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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  March 26, 2018 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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an droid users. >> did you know about this? >> no i didn't. >> what's your reaction. >> i it's a major red flag. questions of informed consent and whether or not the permission to log peoples calls and text messages met that bar of ongoing informed consent. >> reporter: with the san francisco based electronic frontier foundation believes social media companies have a responsibility to keep users aware of what data their providing. and not just once. facebook created this fact check page. opt in to facebook and messenger services. if you don't want contacts and call history continuous will up loaded you can follow the steps to deactivate the share and still use the services. most aren't savvy enough to sort
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this out. >> users are fighting an unreasonable uphill battle. that doesn't meet informed consent. >> now on that fact check page, facebook makes it clear that it was not collecting the contents of the call and text. just the data. what is met data. what is it more valuable? that part of the story at 6:00. >> okay. you can't get back the data facebook already shared. there's a way to see what data facebook has about you. log into your act and go to settings there's a small script link that's a down load a copy of your data. follow the instructions and you'll get this page. you get an e-mail when your data is ready. you'll see this. a link to down load everything you have ever shared-over posted on facebook. that includes photographs and videos. status updates and everyone you have been friends with. past and present. if you want to facebook your
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account. down load your data first. so you have a record on file. if you want to look at how to do this on your own time. we tweeted out the instructions. >> the grandmother of stephon clark is hoping the death won't approximate swept under the rug. they held a news conference today. eight days ago police shot and killed clark after they thought he was holding a gun. it was a cell phone. clark's family said hef shot 20 times. his death inspired a string of protests. his grandmother heard the shots from inside the home and hit the floor. >> they didn't have to kill him like that. they didn't have to shoot him that many times. and the detectives came in and told me don't go outside. i said what happened. i hope you didn't kill my grand kid. >> members of the sacramento kings and boston celtics took up
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his cause. wearing his name on t-shirts. his foun ral is thursday. >> the newest evidence getting pulled out of lake merit in a recent homicide. a car. this morning crews pulled out an suv from the lake. oakland police confirm that car is connected to the march 15 death of an oakland couple. very early that date they heard a fight between a man and women. it appeared the two were drowning in the lake. officers tried to save both but that later died. police are investigating the woman's death as a homicide. the partners death is considered accidental. >> siding with voters. blocking from trying to stop the recall effort against him. he filed a lawsuit to try and halt the recall election. the court didn't side with him the campaign filed an appeal. they believe he handed down a lenient sentence to brok turner. he received six months in jail
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for sexually assaults a woman on campus. and got out in three months. >> suing over hush money. storeny daniels refiled a lawsuit against president trump's personal lawyer. claiming he defamed her and violated campaign finance law paying her to stay silent. after her alleged affair with donald trump. >> certainly a lot of headlines in washington. that one is competing with the other story of the day. the fact the u.s. has expelled 60 russian diplomats. they have to get out of the u.s. in seven days. this is in response to the poisoning of a former russian spy on british soil. the white house saying it sends a strong message to russia. but keeps the u.s. more secure. >> reporter: it is a trump add mirgs toughest action yet against russia. 60 diplomats expelled from the
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u.s. in seattle consulate ordered closed. >> today's actions make the united states safer by reducing russia's ability to spy on americans. >> reporter: act of international solidarity in response to the chemical attack of a former russian spy. in the uk. president trump not personally weighing in on the move. the russian response. not happy. russia u.s. ambassador say it cuts what little diploma si remains between the two countries. the white house is weathering the latest on the stormy daniels controversy. suing president trump personal attorney michael cohen for defamation. >> we have an allegation of claim of defamation against mr. cohen. for the previous denials of the affair. calling many e client a liar. >> daniels who alleges an affair with trump told 60 minutes she was threatened by a man in 2011. when she tried to go public. >> he leaned around and said a
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beautiful little girl it would be a shame if something happened to her mom. >> the white house denying the alleged affair even happened. >> the president strongly clearly and has consistently denied the claims. the only person who has been indint is the one making claims. >> daniels says she signed documents saying the affair didn't happen. because she felt pressure to do so. saying now those documents were a lie. >> also an attorney for the president's attorney said cohen had no involvement with any of the alleged threats against daniels and says he doesn't ploo believe it happened. earlier today daniels attorney acknowledged it it was not cohep who made the threat. meanwhile the white house casting doubt on the alleged threat. >> thank you very much. this isn't the only time russia diplomats have been kicked out recently. last year the trump administration shut down the consulate in san francisco. because of russia's interference
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with the presidential election. our cameras captured smoking coming from the chimney. as the russians burned something before moving out. >> a member of the trump administration is in the bay area. energy secretary is the first of a three day tour of local labs. he visited lawrence national lab today. tomorrow he'll visit the burkely lab. he will wrap up wednesday after he visits the accelerate center. officials are honored to show the contributions. >> the president of the ball club said today the team made a written offer to the city and county yesterday. the offer is to take over the $135 million debt the city and the county still owe on the property. >> it's important to own our own home and chart a course ourselves. for a future in oakland. and a way to do that is buy the site. >> mayor issued a statement
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saying she's excited to work with the a's and the commitment to stay in oakland. she looks forward to reviewing, analyzing and considering that offer. >> recovering after being hit by a falling tree. while watching a softball game. what's being done it make sure other trees won't do the same. >> something out of a sigh fie movie. a san francisco pilot spots something strange in the sky. the exchange he had with another pilot who saw the same thing. i'm chief meteorologist clear skies from the weather under ground sky camera. looking back to san francisco. a lot of blue sky in the east bay. you can see it there. we'll have details on when we could have 80s coming up in ten minutes. some nervous parents on
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peninsula tonight. san mateo police released this surveillance video this morning we have nervous parents on the peninsula tonight. police release this surveillance video this morning from a big five sporting goods store. the man was trying to buy a gun and said he wanted to shoot up a school. investigators don't think the threat fts credible. but many schools aren't taking chances. live from st. gregory with what changes that school and others are making to put families at ease. >> in addition to about 30 public schools in the area, there will dozens of private
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schools. right here behind me. and as you can imagine that reported threat on top of all the school violence lately has the whole community on edge. >> take a look at this surveillance video of a man police are looking for. they say a customer reported that the man walked into a big five sports good store friday night. saying he wanted to buy a gun and threatening to shoot a school. he left empty handed police arrived within minutes. he has yet to be found. >> the threat itself was non-specific to any school. caution we want to make sure that we informed our schools. >> reporter: police traced school patrol monday. and school administrators to be on heightened aware p. that's exactly what the school district did. >> right now it's a difficult time. we want to be sensitive to the parents and the community. and how unsettled everyone is. and anxious. because of the recent school violence with guns.
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>> reporter: st. gregory took an extra step and implemented a shelter in place rule. school doors were locked. older students didn't switch rooms and nearly all students remain inside. >> it was a serious threat obviously. and it put us all on caution today. >> reporter: something parents ask fwrand parents were happy to hear. >> really good. very good idea to protect the grandchildren. >> reporter: for the most part, school here at st. gregorys will go back to usual tomorrow. even though i'm told parent volunteers with law enforcement will patrol the area. public schools will follow the advice of police. reporting live. to get another look at the man police are looking if r nrt case. go to our web site. we posted the full story plus the surveillance images. >> a frightening accident has al
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immediate park and reck employees re-examining the the cities trees. live from washington park where the tree fell. do we know how the man is doing? >> yeah he's doing stable tonight. not until after this. let me show you this tree. the tree that came down on friday during the softball game. all the rain we had is likely to blame for the dangerous conditions. >> reporter: crews at the washington park spent the afternoon cleaning up what remains of the this tree. after it fell during a softball game on friday. seriously injuring a father of one of the players. the softball team is made up on students from high school. the school says it made counsellors available to the students. today. >> it was the father of one of the mayors. so we feel very badly for the family and the team members who
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witnessed this. >> reporter: back at the park. parents who come here every day say they're rattled. >> it's scary. it did fall down. >> i have confidence they will take care of the trees and the it's a beautiful place. >> reporter: the department tells us they cut down another nearby tree to be safe. but the park is open for visitors. >> and again that parent in the hospital tonight. we're told in stable condition. counsellors will be at the high school in case anyone wants to talk. thank you. the widow of the pulse nightclub shooter sp hadder lawyers are demanding a mistrial. they found out her husband's father worked for the fbi. he was an informant for eleven years before the attack at the pulse nightclub. the prosecution with held this information. and should have shared it much sooner than saturday. they filed a motion in federal
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court. accused offend help b her husband plan the attack that claimed 49 lives in 2016. what was that in the sky? that's the question air traffic control is asking. after an american airlines pilot spotted something unusual flying to dallas. it happened while the flight was over the south eastern region of arizona. not far from an air force base. at 40,000 feet. in the same area. that's when air traffic control asked the crew of the american airlines flight to report any sightings as they passed through the same region. here's the exchange with the pilot. say it is highly unlikely that the ufo was a military aircraft. they also can )t completely rule out that it w
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>> officials with air traffic control say it's highly unlikely that supposed ufo was a military aircraft. they can't completely rule out it was a weather balloon. or an experimental aircraft. >> check this out. this car, ouch. took a wrong turn in san francisco and got stuck down a flight of stairs. in front of a safe way. it looks like an uber driver. you can see the sticker. the car had to be towed, no one hurt. >> $50 million that's what the south bay tech company is donating to combat homelessness. used to build low income housing. provide rent assistance and fund homeless programs. partnering with the group destination home. which will distribute the money over five years. cisco pledged to fight homelessness in the past. last year they donated $10 million. >> let's bring in chief
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meteorologist. who brought the sunshine with him. >> i did what i could. i heard everybody. all water logged from the wet weather. what a beautiful day. we could use more rainfall. hard to argue with the fact that it was just stellar outside. life look in san jose. towards the east foothills. you can see how green they are. and the very blue sky. currently checking in with 64 degrees. low humidity at 37%. and notice clear skies through tonight sdp dropping to a colder 53 once we hit 10:00 p.m. if you like what we had today you'll love the week that's coming up. and has everything to do with high pressure that's building in. near the coast. not only the potential of 70s beginning tomorrow. but the possibility of 80s as high pressure brings in this warmer air. the key thing is taking the storm track and pushing it well off to the north. it will stay for at least five
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days. i want you know it's not going to be extremely mild to start. you need a light jacket on tuesday morning. under the clear skies. from the south bay to trivalley. temperatures in the 40s. 43 in the north bay. san francisco 48 and fog free. east bay 44. again tremendous warming on the way tomorrow. let's get a look at the temperatures across the south bay. you can see all locations pushing into the 70s tomorrow. just fantastic here. 72 san jose. more of a north wind relatively light in the east bay. that will push us up to the warmest widespread temperatures. 76 concord. 73 pleasant ton. and 70 hay ward. sunshine continues to the coastline. half-moon bay will be cooler at beaches. low 60s. you head inland redwood city at 71. san francisco not quite 70s yet.
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mission at 66. right through napa county. warmest is 76. looking good for in the low 70s. we warm up tomorrow. then each and every day into thursday and friday, temperatures will continue to increase. you can see that on the extended forecast. san francisco with the warmest on thursday at 71. 69 on friday. we're dry through the next seven days. at this point. for the inland valley we go up to the warmest weather. here on thursday and friday. likely approaching some record setting territory. we'll start to cool things down by this saturday. sunday and monday. really beautiful ahead for the upcoming weekend. coming up at 6:00. i will have a look at the long range forecast because i do not think we're done with the rain yet. we'll detail the next window of rainfall opportunity again about 6:19 tonight. >> okay. thanks. up next olympic champion swimmer leaving school.
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why she's stepping away from stanford and what she plans to do instead. at&t has a network with thousands of best-in-class security experts. which means... more of the eye balls you want watching the network... & less of the ones you don't. more experts preventing security issues...
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& less security threats impacting our customers. more of a highly secure network with more security products available for further protection... & less per month. switch to at&t internet for business. more & less - that's the power of &. rooftops as springboards as happening now. new video of a mountain lion on our web site. leaping from yard to yard in the southern california neighborhood. the driver who died last week after crashing his tesla. prompting the freeway to shut down. has been identified. he is 38 year-old. we have more news in two minutes. stay with us. people to the hosp
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morning in oakland. it happened just after 11 a chain reaction crash sent two people to the hospital this morning. in oakland. after 11. and the tunnel. the driver got a flat tire driving on 24. and turned on its hazard lights. drivers tried to avoid the car but crashed into each other. two people taken to the hospital suffering minor injuries. >> tesla is training a new generation of mechanics. a 12 week community college course. teaching skills needed to build electric cars. the class is only offered in
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whittier. in southern california. and a community college in charlotte, north carolina. not in the bay area. the first group of technicians is set to graduate next week. a big announcement from five time gold medallist. she is going profull-time. she'll except endorsements and train for the tokyo games. >> i'm really looking forward to these next couple years and leading up to 2020. and hopefully putting myself in the best position to compete. >> now that she is no longer a college athlete. she doesn't have to limit the time amount of hours she spends training. >> it was amazing to meet her. she was spectacular. finally rediscovered in san francisco. we'll show you when we come back. the next step.
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the action a record number of california students are now taking... to sh coming up tonight at 6:00. the next step. the action a record number of california students are talking to show politicians they're serious about gun control. tonight at 6:00 p.m. >> artistic piece of history has
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been rediscovered in san francisco. take a look at this ad that was painted in 1920s for milk. it was reportedly the first milk plant in the west. it closed in 1957. it's add was revealed after a building was destroyed. this piece of advertising history won't be visible for long. the ad will be hidden again. after a new eight story building goes up. >> it should be a museum or something. great piece of history. >> carve it out and move it. >> we'll take your suggestion. >> thank you, jeff. >> let's talk about this week. gorgeous. the entire week. >> i know. it's going to be so phenomenal. check this out. if you didn't get much time outside. you were stuck inside all day long. we have blue sky. the pyramid back towards the golden gate bridge. no fog or storm system.
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a breeze 10 to 15 miles per hour. let's get a look at the current temperature 59 degrees. temperatures will be dropping into the 50s tonight and clear skies. it's going to stay on the sunny side. as we head throughout the next several days. look at the forecast. warming up ten degrees tomorrow to 75. wednesday 79. warmest day of the week thursday and friday. low 80s coming back. we drop this weekend. but it will be beautiful will low to mid-70s and by next monday we'll hit 72. if you're heading up to lake ta hoe, there's no big snowstorm. it will be a fwraet great week to enjoy snow. woel get snow melt. but ski resorts are doing just fine. 6:19 tonight we'll look at the long range forecast. i see chances of rainfall for april. and the snow pack and rain season. as well as the 6:00 hour. to give everybody an update. >> april showers still a
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possibility. >> yes, that they are. >> thanks so much for joining us. lester holt is nerks. -- next. breaking news tonight, bomb scares at u.s. military facilities the cia and secret service sent packages in the mail filled with explosive components. the fbi now investigating, who is sending them and why. facebook under federal investigation amid concerns about your privacy. tonight new allegations the company is tracking many users' phone calls and text messages. >> that to find out, they had a lot more than i intentionally handed them. i feel like i have been had, i feel leak i have been hustled. russia kicks out dozens of u.s. spies after that assassination attempt in the uk. we now know


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