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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  March 22, 2018 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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good morning, and thanks for joining us for our midday right now at 11:00, it's a microclimate weather alert. good morning, thank you for joining the midday newscast. the radar is showing a lot of green, some yellow and reds here in the east bay. i'm marcus washington. >> i'm in for laura garcia. this is storm ranger working overnight right now, working as hard as our meteorologists. >> yes, we do need the storm ranger and we're getting clearing in the north bay. getting a break from all that rain and giving it a chance to soak in as storm ranger continues to scan and give us a high resolution on what is happening around the bay area. still heavy rain moving through danville and san ramone, moving
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east over the hills, and we do also have rain on 580 making visibility very low extending to hayward as well. we're going to widen out the view and timeline out when the heavy rain moves again through the trivalley and in the next 18 minutes, this goes into pleasanton and livermore in 30 minutes. a little break there. we've seen wave after wave of rain moving through as well as lightning strikes further north. we have a lot of energy in the atmosphere as cold air moves in north, and that's going to drop snow levels in the sierra. that's what we are watching as this disturbance we have moving through winds down. more on that and also what is ahead going into the weekend. that's coming up in just a few minutes. >> thank you. this is video here just into our newsroom minutes ago. look here. you can see that large tree fell
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into a home. this is in sonoma county. it happened at 8:00 this morning. look at the damage left behind there. no one was home when the tree came down. there's no injuries. building inspectors are going to the area to see if the house is safe to be in now. this is a scene we are expected to see play out across the bay area with the wet soil and heavy rain. now we turn to our team of reporters, some of them stuck out in the rain spanned out in the area. we are live in morin county. what's it like now? you're not wearing the hood, a little improvement? >> reporter: yes, that's right. i have to say within the last hour or so, we are starting to see that clearing in the north bay that gary talked about. but, boy, when the rain dumped and came down overnight into the morning it left behind trouble spots. we're talking about roadway flooding that's still an issue in the north bay even at this
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hour. in sonoma county near highway 121 and 12 was flooded and closed this morning reported before 7:00 a.m. and reports from the chp that five cars were stuck in some of the high water and the fire department was called in to help. now, this is an area that's known for floods from time to time. rain like last night is an issue as well as reports that the waterway there went over the banks. signs are up in the area, well in advance, letting drivers know that it is flooded, and you want to take a different route to get around. it's unclear when the situation might be resolved. certainly, that we're not seeing any rain at least at the moment here, should help a little bit. reporting live, christine smith, nbc bay area news. >> before you go, talk about potential advisories and if there's any, how do they get the word out to those at risk? >> reporter: well, you know, we
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have been following stuff out there on social media and roadway signs as well, letting drivers know what's happening and, you know, it's pretty accurate up to date information, so, certainly, that's something you want to check before you head out. >> all right, christine smith, thank you so much for the update. >> she was in morin, but the rain is coming down steadily all across the area. let's go down south to the bay area in the santa cruz mountains, a sloppy mess this morning, any better now anser? >> reporter: 5 inches of rain, that's how much rain fell in the santa cruz mountains over the course of the storm. this rain has had a big impact on traffic in the bay area. this is highway 17 eastbound. now, traffic is moving okay right now, but just about ten minutes ago, it was bumper to bumper traffic as crews were working to clear a storm drain. the santa cruz has been hit all
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night through this morning as we made our way up the summit, crews removed this 80-100 foot tree. thankfully, no power lines impacted. there's been very slick road conditions, big puddles on the road, sides of the hill eroding, dumping mud on to the streets. we have seen many officers out here monitoring the roads. we spoke with some people who live out here. they say they are used to the rain. their big problem is the fog. >> cars around you without lights on, and i'm trying to flash them and trying to do, you know, turn your lights on, but there's no way for me to let the people know i can't see them in front of me or 12 feet in front of me with the thick fog. >> reporter: and, in fact, the fog's let up quite a bit over the past ten minutes as well. i spoke with chp. they remind all drivers even in
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daylight hours you have to have headlights on. that continues to be a problem. reporting live in scotts valley, today in the bay. >> that interview, he looked like he was in the witness protection program, so fogged over. i wonder if the folks you talk with are thinking about that giant mud slide last winter? >> reporter: yeah, that's on the minds of a lot of people. in fact, some of the people we spoke with earlier said the mud slides remained a concern for them, and, you know, as they drive through, it can happen at any time, so it is in the people's minds driving around in these weather conditions. >> be careful. we'll see you when you're dried off maybe. so that commute has been soaking wet all morning. >> yeah, mike is tracking that traffic for us, and some holdups in places, right? >> over here, the golden gate bridge, the sign for that, captain obvious here. looking at a truck, wide lane, everything labeled, but the
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truck did not make it through the toll gate, getting into san francisco across the bridge, hit one of the barriers on the side and there's a fuel leak. this is taking awhile to clear. this is what's going on here. this was not necessarily weather-related, but you see wet roadways and slick conditions around the bay. also, northbound, there was typical flooding, roadway, standing water. the road weather index taken with the weather data, computing conditions on the road. we are looking at the radar activity as you travel across the east bay, hovering there, the trivalley, and there's a lot of storms with the rain coming in early in the commute. now it's towards the san mateo bridge and hayward side. soupy. look at the conditions. spinout is the word of the morning. be careful, folks, it's tough. back to you. >> when we're not on the air, we
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keep you updated online. this morning, we were on facebook live answering your specific questions about the weather, getting a lot of questions about weekend events going on, and, also, some rain totals. follow her on facebook and take the weather app with you wherever you go. get it, free for the iphone and andro android, and i spent a lot of time out covering the storms, and it's pretty darn accurate. developing in san francisco, the suspect involved in a police officer involved shooting has died. the officer was hit in the leg in a gun battle in a barbershop. >> we have video just into the news room. this video shows the commotion at that scene, and you can see that offer getting down on the ground behind a patrol car. several other people were pit during the shooting. also new for the first time, we are hearing from that barbershop's owner. we are live at the scene with new developments that we have,
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pete? >> reporter: good morning, to you, marcus. yes, in front of the san francisco general, and as you mentioned. the suspect in this case passed away, but i spoke to the owner of the barbershop who left two hours before the shooting took place, and the manager heard this take place, this is what he had to say. >> i heard a pop, pop, pop, pop, and then pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop. like, nope, i'm not going outside. >> reporter: they described the sound of gunshots in yesterday's shootout, but the new video you see now is inside of the amazon barbershop on mission where you can still see evidence markers as well as bullet holes in numerous places in the barbershop as of this morning. as far as what happened, the sfpd was responding to a call of a man with a gun in the outer
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mission district, tracked him inside the barbershop, and that's when the suspect pulled out the gun and then police returned fire. there's the owner of the barbershop explaining how they hope to move forward following this incident. >> my guys working here, it's my business. it will be okay for me. >> reporter: now the owner said a worker was shot in the hip and groin and another was shot in the foot. both men and officer are in fair condition at san francisco general hospital. live in san francisco, pete suratos, nbc bay area news. >> thank you very much, pete. congressional committee said this morning it wants mark zuckerberg to come to washington to explain what happened to his company. >> as you know by now, facebook acknowledges as many as 50 million people's personal information was taken by
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cambridge analytical. he's willing to talk? >> he's willing to talk to congress. said that as he made his first appearance following the scandal on wednesday. he wrote a post to facebook and appeared on cnn. he says facebook will crack down on third party apps restricting how much information they gather about you. it's something facebook should have been doing all along. far more important is when we paste personal information, not facts like your birthday or where you live, but typographic records. scientists claim the records help them predict your behavior, and it may not just be cambridge. even if you solved the problem going forward, there's still the issue are there others out there? were there other apps which could have gotten access to information and potentially sold
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it without us knowing and done something that violated people's trust? that's the big story. it happened once, facebook did not know until the press alerted them of the problem. it may have happened more than once. that's what zuckerberg is saying. this is different than saying the equifax hack. facebook gave the information away. it was tricked, but not hacked. it's not just factual information like where you went to school, but information about your personality. with likes, you get dozens or hundreds of signals about who you are. enough that scientists claim to determine incredibly personal things like your sexuality or how you vote or how much debt you have simply by the way you like certain things on facebook. >> is any of this illegal? >> hard to say. we're trying to figure out that. cambridge analitica told facebook they deleted the
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information. whether or not that's in truth is against the law, we're not sure. >> but, again, we have to take personal responsibility. some of the information we put out there voluntarily with the apps and whatnot. >> it's gone on forever. you buy a house, you get a crate and barrel of catalogs. that's been associated, but never before have we given out so much information about ourselves they reverse engineer of what it is who we are. >> i know you so well, so well. thank you very much. well, developing this midday, one of the president's personal lawyers has resigned. john dowd provided counsel to the president on the russian investigation. in a statement to nbc news, he confirmed the move, quote, i love the president, and i wish him very well. "the new york times" reported the resignation, another one of the president's personal lawyers says the team will continue cooperating with the office of special counsel. coming up, another data breach. this time at ovis.
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the information hacked. learning more about the serial bomber that terrorized austin. details and motive that investigators are looking at. mat
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and the opening bell there at the new york stock exchange, people are talking markets this morning, down more than 200 points this morning. we continue to follow that at 11:00. new at 11:00, if you booked a trip in the last two years, your personal information may have been compromised. travel website orbitz discovered a possible data breach. one of the older websites may have been hacked potentially exposing people who booked online between january 1st of 2016 and december 22nd, 2017. the breach was discovered march 1st. the company now owned by expedia
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says that it estimates that 880,000 credit cards could have been impacted. they are notifying customers who may have been affected and offering free credit monitoring for a year. information and images coming out about the accused serial bomber. police say they have a confession video made by him and photos surfaced of the killer by supplies to build those bombs. >> reporter: this morning, fbi and atf agents process what multiple sources call a treasure-trove of bombs in the home, he left behind a 25 minute recorded confession on his cell phone. >> he does not at all mention anything about terrorism nor does he mention anything about hate, but instead, it is the outcry of a very challenged young man. >> reporter: austin police chief says the 23-year-old recorded
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that confession hours before he blew himself up wednesday morning as swat closed in. now, a clearer picture of a serial bomber emerging, and theories of blog posts, he said he was not politically inclined, unemployed, had no criminal record. >> the family is grieved both for their loss and also for the loss of those affected by these heinous actions. >> reporter: police identified the bomber's signature. they say he used foreign exoctobexotic ba batteries bought online from asia in the bombs and used cell phone tower analysis to narrow down suspects. a key break in the case when conditt went to a fedex store sunday wearing a blond wig to mail two bombs, and tuesday night, they zeroed in on him when he turned on his cell phone. this is the suspected bomber's
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neighborhood, and authorities are processing the scene today. they say it's not yet clear exactly how conditt learned to make those bombs. nbc news, hooverville, texas. back to our microclimate weather alert. raining in the bay area, but look at the screen, it is snowing in the sierra. this is soda springs from the cal trans camera there, and they are feeling busy about now, maybe not as busy as the meteorologists, answering questions for people, and there's things happen that people are worried will be cancelled. >> it's off and on as far as the rain. that's the issue. it's hard to give you an exact place and time when that rain will be falling because our weather pattern is so unsettled, and as we get a look at squaw creek and lake tahoe, it is 3 the 9 degrees, above freezing. rain there, but colder air drops in over the increase three days.
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we'll have potential of a foot or foot and a half in the higher elevations as we see this storm system winding down. looking good as far as snow, but a lot will come down as rain right now. rain is tapering off as we've seen a lot of heavy rain moving through the bay area this morning, and now the north baguetba bay getting a break. we have downpours in the east bay as well as the peninsula and south bay with light rain. a closer look, the rain south of highway 4, continuing to move closer to brentwood, that brings in wet roads there, and then we go down to danville and san ramone as the rain falling for the last 30 minutes is tapering offer within 20 minutes and heavy rain south of hayward is moving over the hills will still be tracking heavy downpours and even potential of some thunderstorms in some early afternoon and into the peninsula, redwood city, and also east palo alto seeing rain
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and santa cruz mountains in light rain and san jose catches a break. mostly cloudy skies. once again, we are very uns unsettled. cold air is moving in from the north. have not seen a lot of lightning strikes as of yet, but we're watching for that chance until about later this evening when we will get clearing as dry air moves in. looking live right now in tiburon. clear, 54 degrees, and rain drops on the lens. we've had such high totals over the last several days, we had 6.75 in venado. impressive rainfall totals here and in contentfield and fairfield, high amounts of rain in san francisco, over an 1 inch rain there. we are watching what's happening in san jose. it's been low, but just added up a little bit more in the past couple hours, so we're at .3
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inches so far. we'll talk more about that. also, a look ahead to the weekend as you make plans coming up in just a few minutes. all right, thanks. coming up, toys "r" us is going out of business and closing its doors. we told you about that. what we're telling you now is how you can get sweet deals. first, happening now, the man that was beaten by several people outside a houston club has been arrested. that suspect fled to his car and drove into that crowd in an act of retaliation. at least four people were hit, killing one. it is not clear what charges police may file. plus, the time for prince harry and his american fiance to tie the knot is upon us. the palace said thursday invitations for the wedding have been dispatched. some 600 gusts have been invited to the may 19th nuptials at st. george's capital in windsor castle. what did you get a prince and his bride? something to think about in the break. right back after this. the plans
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the message from those involved. plus: the south bay becomes the epicenter of the affordable housing discussion. what leaders tell us - could be the solution. )today in the bay ) - 4:30 to 7 a-m.
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we need to be ready for whatever weather may come our way. my name's scott strenfel and i'm a meteorologist at pg&e. we make sure that our crews as well as our customers are prepared to how weather may impact their energy. so every single day we're monitoring the weather, and when storm events arise our forecast get crews out ahead of the storm to minimize any outages. during storm season we want our customers to be ready and stay safe. learn how you can be prepared at
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together, we're building a better california. area dot com. mike inouye joins staying on top of what's trending online and on >> mike, it's all about the animated movie made right here in the bay area. >> that's right. over here on the website now, we have different section, and, in fact, under the news, it's the u.s. world section where it lists -- remember that pixar is
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in emeryville. talking about "cocoa", there's a theory there that the real life cocoa herself was inspired by this woman. let's take this picture closer. she runs a little restaurant just like in the movie, and look at that, she looks like her, and it was her and cocoa, she's not really angry, but there's similarities, and so that's one of the theories out there. now, it sounds like the people involved in the development were at that restaurant for a while. many years, in fact, doing research, extensive research, but not confirming or denying whether or not she was the inspiration. the director of animation said his own grandmother was one of the inspirations. this is our second day for look-alikes. >> is this a trend? >> i don't know.
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maybe tomorrow we'll find your lookalikes. >> oh. >> i say jessica alba. >> there you go. >> marcus? >> check out the website for updates and movie deals, perhaps, get the top stories and favorite that and kris and marcus on twitter. >> oh, tweeted me and said, no. so this is probably every child's dream come true, toys galore, rock bottom prices mom and dad can't say no to, but in this case, it's the end of an era. happening as soon as today, toys "r" us begins closing stores. now, experts say some discounts may not be too deep initially, and there's also an investment group right now putting a bid together that could save up to 400 of the stores now in bankruptcy, so maybe some deals won't get any better if that deal goes through. let us know your deals and what you find.
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>> christmas. >> i wanted a trampoline, but it's not on sale yet. don't tell my kids. >> okay. we got much more coming up. look at the radar, a lot of green there. even some yellow looking close towards the east bay. our micro climate weather continues, and how long the soaker will last. get ready for spring-at the ross spring shoe event. ross has the must-have styles and brands for a fraction of what you'd pay elsewhere. step one: get to ross. step two: walk out with top brands at big savings... the ross spring shoe event.
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you gotta go to ross. effect. we )re tracking rain across the bay area. well, the microclimate weather alert is still in effect. you see we are still in red. we are tracking rain all across the bay area, though some spots have gotten heavier than others. >> oh, absolutely, let's get to our meteorologist, what's next for the storm, kari? >> tapering off, but there's some areas getting in on heavy rain and even some gusty winds. a live look outside at the freemont camera. we'll see spots, but not all the bay area seeing the rain now, which was not the case earlier this morning. i'm also watching out for the chance we could have a couple of thunderstorms popping up. so far, so good.
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let's go to the delta right now. a closer look at the rain that continues to move through oakley and antioch and extending further into the tri-valley near dublin where heavy rain is coming down moving off towards the east, tracking that over to livermore in 30 minutes, and we are also seeing scattered showers returning to north san jose moving closer, and we are also seeing some spotty showers over the santa cruz mountains. opening up the picture to show you this is tapering off, and as we go through the evening, we will be able to take a break from the rain, but there's still going to be more on the way. this atmospheric river is across the region. that and what's ahead, another look at the storm totals in minutes. >> all right, thank you. track what's going on weather-wise when kari is not online, download our app. free for you if you have the iphone or android phone, you can get a live look at that radar,
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monitor where the rain is going or coming. now to some other local stories that we are covering. ice has a public service announce. . the agency is operating -- its operations are not always about deporting people. ice officials said hsi focuses on uncovering criminal operations like counterfeiting and trafficking, and they have stopped actively searching for a skier after crews scoured footage from a heat seeking plane looking for signs of life in the snow. they found nothing. he did not return from a ski trip last week at bear valley. the family announced the search transitioned from rescue to recovery. later today, learning more about design images for a new poll. at the golden gate bridge, electric collection system above
11:33 am
the lanes similar to those in place over the bridge -- eventually the toll booths will be removed entirely. they plan to unveil the design plan and possible a new system could be in place within the year. classes and activities happening now at deri erindiabl college of business are cancelled. this was posted on the school's web page this morning. officials found threatening graffiti on campus so they closed campus for today, but all classes are in session at san ramone campus. we are digging for information this morning. also, a lot of unanswered questions after an unusual and deadly incident at travis air force base. what we know now is authorities say someone breached the gate, drove on through, unauthorized at that gate and ended up dead crashing their car there. it happened just before 7:00
11:34 am
last night. that person has not before identified, and we're not completely clear on whether or not that person died from that crash. authorities also say there's no threat at the base. well, classes resumed today as scheduled at oakland freemont high school. police officers discovered a student had a loaded gun in the waistband. a school spokesperson said the student admitted to bringing and having the armed weapon while talking to officers on an unrelated reason. now, that led to the brief lockdown, and officers arrested the unidentified student. meantime, happening today, students from the parkland, florida high school who lost 17 classmates and staff last month will be in the nation's capital meeting with democratic senators feinsteineinstein and others to legislation to reduce gun violence and are in washington for the weekend's march for our lives rally, and i tweeted out the cover of "time" magazine,
11:35 am
the students are also on the cover. gearing up for the march for our lives rally, a sign making workshop was held last night before saturday's march. that event is coordinated with the national event in washington, d.c. the goal here? to pressure congress about gun law changes. >> i feel strongly about this, and i think students should have the right to go to school and feel safe. >> student leaders, legislated officials, and others from the community are also scheduled to speak. sacramento released video of the controversial and deadly police shooting of an unarmed man in his own backyard, and the outrage has been swift with the community demanding answers and the department is trying to answer those questions releasing three separate videos explaining why they thought the man was a threat. nbc is here with the report. we will warn you the video can be graphic and disturbing to watch. >> reporter: from a bird's eye
11:36 am
view in the air. >> just broke the window, running to the south. >> reporter: to police body cams on the ground. >> i want to check your backyard to make sure they are not back there. >> reporter: neighbors alerting 911 about a vandal in the area. >> what's going on there? >> this kid's down the street breaking windows in cars. >> reporter: monday night, searching for a suspect breaking into cars. the chopper overhead keeps the visual calling in the suspect's locations to officers on the ground who approach the side of the home. from above, the officers give chase as the man darts around the house, and then flashes of gunfire. >> shots fired, shots fired. >> the body cam captured chaos in the dark, and officer showing a gun. >> gun, gun, gun, gun! >> in all, two officers firing 14 shots for seven minutes, the man identified as stephen clark is left bleeding on the ground. police determined he was unarmed, cell phone nearby mistaken as a weapon by the officers. >> something in the hands,
11:37 am
looked like a gun from our perspective. >> six minutes after the shooting, one officer says mute, and cameras stop recording audio. the family is horrified and want to know what the officers were saying. >> they are muting something you don't want the public to hear what they are saying. if you don't the the truth to come out, all of it is a lie. >> his children, my family, my mother and grandmother. >> reporter: clark, a father of two was shot in his grandparent's backyard, and a grieving family with so many questions as police promised a transparent investigation starting with the speedy release of the shocking images. >> we know the significance of the event in our community, and there's still a lot of answers that we're looking for, but it is still very early. >> reporter: both officers involved in the shooting now on paid administrative leave as police work to determine what went wrong. happening today, a training
11:38 am
exercise, crews set up yesterday for full scale simulated disaster in sacramento. first responders including the police, firefighters, national guard, and the fbi will all take part. the goal here is to make it as realistic as possible so the crews are ready for the real thing. >> the whole idea here is to train for disaster, particular disasters incorporates earthquake survivors, but now all the sudden incorporate in a dirty bomb explosion in the mix. it's obviously not a scenario we want to happen, but we have to be prepared for something like this should it happen. >> now, a similar drill will be held this morning, or was held this morning at the sonoma raceway. if you see police cars, fire engines, and helicopters, no worries, it is a training exercise. a now poll shows the lead in the governor's race, the former l.a. mayor has been a sharp drop
11:39 am
in support. the public policy institute of california put out those numbers. newsom is 28%, but republican john cox is now in second place with 14%. and riarigosa at 12 points, and before he was in a tie with newsom. allen and chang, rounds out the group. on may 8th, there's a live debate featuring the top candidates. the prime time event happens at san jose's california theater moderated by nbc news political director and "meet the press" moderator, chuck todd, broadcast right here and telemundo 48 on may 30. we have the microclimate weather alert, kari has been
11:40 am
tracking the storm all morning long. >> see the dark clouds over san jose. in campbell, there's a slight chance of thunderstorms in the next couple hours. it's mild and colder air dropping in. we'll put an end to the rain for a little while. we'll talk about what else is ahead coming up next.
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researchers at harvard.
11:43 am
for some 100 million americans who suffer from high a new health warning for researchers at harvard for some 100 million americans who suffer from high blood pressure. >> chances are, if you don't, someone in your family does that could affect anyone as to how you cook their food. nbc medical reports on the new findings about grilling meat as a risk of hypertension. >> reporter: sun on snow, this 43-year-old fires up the grill. >> a filet cooked medium, medium well, the taste and the way that the steak sizzles. >> reporter: after suffering a heart attack last year, he changed the menu. doctors warn that the love of all things flame broiled raise blood pressure, one of the biggest risk factors for heart disease. in the study of 100,000 people, harvard researchers found those who eat red meat, chicken, or fish cooked at high temperatures, grilled, roasted,
11:44 am
and broiled have a 17% greater risk of high blood pressure eating those foods more than 15 times a month. >> when you grill the meat at a high temperature and char it, there's a chemical that forms and may cause additional stresses in the body that may lead to higher blood pressure over time. >> well, it's a good thing you want to crank the crock pot today. steamy and delicious for this one. >> that's right. it's going to be cool and off and on rain, and that's been the pattern we've been in, but at least we don't have widespread heavy rain we had earlier today, and i'm still keeping that microclimate weather alert in effect, although we are not seeing widespread rain because of what's happening in central valley. lite ni lightning strikes have developed and chance of isolated thunderstorms as cooler air moves in from the north. we'll see it be unstale, and that's a possibility as least through early afternoon. as of now, just tracking some
11:45 am
light rain that continues to move through antioch creating slick roads and heavier rain south of freemont into the hills and heavy rain approaching the north sap hn jose and santa cla. there's rain in the santa cruz mountain, scotts valley, and glenwood as the heavy rain moves into lexington hills. this creates problems for anyone driving to the summit or down. there's a chance of thunderstorms and rain further north. you can see that after that moves through, we'll catch a little bit of a break and some drier air. looking live right now in healdsburg, a break after a soggy morning, and over to sunol, there's a patch of rain moving through, and for the rest of the day, the rain will begin to taper off, but we have a chance of thunderstorms. by this evening, i think around
11:46 am
the commute, skies clear all around the bay area, but scattered rain returns in the forecast for tomorrow and continues through sunday. seven day forecast at the bottom of the screen. we can talk about the rainfall totals again, just wanted to show you where we got the most amount of rain. we talked about an atmospheric river affecting the hills and coastline. we got up to 7 inches of rain in venado, and mt. diablo 5 inches of rain, and st. helena with 4 inches, and kentfield high amounts there, and over to the santa cruz mountains, 5 inches there, mori begin hill, 1.75, and san jose struggled to get a half inch of rain. as rain tapers, there's lower amounts of rain over the next couple days, hit or miss.
11:47 am
this keeps the pattern unsettled with low elevation snow but drops levels in the sierra as there's waves of rain moving through. chance of rain in the forecast, and look how cool it's going to be. san francisco reached to the low 50s. we make the progress next week, just hold out a couple more days. we'll get the sunshine and check out wednesday of next week, 70 degrees and sunny. we cannot beat that after a stretch of very wet weather. we'll take another look at the forecast a little bit later, marcus and kris. >> looking great. >> look for that one sunny day. coming up, how much time is your teenager spending online? tell you the dangers of the extended screen time and what to do to help them break the habit. coming up after nbc bay area news at 11:00, "access live" followed by "days of our lives" at 1:00 p.m. extended screen timy
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doing to our kids ) brains. what can we do to protect our a new study shows us what extended screen time is actually doing to our kids' brains and what we can do to protect our children, who, by the way, by the time they are teenagers spend more time online than they do sleeping. >> yeah. that's one program trying to teach kids how to protect data online before it's too late. here's nbc with more. >> reporter: with facebook facing fresh backlash for sharing people's personal information without their conce concept, these kids in california are reading the fine print. >> we've been learning about privacy policies. >> freak you out? >> yes, it did. >> even in 7th grade. >> yeah. >> any of them read terms of agreement on social media. they admit they feel the pull. who texts? everybody? face time? >> definitely. >> reporter: and in this class, devices are not a distraction, but their homework, what is this
11:51 am
assignment? >> a digital diet. >> reporter: charts? >> yes. >> a lot of sleeping, 12 hours. >> reporter: that's good. how many hours a day did you use social media. >> eight hours a day, which was pretty surprising to me. >> reporter: more than half of the hours you're awake, you're on digital media. >> it was crazy. >> the phones we hold have a hold over us. 12.5 hours total? >> yeah. i was like, oh, i should probably actually do something. >> reporter: and you did something. >> yeah. >> reporter: her teacher did. >> think back to your previous digital diet -- >> reporter: creating this class taught in 34 states. what is it? >> well -- >> reporter: oh, sorry. >> well, it's learning how to use your devices thoughtfully. >> reporter: there you go. >> there's a class in a few hours. >> reporter: let's try again. at school here, do kids say that's the teacher who wants to
11:52 am
take away the phone? >> no, no, but the teacher that lets us talk about the phones. >> reporter: one in three kids use a phone before they can talk, and by the time they are teens, they are on it 11 hours a day, but are smart phones making us smarter? this guy, the goldfish's tension span is nine seconds. since 2000, flip phones, human's attention span dropped from 12 to 8 seconds. our attention span is now shorter than a goldfish's, and that's not all science says. >> before addicted and look, dramatic dramatic, right? >> reporter: in this mri machine, he can see a difference. >> look what happened in the brains. the reward system. >> reporter: studying two triplets, noah and samantha, she, like most 14 year olds does not put the phone down. >> noah stopped playing mine
11:53 am
craft but replaced it with xbox. >> but i'm more active now. >> standing up and playing? what do you mean active? >> reporter: brain on games looks like a brain on drugs. >> they found ways just like with nicotine and tobacco to hook us. >> reporter: he recommends two hours total of online time for teens. >> assuming all homework and chores have been completed. >> reporter: back at the school, students admit it's a process. >> my project is like the renaissance, so i'm looking on youtube, the most popular posts -- >> reporter: but on youtube, yao not only looking up renaissance. >> no, something pops up, and -- >> you're listening to? >> a banana song by the minions. >> reporter: yep. still the teacher is optimistic. >> i hope they go out there, use the devices in powerful, wonderful ways, the ways we forget they are designed to do.
11:54 am
>> so our attention span is shorter than a goldfish? insane. >> what did you say? >> bottom line is that this is really no joke. it is addictive, and there's a lot of side effects for the kids. and for us, too, so as simple, few simple rules you can do, keep your kids safe in the digital world, and enjoying the real world, if you feel like your child is not in touch, you can start with an old school flip phone. you can try to avoid a phone, tablet, and computer screens until they are 10, ask the school to do the same and use parental controls that are critical. i will say, like, once i say no gadgets, they are going outside to play and play dress up and being normal kids. >> old school. >> yeah. >> take them away. we'll be right back.
11:55 am
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well, last look, experiencing a lot of rain today. >> yeah. >> it's going to continue? >> off and on. it's not going to be as widespread as we had this morning and at times, the rain will be really starting to pick up and some gusty winds while other othareas are clear. the rain is moving through livermore and heavy rain moving through freemont moving into san jose. we'll see heavy downpours just rolling through as the day goes along. >> all right. looking good. i guess. we needed it. >> thanks for joining us. the next newscast is at 5:00. sorry. i can't make it.
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. we're live in five, four, three, two, one. >> oh, yeah! >> a party? >> yes. >> we're breaking bad. >> woo hoo! >> for good reason, girl. we are celebrating. >> we're nominees. emmy daytime nominees. >> guys, this is hysterical. we're nominated for outstanding, informative talk show hosts. we're very informed people. >> we do. >> everything about entertainment. >> we share knowledge every day. we are just so honored to be nominated. >> i really am. >> we are up against kelly


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