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tv   Early Today  NBC  March 23, 2018 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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breaking overnight, the government avoid a shutdown as the senate approves a $1.3 trillion spending bill. >> this as the president's tough policy on china send the stock market tanking. top advisers play musical chairs. ahead of a big interview with the playmate and former porn star. >> students across the country prepare to stand up for gun control in the march for our lives. >> a school bus driver carrying special needs students is forced into a terrifying moment as out of control 18 wheeler comes at her. >> facebook fans listen up. is the company doing enough to protect you. early today starts right now. good morning. i'm phillip mena.
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>> breaking news out of washington this morning. after midnight the senate passed a giant $1.3 trillion spending bill that will keep the government funded through september. narrowly avoiding a partial shutdown. the next stop is president trump's desk where he is expected to sign it. >> protests have erupted in sacramento, california, over a deadly police shooting. demonstrators formed a human chain across the doors of golden center one, presenting fans from entering the arena for the basketball game. after a delay, the kings and atlanta hawks eventually played the game in front of a largely empty arena. these protests come just days after clark was killed in his own grandmother's backyard by police. who were there looking for an intruder and appeared to mistake clark's cell phone for a gun. nbc's correspondent tells us more. we should warn you some may find this video disturbing.
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>> just broke the window running to the south. >> reporter: officers in a chopper investigating reports of a man vandalizing cars saying they have a visual on the suspect. >> all i can tell -- >> heat signature from the police helicopter camera, the first glimpse of stephon clark. two officers below close in. >> stop! >> here is the moment of contact on the ground. >> show your hands! >> in the dark an officer yells gun. >> gun, gun, gun. >> police firing 20 shots at clark in his grandparents' backyard finding no weapons only a cell phone. minutes later, one officer says mute. >> the two cameras stop recording audio. clark's family wants to know exactly what was said. >> you're muting something you don't want the public to hear what you are saying. that means that if you don't want the truth to come out. then all of it is a lie. >> police chief daniel han. >> when you saw them turn off the audio in the clip what did you think? >> just curious why they did
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that. so, but i knew that was part of the investigation. >> sacramento criticized over use of force against black men in the past. police confirming in this shooting one of the officers who opened fire was also black. >> things are heated right now. people are angry and hurting and all those sort of things. i don't want anybody else to get hurt in our community while we are going through the investigation. >> reporter: even with transparency, a community frustration grows. >> president trump's move to slap tariffs on chinese imports sent stocks tumbling. the dow jones international closed down, 700 points. nearly 3%. it is the biggest daily percentage drop since early february. right now, stock futures deeply in the red signaling negative open when trading begins at 9. 30. eastern. all this triggered by trump's announcement of tariffs of $60 billion on chinese imports. sparking fears of a global trade war leaving many u.s. industries on edge. and nbc's hallie jackson has
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more. it is going to make us a stronger, richer nation. probably one of the reasons i was elected. >> for donald trump, it is promise made. >> we are going to stand up to china on trade. >> promise kempt. not surprisingly, china is not happy. already threatening retaliation. >> that's where the real risk comes in. if beijing imposes its own tariffs, a trade tit for tat that could hit the u.s. where it hurts. in the farm belt. rob schaefer, farms 1,000 acres in illinois on land that has been in his family since the 1800s. china its the biggest customer for crops like his. buying of the one of every three rows of soy beans grown in the
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country. >> china could buy them from brazil and argentina as they can the united states. >> schaefer worries what happens to his bottom line if beijing bites back. so are retailers who could get hit on the made in china products. >> you could be paying more for just about everything you walk into, a big box discounter wal-mart, target, best buy. anything from electronics to, shampoos, to, cheap clothing. >> reporter: it is still of course not clear what the specifics will be when it comes to impact on consumers, not all the details have been worked out yet. but the white house says, it should be a minimal effect, they're basically making the argument that being able to punish china for its intellectual property theft will pay off in the long run. back to you. >> hallie jackson. thank you. more shake-ups at the white house. after weeks of speculation, general h.r. make master officially out as national security adviser to be replaced by former ambassador to the u.n., john bolton. in a new statement, bolton said in part --
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but bolton's appointment its met with mix read action. let's go to nbc's tracy pots in washington for the latest. tracy, good morning. >> hi, phillip, francis. bolton is former u.n. ambassador under president bush and known as hard-liner on foreign policy in line with some of the things we have heard from president trump. in the past he talked about bombing iran and attacking north korea. you can imagine the mixed reaction here. take a look at the president's tweet. announcing this change saying that bolton is coming on. he is thankful for the service for h.r. make master did an outstanding job and the hand-over will happen on april 9th. here on capitol hill, mixed reaction about the new national security adviser. >> i found it to be an extremely
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reasonable, thoughtful, and, and obviously well experienced individual. >> frankly the same concern we raised with michael flynn. before he was charged and before he pleaded guilty because of conflicts of interest. >> some of that mixed reaction coming from care, the council on islaming relations take a look at their reaction here, saying, bolton is a notorious islamophone, the last person who should be entrusted with this critically important position. this is not a position that requires senate approval in fact, bolton stepped down as u.n. ambassador last time, after it became clear that even within his own party he was not going to get that the support. >> so many moving parts on this. tracy. thank you. former playboy model claims she had an affair with donald trump is opening up on camera for the first time. in an exclusive interview, cnn, karen mcdougal met trump at
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playboy mansion in 2006 began a consensual sexual relationship with him soon after melania trump gave birr tooth to baron. giving an emotional apology to the first lady. >> what else can you say? i'm sorry. i'm sorry. i wouldn't want it done to me. i'm sorry. >> mcdougal ended the relationship after ten months when the guilt became too much. she is suing the parent company of the "national enquirer" to get out of nondisclosure agreement. >> an attorney for porn star, stormy daniels demanding the trump organization keep all records related to daniels and plans to subpoena them, citing unmistakable links between the president and his client. stormy daniels scheduled to appear in a 60 minutes interview this weekend. the white house denied all claims with daniels or mcd top.
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ugal. >> amid growing calls for gun control most americans believe guns make the country safer. a just released nbc news "wall street journal" poll finds that 58% of americans stay gun ownership increases safety by allowing citizens to protect themselves. 3% say it reduces safety by giving too many people access to firearms. this just ahead of tomorrow's march for our lives in d.c. and across the nation. calling for an end to gun violence. after 17 people were killed at stillman douglas high school last month. five survivors vocal about gun control are featured on the latest cover of "time" magazine. >> biggest storm to batter california, prompted dozens of rescues as heavy rainfall swelled rivers, inundated streets and caused minor mudslides. the officials say, state, the state though has dodged a bullet. as the storm spared communities. still recovering from wildfires in the january mudslides that killed 21 people. nearly all evacuation orders have been lifted.
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tens of thousand are returning home in santa barbara and ventura counties. flash flood warning issued for ventura county as heavy rainfall sweeps the area. >> nbc meteorologist bill carins, such of a dangerous week across the country. >> the storm is moving into the middle of the nation. snow in north dakota. rain event areas through nebraska today. then the snow, little narrow band will continue as we go throughout the day today into tonight. there its the snow in north dakota. by 7:00 p.m. mostly confined to north dakota. overnight as the temperatures drop. a narrow band that blue of snow. indianapolis wake up with snow on the ground. central illinois. northern portions of kentucky. around the cincinnati, watch lexington area too. heavy wet snow. more on the grassy surfaces than the pavement. as we go throughout saturday we get some mess down throh the middugle
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tug-of-war, kansas, oklahoma. that will be short-lived as cooler air moves in later. >> that snowfall map, you know once again, the areas three to six min inches. >> because of talk of snow. and, the reason why two months punxsutawney phil predicted six weeks of winter seems like he is a wanted groundhog. the monroe county sheriff's office, posted the photo on wanted wall for deception because phil is reporting snow in areas where we are now in spring. >> want to blame something. republican senator jeff flake and democratic senator cory booker settled their difference with snow in stiffed bullets. they had a bipartisan snowball fight on the capitol lawn. booker admitted defeat. >> we'll be right back. we're about to move.
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breaking overnight. one fire fighter died. one injured in a massive new york city fire. fdny responding to reports of a five alarm blaze on an edward norton movie in harlem. met with flames leaping from the apartment building. officials say a public briefing will soon be held at harlem hospital. much more on this ahead on "today" show in a few hours. >> leading the news, as president trump's tariffs on chinese imports spark fears of a global trade war, hours ago the white house announced several countries getting a break from the looming tear riffs on steel and aluminum. six members and members of the european union are exempt. among them, four are top exporters of steel off to the united states. but, the exemptions will last only until may 1 this year pending negotiations. the tariffs have 25% of steel on imports and 10% or aluminum to go into effect today for all other nations. >> terrifying moments caught on
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camera. on a school bus carrying special needs students in south carolina. a tractor-trailer suddenly crosses the center line, swerves into the path, look at that there, the bus driver had no time to avoid the crash. thankfully officials say that no one on this bus was seriously hurt. the truck driver though was injured and taken to a hospital. >> more sad news for toys "r" us. founder charles lazarus died. he pass add way at age 94 years old. toys "r" us confirmed. days after the chain he began, began closeouts. starting as a baby furniture store. 70 years ago. the iconic toy giant is planning to shut down all stores in the u.s. due to billions in debt. toys "r" us called lazarus' death as heartbreaking referring to him as the beloved founder. a world war ii veteran, father remained as chief executive until 1994. >> just ahead the terrifying moments for a few thrill riders in australia. you are watching "early today."
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terrifying moments for riders after a roller coaster came to a sudden halt 152 feet in the air, left six people hanging for 15 minutes. ride operators at dream world in australia could be heard assuring passengers as the cars were eventually lowered. thankfully there are no reports of injuries. but a 2016 accident on a water ride at dream world among the
4:19 am
deadliest theme park accidents in the world. the buzz saw ride set to be fully inspected before reopening. >> terrifying see them coming down right there. but at least they're on their backs looking up. versus stopping on an incline looking down. >> the longest 15 minutes of their lives. >> that's the case. >> job seekers take note. linkedin published their list of top 50 companies professionals want to work. taking number one spot, amazon. knocking alphabet to two. followed by facebook thatly. top ten. comcast nbc universal, number 7. followed by walt disney company at 8. also, netflix at 10. >> makes me feel pretty good. top ten. but amazon, taking over the world. so you know, a place to work. >> another example. >> puppies. all i got to say. the word alone brings a smile to our faces. today is national puppy day if you didn't know. owners everywhere going to take advantage of this day, sure you
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will see on social media. it its the best way off to celebrate as everybody, you know they take pictures, and send them out. got to spend extra time with your puppies today. whether that means taking the photo or whether that means that just go taking it for a walk or giving it a cup extra kisses whatever you do with your puppy. this is another day another reason to celebrate these, these kuft l cute animals. >> enjoy it. still ahead. upsets as the ncaa sweet 16 rolls on. you are watching "early today." watch me. ( ♪ ) mike: i've tried lots of things for my joint pain. now? watch me. ( ♪ ) joni: think i'd give up showing these guys how it's done? please. real people with active psoriatic arthritis are changing the way they fight it. they're moving forward with cosentyx. it's a different kind of targeted biologic. it's proven to help people find less joint pain
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ncaa tournament is back in full swing. four spots in the elite eight are up for grabs after a flurry of surprising upsets last night. number 11, loyola chicago will get a shot of the final four for the first time since 1963 when they won it all. after one point win over seven, nevada. the ramblers have within their tournaments by a combined four points. also in the south region in a game that went done to the wire. kansas state pulled off a major upset, beating perennial powerhouse kentucky. and florida state is moving on, easily, handling gonzaga. 75-60. the seminoles will play michigan. the wolverines hammered texas a & m, 99-72, the only game of the night not an upset. the sweet 16 continues tonight. kansas and clemson kicked thing things off. followed by syracuse and duke battle it out before the night
4:24 am
cap. texas text versus purdue. arizona state they were knocked out long, long ago. so, that's just the way it turns out. but bill, your team, syracuse, still in the mix. >> going to be a late night. i need a long nap, on a friday afternoon. to stay up for that. >> didn't think they would make it this far. here they are. >> no one did. get into this weak end. love to give you warmth and spread it. because it has been in areas of texas, oklahoma, colorado. cool to the north. cleveland, 37. oklahoma city. 72, san antonio. 83. saturday, split here with southern half of country. mild. new orleans. 80 sound great. chilly into next week. coolish. we do try to get into the 50s in new york. so, maybe it is a start. >> yeah. >> got to start with something. >> dent on't go anywhere. early today will return. great outdoors...
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cabinet shake-ups, sources tell nbc news, president trump considered firing his chief of staff leaving the position open. sources say trump envisions a scenario where top aides report directly off to him and discussed not replacing current chief of staff, john kelly should he leave. kelly's job security in question in recent weeks. trump has not spoken publicly. >> family of a 16-year-old girl shot by an armed student at maryland high school says she will be taken off life support. in a statement, her mother says the teenager was shot in the head which rendered her brain dead. the shooter 17-year-old austin rollins died after shooting her according to police. an officer fired a shot at rollins not clear if the
4:27 am
officer's shot killed rollins or he took his life. >> rod rosen stein and federal law enforcement officials scheduled to hold a news conference to announce a cyberlaw enforcement announcement. scheduled for 10:00 eastern. >> to a greg backlash against facebook, ceo mark zuckerberg is facing new calls to testify before congress. nbc business correspondent, jolen kent has more. >> reporter: facebook stock taking a hit down 2%. backlash brewing after cambridge analytica allegedly ak setsed personal information of 50 million unsuspecting face book users. >> a lot of people are questioning whether they really were paying enough attention to how their platform was used. mark zuckerberg apologizing. >> a major breach of trust. >> the scandal so far sending the company's value down $46 billion. mozilla yanking advertising when
4:28 am
facebook takes action and how it shares customer data will consider returning. pressure from congress after zuckerberg suggest heed may not be the best facebook representative to go to washington to testify. >> if that is me then i am happy to go. >> that wasn't good enough for a key senate democrat. >> he is the right person. unquestionably, and unequivocally. >> facebook users began cutting ties, #deleteface book. >> the straw that broke my back. >> sheryl sandberg defending the company. >> the most important thing we can do for running the company is protect people's data. >> reporter: the problem giving advertisers data about you is critical to how the company makes money. >> facebook was created to do this to people. that's what the platform is for. these tools are being used as designed. thanks for that report.
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i'm francis riviera. i'm phillip mena. thank you for starting your friday with us. and don't go anywhere, the news continues here on nbc. ad lib lin
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san jose we've made it to friday. we are looking live at downtown san jose which was rocking last night with the sharks game as they beat the las vegas kings in overtime. and that's why i'm so tired this morning. thanks so much for joining us, i'm kris sanchez, i'm in for laura garcia. >> wake up. >> it was my girls first game and i was like we can stay and it went into overtime. why? why? thank you, sharks. we had a great time. >> and it's friday, i'm marcus washington and of course today a lot calmer, but colder. >> yeah, it's going to be colder. you're noticing that we don't have that subtropical moisture and warmth to the air, so we are having some mostly clear skies as we get a liv


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