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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  March 30, 2018 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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san jose where the lights are sparkling and the smiles are starting to form as we go upon this day, it's a friday, why not smile at 5:00 in the morning? i'm marcus washington, thank you so much for joining us. >> the alternative is not good. i'm kris sanchez, i'm in for laura garcia who hopefully is sleeping, she's had a bout of laryngitis and everybody here at the station and in the community has been asking about her. she feels fine, she just sounds bad. >> like that. >> yeah. >> all right. hopefully she gets better soon and we will be back, but we are looking at some great weather around the bay area as we head into our holiday weekend, it's going to be warm around the south bay, especially up to 87 degrees in gilroy today, maybe a day to be swimming, 86 degrees in livermore, 76 in oakland and the peninsula 65 at half-moon bay, 78 degrees in palo alto, 75 today in the mission district and into the mid 80s for novato this afternoon. mike has an update on that
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traffic alert. >> i do. over in oakland look at these speed sensors, they're looking great all over the bay. this was an issue, though, it was the connector to 24 from westbound 580 that has reopened after the quick traffic break. no major injuries, but there were some for that crash. eastbound 580 getting away from the area there is a little slowing, but there are road crews in that area typically picking up right about 5:00, it's 5:01 right now. a smooth drive for the rest of the bay, anywhere south of the bay bridge and north of there, san rafael a good amount of traffic but not so bad, it's friday. breaking news overnight, russia sent out video of what they claim is a missile test. this is the 22-second clip that reportedly shows the intercontinental ballistic missile taking off off the ground and then disappearing in a cloud of white smoke. this comes among an escalating feud that has 60 american diplomats now heading home and the world is wondering what's
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next. "today in the bay's" tracie potts is live in washington with where we go from here. >> reporter: well, and it's not just us, kris. good morning, everyone. it's all the countries, more than two dozen where russia is kicking out their diplomats in retaliation for the same thing happening to russia. it's all over a feud about who poisoned a former russian spy. we've got more on that today, plus the latest on that missile test and what it may mean for u.s./russian relations. this is new video unconfirmed by nbc of what russia says is a successful missile test, an icbm just days after president vladimir putin's tough talk claiming he has invincible weapons. and a phone call with president trump stoking fears about another cold war. now multiple officials tell nbc president trump wants aides to keep quiet about new policies against russia. >> if he somehow, you know,
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speaks negatively about putin or is really aggressive in what he says publicly then that will anger putin. >> reporter: this after russia kicked out 60 american diplomats forced to leave russia by thursday. and the u.s. consulate in st. petersburg is being shut down tomorrow. >> if anybody sleapped your cheek, your face, what would be the reaction from your side? >>. >> reporter: russia's response to the u.s. kicking out 60 of their diplomats and closing russia's consulate in seattle. >> we reserve the right further to any russian retaliation against the united states. >> reporter: the expulsions are punishment. the u.s. blames russia for poisoning a spy and his daughter in great britain. escalating tensions between the world's two super powers in the middle of washington's russia investigation. now there have been allegations of political bias within the fbi
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in that russia investigation, but the attorney general has decided not to put another special counsel on that. we already have one of course on the main investigation. they are looking into it, but not with another special counsel. he says that is for extraordinary situations. kris? >> thank you very much, tracie. coming up later this morning on the "today" show savannah guthrie is sitting down for an exclusive interview with the russian ambassador to the united states. "today" begins of course after "today in the bay" that's at 7:00 this morning. 5:04 right now. new this morning a call to action from former warriors and kings player matt barnes. he is calling on both of those teams to join a rally for stephon clark this weekend. stephon clark is -- was the unarmed black man shot and killed by sacramento police. his death sparking outrage as protests across the community. "today in the bay's" pete suratos is live at oracle arena. pete, what can we expect a response from this call from
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barnes? >> reporter: good morning to you, marcus. you know, matt barnes is in that unique position, he once played for the warriors, once played for the sacramento kings and he is also a native of sacramento so this story of stephon clark hits close to home for him. he tweeted out this information on the rally, we can show our viewers this rally that he's calling on folks to attend, a march for action in sooeblngt tomorrow at cesar chavez park at 12:00 p.m. the purpose of that rally is to call for more accountability when it comes to the deadly officer-involved shooting of stephon clark. now, it's going to take place well before the evening tip-off time for the warriors and kings who were set to play in sacramento tomorrow night at the golden 1 center. in an interview with "usa today" following that funeral yesterday which matt barnes attended he called on his former teammates to join him at this rally. he was a veteran leader when he played on both of those teams so we will see if his former
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teammates will follow his lead and attend this rally on saturday. here he was after yesterday's funeral talking about the impact of the shooting on his personal life. >> i'm a father of two african-american boys, i walked these streets growing up and just tired of seeing this on the news. and what happened in my hometown, it's sacramento i have to -- i have a platform to speak up on. >> reporter: stephon clark was shot and killed by sacramento police officers on march 18th. at the time police believed he was a burglary suspect and was armed when that shooting took place, but investigators only found a cellphone near clark. now, the shooting is under investigation by both the sacramento police and sacramento's da's office but california's -- or the state attorney general for california also is opening an independent investigation into this incident as well. we're live in oakland, pete suratos for "today in the bay." a swift response at san jose airport, passengers on a delta flight from minneapolis say that a kid vomited mid flight last night. later several other people got
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sick. paramedics met the plane as it arrived. >> there were probably half a dozen perhaps eight people that they asked to stay on the plane so that they could be looked at by the paramedics. >> one person was treated and released. here is good news here, it is not believed to be anything serious. happening today, south bay immigrant rights supporters are organizing a march and rally in san jose and they plan to voice their opposition to recent actions by immigration's customs enforcement and also white house efforts to end the daca program. organizers are asking people to gather at 3:00 this afternoon outside san jose city hall and then the group plants to march to nearby plaza of cesar chavez. the contra costa county sheriff's office is reportedly under fire from immigrants rights groups accusing it of tipping off federal authorities about inmate release dates. the east bay times reports last month the sheriff started posting release dates on it's
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website including information for undocumented immigrants. critics say that information is being picked up by i.c.e. and it is a work around to new california statewide sanctuary law. the sheriff's office is not commenting. 5:08. happening today preparing for fire season. today marin county officials will hold a community forum. this comes after last year's relentless fire season in the north bay. today's forum is going to focus on evacuations, it's at 10:00 in the morning at tamalpais community center. happening today water and climate change experts will join peninsula leaders to discuss challenges being brought on by drought and rising sea levels. san mateo county supervisors are hosting a flood summit in redwood city. the focus includes efforts under way to protect and preserve peninsula water resources and the summit is at kinyata college in we had wood city. this weekend will be the third that san francisco's twin
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peaks tunnel will be closed overnight. this is to allow crews to prepare for a large scale summer renovation project. as a result some muni stations will close early tonight and tomorrow night and nighttime light rail service will be replaced by buses which we know take a little longer. the weather this weekend should be perfect for families planning to take part in san francisco's annual union street easter celebration. it takes place on union between golf and fill more. that event includes live performances, lots of free and kid friendly activities. the whole thing starts at 10:00 sunday morning, the parade begins at 2:00. churches across the bay area are holding services and celebrations to commemorate good friday. >> here are some of the events that are happening today. at 8:30 this morning st. peter church in el cerrito will host a good friday prayer and breakfast. at noon san francisco's first baptist church will hold its good friday prayer service as well. as we approach 5:10 on this
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friday morning, if you are going to be off of work today enjoying the sunshine how about going for a nice long jog in redwood city it's going to be in the mid 50s up and down the peninsula to start out this morning and by noon we are in the low 70s. it will get warmer as the day goes along. checking out our high temperatures for today, in oakland expect a high of 76 degrees, 82 in antioch and morgan hill 86 degrees, san jose 84 and 78 today in napa. let's talk about more, we will break it down in san jose coming up. mike, you've been talking about a traffic alert for the east bay. >> i wanted to make sure folks knew that. that traffic alert has cleared from the connector westbound 580 over to highway 24 anywhere south of there looks pretty good. it's north of there on i-80, over here at the exit from west 80 over to coupumming sky way te
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is a crash. the traveling coming down through berkeley and the berkeley curve look how smooth that easy drive is. dublin 580 moves smoothly out of the altamonte. coming up next on "today in the bay," jury duty changes, the controversial proposal that could make doing your part a little harder for some east bay residents. plus falling from the sky, when we can expect a chinese space station to fall into the earth's atmosphere this weekend.
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happy friday. we're coming up on 5:14. it's a clear and mild start as we take a live look outside in san jose. let's see how it will look in willow glen for the afternoon. we start out at 57 degrees this morning, but look at this, 81 degrees. now normally we are at 67. today's record high, 83 degrees. we may set a new record here, but it does cool down for the weekend. we will talk about that and more coming up in just a few minutes. kari, a little darker than we might like for this camera in san jose but it's moving smoothly with the head lights northbound on 101 north of 680. looking at a good drive south of here. i will check on what things are like getting that update for the east shore freeway. playing a limited geographical jury pool in alameda county is under fire. potential jurors in noncriminal
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trials are usually sent to whatever courthouse they live closest to, but the east bay times reports there is a new plan to eliminate that. alameda county public defenders believe longer travel times will make more people less likely to serve. now to your business and tech headlines this morning, the markets are closed because it is good friday after ending on a rather positive note yesterday. >> markets ended with a bang on the last trading day of the week, the month and the quarter. the dow adding 254 points, though, that was well off of the highs of the season. s&p up 35 and the nasdaq adding 114 points. easter spending a expected to be the second highest on record this year. according to the national retail federation 59% of people will shop at discount stores while 46% will visit department stores. people will celebrate the holiday in a lot of different ways. about 60% say they will visit friends and family, about 35%
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will participate in an easter egg hunt. an update on a story our scott mcgrew has been telling us about, that our out of control chinese space station is expected to reenter the earth's atmosphere sometime this weekend but no one knows for sure when it will come down or even where. experts say that this poses only a slight risk to people on the ground since most of the bus-size station is expected to burn up in re-entry. from space to earth and how about southern california to mars in just over a month scientists in pasadena will be at the controls of a new mission to mars. the mars insight mission will travel 140 million miles to study the mysterious red planet like never before. among many experiments, drilling past the topsoil, studying mars earthquakes and exactly how hot does it get. that's what they are going to study, too, the red planet. for the first time the mission will launch from here in southern california.
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>> we've seen just a few seconds from liftoff people that are outside just looking to the sky should be able to see it. >> by here i mean california of course. liftoff is set for may 5th from vandenberg air force base. it will be a cinco dee maya. >> it is a beautiful batch of weather that you have in your forecast. >> when you don't have air conditioning and it starts to heat up in the house it's like e-o, my gosh, what happened to spring. that's going to happen again today. it's going to be really warm. this weekend it's going to be amazing, open up the windows let fresh air in and enjoy the sunshine. our temperatures start out at 45 degrees in napa this morning, it's one of the cooler spots but one of the warmer spots san jose now it's 57 degrees, in oakland it's 52 and 56 in san francisco and in palo alto. the seven-day forecast is up at the bottom of the screen. you will see we will have some cooler air on the way, but it's
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still going to be very warm for this afternoon, reaching 85 degrees in los gatos and for the east bay we are up to 86 in the tri-valley and livermore and 76 degrees in oakland and half-moon bay 65 degrees. san francisco up to 69 degrees in the outer sunset, north bay up to 83 today in sonoma. if you're planning to go to santa cruz this will be the best day of the weekend. look at these temperatures, we will be in the mid 70s for the afternoon. the boardwalk i'm pretty sure is going to be a very popular place. also helping you make plans for the weekend, one of the big events in sausalito for tomorrow will be the easter egg hunt and parade. this going on starting at about 10:00 in the morning. we will be at 54 degrees, it will be cool so make sure the kids have a little sweater on top of their dresses or on top of their cute little outfits. as we get a look at the bigger picture i wanted to show you the satellite what's happening in the pacific. we have a cluster of clouds and
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as it moves into the bay area this will be with a cold front that will help change our winds, give us cooler air. the next storm system is still well out there, we won't see that until about the end of next week into the weekend. we will reintroduce those rain chances in the forecast starting on thursday and until then we still have a stretch of sunshine, some cool mornings and some warm afternoons, but it does come down a few degrees each day as that ocean breeze kicks back in. mike, you are still checking out what's happening on the peninsula. >> during the last report i spotted this right there, the marker talking about restricted flow. checked it out, reports of something going on on university just off 101. we happen to have a conveniently placed camera right there. instead of looking at the bay shore freeway i turned it over here and we are looking at university just off 101. scanned the entire stretch, i don't see any tires in the road like they were reported but i will look for updates and monitor that. that's one of those new amazon buildings we have been talking about popping up around the bay.
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continuing expansion. the east bay looks really fine right now, the bay bridge was completely empty, we will check on that in the next few. the next room we will show you an update. 880 no problem to and from the south bay from over in the hayward san leandro area. you coffee lovers listen up. a look before you drink. the new warning label that will soon come with your starbucks. a
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will soon come with a cancer warning. a superior court continuing coverage now, a cup of coffee in california will soon come with a cancer warning on it. a superior court judge in l.a. ruled in support of a lawsuit that claims that a chemical compound made during the coffee roasting compound can cause cancer. they say that the chemical is present at harmless levels, but doctors disagree. >> we are not even sure there is a connection between acrulmide and cancer. moderation is the key and with coffee two to four cups seems to be a fairly safe dose for most people. >> the coffee industries argues because the chemical is a result of naturally roasting coffee means they should be exempt from the law. continuing coverage for you on the widespread opioid price is across the country.
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overnight we took a closer look at the new numbers released by the cdc. that new report says that drugs killed more than 63,000 people in 2016 and nearly two-thirds of those deaths were from synthetic opioids. experts say that illegal fentanyl is caused in many of those overdose cases. the study shows the highest death rate from synthetic opioids are in new hampshire, new hampshire and west virginia. santa clara county is trying to crack down on child abuse and neglect cases in the community. last week they launched a new poll free 24-hour number for people to report those crimes. the number is 833-scc-kids. that number goes directly to the county's child abuse and neglect center at any time of day. this comes after the county proclaims april as national child abuse prevention month.
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they are planning two events. a popular shoe and clothing company under armour has been hacked. the app my fitness pal was compromised last month. 150 million users are affected. under armour says no payment information was breached. new this morning warning for people who use payment apps, apparently it is becoming a feeding ground for scammers. apps like venmo and cash app allow you to send money using an e-mail or phone number. it is secure, but that doesn't mean that it is immune to scammers. experts say the most common problem is when people use the apps to buy and sell items from websites like craigslist or facebook marketplace. >> when you start to use this app and this payment method with people you don't know you are opening up a whole other avenue
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that this wasn't designed for. >> consumers have another big complaint and that is that using these tickets to buy tickets that often end up being fake. >> a quick reminder, you don't want to miss nbc's big show this weekend, it is the latest musical spectacular, john legend, alice cooper all-star in "jesus christ superstar" live in concert. andrew lloyd weber is the man find the rock opera. john legend stars in the starring role. catch it right here on nbc bay area easter sunday at 8:00 p.m. >> that's very different from what we grew up watching, right? moses parting the red sea with the weird animation. kari is laughing back in the weather center. you know what i'm talking about. coming up next on "today in the bay," a woman rushed to the hospital after she was hit by a rock. the investigation going on in the south bay right now. plus --
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>> yeah, what newly released body camera footage is revealing about a frightening shootout at a barber shop in san francisco. first we look live at fremont right now. mike is monitoring the roadways, it might be a different traffic pattern today because a lot of folks have good friday off. if you are celebrating easter we will have your forecast with kari hall coming up in two and a half minutes. ad lib live pic
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it is just about 5:30 and it is finally friday, maybe you have some big plans for the weekend, the weather is going to be peachy for it. we are looking live out our window from our emeryville camera. traffic seems to be moving smoothly as well. thanks so much for joining us, i'm kris sanchez, in for laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington on this friday. fry-yay. >> we will go to meteorologist kari hall taking a look at this friday weather. >> it looks good today. starts out cool once again. in the east bay upper 50s through about 8:00, then we will see a mix of sun and clouds, 70 degrees at lunchtime. i think it's a day to take the lunch outside. i've been watching these numbers that may set records again today. heading back into the low 80s for the north bay and south bay as well as the tri-valley. more on that and the weekend ahead in just a few minutes. mike, you have an update to that big rig crash. >> i do and it sounds dramatic.
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we are looking over here, this is the friday lighter traffic fl flow. we expect this all around the bay. looking over here traffic hasn't changed much on this map. this big rig crash at cummings skyway affects only the off ramp, the truck went off the roadway reportedly into a tree. no major injuries reported. the off ramp will be affected but the road off of the carquinez bridge will not be. it's a smooth drive to the bay bridge toll plaza. yes, this is the 531 live shot with just a couple cars over on the right side cash lanes. easy flow of traffic right here and in the south bay 101 moves smoothly and lightly through the san jose camera as well. back to you. >> thank, mike. 5:31. new this morning a woman is hurt in a violent encounter and it seems while drafg she was hit by a rock. >> "today in the bay's" bob redell is live at san jose police headquarters with what we know about this bizarre story, bob. >> reporter: good morning. san jose police have arrested
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this man who allegedly threw a rock at this lady who we believe works for the valley transportation authority. you can take a look at this video. in this video you can see officers escorting this woman away as she's keeping pressure on her head wound. you should also be able to see this is the rock that the man threw at her and there's also droplets of blood sprinkled around the ground around it. looks like a large river rock, the kind that was used in landscaping. this is the man who officers took into custody. you can see he is handcuffed and being walked away. this happened around 9:30 last night. this is on second and julian here in san jose. the woman who we believe is a vta supervisor was driving when the man threw a rock at her marked vta van. when she got out to check for damage he threw that large rock and hit her in the head. last report she was in stable condition. the suspect did try to run away but police did catch him. as i mentioned, he is under arrest. it's not clear, however, what led up to this attack. reporting live outside san jose police head quarters, bob
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redell, "today in the bay." 5:32. an intense new video this morning from san francisco police body cameras showing the chaotic moments when gunshots were exchanged inside a busy barber shop last week. police released the video at an emotional community meeting last night. you can see folks reacting to it. they say that when officers walked in 21-year-old jehad eid pulled his gun and fired nine shots. the officer then returned fire killing the suspect. five other people who were shot including one officer survived. a barber was shot in the hip. he says there were kids in the back room when those bullets started flying and he believes police should have handled that situation differently. >> do we think it should be handled different? yeah, we do. we do think it could have been handled a lot different, but the fact is that it wasn't. do you know what i'm saying? i forgave jehad. >> some of eid's family members
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apologized, others said that they were angry with how police responded. new details for you on that threat that prompted a lockdown yesterday at palo alto high school. this happened a little after noon yesterday. classes were locked down for nearly two hours. police say someone phoned two threats into 911 on a lost or even stolen phone. they also tried to frame a student at the school. investigators are still trying to determine who made that call. and a follow-up for you now, students and teachers in one north bay school district will reportedly receive new mandatory training in the wake of recent sexual harassment claims. students in the tamalpais union school district went public with claims of harassment made by male students. new comprehensive training will begin at all five district schools next month. now to a story you will only see on nbc bay area. a late night fast food run took a frightening and violent turn. san jose police are looking for
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a man who chased after a car load of young women and then fired shots the them. one of those passengers was hit. this all happened around 2:00 wednesday morning at this jack in the box restaurant on monterey road in san jose. one of the victims who did not want to be identified says she was driving her white toyota when it all happened. >> he got in the drive-thru, i got behind him, you know, nothing -- no words were exchanged, nothing, just ordering food. >> her friend was shot in the arm but her friend is expected to be okay. police at this point have not given us a description of the suspect. continuing coverage now, more trouble for former football star aldon smith, he did not appear for his scheduled court appearance yesterday. a judge issued a bench warrant for smith's arrest, but will not implement it until april 5th because his lawyers did appear on his behalf. smith is scheduled to be back in court on that date. the former linebacker was arrested last week after violating a court order to stay away from his fiancé. a new tribute for san
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francisco mayor ed lee who died suddenly last year. the golden state warriors will dedicate a new basketball court in chinatown. the court will open at the salvation army community center on powell street near the broadway tunnel. mayor lee died suddenly last december from a heart attack. happening tonight a live look at the coliseum. that's where the oakland a's will be back at it against the los angeles angels of anaheim. one day after a thrilling opener. the a's won in the 11th inning and marcus siemian knocked in boog powell for third. the a's were initially down 4-0. tonight's game starts at 7:00 and that includes pregame ceremony for the 50th anniversary team. the first that played in oakland. a nail biters seemed to be ruling opening day around baseball. >> the giants against their rival dodgers, the giants opened in l.a. if you thought their recent injuries might call panic you would only be partly wrong.
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joe panik scored the only run of the game with a home run in the fifth inning off kershaw. johnny cueto takes the mound tonight in game two. tune into "today in the bay" on tuesday morning next week, we are going big for the giants home opener. lots of new things are coming this season, we will highlight them all for you. our coverage starts at 4:30 and then we will be live from the sidelines for our midday newscast for that home opener on tuesday. and as any true san franciscan will tell you, vermont street is really the crookedest street in the city. leave lombard to the tourists. >> for the thrills with a dash of laughs, they hold the bring your own big wheel race on vermont at 20th street. this happens at 3:00 sunday for kids it starts at 4:00 for the overgrown kids like mike inouye who has been dying to try it
5:38 am
out. >> i have. i have. but i have to get a stronger helmet and better knee pads. maybe i can get my kids to do that. i didn't realize they had the kids do it. over here looking at not crooked roadways with you some wind back and forth but all moving relatively smoothly. south bay towards san francisco a little fart from that map out of the south county not even any slowing here. san ma tin, 17 over the santa cruz mountains that's a great flow of traffic as well. the san mateo bridge westbound we do have a good amount of traffic, taillights away from us going over toward the foster city side from hayward a smooth drive, though, right now. oakland shows a nice flow of traffic past the coliseum as you talked about the a's playing again today. always expect slowing down towards the exits to get to the parking lot before the game. as we head into the weekend we know it's going to be a popular sight a lot of the churches, people going there and being out. >> we think about what it was like last week when we had all the rain and then it was still
5:39 am
cool last weekend. this one will be one to get out and enjoy. we will be a little lower than what we will see today looking at highs for the coast up to 64 degrees, 70 for the bay and 75 for inland areas. your sunday forecast looks gorgeous. 73 for the inland valleys, 70 by the coast and 63 degrees for the coast as well. now, we are going to see a lot of events going on that will range anywhere from tall ships looking at that tour in antioch, you can go and look at these ships that were used in movies like pirates of the caribbean and it's going to be at about 67 degrees by 11:00, low 70s for early afternoon. if you're hanging out around antioch walking around enjoying the day it will reach into the mid 70s. for sunday we just talked about this event, the union street spring celebration, the parade starting at 2:00 and that's when we will be at about 60 degrees.
5:40 am
bring the sunscreen and maybe wear long sleeves. in santa cruz today we will reach into the mid 70s. by tomorrow upper 60s. a little bit cooler on sunday with more sunshine, also a great weekend to get out there, go for a nice long hike through the redwoods in muir woods. we will be at 72 today and 65 degrees on saturday and still sunny on sunday and 67 degrees. we will break it down for san jose, i will show you that temperature trend for today coming up in three minutes. 5:40 now. coming up next on "today in the bay," getting ready for the next big one, the new app that could let you know if your home is at risk during the next earthquake. >> plus a search for answers continues. five family members dead, three others still missing this morning. the new cloo us that we're learning about the tragic mystery surrounding the deadly crash in mendocino county.
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it's 5:43. it's a clear and mild start around the bay area this morning. here is a live look outside in san jose. not a lot going on right now. as we get a look at our temperature trend for santa teresa 55 degrees at 7:00 after this cool start a cribbing ramp up in our temperatures.
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by noon 74 degrees, reaching into the upper 70s by early afternoon and low 80s today. we will talk about a cooler weekend coming up in five minutes. a smooth drive for our tri-valley no major days as a crash cleared from walnut creek 680 moves smoothly. the approach to the bay bridge you are at the speed limit. a fire investigation on the peninsula overnight. up to 20 feet are now without a place to stay after flames erupted at an apartment complex in san mateo. firefighters say the three alarm fire started around 10:00 last night. firefighters were able to stop the fire from spreading but there were several units that got smoke damage and heat damage though no one was hurt. new this morning chevron says there's no cause for concern after people in richmond heard a really loud noise coming there the refinery.
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it happened last night around 11:00 p.m. the company says that that noise was a result of a steam pressure relief. there has been a lot of concern recently because the flaring of other problems at bay area refineries. police say that since there was no risk a shelter in place was never ordered. new details fremont police now con if i recall no one was inside a car that rescue workers pulled from a pond last night. that all happened between mission boulevard and mowry avenue. police saw a man swimming and say that he was driving recklessly. the mystery along the mendocino coast continues to widen. investigators searched the washington state home of this family of eight. two mothers and their six adopted children are now all presumed dead. this comes after their suv plunged off this cliff earlier this week. social media posts paint a happy picture of the family, but their
5:46 am
neighbors say they recently had to call child protective services. >> devante coming over here and telling us that, you know, he's being starved to death. cps is looking into that. as for what led into that crash there are no skid marks and very few clues at the scene. investigators are now working to retrace the family's movement. this morning we are learning more about the driver who was killed in that terrible crash at sonoma raceway this week. that man's family says he died doing what he loved. >> james rambo of napa died wednesday when his 1976 ford pinto slammed into a wall at wednesday night drags. his son said that something went wrong just after the finish line. racers go about 100 miles an hour during this event. happening today the man accused of sending nearly a dozen suspicious packages to military installations in the washington, d.c. area is expected to in in court. he will face a judge for a bond hearing. federal authorities arrested
5:47 am
todd fang his home in everett, washington on monday. some of those packages contained explosive material but not capable of functioning as a bomb. no one was injured. 5:47 now. undocumented pregnant women ruined up by i.c.e. agents will no longer be exempt from detention. that is the decision from the white house which yesterday announced it is scrapping a policy that's been in place for about two years. immigrant women in their third trimester, though, will be released. the white house says the policy was actually eliminated months ago but is only now public now. 5:47. two years from now it's possible san francisco will be hosting the democratic national convention. that's apparently what mayor mark farrell believes. according to reports he sent a letter yesterday to the dnc chairman asking for san francisco to be considered. the next step is for a formal bid which should be presented
5:48 am
later this year. san francisco last hosted the dnc convention in 1984. if you are really afraid of earthquakes we have a tool that might kind of make you feel better about them. not to avoid them, not moving out of state, but the california geological survey has an app that will allow you the user to determine if you are in an earthquake hazard zone. that app is called eqz app. the tool can be used for property owners and also prospective home buyers. new this morning a way to get the kids to head outside, pull up some weeds, no complaints. >> it's always good when they help. here is the payoff, the chance to release some 160,000 lady bugs at the san jose municipal rose garden this saturday. every kid that pulls a weed at the rose garden gets to release a cup of lady bugs which help keep the roses healthy. the first time they opened up the great ladybug release to the kids that were shocked at the turnout. >> when i came here ten minutes
5:49 am
before we were going to start i saw 300 kids and their families lined up. you could just hear them getting all excited about these lady bugs. i was surprised at how popular it was. >> this is video of the first ladybug release. mind for information on my facebook page. this was the most fun story i worked on all week. >> i remember watching those lady bugs as a kid. they have a funny smell, though. they leave a smell on your hands. >> i have never sniffed a ladybug. you are a patient man. >> kids. >> getting out there and pulling the weeds, my son loves that. >> have him come over to my house. >> do you know what, we're going to put him to work this weekend, easter egg hunting, too. it's going to be beautiful. we have some great weather for you no matter what you're planning to do getting out there and doing some yard work, going to some church services or doing an easter egg hunt. we start out with all clear
5:50 am
skies this morning as we take a live look outside in san francisco. i want to bring your attention to the bottom of the screen because the seven-day forecast is already up there. check it out and look at your microclimate. it will be up to 78 degrees in napa, 76 degrees in oakland, 85 in livermore, 84 in san jose and half-moon bay looking at a high of 65. so as you wake up and get dressed this morning it's a good day to start out with a light jacket because it will be cool and some short sleeves, but also if you can make it a beach day, this will be one of the warmer days of the weekend. warm air even at the coastline and sunglasses, too. if you're planning to head out there to the coliseum to watch the a's and their second game of the season, it will be at 68 degrees at first pitch and cooling off into the upper 50s as the night goes along. also helping you make weekend plans if you want to go for a wildflower walk in mt. diablo on easter sunday, that will be
5:51 am
nice, 56 degrees, wear something nice and warm, but it does warm up quickly as we go throughout the day. mike, you were saying it looks like a great drive so far. great drive, good friday, so businesses may be off today. we might see an additional lighter flow. i think that's what we are seeing. glood friday, passover, easter, slots of celebrations going on this weekend. coming outs of the altamonte pass just a tiny bit of slowing approaching greenville. not a problem. the richmond-san rafael bridge the toll plaza just shows a few more cars steady drive over toward the north bay. through the north bay a nice easy drive 101 at speed novato down to here, the golden gate bridge the head lights coming into the city without delay. you have electronic payment there, no one stops to pay cash. over here we are not going to charge you but they will charge you at the shopping center at ravens wood off university, 101 at speed between the south bay and the city. back to you. >> thank you, mike. 5:51. coming up, a student speaks out
5:52 am
for the first time after accusing her coach of sexually abusing her at a south bay catholic school. we investigate claims that the school never called police. but first happening now, french flights grounded, air france says that a quarter of its flights have been canceled. airline workers are striking over pay. passengers should check their flights and air france is offering to change tickets for free. plus, nobel peace prize winner malala may be dis i get her hometown today but that trip depends on defense clearances. her back in pakistan for the first time in five years.
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i )m excited for the warm weekend! welcome back. when kari gives her forecast i do listen. she said wear sunscreen so i slat erred that stick all over my face and found out it was lip balm. read about that on our facebook page. join the conversation every morning here on "today in the bay." also now to a story that our investigative team has been following for a while. a former student speaks out about alleged sexual abuse at a catholic high school in san jose claiming she was molested by her water polo coach. >> our investigative unit broke this story about those reports of sexual abuse at presentation high school and police are now investigating. here is senior investigative
5:56 am
reporter vicky nguyen with the exclusive report. >> good morning. grace leonis says she is the sewer visor of a toxic experience that left her broken to the point where she tried to end her life last year. now recovering and much stronger grace sat down with us to speak about what happened when she was just 14, a freshman at presentation high school. she accuses water polo coach jenna roe of sexual assaulting her. grace's friends and teammates told the school's athletic director about grace and coach jenna sexting and spending time together but the school never reported that information to police. through a spokesperson presentation said, quote, nothing was reported to the school which rose to the level of any reasonable suspicion of abuse. but the coach was asked not to return to the school for violations of school policy. roe was not charged with a crime and did not respond to our attempts to reach her for comment. hear from grace and find out how police finally got involved.
5:57 am
our full report is online right now at >> and you can send a tip to anyone in our investigative unit. give us a call 888-996-tips. if you'd rather e-mail find a link at at 5:57. new this morning a former san francisco judge who wrote the ruling that ultimately legalized same-sex marriage in california has died. judge steven reinhart was 87 years old and he died of a heart attack in l.a. yesterday. reinhart was regarded as a lib rat ooint giant on the 9th circuit court of appeals. president carter appointed him in 1979. reinhart made headlines as early as last year when he wrote an opinion about president trump's order to deport a man as inhumane. san jose is getting over $25 million for a parking lot. the mercury news reports today a group that is upgrading the bank of italy building just purchased
5:58 am
the parking lot next to the office tower. the paper writes right now it will make money as people pay for parking but someone could develop it later. the paper points out this follows other recent land buys by google and adobe. new details for you today, the owner of the east bay soccer team says that he wanted to take over the oakland coliseum. you are looking live right now at the facility. mark hall owns a second division united soccer league team which tweeted images of a letter he sent to oakland's mayor. he describes a project that still includes professional baseball but also adds the new professional soccer stadium and youth sports complex, but it clearly didn't work. we reported the mayor signed an exclusive negotiation agreement with the oakland a's this week. another sports story, kevin durant is back for the warriors finally but he didn't finish the game last night. the officials ejected k.d. after he argued with a ref. k.d., got to keep that
5:59 am
temperature in check. the warriors lost 116-107, losing to the bucs. happening now, check your light bulbs. 2.5 million halogen light bulbs are under recall. the president that makes them says that the bull bs can shatter while they are in use in a lamp or light fixture. you may have bought one of these online. this morning we have a sense of just how many jelly beans and easter bunnies we will bring when we hop into town this weekend. experts say that americans eat nearly 16 billion jelly beans on sunday. candy is ranking the most popular flavors. this year buttered popcorn which i do not like at all is the number one. black licorice second. come on. for the first time we are seeing pictures of the first starbucks to ever open inside a national park. >> we have been talking about this one for a while.
6:00 am
it is that controversial starbucks at yosemite. the company released pictures and says the starbucks is open, designed to reflect the feel of the park. kind of seems like all the other ones, though. a lot of folks were jut set that the chain store was going to set up shop in yosemite. the company says there is no signout side to indicate that it is a starbucks store. it is located in the new base camp eatery recently remodeled from the lodge's old food court in a historic building. breaking news right now at 6:00, a major show of force. brand-new russian retaliation to the u.s. overnight. details on this missile and on the diplomatic response. all new this morning, calls for the warriors to join a weekend protest over stephon clark's death. the former player asking the team to show their support. and as the weekendrr


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