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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  March 21, 2018 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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to seven hours away from that even beginning. over the past 36 hours, we've seen nearly 2 inches in the santa cruz mountains. oakland hills over 1.25 inch. not too much in san jose. just .07. we do have a few pockets we're tracking right now of some moderate rain, even a little heavier rain that is developing. that will continue off into lucas valley through 5:24. novato into 5:31. what we want to do is get a wider look at what we are tracking. and it is this atmospheric river. it is a stream of heavy rain that's been hitting central and southern california. eventually, this is going to make its way close towards the bay area by tomorrow morning. but we have seen a key change to that atmospheric river event. while it's going to be starting to move in, 1:00 a.m. to about 3:00 a.m., south bay could have heaviest rain along with the santa cruz mountains. overall, though, southern
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california keeps with the highest flooding risk. we do have a second storm ranger truck, our mobile doppler radar in southern california. we'll bring you any updates here as well. but the full timeline of our bay area storm coming up at 5:19 tonight. >> okay, thank you, jeff. now, we've already seen some flooding in roads on the north bay which include highway 1 near valleyed for road west of santa rosa. we've seen some cars driving through that water anyway, which is really not a good idea. also saw it happening on roads out of bodega bay. authorities say don't drive through the area. you could get caught in that flooding and you could get stranded. another safety precaution. pge crews out trimming today near oakland near highway mora a moraga. pge says right now there are no significant power outages. but expects that to change overnight. storm preparations also under way in the south bay. marianne favro is live in san
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jose with what they're doing there. >> reporter: i'm here on mayberry road in san jose where you can come and get a free sandbag. and these bags can protect your home from flooding. they can also protect your belongings from getting destroyed. and it's just one of the ways that people are preparing for much more rain. consider it a preemptive strike. this caltrans worker is doing his best to clear clogged culverts on highway 9 near felton. the water is already backing up. and with more rain on the way, both lanes could easily flood. here in san jose, homeowners stocked up on free sandbags while some drivers took steps to make sure their cars can handle the slick roads. >> we're ready. we have new tires all the way around. >> reporter: a smart move. we saw several accidents today. especially on highway 17 in the santa cruz mountains where visibility was low. some tense moments for this driver after he spun out and found himself facing oncoming traffic.
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today tow crews worked to retrieve a car after a woman lost control of her vehicle and it plummeted down this ravine. >> it's a toyota. i think it's a camry. probably about 200 feet down. >> reporter: here are sections of the los gatos creek trail are flooded. and in scots valley, the storm has already dumped nearly 2 inches of rain, turning this entire parking lot into a pond. the big concern is the runoff from the santa cruz mountains and whether this small scale flooding will turn into a large scale problem. at san lorenzo valley elementary school in felton, a huge tree fell on cars in part of the multipurpose room. no one was hurt. well, the santa clara county fire department wants to warn you that very likely tomorrow you are going to see flooded areas. but remember, it only takes two feet of rushing water to carry any sized car. reporting live in san jose, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. that is a scary thought. okay, thank you, marianne.
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they're bracing for more snow in the sierra. caltrans tweeted out the photo of a snow block, highway 89. jeff ranieri's forecast saying that storm could bring up to three feet of snow in the higher elevations starting tomorrow and into the weekend too. areas as low as colfax could get a dusting. now let's show you what it looks like outside. this is i-80 at soda springs. caltrans has issued a travel warning from late friday into saturday. telling everybody who is driving to be through that pass by 4:00. and of course we invite you to stay with us online and have the latest on the rain and snow. you can follow it on our nbc bay area app. it is free to download. we'll have the latest coming up at 6:00, 11:00 this evening, and today in the bay by the way will start early at 4:00 a.m. and our crews will be out overnight gathering everything you need to know to make sure that you have a safe morning commute. mark zuckerberg finally breakeding his silence. the facebook ceo released a
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statement today on his facebook page about the recent data breach scandal. it affected the personal information of some 50 million users. zuckerberg took responsibility, and made promises to prevent it from happening again. nbc bay area's scott budman is live outside facebook headquarters and menlo park with how people are reacting to his statement today. scott? >> reporter: i'll tell you, this is still the talk of silicon valley and the tech world. most of the people we spoke to, whether facebook users or pr specialists called zuckerberg's statement a first step, admitting something went wrong and promising to make it right. a rocky week got a little smoother for facebook today after founder mark zuckerberg broke his silence about the cambridge analytica scandal where users' personal data was accessed and shared without their knowledge. zuckerberg on his facebook page wrote, quote, i'm responsible for what happens on our platform. i'm serious about doing what it takes to protect our community.
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>> i mean, he took responsibility for the issue. he said he was sorry. and then he laid out the steps to make sure it wasn't going to happen again. >> reporter: matt cabot is a professor of public relations at san jose state. he says zuckerberg took too long to respond to the scandal, but the statement he released touched on a lot of important issues. >> in zuckerberg's statement today, he talked about he wanted to make sure that he knew what the problem was and then figured out what he needed to do to fix it. so i think the response today was good. >> reporter: not good enough to completely right the ship, though. a facebook user in maryland filed a lawsuit against the company in u.s. district court in san jose for improperly gathering her data, hoping for class action status. it also remains to be scene if user, some of whom recently pledged to delete their facebook accounts will be play indicated. >> i feel like everyone should know by now that once you're out there, you're out there. it just kind of seems like a part of the world now.
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>> reporter: facebook investors were able to exhale a bit today. after dropping $20 a share monday and tuesday, shares of facebook's stock moved a bit higher today by about a dollar each. scott budman, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, scott. we want to update you on our breaking news in san francisco. nbc bay area sky ranger just arrived on scene. you can can see fire trucks, ambulances, lots of police cars, even a s.w.a.t. car. this is geneva and mission. just near a very busy area of the outer mission district. streets are closed in the area after an officer was shot and rushed to the hospital. we hear a suspect and two other people also wounded. but we don't know their condition at the time. sky ranger scanning the area right now. lots of road closures and activity. muni buses have stopped, and they're being rerouted. this appears to have happened outside a store called the amazon barbershop. that's all we know right now.
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but, again, a police officer shot, taken to the hospital. three other people wounded, including the suspect. we do not know the condition of the officer or the three other people. but this is a ground shot from one of our viewers, sent to us in just the last couple of minutes of the scene in the outer mission district. our reporter jean elle is there gathering information. our reporter sam brock is just minutes away. as soon as we get them up, we will bring it to you. but in the meantime, you can get updates on our twitter feed. okay, a student with a loaded gun sent a bay area school into lockdown. it happened on fremont high school in oakland. the student brought into the office this morning and school security discovering the student had a loaded handgun in their waistband. officers immediately put the school on lockdown, arresting that child. the lockdown now over. the students and the staff are safe. some tense moments also in a menlo park neighborhood. what you're looking at is emergency responders and the hazmat unit swarming an
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apartment complex near the veteran's hospital because of some strange odor. robert honda is live in menlo park where that hazmat team emerged an hour ago. did we find out what that odor was? >> reporter: well, it has been quite a scene at this apartment complex where things have finally calmed down after the hazmat team concluded its inspection. now emergency crews from throughout san mateo county converged on this vacated unit here on perimeter road where a cleaning crew started to feel sick from odors coming from a locked cabinet. the hazmat unit from the county regional team went in looking for any dangerous chemicals, including anything that would indicate a possible drug lab. ultimately, the team determined the nauseating odor came from a combination of cleaning chemicals, not a method lab. >> it certainly has happened. you'd be surprised where you find these things. they have a particular particular odor to them. where someone complains of a strong odor where you don't
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expect, in terms of index of suspicion. it turns out that was not the case. >> reporter: that was certainly a relief to the residents we talked to who had no idea what the hazmat team would find inside. investigators say they did make contact with the former tenant. while they did not discuss what was talked about, they did say it made them feel better about the overall situation for the tenants here. live in menlo park, robert handa, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, robert. i want to take this moment to take you back out to san francisco. we've been covering that breaking news. this is what we know. a police officer has been shot in the outer mission district that officer taken to the hospital. you're looking at a live picture from sky ranger. when we come back, our reporter on the ground will fill us in with what happened and where the suspects are. storm ranger, our mobile doppler radar showing more rain here across the north bay heading into novato through 5:45. but we're tracking heavier rain for the commute tomorrow. i'll have the updated timeline and a key change to our storm's path.
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we continue to follow breaking news right now in san francisco. a police officer shot. that is the ambulance rushing the police officer to sf general. this is in the outer mission district. right now we know that a suspect also injured two bystanders wounded. this is near geneva and mission in the outer mission district, just off alp lemany boulevard.
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multiple dozens of police cars on scene. we also saw a s.w.a.t. car earlier. roads are blocked. muni is being diverted. again, they're investigating an officer-involved shooting. an officer down, rushed to sf general. of course, we'll be following this this afternoon. jean elle is on scene as well as our sam brock sky ranger. we'll keep an eye on the situation and we will keep you posted. all right. immigration and customs enforcement speaking out tonight and offering a warning to those who think they shouldn't be operating sanctuary cities. the message is when you see an i.c.e. operation, things may not be what you think. the agency met with bay area reporters today to try and clarify their role just as tough talk from washington about sanctuary cities ramps up. nbc bay area's jodi hernandez talked to one of the local top officials. jodi joins us live in berkeley. tell what's they said. >> reporter: jessica, last week this berkeley neighborhood became the scene of an i.c.e. operation that caught a lot of
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attention. tonight i.c.e. says that operation had nothing to do with undocumented immigrants, and they are urging the community not to make assumptions. >> we are focused on public safety. >> reporter: that's the message i.c.e.'s deputy special agent in charge for homeland security investigations in northern california wants to get out. he says his department, hsi is not in the business of deportations. their focus is uncovering criminal operations like counterfeiting and human trafficking. >> if you are involved in criminal activity, we will investigate you, aside from what your immigration status is. >> reporter: last week in berkeley, his team arrested a man they say was involved in serious criminal activity and was not an undocumented immigrant. but protesters came out, convinced i.c.e. was focused on the man because of his immigration status. >> and i'm sure that the
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community will be eased and will be happy that we were out there doing the type that we're doing. >> reporter: he says deportation is something handled by a totally separate division. >> excuse me, everything okay here? >> reporter: he also says interrupting any i.c.e. operation could be dangerous. >> so if other people show up on the scene, not only do we have to worry about the individuals that we're going there to arrest, but now we have to be concerned with the individuals that are showing up outside. >> reporter: immigration advocates tell me they don't buy what i.c.e. is saying, and they say they will continue to show up and protest at i.c.e. operations. meanwhile, president trump is ramping up his tough talk about sanctuary cities. we'll have more on that tonight at 6:00. reporting live in berkeley, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> thanks, jodi. a follow-up now on the missing skier in the sierra. rescue teams have stopped actively searching for the richmond man. yesterday rescuers scoured
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footage from a plane tracking heat in the snowy mountains. they found nothing. thomas mullarkey didn't return after a day of skiing at bear valley. circumstance efforts were hampered for a few days because of avalanche danger. the search operation has changed from rescue to recovery. questions tonight about a san jose warehouse that caught fire yesterday. firefighters put it out quickly, but now they're trying to figure out who owns this building. the fire captain says he was told the city sold the land to google but later was told the city of san jose still owns it. it's the second time this month an empty building in this area has caught fire. we're under a microclimate weather alert. we've been telling you since the top of this show, two months after a deadly mud flow devastated the community, rain is back to montecito. so far no reports of any problems or flooding or debris flow, but it is a concern. you'll remember in january the town was devastated by debris flows that killed 21 people and left two others missing there is a flood advisory in effect for
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southern santa barbara and also for western ventura. and for us here at home, jeff, we're dealing with what could be some heavy rainfall this evening in a few hours. >> it's still tracking. certainly the heaviest for tomorrow morning's commute. we don't have any flood watches, warnings or advisories. some of the heavy downpours certainly could cause problems in the street drains and gutters that have not been cleaned out. so you know where those are in your neighborhood where it usually tends to get flooded. just remember to plan some extra time in tomorrow morning's commute. storm ranger, our mobile doppler radar is active. you can see the red sweep right here. it is picking up showers right now after some heavier downpours earlier today. you can see most of it right across highway 101, continuing into napa through 5:52 tonight. but again, things are going to pick up certainly by tomorrow morning. i want to give you a wider expansion of view of what we're dealing with. it's really two different systems interacting. we have a cold front off to the north. that's going bring us a chance of rainfall. but it's this atmospheric river
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to the south. it's a strong stream of consistent rainfall that's been hitting central and southern california. that's going to combine with our system tomorrow morning to bring us those heavier rounds of rainfall. i do want the spend some time on the hour-by-hour forecast because this is really going to show us what's going to be happening when as we head into tomorrow. forecast models have been lining up with us pretty good. we have a few changes we do want to tell you about. overall, keep your eyes focused right there on the atmospheric river there is that strong stream of rain. once we hit 11:30 tonight, it starts to bubble up near the santa cruz mountains. also the south bay and some rain in the north bay. as we head through 2:00 in the morning, it's rainfall here for the south bay. most consistent. and that would continue into 4:00 a.m. at 4:00 a.m. tomorrow, our team is going to be on early tracking this storm as it hits the south bay first. so keep that in mind if you're up and you're going to be heading to work. and you'll see we may undergo a few breaks here by 7:30. but here comes that storm from the north tomorrow, also mixing
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in. and that would keep some heavier rain, isolated thunderstorms indicated by the yellow and the orange into 9:30 tomorrow morning. likely holding on to 11:30 as well. we may not see things start to push out until about 5:00 tomorrow. and that's how we get to some of these higher rainfall totals. overall with the storm system, some of the very, very heaviest rain still may remain off to the south. and that's why some of these totals are a little bit lower. but we're still good for half to 3/4 inch in the south bay. and from the oakland hills right up to the north bay, we're right around that one inch rain. some of the isolated flooding issues may come in the santa cruz mountains with 1 to 3 inches. in my extended forecast we have made changes to the weekend right now. we're looking at scattered rain on saturday and continuing into sunday. then we dry out for monday into wednesday of next week. for the inland valleys, it's going to be cool as this wet weather arrives. plenty of 50s coming our way. by next week we do have 70 into
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next wednesday. i want to give a shout out to toyon elementary. i was there today. some of the smartest kids ever at miss joan and miss katrina's class. they knew it all. they were studying weather. they're so super bright. we're going have some video of that at 6:48 tonight. >> so cute. they must have loved having you there. thank you. >> it was good time. take you back out to san francisco, give you a look at what is happening. this is sky ranger right now. what we know. a san francisco police officer has been transported to sf general. his condition at this point unknown. when we come back from this break, our own jean elle is live there. she'll give us the very latest details on what's happening. ♪
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news. an officer shot in san francisco )s outer mission district. we are live streaming video of the scene .. from happening now, we continue to track breaking news. an officer shot in san francisco's outer mission district. we are live streaming video of the scene from sky ranger, and updating our twitter and facebook feeds. and the suspected serial bomber in austin, texas now dead after blowing himself up this morning. police say his house and the entire neighborhood on lockdown after finding a significant amount of bomb-making materials. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪
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in san francisco. a police officer shot. back to our breaking news. a police officer shot. this is video of the ambulance rushing that officer to sf general. >> nbc bay area's jean elle just arrived on the scene. and jean, let's just start with the most pressing question. do we have any information about the condition of that officer? >> reporter: i'm hearing from a single source within the police department who says that police officer was shot in the leg. that, again, a single source information. we're hoping to confirm that with the official pios here that are expect heard on the scene soon. but we're here at mission and geneva. this is normally a very busy intersection. lots of car, lots of people on the sidewalk. you see the police department has cleared this intersection. the shooting happened right in front of where that fire truck is that has the red lights on, in front of the amazon barbershop. i'm hearing from witnesses that the schwaub was crowded when a man opened fire, shooting two people.
5:25 pm
and one was a police officer. we're waiting to hear what was going on, why the police officer was interacting with these people. but we're hearing right now that two people have been shot. one a san francisco police officer. this happened at 4:45. you can see there are dozens of police officers here. there are buses stopped in the area. businesses are closed. the sidewalks are empty as police investigate what happened. the barbershop is on the corner there. just a block off mission here on geneva. again, a very busy neighborhood. a san francisco police officer has been shot. we did pass the ambulance as we came to the scene. it had a police escort. it was moving very quickly to san francisco general hospital. they do take shooting victims to san francisco general because it's a trauma center. they have great expertise in treating gunshot shooting victims. that's the place that you want to go if you've been shot. so, again, a san francisco police officer has been shot. we're hearing early reports. we're hearing he was shot in the
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leg by a man on the streets. we're also hearing that another person was shot. this is a very developing situation. we're hoping to get some more information from the san francisco police department just as soon as they release it, we'll bring it to you. reporting live in san francisco, jean elle, nbc bay area news. >> okay, thank you, jean. now we want to show you a shot of sf general. this is a live picture. you see the police officers, many patrol officers are already there. this is where police chief bill scott will be sure to be arriving, if he is not there already, as well as some of the top command. we'll continue to see more officers arriving as well as the family of that police officer. again, at this point, it is believed that that police officer has just some sort of bullet wound in his leg. let's hope that that's the best case scenario. we'll bring you more after the break. ♪
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this is a live look at s-f general... okay. i want to give you one last look at this breaking news we've been following. you're looking at live sky ranger over sf general right now where police officer has been taken. we think with a leg wound after being shot in the mission district. >> yeah, this happened around 4:45. police have blocked out the area
5:30 pm
of mission and geneva. we have two reporters on scene. nbc bay area sky ranger ahead. live team coverage at 6:00. hope to see you then. tonight, how authorities found the suspected serial bomber. nbc news with details from inside the manhunt, and that explosive ending. and what the fbi has just uncovered inside his home. a monster spring storm burying cities from d.c. to boston. >> if we lose power today, it will be a complete disaster for this community. >> confusion and cancelations at major airports in the east, while in the west, a pineapple express slams california. mark zuckerberg breaks his silence on the scandal swirling around facebook, causing some to delete their accounts. tonight, his new promise about protecting your personal information. there's a new health warning about high blood pressure and how you fire up the grill. the major new harvard study that could change how you cook red meat, chicken, or


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