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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  March 26, 2018 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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the peninsula are searching for. you )re looking at surveillance video - released first to )nbc bay area. ) police say this man threatened a school - as he tried to buy a gun. goo we say the man threaten ad school as he tried to buy a gun. good demorning. thanks for joining us. >> you know the entire ordeal is rattling parents and students. so we sent nbc bay area's reporter too st. gregory's catholic school. she's been with families as they arrive today. she got a fresh look at the man police are looking for after he made that threat at a nearby school. >> this is new video just into the nbc bay area newsroom.
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it is of the man police are looking for. he went into the big five sporting goods store friday afternoon. said he wanted to buy a gun and threatened to shoot up a school. all of that has triggered a school safety warning. at st. gregory's catholic school, parents walked their kids in knowing it would not be business as usual. the kids would stay in their classroom all day. >> i'm all the time. >> i am concerned. i'm more concerned today. >> reporter: police have said they do not believe the threat is credible but out of an abundance of caution, they stepped up patrols. schools notified parents they will keep all doors and gates locked. if st. gregory's wants to go a step further, it is okay with parents here. >> absolutely. >> they're taking every precaution possible. i have total faith in the faculty and i think they'll do the best they can on take care of my kid.
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>> reporter: the kids will stay in the classroom. the doors will be locked as well as all the doors and if the kids try to go outside for play, they will be watched over by those law enforcement parents. she said this will remain in effect for the rest of the week until police are able to track this man down. back to you. >> i know that police had that surveillance video which i'm sure is a big key in trying to identify this man. has that been something they can say he is known to be in that area? what do they know about him and about the surveillance video? >> reporter: they put that surveillance video out. they've been getting lots of times. thee still photo they showed ha a lot of pixelation. they believe he may be homeless
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so they're working social service agencies to track him down. anybody else who has any idea who he is or where he might be found, they're asking for to you call the san mateo police. >> one more question before you go. i know in the atmosphere we're in, dealing with school shootings, did it look like more of the kids were staying home today? or like most of them came to school anyway? >> reporter: the principal said a few families stayed home. for the most part, most of the kids went to school. we saw most parents walking or driving their kids but most did show upat for school today. >> thank you so much. up new at 11:00, two inmates who walked away from authorities are now back in custody. the san mateo sheriff's office reports an 18-year-old and a 17-year-old left the glenwood car.r. correctional facilityo late las night. the camp is a minimum security facility which serves young men who are below grade film
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festival school but who show good behavior. the federalk trade commission s open investigation into facebook and its privacy practices. in a short statement, facebook responded saying we remain strongly committed to protecting people'sre information. we appreciate the opportunity on answer questions. the ftc may have. >> and this relates to secret data access that exposes the information of millions of users.s. that's correspondent joelene reports, new media is turning to old media to apologize. but congress isn't satisfied. this morning facebook is upping its offense. taking out full page ads across the u.s. and the u.k. we have a responsibility to protect your information. if we can't, we don't deserve it. signed mark zuckerberg. >> this was a major breach of trust. and i'm really sorry. >> reporter: the billionaire facebook ceo facing growing scrutiny over the allegations of massive data harvesting of 50
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million facebook users from back in 2013 and 2014. that company cambridge analytica raided by u.k. authorities on friday. >> i don't think facebook has been fully forthcoming. >> reporter: the top democrat wants answers. >> frankly, mr. zuckerberg needs to come testify. he said he will do it if he's the right person. i have experts on my staff but you don't want my staff here. you want me here. >> reporter: zuckerberg now confront with a glowing list of fleeing advertisers of the among those, pep boys, mozilla and sonos for one week only some of the users are ditching facebook too, including another tech titan, elon musk. a spokesperson confirming he's deleted his profiles. this weekend in beijing, tim cook adding his voice to the
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chorus. saying i think this certain situation is so he large that it is necessary. a new reuters poll finds fewer than half of americans trust fine obey laws with their personal information. they trust competitors more. zuckerberg has already pledged to audit thousands of apps. to restrict third data to your name, profile and e-mail address. and to show howorne to revoke access. >> thisry story continues to develop. now california's attorney general is weighing in. our team will keep covering this story. you can go to follow us for updates throughout the afternoon. now let's talk about smog a brighter note. the weather. this weekend, it's awesome. wet weather for a lot of people. that rain gone at least for now. >> this is mee though. we got plenty of rain.
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i was at my daughter's swim meat. you can see the steam coming off the pool. i was bundled up like i was in tahoe but i was not. are we going to warm up or what? >> you'll have a chance to thaw out and i promise your girls will have much better weather this weekend for their swim meets. we are zooming all the way into the bay. looking at alcatraz and the golden gate bridge. we are going to continue to see our temperatures warming up as we go through day. here's a live look outside. once again, in the mid 50s. we'll see it going up into the low 60s by 1:00 this afternoon. hitting our high temperature right about 5:00. but it does cool off fairly quick will as we go into the evening and mostly sunny skies. much warmer temperatures in the forecast.
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the officials say these intelligence officers pretending to serve as diplomatic jobs. other nato countries like germany andem kraen also expellg russians. president trump is also closing the russian consulate in seattle. you may remember the administration shut down san francisco russian consulate late last year. new video showing the chaotic scene of a shopping mall fired in russia. we now know that 64 people are dead after the flames swept throughd the floor of the, the top floor of the mall in siberia. of them are kids. there are still others missing. it took crews more than 17 hours tooc knock down that fire. so far, russian authorities don't know the cause. now to some other top stories at home. sann jose police confirmed the driver who smashed this car into a dozen other parked cars this weekendrd was in fact under the
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influence. neighbors sprang into action to keenl the suspect at the scene until police arrived. it happened yesterday morning southmi of scott street. neighbors say that man zig zagged down the street and smashed into cars before finally coming to a stop. and authorities say there is no widespread power issue after this crash took down power lines. the woman behind the wheel was not seriously injured. this happened a little after 2:00 in the morning south of industrial boulevard. police have not yet indicated whether that driver may have been impaired. plus today, san carlos leaders will look at a plan to expand license plate cameras is that the data they collect. city officials installed about a dozen license plate readers at strategic locations in 2015. now the city council is looking into adding other readers along another major intersection. they're considering expanding the retention of data from just
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six months to a full year. that expansion could cost just over $100,000. >> this morning the a's are making a new pitch for a new stadium. this latest effort would have the teamt staying right where they are. this morning, the a's sent a letter to libby schaaf. the team is asking for complete control of the land where it sits. in exchange, they would pay off about $135 million in debt. now tied to that property. the team believes this would provide a definitive path to a new stadium. strike out onthey an other current viable option. the stadium near howard terminal. we have a lot more news for you still to come. next, stormy tells her story. >> he's like, wow. you, you are special. you remind me of my daughter. >> is president trump finally calling out stormy daniels? we'll take you through brand new interview next. why she says she's speaking out
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now. and here's what we have right now on nbc bay area. a look at flu deaths across our region. we have made it easy for to you share if you want to do that. mat
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now to a developing there you have it. metlife ringing the opening bell. the dow up more than 500 points. it rose more than 400 this morning as trade tensions eased. and now to a developing story. president trump appears to be responding to allegations from stormy daniels. at about 5:30 this morning, the president tweeted, quote, so much fake news. never been more voluminous or more inaccurate. through it all our country is doing great. this could be a reference to the news conference of stormy daniels' interview.
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>> she said she feared for her family's safety. this morning, stormy speaks. >> i have no reason to lie. >> weeks after filing a lawsuit stating she had an intimate relationship with donald trump more than ten years ago, adult film actress stormy daniels said she was threaten in the 20 wlef her infant daughter present not to go public with her story. >> a guy walked up on me and said to me, leave trump alone. forget the story. and then he leaned around and looked at my daughter and said a beautiful little girl. it would be a shame if something happened to her mom. >> you took it as a direct threat. >> absolutely. i was rattled. >> the threat after she agreed to team gossip magazine about the alleged affair. in a highly anticipated interview with "60 minutes," her real name is stephanie clifford, she said she had intersection mr. trump once in 2006 after meeting him at a celebrity golf tournament. >> he's like wow, you are
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special. you remind me of my daughter. you're smart, beautiful, a woman to be reckoned with. i like you. i like you. >> at the time daniels was 27. trump, 60. his wife melania had given birth to barron six months earlier. >> he was sitting on the edge of the bed when i walked out. perched. >> were you physically attracted to him? >> no. >> not at all. >> no. >> did you want to have sex with him? >> no. but i didn't say no. i'm not a victim. i'm not -- >> it was entirely consensual. >> yes. >> fast forward to 2016. 11 days before the election, a deal to stay silent. the president's personal lawyer, michael cohen, paying daniels $130,000 of his own money as part of a nondisclosure agreement. daniels explaining why she signed it. >> the story was coming out again. i was concerned for my family and their safety. >> reporter: as for evidence of
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an affair like pictures, text messages or e-mails, daniels wouldn't say. her lawyer in a tweet recently suggested video may exist. >> my attorney has recommended that i don't discuss these things. >> reporter: the white house has denied the allegations and one of mr. trump's lawyers points to a statement daniels signed in january saying there was no affair. daniels said that statement was a lie. >> i felt intimidated and honestly bullied, and i didn't know what to do. and so i signed it. >> reporter: the president late sunday returning home from mar-a-lago ignoring reporters' questions. the white house says first lady melania trump will stay in florida for spring break. as daniels directs a message to the president. >> he knows i'm telling the truthful. >> again that was peter alexander reporting. nbc news did reach out to the white house for any official
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comment about that interview. at leaf one watch dog group is filing a complaint with the justice department and the federal election commission, arguing it was undisclosed. >> the trump administration is in the east bay. rick perry is coming to the bay area. he plans to visit the lawrence livermore national laboratory. it will be his first trip to that lab. then he is set to stop by the berkeley lab. he will go to the stanford linear accelerator xernlt. they said they're honored to show him the labs. new at 11:00, more explore women are bringing loam the bacon for their families. according to the poll, 49% of women in the work force say they work because they are the primary bread winner. that includes 42% of working women with children which is up
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37% from the year 2000. >> bringing home the bacon, fry it in the pan, walk the dog. >> still working on that equal pay though. we've got a lot of sunshine as people head out to work or just relax. here's a look at the temperatures. in the mid 50s, all around the bay area thechbl . in twin peeks, 56 degrees. in san rafael, 56 degrees. as our temperatures warm up, this is where we're headed. to 67 degrees in gilroy. and milpitas to 63 degrees for the east bay. 63 in oakland. in danville, 64 degrees. the seven-day forecast is coming up at the bottom of the screen and it looks like we will have several days of some beautiful weather. hopefully you'll have a chance to get out and enjoy it. if you're going to half moon
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bay, we'll be at 62 in redwood city. 62 in the mission district is that 67 degrees today in noef dlat noefato. a great day to head out to the liking trails. we'll still be in the upper 50s in the next hour. we will be warming up into the mid 60s. nice sunshine, a breeze and definitely great weather to do that. or head to at&t park where of course, the a's and the giants will be playing again this evening. and for spring training, it will be 7:15. you know how cool it gets at at&t park so make sure you have lots of layers. we get a look at storm ranger. our mobile doppler radar in san jose. giving as you clean sweep. nothing going on here. here's part of reason why. we have an area of high pressure. this causes it to sink.
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we are not going to see anything changing. as we get a look at the forecast, low 60s. upper 60s tomorrow. each day through thursday, we'll be warming up. there will be some slightly cooler air coming in. we wouldn't be surprised if we had a few low 80s by thursday and friday. compare that to what we had over the last weekend. i know you'll be really excited for the rest of the week. heading into easter. we can break out the spring gear. it will be really nice. >> that's nice. we'll need an easter bonnet for all that sunshine. [ laughter ] >> coming up without the bonnet,
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the stories that have the bay area talking. making headlines in san jose. first happening, gilroy police are investigating the death of a man who died in police custody. his name is 42-year-old be steven juarez. police officers responded to a call of someone in someone's backyard. officers tasered him as they tried to take him into custody. he was then taken to a trauma center where her later died. plus, pleading no contest. the defendant shot and killed the victim. then tried on dispose of the body until he was discovered. then he was arrested. he now faces 40 years to life on a $100 million bond. claims is a.
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how the school is preparing for picketers on both sides. plus, the steps the bay area )s largest city will take to fight climate change. tomorrow - 4:30 to 7.
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trending online and on nbc bay area dot com. mike inouye joins us now -- he says sometimes covering trends is a bear... it can be... but if you check out nbc-bay-area-dot-com... what )s trendi sometimes covering trends is a bare. >> it can be. especially if you're looking at what is trending is quite literally a bear. that's cute. a beautiful sculpture of a mama bear. if you look closely, you'll notice the fur is actually pennies. in its entirety, two hundred,000
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pennies in concrete. it is probably very heavy as well. you can get more detail on the artist, the specific location. there comes to us from jennifer gonzalez. one of our reporters on our digital team. they bring us so much more than we can give you on the air. you can go to our website for the top news. >> you wonder, what is the story behind it? >> now i know where all my pennies live. >> exactly. a penny for your thoughts? >> think a lot. >> i can't bear the thought. we can go on forever. make sure you go to our website. make sure you check that in the
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morning. make sure you get traffic and weather before you get out the door. >> thank you. >> today is the annual mr. am dore pageant. >> ten high school senior boys will see who can come home with the top prize? >> they showed us their moves. the pageant is for a good cause. it goes to the children's house in san leandro. you might know that it is a loving space for terminally ill children and their firnlts spend time together. last year the group raised $220,000. you can find out details either of them. >> you saw the girls. so coming up, check your credit card. a mistake you might be making if you've had the same one for a long time.
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and a marching tour, november. the next steps for student activists in their actions to take on gun control.
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all new within the past few minutes... the family of the unarmed black man who gunned down by sacramento police just wrapped up a press welcome back. all new within the last few minutes, the family of the unarmed man gunned down. >> the attorney for the family said they are willing to explore every legal action in search for justice. an emotional crowd was there to show support for stephon clark. police were looking for the suspect who was breaking windows last week will they shot clark in his parents' backyard. clark a cell phone which officers believed was a firearm. officers opened fire 20 times killing him. >> we will hold him up.
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we will hold this family up. we will stand up for stephon. we will speak up for steon. and we will fight for stephon until we get justice for stephon. >> the speakers at the press conference took time support the fight for out liveser demonstration that fought for stricter gun laws over the weekend. and we've learned that the reverend al sharpton is among those planning to attend the funeral. services are set for thursday. the sacramento kings team is among those expected to support him. they said accountability. we are one. listen as police call it a tragedy bust first, here's an activist calling for changes. >> you perpetrate this kid as a criminal when you say he's breaking into homes. if anyone is breaking into homes, that doesn't mean they
11:31 am
deserve to be executed. >> it is a very tragic event. it is something we can all learn from. >> the sacramento city council members plan to discuss it tomorrow. >> a group called we the people for sensible gun laws plans to hold a rally. this follows a weekend where young people across the nation called for change in u.s. gun law. thousands of young people took part in the rallies and that included the one at the civic center. >> if you want to look at the sxks videos of the rallies, you can go to we've posted a slide show on our website. student activists stay goal
11:32 am
is to translate demonstrations into votes. >> reporter: this morning organizers are focusing on real change. >> welcome to the revolution. >> after inspiring an estimated 800,000 people the march on the nation's capital, survivors of the shooting at marjory stoneman douglas high school, they are turning their attention to the november election. >> each person has a vote. >> none of this mat ferries they don't that. >> volunteers and organizers, registering young people the vote. in the crowd, victims and survivors watching impassioned speeches and politically charged celebrity performances. with untold thousands more gathering in more than 800 stiss in the united states and around the world. >> this picture of emma gonzalez
11:33 am
ripping up the constitution. going viral. but it was photo shopped. she was actually ripping up a gun range target. >> for those gathered this weekend, emotions ran high. with gonzalez standing for an extended and powerful moment of silence, the time it took gunman to kill 17 on her canvas. >> fight for your lives before it is someone else's job. are. >> reporter: student leaders here say that is now their focus. to make sure the students have power at the ballot box. happening tomorrow, student rights groups plan to show number alamo. you may have heard of the westboro baptist church based in kansas. sometimes the protests are at funerals. from time to time they have brought their ral causes to the
11:34 am
bay area as well. now they plan , the aclu is calling for a koirnl protest. new details on a deadly stabbing outside of the chinese christian dmuch san francisco west do know that, we do know how the suspect, how old the suspect and the victim are. police say that a 30-year-old woman was stabbed yesterday on chester avenue. the paramedics rushed that woman to the hospital. sadly she did not make it. they also took 42-year-old man to the hospital. police believe he may have stabbed himself. the neighbors say they are surprise that had this happened outside of an otherwise quiet church. >> police are investigating. they believe the crime is connected to domestic violence. as easter sunday approaches,
11:35 am
a fire in a church is being called suspicious. >> it sparked at christ lutheran. christi smith talked to churchgoers and leaders. >> where do you begin should. >> reporter: he tans christ church lutheran. >> you wanteder in for palm sunday and you say what's going on? >> reporter: the early morning fire left the smell of smoke. >> we moved into the hall where we have another newsroom there. >> reporter: no damage on the main floor. smoke was spotted below. san francisco firefighters arrived quickly. >> it didn't take much to extinguish it but it caused quite a bit of damage to the middle room. and then smoke damage to the other rooms. >> reporter: there was previously a preschool and they were in the process of getting a
11:36 am
new tenant. the firefighters were here while he says there has been talk about recent activity. >> there appears to have been somebody who somehow got into one of the buildings. >> reporter: he says they've issues with people coming in without permission. just yesterday they had on ask someone to believe area. still, he says the congregation offers meals, a food pantry and advocacy programs to help. >> this congregation tries to be constructively engaged with the homeless problem. but it is the sort of thing that we have food in a controlled way. >> while firefighters stay cause is under investigation. he said they would still tighten up security. nbc bay area news. a new drone video out today showing a dramatic water rescue during rains last week in sacramento. a stranded driver was standing on top of the car. you see the person in red.
11:37 am
the driver jumped into the raft for safety. the california office of emergency services released this video calling it a reminder to take flooded roadways seriously. you just don't know what's underneath. a new report out says a lot of americans hold on to the same credit card for way too long. it's something millennials have already figured out. >> surveying nearly 1,700 credit card users, credit found many of us who know to our favorite credit cards for a long time. maybe too long. >> we found about 50 million people said they have never changed their credit card. >> another 20 million say it's been at least ten years since they've changed. which matt schultz at credit says you're probably
11:38 am
missing out. >> our life changes a lot over the years so your credit card should too. >> reward cards are so much more popular and generous these days. something he says millennial card holders have already figured out. >> chances are, they were it from their training wheels card, which might have been crummy rewards, high fees and high interest rate to a card that fits their life better. >> he favors exploring the possibility of a better deal as soon as possible. nbc news. >> let the sunshine in. >> you delivered. i guess what people are doing, take a live look outside. traffic moving very slowly. going southbound. the temperature trend will reach into the mid 60s. and as we go into the evening,
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still nice. it will be cooling off quickly. we have a big warm-up ahead. >> have you ever wondered which store delivers when it comes to grocery delivery service? we'll show you what you need to know. new at 11 - amazon says it
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offering free delivery from whole foods- right to your front door. analysts say they )re even working on a nationwi amazon says it is offering free delivery from whole foods right to your front door. analysts say they're even working on a nationwide delivery
11:42 am
service to compete with zpex ups. >> another company, insta-card, has already promised the same thing. so how does it stack up? jeff is putting both companies to the test head to head. >> we use amazon for everything. from ordering toilet paper and vacuum cleaners to streaming movies and tv shows. now they're in the grocery business. acquiring whole foods. and the new announcement. amazon will deliver whole foods to your doorstep many select cities in just two hours. they have competition. insta-card offering the same thing. both promise free delivery for orders over $35. for amazon prime and insta-card express members. so we wonder. are they really delivering on that promise? and who is faster? we'll try out a little
11:43 am
experiment. i am on amazon. i'll be ordering my groceries from here. >> and i'll order from insta-card. >> we have the same groceries, the same shopping list. which is more expensive? is there a difference in price? and which will get here faster. >> first we fill up our carts. >> five bananas. >> with all the same items. >> honey nut cheerios. one box. >> from the fresh 365 everyday value chicken breast boneless. >> done. >> to the frozen. we love ice cream. how about the ben and jerry's half item that. >> it is tell me kit deliver within two hours from when i click purchase. i'm going to clues that. >> within two hours. amazon a little different. there is already a difference. amazon gives you two-hour delivery windows. so right now it is around 1:00.
11:44 am
the next available window is between 2:00 is that 4:00 p.m. so i'll click only. >> that's not the only difference. look at the prices. without tip my order from amazon. $40.25. lindsey's insta-card order. $45.76. why more expensive? even though insta-card waives the delivery fee for express numbers, look at that. there's an extra service charge. >> ready? >> ready. >> one, two, three, order. >> the next question when will the food arrive? we wait and wait. someone is here. is it stain card or amazon? >> 1:45. twound hours. >> it is insta-card arriving first. how did the food survive the journey? >> let's see what you got. >> the milk. it's cold. the milk is really cold. >> the ice cream is in here. >> how does that feel?
11:45 am
>> it is pretty frozen. you can see the ice still on it. >> the yogurt is cold. and the eggs -- >> not broken. >> they all look pretty good. they missed something. they missed the avocados. so insta-cart came on time. everything came in good condition but they missed something which is a big deal because you paid for it. >> okay. but when will amazon show up? >> wow. within five minutes of insta-card. amazon is here. how are you? >> mr. jeffrey? >> that's me. >> thank you very much. >> so how did they do? >> okay. amazon time. >> let's rip these open. look at this. look at that. it comes in like a cooling aluminum thing. ics keep this. the chicken is cold to the touch. >> the milk is cold. the yogurt is cold. and the eggs are -- together. not broken. but they forgot the ice cream. no ice cream for you.
11:46 am
so everything looks pretty good but i paid for something i didn't get from amazon. that's a problem. >> amazon refunded me for the ice sxreel gave me a $5 credit. telling nbc news, missing items are rare but if customers notify amazon they'll work to make it right. insta-card telling us, the service fee helps provide customers with the best service possible and may be used for wages, customer support and operational expenses but didn't comment on the missing avocados. the grocery delivery wars. heating up across the country. >> trade you an avocado for the ice cream. >> done. >> she got raw deal on that. amazon offers there deal in six 60s but says they are planning to expand across the country. as for insta-cart, it is not just whole foods. they announce ad similar partnership with sam's club in a few pilot cities as well.
11:47 am
>> well, you don't to have wait for two hours. >> i do like how you can say tap, tap. and just relax. that's what we're trying to do. >> this may be very popular. the temperatures will be warming up. the sunshine will be warming things up. we're at 59 degrees had napa. in livermore, 54 degrees. now at 55. the seven-day forecast is coming up. we'll be at 60 degrees. let's get a look at the high temperatures for today. cupertino will be at 64 degrees.
11:48 am
66 in los gatos. some lower 60s, palo alto. up to 64 degrees. ingleside at 63 degrees. as we go through the evening, that drive through the east bay will be in the low 60s. i think this is the weather where you don't turn on the heater. that's what high pressure does quite a bit of the time. this is causing the air to sink. it is blocking the systems, steering them to the north and to the south. >> we are going to be missing out on that rain. and i know it is really wet last week so you're probably wondering, how are we doing with
11:49 am
the rainfall totals and how does it compare to normal? we more than doubled the amount of rain that we get for the month of march. and in san jose, we were rain shadowed. we didn't quite get to 100% but we did get quite a bit of rain. then we compare it to how we're doing for the water year. in santa rosa, we're still lacking nearly 11 inches of rain. in san francisco, we need with seven inches of rain to catch up to normal. so we're at about 72% of normal. i think it came a little too late and now we are drying out. it looks like it will be a while. in the meanwhile, we are enjoying the warm he temperatures. the warmest day will be on thursday in san francisco.
11:50 am
thursday and friday, in the upper 70s. then for the weekend, slightly cooler air and very comfortable for easter. i mentioned earlier, the easter egg hunts. i am so happy that the weather looks nice. planning for dresses and short sleeves for myself and for the kids. >> i'm just glad we can color the eggs outside. a past due bill of $9,000. despite making monthly payments on time. i'm consumer investigator chris. nbc bay area responds.
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get ready for spring-at the ross spring shoe event. ross has the must-have styles and brands for a fraction of what you'd pay elsewhere. step one: get to ross. step two: walk out with top brands at big savings... the ross spring shoe event.
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ross has the brands your whole family will love get ready for spring-at the ross spring shoe event. for a fraction of what you'd pay elsewhere. step one: get to ross. step two: walk out with top brands at big savings... the ross spring shoe event. to a redwood city man with a nearly five-figure billing error that snowballed. he needed help resolving it, so he reached out to our responds team. consumer investigator chris chmura )s here with how we took action.
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we )ll be right back. walter paid health net for insurance every month in 2017. right before his policy was set to renew for this year, he received an invoice. a notice. saying that he owed more than $9,000. why? supposedly, some missed payments. so he said he called for help several times but got absolutely nowhere. in fact, his health coverage was eventually dropped. that's when he reached out to us. we contacted health net. it declined to comment because of privacy but did it clear the $9,000 charge and walter says he now has health insurance again. he told us, thank you vex for your help. it seems to have done trick. so he had another option here. walter called us. yes, but he could have called the department of managed health
11:54 am
care here in california. that's the state regulator that oversees health insurance. it takes consumer complaints like we do on this page right here. but when you file your complaint there, the insurance company is required by law to provide a written response. still, if you want to call us, we're toward help. 888-996-tips or >> always helping people through their problems. >> love it. steph curry will be t
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least three weeks-- and all right. listen up. some because nude for you. steph curry will be out for at least three weeks and coach steve kerr said that curry will miss the first round of the western conference playoffs. curry sprained his mlc on friday. the first game back after the ankle injury. he is set to be reevaluated in about three weeks. >> that's a very long time. >> we're going to score with this forecast. it will be really nice as we go through week. looking forward to sunshine and highs in the 70s all weekend long. >> we might have to have a pool party. >> why not! >> of course we're always on on get out there and enjoy the sun.
11:58 am
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we are live in five, four, three, two, one. >> emma gonzales, one of the most outspoken voices against gun violence. her silence there was brilliant, poignant. i marvel at the young people. >> the poise, what they have started. she took for


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