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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  March 25, 2018 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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deceive the genuineness of the young people. i think thyme it's going to be different. >> lawmakers weighing in after yesterday as march for our lives while student activists vowing to fight on. >> a rare move by facebook. a advertisements getting people's attention after a data privacy scandal. >> neighbors taking safety into their own hands after a reckless driver terrorizes their south bay neighborhood. the news at 5:00 starts now. >> i'm terry mcsweeney. a kay wot i can scene. people woken up after a reckless driver causes a commotion. >> marianne favro is live in west san jose with more on the
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early morning wakeup call and how neighbors stopped a driver getting out of hand. marianne? >> reporter: a car was going very fast. it plowed into this black ford. you can see where the ford jumped the curb here and hit this parked car. over here, you can see the back end is crushed. it didn't end there. they say the driver then proceeded to plow into at least ten vehicles parked here on maker avenue and that was enough to wake neighbors up and they sprang into action. >> will whole neighborhood was trying to stop him. they were crowded around his car. we took his seat belt off and pulled him out. we were trying to have him lay there until the authorities came. >> police arrived and questioned the driver. he was later loaded into a stretcher and then into an ambulance where he was taken to a nearby hospital.
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we reached out to san jose police this morning. but they still have not confirmed if the man was arrested or if he was, what charges he now faces. neighbors say this happens at least once april month where someone is speeding on this street and plows into parked vehicles. it's a problem they've been dealing with for ten years. that same driver plowed into cars on the other side of the street as well. witnesses say he was zigzagging back and forth. so he got cars on both sides of the streets here. again, it's a problem neighbors have been dealing with for ten years. reporting live in san jose, marianne favro, san jose bay area news. church was disrupted after a fire broke out at christ church laut ran in the sunset district near lincoln high school. christie smith is live at the scene. this happening on an important day in the christian community. >> reporter: absolutely.
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palm sunday. i tell you, fortunately, services were able to go on. but we're told the fire started down here. there are some sunday school classrooms. not being used much, again, the service was able to go on. while an investigation is under way, there has been activity here that apparently caught the pastor by surprise. >> you wander in for palm sunday and there's a hook and ladder fire truck out front and what's going on? >> he attends the christ church lutheran in the sunset district where an early morning fire left the smell of smoke upstairs but services went on. >> we moved it from the sanctuary into the parish hall where we have another room in there. >> no damage on the main floor. but this morning, smoke was spotted below. san francisco firefighters arrived quickly. >> didn't take much to extinguish it, but it had caused quite a bit of damage to the middle room and smoke damage to the other sunday school rooms. >> there was previously a
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pre-school here and they were in the process of getting a new tenant. fire tegt tors were here while the pastor says there has been talk about recent activity. >> there appears to be somebody who got into the building. >> he said they've had issues with people coming in without permission. just yesterday they had to ask someone to leave that area. still, he says the congregation offers meals, a food pantry and other things to help. >> engaged in the homeless problem. you know, but it's the sort of thing that we have to do that in a controlled way. >> firefighters say the cause is under investigation. he said they would still tighten up security. >> the pastor points out, of course, this is a difficult time to have something like this happen. they have four services this week and of course, easter sunday service, they say, they haven't made any adjustments yet.
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they are hoping that the air inside clears up by that time. reporting live in san francisco, christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> cristie thank you. let's look at capitol hill. many are wondering if they will make a change when it comes to gun laws in the nation. this is a day after the march for our lives rallies. the student activists who led the charge are vowing to continue their fight. they say they're going to rally young voters to hit the polls in the november midterm election. nbc's jennifer johnson has that story from capitol hill. >> one day after the massive march for our lives rally, a quieter washington. but the teenagers demanding stricter gun control laws remain ready for battle, vowing to vote out lawmakers who won't act. >> if we can encourage these people to take action, to be participating in our society and our politics, then that's going to encourage our voters to actually turn out.
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>> youth voter turnout in the 2014 midterm elections was the lowest in 40 years. but march organizers believe 2018 will be different. they are ready to fight the nra. >> the second we want to put common sense regulations on these assault weapons, the nra say they're trying to steal your fwunsnd people believe that. the majority see past this. >> some lawmakers are hopeful that it could lead to change. >> this era of fake news and the genuineness of the young people, i think it will be different. >> every citizen, as long as they are law abiding has the right to exercise their second amendment rights. >> the students also say the newly signed government spending bill allocating $2.3 billion to make schools safer is not enough to change the epidemic of gun violence. the one bill that could tighten up background checks is still stalled in congress. it was introduced by last november after the texas church
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massacre. >> jennifer johnson, nbc news, washington. tonight we're also learning more about one. most powerful voices of the march for our lives rally in washington. naomi waddler from alexandria, virginia. she was the youngest speaker, but her maturity and strength was shown in her powerful message. >> i represent the african american women victims of gun violence who are statistics instead of vibrant beautiful girls full of potential. >> she was inspired to do something after the school shooting in parkland, florida, last month. she helped stage a walkout with her elementary school classmates. she says she was featured in a video that went viral. then she got the call to speak at the rally. >> i kind of felt like it's the beginning. i'm going to keep going. i can't really give a final put together a thought. i'm letting it sink in. >> back at home in alexandria,
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virginia this fifth grader is taking in her newfound status as one of the youngest anti-gun violence activists. the call to action being heard around the world as well. in hong kong, china, hundreds marched through the city center demanding stricter gun control. the hong kong march was organized by a group of mothers. many of them held signs reading, protect our kids, not guns. and enough is enough. a march for our lives rally was also taking place today in mumbai, india. >> new details in the data privacy scandal surrounding facebook. mark zuckerberg has taken out full page ads in several major newspapers in the u.s. and in the u.k. to apologize. there's a picture of one of the ads. the apology ran in "the new york times," "washington post," the "wall street journal" and major u.k. newspapers like the sunday telegraph and sunday times. facebook's privacy practices came under fire after cambridge analytica, a firm -- got data
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inappropriately from facebook of the the firm allegedly made psychological profiles to influence how people vote. facebook stock dropped more than $70 billion since that story blo broke. according to "the new york time times", president trump will not add attorneys to his legal team because of conflicts. but no further details were given. nbc news is corn firming that pence -- his hiring would have replaced john dowd who served as lead counsel in the russia probe until he resigned on thursday. still ahead on nbc bay area news at 5:00, after being rattled by violence, the austin, texas, community ask why us? a friend of one of the victims of the bombing -- the retrial of bill cosby. why analysts say things could be different this time around.
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we're tracking the last of our rain for a while around walnut creek. you see a few showers here in the storm ranger doppler radar. after today, a big-time warmup on the way. how warm will the temperatures get in the seven-day forecast when we come back.
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bomber. many are wondering, why did he choose us? >> we're hearing from oswald, garcia. this is him and one of the victims in music class. when garcia heard about the march 12th package explosion, he says he drove straight to mason's house to find out if his best friend was okay. >> i don't ever -- why not so owe. [ inaudible ] why did he have to be the one that was there in the morning, you know? >> mason's mother was also hurt in that explosion. she's recovering at home. a funeral for mason is set for next weekend. tragedy at a shopping mall in siberia. more than 30 people died when a fire swept through the top floor of a mall at a movie theater. many were children. it took crews more than 12 hours to knock down that fire. russian authorities launched a criminal investigation as they work to determine what started that fire. comedian bill cosby is preparing for a new, more
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intense sex abuse trial. the retrial scheduled for april 2nd comes after a mistrial in june. that was when a deadlocked jury couldn't agree whether he drugged and molested a woman in 2004. what makes the new trial different is prosecutors can call five more accusers to the stand to demonstrate a pattern of behavior. the district attorney can choose the five women from a group of eight who have accused cosby of abuse dating from 1982 to 1996. in the previous trial, just two women were allowed to testify. still ahead on nbc bay area news at 5:00. the voice of the giants making a call to the animal shelters. how this well-known bay area talent is helping pets in need. surfing with heroes. a special meaning behind a paddle out today in capitola. temperatures in the 50s with scattered showers. ahead, a few spots around the bay area could climb close to 80
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by prince william... )ringo starr ) has announced he )s heading to the bay area. be. fresh off of being knighted by prince william, ringo starr announced he's headed to the bay area. he will perform at san jose's city national civic coming up on september 28th. during his typical all-star concerts, ringo performs songs from his solo career as well as years with the beatles. tickets go on sale on friday. last tuesday at buckingham
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palace, he was knighted for hi service to music. a ritual before the baseball season starts. he helps people adopt cats and dogs. once a year kuiper pays all adoption fees at the animal rescue foundation in walnut creek. it's owned by tony la russa. kuiper and his family enjoy make tg possible for everyone to adopt a new pet. >> our hope is that the animals obviously get adopted, they're happy. people that might not be able to afford doing the adoptions, they get to do it today. they're happy. and then it's a win-win. >> sure is. since being founded in 1991, the animal rescue foundation rescued nearly 40,000 cats and dogs. >> for many it's their first time leaving the hospital since coming home from the middle east. with the help of volunteers, military veterans hit the waves
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in santa cruz, part of a program called operation surf. the goal is to give veterans a chance to heal and get in the ocean. one wave at a time. >> you're able to basically learn something, achieve something and then being in an environment that's just absolutely spiritually healing and you add the exercise and the fun with camaraderie and unity in the ocean, it's an an ingredient for success. >> volunteers use adaptive techniques. all veterans, regardless of disability have a chance to ride the waves. operation surf continues in santa cruz through wednesday. to the weather now. i wore my best spring green hoping that that will accelerate the warm temperatures. >> it's had an impact on the 7-day forecast. >> good job. >> some spots might get close to 80 degrees this week. in the meantime, we're tracking scattered showers which have been moving out of the north and east bay. we'll take you out to the coast, ocean beach, checking out the surf there.
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cool finish to the weekend. but sunny skies around ocean beach. san jose right now. clouds to the east, 57 degrees. we'll show you dublin, 54 degrees. some of the more intense showers we're seeing right now, pretty close to the tri-valley. our storm ranger, mobile doppler radar scanning. you can see how the showers who were in the area, they've dropped from north to south. you can see how the line is moving over the east bay hills towards oakland, san leandro and hayward within the next half hour. storm ranger, high definition loop here over the last hour, you can see the march from north to south. some of those showers, given the chilly air loft, they have a chance of dropping some small hail. you probably notice this afternoon, clouds building up over the nearby mountains moving from north to south. after sunset tonight, we'll begin to lose the instability at the showers. you can see approaching at 9:00 and 10:00, things dry out and throughout the day tomorrow, no clouds around.
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high pressure is going to start to build in and we'll see breezy conditions, we think for monday evening into tuesday morning. keep in mind we'll have wet roads overnight from some of those showers they're seeing around the east bay hills. patchy frost. look out maybe in the north bay and east bay valleys. might see patchy ice for the morning commute. tomorrow's highs. we climb upward. from downtown san jose towards san martin. for the tri-valley, 67 in pleasanton. most places 10 degrees warmer than the highs today. peninsula towards san francisco still for now at least upper 50s and low 60s. speaking of san francisco, two of the giants and a's switching to at&t park, it will be jacket weather. numbers in the mid-50s but no worries about any showers around san francisco for tomorrow. for the north bay, highs in the mid to upper 60s and trending
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warmer. one of the side effects of the warmup, north winds. monday night through tuesday morning, the areas of red in the north and east bay hills. the temperatures about to make a big change. the 7-day forecast at the bottom of the screen. sets up this cold trough of low pressure, which is bringing the 30s again tonight. that's going to move off towards the east much it's high pressure that builds in and strengthening. wednesday, thursday and friday, we think we have a chance, even san jose of getting close to 80 degrees. last time we hit 80. we shouldn't see 80s in february. it's a dry february for us. it's been a while. but this is the pattern that's going to take shape through the week. san francisco, you'll see the warmup too. midweek through thursday and for the valleys. numbers in the mid-70s midweek. closing in maybe close to 80 on thursd
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thursday. spring forward, like the color green. perfect timing. >> you're welcome for changing the forecast. just thought of it now. you're welcome. still ahead on nbc bay area news at 5:00, a bay area doctor diagnosed with cancer. >> instead of taking time to fight the disease, she's helping others fight for their lives. her story next in tonight's bay area proud.
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but for one peninsula doctor ... there is something i cancer, a diagnosis that changes everything. >> for one peninsula doctor, there is something it didn't change. her dedication to helping other cancer patients. garvin thomas has the store that i will make you bay area proud.
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>> remarkable is the word that comes up a lot when talking about this doctor. a mother of three. she spent a career balancing cutting-edge cancer research while still helping patients through their own breast cancer diagnoses. ten years ago, she added another title. patient. it's how she's dealt with that, that may be the most remarkable thing yet. >> there are few people anywhere on this earth who know more about cancer than this doctor. the stanford oncologist and renowned researcher at general en tech dough veeted her life to studying the disease and healing knows who have it, which is why when ellie says what you're go b. to hear, it carries extra meaning. >> i shouldn't be alive right now. i shouldn't be. but based on the statistics, more likely, i wouldn't be alive than would be alive after a year of having this diagnosis.
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>> but ellie's story is not just that she's still alive for ten years after her original diagnosis of melanoma and two years after a more ominous recurrence. it is what she has done with that time. you see, in 2008 when first diagnosed, ellie decided to step away from medicine. it was a decision that stood for all of one day. >> not very long to figure out that that just didn't feel right. that god gave me a gift. and for me to throw away the ability to have a benefit for others and -- it just didn't feel right. >> in the decade since, through the surgeries and radiation, through the immunotherapy and chemotherapy and all that comes with it, ellie has not stopped working. why? well, two reasons, she says. first, all the work, no matter
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how tiring, allows her to focus on something in her life other than her disease. >> i don't think there's a chance that doing this lessens my chance of survival. i think that this increases my chance of survival. >> second, ellie says, her work and all the lives it might one day save is too important to stop for any reason. >> i'm a fighter. i'm continuing to get up every morning and i feel that there is a lot to do and i put the cancer aside as much as i can so that i can focus on what i want to do every day. >> just one example of her dedication, that video you saw her testifying. that was in washington, d.c. in front of the fda in order to get approval for a breakthrough cancer drug. she flew to washington in the middle of her own chemotherapy, administering it herself in her hotel room because she felt testifying was so important.
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they got approval for that drug. garvin thomas, nbc bay area news. coming up in the next half hour, a sports rivalry taken to a new height. why giants and a's fans are clash over a parking issue. the secretary of energy, the stops on his three-day tour and what he'll be talking about when it comes to cleaner energy. there's only one word for the all new
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bridge series game between right now at 5:30, parking getting a bit pesky. the controversy at today's bay bridge series game between the giants and the a's. >> i'm terry mcsweeney. a friendly baseball game gets a little testy among fans after the price for parking varies de


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