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tv   Early Today  NBC  March 22, 2018 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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alert this morning - it's thursday morning, march 22nd, and we are in a micro climate weather alert. taking a live look at our radar as well as pictures from the golden gate bridge, san jose. the rain hovering over the bay area. a live look at those pictures. it's wet outside. good morning and thank you for joining us early here on "today in the bay." i'm marcus washington. >> and i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia. kari, you have no shortage of things to talk about. when we are going to have the potential of street flooding and we'll have to watch out for some mud slides. right now a look at storm ranger.
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we see the red scan and bright reds and yellows. i want to take you into the north bay. we did have a flood advisory. we still have some heavy rain coming through. we still see that rain on the eastern side of the city and for the east bay we have rainfall coming down at about a quarter of an inch per hour and it's really heavy to the east of oakland and heading to the tri-valley. as we look at the delta we see a steady rain all around highway 4 and down into san jose with light rain at this point. heavier rain with yellows on the radar. i will show you what else to expect as we continue to see a steady stream of moisture and this is going to be when we get the brunt of the storm along with gusty winds and the heaviest rains throughout your morning commute and our storm
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totals have been significant. over 5 1/2 inches of rain, and we still have more of the storm to go. we'll take a closer look at these storm totals and what's ahead for the day. we head over to mike and tracking a crash in san lorenzo. it's involving a big rig, kari. we have three lanes of 880 blocked. we have the northbound side. you notice the sensors aren't slowing. they're slowing at the scene. be careful just before you get to 238. no word on when they're going to get the tow truck to move them and clear the debris. we're tracking that. wet where it's green. more flooding and puddling reported in many parts of the bay. the north bay around lucky drive, patches around telegraph and oakland.
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we're showing you that rain coming right across the area and also over here to the tri-valley, san ramone. those are the areas we'll watch those conditions be an issue. we can expect palo alto and tracking that crash in san leandro -- san lorenzo, i'm sorry. >> that storm rolls through, you can track the rain and snow from the palm of your hand. click on the weather tab. >> we will follow the weather all morning long. a san francisco police officer is recovering after being shot in a gun battle. all of it captured on camera. >> pete suratos has a look at that dramatic video. what about the injuries of the other people hurt? >> reporter: good morning,
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marcus. four adults were injured outside of the officer. one of them is in critical condition. this was moments after that officer was shot. now that video was posted to show him crawling to safety after being shot in the leg to a barbershop in the outer mission area. was involved in a shoot-out at 4:45 as police were responding to the call of a man with a gun in the area. they tracked the suspect to the barbershop in the area. when police officers confronted him he started shooting them. >> i live on the corner right there. that's the pharmacy i go to. i wanted to see what happened. >> two people on the floor and a
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police officer wounded. >> reporter: five other people were also injured in the shoot-out including a minor and four adults. as i mentioned at the top one of the adults is in critical condition. as we get updates, we'll bring that to you. live in san francisco, pete suratos, "today in the bay." >> thank you very much, pete. mark zuckerberg spoke to cnn yesterday about the cambridge analytica breach. at least some of the data was apparently shared without facebook's knowledge. >> we have a basic
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responsibility to protect people's data. if we can't do that we don't deserve to have the opportunity to serve people. >> a lawsuit has been filed in san jose accusing facebook of allowing the improper gathering of that use. live to the nation's capitol. it will be a busy day despite the snow still falling. republican leaders have the house intelligence committee are voting on whether to adopt their findings on the russian interference in the election. >> "today in the bay's" tracie potts reports democrats on that committee are working on their own report. >> reporter: today a report that found no collusion between russia and the trump campaign and no attempt to swing the election in favor of the president.
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>> we learned this about the true role cambridge analytica that has raised dozens more questions. it's irresponsible to put out this report. >> reporter: president trump is still taking flak for congratulating president vladimir putin on his re-election. >> i wouldn't have a conversation with a criminal. >> call him fidel castro, good job. >> reporter: the president tweets, getting along with russia and others is a good thing not a bad thing. some lawmakers are concerned that internal notes warning the president not to congratulate putin were leak. >> i don't like what he did, but i hate someone in his inner circle is willing to tweet this stuff. >> reporter: fired fbi director andrew mccabe had authorized a perjury investigation into his boss. attorney general jeff sessions, before sessions fired him. there were no criminal charges and the justice officials says
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sessions did not know about that investigation when he fired mccabe. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. we have been talking about it all morning, the reason we are on early. we are in a micro climate weather alert and we are tracking that rain. everything you need to know before you head out the door. >> and taking you outside so you can live that rain on your own as you head out the door. you will find some ponding on the roadways. mike inouye is tracking the troubles. we will keep you on top of that so you can be out the door safely this morning.
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right now taking a live look on the right of your screen, a live look at san jose. on the left that radar map showing exactly what's happening. the rain hovering over us. those yellow spots. a better look in just two minutes. check out this new video. this is rare weather. this is a tornado over a neighborhood in wheat land in yuba county. it happened last night. there were reports of minor damage. a tornado right here in california. i.c.e. wants to deliver an important message. >> i.c.e. officials say homeland security investigators known as
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hsi is not in the business of deportation. they focus on counterfeiting or human trafficking. >> if you are involved in criminal activities, we will investigate aside from what your immigration status is. >> last week a team arrested a man they say was involved in a series of criminal activities. now he is not an undocumented immigrant. protesters convinced i.c.e. to focus on that man because of his immigration status. >> if you are a fan, the last chance to catch a movie there. owners say doing business there is no longer viable. we looked up movie times and the final movie showing is black panther at 8:10 tonight. talks are under way to redevelop the valco mall.
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the rain continues to come down and we are under a micro climate weather alert with a lot of that rain still sticking around. a live look outside in fremont. you can see the flag waving and those sloppy road conditions. it's also going to be very humid out there with temperatures in the 60s this morning and staying there throughout the day. we will see waves of rain. at times it will get heavy. most of it will be during the morning hours. we'll talk about the time line. what else is ahead coming up on the other side of the break. and over here on the oakland side of the bay bridge the rain comes down as well. look at that blurry look. look at that water kicking up behind the cars. we have a new crash on the peninsula.
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a big concern that follows any it is 4:16 right now. we are looking at the radar. kari is in the weather center analyzing where it's headed, where it's going, how much rain we might get. that is capturing at a lower elevation than other radars around town. >> the concern that follows any
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rainstorm and road conditions. >> we're talking about the potholes that will ruin your rims and your tires. the rain has really started coming down. we know it's not good for the roads. what is caltrans doing to get ready? >> reporter: we have the rain here in the east bay. as the storm rolls through, it will be all hand on deck today over the past several months the state agency has hired new maintenance workers to clear the drains on the road that might get cleared during the heavy rainstorm. a reminder not to litter. we saw pg&e in oakland trimming trees as part of their ongoing maintenance property and power lines. one issue, potholes.
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you want to avoid driving over those rough spots. >> 20%, 25%. >> reporter: is that typical when you get a lot of rain? >> i would say so. rainy season is better for the car repair business. >> reporter: a pothole can send your car out of alignment and wear down tires if not fixed. those fixes would only be temporary. workers need the warm weather to make the permanent repairs. bob redell, "today in the bay." hopefully you don't hit a pothole today. if you do it will probably be full of water. >> one more thing to worry about. a lot of people are just trying to get through this workweek with all of this rain.
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some people are like make it stop. i've had a range of feedback on facebook and twitter. i do appreciate that. very typical with an atmospheric river. it's very low in the atmosphere. you need a tool that can scan lower and pick up more details with these low storms that will be moving through and we are seeing heavy rain in napa county and moving into solano county. it's starting to ease up. san francisco seeing some rain moving through and it will make it very sloppy heading over to the east bay. we head over to antioch and brentwood, some light rain there
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and we go through the tri-valley. i did it a query to see how heavy the rain is where you see the yellows and the reds around dublin. it's coming down that less than a quarter of an inch of rain per hour. it's a decent amount. we go to san jose where it's been light er and it goes over the santa cruz mountains. by the time it gets to the valley, a lot of the moisture has been pulled out of the storm. heavy rain continues for at least the next several hours. rainfall rates are about a tenth of an inch per hour and then up and down 280 it is soggy and there may be standing water. central and southern california getting some rounds of rain. we've seen a few lightning
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strikes and some rain for the sierra. only snow above 6,000 and 7,000 feet. in the north bay, had about 5 1/2 inches. mt. diablo over 3 inches. we are close to 3 in st. helena and point reyes 2.75. in san francisco over an inch of rain so far. antioch three-quarters of an inch. redwood city half of an inch. san jose a measly tenth of an inch of rain. we will still have more rain in the forecast as we go into most of the morning and then it starts to ease up by late morning, early afternoon. there will still be scattered
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showers. this is when we'll have a chance of a few thunderstorms popping up and the evening commute. that's some really good news. we have a chance for the water to soak into the ground before more rain comes in mostly scattered showers into the day tomorrow. much cooler temperatures with low elevations snow and that's when snow levels for the sierra. that will be enough with the very saturated ground in the hills. we could see a couple of trees knocked over. we're going to have gusty winds and shifting winds. san francisco once again more rain throughout much of the morning with a slight chance of some thunderstorms for the afternoon, tomorrow scattered showers.
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inland areas expect more of the same but it will be warming up. mike, you have wet roads and a new crash. >> i do, kari. not necessarily related. i'm showing you that yellow sweeping through hayward off the san mateo bridge, 580. wet all over. the puddling and ponding, talking about 280. slippery conditions likely there. we have a crash that may be block i blocking lanes, a spinout there. light traffic on the peninsula
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and light traffic around much of the bay moving past the crashes. that big rig crash reported in lanes. no slowing there. a solo car hit the center divide and fish ranch road on the shoulder as well. because of the early commute we don't have any slowing despite the rain. that top story of the day will be weather all day long. a live look at the radar. you can take this with you on the go. you get the nbc bay area app. our live team coverage continues here next, and we will be right back. you could generate your own energy,
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the bay -- on this thursday and right now we are in a micro climate weather alert here on "today in the bay" on this thursday morning. that's why we started at 4:00. kari and mike are tracking the rain and wet roads. they'll join us in less than four minutes. some other stories we're following for you this morning, forget computers and stick with paper. carmel a harris says the senate intelligence committee doesn't want balloting on the internet and only use paper ballots. she says russia can't hack a piece of paper. the secretary of state says the state uses mostly paper. >> they vote on paper ballots
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already. those who don't are required to have a paper audit trail we can count, that we can audit if necessary to ensure accuracy and the integrity of the results. >> he says california's computer system was not hacked during the 2016 election. starbucks reaches a major milestone. equal pay for equal work. the coffee giant is announcing that it has achieved 100% pay equity in the u.s. that means men and women of all race races will get pay for similar work. they are looking to close the pay gap outside the u.s. kari hall is tracking the rain for you. >> some of the heaviest rain coming down from san leandro over to pleasanton. so we'll widen out the view and show you where you live up next. and zooming in on palo alto, you see the water on the lens and the roads. that water kicking up here.
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we have a change. we've exchanged crashes on the freeway and an update for the big rig in san lorenzo. and we )
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weather alert. it is 4:30 on this thursday morning and we are now in a micro climate weather alert looking live at the radar. the red bar there is storm ranger. both scanning for rain and you can see there's no shortage of it. thank you for joining us. i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia. >> and i'm


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