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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  March 19, 2018 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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♪ get high speed internet from at&t. $30 per month. no extra monthly fees. more for your thing. that's our thing. visit good evening and thank you for joining us. i )m janelle wang, in for raj nbc bay area starts right now. good evening and thank you for joining us. >> it's ban nerve wracking night, we begin with news, a freeway shooting investigation in the east bay, within the last hour, eastbound lanes reopened after a driver was shot around 8:20 this evening. a bullet came through the windshield hitting his finger. it happened just before 8:30.
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the police officers closed down the area, to search for bullet casings. and for marin county, 580 closed down, the victim said another driver waved a gun and fired a single shot in to the car. but the police did not find a bullet hole, just a dent. the freeway was opened minutes later. umbrellas need to be handy, wet weather is moving back in, dry tonight but rain in the forecast for five days. we are tracking storms and jeff, the first one is just hours away? >> it is. things are certainly going to be picking up as we head in to tuesday's forecast, storm ranger and doppler radar, shows the rain from the north bay to the south bay.
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rainfall producing .08 of an inch per hour. things like they are getting pushed back, and things are slowing down. by 5:30 in the morning, the bulk of the weather is offshore. and then we will see as the morning goes, we have a scattered chance of wet weather. as we mentioned, we do have wet weather in the next five days. we will have on and off rain, heavier downpours and humidity. we are tracking the strongest storm ahead, i will let you know when it moves in, how much rainfall and sierra snow, it's at 11:19 tonight. thank you, jeff, new video in from the central coast, this is montecito where people are getting ready to evacuate. a mandatory evacuation order was issued for wild fire burn areas. their more prone to flooding.
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a sto as the storms roll through this week, you can track them 24/7 from the palm of your hand. download the free app and click on the weather tab. i'm here to give thanks, and grieve the loss of these three brave women. >> remembering the victims of the yountville shooting. standing room only at the veteran's home theater. family, friends and community members came out to honor the three women who lost their lives. we are live in yountville with the public farewell and it's a tragedy, cheryl. >> reporter: well, tonight was the first time this entire community got a chance to grief and pay their respects together. family members receiving tight hugs tonight, it's something almost everyone needed to deal with the pain. >> we have survived earthquakes,
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wildfires and the deaths of three wonderful staff members who were truly heroes. >> the heroes honored before a packed crowd at the lincoln theater are known as three brave women. >> it's impossible to count how many lives they made better and how many lives they helped save. >> investigators believe that one of the lives they tried to save ended up taking theirs. when he returned to pathway home with a gun two weeks ago. >> this tragic event happened at their home. at our home. >> zach skiles is a graduate at the program. he spoke on hundreds of veterans that were touched by the pathway holm. >> every day, these women gave so much more than lip service. >> at the end of the memorial
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service, family were given an american flag. >> there's no playbook for what we are going through right now. i think we are going to close ranks a bit and hunker down and find a way to grieve. >> reporter: that is going to be very hard for this community. all the families are asking for privacy. reporting live in yountville. >> thank you, cheryl the family of jennifer golick chose to remember her in their own way. after golick was the clinical director of the pathway home, she is being remembered as a talented person that cared deeply about veterans suffering from post traumatic stress. new at 11:00, a potentially
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explosive situation if i hadiff grenades were found in an estate sale and residents were evacuated. we have the latest. the residents were relieved to be back home tonight? >> reporter: they are indeed, the all clear, everyone back home, all quiet but the mystery is remaining, where did the grenades come from. the homeowner has no idea and the home has been empty for a couple of years. neighbors arrived home to find streets shut down, a handful of homes evacuated and teams of sheriff's deputies in their neighborhood. but it was the arrival of the bomb squad that put them on edge. >> yeah, absolutely. with what is going on. you know, you see things happening all over the place. when you see that going on in your neighborhood, there's concern. >> it's a little frightening. i thought there was a robbery or something, or somebody was doing a drug bust. >> reporter: turns out of the deputies were responding to the
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report on grenades found. and then after 7:00 p.m., first we heard a warning siren. and then a single detonation, a woman that did not want to give us her name but was the identified as the estate sales dealer said that the owner made the discovery in the basement of the home. >> there were five grenades, two were smoke and three were live. she didn't know. she was shaking like crazy. thank god we did it and it's all over. she is happy. it's done. so, how did it get there? we are trying get more details about a car found underwater near at&t park. this is the view from the nbc bay area sky ranger around 7:00. police say the car went to the creek that the driver was seen running away.
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and the coast guard dispatched a rescue boat to pull out of the car. this just in, we have just learned that the posey tube is on track to row op-- on track t reopen in the hour. a sinkhole opened up and it created frustration for drivers, delays tacked on an extra hour during some commutes. the hole opened up after a storm drain failed. the security chief at the social media giant is stepping down after the company has been accused of misusing the personal information of billions of user. we have the video that exposed the breach in the first place. >> facebook is not your friend. >> reporter: some facebook users are thinking twice about the social media giant after learning a company called cambridge analytica, took the
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data of the team on facebook that took their poll and then their friends this employee said that the trump campaign hired the so-called voter profiling company and used the data to send targeted messages to voters. >> we offered him a way to accomplish what he wanted to do. which was, change the culture of america. >> undercover video shows that cambridge analytica employees talking about strategy. >> this is no good fighting an election campaign on the facts because of all of the emotion. >> some say they will be more cautious using facebook. >> i turned off a lot of the stuff that i have on facebook because i don't want it out there. >> others say facebook is a business and user data is part of the plan. >> they really need to get better at understanding -- of letting their consumers
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understand what is happening to their data. >> in a statement, facebook said if the reports are true, it's a serious abuse of our rules. all parties involved, certified to us that they destroyed the data in question. in light of the new reports that that data was not restored, we are suspending these three parties from facebook, pending further information. >> rainfall is developing right now had in storm ranger, mobile doppler radar off to the south. we will talk more about the rainfall chances tomorrow and where we have the best chance of heavy rain and a stronger storm in the works this week. that is 9:00. plus, brought to a screeching halt, the deadly crash that forced uber to suspend the car testing in the new safety questions being raised tonight. and searching for answers, what we have learned about the fire in san francisco's north beast beach neighborhood.
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help them track the fbi offering $115,000 to whomever can help them track down a serial bomber. for the fourth time in three weeks, a bomb exploded in austin, texas, the latest incident happened overnight and injured two men. police believe it's connect to a string of package bombings this month. tonight, uber has grounded the entire fleet of self driving cars and halted all testing after one hit and killed a pedestrian. we have learned that uber postponed an event to show off the cars to the media on thursday. as we report, it's the first deadly incident of its kind on the roadways. >> a 49-year-old woman crossing a street outside of a crosswalk in tempe, arizona, last night was hit and killed by an uber experimental suv. >> it was a self driving
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vehicle. it was in the autonomous mode at the time. >> reporter: the accident is believed to be the first self driving car death. uber tweeted they are thinking of the victim's family as they work with local law enforcement to understand what happened. the uber company stopped their driverless testing programs nationwide, including tests in san francisco, arizona and pittsburgh. and now, putting a brakes on the race to driveless cars to market. >> we need to make sure that safeguards are put in place so that the american public is not serving as crash-test-dummies. >> reporter: in san francisco where self drying cars have been transporting people, it said that makes you uneasy. >> you never know if it will stop at the red light. >> i think they need to be tested more. it's hard to tell if a car is
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going to be able to tell spacing. >> tonight, some consumer watch dog groups are also questioning whether the rush to be the first to get a self driving car to market is putting public safety at risk. >>. >> well, it is apparently working. that's what the sfpd is talking about fighting the car break ins. after record high numbers last year in break-ins, they are going down this year. the department said city wide in january, thefts fell by 31% compared to january of last year. and police believed it is because people are now learning how not to show items in their cars and they are also having extra patrols on foot. >> any time you have more officers out on patrol and on foot, it's a higher visibility. that will decrease someone wanting to commit a crime if you have an officer there, knowing that they could get caught. >> there were more than 30,000 car break ins in san francisco
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last year. >> remember, thinking, that this is a really bad nightmare, i don't like this. >> breaking their silence, the vary lay oh, couple is talking about the strtraumatic experien they had occur. the police called it a hoax and now they are talking publically. here is what they had to say. >> when he opened the carer door, i thought, this is it either i'm going hear a gun shot or i'm going to get pushed off of a cliff. he was guiding me and i thought i was walking to my death. >> huskins was released by her cap for and the suspect later caught and convicted. drug and assaulted the couple and kidnapped huskins, the police made them feel like victims all over again, she said. >> everything was accusatory and fairly quickly the detective
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said i did not believe her. and i would be behind bars. >> the couple settled a civil law sought for $2.5 million and the city does not admit any wrongdoing. >> new developments in a fire investigation. it started saturday night on union street and ripped through a three story building. tonight, fire investigators say the cause is under investigation and believe that it was accidental. no one was hurt, but eight businesses were evacuated a. >> help may be under way to fix a sea wall that wraps around the san francisco waterfront. it was built 139 years ago, and the city said it's vulnerable to earthquakes and the rising seas. state lawmakers introduced a bill that will create a special tax district, and the money will be used for repairs.
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>> it looks like a bit here and there. the timing is pushing back a bit. so, we are monitoring some hour by hour changes in that forecast, and i want to get a look right now at storm ranger as we start the micro climate forecast. and you can see, we have dry conditions from santa rosa through san jose, you can see a bit of green showing up and it's the radar bouncing off of the midlevel of the atmosphere. no rain right now, what i want to focus in on, is the complicated pattern we have setting up for tuesday. we have two different features in the atmosphere that will bring us wet weather. and now, we have this sub tropical stream that will bring the south bayh the best chance of rain as we head throughout tuesday and flooding rain down towards southern california, and then this system out here will be the north bay the best possibility of rainfall on tuesday. so, again, it could be a split picture here as we head through tomorrow. north bay getting the rain and
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south bay and not as much in between throughout the east bay. so, again, super complicated, but there you have it and why we are going to see the wide ranging totals. as we head in to tomorrow morning, we will have the chance of scattered showers. we will have the clouds. upper 40s and low 50s. east bay, starts off at 52, and the north bayh at a cold 46. let's go to the hour by hour forecast and tomorrow morning, a bulk of the activity remains off shore, out in the pacific. as we hit 8:30 in the morning. maybe spotty showers in the coastline and scattered showers again through the morning commute. as we head through 11:30, things are trying to get going. it's the slow down in the forecast, we may not get rain until after tomorrow. here is the sub tropical moisture in the mountains and the south bay. and then up toward the north bay is the system that i pointed out that would increase your rainfall chances.
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you can see how things diverge at 4:00. you kind of cool to see how it's playing out tomorrow on the forecast models. with the two different rain features and at 6:00 p.m., it's a bit more chances as well. a unique weather pattern. all and all, everyone gets the cloud cover and then temperatures will stay around average. not too windy as the storms move in. 56 in red wood city and fn we w have humidity as well as the system moves in. 57 for novato. and tomorrow's rain chances, a tenth to a half of an inch. spring begins at 9:15 in the morning. the storm to watch out for is
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thursday. spotty rain, friday and saturday, and we dry out sunday and monday. same forecast for the inland -- sierra snow will have it and the storm starts off warmer and we are good still for 1-2 feet from wednesday in to saturday. great news for the snow pack. it will be complicated but everyone will get a little something. >> thanks, still to come, making an impact, we catch up with -- >> and we have jimmy. >> hey, guys, blake shelton is here for "name that song." he is going perfect perform. great show, do not -- >> happening now, harvey weinstein's company has filed for bankruptcy protection and that could pave the way for more to come forward.
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he used nondisclosure agreements as a means to silence his accusers. however, by filing bankruptcy, those agreements are until you. -- are now null. soggy. kari tracks a new round of rain as it moves in. only on )today in the bay ) - a local singer - back on the voice. before brett hunter )s journey continues... he talks to us. my conversation with him... and his message to fans. tomorrow - 4:30 to 7.
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sometimes in ways we never imagined. (avo) get 0% apr financing on all-new 2018 subaru outback models. now through april 2nd. former sex in the city star cynthia nixon has a new role. or she wants one. >> i'm a new yorker and together, we can win this fight. >> she released this video on you toub with her intent to run
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for governor new york. she will challenge governor cuomo who is seeking election for a third term. cuomo is favored 68% over her. taking a day off from stanford to visit san jose state, condoleezza rice will be in a speaking series called insight. it's designed to expose students to all different speakers. that kicks off this thursday. ♪ so, will she be the bay area's next big star? we introduced you to dallas caroline. she is from santa rosa and competing on "the voice," she came in to the studio today and said her performance last week was dedicated to the people who lost their homes in the north bay fires. we have been through so much with the fires and all of it, it was important to me to bring the attention that santa rosa
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deserves. >> dallas is on team blake by the way. you can see her next performance on the voice next tuesday. and you well know the show ayers monday and tuesday at 8:00. right here on nbc bay area. but dallas will be on next tuesday. >> the warriors lose the fourth all-star, why draymond green was forced to leave the game tonight.
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okay, it is sad to say, but the warriors looked like a mash unit instead of a basketball team. as you know, steph curry, and others are out with injury. >> the warriors taking on the spurs. watch closely. ouch, draymond green gets kicked in the pelvic area. he had to leave the game, luckily x-rays were negative. and it's not known if he will miss any more games. they lost 89-75. spring training is wrapping up, we are just days away from opening day. the a's in fwlglendale taki on the dodgers. they were scoreless until this
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home run in the ninth inning. that was the only run that they got, they lose to the dodgers 3-1. >> we will be back and an update on the storm that is just hours away now.bridge.
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the roads are dry tonight, but let's take you outside and show you a live look at the golden gate bridge. roads are dry now, but they won't be in the morning. the first of a series of storms is rolling in let's bring in jeff. >> we will see spot ty rain tha picks up in the noon and south bay will have the best chance and flooding rain. so, it could be a split picture, south bay and north bay, having the best chances of rainfall on tuesday. we get scattered rain,ize lated thunderstorms on wednesday. and thursday, heavier run. that's the strong storm of the week. will be under a micro climat alert. i know you were mentioning that
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kids have prom plans. >> had in the afternoon. >> it was a concern. >> right now, saturday afternoon, evening. it looks good for the prom photos. we will dry out sunday and monday. and wickly we will get sierra snow. be careful of that. so, fa, so good for the prom photos. >> good. or take them indoors. thanks so much. >> thanks for joining us. >> see you tomorrow, drive safe. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- blake shelton, scott eastwood,


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