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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  March 30, 2018 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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is found not guilty. a jury says bay area native "noor salman" had nothing to right now, the wife of the orlando nightclub shooter is found not guilty. the bay area native noor salman had nothing to do with her husband's shooting rampage. good morning. thank you for joining us. >> salman's sfam from the bay area and some of them were in florida morning's verdict. we talked with one of the family members hours after that verdict was reached. live from rodeo where she grew up, you talked with a relative in florida what did he have to say? >> reporter: good morning to you. we're here in rodeo. this is a neighborhood where
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noor salman lived. she grew up here in her childhood years. i did get a chance to speak with al salman. he was very outspoken in the past and he was there in florida when the verdict was reached. here's what he had to say this morning. >> we think the judge, that he was very fair. and we love the justice system. it works. we can protect and it take care of it, it will work. >> reporter: that was al salman talking to us by phone, noor salman's uncle. she was found not guilty of lying to the fbi and helping her husband in carrying out the deadly pulse nightclub attack in 20 scene and killed 49 people. she was married to mateen at the time of the attack and jurors deliberated for three days before reaching a verdict asking
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several questions including the statement to the fbi and the hours after that attack where she mention that had mateen had talked on her over the past two years about jihad. during the trial, prosecutors said that salman and her husband established several targets and she knew he was buying ammo for his ar-15. even saying that she gave them green light to commit terrorism. her defense team said she was an easily ma anymore-related woman with a low i.q. and was abused by her husband who cheated on her, among other things, and she had no way of knowing that mateen would carry out the attack. the family members there as we speak. clearly they are happy with this verdict but gave no indications about when she will be reunited with her family. pete suratos. nbc bay area news. >> thank you. in the last ten minutes we learned that stephon clark was shot at least eight times, six times in the back. this is a press conference that is underway right now in
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sacramento with the doctor who conducted the independent autopsy. he says that he was shot eight times and each of the shots was fatal. six of the shots, he was hit in the back. one was in the side and the back and the other was in the leg. video shows he was running into his parents' backyard when police fired at him at least 20 times. at the time police said that he was holding something in his hand that appeared to be a gun. it turned out to be a cell phone. this is again an independent autopsy of stephon clark and it shows that he was in fact running away from the officers as he was hit by that gunfire. now, the sacramento county coroner is conducting an autopsy but is not releasing the findings pending the toxicology reports which as we know often take weeks. now clark's familiar is to file
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suit in federal court against police sxa the california attorney general's office is overseeing the investigation into the deadly police shooting. as we look live once again in sacramento, we can tell you there is a diagram showing where stephon clark was hit by that gunfire. again, he was shot eight times. each of those shots believed to be a fatal shot. six of them were in his back. we'll continue to follow story. we'll bring you new developments as we get them. arnold schwarzenegger is recovering from open heart surgery. tmz is reporting that the 70 quloeld a catheter valve replacement. this is not the first time arnold has had heart surgery. he had an aortic replace nyment 1997. his condition is stable. it is expected to be a great weekend for an easter egg hunt. >> people are wondering how the
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wleekd turn out. kari hall habit. a lot of people he are getting ready for easter egg hunting. what will it be like? >> really nice. it is really warm but we'll bring the temperatures back down tomorrow as well as sunday. as we look outside in san francisco, you can see nothing but clear skies. we have a filtered sunshine as some of these really high clouds start to move in. that's giving us a clue that our weather is about to change. as we look at our temperatures, we will be in that possibility of setting some new records in san jose. it will reach up to 84 degrees and then drop around the low 70s around 7:00. we'll continue with some sunshine and we'll talk about when our temperatures change. that's coming up in the full micro climate forecast. the relationship between russia and the west continues to
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deteriorate. >> russia closed the american consulate in st. petersburg and now more expulsions. >> yes, they are spelling diplomats from great britain and other countries. the west kicks people out. russia kicks people out. video into our newsroom if just outside washington of russian diplomats. who the west expelled loading their belongings on to a plane to go home. this all started after russia was accused of poisoning people in a small english town in an attempt to murder a former spy who had taken refuge there. the man, his daughter and a policeman were all sickened. russia denies the accusation but the nerve agent used has been traced back to them. this has sparked fengss we have not seen since the cold war. the russian ambassador to the united states has complained, he can't get a meeting with anyone in washington which really shows you how far this has gone. less than a year ago, the
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ambassador at the time, kislyak was invited to the oval office. he even attended the republican national convention. here's at the current russian ambassador on the "today" show this morning. >> if anybody slap your face, what will be a reaction from your side? you will think, not you will think, you will try to do and retaliate. it goes without saying. >> a curious statement on good friday. >> russia released video of a test of one of its new icbms. with an s, so this is satan 2. black and white on the missiles. now the timing this is pretty obvious. it is meant to intimidate us. then again we launched a sub launch ballistic missile a couple days ago. so this is somewhat routine. >> that name though is pretty inflammatory. >> remember, that's our name for
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their missile. >> okay. >> satan. >> and now we're distracted if the issue. >> now we're back to 1985. >> thank you very much. we also just found out more about a local story we've been following all morning long. a rock-throwing incident that sent one woman to the hospital. we first brought you a story on today in the bay. this is video of an investigation. you can see the woman who is holding her head. this happened around 10:00 last night. police responded to a woman screaming for help. that is said to be the rock that was thrown. the victim said she was driving when the person threw the rock at the car. she pulled over to inspect the dwhag the person threw another rock at her. the victim was taken to the hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. that suspect a 33-year-old transient who is now facing assault with deadly weapons charges. more trouble for former
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football star aldon smith. a judge has issued a bench warrant for smith's arrest. it doesn't take effect until april 5th. he is scheduled to be back in court on that date. chevron says there's no cause for concern after people in richmond heard a really loud noise coming from the refinery. it happened last night around 11:00. the company said it was the result of a steam pressure release. there has been a lot of kernel because of flaring and other problems at bay area refineries. police say since there was no risk, the shelter in place was never ordered. and the contra costa sheriff's office is the being accused of tipping off federal authorities about inmates release dates. it was reported last month the sheriff's office started posting the release dates on its website, including information for undocumented immigrants. police say that information is being picked up by i.c.e. and it
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is a work-around to the new statewide sanctuary laws. the sheriff's office not commenting. a tragic mystery. five family members are dead and another three are missing after the suv plunged off the side of a cliff and on to the rocks in northern california. miguel has more on this story. >> reporter: this morning, the search is ongoing for three children considered missing, days after an suv was found mangled 100 feet below this pacific coast cliff. >> there's an overturned car. >> reporter: inside the vehicle the bodies of married couple jennifer and sarah hart and three of their six documented children. investigators believe there are three other children other were in the suv at the time of the crash. authorities have little information as to how the accident occurred. it was only reported after a passerby spotted it while
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stopping at the overlook. >> there was no indication of why this vehicle traversed approximately over 75 feet of a dirt pull-out and went into the pacific ocean. >> reporter: one of the missing children, devante hart, famously photographed in 2014, hugging a police officer during a rally in portland. seoul posts paint a picture of a happy family. but public records show a woman of the same age, named sarah hart, pled guilty to misdemeanor domestic assault in minnesota in 2011 and recently these neighbors called child protective services. >> devante coming over here and telling us that he's being starved to death and they're mean. >> reporter: but friends of the family paint a different picture. >> jen and sarah were the most loving two moms we could have ever seen on therth. caring for six beautiful documented children.
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>> reporter: authorities searched the family home but found nothing disarray as they looked for the family's activities prior to the tragedy more 500 miles away. nbc news. coming up, new video to show you. space-x launches another rocket. and the next cup of coffee could come with a warning that might change your daily pick me up. net
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launch from vandenberg air force base the falcon 9 rocket lifted off carrying 10 satellites. this is the fifth set of 10 satellites that spacex will the falcon 9 lifted off carrying ten satellites. this is fifth set of ten satellites that they will launch. and check your accounts. popular shoe and clothing company underarmour has been hacked. the app my fitness pal was compromised last month and about
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150 million users are affected. underarmour says no payment information was breached. millions of people across the nation sat down for the morning cup of coffee today without any sort of warning label on it. here if california, a judge's ruling is now causing controversy and raising concerns. this is all over a certain chemical found had one of our favorite beverages could cause health effects. >> reporter: this morning, you may think twice about that cup of joe. the california judge has issued a proposed ruling that would require star sguks other coffee sellers to put cancer warnings on their beverages sold in the golden state. that decision landing after a nonprofit group sued multiple coffee companies in 2010 claiming the businesses violated state law by not warning people about chemicals used in the roasting process. one is a probable carcinogen but
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its effect on humans is still relatively unknown. >> we know in large doses, in laboratory rats, kit cause cancers. in humans the connection has not been made. >> it is found in very small doses when the coffee is heated. according to the national institutes of health, it is also nounld other products like french friss, potato chips, crackers, bread and breakfast cereals. but now in california, coffee brewers may be required to add warnings that coffee contains chemicals that can cause cancer or birth defects. some argue it might keep people away. >> i think if you put a cancer sign in a coffee shop, would it definitely affect businesses. >> they are saying the world health organization has said that coffee does not cause cancer. adding coffee has been shown over and over again to be a healthy beverage. this lawsuit has confused
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consumers and does nothing on improve public health. in the u.s., more than 60% of people drink coffee on a daily basis brewing up a $30 billion industry. >> i think people are a little too obsessed with their coffee to have it be a big deal. >> reporter: and doctors say it does have health benefits. >> coffee in moderation, two to four cups a day shows to decrease your chances of diabetes, liver cancer, heart disease, and we think he may even decrease your chances of a pre mature death. but mod raeration is the key. >> reporter: as to whether you'll see the labels coming to a coffee shop near you, it will derrell whether they have to pay any civil lawsuits. we want to emphasize that no one from this ruling has determines whether coffee actually causes cancer. nbc news. >> everything in moderation there. >> in moderation. if you're going to have a little
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coffee today, you might want to have it iced. >> it is starting to warm up. earlier today it was like hot coffee. now are here on out the rest of the day, it is ice coffee. and we are going to see these temperatures continue to warm up as we take a live look outside from ocean beach. and you can see the filtered sunshine. we've had some high level clouds moving in. it won't do much to keep us from warming up into the inland areas. with our green hills after last week's copious amounts of rain. and then our temperatures in the upper 60s in livermore. while san jose is in the low 70s. and it is 70 degrees in palo alto. 64 in oakland and in san francisco. here's a look at our high temperatures as we check out three of our micro climates in the peninsula looking live in palo alto. our high will be to 79 degrees. for the inland areas, from the
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east bay to the north bay, it will reach into the 80s. san francisco will see a high of 72 degrees. the seven-day forecast is at the bottom of the screen as we check out our high temperatures. gilroy heading up to 87 degrees. one of the warmer spots. and 83 in concord. for half moon bay. 66. 68 degrees. 75 in the mission district. north bay. up to 85 in novato. and 82 in santa rose dlaflt it is a good day to head to the beach. our temperatures stay comfortable. we'll have a little bit of shade from that sunshine and some high clouds move. in we'll stay in the mid 60s along the coast. if you're going to the a's game, first pitch at 7:05. the we'll be at 67 degrees. temperatures in the low 60s by the end of the game. we're seeing the clouds move in. all of this keeps us driflt our next storm system still in the pacific and that arrives for the
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end of next week. a lot of people at squaw valley enjoying the 139 inches of snow on the ground. heading throughout the weekend these warm temperatures, some of the snow will be melting. we'll have more snow. we'll talk about the rain chances on the way for the bay area. that's coming up in the next micro climate forecast. baseball season in full swing. but first, the announcement of the resignation of the fire marshal. this comes after the ghost shipment fire that killed many people of he was the last fire marshal to testify in that hearing. the changes coming to your
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commute monday morning.. and cars with no drivers? despite the controversy -- there are new permits being issued that could soon make that a reality in california. "today in the bay" - monday morning -- 4:30 to 7. morning -- 4:30 to 7.
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i'm april kennedy and i'm an arborist with pg&e in the sierras. morning -- 4:30 to 7. since the onset of the drought, more than 129 million trees have died in california. pg&e prunes and removes over a million trees every year to ensure that hazardous trees can't impact power lines. and since the onset of the drought we've doubled our efforts. i grew up in the forests out in this area and honestly it's heartbreaking to see all these trees dying. what guides me is ensuring that the public is going to be safer and that these forests can be sustained and enjoyed by the community in the future.
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area dot com. mike inouye joins us now -- mike -- it )s about a "wheel bi" event? this was all about big wheels. >> that's right. big wheels keep on turning. >> we're talking about the local section of nbc bay area. we have a cool story about what is going on on vermont street.
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now, folks know about lombard, noted as the curviest road in san francisco, probably in the world, in some people's book. we're talking vermont. look at this video. this will tell the story. give it a couple seconds. this is the big wheel race. bring your own big wheel race. every weekend this happens on vermont street. this is in the potrero hill area right by mckinley square. a very steep roadway. and the organizers have two divisions. one for the kids at 3:00 and one at 4:00 for the adults. anyone over 14. you'll notice they have plastic wheels. that's because one of the few rules is you have to have plastic wheels. i think because traction is boring. and you have to have a helmet and you have to sign a waiver for the adults and a waiver for the kids as well. this is an annual event which i have not yet been to. it looks like a lot of fun. maybe we can get an nbc bay area
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team. >> did you see that there were kids the dressed like the p. pamplona bulls. >> that's april 1st. you can check out all these cool stories online and the breaking news you've been talking about. >> happening tonight, a live look at the coliseum. that's where the oakland a's will be back at i against the los angeles angels of anaheim. one day after the thrilling opener. the a's won as marcus semyon knocked out powell. tonight's game starts at seven sxlok includes a pre game ceremony for the 50th anniversary team. the first that played in
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oakland. >> if it is going on extra innings, at the least it's a nice day. >> the giants, too, took their nails down to the quick. the giants opened in last. joe panik scored this run. theon one of the game. take that, kershaw! >> don't forget to tune in today on the bay tuesday morning. next week. we're going to the giants opener. of course we're going to highlight them all. our coverage starts at 4:30 morning and we'll be live from the sidelines around this time for the home opener. >> you can check out the sights
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and sounds on our website. click on the galleries to see what you might have missed while you were working. coming up, a student speaks out for the first fwim her coach abusing her he at a south bay high school.
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exposing the problems at presentation high school in san jose. there )s another disturbing twist. a former student says she was molested by a water polo for months we've been exposing the problems at the the presentation high school in san jose. a former student said she was molested by a water polo coach at a prominent all girls catholic school. >> our reportes first broke this story at presentation high school. now we can tell you that police are investigating. the senior investigative reporter vicky nguyen is here with the details. >> reporter: grace is sharing
11:30 am
her survival story. it's been four years since she left presentation high school. she accuses a coach at the school of sexually abusing her. we've learned leaders of the presentation never called police. when most tots are still working on their walk, grace was gliding through water. >> grace has been mvp since she was 4. >> reporter: swimming led to an opportunity freshman year. >> grace was brought to presentation because she was an amazing swimmer. >> reporter: but at presentation high, she felt like a fish out of water. she said she was emotional and loan i so she started confiding in her water polo coach. >> i expressed that i had a crush on her and she told me she felt the same way. at first i was like, that's not right. >> reporter: her best friend and teammate recalls what she saw. >> i remember gracie told me
11:31 am
that zwlaen wanted to pick her up in the middle of the night and spent all night in the back seat with her. there were instances where gracie told me that jena had shared pictures of her on snap chat. i knew that was definitely not okay. >> i had either just turned 14 or i was turning 14 when it started to get yucky. >> and she was 24. >> uh-huh. >> reporter: by then grace said she was in too deep. uncertain how to get help. >> i felt so dirty. i felt like a, i can't even describe it. i felt so gross. i thought this is my fault. i started it. >> she said what began as sexting soon turned physical. >> we were all under otha blank and i snoitd that she touched gracie's leg and my heart just stopped. i told my sister and she went to
11:32 am
the athletic director. >> she was spending way too much time with grace. >> maya is emily's older sister. she said me and two other varsity water polo players went to the director, stacy. >> i told stacy that jena was texting grace inappropriate pictures. she was texting her inappropriate things. >> reporter: but maya said the reports seemed to tlenld. >> no investigator to to me. >> reporter: she said two coaches disappeared. weeks passioned. then a bombshell for grace' mom. >> my friend said, i heard jena was fired over an inappropriate relationship with your daughter. i said what? i freaked out. >> reporter: what do you think the school's responsibility is over all of this? >> i'm upset with this. if they had called the police the minute it was reported, i truly believe they could have gotten all the evidence they needed. >> reporter: the school never reported the players' kernels so
11:33 am
she called san jose police herself. >> i told them that i had found out my daughter's coach was texting her 30 to 40 times a day some of the things were sexual related. she told my daughter she loved her. >> reporter: what happened next is a mystery. dina said police spoke to witnesses and collected '47 grace's phone. at one point police congratulated her parents. >> when the detective gave you a thumbs up, what did you think? >> my husband and i were so happy. we thought we would get justice right zmen there. he high fived us and told us we had a case. it was looking good. and then it just stops. >> san jose police will only say it was an active investigation. detectives have interviewed new witnesses and grace said she's revealed new information. >> jena said, let's to go my car.
11:34 am
my clothes stayed on. i just felt her hands like under my pants and stuff. her hand going down there. she would feel my breasts under my shirt. try to kiss my neck. try to kiss me. kissing her kind of made me sick so i was not, but she penetrated me. >> coach jena roe does not face any charges related to the allegations. we tried to reach her for comment. she didn't respond to our phone calls or e-mails. >> do you think if she had been a male coach it would have been different? >> absolutely. >> reporter: grace said she shut down about the relationship. >> i denied anything. any time anyone would bring it up, i had pure fear of anyone finding out. >> reporter: that kind of fewer is a common response. >> you're demanding a tremendous amount from a victim when you
11:35 am
interview him or her. it is a very traumatic time in their life. >> reporter: he spent 28 years with san jose pd and now trains law enforcement on how to interview victims of abuse. especially children. he is now investigating on behalf of make pres safe. allegations against more than ten teachers dating back to the 80s. they claim school leaders including mary miller have dmenl straight a pattern of covering up allegations. >> when those girls went to the athletic director to report what they knew, what should have happened at that school? >> stacy should have immediately contacted children's protective services or law enforcement as directed by law. she had reasonable suspicion. it is crystal clear. she failed to do so. we notified she notified mary miller. >> we reached out the to
11:36 am
presentation once again on ask for an interview. sam singer said, nothing was reported to the school which rose to the level of any reasonable level of abuse. the coach was asked not to return to the school for violations of school policy. >> grace says the experience deepened her depression. she tried to end her life last february. >> for a while, i thought i'll never be able to do what i want to do now. my whole life is kind of roo ined now. >> reporter: grace said she's flaelg what happened four years ago. focused on college and coaching the next wave of swimmers. >> i'm strong now. i'm going to stand up for myself. >> reporter: the family went into mediation and reached a settlement her sophomore year. the school didn't acknowledge liability and grace molest year. meanwhile the district attorney's office said they declined the file charges if 2014 due to insufficient evidence. the d.a. will not comment on the current investigation.
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>> we wanted to remind you, you can send us your tips. you can find us on our home page, investigate. we try handle those times very sensitively. new details on the lockdown yesterday at palo alto high school. classes were knocked down for nearly two hours. police say someone phoned two threats to 911 on a lost or stolen phone. they also tried the frame a student at the school. investigators were still trying to determine who made the calls. intense new video from san francisco police body cameras showing the chaotic moments when gunshots were exchanged inside a busy barber shop last week. police released the video at an
11:38 am
emotional meeting last night. they say officers talked about this and 21-year-old jihad pulled his gun and fired nine shots. the officers returned fire 26 times and he was killed. this is a barber who was shot in the hip. he was. in shop at the time and tells us there were kids in the back room when bullets started to flifl he believes police could havehand it differently. we think it could have been handled a lot differently. wasn't. i forgave him. >> some of the family members also apologized but others said they were angry with how police responded. a late night fast food run takes a frightening and violent
11:39 am
turn. police are looking for a man who chased a car full of young women and then opened fire on them. one of the passengers was hit. this all started about 2:00 wednesday morning at the jack in the box in san jose. one of those victims who did not want to be identified said she was driving her white toyota when it all happened. >> he got in the drive-through. i got behind him. nothing. no words were exchanged. just ordering food. >> mounta passengers on a delta flight from minneapolis say that a child vomited mid flight last night. later several other people got sick so paramedics met the plane as soon as they landed. >> there were probably half a dozen, perhaps eight people that they asked to stay on the plane so they could be looked at by the paramedics. >> reporter: one person was treated and released.
11:40 am
the good news is that it is not believed to be anything serious. two years from now it is possible san francisco will be hosting the democratic national convention. that's what the mayor believes. he sent a letter to the dnc chairman asking for san francisco to be considered. san francisco lasted hosted the dnc convention in 1984. ed lee who died so suddenly last year, the golden state warriors will help dedicate a new basketball court in san francisco's chinatown. it will open at the salvation army community center near broadway tunnel. he died suddenly from a heart attack in december. the weather should be perfect this weekend for those planning to take part in the union street easter celebration. the event includes live
11:41 am
performances and lots of free kid friendly activities. the whole thing starts at 10:00 in the morning on sunday. a quick reminder for you. you don't want to miss the big show this weekend. it is the latest musical speck spend. they star in the jesus christ super star live concert. the world famous come poetser andrew lloyd webber is he the had director. you can catch it live right here on heaster sunday. >> maybe we'll know more of the words besides "jesus christ superstar." it will be a beautiful day for egg hunts with lots of sunshine. a day that may set some records here and in los gatos.
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we'll be up to 85 degrees. we'll talk about what else is coming up for the weekend. you're fighting companies on your own and getting nowhere. that's where we step in. sometimes we can safe you thousands. consumer complaints fs
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like you every day. consumer investigator chris chmura is here to tell you what we )ve as you likely know, we
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respond to consumer complaints for people just like you. >> good morning. let's start with a quick look at our grand total. we have recovered more than 1.577 million for our nbc bay area viewers. some of our recent success stories were worth millions. like for nurish ishnurish. we made some calls and jeffrey got back more than 2,800. jesus in san jose ran into problems with his home warranty. after we stepped in he got a check for 1,600. and we assisted someone in san francisco to w a medical billing dispute. we helped save her more than $18,000. she chose to remain anonymous.
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please share your stories. have a great weekend. >> i think we will. warm temperatures, sunshine. it does cool off a little but it still looks really comfortable. you can see the sun and looking from woodside over toward the ocean. it looks beautiful there with our clear view. and emeryville. we can see all the green grass on both sides of the freeway. and the mostly sunny skies. i want to show you where we're headed for today versus the record high this afternoon. and in many spots, we set some new records today. the forecast is 82 degrees in santa rosa. the record is 85. we may stay just below the
11:47 am
record. we may tie it in concord and go one degree above the record. a lot of numbers to watch closely as it will be another really warm day for this time of year. in oakland, expect a high of 76. san francisco, 72 degrees. the seven-day forecast is at the bottom of the screen. as we look at what to do around the bay area this weekend, i think my son will like this. the tall shipmes tours in antio. these are ships used in movies and you can go see them skoofl degrees. beautiful weather for that and all the egg hunts going on. we have the easter morning wild
11:48 am
flower walk. that's at 9:30 in the morning and it will be cool out there. only in the low 40s. as we go through day, the sunshine helps us out a little bit. it will be chilly so make sure you dress appropriately. we're starting to see more clouds moving in. and that gives us a sign that high pressure has moved far enough away that we are starting to get some clouds rolling in. and that will help shift our winds as we go into tomorrow. the coastline will be cooling down and the rest of the bay area will catch a break too. and it will be here by the end of next week. and it looks like it could bring us some rain as we go toward thursday and friday. some are showing the possibility of a half inch to an inch and aer qua. mainly north of the peninsula and the golden gate bridge. the south bay and east bay could
11:49 am
get another half inch of rain. we'll be watching this storm system as it proes approaches. we are enjoying cooling temperatures in time for easter. that will be for next week. 83 degrees today. 72 degrees as many people head back to work on monday. coming up, google is tracking all your searches so what is going on with all that information? fire fighting is a very dangerous profession.
11:50 am
we have one to two fires a day and when you respond together and you put your lives on the line, you do have to surround yourself with experts. and for us the expert in gas and electric is pg&e. we run about 2,500/2,800 fire calls a year and on almost every one of those calls pg&e is responding to that call as well. and so when we show up to a fire and pg&e shows up with us it makes a tremendous team during a moment of crisis. i rely on them, the firefighters in this department rely on them,
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and so we have to practice safety everyday. utilizing pg&e's talent and expertise in that area trains our firefighters on the gas or electric aspect of a fire and when we have an emergency situation we are going to be much more skilled and prepared to mitigate that emergency for all concerned. the things we do every single day that puts ourselves in harm's way, and to have a partner that is so skilled at what they do is indispensable, and i couldn't ask for a better partner. people started asking about google? the search engine - is now one of the most powerful advertisers on the planet. so what happens to all that data people started asking what about google? >> yeah. it is now one the of most powerful advertisers. so what happens to all the data they're collecting? >> reporter: every second millions of google searches
11:52 am
telling people what's on your mind. >> google knows everything about you. >> they'll know where you've been, when you've been. there everything you do in your life. if you're online, there is a good chance they know about it. >> as he cyber security expert. after the cambridge analytica scandal, he started poking around google's privacy standards. >> how much is nine gigs of data? >> boxes of pages of data. if would you print it, would you run out of payment before you printed everything. >> from trims he's taken. >> it knew what hotel i was in and how long i was there. they know everything i've done. >> the reason why they track data is so it can create a detailed profile out. books and leisure, car rental. they knew me pretty well.
11:53 am
>> and they knew that pretty well. i'm looking for one of the major airlines. >> google makes it very clear. they protect your data and only share anonymous information about with you third parties. never revealing your identity, e-mail address, or social security number. >> every day data make our services better for you. it's personal. that's why we protect your data. >> the real skernl a security breach. >> tomorrow what if there is the next big breach and it is all the date they're protecting? >> google says it is essential that people can understand and control their date and they've made it easy for users to withhold it. just gool a step step. the company will suggests everyone review it regularly. >> they point out it is not just
11:54 am
google tracking you. apple tracks a lot of data about you. but they have made it clear they protect information and that they do not sell it. >> every app that track your data has a way for to youment on out of sharing that information.
11:55 am
11:56 am
(without ( complaining! here )s the payoff -- a chance to help release 160- thousand ladybugs at the if the kids love playing
11:57 am
video games and you want to get them outside to pull weeds, here's how. >> ladybug release is he happening saturday morning. everybody who pulls a weed gets to release a cup of ladybugs. the first time they did it, they were shocked at how many kids wanted to help out. you can find out more information on my facebook page. nbc bay area. she said some of them look like they're sleeping. they're just playing possum. >> that's a lot of ladybugs. that will get you outside this weekend. smls nice weather. we'll be in the low 70s in san francisco. inland areas, still really warm. it does cool off over the next few days. >> you have a great easter. >> thank you. good friday, good weather. a great weekend.
11:58 am
11:59 am
12:00 pm
♪ we're live in, five, four, three, two, one! >> how could you have voted for him? >> he talked about jobs, jackie. he said he would shake things up. this might come as a complete shock to you, but we almost lost our house the way things are going. >> have you looked at the news. because now things are worse. >> not on the real news. >> oh, please! >> "rose anne" roars back into primetime and the ratings were huge. >> 18 million people tuned in, happy friday, everybody. >> happy friday. >> kids are on spring break. we're here, ready for the weekend. >> we've got our plugged-in


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