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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  March 27, 2018 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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it's going to be mostly sunny as we go into the afternoon. it's going to be a really nice day. we do start out with clear skies looking live right now in san jose. i wanted to show you these high temperatures because i think you will like t we are talking about some low 70s for the inland areas, even some mid 70s for spots like concord and in napa and santa rosa. 65 today in san francisco. we will break it down, show you some things going on around the bay area coming up. mike, we're seeing the ripple effect across the bay. >> we talked about the crash that slowly cleared from the bay bridge over at the fremont street exit, things were moving smoothly there over on the far side. on the close side we are looking at the incline, it was quite slow for a few minutes as that rippled back here as recovery continues. you know how that happens at a stop signal. that's what was going on over at the bay bridge itself. we had the backup at the bay bridge as well, the toll plaza, but it looks like things are starting to thin out at the toll plaza so they must have kept everything clear as far as the metering lights goes. the rest of the approach no
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major issues getting in here, your travel times are looking great at the minimums throughout the maze. new overnight a terrifying shooting investigation in east palo alto. police say someone shot a woman as she walked home from the grocery store and it appears to be completely unprovoked. "today in the bay's" roz plater is live at palo alto police department with the other bizarre events leading up to this and, you know, this started in east palo alto, you are in palo alto, how is there a connection? >> reporter: it is a connection here. talk about bizarre, this was apparently random, apparently unprovoked and two shootings, actually, two folks involved in all of this, two victims and it involved a car chase, but it all came to an end here in palo alto when palo alto police captured the suspect not far from here, but it began in east palo alto last night. now, that's when investigators say a 35-year-old man was sitting in traffic near schofield street and capitol
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avenue on his way to his second job. suddenly a man in a silver suv pulls up, points a gun and shoots at him and takes off. the first victim begins chase that go suspect. near newel road and wood land avenue there is a 65-year-old woman walking home from a convenience store carrying her groceries, the shooter then fires at her twice. he hit her in the arm and knocked her into the bushes. that first victim then stops to help her, the suspect keeps going. now, he abandoned his car, but palo alto police caught him and arrested him in the 400 block of emerson street. that is of course not far from where we are right now. now, so far investigators east palo alto investigators, are still trying to figure out how and why this happened, what led up to it. they're asking anybody that may have seen anything or knows anything about this they want to hear from you. for now we are live in palo alto, i'm roz plater, "today in the bay." >> thank you very much, roz. relieved parents say that they are all still learning a
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lesson from that violent school threat that turned out to have no credibility. this started last friday, that's when a man in san mateo police say he walked into a big 5 and then threatened to shoot up a school. officers have now located that man, he is in custody for mental evaluation. the man told investigators that it was all a joke. we all can say that wasn't a good joke at all. parents at one peninsula middle school say that scare makes them think the school needs more secure fencing around the gaity. >> i think it probably is this day and age, yes. you know, some of the kids are changing classes on the sidewalk around here. >> the district leaders say the fence at that school has been delayed by state requirements, but they expect it to be installed this smaller. happening today, schools in the east bay are bracing for protests expected today. members of the best borrow baptist church are planning a demonstration against the rancho romero elementary school.
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they claim that the school encourages the discussion of gender identity. pete suratos is live outside the school with the counter protests also expected here today. pete, it could be a rough day for administrators there. >> reporter: yeah, it could be a rough day indeed, kris. we're standing in front of rancho romero elementary school. westboro baptist church a controversial hate group is expected to protest in front of the school in a matter of hours citing their difference was a gender equality lesson plan that the school is promoting. that's information we're getting according to a facebook post. let's talk about this controversial history with this group. now, back in 1998 they protest matthew shepherd who was a day man who was beaten and tortured to death in wyoming and then in 2006 the group protested at the funeral of matthew snyder, a
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u.s. marine who was killed in iraq and they were sued for that, but the supreme court sided with the church's right to protest. they held protests in orlando following the pulse nightclub shooting. i did get a chance yesterday to reach out personally to the san ramon unified school district. in a statement they told me as far as repairing for this they told me their focus is on school and staff safety, they have a plan in a place and are working closely with law enforcement to mitigate the impact of the protest on the school. i want to point out the aclu will be out here with what they're calling a counterprotest, they will have rainbow umbrellas between them and the school separating the school from the protesters. they will be here at 6:00 a.m. but that protest by the westboro baptist church is expected to take place at 8:00 a.m. pete suratos for "today in the bay." >> hopefully everything is remaining peaceful this morning. thank you, pete. protests are expected in oakland at alameda county supervisors vote to fund a
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controversial law enforcement training program called urban shield. at least one local group of activists say that the material militarizes law enforcement agencies. they plan to protest before this morning's meeting. last month supervisors voted to continue with training but also called for changes. so far no specific comment from president trump or his personal lawyer after a nud lawsuit filed by stormy daniels that takes things up a notch. the new suit filed yesterday claims that the president's personal attorney michael cohen defamed daniels by saying she lied about her affair with the president years ago. the suit access cohen of breaking campaign finance law by paying daniels $130,000 to keep quiet about it. the white house continues to insist there was no affair and shoots down daniels' suggestion that she was threatened. >> the president strongly, clearly and has consistently denied these underlying claims and the only person who has been inconsistent is the one making the claims. >> we are going to get to the
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bottom of this. it's really simple. we don't understand why the president and mr. cohen won't stand up and answer some basic questions. >> cohen says he paid daniels with his own money and was never reimbursed by the campaign or the trump organization. more than a dozen states are backing the trump administration in its lawsuit against california's sanctuary laws. that filing in federal court supports the justice department's attempt to block tsakalotos wear laws. the states say that the laws interfere or block federal immigration enforcement. california lawmakers say sanctuary policies increase public safety by promoting trust between immigrant communities and the law enforcement. now to decision 2018 and a significant no show in last night's debate involving california's top candidates in the race for governor. who is it you wonder? knbc hosted that event at usc and gavin newsom skipped it to take part in a fundraiser in
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pasadena. other leading candidates noted his absence. antonio villaraigosa thanked john cox for caring. >> thank you for caring so much to show up. >> one candidate chose not to show up. if he doesn't respect you as a candidate why should you trust him as governor. >> that was john chiang who is lagging behind villaraigosa and knew some in the race. the republican cox is running second behind knew some. the top polling candidates will face off on live tv here in our neck of the woods. nbc bay area is hosting that gate on may 8th along with the silicon valley community foundation. nbc political director chuck todd will moderate that event. today the city of san jose could take a big step in meeting sustainability goals set by the paris climate accord. the city council expected to adopt the climate smart san jose
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plan similar to the paris accord. san jose's plan would combat greenhouse gas emissions. the city is taking this step because president trump pulled america out of the paris climate agreement claiming it wasn't fair. the united states is the only country in the world that's not part of that agreement. the lady washington and hawaiian chieftain will continue to sale across the bay today, this time they are moving to antioch for a five-day visit. they were previous in oakland and redwood city. the tours don't start until friday so for now enjoy it from a distance. and it's a nice day to enjoy anything from a distance, up close, outside, whatever you have to do to take in some of this warmer weather. right now at 5:09 we start out at 44 degrees in the south bay, the peninsula at 47 degrees and 43 now in the tri-valley. looking at 53 now in san francisco, that's warmer than yesterday at this time. throughout that morning drive we keep our cool temperatures and
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you may have to start out with that hot cup of coffee and whatever to stay warm and then as we go through the day look at that, those temperatures making it into the low 60s as we break it down for san francisco, some mid 60s today and a lot of sun. we will talk about what else is ahead coming up in just a few minutes. mike gets us out there with a few problem spots on the roads. looking at early slowing at the bay bridge. the span itself is moving smoothly as does the peninsula and the south bay, no problems out of the south county. we see a little more slowing out of the altamonte, this is typical for west 580, there's the dublin interchange. i want to take you over toward the bay bridge. through the toll plaza slow up the incline, a bit of recovery from the earlier crash at fremont street which has cleared. there's the backup at the toll plaza starting a few minutes early. we may see the metering lights on early but it should be close to 5:20. coming up next on "today in the bay," weeks later and still few answers, what a new
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investigation is revealing this morning about a malfunction at a cleveland fertility clinic that left dozens of families devastated. also new, heading to the bay area, the reason you could see more sea lions along the coastline. and wall street with a tremendous rally on monday, can we do it again? we will take a look when "today in the bay" continues.
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it's 5:13 on your tuesday morning. you walk out the door and it's a cool start. here is a live look outside in
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san jose, looking good here. we will get a lot of sunshine. as we go to the city of campbell we will be at 50 degrees at 9:00 and reaching into the 70s today. above normal for this time of year. we may be heading close to records by the middle of the week. we will talk about the temperature trend and what's ahead for the weekend coming up in less than five minutes. we're looking over here, the bridges are looking good but the bay bridge a little bit of slowing because of an earlier crash. it is recovering now just in time for the backup at the toll plaza i'm guessing. looking over here 37 no slowing, i'm not guessing about the bay bridge. we will show it to you coming up. and happy tuesday to you. we could see even more gains on the market this morning after a huge rally on monday, dow jumped 669 points, this is the third largest point gain in one day in history. the nasdaq up 227 that's about 3%. apple and facebook are both in
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the news, facebook of course facing all kinds of new trouble in morning, an investigation by the ftc and states attorneys general. you know about the privacy scandal, you've heard people are talking about deleting their facebook. another problem for facebook, though, the biggest competition in silicon valley isn't really for customers, it's for talent. convincing the next generation of engineers who probably don't use facebook in the first place to work for them. apple executives will be in chicago today to announce new products for education. if you're old enough you remember apple was the first computer company to make major inroads into schools, but now it's really google that dominates. google makes inexpensive chrome books and free word processing software. apple is expected to unveil a less expensive ipad among other things. this is going to happen in a high school auditorium today, very unusual place for apple to unveil a new product, that starts at 8:00 a.m. our time. speaking of kids and
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computers the guy accused of helping the russians hack yahoo should be sentenced today in a san francisco court. we say should because this has been scheduled and delayed before. it's the largest single hack in history. and bmw is joining ford and cadillac and volvo with a program where you lease cars by the month. this is everything included, oil changes, car insurance even. >> insurance? >> right. so it's a one package deal where you get to have a car, you pay one price to one company. i'm tempted. i'm n ford is doing it, too. i don't own t just think of it as a service. >> once you buy it the depreciation value -- >> it's the worst investment you can make. >> we were talking about the uber prepay, so it's just a different version. >> exactly. think of cars as a service not as something you own. >> thanks, scott. let us know how it goes with that ford, though.
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brand-new nbc investigation finds that a company responsible for a freezer mishap destroying embryos in cleveland, ohio, was linked to other problems in the past as well. impacted patients are receiving a letter from the clinic. according to that letter a freezer holding about 4,000 embryos somehow shut off and remained off for an entire weekend. the total number of embryos destroyed is now about twice the initial estimate. one couple that already has two children and was hoping to have a third now will not be able to do so. >> i've got a taste of how good it is because i've got two really perfect kids and i think that makes me more angry. so -- >> because you wanted more. >> yeah, and they deserve that. >> nbc's investigation found the same company is also tied to other freezer breakdowns including one in florida and one in the uk. you can follow the full report at 7:30 this morning after "today in the bay." if it seems like you're
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seeing more sea lions in the waters around northern california scientists say you're not imagining things. according to the marin ij a new population survey finds that sea lions are making a mass migration from southern california to cooler waters in the bay area. scientist right side not sure why this is happening but it likely has to do the food source is also moving northward. they are also not sure if this is just a temporary phenomenon. new this morning a couple florida fishermen were at a loss for words, at least the words you can say on tv. >> this is after a great white shark nuzzled right up to their boat. cover your ears, kids. >> holy -- >> cow. >> yeah. holy cow. >> the men were obviously stunned when that giant shark appears so close to them, they were about 25 miles off the coast of ponce inlet, florida,
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near daytona beach. when they started pulling up their anchor they saw that large gray blob and quickly realized it was a great white shark. they estimated the shark was between 12 and 15 feet long but they didn't want to drop in the measuring stick. >> i will take their word for that one. >> it was this big, right? >> 25 foot shark. >> they have video to prove it, though. >> but not audio. they don't have audio. >> that's a lot of beeping. >> people may be seeing maybe hopefully nothing like that as we head to the beaches over the next few days. it's going to be warming up so more people will be heading to the water and that's what we're going to see with our temperatures throughout the week. we start out this morning with temperatures just all over the map. i mean, look at morgan hill, it's 39 degrees, you look at napa and it's 58 degrees. it's 50 now in san francisco. in fairfield it's 53 degrees and san jose you walk out to 44.
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seven-day forecast is up at the bottom of the screen showing really warm weather and this may be the last few days before the kids have a break. really excited about all the sunshine being able to be outside for recess. we make it into the low 60s by noon today. so lunch outside. we are going to have those high temperatures up to 70 degrees in milpitas and gilroy, 73 degrees, up to 72 today in livermore and oakland, expect a high of 69. we are looking at some upper 60s, low 70s for much of the peninsula. half-moon bay 61 degrees, outer sunset at 61 as well and 71 today in mill valley. if you're planning to head out there to at&t park this is a live look, i've been watching this camera, there's people still out there working and cleaning up the stands, that game starts at 6:05 for first pitch. make sure you bring some layers. we do have this large area of high pressure and this will keep it sunny and springlike over the
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next few days, actually going near record territory as we head towards the middle of the week as we do have that quick warm up for the inland areas. it will reach into the low 80s for the weekend, still that nice weather continues but we will see that large air of i can't high pressure breaking down and that will help bring in slightly cooler temperatures and looking good into early next week. mike, you were saying so far there is no major delays. >> no major delays. we do have a little backup at the bay bridge. we will give it a couple seconds to sort out. think it will be back on schedule. we're looking at speeds that are in the green zone. westbound 580 your typical build off of the merge, 205/580 moving smoothly and clearing by the time you get past greenville into livermore, the dublin interchange, castro valley y moving close to the speed limit. here is your approach, the travel times over toward the bay bridge through the maze an easy flow of traffic. no real delays, a little build for the volume on the east shore freeway obviously.
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here is a backup. we do see slowing off the 880 overcrossing and the fast track lanes, the cash lanes are thinning out a little bit. we had a crash on the bay bridge earlier, that cleared out. that backup is right back on schedule, we should see the metering lights in another minute or so. back to you. coming up next, and new for you on "today in the bay," an unthinkable crime, a florida high school reeling from last month's mass shooting is once again a crime scene. the investigation into what happened this go around. new sur
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showing how 5:25 now and continuing coverage of a deadly fire in russia. new surveillance footage shows how quickly those flames spread. the massive mall fire in serbia sunday claimed the lives of 64 people, most of them children. people were forced to run for their lives even jumping from windows. we are now learning that russian authorities are opening a criminal investigation and they are citing blatant violations including a security guard who reportedly turned off the fire alarm and the emergency exit doors that were blocked. there is still no word on a cause. and new details now in the overdose death of music legend prince. a newly obtained toxicology report suggests that prince had extremely high levels of fentanyl in his system when he died of that accidental overdose in april of 2016.
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fentanyl is 50 times more powerful than heroin. the report indicates he had more than six times the amount that might typically lead to a fatal overdose. doctors also say the more someone uses fentanyl, the higher their tolerance. 5:26. a horrifying crime to tell you about this morning. two people are behind bars for allegedly taking teddy bears, plaques and other items from the memorial at marjory stoneman douglas high school, that's the site of last month's mass shooting. broward county records show that they arrested 40-year-old kara owe neal and 37-year-old william kennedy. they are charged with removing or disfiguring a tumor monument. witnesses say they took the cherished items that were hanging along a fence outside of the parkland school where 17 students and faculty were killed last month. both were arrested sunday night. coming up next on "today in the bay," new this morning a lengthy overnight chase.
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from the bay bridge to an east bay neighborhood, how this bizarre pursuit finally came to an end. plus -- >> i want justice for stephon clark. please, give us justice. >> demanding answers. the hearing happening today that could shed some light on the investigation into a deadly police shooting into sacramento.
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es. . pa and the time for you just
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seconds before 5:30 this morning as we take a live look over at the at&t park where the third and final game of the bay bridge series is tonight. last night's game went into extra innings with the a's winning 9-2. good morning and thank you so much for joining us, i'm marcus washington. >> and i'm kris sanchez, i'm still in for laura garcia who is still battling that baron jiet 'tis. it is a stubborn, stubborn bout this time around. >> speedy recovery. >> glad to be here this morning. kari hall, you have some fantastic forecasting. >> right, we have some beautiful weather this week. last week it was nice to see all the rain, but this week it's nice to see the sunshine, especially with a lot of the kids getting out for spring break. it's going to be warming up. san francisco in the mid 60s and the warmest day on thursday. it does get slightly cooler for the weekend, but still i think we will enjoy it for the inland areas hitting the warmest day on thursday. coming down just a degree or two
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on friday. we are talking low 80s after being in the 50s last week. we will talk more about the weekend forecast coming up. mike says the commute is looking great right now. >> it is, but just like the temperatures last week to this week, big changes, we will see big changes on this tuesday commute. overall green right now shows up, but we do have the backup forming at the bay bridge toll plaza. we will have slowing northbound 101 through san martin, just the beginning signs of the morning commute right on schedule there. no problem for 17, a great flow of traffic out of the south county and up toward the rest of the bay. caltrain as well as the rest of the systems experience no delay. back to you. breaking news in the east bay, there is police activity along highway 4 in concord as we speak. >> "today in the bay's" bob redell is live at the scene. bob, what do we know at this point? >> reporter: as a result of a police pursuit and crash overnight you can see behind me that exit 15-b is eastbound highway 4 in concord is shut down, it's the accident that
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would take you to port chicago highway. this happened a little before 4:00 this morning, around 3:45. concord police were involved in a chase, it's not clear who they were chasing or why they were chasing this person, but apparently that person that was being chased overturned their car somewhere between here and northbound 242. according to chp i just got off the phone with one of their officers and their traffic management patrol in oakland, they tell us according to the log that person in the car at least one of the people was able to get away. so chp along with concord police at least according to the latest info that this man was telling me, about this officer, they are still looking for one of the people in the car and they do not have that person in custody as of yet. again, as a result you have this exit eastbound highway 4 in concord shut down to port chicago highway and then northbound 242 which is off to my left side of the screen, northbound 242 to port chicago highway also shut down as police
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try to capture this suspect. reporting live here in tonk cord, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> thank you so much for that update. also new for you this morning, another chase to tell you about. this one happening across the bay area. one man is in custody this morning after a high speed chase spanning three counties and four freeways that ended overnight in the east bay. it started on the bay bridge near treasure island and then went along interstate 80 to 580 on to highway 24 and 680 before ending in pleasant hill. take a listen. [ sirens ] >> you see right there those cameras caught that chase happening a little after midnight with a fleet of patrol cars pursuing that van. the chp says that the driver veered into a construction lane on the bay bridge and then the patrol car on the scene tried to pull the van over. that driver finally exited on to the boulevard in pleasant hill and wound up in a cul-de-sac where he surrendered.
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chp is now investigating if that driver may have been under the influence of drugs or alcohol. bob redell will be -- he worked on the story a little later. we will have more for you coming up in the next hour. happening today sacramento city leaders will hold what is expected to be an emotional hearing when they discuss the recent deadly police shooting of an unarmed man. body camera video shows officers fired 20 times when they shot and killed stephon clark in a backyard on sunday night. he was holding a cellphone, but officers say they thought that cellphone was, in fact, a gun. now sacramento's mayor is among those calling for accountability. also clark's grandmother broke down in tears during a news conference that we first brought you yesterday in our midday news. >> migrate grand babies don't have their daddy. >> there are many questions around policy and protocol that come right out of watching this video that we're going to ensure get asked and answered. >> the chief of police is among those expected to attend
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tonight's city council hearing. it gets under way at 5:00 this evening. a developing story out of d.c. for you this morning. the fbi is investigating suspicious packages containing explosive contents sent to military sites and intelligence facilities. now, the first one was discovered yesterday morning at the national defense university in d.c. six similar packages turned up at other military and intelligence locations. law enforcement officials say that those packages were all sent through the mail and quickly rendered safe. >> bombs sent through the mail are rigged to detonate when they're opened so they can sit there forever. the bomb squad can do a render safe procedure on a live bomb or it could be a hoax. >> federal officials say they do not believe any of these packages came from mark conditt, he is the man accused of causing three weeks of deadly terror in austin, texas, after sending explosive packages. federal department of education representatives will reportedly be in palo alto this week to monitor the handling of
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sexual misconduct cases by the palo alto school district. according to the palo alto weekly, civil rights workers will hold office hours in palo alto on thursday. they are monitoring the district's recent title ix violations. students, staff and parents are allowed to provide their input during those office hours. the city of berkeley will gate nor oversight and transparency in the city's police department. activists are pushing for a november ballot measure that would replace the current police review commission. berkeley's police commission has been in place for decades. supporters say that the new entity would have more accountability or authority here. critics say that it would just create more bureaucracy. council members will debate a plan tonight. this is ahead of the meeting organizers will gather outside of city hall. a follow-up now, a san carlos city council approved adding another plans plate reader in the city and there are already about a dozen such readers in san carlos. late last night the council
5:37 am
voted 3-2 to expand the program and keep the data collected for up to a year rather than just six months. the cost to cover that expansion would be slightly more than $100,000. we usually talk about going above and beyond but in this case county authorities went below and beyond to rescue a dog in distress. >> marin county sheriff's deputies teamed up with park rangers and firefighters to rescue a 12-year-old dog yesterday in baltimore canyon open space preserve. that dog became trapped in the drainage area more than 125 feet below the trail. rescuers located her and had to carry her about two miles to safety. in a facebook post the dog's owner says that she is now recovering at the pet hospital. >> it will be nice when she gets home, too. looking over here toward the -- well, the bay, everybody is looking pretty standard as far as the backup and that's good. a little slowing here, a blip
5:38 am
shows up for san jose and also out of the altamonte westbound 580, a longer commute as folks are going triesly out of tracy and merging with 580 and deerg up towards the dublin interchange. the metering lights, a little backup off the berkeley curve and backup there. the live look shows you all lanes are stacked up. the metering lights are not registered on at the chp report, but this is the pattern we typically see when they are on or even if they need to be on. so there's your backup. doesn't matter whether they are on or not if you are back at grand avenue where you're stopping. >> right. wonder why. >> the backup there, you can wait and think about the weekend. think of something to take you to a nice safe place. >> especially when you are in a high stress situation, we will be able to relax this weekend. still with some beautiful weather around the bay area and your saturday forecast is looking really good. 68 degrees for the coastal temperatures, the bay will be at around 72 degrees and 75 for the
5:39 am
inland areas on sunday. a little cooler but still a lot of sunshine, very comfortable weather heading into the next several days. if you are going to be hitting the road taking the kids on a trip for spring break in santa barbara it's going to be at 74 degrees on friday and slightly cooler there as well for the rest of the weekend easter sunday is looking good. if you are not going quite as far south, maybe going to paso robles it will be up to 77 degrees on saturday and sunday more of the same. if you are going to head to yosemite this weekend getting on the roads there it's only going to reach into the upper 40s but this is a lot warmer than we've seen recently and no snow in that forecast. now we will get a look at today's temperature trend for san jose coming up in three minutes. thank you very much. coming up next on "today in the bay," new this morning, in-n-out burger targeted. the strong message from the fast food train to prankster. a toddler thrown from the back seat after a car crash.
5:40 am
more of this new video and the investigation under way to find out how this all happened. and president trump once again suggesting it be the u.s. military that pay for that border wall. we will take a look when "today in the bay" continues.
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it is 5:42 on your tuesday morning. we walk out the door and it's a cool start. here is a live look outside in san jose. let's get this day started with our temperature trend that will be in the 40s through at least
5:43 am
8:00 and then a quick warm up. a lot of sunshine, low 60s. it is going to be so nice for getting outside not only today but the next several days. we will talk about what's ahead in that microclimate forecast coming up in less than five minutes. and despite the bit of slowing for 101 your travel time not to bad from 85 to 85, mountain view to san jose. in the north bay highway 37 with a little bit of slowing out of vallejo. typical as you bottleneck around mare island. a dramatic crash caught on tape this time in flp. you are looking here on the upper right part of your screen, you can see a toddler, that's a toddler, flying from the back seat of that white sedan after that car was struck by a pickup truck. the toddler was thrown to the sidewalk and then the out of control sedan almost hit the child again but missed. the toddler is doing fine this morning, miraculously. police are investigating whether the child's safety seat was properly secured. all parents now they can be so
5:44 am
tricky. a live look at the golden gate bridge right now where even though the suicide barrier is still years from completion, it is now reportedly being considered as a model for other california bridges. the san diego union tribune reports that people there would like to see a solution to stop suicides off the coronado bridge. that's where over the past six years about 100 people have ended their lives. caltrans is now looking at proposals that include a netting plan and the hope is that it can be built within the next decade. new for you this morning a new birth control method is in the works but this time it's not for women. a team of researchers at the university of minnesota has found a way to halt the movement of sperm paving the way for development of male concept testify. it started with a connection to a toxic compound in small doses it could be used to regulate heart function but researchers have found a which to make it paralyze sperm and there is no side effects in rats that they
5:45 am
tested. >> almost 50% of all pregnancies in the united states are still unintended. that's a very large number and that's why we are excited about providing potentially some other means of contraception where, you know, i guess men could participate in a new way. >> all right. well, right now there still needs to be more testing to make sure that it is 100% safe and at least 99% effective. fast food chain in-n-out says that there is an increase in pranksters who are being disruptive. the chain filed a restraining order and is seeking damages from one of those visitors in l.a. in-n-out said the man claimed to be the ceo and argued with workers and then took a hamburger from a customer, threw it on the ground and stepped on it. happening today we expect california attorney general
5:46 am
xavier becerra to announce a lawsuit tied to the changes over the u.s. census. the department asked that it will now ask about citizenship status. they say that the citizenship data would help the justice department enforce the voting rights act which protects minority voting rights. opponents say that the question will discourage immigrants from responding to the census. president trump is once again floating the idea that the u.s. military pay for the border wall. >> scott mcgrew, that idea is getting no traction in washington. >> it is not. good morning. getting the military to pay for it is a long way from his promise to get mexico to pay for it, right? president trump did something unusual recently, he retweeted his own tweet suggesting the military fund the border wall. his thinking is this, the military got billions more dollars in the omnibus bill, the wall protects america thus it's part of the national defense. the office of government ethics
5:47 am
says the white house is investigating loans the president's son-in-law jared kushner's real estate business got from two banks after meeting with officials of those banks at the white house while representing the u.s. government. on the face of it a conflict of interest. some days there are so many things going on in washington, i will list them out for you just to make it faster. this morning it's really quiet in the white house. now, we are waiting to see how russia is going to respond to yesterday's huge news that russian diplomats would be expelled from 20 different countries. so far nothing from putin. he is in siberia visiting the site of that awful fire at the shopping mall movie theater where school children were killed. we don't know how many. russia says it's 64, but there's suspicion it's far more than that. we will sift through this quiet phase and if something happens we will alert you on twitter and on facebook. >> thank you, scott. this saturday is cesar
5:48 am
chavez day to honor the civil rights leader and labor movement activist on his birthday. >> later this morning at the contra costa board of supervisors meeting the board will hold a commemorative celebration. the board has been recognizing cesar chavez day for the last 25 years and for the second year in a row the san jose public line ra letter also honor mr. chavez, that is happening tonight at 6:30 at the dr. martin luther king jr. library on southeast san fernando street. chavez's relentless efforts helped farmworkers unionize and gain rights in the 1960s. by the way, his family calls him cesar. that's your lesson for today. >>. people trying to cool off and find somewhere nice to go and we are almost like celebrating summer here. we just skipped right on past
5:49 am
spring. we talk about temperatures reaching into the low 80s but we are not there yet. look at this range in temperatures as you head out the door. if you step out in morgan hill it's cold, but then we look at napa and it is much warmer this morning. it's 58 degrees there and 44 in san jose. i wanted to show you the change in temperatures from the past 24 hours. we are 23 degrees warmer in napa and it's just that little spot in the north bay. watching out for some warmer temperatures there and also for the afternoon. we're heading into the 70s in napa, 76 degrees, 76 concord, 72 san jose and livermore and palo alto heading up to 70 degrees. that seven-day forecast is up at the bottom of the screen. if you are planning to hit the links it's going to be a beautiful day for that in the tri-valley. it does start out, cool, though, we will be in the low to mid 50s through 10:00 and noontime 62 degrees. if tee times are this afternoon it will be at 69 degrees. as you're starting out this
5:50 am
morning getting dressed it's a good day to make sure you have on a nice warm jacket. later on today it will be all about the short sleeves as we skip right on to spring thanks to this large area of high pressure. high pressure causes the air to sink and as it warms it keeps the skies clear and it blocking any storm systems from moving close to the bay area. we will have more dry weather at least through the seven-day forecast as our temperatures go well above normal for this time of year in san francisco, reaching into the low 70s by thursday and inland areas will be in the low 80s. yes, we are talking about sprinklers and maybe even heading out to the pool for a nice swim. now, mike, tracking your commute across the bridges. over the water not through the water. over the water a pretty smooth drive. a lot of focus goes on on those avenues for the morning commute. looking at 5:50 this morning, a little slowing in the south bay, for 101, no surprises there. peninsula looks great. getting there may be slower off the newark and fremont side of
5:51 am
the dumbarton bridge, debris or road hazard reports, not any slowing shows up on our speed sensors over the last five minutes. it may be closer to the high-rise. i will let you know if anything is going on mid span. there's the san mateo bridge looking pretty smooth. we are picking up a volume westbound heading over the high-rise to st for city. these head lights coming back over to the hayward side just to get you oriented there. a smooth flow of traffic toward the bay bridge, we do have the metering lights on and the backup fills in the top. 23 minute drive now. a little slower from richmond down through berkeley and the berkeley curve. no problems for 580 or 880 through oakland. wider out more east bay times, the castro valley y moves nicely, 880 builds heading down through hayward through san leandro. more news on "today in the bay" including the search for suspects in a deadly street
5:52 am
race. first happening now, san jose based cisco is donating $50 million to fight homelessness in santa clara county. the tech company is encouraging other silicon valley companies to step up. i just asked you what you think on twitter and facebook. let us know. also right now french prosecutors say they are treating an elderly woman's murder as a hate crime. she is jewish and survived the holocaust until two people stabbed her to death on friday. officials say this is part of a recent rise in anti-semitism across europe. express lanes on
5:53 am
5:54 am
5:55 am
freeways should help speed up your commute. but express lanes on bay area freeways help speed up your commute, right? but the question many people are asking, are you being charged when using them when you haven't. >> haven't you wondered that yourself? senior investigative reporter vicky nguyen has a preview of what she uncovered and what you should be watching for. >> reporter: we learned bay area drivers have been billed for more than a million dollars in mistaken fines and you may not know unless you check your fast track statement. our investigation began with a tip and when we began digging deeper we learned the agency in charge of fast track sent out more than 58,000 notices of toll violations that they later dismissed and that's just in the last year. >> i suspect a lot of commuters like ourselves don't pay very
5:56 am
close attention to these things. >> the contractual target for the camera systems that are in place on the express lanes is 98%. >> would it be fair to say that you're falling short of that, then. >> i don't believe we are. >> reporter: tonight at 11:00 what you should do to avoid paying for something you didn't do and why fast track officials say the system is improving. we investigate tonight at 11:00. >> if you have a story for our investigative unit give them a call, 888-996-tips, or go to the website all new this morning stockton police are looking for three people involved in a deadly street race that happened on sunday. take a look. police say a 65-year-old man was driving down a street when two speeding cars flew through this intersection causing a crash. a surveillance camera about a half block away captured that moment of impact there at the top of your screen. the stockton resident who owns that camera and asked to remain anonymous says she heard the crash from inside her apartment.
5:57 am
she went outside to see what happened and later realized she should probably check her camera. >> when i looked i didn't think they wering with to capture a car crash as hard as that. >> that could have been me and my babies in the middle of that. >> police are sharing that footage hoping that it could lead to an arrest. officers say two people ran off after the car crash on foot and a black truck that was seen speeding away is part of that crash as well. happening today, preserving our beautiful view along the california coast. a public meeting will be held today in the north bay to talk about the impact of offshore drilling. as we've reported the trump administration is allowing oil and gas drilling off of most of the nations coastline including california. "today in the bay" -- today bay area congress member jackie spear and mike thompson will be holding a meeting on that impact of drilling. it start at 11:00 this morning in sausalito. president trump has exempted
5:58 am
florida from new drilling. happening today we expect a decision this morning on whether two baton rouge police officers will be charged in the shooting death of a black man. alton spurling was shot during an incident with two white officers outside a convenience store in jaul of 2016. the shooting was partially captured by cellphone video. that video went viral and set off protests in the city. the u.s. justice department declined to bring federal civil rights charges against those officers handing the investigation instead back to the state. today the louisiana attorney general is expected to announce whether the state will file charges. new this morning pushing for cryptocurrency in the state capitol. some supporters held a special meeting to talk about bitcoin in sacramento. a group gets together at hacker lab downtown twice a month and they talk about cryptocurrency and whether to jump on the bitcoin bandwagon. supporters admit crypto coin -- currencies actually value can
5:59 am
take wild swings, but they are asking lawmakers to hold off on any potential regulation during the upcoming rally. >> this is the wild, wild west and there's all kinds of new innovative things that folks are trying to do and we're trying to say, hey, let this new infant industry get rolling before you start rolling out all kinds of legislation. >> and the group plans to hold a rally at the state capitol on april 7th. march madness continues with a record in the women's tournament. the top seeded uconn huskies beat the reigning national champion south carolina last night. the huskies are going to the final four again for a record 11th straight year. they're also headed to the semi-finals for the 19th time which breaks a tie with tennessee for the most in women's basketball history. the women's final four tips off friday in columbus, ohio. uconn is joined by louisville, mississippi state and notre dame. said it right this time.
6:00 am
thank you very much. okay. right now at 6:00 a local elementary school set to be the site of protests. what one group claims is a transgender issue. the school is preparing for picketers on both sides. safety concerns after a pair of drive by shootings on the peninsula. how police were able to track down that suspect and what they're hoping to learn from witnesses this morning. and going green, the steps the bay area's largest city will take today to fight climate change. "today in the bay" continues right now. good morning, thank you for joining us on this tuesday morning, i'm marcus washington. >> and i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia who is out but getting better after a bout of laryngitis. you can't do this job if you can't talk. >> that's the important part. >> you don't want to come back too soon because then you might mess it up. >> the gift tha


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