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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  March 20, 2018 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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activity through central and southern california as we get a closer look of the bay area. we're starting to see things pick up, so i think we'll have more showers tonight into santa rosa through 6:16. and also more wet weather near the santa cruz mountains. that would continue into tsanta. the focus though on the wettest roads as we head throughout tonight will be up here right across the north bay. we're going to run the hour by hour time line out there the way through your wednesday and thursday forecast coming up at 6:19 tonight. but i do want to again put a stronger focus on the stronger storm we're tracking. it looks like very, very early thursday morning it looks that heavy widespread warning would arrive, just an isolated flood concern for us where streets and
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drains haven't been cleaned out properly. we have a second storm ranger truck out there. we'll go over all of it. >> coming up in 15 minutes we're going to show you who's benefitting from this rain and who's paying the price pr. and as always you can track the rain from the palm of your hand. just download our free app. we have breaking news out of texas right now. there's been another explosion reported in austin. it happened at the goodwill store in the southern part of the city. this is live picture of what's going on right now. you can see police have blocked off the area. at least one person has been hurt. it is unclear at this hour the severity of those injuries. this is the sixth explosion in the austin area since march 2nd. so far two people have been killed. four others seriously wounded. investigators say they are looking for a serial bomber and warning that the devices appear
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to be getting more sophisticated. it has been another rough day for facebook both on the stock market and in the court of public opinion. there seems to be no answers, no new ones how to keep user data safe in the future. so a new hashtag, delete facebook has been trending. what some are saying they should do or shouldn't do with their facebook accounts. what's the word? >> reporter: a rough day again for facebook. not only dealing with new scrutiny from the federal trade commission put also dealing with trust issues from inof its users. is it the beginning of the facebook exodus? >> basically you're taking away the privacy of everybody. >> reporter: the federal trade commission is opening an investigation into facebook and how 50 million users had their data accessed by an outside company called cambridge analytica before the 2016 presidential election.
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that data it turns out was accessed after those users friends took a cambridge analytica survey on facebook. in response many of them say they now will as the hashtag said, delete facebook. >> people hack. people hack for sure, and not everything is private. >> shouldn't they be letting you know before they take your information? >> yes, they should. >> that's messed up. >> i think that fundamental trust proposition has been compromised. >> reporter: the director of leadership ethics says a lack of trust is why users are leaving the social network, which is why for a second straight day investors left, too. shaving close to $20 billion from the company's market value. >> the reality is i think most users can recognize this is not good, that their trust has been violated and that some certain assumptions they had made about the relationship they had with facebook were not accurate.
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>> reporter: earlier today the company released a statement saying it was outraged that was deceived by cambridge analytica. at this point nothing specific from either ceo mark zuckerberg or coo cheryl sandberg. nbc, bay area news. >> let's talk about cambridge analytica. this new video of the ceo alexander nicks in an interview with an undercover reporter. he said he met the president, president trump he referred to and that analytica was responsible for many of the trump campaign's activities. the company suspended nicks before that report could air on the tv in the u.k. more than 30 organizations including social media companies, political campaigns and even some political parties. >> you need to make sure that the public has more control and understands how their data may
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be used for political messaging and microtargeting. >> so the investigative team says facebook has guantanamoed and has provided a great deal of information so far. now, cambridge analytica says it'll be conductsing its own independent investigation coming forward. four freeway shootings in four days. police are calling most of them cases of road rage. tonight the suspect in one of these bay area shootings is behind bars, and investigators are on the lookout for the others. nbc bay area's jody hernandez at the site of one of those sho shootin shootings. >> reporter: chp says one of the shootings left a little girl critically wounded. the pattern of road rage freeway shootings we've been experiencing over the past four days, they call alarming. this is the kind of pellet gun
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the chp says an 18-year-old san rafell man fired at another driver after that other driver honked at him yesterday. >> the suspect may have cut him off and at that point the victim honked. it appears that is what it took to get the suspect angry and escalated the situation. >> reporter: the victim quickly exited the freeway but not before getting the license plate number of the suspect. just hours later police found and arrested 18-year-old christian perez of san rafael. >> we're very happy no one was hurt in this. >> reporter: chp says it's the fourth bay area freeway shooting since saturday. last week a car was hit on i-5 in oakland. the driver says the bullet went through his windshield and hit his finger. >> road rage incidents have
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esicate tode escalated to the point of firing a weapon from a vehicle over something like a horn honk is absolutely dangerous, unacceptable and completely careless. >> reporter: drivers say the shootings have them on edge. >> just chill. chill. like we have to share the road with each other. >> reporter: the chp says we've now had 125 freeway shootings since november of 2015. currently working on a plan to install new freeway camp raws along the hot spots. those cameras expected to be in place sometime this summer. jody hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> okay, thank you, jody. fire crews battle the blaze in the south bay today. when firefighters arrived the building was engulfed. crew wurz able to knock it down within an hour. investigators say they don't believe anyone was inside the building. but this is the second time a
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vacant building went up in flames. a san francisco supervisor says he is sorry. he says he was wrong to question the fire chief while she was fighting a fire in north beach. the supervisor rushed to the scene and called out fire chief right in front of the building. she says firefighters were taken too long to pour water on the building and she should resign. the supervisor released a statement tonight saying i apologize and i intend to personally convey ties the her. as for the fire chief she had this to say. >> i think he's a good supervisor, passionate, out of line the other night for sure. and i think he realized, and i'm always one that takes the high road and move forward. don't hold anything against him, but i'm really proud of the response the other night. >> the fire displaced eight people and no one was hurt. they believe it was an accident.
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>> a change in security around the train tracks in palo alto. a look at the monitoring system. this is expected to go up this week, marianne. >> reporter: some of them are going up this week, jessica. and a guard has been posted here at palo alto avenue in an effort to prevent suicides on the tracks. but this week two surveillance cameras will go up here eventually replacing the guard altogether. the city plans to install surveillance cameras at four different crossings. each camera will have thermal censors, be able to look 1,000 feet down the tracks and alert police if it spots anything. but some question whether the new system will be effective. >> the purpose is to prevent
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suicides, the cameras can't really do anything. so if it's about having a person and actually talk someone down from doing it, then that function is gone. >> reporter: the city first launched a track monitoring program in 2009 after several teenagers committed suicide there. the city council decided to switch from people to cameras after a pilot program. city staff concluded the cameras were more effective especially at night. they're also cheaper. instead of paying $1.7 million a year for guards, the camera monitoring will only cost about $325,000. the city of palo alto does plan to put up signs here alerting people there will be surveillance cameras in this area. and these guards will remain here for the next few months during the transition phase. reporting live in palo alto, marianne fabro, nbc bay area
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news. >> our reports uncovered problems with security firms and revealed that some of the guards hired to watch for vulnerable teens were actually committing crimes on company time. our series listed changes in that program. if you'd like to see those reports go to still to come the largest city to ban new. but not everyone is a fan. no baseball for the kids. too slippery. the winners and losers. rainfall picking up in the north bay right now. your hour by hour time line coming up. and also a look from our second storm ranger truck. we'll talk about the flooding and mud slide potential in about eight minutes.
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to ban the sale of real fur. starting next year, with only a few exceptions, it will be ill san francisco today became the first major city in the u.s. to ban the sale of real fur. so starting next year with only a few exceptions it'll be illegal to sell those products, any products that use real fur. joins us live from city hall, and sam, there was a late reprieve for some, though. >> reporter: exactly. like you said jessica, a few
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exceptions. if you're a store and you just bought some new fur by today, march 20th, you have until 2020 to sell it, not 2019. this plan relies on some good faith from retailers to enforce. a window into the shopping world of union square. showcases plenty of luxury stores and high-priced items that attract people from all across the globe. >> we want to make sure when people come to shop they're able to buy all the goodies they're looking for. so this will seriously tarnish our brand. >> without objection the ordinance passes without amendment unanimously. >> reporter: just like that san francisco said no more sales of real fur on city grounds. >> this is really great step in the right direction. >> you know what, it's a real pleasure for me to walk into a shop and it's clean and neat and they might have a few pieces of fur. >> reporter: mixed opinions at city hall aside, those who work
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with fur clothing and apparel acknowledge there will be an economic impact. the vintage furs that they deal with won't be affected by the ban, but for big name retailers the bottom line is about $45 million a year in revenues just in san francisco. >> we cannot turn a blind eye to some of the cruelty happening at these fur farms. >> reporter: she's confident businesses will be able to adjust, but how will they be kept honest? continuing there to say she's relying on animal rights groups to keep pressure on stores to comply and also report violations. we reached out to big market stores today and we have yet to hear back. a new storm barrelling in
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california creating a long of anxiety along the central coast right now. santa barbara and ventura called warnings today. thousands och people packed their things earlier this morning and were gone by noon today afraid it might happen again. a lot of rain expected to fall today and thursday. >> we have years that have total rainfalls that are less than the total amount of rainfall coming with this storm. >> so far over 30,000 people have been ordered to leave. the rain is great news for many, but it's also an upset for a lot of baseball fans. little leaguers are watching coaches cancel their games because it's not safe to play. on the field and has the story. >> reporter: it could rain every
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day for the rest of the year if the museum in downtown san jose has its way. the tech thrives on rainy days. >> we actually see more visitors on rainy days. people are looking for a dry, fun place to take their kids so they can burn off some energy. >> reporter: also good news for r reservoirs. they'll be looking for clogged storm drains that could cause puddling on the highways. but the bad news is here. sluggers haven't been able to round the bases for a while with the wet march. >> kids want to play. they sign-up for little league and other sports, of course, and then they come outside and today it's raining and practice it's raining. and when we going to play a game. >> reporter: the president of the little league says they can't take too many chances. there's too many safety risks having kids play an ofield that
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are too slippery or soggy. the rain forced the league to cancel four games already this season. and there are still other games scheduled this week as well as practices, but not a lot of optimism here. we're live in the evergreen district of san jose. >> okay, thank you, damian. so wednesday and thursday not really any day to be outside for playing sports. >> next week, sunshine, warmer temps coming our way. that's going to be good news for them. as jessica mentioned, next two days going to be really tough here with some heavier downpours. we bant to take you down to southern california. we have a second storm ranger truck located here in the fire burn zones, and this is where we're concerned about mud slide potential. as you heard about earl consider in the show all of these areas in green from santa, rueven areas to the north back here
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into los angeles are under a flash flood watch until 11:00 p.m. on thursday, as rainfall totals anywhere from 1.5 to 4 inches in the forecast. and things are picking up in the fire burn zone, but much heavier weather tonight through tomorrow and also into thursday. we'll, of course, have full coverage on anything that happens down here in southern california. back in the bay area storm ranger here is show things picking up. we'll continue to see areas of light to moderate rain moving into heelsberg, always santa ros rosa. i want to put ofocus on what's happening as we head into tomorrow's forecast. 8:30 in the morning biggest chance of wet weather will still be in the north bay right through through san francisco. we'll see spotty light rain
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through the morning. and once we hit the evening hours all the focus is going to turn to this energy in southern california. it looks like it starts to shift up into the bay area by 11:30 on wednesday. that would continue. heavy, widespread rain thursday morning from about 2:00 a.m. into 6:00 a.m., even lasting into 8:30 in the morning. we'll have a full look how much rainfall we'll get for this storm system. was it the fault of automated technology? the new details we've learned about a woman hit and killed by a driverless uber car. users cla
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reviews for an happening now, yelp under fire tonight. users claim yelp cleaned up bad reviews for an oakland coffee shop. the reviews complained the shop wouldn't serve police forces in uniform. yelp said the reviews did not follow its content guidelines. and police reporting a spike in package thefts and car burglars. officers reminding everyone to report suspicious activity. woma.
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federal investiga new details on the investigation into a self-driving uber car that hit a cr killed a woman. the mtsb tweeted out this photo the time it sent there. police now say a video from the
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sunday night crash, the pedestrian moving ibfront of the car suddenly. a video recorder also showed the woman walk into the median. california is not putting the brakes on self-driving cars despite this deadly crash in arizona. they'll test cars on the road without a driver inside. right now there has to be a person inside who can take over if there's a problem. one says he's concerned about the crash in arizona but sees no reason to alter the testing schedule. >> i'm pretty proud what they've done up to this point. i'm very sensitive to watching and addressing how this is rolled out. >> uber is one of the companies testing self-driving cars in california. but it halted testing everywhere
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in including in san francisco after yesterday's crash. well, google is putting its money where its mouth is in waging war against fake news. part of the google news initiative which aims to honor quality journalism. google admits it's been difficult to tell what's true or not true online, but the company says it is promising to work directly with news organizations to fight misinformation. online travel company orbitz trying to make up to its customers impacted by a potential hack. nearly 900,000 customers who used its website in 2016 or 2017 are at risk. the possible breach could include credit card details and some personal information. orbitz is offering a year of free credit card monitoring and identity protection to those customers at risk. reaching out to russia. it move by president trump has some some lawmakers including senator john mccain crying foul.
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plus taking guns away from felons. stran's plan to make sure a new law is enforced. san francisco )s
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promising to spend one right now at 6:30, san francisco's acting mayor is promising to spend $1 million to get guns off the streets. he says he's expanding efforts to take guns away from convicted felons, and he says he has some money to pay for it because of the passing of prop 63. background checks on gun
6:30 pm
purchases. >> gun control and domestic violence prevention advocates are applauding this move. >> if you remember mark ferrule was ininstrumental in closing down the last gun store in san francisco. and now he's pledging a pile of money to take guns away from people who are not supposed to have them. >> reporter: when a gunman killed 26 people at a church in texas last november, it came to light that a 2012 court marshal conviction for domestic violence should have prevented him from acquiring any. but today telling reporters the number of gun related calls have jumped. >> the domestic violence threats with weapons are up 50% in san francisco. we have to stop this trend and this will help us. >> reporter: nearly a million dollars to take guns of any
6:31 pm
convicted of felonies. >> we want less guns on your street, less guns in our homes here in san francisco. >> reporter: farrell says the money will go to hire more probation officers. >> i cannot think of better priority in our upcoming budget than that. >> reporter: but it is not as simple as it sounds. guns are farms legally registered to people who have been convicted, so they they may be sold back to the dealer or someone else other than just seized. i asked the supervisor how many have been removed since the law went into effect in january? >> i know in the last couple of weeks we've worked to take three guns away. >> reporter: not a big number, but since january 300 cases have been referred to adult probation. each one of those cases has to be investigated. that's where the money is going.
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nbc, bay area news. just five weeks after the school shooting in parkland, florida, another student open fires on campus. he pulled a gun and shot a female student in the school hallway. he ended up hitting a second student as well. within a minute a school resource officer on campus responded and got into the a shootout with the gunman. the student gunman died at the hospital. one of his victims has critical injuries and the other is in stable condition. is there a meeting brewing between president trump and russian president vladimir putin? he revealed today he had a phone call with the russian leader and he may meet with him in the not so zidistant future? >> reporter: president trump hosting the crown prince of saudi arabia but raising eyebrows with plans to meet with another world leader, russia's vladimir putin. >> we'll probably be meeting in
6:33 pm
the not so distant future to discuss the arm's race which is getting out of control. >> reporter: the president in a phone call today congratulating putin on his recent re-election but not commenting on the process itself who many believe is widely fixed and unfair. missing from that phone call any talk of russian election meddling, even as top senators continue to raise the red flag. >> we may never know the full extent of the russian malicious attacks. >> reporter: members of the senate intelligence community warning america is not doing enough to protect 2018. >> the path tells us that the future will probably hold another set of threats if we are not prepared to meet those threats. >> reporter: meanwhile there are nor questions about the future of special counsel robert mueller. house republicans agree firing him is bad idea and say that's
6:34 pm
why the president won't do it. >> well, he's a bright guy, and that would be a stupid thing to do. >> reporter: the white house repeating its promise to fully cooperate with the investigation. now, senator john mccain had strong words on the president's phone call to putin. saying in a statement hat the american president does not lead the free world by congratulating dictators on sham elections. putting an end to cyber bullying. mrs. trump hosted a roundtable discussion at the white house. executives from amazon, microsoft, facebook, google and twitter. they were all there. the first lady says she's receive letters from children who feel bullied have received threats on social media. >> i'm well aware that people are skeptical of me discussing this topic. i have been criticized by many for tackling this issue, and i
6:35 pm
know that will continue. but it will not stop me from doing what i know is right. >> mrs. trump started today's meeting by addressing the school shooting in maryland. she sent her thoughts to the students, families and faculty. sentenced former stanford student brock turner back in 2016. the recall persky campaigned said the sentence was too light, collected more than 49,000 signatures to put the recall on the june 16th ballot. his attorney argued the judge is a state officer and the recall issue should have gone before the secretary of state. ahead of the recall campaign says the epeel is an assault tactic. >> we feel the judge's intention is to confuse the voters and
6:36 pm
cost the county and the state money, that taxpayers should not have to pay for his effort to avoid facing the voters. >> reporter: persky's attorney says if it is not blocked it'll negatively impact the justice system. award $3.2 million after a bizarre incident ended his baseball career. they ruled in favor of major league pitcher greg reynolds. he suffered fractures to his hand a year ago after a man showed up and attacked him. reynolds sued that man and the host of that party for the career ending injury. >> the market is so small, that this is catastrophic to my career. high school students across the county got a sobering wake
6:37 pm
up call today about the danger of drinking and driving. football fields at college park high in pleasant hill turned into a deadly crash scene. they staged a dui accident. the students got a close up look at the impact, and many students say they were really shaken up by it. >> it hit me pretty hard because i go a lot of people that are taking part in this, and it stung. >> today's mock stereo part of the chp's every 15 minute program. it spans two days and shows high schoolers how drinking and driving can impact kids, families and their community. tomorrow they'll held a mock funeral for the kids who died in today's simulated crash. the owners of the transamerica pyramid withdrew their requests to remove 40
6:38 pm
trees that surround the beginning. the building owner wanted to remove the trees as part of a e remodel project, but the city rejected saying the trees were just inspected and healthy. the owner originally repealed that ruling but today dropped the request. we now know who will bake the cake for the upcoming royal wedding. some of us in the bay area have actually tasted her work before.
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investigates a series of high united airlines is putting pet reservations as pause as it investigates a series of mishaps. the airline says it will not anticipate any new bookings for animals in the cargo department. the move comes after a dog was mistakenly shipped to japan instead of kansas. another flight made an unscheduled landing because a dog was on the wrong plane. now, this does not affect existing reservations for pets nor does it apply to pets who
6:41 pm
ride in the cabin. united airlines says it expects to complete the review by the beginning of may. a bay area connection to the marriage of prince harry and megan markle. they chose this woman to create the wedding cake. she moved to london and is now the owner of violet's bakery. the couple picked a lemon elder flower cake. >> i wonder what that tastes like. >> it's tart. floral tones. >> as we guess about cake. >> we'll save it for the commercial break. so let's get right to that rain. you got it. you can see the low clouds moving over san jose. we've had on and off rain throughout the day. 56 right now in san jose. heavier rain is expected to arrive. we'll have details in about
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their residents. well, senior homes normally offer all sorts of activities interest the residents. swimming, bingo, maybe some yoga. but we have a new one. taking you to a retirement home for the residents, they are taking to the air, sort of. >> so the left handle will always give you speech and height. >> reporter: there will some who will say the golden years are no time to start flying. >> that's it. >> reporter: but in this retirement home in los altos, there's a room full of seniors who would beg to differ. >> if you want to go forward,
6:45 pm
it's in the front. >> reporter: each week they make their way down the tarmac where the activities director offers a lesson in flying a drone. >> the left one goes all the way back. there you go. that's it. abort, abort. >> reporter: it turns out flying a drone is one of those skills that's not quite as easy as it seems. >> whoa, whoa. abort, abort. you know, it's a noble activity we engage the brain. >> reporter: he believes drone flying even as a crash course has many benefits for seniors. >> the other added benefit to it is learning how to relax, how to focus better. >> reporter: some of these frequent fliers have already seen those benefits. >> i used to have trouble and
6:46 pm
now i could see everything. >> reporter: that's probably hard because it's hard to focus on something and then see it escape. he said flying a drone is even harder than the time he flew a b-36 bomber. >> i couldn't barely operate one of those. i could still probably fly better an airplane. >> reporter: for an activity that seems to have a ceiling, guzman says the sky is the limit. >> they could use fotphotograph you name it. >> reporter: in the end some say they plan to get their own drones, and in the end aim for the clouds. >> abort, abort. >> reporter: nbc bay area news. >> i love that. they're having so much fun. it is so cute. >> it brought out the kid in all
6:47 pm
of them. >> good thing they're indoors because more rain is on the way. >> that's right. that rainfall starting to move in on the radar right now. we're going to see some heavier rain pick up with that stronger storm coming our way as we start off with a look at your micro climate forecast right now, it's a split pattern we're seeing happening. we have a storm system offshore that will keep the rain on and off tomorrow morning and also tracking this off to the south. the heaviest of this will continue across central and southern california at least for right now. on the storm doppler radar you can see not heavy rain but some showers approaching san francisco, and continuing to pick up here in the north bay with more wet rain into santa rosa. rainfall starting to move into the santa cruz mountains. that continues into santa cruise
6:48 pm
through 7:13, and we could see it hold up right around 7:40, 7:45 tonight. as you push into tomorrow morning i still think we'll have areas of rain to contend with on the roads, but it doesn't look like widespread heavy tape throughout the bay. so just be ready for hit and miss areas of wet weather in the tri-valley. and temperatures in the 50s. i think the north bay as you'll see in my future cast will have the best chance of accumulating rainfall as we head throughout that commute. so let's go ahad ed and take a look at your hour by hour forecast on your wednesday, and you'll see right here as we mentioned into the north bay and around san francisco at 8:30 in the morning, afternoon commute will be wettest. we'll see intermittent showers throughout the morn, but really after that all eyes are going to be focused off to the south. and that's because we have this
6:49 pm
huge plume of moisture we're going to be tracking. it looks like the heavy, heavy rain in southern california, this whole partner, this atmosphering river is eventually going to shift. that's when things right across the bay area will start to pick up. this will begin the widespread rain across the bay area not only 11:00 p.m. wednesday but into 2:30 thursday morning and likely continues to about 8:30 in the morning on thursday. with that rainfall for several hours, that's how we're going to get to some higher totals. i do want to show you when we think it'll clear outright there about 11:30 in the morning on thursday. i think once you get around san francisco northward we're about 1 to 2 inch rain. again, that's from today right into thursday morning. on the extended forecast the big storm day right here on thursday with winds increasing. ologist scattered rainfall
6:50 pm
lingering on friday and we dry out and temperatures warm up as we head into next week. right here across the interior valley same rain forecast for us as well. sear era forecast will stack up. we're looking at at least 1 to 2 feet right now for it higher elevations. good news for the drought and the water year. that's what we need right now. well, 49ers biggest off-season prize introduced to the 49ers faithfuls today. we go one-on-one with richard sherman.
6:51 pm
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
they )re getting one of their stars back. some good news for the injury ravaged warriors. they're getting one of their stars back. steph curry's injured right ankle is cleared today. the hope is steph will be able to play on friday against the atlantic hawks at oracle. he has missed the last six games. meanwhile clay thompson and kevin durant remain side lined.
6:54 pm
>> the 49ers big free agent met with the team for the first time. richard sherman defended himself to represent himself in contract negotiations and in one-on-one interviews he defended his choice. >> you just heard from richard herman in a press conference and now we're here with him again and weave to start with the suit. let's go from bottom to top. a little about the suit. >> you know, it just felt right. it just felt right. you guys let me know if i was a wrong, is it a yea or a nay, but it just feels right. it feels natural. i think it made a great choice. what do you think? >> reporter: you always make a great choice when it comes to your attire, and when you come here you always feel like you have a lot to prove, don't you? >> yeah, i always have a lot to
6:55 pm
prove. i want to do everything i can for my team. when the call came in, obviously i'm looking forward to getting a chance to show the 49ers faithfuls how i play this game and how i can help their team. they're going to have memories of things they'll hold onto, but i'll create new ones just as fine. >> reporter: you play with a chip on your shoulder. you've been in the league for a number of years now, but you play with a chip on your shoulder. and coming to a division rival it adds to that. >> definitely. you've got to be thankful for the good news, but you've also have to be appreciative for the rough times. because both of them shape how you are and how your story is written. and this has just added fuel to the fire and intensity. that's going to help me through this entire process. >> reporter: richard sherman. we'll send it back to you guys.
6:56 pm
>> thank you, collin. tonight at 11:00 we'll continue to follow that breaking news out of boston. the search for a serial bomber. police saying it was not a bomb but an incendiary device. as of now they dent believe it's related to the recent explosions that left two people dead and four others seriously hurt. we have a crew in austin gathering more information for us. we'll bring you the very latest tonight coming up right here at 11:00. a lot of rain coming in the next few days. >> we certainly have that coming. tomorrow some scattered rain and we're looking at about a 3/4 inch and. biggest storm day will be tomorrow afternoon. >> that's going to do it for us. have a good night, folks. ♪
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we have one to two fires a day and when you respond together and you put your lives on the line, you do have to surround yourself with experts. and for us the expert in gas and electric is pg&e. we run about 2,500/2,800 fire calls a year and on almost every one of those calls pg&e is responding to that call as well. and so when we show up to a fire and pg&e shows up with us
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it makes a tremendous team during a moment of crisis. i rely on them, the firefighters in this department rely on them, and so we have to practice safety everyday. utilizing pg&e's talent and expertise in that area trains our firefighters on the gas or electric aspect of a fire and when we have an emergency situation we are going to be much more skilled and prepared to mitigate that emergency for all concerned. the things we do every single day that puts ourselves in harm's way, and to have a partner that is so skilled at what they do is indispensable, and i couldn't ask for a better partner.
7:00 pm
donald trump jr.'s secret affair? explosive new reports don cheated on his pregnant wife with singer aubrey odai while she was on "the apprentice" about. >> i have a very big crush on him. >> what aubrey told us at the time. what trump told us after firing her. >> what happened with aubrey. >> tim mcgraw's underwater therapy. days after his scary collapse. the latest on his health. back to work on big little lies. the first look at season two. a.j. is on the empire set with taraji p. why demi moore has an axe to grind.


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