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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  March 21, 2018 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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dozens of police officers are on the ground there near the intersection of geneva and mission. the officer was shot in the leg while responding to some sort of a domestic dispute right outside of a barbershop. >> one of the first reporters to get there, she joins us with the very latest. what are you seeing? >> reporter: we're hearing right now janelle and jessica, two people were shot. this is very active scene, dozens of police officers here. this all unfolded in front of the amazon barbershop on geneva. a witness tells us he was walking down the street and he saw a police officer talking to two people. and as he passed the barbershop, he then heard shots and heard someone yell officer down. and he quickly ran away.
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he said he ran home. let's hear what that witness has to say. >> and i heard gunshots, officer down. i heard officer down. and i ran all the way to my house, like halfway towards here. and then i ran back to see what was going on. because i have this app on my phone called citizen app, it tells you what's going on in your area. i had seen two people on the floor and a police officer wounded. >> reporter: we're hearing that police officer was shot in the leg. we don't know why they were talking with the people on the sidewalk, but shots were fired. we did speak with another witness who says she was in the neighborhood. this is very busy neighborhood, usually crowded with people on the street and in their cars. she said she heard five shots and ran. she said it was horrifying. people have cleared the area. this is normally crowded area, but police have cleared the area and they're now investigate.
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that police officer at san francisco general hospital and being treated. and we understand two other victims are also there. what we're waiting to learn about is the suspect, the shooter. and as we learn more information about what exactly happened here and where that suspect is we'll bring it to you. >> thank you, jean. you hang out there and get more information. this is sf general, a trauma hospital. this is where they take you when you are the victim of a gunshot wound. a short while ago we saw you the officer being taken away by ambulance. you can see there's a podium and some microphones because we are expecting the san francisco police chief bill scott to come out and speak about this incident. we've seen also numerous police officer, lots of motorcycle officers arriving here at the hospital and presumably at this point we are presuming that the family of that injured officer is also there. now, we did send out a push alert moments after the news broke.
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you can get breaking news updates through our free nbc bay area app as well. we're going to move on now to our microclimate weather alert. a big storm is headed our way. take a live look at san francisco, san jose. you can already see stormy skies up above. we've already deployed storm ranger. live and helping us gather the most accurate weather forecast. >> now, we have crews fanned out all across the bay area covering the storm as it rolls in. jeff, we're talking about some pretty heavy rain that's what you're expecting. >> it really looks like it by all accounts. certainly starting to ramp up about 11:30 tonight and hitting our morning commute for tomorrow. sky ranger right now does show a few spotty showers. but overall for the past 36 hours most of its been across the santa cruz mountains. right now what is storm ranger picking up? just a little bit of spotty activity there near morgan hill, but things are going to increase
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in terms of that activity. i want to take you to a wider look where you can see that heavier rainfall is coming from. also known as the pineapple express, it's a consistent stream of heavy rainfall that's been hitting central and southern california. 8:00 tonight it's off to the south. 9:30 it's starting to edge closer, and once we hit 11:30 even closer. there's a key change, though, into the overall-timing of this. it looks like the path of that atmospheric river may stay a bit more off to the south overall. so that will bring the south bay the heaviest chance of rain overwith the santa cruz mountains with a big soaking. we have a second storm ranger truck in southern california. we're going to have a live look what's happening down here at 6:30 tonight. >> now, taking safety precautions a big issue today. want to do it before that next big soaker.
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you can see there pg&e crews out trimming trees. near highway 13, they're cutting branches and making sure they're not near those power lines to avoid any type of synergy between those two. and so the pg&e crews are out, but what are people doing to protect their homes? >> reporter: well, people are getting ready. they are gearing up, and i have to tell you that cal trans says freeways like this one near the bay can be trouble spots for standing water. so they use a little bit of dry weather like we had this afternoon to make some quick fixes while the neighbors prepare for the next one. in the east bay morning rain gave way to a cloudy afternoon allow frg a temporary fix on freeway potholes and clearing of storm drains. >> it's all hands on deck definitely. fortunately we have new maintenance workers, so we do have more boots on the ground over the past several months.
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>> reporter: contractors for pg&e and oakland cut back tree limbs from power lines, part of their ongoing maintenance. the utility isn't seeing significant outages now, but there could be more of an impact overnight as heavier rain is expected again. >> there's a smaller roll. >> reporter: at market supply ace hardware in oakland they've been busy selling items to deal with the rain. tarps, plastic sheeting, boots and more rain gear than they expected. >> and it's usually one order a season but this time twice now. >> i don't want to get soaking wet. >> reporter: patrick is an electrician. he has a lot of work with these storms and he picked up new rain boots today knowing more rain is coming. >> i'm walking out on decks and i don't want to slip and fall. i was out there yesterday and by the tame i got home i felt like i was a marinated piece of meat,
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i was so wet. >> reporter: with these potholes that will happen down the road, and also reminding drivers not to litter because that's one of the main reasons the storm drains on the freeway get clogged in the first place. christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> this is what you need. you can track the rain from the palm of your hand. download our free nbc bay area app. click on that weather tab and you can get live access to our doppler radar. breaking hez silence facebook ceo mark zuckerberg released a statement today. 50 million users may have had their personal information accessed and shared without their knowledge. our business detective is live outside with reaction to zuckerberg's statement. scott? >> reporter: yeah, this is what many in the facebook community were waiting, and most of the
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people we spoke to called zuckerberg's post a first step. admitting the company made mistakes and promising to fix them. after days of silence when facebook lost the trust of some of its users along with tens of billions of dollars of market value company founder mark zuckerberg commented about the cambridge analytica scandal, reaching out to users on his facebook page to stay, quote, i'm responsible for what happens on your platform. i'm serious about doing what it takes to protect our community. >> typically for a good place of communication you want to communicate as soon as you can. a two-day radio silence is not the best tactic. >> reporter: matt, a professor of public relations at san jose state thinks he took zuckerberg took too long to respond to the scandal, but the statement he released touched on several important issues. >> he talked about he wanted to make sure he knew what the problem was and then figure what
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what he needed to do to fix it. so i think the response today was good. >> reporter: but there are still speed bumps ahead. a facebook user in maryland filed a lawsuit for improperly gathering her data hoping for clas action status. it also remains to be seen if users, some of whom recently pledged to delete their facebook accounts to stay. >> if they're using us as political props that pisses me off for sure. >> it just kind of seems like part of the world now. >> reporter: and fortunes improved for facebook investors today after a two day loss of about $20 a share, facebook stock turned things around today ending positive by about a dollar. scott budman, nbc bay area news. >> thank, scott. that mistake happened after a data researcher created a personality research app in
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2013. about 300,000 people installed it. facebook is now investigating it. it's now investigating all apps that had information before 2014, telling people about data misuse and turning off access for unused apps. facebook says it will also do outreach and encourage people to manage the apps they use. new at 6:00 tonight, was it a close call at the airport or just business as usual? a passenger at sfo said a passenger on his flight had trouble landing because there was another plane on the runway. we're talking about what's commonly known as a go around. >> reporter: that's right, jessica. and what that passenger experienced was a go around. it's something our investigative unit has looked into expensively in the past. the faa tells us it happens at least once a day here at sfo and that go around are routine at major airports. one of the most challenging
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parts of flying is the landing. >> we were coming from las vegas. it was a full flight. >> reporter: last night at san francisco international airport lenny backer's flight from vegas wasn't able to land as originally planned. >> all of a sudden i felt we were coming in for a landing but the plane kind of sharply accelerated and went up. >> reporter: this gps tracking video shows what happened next. the pilot pulled up and circled to try again. >> we had some turbulence before that, the weather was unsettled. it's cloudy, so you always get a little bit nervous that something might be there that shouldn't be there are. >> reporter: according to the faa alaska flight 1917 couldn't make that landing because another plane was waiting to take off and was still on the runway. so the pilot was instructed to do a go around until it was clear. something the faa calls routine. >> prior to getting that close,
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why wasn't he given an alert there was something there that could cause a potential catastrop catastrophe? >> reporter: and according to the faa it is not uncommon for a pilot to get as close as half a mile away from the runway before they're told they need to make a go around. it may be unsettling for passengers but the faa says it's not dangerous. reporting live from sfo,. we continue to track breaking news. a san francisco police officer shot. we are awaiting an update from the police chief any minute now at sf general. plus close calls at the santa cruz mountains. the giant oak tree that fell on a building at an elementary
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school. >> and we're under a microclimate weather alert. storm ranger tracking rain developing out here in the pacific. not only wet here but also in southern california. a second storm ranger truck will track it all for you.
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we need to be ready for whatever weather may come our way. my name's scott strenfel and i'm a meteorologist at pg&e. we make sure that our crews as well as our customers are prepared to how weather may impact their energy. so every single day we're monitoring the weather, and when storm events arise our forecast get crews out ahead of the storm to minimize any outages. during storm season we want our customers to be ready and stay safe. learn how you can be prepared at together, we're building a better california. francisco... ad lib still alot o we want to update you on our breaking news. an officer shot in san francisco. these are live pictures from our ground crew in the outer mission district. still a lot of activity right
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now. multiple streets closed. many police officers on scene. this happened at 4:45. the officer one of several people hurt at mission in geneva just outside a barbershop. and just into our newsroom listen to this when police dispatcher first got word that an officer had been hit by gunfire. >> officer down for 949 geneva, officer down, 406, 949 barbershop. >> after that call the office was flooded with calls of fellow officers headed to the scene. that officer now at sf geneva. he was hit in the leg. the police chief on scene and about to speak at the hospital. we're also posting updates on our twitter and facebook feeds. this is a podium setup just at sf trauma hospital that treats gunshot patients in san francisco. the officer there right now and he'll be giving us an update,
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the chief, any minute now and we'll bringing it to you. the naacp wants answers. the chapper leader cesent to complaint to the district attorney last week. brown said the vote to appoint farrell violated state laws. you may remember that london bree took over. some board members claimed their dual roles interfered with the separation powers in city and government. mark farrell weighed in saying, quote, some might think it's good election year politics to constantly relitigate the vote in january. but i believe the san franciscans want the mayor focused on the issues facing our city. and that's exactly what i am doing. we are under a microclimate weather alert, but the biggest problems right now could be south of us.
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more rain is heading in. o far no reports of any rain on the central coast or any mud slides. you may remember back in january the mud slides in montecito killed 21 people, and left two others missing. right now there is a flood warning in effect for western ventura. and with heavy rains headed towards us many in the south bay took steps today to prevent flooding, making their areas a bit safer, making the drive safer. a lot of to do, i mean a lot to get done before that heavy rain comes back in. >> reporter: and not much time to do it, either, jessica. i'm here on maybury road in san jose where you can come and get a free sandbag. these bags can divert water and prevent flooding at your home. and it's just one of the ways people have been preparing for this storm. winds and rain sent this giant tree crashing down on several cars and the multipurpose room
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of the elementary school in felten. no one was hurt. with much more rain ahead this cal trans worker is doing his best to clear clogged coverts near felten. water is already backing up. here in san jose a homeowner stocked up on free sandbags while some drivers took steps to make sure their cars can handle the slick roads. >> we have new tires all the way around. >> reporter: a smart move. we saw accidents today especially in the santa cruz mountains where visibility was low. some tense moments for this driver when he spun out and found himself facing on coming traffic. a woman lost control of her car and plunged 200 feet off this ravine. miraculously she walked away. >> not a scratch. a little shaken up, that was it. >> reporter: in scots valley already dumping 2 inches of rain
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turning this runoff into a pond. whether this small scale flooding will turn into a much more serious problem. and just want to let you know this location at 1404 maybury road in san jose is open 24/7. if you do start to see flooding even in the middle of the night, you can come down here and get sandbags. marianne fabro, nbc bay area news. >> it's moving our way. >> it will. and we don't have any flood watching, warnings or advisories for us, but we'll have to watch the small creeks, rivers tomorrow as the rain picks up. at this time it doesn't look like there's going to be any major river flooding. look here on storm ranger. it's our mobile doppler radar, and we are tracking some areas of spotty showers after some heavier downpours earlier today.
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you can see right here across highway 101 near morgan hill we're looking at consistent rainfall near san martin. i want to get a little wider look, point us out towards the pacific, and the moisture is starting to move closer and fill in out in the pacific. that's going to gradually get its act together and get us to help us get that rainfall to increase across the bay area. we have storm ranger here in the bay area helping to track and pinpoint the rainfall. but we also have a second storm ranger truck down in southern california. we want to take you there next. if you have family, friends or tringi thinking of traveling there, it is going to be very, very tough. the next 48 hours another 1.5 to 6 inches of rainfall including the los angeles area, and of course the highest totals right there across the highest elevations across santa barbara,
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ohay, and montecito. you can see unfortunately right now as we put a loop on this wet weather it's all right here across santa barbara and montecito where this wet weather is continuing to move in. over the past several hours tracked 2.6 inches of rainfall in montecito. we could have another 2 to 6 inches right in those fire burn zones. that's why the mud slide risk is so very high. we'll have the hour by hour forecast. we're going to look specifically at this and break it apart for you coming up at 6:30 tonight. moving up on the list. amazon passes google parent company alphabet as the most valuable company in the world, but it still trails another silicon valley giant. we'll tell you who. we continue
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news in san fransisco. an officer was shot in the outer mission district. we )re u happening now, we continue to track breaking news in san francisco. an officer shot in the outer mission district. we're updating the story on our twitter and facebook feeds constantly. and sacramento police say they'll soon release the video of a black men. he was not holding a gun and a cellphone. we'll be back with more news. mi.
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today the coffee giant announced that it has achieved 100 percent pay equity in the u-s. starbucks reaches a milestone. today the coffee giant announced it has achieved 100% pay equity in the u.s., which means men and
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women of all races get equal pay for similar work. starbucks say the next plan is to close the pay gap outside the u.s. amazon has hur passed google parent company alphabet to become the second most valuable company in the world. cooper teeny based apple is still number one. according to the closing of the stock market today the average market value is $766 billion. google alphabet just behind at $761 billion. last month the company surpassed microsoft in value. apple pushing to get self-driving cars on the road. bumping up the number of cars it's testing to 45. general motors the only company that's testing more. right now in california self-driving car kemps can only test cars if someone is in the drive's seat. in april, though, the dmv will
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issue permits that allow them to be tested without a person in the car. still to come, tracking a big storm in our area. plus an update on that breaking nebreak news. a police officer shot in san francisco. we're going to go back there and give you a live report from that scene.
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this is the breaking news we've been following for this past hour and a half. a san francisco police officer shot. one of three people shot during some sort of an altercation outside of a barbershop in the outer mission district. nbc jean alley joins us live from that area with what she's learned now. >> reporter: jessica, this is still a very active seen, a very active investigation, but the police presence is lightening. the number of officers here is being reduced. now, this shooting happened right outside the amazon barbershop. you can see it's right there on the corner. lots of officers still with lots of weapons out. we're told three people were shot. one one was a san francisco police officer. we're told he was shot in the leg. a witness who was walking down the street said he saw an officer talking with two people and then he heard at least five
6:31 pm
shots. he said he turned around and saw three people lying on the ground. he said he believed the police officer was shot in the leg, and then he ran. he said he was terrified. let's hear what he said. >> not knowing if i'm going to be hit or if i'm going to make it home to live another day, just things like that. i have things to take care of. it's scarey. there's been a lot of screams around this area. it's very terrifying. >> reporter: now, we're still waiting for an official update from the police department. i did just speak with someone in the daniels pharmacy right next door to the barbershop and he said he heard multiple shots. he described more like 20 shots. so we're waiting for an official update on exactly what happened from the police department. but we do know three people were taken to the hospital. one is a san francisco police officer. we're told he was shot in the leg. we're waiting for an update from chief bill scott at the
6:32 pm
hospital. geneva is still closed for several blocks. lots of shaken people here. and this a very busy area at 4:45 when this happened. lots of people on the vsidewalk lots of people on the street. jean elle. >> and just seconds ago we got confirmation from the san francisco police department that the suspect involved in this officer shooting is in custody. there is no threat in that area where jean is. again, that suspect in this officer involved shooting is in custody. what you're looking at right now is live look outside sf general. the officer and two other people shot because it is the trauma center in san francisco. you can see lots of activity there, lots of police officers coming in and out. we are awaiting a news conference that is expected to start at any moment that will be
6:33 pm
held by police chief bill scott. we've seen -- we are awaiting for him to come out and address the media and give us an update on the condition of that officer and also what's happening with those other two people. as soon as it happens we will of course immediately take you to that news conference. our other top story at 6:30 we continue to follow our microclimate weather alert. clou cloudy skies, no rain yet but a lot is on the way. >> jeff, i know you've got this track down hour by hour. >> yes, and i do want to focus in on that right now. you can see 8:00 tonight we're looking at the heaviest rain with that pineapple express, it's that consistent heavier rainfall still mainly throughout central california. as we push this into 11:30 you can see it starting to get close to the south bay, likely some showers in the north bay. tomorrow morning, consistent rain for the santa cruz mountains. heavier rain at times also for the south bay. you can see it might be a slow
6:34 pm
picture. early on as it starts and we'll stay with this chance of rainfall into 4:00 a.m. by 7:30 we could see intermittent pockets of rain. that will likely continue into 11:30 in the morning, maybe even a bit of small hail that develops with this. and eventually we should start to see this push out by 5:00 p.m. on thursday. specific city totals coming up at 6:40 tonight. if you're heading to the see era thursday into saturday night we're looking at at least 1 to 3 feet of snowfall at about 6,500 feet. this is lucky drive along northbound 101. it's a stretch of roadway known for flooding and bigger storms. now drivers we talked to say
6:35 pm
they're happy to deal with a little inconvenience if it means rain. >> the reservoir and the wildlife need to water. >> it's good because we need the water. >> we also checked out another area also prone to flooding. not an issue for drivers there, but that's expected to change overnight. stay with us on-air and online as it moves through our area. today in the bay will be on earlier. crews will be out overnight gathering everything you need to know for tomorrow morning's commute. today in the bay starts at 4:00 a.m. he blew himself up after police confronted him on a highway. authorities say the austin, texas, serial bomber is dead. in the meantime the neighborhood where the man lived just outside austin is on lock down. investigators are searching that home. they say that man police say surveillance footage and exotic batteries he ordered online from
6:36 pm
asia led them to him. he triggered a bomb inside his suv as swat team members were closing in on hill. the search and investigation and even concern continues. >> we still need to remain vigilant to ensure no other packages and devices have been left through the community. >> police believe he sent those packages to homes in austin over the last three weeks. those bombings killed two people and injured four others. an ominous warning on capitol hill. the current and former homeland security secretary say upcoming elections faces serious threats from russia. today homeland security secretary kirsten nelson and her predecessor testified. but the risk for the upcoming ballot is extremely high. nielsen says there's no reason to believe other countries won't try to hack the elections again.
6:37 pm
>> i wouldn't have a conversation with a criminal. >> no, i don't like he did it. you know what i like even less, there's somebody close to him leakic this stuff out. >> "the washington post" reports the president's advisers explicitly advised president trump calling and congratulating president putin. suggesting a back to basic approach to protect the next election. instead only use paper ballots. she says russia can't hack a piece of paper like they can computer systems. california secretary of state says the state uses mostly paper. >> the vast majority of californians vote on paper ballots already. the few that don't for accessibility purposes are required to have a paper ballot trail that we can audit and recount if necessary to ensure
6:38 pm
the accuracy and intregrity of the results. he says the california computer system was not hacked during the 2016 election and will ensure it isn't in the 2018. an update now on a controversial teacher made famous by a military rant. you may remember last month we told you about this man. he's a southern california high school teacher. a student posted a video of him calling military members the lowest of our low. the rant went viral and sparked anger in the community. well, last night the school district announced that they have fired him. a california senator made history today. tony atkins of san diego was sworn in as the 48th pro tem of the senate. atkins is the first woman and first open member of the lgbt committee to leave the california senate. she's also the first person to serve as both speaker of the assembly in 146 years. okay, it is heading for
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earth. the shining space station could soon fall from the sky. when and where it could land. si
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years ago. now, )i left my heat in san francisco )... has been given a new tony bennett release said his signature song more than 55 years ago. now "i left my heart in san francisco" has been given a new honor. ♪ i left my heart >> the iconic song is one of 25 to be added to the national recording registry. every year the library of congress chooses 25 that chooses the range of music. among other songs added this year, "rhythm is going to get you." kenny rogers "the gambler" and "footloose." >> it is falling from the sky. we're talking about a chinese space station.
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china now says it's falling and heading towards earth. it's expected to crash land within the next few months. most of the station will burn in the atmosphere. but china says it will monitor the locations where some of those pieces may actually hit the earth. i know jeffrey will be on top of that. >> you follow space junk. >> yes, i do. and a lot of activity could happen within 42 degrees longitude north and also 42 south. so that puts it right in the zone of a lot of north america. >> i have to pull out my atlas. >> we may actually see something in the sky when that happens. a live look out here in san jose. the roads right now are dry, but notice our hour by hour forecast. we do get wet weather picking up by 11:00 p.m. a track on the heavier rain tomorrow morning in just a few
6:43 pm
minutes. >> her mailbox is empty. nbc bay area responds next. san d
6:44 pm
6:45 pm
store credit á but got silence in return. she turned to our consumer team for a hand. nbc bay area responds to a san francisco woman who wanted store credit but got silence in return. >> she turned to our consumer team for our help. >> we're talking about kelly sellender. she recently got married and after that was all said and done, the wedding that is, she returned a few gifts that she didn't need. she tells us she was set to get $230 in store credit in the mail. that is how pottery barn handled registry returns by the u.s. mail. kelly says her credit never arrived. after a month and a half she said she called customer service and was promised a call back, but that never happened so she reached out to us. we e-mailed pottery barn and the next day the store called kelly to give her the $230 credit she was expecting.
6:46 pm
pottery barn told us it was changing its policy for registering returns and kelly got caught in the middle of the shift. pottery barn sent us a statement now that had been rolled out for a few months, their policy that is, we do not anticipate this happening that is. so far no complaints about kelly's marriage. >> let's hope it stays that way. >> exactly. see you guys. well, it was an exciting day of class at toyon elementary school in san jose. who is that? >> talking to ms. jones class. jeff show them the forecast. he brought that prop, tornado in a bottle so the kids can see how tornados form. around here you're usually not
6:47 pm
wearing your crown. you should have brought it in. >> we played a game where they guess what i was drawing and they got most of them right. >> so cute. they all had their hands up. >> thank you you guys so much for having me at the school today. yeah, it was really good. you know you see the little kids and so much inspiration, so excited about everything. it was a lot of fun. >> future forecasters. >> exactly. >> and give them the weather now. >> we do have the rain coming our way, heavy at times through parts of the bay area. we're under this microclimate weather alert tonight due to the heavier pockets we're tracking on storm ranger and mobile doppler radar. what we're seeing right now are things beginning to pick up out here in the pacific. it's part of the atmospheric weather that will bring in heavier rainfall into the bay area especially by tomorrow morning. i want to give you a live perspective of what we're dealing with.
6:48 pm
it's really two different things merging together. we have this storm front going to combine with this atmospheric river, also known as the pineapple express. it's a consistent stream of heavy rain. these two things coming together will pick up rainfall as we head through tomorrow morning. we're going to give an hour by hour look at the time line. 8:00 tonight it still is off to the south. but as we push into 11:30 you can see that heavier rainfall indicated by the yellow and orange beginning to move closer to the bay area and some showers developing in the north bay. we'll see the storms staying in the north bay around 2:00 a.m., also right into 4:00 in the morning. that's when our show today in the bay is going to be on early. so if you have to commute just know you can tune in early and we're going to be tracking that wet weather for you. 7:30 may undergo some intermittent breaks.
6:49 pm
here we go again, some heavier breaks building into 9:30 and 11:30 and eventually we'll start to clear out by 5:00 at night. rainfall totals overall at least an additional half-inch to three quarters for the south bay. santa cruz mountains 1 to 3, and anywhere from a half-inch from oakland hills. we'll see scattered rainfall linger on friday, saturday and sunday but notice dry weather next monday, tuesday and also on wednesday's forecast. temperatures do warm up as well next week. once we hit wednesday we're going up to 70 degrees. so once again some very active weather coming our way primarily as we head into early tomorrow morning. you can get more on this of course at we want to take you out to sf general right now where police chief bill scott is speaking about that officer shooting today. >> we have sergeant martin
6:50 pm
halren from the police chief association. behind me is mr. brett andrews from san francisco general hospital, and we're surrounded by members of the san francisco police department command staff and the fire department command staff. we want to just give you a brief statement as to our officer involved shooting that occurred today, and mr. andrews will give you a brief statement regarding the victims that were brought in as a result of this incident. on march 21, 2018 at approximately 4:30 p.m. san francisco police officers responded to the 200 block of amazon regarding a man with a gun. the investigation led officers to a business on the corner of geneva and london. officers made contact with several individuals inside the business and shots were exchanged. one officer and five others including the suspect were struck by gunfire and transported to the hospital. this is an active and ongoing investigation, and its in its early stage. investigations are being
6:51 pm
conducted by the san francisco police department's homicide detail, the san francisco district attorney's office, independent investigations bureau, the department of police accountability and the san francisco police department internal affairs division. we're asking anyone with information related to this incident call the san francisco police department's 24-hour tip line at 415-575-4444. that's 415-575-4444 or text a tip to tip at tip-411. and keeping in our efforts to transparency the department will hold a town hall meeting in ten days. now i'd like to turn this over to mr. andrews for a statement on the individuals that we're
6:52 pm
guarding. >> as the chief mentioned we have a total of six patients from this incident. the officer is in fair condition. we have one patient who is a minor, and we will not be commenting on that patient's condition at all at this time. >> all right, you have been listening to a news conference right now with the police chief bill scott outlining what happened this afternoon. the new information that we're learning from this are that there are six people that were shot and transported to sf general. that includes the police officer which we just learned is in fair condition as well as the suspect. >> five others hurt. their conditions unknown. we'll be right back. sorry. i can't make it.
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right now, spring training. the a )s getting some more practice,taking on the brewers in phoenix baseball opening day just over a week away. right now spring training day is getting some more trapractice i taking on the birds in phoenix. chad pinder hitting a home, but wasn't enough.
6:56 pm
also coming up tonight at 11:00 we'll have the latest on that breaking news we've been following this entire newscast out of san francisco. six people shot including a minor and a police officer. there is a patient in critical. the gunman among the six injured in custody. police are still asking you avoid the area of geneva and london. we have multiple crews working the story. >> we're also on a microclimate weather alert. >> we're starting see rainfall picking up offshore. that's really going to hit us in the early hours tomorrow from 1:00 to about 5:00 a.m. overall totals anywhere from a half-inch to around an inch for the lower elevations. but santa cruz mountains could see anywhere of 2 inches. >> again, full coverage tonight at 11:00. see you then.
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now on "extra." aubrey o'day's sex tell all opinion is it about donald junior? >> we had like amazing sex. he threw up up against the wall. >> now reports trump's wife vanessa confronted o'day about the affair. and were the clues right out in the open? >> what o'day's apprentice castmates are revealing today. chrissy metz's body shaming by her stepfather. her heart breaking confusion to "people" about forced weigh-ins as a child. how it inspired her brave role on this is us. >> i've never seen myself or my body shape on television. >> demi lovato's suicide attempt at 7? >> breaking daytime emmy news.


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