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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  March 25, 2018 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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one night with the man who would . he knows i'm telling the truth. >> right now at 11:00, one night with the man who would become president. stormy daniels sharing with the world her story and what she calls the attempts to silence it. good evening and thank you for joining us. >> stormy daniels an adult porn star. >> it happened more than a decade ago once and it was consensual. she was threatened to keep quiet in front of her child. >> during an interview with "60 minutes," she claims the threat happened while she was trying to sell her story. stephanie clifford, the adult film actress whose professional name is stormy daniels told "60 minutes" she met donald trump in
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2006 at a celebrity golf tournament. >> you had sex with him? >> yes. >> president trump denied the affair. his attorney michael cohen threatened a lawsuit. she was threatened in a parking lot with her infant daughter. >> a guy walked up on me, and said to me, leave trump alone and forget the story. he leaned around and looked at my daughter and said, a shame if something happened to her mother. she said she didn't got to police because she was scared. she signed a nondisclosure agreement offered by trump's attorney michael cohen in return for $130,000. >> was it hush money to stay silent? >> yes. the story was coming out again. i was concerned for my family and their safety. >> neither the trump
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organization nor the campaign, says cohen, were part of the transaction. the money was from his own pocket. he's offered to give the money back to speak freely and would release any communication or photos she might have. well, stormy daniels' story is say -- president trump arrived in washington after spending the weekend in florida. watchdog groups are pressing the justice department and the federal election commission to investigate whether money paid to daniels is considered an illegal campaign contribution. daniels was also asked why she signed a statement in january denying she had an fair wiaffai mr. trump. >> i felt intimidated and honestly bullied. i didn't know what to do. and so i signed it. even though i had repeatedly expressed that i wouldn't break the agreement, but i was not
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comfortable lying. >> how do we know you're telling the truth? >> because i have no reason to lie. i'm opening myself up for, you know, possible danger, and definitely a whole lot of [ bleep ]. >> daniels was also asked if she had anything she wanted to tell the president. her response, he knows i'm telling the truth. as of now, the white house has not offered any response. following the latest developments following the interview, and you can keep tabs on twitter, handle @nbcbayarea. >> a woman was stabbed outside of a church on chester avenue, paramedics rushed the woman to the hospital, but she didn't make it. they took a man to the hospital. police believe he may have stabbed himself. neighbors say they were surprised it happened outside an otherwise quite church. >> once in a while we'll have something going on during the week.
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it's quiet, peaceful bunch of people. >> the homicide unit is now investigating. a woman made a sad discovery in the north bay. she went to feed her neighbor's horses on wednesday, one was dead, and nearly a dozen others being neglected. deputies found 11 horses standing knee high in mud. the owner knew about the bad conditions and that he had been trying to get the horses to gain more weight. the property is on river road in cloverdale. the 11 horses were moved to a shelter. when a driver plowed into parked cars on their street in san jose, neighbors sprang into action, detaining him until the cops arrived. neighbors are fed up with having their parked vehicles hit. >> reporter: the front of this mini van, smashed. drive down maker avenue in san jose and you'll find more
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damaged cars on both sides of the street. neighbors say around 2:00 this morning the driver of this red car raced down the street, and smashed into a parked car. they say he then zigzagged down the road, hitting several other parked cars. that's when they sprang into action. >> the whole neighborhood was out here trying to stop them. they're crowding around his car. we opened his door, we took the seat belt out. pulled him out. and we were just trying to just have him lay there until the authorities came. >> police arrive and the driver was taken by ambulance to a nearby hospital. san jose police would not confirm if he was arrested or is suspected of drunk driving. people who live here say this street has turned into a speedway. they've asked the city to put in speed bumps. >> it's a residential area. the speed limit is 25 miles per hour. people are coming down this street 60, 70 miles per hour. >> parked cars are hit here at least once a month. >> the sounds of the cars hitting were pretty loud.
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>> especially concerning frlt woman who runs this home day care. she fears a speeding car may plow into children playing in her front yard. but tonight, there's relief that the man neighbors say caused this damage is no longer a threat. in san jose, mary ann favro, nbc bay area news. a homeless man arrested after allegedly trying to lure a teenage gifrl in his car. he drove up next to a 13-year-old girl and tried to get her into his car. the suspect is 47-year-old timothy james cotler. when the girl refused, he asked for her phone number. cot ler has since been released. authorities want to share his booking photo. they believe he is a threat to the community. an early morning fire at a san francisco church on palm sunday is under investigation. services at christ's church lutheran in the city's sunset district went on.
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but they were simplified and moved to the parrish hall. smoke was reported before 9:00 this morning. firefighters put the smoldering fire out quickly, the fire they say damaged three sunday school classrooms, a pre school used to be there, but the church was in the process of getting a new tenant. the pastor said they've recently had issues in that area of the building and just yesterday hat to ask a man to leave. >> we have had a little bit of a problem with unauthorized people finding their way into the rooms. you know -- >> for shelter. >> for shelter, yes. part of the problem has been that since they're not used on a daily basis, since the preschool isn't there, i think they've been a little more attractive to someone, you know, just finding their way in and hiding out and then having shelter for the night. >> he says the church does try to conductively engage with the homeless. christy smith will have more details on this later in the newscast. this just in to our
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newsroom. the san mateo foster school district being extra cautious tomorrow. it is increasing police presence, keeping school doors and gate s locked, a man went into a big 5 sporting goods store. the man was not fund, they don't believe the threat is credible, but they want to be cautious. video of the guns taken off the streets by sheriff's deputies, while on patrol yesterday they noticed a van that had been involved in other crimes, two people inside, one on probation, the other on parole. a check of the van turned up six guns. one of the two people was arrested. on the day facebook pays for full page newspaper ads in two countries apologizing for the cambridge analytica scandal, there are new questions about the company collecting cell phone call data from users. nbc bay area's sergio quintana
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is live in san francisco for us tonight. >> reporter: well, a lot of people over the last few days have decided to actually delete their facebook page. in the process, they've been downloading their personal information from the social media network. they've been surprised as to how much information facebook is actually collecting off of their cell phones. even if you don't regularly open up facebook messenger or post anything on your page, those apps may still be logging your calls, texts, and all your phone contacts. users have been posting surprise reactions on twitter about the amount of data facebook collects. downloaded my facebook data as a zip file. somehow it has my entire call history with my partner's mum. according to a facebook blog post the apps ask for access to information when they are first activated. we are introduced this feature for android users.
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contact importers are common. this discovery by many facebook users comes as mark zuckerberg took out full-page newspaper ad sz. >> we have responsibility to protect your information. if we can't, we don't deserve it. >> i asked several facebook users what they think of the full page apology. >> do you think this letter helps calm your nerves a the all as a facebook user? >> oh, of course not. it wasn't like i didn't have -- didn't know that that was going on. >> that's not a solution. it's a little apology, you know, an apology of the week. >> since the cambridge analytica scandal broke last week, some people have been deleting their facebook pages. but not all the site's users have completely left. >> i have this idea today of taking a three-month vacation, all social media -- >> there's also a growing chorus of lawmakers who want mark zuckerberg himself to testify
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before congress about this growing cambridge analytica sandal. reporting live in san francisco, sergio quintana, nbc bay area news. after a weekend of winter like weather right now. you may be surprised how warm the temperatures will get the next few days. a look at that in the forecast coming up. the impact of the march, hundreds of thousands of people spending their saturday to lobby for safety in schools, and put pressure on lawmakers. what they have to say about this global movement. >> and not your everyday rescue in the east bay. why firefighters called for back-up to help a fine, feathered friend. he help they )o families in need. and - what i did to help a man - shocked by an insurance bill claiming he owed thousands. that )s monday on )today in the bay ) -
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even if no one in your home smokes, secondhand smoke can be closer than you think. secondhand smoke from a neighbor's apartment can enter your home through air vents, through light fixtures and even through cracks in the walls and the floors. secondhand smoke is toxic. especially to children. protect your family. visit i we worked with pg&eof to save energy because wenie. wanted to help the school. they would put these signs on the door to let the teacher know you didn't cut off the light. the teachers, they would call us the energy patrol. so they would be like, here they come, turn off your lights! those three young ladies were teaching the whole school
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about energy efficiency. we actually saved $50,000. and that's just one school, two semesters, three girls. together, we're building a better california. took part in the "march for our lives rallies" -- the student activists who led a day after people across the nation and around the world took part in the march for our lives rally, the student activists are vowing to continue their fight. they are going to rally young voters to hit the polls in the november midterm elections. nbc's jennifer johnson has that story from capitol hill. >> reporter: one day after the massive march for our lives rally, a quieter washington. but the teenagers demanding stricter gun control laws remain ready for battle, vowing to go
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to the polls and vote out lawmakers who won't act. >> if we can encourage these people to take action, to be participating in our society, in our politics, then that's going to encourage our voters to actually turn out. >> you, the voter turnout in the 2014 midterm elections was the lowest in 40 years. but march organizers believe 2018 will be different, and they are ready to fight the nra. >> the second we put commons regulations on the assault weapons, the nra will say they're trying to steal all your guns. some people believe them. >> lawmakers are hopeful the youth movement could lead to change. >> to see the genuineness of the young people. this time it will be different. >> many republicans are more reluctant. >> every citizen, as long as they are law-abiding has the right to exercise their second
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amendment rights. >> the newly signed government spending bill is not enough to change the epidemic of gun violence. >> but the one bill that could tighten up background checks is still stalled in congress. it was introduced last november after the texas church massacre. jennif jennifer johnson, nbc news, washington. president trump will not be adding lawyers to his legal team. according to "the new york times" president trump will not be adding attorneys joseph dee -- pencing has ties to special counsel robert mueller's team. tensie and d -- >> energy secretary rick perry is coming to the bay area for a three-day tour. perry plans to visit the lawrence livermore national laboratory. it will be his first trip.
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mr. perry will wrap up his stay on wednesday after he goes to the stanford linear accelerate center. fishlgs a fish officials are honored to -- >> not a typical rescue for east bay firefighters. they got a call saturday afternoon to rescue a hawk. they found a hawk tangled in fishing wire hanging from a tree. it was windy out there so pg&e was from the scene. they needed that truck to keep them steady and cut the hawk free. >> windy. any windy weather around? >> yes. this time around, though, it's high pressure building in, a taste early in the week ahead of summer light temperatures ahead, you're about to see that previewed in the forecast, appearing at the bottom of the
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screen. by tomorrow morning we'll see 30s. and maybe some patchy frost in some of the colder spots. dry roadways across the golden gate bridge. something we haven't seen in a while. heading to dublin, 42 degrees, patchy frost possible around the trivalley for the morning. currently about 49 degrees, somehow es a bit earlier this evening have moved on after sunset. we lost that convektive powering up of those showers over the hill tops and now the moisture moves on out. as the clouds begin to thin out, look at the temperatures here as we go forward tomorrow morning. the coldest temperatures for the week will show up tomorrow morning. for the afternoon, temperatures mid-60s around san jose, and warmer spots between downtown, liking climbing with the upper
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60s for tomorrow. low 60s around oakland and hayward. 50s looks the coast. we'll even see if aaron is needed. highs in the lower 60s -- no worries about rain tomorrow in the giants versus a's. and north bay, highs tomorrow in the mid to upper 60s. cloud cover futurecast, the only thing that you see changing is a time stamp. nothing to see out there, no low clouds, or you expect a few passing high clouds. one thing that will be changing likely will be the wind speeds. notice around napa and the east bay hills towards tomorrow night. high pressure builds in first, and we'll see winds out of the north. ask then trending offshore, which should lead to the temperatures really starting to warm up. here the big pattern shift, most
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of march you've had low pressure across the west post. another chilly day with cold snow. it's starting to move out. the peak strength will be wednesday and thursday. for most places, the warmest day of the week will be thursday, friday. it doesn't clear the way for any storms. colder system will drop over the ridge of high pressure. overall, seven-day forecast shows at the bottom of the screen and now fuscreen, we've t a warm-up on the way. upper 60s, and low 70s, maybe mid-70s. that would also apply to the coast. warm-up of temperatures and talking about the potential of 20 to 30 degrees warmer on thursday compared to the high temperatures we saw today. so it's really like we're going from winter right into summer by
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the time we get done thursday and friday. and a dry start to next weekend, looking warm and dry around the bay area. >> domicoming up, a star. when and where, and why the former beatle drummer will have a new title when he gets here. a false alarm in the water, a good samaritan called in what they thought was a rescue, but it wasn't a swimmer. what rescuers found instead.
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at least 37 people have died after the flames swept through the top floor of the mall today.
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a deadly fire in siberia, 30 people died after flames swept through the top floor of the mall today. thick smoke is pouring through the building. it took crews more than 12 hours to knock down the fire. and many people are still missing. as the austin texas community prepares to lay to rest victims killed by the suspected bomber, many wondering why did he choose us? we're hearing from one of the friends of the victims, oswald garcia. this is oswald, and daughter and son draylin mason. he drove straight to mason's house to see if his best friend was okay. >> why that specific house? why did he have to be the one that was there in the morning? you know? >> mason's mother was also hurt in the explosion, but she's
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recovering at home. comedian bill cosby is facing a new sexual abuse trial, the retrial scheduled to begin next week, after a mistrial last june when a jury couldn't agree on whether he drugged a woman in 2004. prosecutors can call five more accusers to the stand, and the district attorney can choose a group of five women from a group of eight. 1982 to 1996. in the previous trial, two women were allowed to testify. >> fresh off being knighted by prince william. ringo starr has announced -- september 28th, during the typical outdoor concerts, ringo presents songs from his solo
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career as well as his hits with the beatles. knighted. >> a swimmer needed help. turns out the swimmer was a sea lion. a man called san diego police after hearing what he thought were cries for help. life guards rushed to la hoya cove. 11:00 last night. they searched with a helicopter to be sure. the man who was probably just a sea lion barking, not the first time this mistake's been made, sea lions spend a lot of time in that cove. just ahead, a tense sif situation in the parking lot. a
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church is being called suspicious tonight. it sparked at "christ church lutheran" on quintara street.
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that )s in san francisco )s sunt a fire at a san francisco church is being called suspicious tonight. >> it was sparked in the sunset district near lincoln high school. christy smith has that story. >> what do you say? >> reporter: david attends christ church lutheran in the sunset district. >> you wander in for palm sunday, and it's like, what's going on? >> reporter: early morning fire down stairs left the smell of smoke upstairs. services went on. we moved it to the parish hall. >> no damage on the main floor, but smoke was spotted below. san francisco firefighters arrived quickly. didn't take much to extinguish it. but it caused quite a bit of damage to the middle room and then smoke damage to the other sunday school rooms. >> there was previously a preschool here, and they were in the process of getting a new
11:30 pm
tenant. the pastor says there has been talk here about recent activity. >> there appears to have been somebody who somehow got into the one of the building. >> they've had issues with people coming without permission. yesterday they had to ask someone to leave the area. the congregation provides meals and other resources to help. >> they're engaged to help the homeless problem. but it's the sort of thing we have to do that in a controlled way. >> firefighters say the cause is under investigation. he said they would still tighten up security. christy smith, nbc bay area news. we've been tracking this story throughout the day, on air and online. this is just one of the tweets we sent out earlier today. for more updates, follow us on twitter at nbc bay area. >> breaking news for you, caltrans reporting one of the its trains hit a car in palo
11:31 pm
alto, about 30 minutes ago, at the charleston road crossing. emergency pen el on the scene, and almost 200 passengers on the train. trains are stopped in the area. and we are told there were no injuries for the people on that train. well, for many, it's their first time leaving the hospital since coming home from the middle east. it's part of a program called operation surf. the program was started ten years ago. with the goal to help veterans heal with ocean therapy, and they do it one wave at a time. >> when they come here, the world is in com of them and when they leave us they have control of what's going on in the world. all veterans, regardless of the severity of the disability, have a chance to ride the waves. it's a week long program. they will be in the water
11:32 pm
through we understand. >> a bit of rivally between the giants and the a's. this weekend, the a's president decided to kick it up a notch. according to a tweet yesterday the price for parking for giants fans, 50 bucks. a quote from the president, giants fans can ygo yell go a's. and get a discount. >> save $20, or do you want to say go a's? >> giants. wait, why not -- >> 20 bucks. we're paying extra. >> so you don't have to say go a's. >> i don't want to pay extra. >> backseat drivers. >> can't blame them. today's parking promotion, may have been all in fun. lawyers say it could actually raise legal concerns if the team charged one group of fans more
11:33 pm
than the other. >> i don't want that child in the backseat to testify at that trial. still ahead on nbc bay area news -- >> it has a lot of therapeutic value for seniors. up, up and away, the high tech class helping seniors reach new heights in more ways than one. of the late david bowie.
11:34 pm
the statue is outside of "friars aylesbury music a tribute to an iconic rock star, the late david bowie. outside a music club. where bowie debuted material in 1972.
11:35 pm
that's a crazy statue. the founder spearheaded efforts to get the statue made. bowie died in january of 2016, two days after his 69th birthday. and a release of his final album, entitled "black star". >> senior homes offer a plethora of activities for residents, swimming, bingo, and yoga. >> and there's one that offers more. residents are learning to fly. >> the left handle will give you speed and height. >> some will say your golden years are no time to start flying. >> there you go, ernie, that's it. >> in the terraces retirement home, there's a room full of seniors who would beg to differ. >> if you want to go forward, the blue is the front. >> each week the residents make their way down the tarmac of life -- >> let it go. >> where activities director
11:36 pm
jasey guzman has lessons on how to fly a drone. it turns out flying a drone is one of those skills that's not quite as easy at it seems. >> it's a noble activity that engages the brain. that is beneficial at any level. >> guzman believes drone flying, even a crash course, has many benefits for seniors. >> the other added benefits is learning how to relax, how to focus better. >> some of these frequent flyers have already seen those benefits. >> i used to have a double vision. and now i could see everything. >> that's probably because it's hard to focus on some things, and act like it's trying to escape.
11:37 pm
>> and abort, abort. >> flying a drone, this man says, is harder than the time he threw a b-36 bomber. i can barely operate one of those. i could probably still fly that airplane. >> my hand coordination. >> the activity makes you feel like the sky's the limit. >>. >> photography, bird watching, you name it. >> you're a natural. >> in the end, the new pilots tran to get their own drones. maybe even -- >> bring the level -- there you go. >> aim for the clouds. >> abort, abort, abort. >> nbc bay area news. the first non-stop flight from australia to europe landed in london today. the flight took off from -- the flight was over 17 hours long.
11:38 pm
the new direct route skipped stopove stopovers in the middle east. >> on the fighting, really good, really comfortable. i was able to get a good place as well. >> the ceo hopes the new flight will boost tourism in western str australia. the airline is producing nonstop flights in the next few years. >> new in the box office. a new release. chilly start to the commute, 30s and 40s. and it could be 80s later in the week. >> details when we come back. cat
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changes everything. but for one peninsula doctor ... t cancer, it's a diagnosis that changes everything. >> for one peninsula doctor, there's something it didn't change. we'll tell you a story. bay area proud. >> remarkable is the word that comes up a lot when talking about ellie gardena. a mother of three. she helps patients with their own breast cancer diagnoses. but ten years ago, she added another title, patient. and it's how she dealt with that
11:42 pm
that may be the most remarkable. there are few people on this earth who know more about chance an dr. ellie gardena. she's devoted her life to studying the disease and healing those who have it. which is why when ellie says what you're about to hear, it has extra meaning. >> i shouldn't be alive right now. but based on statistics, i more likely wouldn't be alive than would be alive after a year of having this diagnosis. >> but ellie's story is not just that she's still alive, ten years after her original diagnosis of melanoma, and two more years of a more ominous recurrence. it's what she's done with that time. you see, in 2008, when first diagnosed, ellie decided to step away from medicine.
11:43 pm
it was a decision that stood for all of one day. >> not very long to figure out that that just didn't feel right, that god gave me a gift. and for me to throw away the ability to have a benefit for others, and it just didn't feel right. >> in the decades since, through the surgeries and radiation, the immune therapy and chemotherapy, and all that comes with it, ellie has not stopped working. why? two reasons, she says. first, all the work, no matter how tiring, allows her to focus on something in her life other than her disease. >> i don't think there's a chance that doing this lessens my chance of survival. i think that this increases my chance of survival. >> other safety end points, there was no -- >> and second, ellie says, her work and all the lives it might one day save is too important to
11:44 pm
stop for any reason. >> i'm a fighter. i'm continuing to get up every morning, and i feel that there's a lot to do. you know, i put the cancer aside, as much as i can. so that i can focus on what i want to do every day. >> and just one example of her dedication, that video you saw her testifying. in washington, d.c., in front of the fda in order to get approval for a breakthrough cancer drug. she flew all the way to washington in the middle of her own chemotherapy, administering it herself in her hotel room because she thought testifying was so important. they got approval for that drug. garvin thomas, nbc bay area news. a new movie has replaced "blackman panther" at last. that was up there for weeks. the monsters versus robots, sci-fi sequel, 28 million in the
11:45 pm
u.s. it bumped -- highest grossing superhero film. coming in third, the christian drama "i can only imagine" which depicts the back story behind one of the most popular christian songs by the band mercy me. a nascar race was postponed because of the snow. this is what the track looked like in martinsville, virginia after snow fell on the track overnight. organizers had to try to get the track ready, but had to call it off seven hours. it's been rescheduled to tomorrow at 11:00 p.m. >> you looked at that situation, and you said, yeah, icy roads and 200 miles an hour is not a good combination. >> don't try it, right. >> that would not be good. >> similar conditions up in the sierra. you'd expect it around -- maybe not this late in the season. but right now we've got some cold air in place, temperatures
11:46 pm
in the 20s from squaw valley right now, and show you the amazing recovery of the snow pack when you consider about a month ago, central sierra, and the ta toe basin, 24%, and 22% late last week, and that turned to 65% of average, 66% statewide. and the number could rise to 60. not a complete recovery, but courtesy of the mark so far. no worries about rain for your morning commute tomorrow. dublin, you might have to scrape frost off your windshields. we'll see temperatures in the low to mid-30s by the morning and right now, san jose, 49 degrees, partly cloudy skies, and a little wind now. we'll probably see more wind out of the north as we go through the day tomorrow. morning temperatures and the wind-sheltered north and east
11:47 pm
bay valleys. temperatures today, we're in the mid to upper 50s, to a bit of a warm-up tomorrow, low to mid-60s around downtown san jose, 67 into gilroy, and 67 for pl-- sa francisco low 60s. gametime forecast coming up after 7:00, no worries about rain. but it will be cool and breezy. temperatures in the 50s there as the giants take on the a's. north bay, that means santa rosa could see the warmest temperatures tomorrow. upper 60s tomorrow, one item to watch, north wind picking up. had we not had all our rain recently we'd be watching out for this for some fire concerns. this is a drying wind across the bay area. but the ground is wet for the
11:48 pm
last weeks of rain. courtesy of the pattern. this is moving out, high pressure building in is the reason we'll get north wind tomorrow to tuesday, offshore breezes into thursday and friday, warmest days of the week and it will still hold on next weekend, dry weather through the next seven to ten days, and maybe all the way out to april 4th, the way it looks right now. the inland temperatures are foing from the 60s tomorrow, low 70s today, and very close to 80, i think, in san jose. thursday, if we can manage that, we have not seen that since february 9th. it's been quite this time since we've been this warm and we'll be staying that way as we approach next weekend. >> get out there and get some vitamin d. duane kuiper has a unique ritual before the baseball season starts. he helps people adopt cats and dogs. once a year around this time. they pay for the adoption fees. the foundation is owned by hall
11:49 pm
of fame baseball manager tony larusa. >> our hope is, is that the animals obviously get adopted, they're happy. people that might not be able to afford doing the adoptions, they get to do it today. they're happy. and then it's a win-win. >> kind of amazing here. since being founded in 1991, the animal rescue foundation rescued nearly 40,000 cats and dogs. >> and the rest of sports on this sunday night. and i'm dave feldman, steph curry out with a knee sprain, but he's all about keeping positive. we'll tell you how good the attitude is, and when the knee will be good again. hear from both coaches and players when we return. ♪ harmonica tune plays
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when a team has four all-stars, it's a big deal. when a team has to play without four all-stars, it's a really big deal. jazz, warriors, first quarter, a minute into the game, quinn cook saves the ball, and ja vail mcgee throws it down. warriors led after 1. they were outscored by 10 in the second quarter. third quarter, 13. donovan mitchell hits a three with the shot clock going down, no good. missing the free throw. ricky rubio, utah started the third quarter on an 18-4 run. they win 110-91. here's steve kerr and steph curry. >> there's no way he's playing the first round, no way. he's being reevaluated in three weeks. so, yeah, we've got to be ready for -- to play without him and
11:53 pm
see how he's coming along. and the good thing is, we've been through this. you know, we went through it last year with k.d. >> i've been told three weeks is a good kind of benchmark to reevaluate and reassess where i'm at in my progress, whatnot, mentally for me, staying positive and up beat. hopefully i prove what coach said was wrong. >> march madness, texas tech, villanova, first ever final four. second half, spellman, up 15, later in the third. slicing in the lane, nice finish. putback dump, villanova wins 71-59. punching the tickets to the final four. duke and kansas for a chance to go to final four. under a minute left.
11:54 pm
buries the triple, and ties the game. final seconds of the regulation. and duke for the win. that's when we go to overtime. and in overtime, maleek newman, kansas is going to san antonio where they last won their last national championship. giants and a's at the coliseum, the giants fans had to pay extra for their parking, top two, matt joyce, a great diving catch to rob steven dugger of a hit. bases loaded next inning. now they're not loaded. a two run double off the center field wall. gone 2-0. bottom half, deep center, dugger is going to say payback for earlier. in the eighth, pablo sandoval goes yard off raul alcantra.
11:55 pm
the bay bridge series moves to at&t park on monday. we'll have the game at 7:00 p.m. followed by the giants outside. more news after the break. ♪you've got a friend in me
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celebrate friendship and beyond at the first ever pixar fest with all new fireworks and your favorite park parades. only at disneyland resort.
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chocolate ones. nutrition experts say to go ahead and enjoy that easter candy -- in moderation. one tip is to choose candies is an for dying eggs and snacking on chocolate ones. one tip, choose candies that come in individually wrapped packaging. another, save your candies for a treat at the end of the meal. here's surprising stuff, folks, reach's peanut butter eggs, healthiest easter candy.
11:58 pm
and brock's tiny jelly eggs, the worst easter candy you could possibly find this year. >> fingers crossed were good easter egg hunting weather. >> the peanut butter thing boggles my mind. >> it's protein, terry. >> and speaking of easter weekend, pretty nice, 70s showing up tuesday and maybe close to 80 in a few spots thursday and friday. >> thanks very much, and thanks for joining us. have a great week.
11:59 pm
12:00 am
>> this week on indepth, basketball hall of famer and passionate humanitarian. >> you just want to make a difference. >> we're spent three days with m tum bow to see his foundation at work. >> i want to give back. >> one of the most dangerous places in the world due to decades of war and violence, the congo is home to almost 70 million people living below the poverty line. >> someone said it has been one of the deadliest conflicts since world war ii. >> world war i and world war ii combined. >> he vowed to help the country and after the death of his mother which could have been prevented with proper treatment, he opened a new hospital in her name so that others could get the help she


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