet. made me cold just looking at it. >> that might be causing a headache for some people, but i think that was much needed. i remember talking about there wasn't enough snow up there. >> snow is good for everything,
5:49 am
business, skiing, the resorts. >> exercise. >> exercise. and then also for just viewing it. we talk about our snow pack. with he need that water for reservoirs for the summer. we are getting a little bit of water in the bay area this morning with rain falling. we will pinpoint exactly where before you head out the door. this is storm ranger. this is our mobile doppler radar, we have it parked on san bruno mountain. it gives you second by second updates on exactly where the rain is falling. we will take you over toward the east bay, over toward concord. if you're driving on 4 it is going to be wet in spots, but not your whole drive. we are also going to see this rain just slowly moving off towards the east approaching walnut creek in the next few minutes. i took off storm ranger, showed you the national weather service radar. it just doesn't show you as much detail. so this is something we will see off and on as we go throughout the day. now, we know basic science that warm air rises, but these little
5:50 am
disturbances that we're having coming through is forcing cold air to rise and that makes it really turbulent, really disturbed weather and we will have a chance we could see lightning, even small hail and this next little disturbance starts to move into the bay area by later on this morning. as we look at the bigger picture we still see that there's still some more areas of low pressure across the region and until all of this moves off towards the east we are still going to have unsettled weather through saturday. as you're getting dressed this morning we do need the jackets, with he need the umbrellas of course, so make sure you've got all of that. we have kids that will be walking out of school today in protest and right at about 10:00 there's going to be light rain moving through, especially for the south bay and east bay. make sure you've got the rain gear. most of the rain coming through will be through early afternoon and clearing out tonight with cool temperatures.
5:51 am
as we head throughout the day most of this rain will bring us light amounts, about a tenth to a quarter of an inch of rain and then more showers in the forecast as we head into thursday, friday and then it finally tapers off on saturday. now, as we head over to mike, you've been tracking that rain over highway 4, too. that's the most active area as far as where the radar shows. anywhere south of the san mateo bridge pretty much damp roadways from overnight, not a major issue is that that rain goes. highway 4 through concord out of pittsburg and bay point is where we see the build typically and where the rain is active as well. that will be what's going on. removing that radar you still see we had roadways. the east shore freeway and highway 24 show the build but nothing as dramatic as sometimes on a tuesday. travel time from highway 4 on interstate 80 toward the bay bridge 26 minutes, still under a half hour and the bay bridge metering lights are on over
5:52 am
there. the east shore freeway itself you do have to get with all these folks who are traveling but the rain did travel over so things are getting back to normal. coming up, new this morning, charges of abuse of power. police officers accused of beating a handcuffed inmate. video that has people talking today. but first happening now, just in, england called for a meeting of the united nations security council. they want to discuss the chemical agent attack on a former russian spy and his daughter. the father and daughter remain in critical condition in a hospital. plus the world's former number one doubles ten in 'tis player has died. ken flach was being treated originally for bronchitis when he died. flach won six grand slam titles and a gold medal at the 1988 seoul olympics. he was just 54 years old. music log no additional mic used sousn
5:53 am
he was just 54 years old. welcom
5:54 am
5:55 am
we )re tracking another wet morning commute. and welcome back. we are tracking a another wet morning commute for you on our left you can see right there our live camera of the golden gate bridge. traffic moving along smoothly. also you can see from the radar the weather is lingering around. meteorologist kari hall will have a full forecast in five minutes. new this morning a troubling video was released showing a
5:56 am
northern california correctional officer, a jail guard, hit ago handcuffed man in the head. the 30 second clip was recorded in august but it was just released yesterday. you can see two man teak can a police officers in the room with a man who was just arrested for public intoxication. the man was sitting on the floor in handcuffs and wearing a bag over her head, it's called a spit bag because he had been spitting at officers. the officer walked into the room, walked up in the man and hits him on the side of the head knocking him to the ground. the police officers who witnessed the incident reported it to their supervisors. a criminal defense attorney says the newly released footage made it possible to move forward with the case. >> regrettably but for the video there is a high probability this case would not have been charged and he would not have been arrested for the charges. >> the district attorney there filed a complaint charging matthew metler with a
5:57 am
misdemeanor account of assault by a public officer. no word on why the deputy hit the man in the head but the san joaquin county sheriff says they support the actions taken by the district attorney. maria shriver is visiting the bay area. she will be speaking at the commonwealth club. she will be joined by former governor of michigan to talk about gratitude, kindness, faith, family and the power of women. that even starts at noon. new this morning adding small amounts of formula to help newborns gain weight does not stop new brothers from breast-feeding. that is according to a new study out of ucsf. researchers tracked 160 babies who were exclusively breast-fed who lost a lot of weight after -- right after birth. moms who added a certificate ring fed formula after each feeding were just as likely to keep breast-feeding as those who did not supplement with formula. supplemented babies were also
5:58 am
less likely to be readmitted to the hospital for jaundice. grocery wars continue to heat up. walmart is expanding their same day grocery delivery service by 100 areas by the end of the year. they try to keep up with companies like amazon. an e-commerce expert explains what this means and how it impacts consumers. >> i think that regardless of however they need to get their every day low price groceries and consumables they can solve that need with walmart. >> through amazon's new program -- i should say walmart's new program shoppers pay a flat fee of $9.95 for orders of $30 or more. no word on which cities will be getting walmart delivery service. it is march 14th or 3/14 which means it is pi day. the annual celebration that takes the first three due
5:59 am
diligence of mathematical pi. today you can get sweet deals on whole pies. whole foods will mark the day with $3.14 off any specialty pie. if you have forgotten what pi means from your case in math class it is the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter. right now at 6:00 students from coast to coast are declaring today a day of action calling attention to student safety and gun violence. the massive walkouts planned across the country and right here in the bay area as we mark one month since the mat shooting in parkland, florida. remembering stephen hawking, the tributes pouring in this morning for the world renowned theoretical physicist. we are track scattered showers for the morning commute. taking a live look at our radar this morning. meteorologist kari hall is tracking the timing so you're ready before you head out the door. "today in the bay" continues
6:00 am
right now. good morning. thanks for joining us on this wednesday. i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia. she's going to be in tonight at 5:00. >> we will be waiting. i'm marcus washington. of course, we've got your morning traffic look as well as your weather. right now we want to start with meteorologist kari hall getting a look at what's going on with that weather shoo we've seen the rain hit or miss and that's the kind of weather we will see throughout the day. so it's still wet for all of the bay area even though you may not see that rain falling at this point. much of the rain has been over slap know and contra costa county. i have give you a close look at storm ranger this is our mobile doppler radar that gives us a second by second update as the rain continues to move in. right now it's getting heavier for concord, it's shoving through shore acres and approaching pittsburg. if you will be driving on highway 4 heading west it's going to be wet at times. as we go through the day we will see more light rain spreading in and this will mostly be for the south bay, the east bay


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