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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  March 29, 2018 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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protesters have been in the streets for a couple of hours now. this is the view from our nbc bay area chopper there in the state capital. the protesters are marching towards the new downtown sacramento basketball arena. in previous nights they have games, twice actually since the shooting. from our nbc chopper. you can see it looks like about 1 or 200 protesters down below starting to fan out. that kings games begins an hour from now. let's bring in cheryl hurd from sacramento with the very latest. cheryl? >> reporter: raj, this is what it looks like outside the golden one center. people who want to go inside to the game have to show their tickets in order to get inside. once inside, they're met with a
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green partition. this green partition encircles the gold one partition. once they get past this barrier, they're met with police in riot gear. i've been standing here for an hour or so, listening to people's conversations. they're saying they're happy with all the security. they're also overwhelmed. i also talked to a couple. take a listen to their perspective. >> a little inconvenes convenct that bad. >> the kings will make it up, that will refund money. i think it was a good night and i think a point was made. >> reporter: a tough time. >> yeah, no easy answers. >> reporter: so despite the picture that you see here, police in riot gear, the kings want people to feel comfortable. they have greeters here welcoming people to come inside.
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as you said, the game is about an hour away. and people are starting to come in in big numbers. where are the protesters, you might ask? i am told that stephon clark's brother earlier today made a plea for peace, asking the protesters to stay away from the arena. it seems as though they're heeding his call. when we arrived an hour ago, we saw protesters making circles around the downtown area but we have not seen them in this area yet. once we wrap up here, we're going to go inside. we'll wrap up the entire evening tonight at 11:00, raj. >> cheryl hurd reporting in sacramento. we should add, the arena is right off interstate 5 outside downtown sacramento. not just tonight's protest. the final prayers for stephon clark, speakers including the reverend al sharpton are calling for justice. we'll have more on that at 6:30. the family of a napa driver
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who died last night says a problem with the brake may have caused the accident. james rambo was driving his '76 ford pinto when it crossed the finish line and slammed into the rail. his son said that his father was healthy and there had been no past issues with the brakes. this is the first deadly crash in the 30-year history of the raceway. it happened wednesday night when amateurs can use the track. >> we feel confident those appreciati procedures are good and effective. we work on refining those over the years to make sure they're keeping people satcfe. >> the raceway says the wednesday night drag race event will continue. the former raider and 49er
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aldon smith will not appear in court today. his lawyers appeared on his behalf. smith is scheduled to be back in court on the 5th of april. the former 49er and raider linebacker was arrested last week after violating a court order to stay away from his fiance following a domestic violence incident. new at 6:00, busted for burglary after bragging about it. a local rapper is in jail tonight after police say he broke into someone's home. it's how the homeowner managed to track down the burglar that is catching attention. nbc bay area's asure innousha rs more. >> reporter: police tell us he stole electronics and jewelry.
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one of the homeowners wasn't going to give up on finding him. 24-year-old victor bell's arrest didn't happen through typical police work. >> outstanding work by the victims in each case that gave information to the police that led us to him. >> reporter: bell is accused of burglarizing two homes. one in redwood city and the other in east palo alto. >> he was on parole for residential burglary at the time. >> reporter: police say in both recent cases, the homeowner's surveillance cameras caught him on the properties. the east palo alto victim posted this screenshot online to find out the man's identity. the san mateo county district attorney says the homeowner learned the man is a local rapper from redwood city known as money 500 who brags about burglarizing homes in this rap video on youtube. >> when defendants do this type of action, they're stupid. that's just a stupid act. we view that not dissimilar if he were sitting in an interview
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room with a detective and told the detective, i like to commit burglaries. >> reporter: police say they arrested bell when he showed up to meet with his parole officer for a previous burglary case. >> he went to his parole office to meet with his parole officer on march 7th of this year, wearing jewelry from both burglaries. >> reporter: tonight, victor bill is in a redwood city jail with a bail set at $75,000. his next court appearance is scheduled for may 31st. reporting live in east palo alto, anousha rasta, nbc bay area news. we've gone from rain to record here. that's a live look at san francisco, where it was 81 degrees today. yes, in march. meteorologist rob mayeda joins us with a look at the hot forecast and only really hot for today. >> yes, we're seeing temperatures that were, again, early this week, in the mid-50s for highs with patchy frost in the mornings, replaced by summer-like temperatures. all records on the screen here, from santa rosa, sand rafael,
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from san mateo to mountain view, low 80s, and 82 degrees in san jose. still warm outside. for your evening plans, you want to get a late evening run in, the weather looks great. 84 degrees around mountain view. 75 down towards santa cruz. notice clear skies outside right now. as we head towards the beginning of the weekend, as jessica talked about, today is probably the warmest day we'll see for a while. much cooler changes starting to take shape in the gulf of alaska. this will lead to more clouds, cooling changes for the weekend. will they involve any showers for your holiday plans? i'll look at that hour by hour coming up in a few minutes. >> track your temperatures with the nbc bay area app. click on the weather tab for your own personalized forecast. driven to center, nobody's going to get it, the a's will win the game. >> how about that, drama on
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opening day, a short while ago, the a's beat the angels on this game winning single in the bottom of the 11th inning. you see all the players fired up after winning the games. an emotional afternoon for a's fans greeting the excitement but also apprehension about the team's future. nbc bay area's robert handa, i hope you enjoyed the afternoon, you're a big baseball fan. >> reporter: i'm a big baseball fan, and i did enjoy the afternoon. i have to admit it was a day of strong mixed emotions. you have an exciting win and encouraging news about the team's future. so right now the main feeling out here seems to be optimistic. the oakland coliseum was booming with excitement and hope as the a's opened their season against the los angeles angels, the first opener here since 1994, which made it a priority four many fans. >> very important, first day
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game in 25 years. this is his first day game too. >> reporter: it's also the a's 50th anniversary. >> all the different seasons, different eras, old school to now. and it is amazing. >> reporter: the unusual start time didn't slow down the tailgating that was in full swing hours before game time. but the man hosting one of the biggest parties acknowledged he's worried about all of this ending. >> this is all about tailgating, the raiders, the a's, the warriors. the warriors are leaving, but hey, let's keep the a's and the raiders. we've got to do our best. >> reporter: the empty seats seem to recognize some pessimism. but there was optimism among fans we talked to. >> i like it a lot. the organization is committed to staying in oakland. and, you know, they want to -- hopefully they can get the stadium going right now.
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but, you know, even if they do leave, i'm still an a's fan. >> reporter: well, again, today's exciting win did seem to make everybody more optimistic about the team's future. but some fans acknowledge it's a long season. robert handa, nbc bay area news. >> the a's 1-0, a good time to be an a's fan. the giants are opening the season in l.a. against the dodgers. right now they're in the seventh inning. giants leading 1-0 thanks to a joe panik home run. the giants' schedule, after l.a. they're back at at&t park for the home opener, that's next tuesday afternoon against the mariners. then a week from tomorrow night, giants and the dodgers right here on nbc bay area. >> stay with 6 tonight. a recall from tesla, they're recalling more than 100,000 model s vehicles. the problem is some bolts could
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corrode, causing the power steering to fail. there were no accidents due to the bolts. the issue mainly impacts cars in colder climates. they say they'll replace the parts in all cars affected by the recall. a cup of coffee in california will soon come with a cancer warning. a judge ruled in support of a lawsuit filed by a nonprofit group. the lawsuit claims a chemical compound used during the roasting process can cause cancer. the coffee industry says the chemical is at harmless levels and it results from the natural roasting which makes the beans flavorful. coming up, filing tghting f immigrants. the annual march that took on more significance in the south bay. tonight, new details about the man killed in a bizarre attack in san francisco. it's looking like summer may last for another day around the
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bay area. 80s the range in san jose tomorrow. your holiday weekend a little bit of a different story. we'll see more clouds and cooling temperatures when rain could make a comeback, when we come back in a minute. when she was 13 years old, gracie was looking to make friends. she says the extra attention came from her coach. >> that was definitely not okay. >> we investigate a powerful new claim of sexual abuse at a prominent south bay catholic school. >> my whole life has been ruined. >> and why they say the reports went nowhere. >> we thought we were going to get justice. then it just stopped. >> tonight at 11:00 on nbc bay area news, we investigate. we )r
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man killed by a hit and run a growing vigil tonight as we learn more about the man killed by a hit and run driver in san francisco. that driver, who at first was wielding an axe, hit a total of five people with his van before
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taking off. tonight police are trying to figure out why that driver chose those five victims. nbc bay area's christie smith joins us live in san francisco. christie, i know you spoke to someone who knew the man who died in this hit and run. >> reporter: that's right, and that family friend tells me these men were not looking for trouble at all when a man apparently came at them with an axe. and they did what they could to protect themselves. of course we now know one of them was killed. a memorial is out here now. and one police source confirms that they did not provoke this. friends tell us they came out last night and held a small vigil for 34-year-old alisio lopez. he was killed when a hit and run driver, who had swung an axe at the group before being chased away.
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>> on the way there, they were attacked by a man with an axe, and they tried to take the axe away. they took the axe away with their belts and then threw the axe. >> reporter: he says the group defended itself with belts and believed it was over. then he came back in the van. he says the man did not do anything to provoke the attacks. the police will only say the circumstances are under investigation. they identified the suspect as 33-year-old mark dennis who has no local address. >> i just walked out of the office and i saw yellow tape all over the place. >> reporter: ray was stunned this happened a block from his business. >> the neighborhood is kind of friendly and to have stuff like that happen is uncommon. >> reporter: he did not recognize the suspect. at sf general they say two men were released and two still hospitalized. >> it is not fair. all we want is justice.
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>> reporter: that family friend says that they are of course devastated and plan to be in court when the suspect makes his first court appearance. that is expected sometime next week. meantime, we did reach out to that suspect today, but he did decline a jailhouse interview. live in san francisco, christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> christie, thank you. thousands of kids marching in the streets of san jose today. this was no protest. this was to honor the late civil rights leader cesar chav he iez. for the adults in the crowd, it was a chance to re-energize the battle for all immigrants. damian trujillo, this is a different tone. >> reporter: it really is, raj. cesar chavez's birthday is coming up on saturday. many in this immigrant community here say they still live in
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fear. the message tonight from cesar chavez's son, don't lose hope. the legacy of immigrant rights leader cesar chavez might only be mentioned in their history books, but the students here say their schools do a good job of enforcing that legacy. >> we do columns and posters. >> we learn how to become leaders in our own community. >> reporter: the students were joined by many parents, some who say they're living in fear with all the immigration action over the last year. that fear forced many parents to pull their children from school, dreading they or their kids would be caught by i.c.e. agents. >> i'm still quite concerned about next year. you know, i think that the concerns and the fears are not really gone. i mean, we have a number of new developments. the whole question of citizenship on the census i believe is going to have an impact.
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>> it's demoralizing. >> reporter:e ieased somewhat bg voice, a man who told the crowd that his father had more failures than successes, but he never gave up. his father was cesar chavez. >> you only fail when you give up. we're recommitting to the work in front of us. >> reporter: he told the crowd now is the time to re-energize and stand up for the basic american values that his father fought for. cesar chavez lived only three blocks from this school that carries his name. this get out if you can. i'm dammian trujillo, nbc bay area news. let's talk about the next couple of days. initially we thought the warm weather would last the whole weekend. >> we're in the middle of a heat spell for march. now the weekend is starting to see cooler changes, certainly
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more cloud cover. temperatures begin to drop as we approach easter sunday. right now, look at those numbers. still 83 at around mountain view. 80 in san jose. 70 san francisco, over to half moon bay. and yes, the beaches will again be a popular spot tomorrow. we'll see temperatures around ocean beach, 74 degrees. emeryville close to 70. as we take you back to san jose, evening plans outdoors just look great at 80 degrees right now, slowly cooling as we go through the rest of the night. tomorrow morning, waking up to low 50s around san jose. cooler spots around the north bay valleys, in the mid-40s. quite a big change from the patchy frost earlier this week. high temperatures for the bay and coast running a little bit cooler. the sea breeze starts to come back. 60s to low to mid-70s from san francisco to oakland. areas south of san jose, tri valley numbers still in the mid-80s. oakland a's baseball tomorrow evening, numbers in the low 70s through the evening. the weekend will include more
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clouds, stronger sea breeze. for the morning there on sunday, mostly cloudy with high clouds and patchy low clouds. the good news, no rain. just a slight drop in those temperatures as we go through saturday and sunday. san francisco out of the 70s, into the 60s this weekend. for inland spots, cooler. but still pretty mild. low to mid-70s inland, looks very nice for easter sunday, once the low clouds break up. trending cooler through mid-week. then coming up in our next half hour, we'll talk about how much more rain we expect out of that pattern change next week and how the march rain has put a little bit of a dent in the drought monitor across northern california. >> okay, robbie, we'll enjoy the sunshine while we have it. up next, facebook still under fire, this time from apple's ceo tim cook, and strong words from mark zuckerberg. we have the exclusive interview.
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a 3-year-old boy is recovering in the hospital tonight after he was hit by a car. pol happening now on our twitter feed, a 3-year-old boy is recovering in the hospital tonight after being hit by a car. police say he was crossing 25th street two hours ago when he was hit. no selfies s with the pups please. the marine mammal center is asking people not to take selfies with seal pups. a mom can abandon her pups if she perceives human interaction.
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global implications. ap a heavyweight war of words in silicon valley with global
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implications. apple's ceo tim cook with sharp comments about facebook. cook says his sympathies are not with facebook but with its users. in an exclusive interview with msnbc, cook bluntly said facebook only had itself to blame for the current privacy scandal. he says this is what happens when a company makes its customers its product. facebook is under fire after a london data mining firm allegedly harvested the personal information of 50 million facebook users. cook says apple would never sell customer data and now the company is making sure products in its famous and popular app store have the same standard. >> we're looking at every app in detail. what is it doing? is it doing what it's saying it's doing? is it meeting the privacy policy that they're stating? >> to earn back trust, facebook is rolling out new tools to help users determine what they've shared and to delete private material. that london-based firm we
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mentioned, cambridge analytica, denies using facebook data, while facebook's ceo mark zuckerberg has publicly apologized. one of the most criticized parts of the iphone is the battery. now apple has an update that gives more people control over the battery settings. the feature shows users if apple is limiting their phone's performance to increase battery life. you have the choice to turn that off. the changes follow criticism after people learned apple had been purposely slowing some phones to preserve the battery life. another new feature includes a business chat app. jaguar is joining the self-driving car market waymo owned by google's parent company alphabet. it's signed a deal with the luxury car to self-driving suvs to join the van that waymo is currently testing. up next at 6:00, president trump targets amazon. the accusation he's leveling against the online shopping
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giant. plus -- >> we will continue to protest until we get justice you. >> calling for change. reverend al sharpton and others remembering the young man shot and killed by sacramento police. i am extremely proud of jackie, gaby and stephanie.
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we worked with pg&e to save energy because we wanted to help the school. they would put these signs on the door to let the teacher know you didn't cut off the light. the teachers, they would call us the energy patrol. so they would be like, here they come, turn off your lights! those three young ladies were teaching the whole school about energy efficiency. we actually saved $50,000. and that's just one school, two semesters, three girls. together, we're building a better california. sacramento.
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protests over the shooting death of a stephon clark... right now, 6:30. the tension continues in sacramento. you can the protesters from our nbc bay area chopper, protesting the shooting death of stephon
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clark on this day of his funeral. after clark's funeral, activists wasted no time taking to the streets of sacramento once more. >> as we speak, they're demonstrating in downtown sacramento and will again likely end the night outside the golden one center where the kings play tonight. this will be the third night, if they show up, that they have been demonstrating at a nba game in sacramento. there have been some screens set up around the arena tonight to make sure the protesters don't disrupt the game or people going into the game. the game is set to start in 30 minutes. we'll continue to monitor the situation and we will take you back live to sacramento. police body cam video shows a frightening encounter between police and a suspect in a barbershop. four people including a police officer were wounded. this is a scene from the body camera of one of the officers. "the san francisco chronicle" posted it on its site. the police are expected to release it to everyone shortly.
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officers fired an estimated 20 shots during the shootout last wednesday. police responded to a call that the suspect was threatening people with a gun. during that shootout, you can see one of the officers fall to the floor after he's shot in the foot. you can also hear a man in the back of the barbershop yelling several times, "i got kids here." one of the wounded was a minor. police are holding a town haul meeting right now to discuss the shooting. we're they're, we'll let you know what happens tonight at 11:00. president trump is going after online retailers for not paying their fair share of taxes, president trump calling out amazon specifically. >> our janelle wang joins us now. again, another recent firing, janelle. >> the one that came down last night, president trump working to fill up his cabinet again. three nominees face confirmation hearings. one for state secretary, one for cia, and now the va secretary. >> reporter: on a day when the president talked about
6:32 pm
infrastructure in ohio, he's announcing big changes in his cabinet. >> because i wasn't happy with the speed with which our veterans were taken care of. >> reporter: veterans affairs secretary david shulkin out, after taking heat for a european trip with his wife on taxpayer dollars. >> this was official business. >> reporter: his potential replacement is already facing questions. the president nominated admiral ronny jackson, the longtime white house physician who gave the president an usually glowing bill of health. >> he has unusually good genes. >> he's been an honored graduate in anything he's done in his life. >> reporter: but critics say he has no experience in running a massive department like the va. >> it's like someone who's never climbed a mountain to begin with mount everest. >> reporter: today the president blasted amazon, accusing the
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online giant of not paying its share of state and local taxes and that advantage crushinged by and mortar stores. amazon actually pays huge amounts of taxes in 45 states. retailers are happy to see the president addressing the issue. >> we see it as restoring fair market economics. >> reporter: amazon ceo jeff bezos owns "the washington post," a paper the president has accused of spreading fake news. >> right now a white house spokesperson says they have no plans for action against amazon at this time. raj? >> thank you. russia retaliating today, ordering the closure of the u.s. consulate in st. petersburg, russia's second largest city. the foreign ministry in russia also ordered 60 u.s. diplomats to leave that country, all in response to the u.s. shutting down russia's seattle consulate and expelling 60 russian diplomats. this is all part of the fallout over the poisoning of a former
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russian spy and his daughter in london. the kremlin strongly denies the involvement of russian president vladimir putin. there's been a powerful week of demonstrations and at times disruptive protests which culminated today with the funeral for stephon clark. we've been telling you about the unarmed black man shot and killed by sacramento police as officers investigated what they thought was a car burglary. nbc bay area's sam brock talked to some of the thousands who came out today demanding change. >> we want to be able to bring about some positive changes and make some things happen. the first step is showing solidarity. that's why we're here. >> reporter: the voices on this day of mourning are varied. >> we are addressing accountability. >> reporter: black and white. christian and muslim. creeds of all kinds, concerned about the shooting of a 20-year-old man armed with just a cellphone. >> they didn't see a gun. they didn't even -- they assumed it was.
6:35 pm
there was something in his hand and you make that assumption. i question if they they would have made that same assumption if it was a white man. >> reporter: the message dialled up on the day stephon clark's casket was carried to the south sacramento church and eventually buried among throngs of family, friends, and familiar faces. >> we did not come for you uppi uppity bourgeois folks. we came for stevante. we came for the family. we came for this boy who should be alive today. >> reporter: as the family tried healing through the power of gospel and prayer, stevante clark, who broke up a city council meeting earlier this week, issued a call for peace. >> first, for my brothers, i can't deal with it, okay? >> reporter: hundreds if not thousands of people thursday
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trying to cope with the tragic death. and protesters took to the streets again tonight, largely about 75 or 100 of them stood right here in front of the courthouse, chanting "no justice, no peace." they would like to see charges filed against the police officers involved in the shooting. from sacramento this evening, sam brock, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, sam. stay with us for continuing coverage on the protests. we'll have an update tonight at 11:00. one of the families dealing with tragedy after the central coast mudslides is taking legal action. a family filed a wrongful death lawsuit. on january 9th she was escaping her home with her three daughters when a debris flow plowed through, sweeping two of her daughters away. she described the moment that one of her daughters went underwater. >> we were being bounced around between giant boulders as big as
6:37 pm
cars, these huge trees flying by us. and eventually morgan went underwater. >> morgan's twin sister survived. the lawsuit filed against southern california edison. attorneys say the utility company knew about the significant risk for mudslides following that thomas fire and failed to warn the public. a corrections officer arrested and booked into his own jail. the santa cruz county sheriff's department says it's in the process of firing this man. detectives say he had sexual contact with a female inmate last year. he's bailed out of jail and will go to court next month. two peninsula middle schools are set to put an end to a longstanding issue. they'll be renamed after new public figures. the school board voted unanimously on tuesday to make the change. the schools were initially named after leaders in eugenics.
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the school will be renamed after the first advocate for female startups. you see on the roads, distracted drivers. new information on the growing problem and how it's putting all of us on the roads at risk.
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this is the "america )s best still no word on a cause for this early morning hotel fire in hayward, the america's best value inn. one customer said he heard a window blow out. firefighters had to evacuate several people. thankfully no one was hurt. from speeders to swervers to texters. it's clear a lot of us aren't paying attention when we drive. numbers released today by triple a show that distracted driving has become the biggest threat on america's roads. the survey shows more drivers now admit to taking a peek at their phones while on the road.
6:41 pm
45% admit they've read messages while driving. more than a third say they've sent messages. that makes the risk of a crash eight times higher. >> we know that distracted driving tops the list of growing dangers on the road, and that's ahead of aggressive driving or even drunk driving. >> triple a says hands-free devices help but the best advice is to put your phone out of sight while driving. nbc's latest live musical production is just days away, "jesus christ superstar" live in concert. composer andrew lloyd webber is the man behind the rock opera. john legend stars in the title role. we sat down with webber to ask what he was looking for in this performance. >> the central message is
6:42 pm
particularly relevant today, which is redemption and forgiveness. >> catch "jesus christ superstar" right here on nbc bay area this easter sunday. the show will be at 8:00. >> that should be very nice. rob mayeda, an church forecast, an easter egg forecast and then a brunch forecast. >> those all look good. probably not as warm as what we saw today in san francisco where we had a new record high of 81 degrees. still 74 degrees outside. we'll talk about cooler changes for your holiday weekend, coming up. have you heard of this? a san francisco mansion cut in two right down the middle. we'll tell you the reason for the split. francico mansion...
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
or in this case...not a twist...but a cut. there's new twist for an opulent san francisco mansion or
6:45 pm
in this case not a twist but a cut. >> yes, actually a cut in half, to save it. nbc bay area's joe rosato jr. has the story of one mansion that survived what you might call cutting some corners. >> reporter: every old house has a story. but in san francisco's pacific heights, the tales of grand homes are among the most colorful. yet none of those stories has more twists than the tale of why this san francisco mansion isn't in san francisco. >> it used to reside at 1818 broadway in san francisco, pacific heights. >> reporter: this mansion, built in 1904, was in one of the city's swankiest addresses. it nearly didn't survive 1960s development. >> they tore it down to replace it with apartment buildings. >> reporter: but before its date with a wrecking ball came a date with a chainsaw.
6:46 pm
>> a local architect said, we can't have that. he devised a plan to cut the mansion in half. >> reporter: the house was spliced in two pieces and trucked down franklin street to chrissie fields. from there, the two halves were taken by barge across the bay to the marin county town of belvedere. >> they put it together. i think it's quite amazing. >> reporter: so 1818 broadway became an apartment building. and the moffett home is now number 8 shore road. >> this is where they gathered. look at the detail of some of these windows. you've got a solarium. here we are until the formal dining room. >> reporter: with the mansion now for sale, there are many features for real estate agent hazel carter to show off. >> here we are in the master bedroom. one of the six fireplaces. >> reporter: maybe the most compelling detail is a small crack in the entry way wall. >> this is where the cut was. we've left that so people really know where it happened. >> reporter: the house cost
6:47 pm
$75,000 to build. it's now listed at $5.5 million, which you could just think of as $2.7 million a half. the agent figures whoever buys the whole will want to make a few changes. hopefully nothing too drastic. >> i don't think we'll have anyone wanting to get out the chainsaw to say, which half would you like? >> reporter: joe rosato jr., nbc bay area news. >> that was an amazing home. >> we love the home and the real estate agent. does she come included? >> now that you have your new baby, your family is getting bigger, you'll need a new house. >> i'm going to take a nap. you roemember those days. >> it's great to be back at work. >> the weather is going to be cooperating. it will be a little bit cooler. it looks rain-free through sunday. let's take you outside right
6:48 pm
now. the record highs we saw around the bay area, still 80 in san jose. record high of 82 earlier. here is the view over in emeryville where you can see mostly clear skies. over in san francisco it was actually in the low 80s today. record high of 81, still 74 degrees, with a late day sea breeze at 17 miles per hour. for the most parteicipan part, have been typical of january or february. in the bay area, 200% of the average in the month of march. we're starting to see change in the drought monitor issued today. notice the sierra and parts of north california. we're beginning to see a change in the sierra and central sierra, courtesy of all the rain we've seen in the last several days. more could be coming in around this time next week.
6:49 pm
40s and 50s to start tomorrow morning. once again, for areas south of downtown san jose, tomorrow is shaping up to be another summer-like day. mid-80s, maybe closer to upper 80s around gilroy and san martin. tri valley, 80s for pleasanton and livermore. cooler across the inner bay, oakland in the mid-70s. on the coast, as the winds shift back to a sea breeze, 60s we think around half moon bay. still 70s and low 80s around the peninsula. san francisco, high temperatures 11:00 a.m. and the sea breeze will cool things off into the afternoon and evening. right now, the reason why we have summer-like temperatures, summer-like ridge of high pressure across california is keeping things dry. but for the weekend, it's going to weaken just enough to allow the system to drop over the north. that will enhance the sea breeze, bring in more clouds, but for easter sunday plans we
6:50 pm
should be just fine. morning clouds and afternoon sunshine. around this time next week, get ready for bigger changes. we're not quite done yet, from about late wednesday into thursday, you see the rain chances on the increase there, and possibly a connection with an atmospheric river. we'll stay tuned to see this those rain rates could be a little bit higher than currently forecast, which we think from about wednesday through friday into saturday of next week, again, this is next weekend, april 5th through the 7th, the bay area could see another half inch to an inch of rain. that's what's showing up at the very end of the seven-day forecast. the timing works out pretty good, actually. just a bit cooler for the weekend but still dry. next week we get a reminder as we head into april, those april showers making a comeback in the form of rain and a system cold enough for more cirrus snow above 5,000 feet. >> you delivered some nice baseball weather. >> that's true. >> it is opening day. happy new year to everyone. a dramatic win for the a's at the coliseum, under the sunshine. we also have an update about the
6:51 pm
warriors' injury issues, specific durant and green.
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hey, guys. baseball is finally back and i'm so excited. happy opening day, everybody. the a's do have some young and exciting players on the roster. they're looking to build on last year's 75-win season. they're off to a great store. opening day at the coliseum. a's hosting the angels. check out chapman on the run, and yes, makes the incredible catch over the tarp. what a play. let's do that again. love it. gold glove quality third baseman right there. bottom five, a's down 4-0, until this. see you later. chris davis crushes a three-run homer to make it 4-3.
6:55 pm
olson wants some of it as well. the birthday boy makes it back to back. and we're tired up at 4. simeon the hero, game over. a walk-off rbi single and the a's rally back to win 6-5 the final. >> at the end of the day, a win is a win. nice to come back from being down like we were too. down 4, and their guy is rolling pretty good. next thing you know, it's 4-4. it was -- the guys fought for 27 for sure. >> some good news for the warriors. two of their four injured all stars will be available to play tonight against the bucs. kevin durant has been sidelined since march 14th with a rib injury. on tuesday before the warriors play the pacers, kd said i'm probably playing on thursday. expect him to be on the floor tonight. after missing the past three games, draymond green will
6:56 pm
return to the warriors' lineup. the offensive player of the year was originally nursing a pelvic contusion and was held out of the last two games with severe flu-like symptoms. >> thank you, fallon. i left a couple of weeks ago, the warriors were healthy, now it's all downhill. >> everybody is downhill. >> giants are at dodgers stadium right now, 1-0 over the dodgers in the ninth inning. they're on the verge of maybe getting -- >> everyone's playing tonight. >> the sharks, the warriors, the giants, and the a's. >> we've got good weather for all of this. >> we do. in fact tomorrow another warm day. san francisco in the 70s, coo r er for the holiday weekend. changes around this time next week. the holiday weekend looks fine. giants have their home opener next week. cooler but dry. >> that will do it for us. we hope to see you back at 11:00. we hope raj is awake. >> maybe. good night.
6:57 pm
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6:59 pm
7:00 pm
now on extra. roseanne versus wendy williams. >> i don't like talking about husbands, right, wendy? >> the personal question that backfired. new details on president trump's surprise phone call to congratulate the star. justin thorough on the rebound from jen aniston. mark ripping into kelly's bikini backlash on social media. chappaquiddick the movie, the infamous kennedy scandal


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