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tv   Today  NBC  March 31, 2018 5:30am-7:01am PDT

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good morning. calls for justice. >> stephon clark. >> new protests overnight in sacramento, california, over the shooting death of an unarmed black man. his family releasing an autopsy showing he was shot multiple times in the back. in louisiana police released new video of the 2016 shooting death of another black man outside a convenience store. his family completely distraught. one officer fired, another suspended. new questions. the head of the epa facing scrutiny this morning over the price he paid to rent a room in the heart of washington, d.c.,
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well below market price. democrats calling for his removal. brazen attack. a horrific scene caught on camera as a man walks up to a young woman at the hospital and starts punching her from behind. those stories plus malala heads back to her hometown in pakistan for the first time since she was shot by the taliban. a giant 19,000 pound chinese satellite is spiraling out of control forward earth and it could hit any moment now. >> and buzzer beater. >> notre dame stuns unbeaten uconn in overtime in the women's basketball tournament. the fighting irish heading to the finals. the huskies heading home and now it's time for the men to face off with sister jean watching. today, saturday march 31st, 2018.
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>> from nbc news, this is "today." live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. and welcome to today. thanks for joining us on this saturday morning. i'm craig melvin. >> the gang's all here on this saturday morning. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> on this day before easter. >> last day of march and i don't know if you were up this late last night but there was another buzzer beater, this time in women's basketball. the uconn huskies are arguably the best basketball team the past century in this country. they dropped another one. this happened to them last year as well. unbeaten up until last night. >> you never really know who's going to win. >> more on that in just a minute. and the men's final four happening tonight but let's start with new developments in two controversial cases of black men shot to death by police. two years after his death, police have finally released new
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video of the last moments of sterling's life in baton rouge, louisiana. in sacramento, california, an autopsy requested by stephon clark's family shows he was shot multiple times in the back. we are live with the latest on both. let's start with steve patterson in sacramento. good morning. >> reporter: craig, good morning to you and once again the results of that independent autopsy sparking tensions here in the city of sacramento with police butting up against demonstrators as they called for justice last night. overnight a growing call for justice. protesters flooded the streets of downtown sacramento once again following the death of stephon clark. >> they shot him in cold blood. they need to be brought to justice. we'll still be out here every day. >> responding to reports a vandal was breaking car windows when they encountered clark.
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the officers said they thought he had a gun, but after firing 20 shots discovered it was actually a cell phone. >> he approached us hands out and then fell down. now a doctor commissioned by clark's family to perform a private autopsy is offering a different account. he said he was hit eight times. first from the left side spinning him around before he was shot six more times from behind and once in the thigh. >> the findings of his autopsy contradict many of the narratives that the sacramento police put forward. >> the autopsy was performed by dr. bennett who's credited with discovering the brain disease cte. >> he received seven gunshot wounds from his back. >> he says clark who did not immediately receive medical treatment died three to ten minutes later. >> it was not an instantaneous death. >> now questions about clark's
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death continue to swirl as the outrage around it grows. >> meanwhile the sacramento police department said it will not comment any further until the findings of an official autopsy are released. meanwhile there is yet another rally scheduled for later today. >> all right. thank you. >> now to baton rouge where one officer has been fired and another hit with a short suspension after the fatal shooting of sterling in a parking lot as he struggled with them. this as the department has released startling video showing the confrontation that led to sterling's death. we're in baton rouge, louisiana, with more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. well, one of the police officers is out of a job. the other one suspended for three days all because of that deadly 2016 police involved shooting. we want to warn you, some of the video you're about to see may be disturbing. the morning some of the clearest
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images yet of a fatal confrontation between two police officers and 37-year-old sterling. too painful to watch. >> i'm going to die if i see that. >> reporter: officers respond to a 911 call about a man with a gun at a convenience store in 2016. >> he's selling cds and a 9 mm or whatever in his pocket and he -- >> they approach sterling who fits the description of the man and the encounter quickly escalates. >> i'm going to shoot you in your [ bleep ] head, you hear me? >> you hear one of the officers yelling sterling has a gun. officer shoots sterling six times. >> you can ask any cop in the united states of america. when you get in certain situations, yelling, raising your voice, using profanities, that's what you have to do to
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get through to some people. >> both the department of justice and louisiana attorney general have declined to charge the officers but on friday, baton rouge's police chief said the officers violated department policies firing one and suspending lake. >> fear cannot be a driver for an officer's response to every incident. >> as for sterling's family -- >>ty'm hurt, i'm crushed, i'm destroyed. i'll never ever heal from this. >> reporter: officer's attorney says as a matter of principle, his client plans to appeal his firing even though he knows he'll never be a police officer ever again in baton rouge. president trump is spending the holiday weekend at his home in florida while new questions are being raised about his epa chief. scott pruitt is under fire for what some are calling a sweet heart deal from the condo.
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kelly o'donnell is traveling with the president. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, craig. president trump has had just one public event over the last week and with the holiday weekend and spending time here in florida we expect him to keep that low profile but as you point out the attention is turning to the cabinet and the pressure is on the environmental protection agency chief, scott pruitt. easter weekend for the president, shuttling between his golf resort and mar-a-lago eestate but this is the real estate under scrutiny where the head of the epa rented a room last year from a lobbyist whose husband lobbies for big energy companies and pruitt appeared to get a good deal. $50 a night, below market price. a block from the capitol. late friday the epa responded that its own review found the lease agreement did not
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constitute a gift and was consistent with federal ethics regulations. but at least one democrat is calling for pruitt to go. >> if scott pruitt doesn't resign then president trump should fire him. >> pruitt has been under fire for spending at his offices and first class air travel that he defended last month. >> they place me on the plane where they think it's best from a safety perspective. >> this comes days after the firing of veterans affairs reck setear david shulkin. trump long promised high ethical standards. >> we are going to drain the swamp of government corruption in washington, d.c. turning to new provocation from russia where the president has said nothing publicly. putin gave no advance warning to the u.s. when russia tested a new missile friday that it claims can carry multiple war heads and evade current u.s.
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defense systems. the state department had russia was not required by treaty to advise the u.s. and considered the demonstration to be the early stages of a missile program. >> reporter: and the president has not talked about that, but his administration has expelled several dozen russian diplomats joining other western countries who have done the same. in reaction not to that testing but to the incident involving a poisoning assassination attempt. the president has not been publicly saying anything about russia but his administration mode those new moves. >> a time magazine columnist and a former bush white house aide, good morning to you. >> how are you doing? >> we heard kelly's report. kelly rented a room from a lobbyist with big ties to big energy companies. even if this deal wasn't illegal, talk about the optics of this and should pruitt be
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fired or resign? >> you never want to be in the hot seat over financial looking like there is financial impropriety when you're a cabinet official. it just isn't a good look. this is a great deal on housing i've got to say as someone who worked in d.c. as a young staffer and i would have loved to have had that kind of deal but even i would have shied away from accepting a gift from a lobbyist. that's what it looks like. >> should he keep his job? >> you look at the rotating seat of who is the most corrupt cabinet member and they've been dropping like flies. you've got the health and human services tom price, he resigned because of travel impropriety. recently david shulkin just this week so this is not a good position for scott pruitt to be in. i personally think he should resign but we'll see if he manages to survive. >> purports to show this new intercontinental ballistic
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missile. president putin says it would be able to defeat any of our missile defense systems. but we haven't heard anything from president trump about the firing of that missile. he has been silent about this. why? >> well, vladimir putin in his state of the union address about a month ago show cased some of these new missiles and she showed footage that they could reach even to mar-a-lago so reportedly our great reporters have said that did upset president trump but he still wants to keep a silent posture, but behind the scenes he is starting -- it is starting to get to him a little bit. he's had this posture of not speaking out about the interference in the 2016 election. >> yeah. >> but now as it is getting more personal and it is security related, perhaps we'll see president trump speaking out a bit more. >> can you talk about what's going on with morale behind the scenes in the white house? you mentioned david shulkin.
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i can also mention hope hicks. obviously she resigned. what does this do to morale? >> you look at how this there is a major staff departure every nine to ten days in this administration. they are not able to retain top talent. it makes it very difficult to formulate policy that drives the president's agenda of making america great again. they were able to push tax reform but what's on the agenda from now until the midterms? there really isn't anything that they're out there pitching right now. they're really on the defense defending against, you know, allegations from stormy daniels, they're defending against cabinet members' impropriety and they aren't actually pushing policy agenda that is going to make americans lives beltztter. >> thank you. some other headlines on this saturday morning. an emergency u. nchl security council meeting was held overnight calling for an
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independent information gags in -- investigation into the deadly clash in palestinians and israelis. they called it a violent terror gathering. some disturbing surveillance video has been released inside a hospital emergency room. in michigan. a 19-year-old woman was attacked by a man waiting in the lobby. staff and security responded immediately. the victim and her attorney say it may have been lery jously motivated. >> we've got a first check on the weather on this holiday weekend. >> hey, good morning, guys and as we go through easter weekend here, we have snow falling. it's been falling through the night in minneapolis. it's moving across northern wisconsin now stretching down into knot western illinois right now.
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we are going to see the possibility of accumulating snow especially across northern wisconsin where winter storm warnings are in effect. winds will be gusty too and that will make travel on the roads pretty difficult today. this will slowly move east as we go into this afternoon and tonight so the upper peninsula of michigan will see some of that snow as well. then mostly rain through areas like upstate new york down through pennsylvania and then it will eventually fizzle out and we're not going to see much of anything in the northeast, but as far as snowfall amounts are concerned, again, the michigan and also northern wisconsin, we could see snowfall rates of 1 to 2 inches per hour, and . good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. an all-clear start and milder as you get ready to head out the door. and it's going to be a day with some fairly warm temperatures for the afternoon. here's where we begin.
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we're in the mid 40s in the north bay. 51 degrees in livermore and 56 degrees in san jose. our high temperatures today will reach into the low 80s from ukiah to santa rosa and also for the naeinland valleys. 70 in san francisco and oakland. forecast. >> as we mentioned a few moments ago it was a fantastic finish in the women's national basketball semifinal overnight with notre dame defeating uconn 91-89 hitting that big basket with one second left in overtime. it's the second overtime shot. the fighting irish face mississippi state. they beat louisville earl pierre in the evening. >> the final four getting underway in just about 12 hours. there's a lot on the line for all four teams but one game has a lot of people talking as michigan power house michigan takes on the surprise team of
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the tournament, loyola, chicago. >> both schools having found plenty of inspiration off the court. the final four will be played tonight. good to see you. >> reporter: this is one of the great sporting events in america as we all know. tens of millions of eyeballs will be on these four teams this weekend and two people who are getting a lot of attention won't see a single second of playing time. >> from 68 teams to the final four, tales of heart break and triumph are part of it. villanova back in the hunt for a second title in three years. kansas looking to cut down the nets for the first time in a decade, but it's tiny loyola university chicago and it's not so secret weapon with a scarf and suddenly hot merchandise that's been the talk of the big dance. >> god bless us.
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>> reporter: sister jean has seemingly divined them to center stage and national prominence winning three of its four games in the tournament by just four points. >> worship, work, and win. we need to do all those things. >> two more wins and the run to glory is complete. it's no wonder she's first in line for a victorious hug even when she's picked the other team on her bracket. >> it's a big thrill for me to be here this morning with all of you and you know what? i'm not a bit nervous. >> and tonight's semifinal loyola faces michigan. 23-year-old hatch is a former player whose body was not up to the rigors of the game any longer after surviving not one but two small plane crashes as a kid in 2003 and 2011 that killed his entire immediate family. he was given a hero's sendoff at
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this year's senior day. >> i take pride in what i still can do and sometimes you've got to do things because it's what the team needs. >> no matter who wins or loses tonight they'll have an inspiring story to share for a lifetime. >> and you really hate to see any team lose at this point. four teams left. we should point out that all four of these schools have won national championships. villanova just two years ago. loyola, 55 years ago in 1963 so all that's left is to tip it up and play ball. back to you. >> nice. >> so many compelling story lines. sister jean, you know, her face is on everything now, socks and t-shirts and she told a reporter last week, she said you know, 98 years no one wanted my face on anything and now my face is on everything. >> i love that. >> two more years she'll have her face on a smuker's jar. >> still ahead, the latest on the massive chinese spacecraft that's hurtling toward the earth
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today. what are the odds it could land in your backyard? >> and how could anyone survive this? we'll hear from the state trooper certainly lucky to be alive, but first this is "today" on nbc. car. but first this is
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we're back on saturday morning with the "weekly download." >> the cold war with russia and the shake up in washington and a lot of other stories we covered as well. starting with stormy daniels. breaking her silence. a bombshell start to the week when adult film star stormy daniels claimed on "60 minutes" she had an affair with trump more than ten years ago and threatened in 2011 to keep quiet. >> a guy walked up on me and
5:53 am
said leave trump alone. forget the story. he leaned and look aed at my daughter, it is a beautiful little girl. >> white house staff fighting back. >> the only person who is inconsistent is the one making the claims. >> and explaining the president's silence. >> he engages to punch back and doesn't. >> secret summit. kim jong un meeting with the chinese president after taking a bulletproof train to get there. >> the white house hailed the visit in success. we see the development as further evidence our campaign of pressure is creating the appropriate atmosphere for dialogue with north korea. a string of package bombs sent to fa sylvesteill tys -- facilities in the nation's
5:54 am
capital. there's an overturn car. >> a tragic mystery in california after a car flew off a cliff killing at least five family members with three others missing and presumed dead. >> authorities finding no skidmarks and few clues of what happened to the hart family. >> one of the children gained national attention hugging a police officer in 2016. facebook under fire. appearing on msnbc, tim cook criticized mark zuckerberg over the privacy scandal. >> what would i do? i won't be in the situation. >> facebook facing lawsuits with zuckerberg agreeing to testify before congress. some of the week's most interesting moments caught on camera. a state trooper trying to help a stranded driver in utah hit by and out of control car.
5:55 am
amazingly he survived. >> i'm grateful to be alive. a suspected burglar caught praying before breaking into a clothing store in new york city. it was a little too close for comfort for tourists on safari in africa when a cheetah jumped into the car to check them out. after ten minutes, he got bored and left. and destined for royalty. with less than two months until she marries prince harry, video of 8-year-old meghan markle pretending to be a queen. >> you said i never played queen. >> i never played queen. >> there you go. end scene. we will head down to memphis for an exclusive look at the national civil rights museum's newest exhibit. and the latest on the former governor schwarzenegger's health
5:56 am
after emergency open heart surgery. and the brewing bean debate that has two major cities going saturday morning to you. it is 5:56. a live look outside in san francisco from san bruno mountains. fog there. we have this lovely lady next to
5:57 am
me. i'm kira klapper. meteorologist kari hall is in for vianey with a look at our microclimate forecast. i was saying, you don't want here for a sixth day in a row, but i'm happy to have you. >> good to be here. and it's going to be a gorgeous day. and you saw the fog moving back into san francisco. so that means cooler temperatures. here's another view. and you can see it a little bit better here in this shot as it rolls across the bay. our cooling fog is back. we are not going to have these near-record high temperatures. and as we get a look at our visibility at half moon bay, down to a quarter mile there, so that dense fog hugging the coast. with our highs today reaching into the low 60s today. in san jose, 79 degrees. and just a little bit cooler than it was for those interior valleys. we'll be watching that, and even cooler for tomorrow. so more on that in the full forecast. >> need a break. all right. we'll check in with you at 7:00, kari. thanks. their calls for action are growing louder. protesters demand justice in the
5:58 am
death of stephon clark shot by sacramento police. a private autopsy sparked more anger about how he died. the warriors are in sacramento playing against the kings tonight. and a former warriors and kings star is asking his old teammates to take action. sacramento native matt barnes will be at a noon rally today in honor of stephon clark. police shot clark after they say he hopped fences running from officers looking for a man breaking car windows. officers shouted "gun" before firing, but the 22-year-old clark was not armed. he was holding a cell phone. barns served as a pallbearer at clark's funeral and has given financial support to the clark family. he says the shooting is personal. >> i'm here for support as a father and a black man tired of seeing this. >> protesters have blocked sacramento freeways and demonstrated at kings' games. in some cases they blocked thousands of fans from entering the arena. as for tonight, warriors' coach steve kerr says he will talk to his players about getting
5:59 am
involved. >> very much aware of what's been going on in sacramento, and very supportive of the protests. so i don't know what's going to happen. we'll see. >> i definitely have seen clark in our minds and the whole sacramento community, it's a hard thing to go through. something i've never been through and couldn't imagine. >> the warriors have not yet announced any official plans of joining the movement. it is 5:59. coming up this morning on "today in the bay," a warning from police. a bay area city dealing with reckless rioters. that plus your top stories and weather coming up at 7:00. we hope you join us. in the meantime, back to the "today" show.
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we're back on saturday morning. march 31st, 2018. the last day of the month. we hope april feels like spring. let's start with the headlines. including new outrage over two fatal police shootings. >> anger and outrage. protesters take to the streets in sacramento calling for justice after the independent autopsy report shows stephon clark was shot in the back by police. >> shot him in cold blood. we will still be here. >> sacramento police say they fired 20 times at clark who they suspected to be carrying a gun
6:01 am
and determined to be a cell phone. and new body camera video released the night alton sterling was shot and killed by police in 2016. baton rouge police also firing one of the officers and suspending another. louisiana prosecutors have declined to file criminal charges. homecoming. >> i miss everything about pakistan. >> malala returns to the hometown in pakistan for the first time since she was shot in the head six years ago. retaliation for promoting education for girls. >> i remember each moment the fear if you are going to school someone may stop you and threaten you. >> she won the nobel peace prize in 2014. she is now studying at oxford. good friday services. under tight security. pope francis watched as the procession carrying torches
6:02 am
wound through rome reenacting the crucifixion of jesus. a man air lifted from the canyon after falling 200 feet thanks to the efforts of first responders, the 21-year-old is lucky to be alive. today, saturday, march 31st, 2018. to the looming threat in the sky. the chinese spacecraft spinning out of control and heading to earth. it is expected to hit anytime. the big question is where. we have morgan radford following this for us. morgan, good morning. >> good morning. we should all be on the lookout this weekend because pieces of that falling satellite could actually fall from the sky as early as today. that means you may be in for spectacular light show or get hit by a chunk of space junk. >> reporter: this morning, the stuff of inter gallactic fantasy. a hollywood movie come to life
6:03 am
life. a rogue chinese satellite headed for earth set to crash any moment. >> i think a giant piece may fall on me. >> it sounds scary. >> reporter: the chinese first space station. 19,000 pounds of technology and size of the school bus. it went into orbit in 2011 to send back research. in 2016, something went wrong and the chinese space agency said they lost control of it. >> it will look like the biggest, best shooting star you have ever seen in your life. >> reporter: this photo captured by a telescope in arizona this week shows it spinning more than 100 miles above us at a speed of 17,000 miles per hour. its debris would likely land between the north and south parallels. most satellites break up in tiny pieces before they plummet back to earth. that doesn't mean you are necessarily safe. in 1997, laddie williams got hit
6:04 am
by space junk in oklahoma. >> my first thought is something from a shooting star. >> reporter: and back in the '60s, a 20-pound chunk of sputnik crashed in wisconsin. now all eyes are on the sky. the danger is low. experts say it is 1 in 300 trillion trachance you will get hit. that is smaller than the odds of being struck by lightning. if it does happen, under international law, china is responsible for any damage that happens here on the ground. >> good to know. >> still take chance. 1 in 300 trillion. >> worker's comp. thank you. dylan is outside on the plaza with a check on the weather and a guest. >> we will talk to the guest in a second. as we get to the end of march and waiting for warmer temperatures and looking at the forecast. you will see that is not showing
6:05 am
up. we have cold air pouring into the northern plains and upper midwest. temperature is 20 to 30 degrees below average. fargo with the high of 15 degrees. 63 in cincinnati. it is not going to last. the colder air spreads into the great lakes. 34 in minneapolis on easter sunday. st. louis at 41 degrees. oklahoma city at 43. we will hang on to some of the warmth in the southeast. northeast going into next week, milder temperatures. up to 77 we will have sunshine throughout the day in san francisco. up to 70 degrees once that fog clears with sunny skies. easter sunday, 68 degrees and we'll be tracking rain by the end of next week. meantime, we will continue on
6:06 am
with some sunshine and dry weather up to 80 degrees inland today. 76 tomorrow. and still very nice as we head into the beginning of next week. forecast. march is national colorectal cancer awareness month. we're joined by the senior executive. how are syou? >> i'm graeat. >> you tend to associate cancer with older men? >> if you were born in 1990, you double your risk of cancer and rectal cancer is quadrupled. >> what measures should people take? >> number one, be your own advocate. we are seeing 85% of people under 50 when they go in with symptoms that the doctor sends them home. come back and they when come back they have late stage cancer. >> are there symptoms you should
6:07 am
see? >> unexpected weight loss. blood in your stool. >> michael, thank you for raising awareness. craig, i know this is something that is important in your life. >> yeah. yeah. dylan, thank you. my older brother at stage four colon cancer. michael and the guys have been working together at the alliance to work to spread awareness. my brother has done a lot of this crossing the country talking to groups. he went in at 38 years old. complaining. the doctor sent him home. he had to go back a couple of times until they realized he had a tumor in his colon. >> we were talking earlier. i have a cousin dealing with the same thing. another young man. one of the things we want to raise awareness and check it out. >> listen to your body. thank you, dylan and michael. just ahead, good news for "roseanne" fans. we will tell you what that is in "popstart." as you hit the road for easter weekend, an eye opening
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gums are good. so is my check up! crest. healthy, beautiful smiles for life. in the "rossen report" update, a warning for anyone behind the wheel. numbers out this week show distracted driving is spiking to dangerous levels. >> we have jeff rossen with an
6:11 am
experiment showing how fast it can happen. >> we have distractions in the car. phones and gps and texting while driving. you never think it will happen. getting into an accident in the two seconds your eyes are off the road. think again. i tested this out. when you see my results, you may never drive the same way again. >> reporter: caught on camera, the woman rounding the curve and swerving into the other lane. the driver admitting she was looking at the cell phone. >> i will never look at a cell phone again. >> reporter: and earlier this month, this school bus driver found guilty of several counts, including reckless endangerment and reckless driving and using his phone in an accident that killed six children. according to the survey by aaa, texting behind the wheel makes you eight times likely to crash. 45% of drivers admitting they
6:12 am
read a message while driving. 88% saying texting and driving should be banned. it sois only getting worse. accident after accident with potentially deadly results. in 2016. >> reporter: researchers at university of birmingham of alabama invited me to check out their technology. >> i get into the simulator. >> reporter: they hook me up to the eye tracker software. >> we are getting your facial features calibrated to the system. >> reporter: they can see where i'm looking in real-time and how long i lockoked away. every second analyzed. >> do i drive? >> drive like you normally would and try taking a selfie. >> i will open the camera app. flip to selfie mode. got it.
6:13 am
>> send a text. >> i would not normally text and drive. i'll do here. josh, hi, i'm shooting at the lab. call you after. and send. all right. let me pull over. how did i do? >> not so great. that text you sent. required your eyes off the road for ten seconds. you were all over the road. swerving. you could have hit someone. >> the selfie? >> the selfie was not better. you took your eyes off the road for 15 seconds when moving at 30 miles an hour. it is dangerous stuff. >> reporter: it is more dangerous at highway speeds. >> okay. now i'm going 60 miles per hour and this time i'm not only going to take a selfie, i'll post to social media. selfie mode. okay. now i'm going to post it. still working on posting it. okay. share.
6:14 am
okay. i posted it. >> reporter: this time the results are alarming. >> that took your eyes off the road 25 seconds. that is traveling down two football fields with your eyes closed. >> dangerous. >> this is real life stuff. it is important to understand how dangerous distracted driving is for you. >> if you don't trust yourself or teen driver to put the phone down while driving, there are apps you can download that disable your phone when you are moving. at&t drive mode. if you need more help resisting the urge. put your phone in the backseat or trunk so you cannot see it or get to it while driving. back to you. >> good advice. everybody thinks they can do it. we don't want you to do it. i can handle it. coming up next, we will introduce you to a young woman who took her love of golf
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6:18 am
no matter how their day was going. >> jeff ballard is the custodian at the school in dallas, texas. mr. jeff as avery knows him has lung cancer. >> they were donating 10% of the proceeds. if they did $5,000, that is $500. >> that is not enough to live off. cancer treatments are expensive. i said dad, we have to doing so something. >> reporter: avery took pledges at golf tournaments. >> she said she was tired. she said jeff is counting on me. it pulled her through. gave her a purpose. >> reporter: avery raised nearly $8,000 that year. >> we were shocked with the results. it motivated me. i wanted to get bigger.
6:19 am
>> reporter: in 2016, avery competed in the drive, chip & putt at augusta national. one of the concerns was getting word out on the campaign named win green. >> justin timberlake was one who wore a wrist band. niall horan. use my skills to benefit those in need. you can apply it to how you like to raise money for someone or do anything nice. >> amazing young girl. mr. jeff is back working at the school. there are now more than 50 junior golfers helping to raise money as part of the win green campaign. by the end of 2017, they raised nearly $250,000. incredible. you can watch avery and other young golfers from around the country compete at augusta
6:20 am
national as drive, chip & putt tomorrow morning on the golf chann channel. >> way to go. still to come, a civil war between the cities of chicago and houston. we will explain. but first this is "today" on nbc. there's the bean.>> i am extremely proud of jackie, gaby and stephanie. we worked with pg&e to save energy because we wanted to help the school. they would put these signs on the door to let the teacher know you didn't cut off the light. the teachers, they would call us the energy patrol. so they would be like, here they come, turn off your lights! those three young ladies were teaching the whole school about energy efficiency. we actually saved $50,000. and that's just one school, two semesters, three girls. together, we're building a better california.
6:21 am
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6:26 am
good saturday morning. 6:26. here's a live look outside. fog covering the golden gate bridge. it's not as cold out there right now as it usually is at this time of day. thanks so much for joining us. i'm kira klapper.
6:27 am
kari hall is in for vianey with a look at our microclimate forecast. i feel about myself when you're nodding yes to whatever i say about the weather. >> the cloud and fog acts as a blanket and keeps it from getting really warm in the afternoon. so kind of moderates our temperatures. that's what we are seeing right now. taking a live look outside, in emeryville, you can see just a little bit of fog going on right there at that shot. here's our highs today. so won't be as warm, especially along the coast. half moon bay, 62 degrees for a high today and in san francisco, 70, and there, as well as oakland, low 80s for the inland areas. it will heat up for the valleys, but we'll continue to cool off over the next couple days. looking really good for easter. >> looks good. and we'll stay tuned at 7:00 for the full forecast. kari, thanks. there are calls for action and they are growing louder. protesters in downtown sacramento continue to demand justice in the death of stephon clark, shot by sacramento
6:28 am
police. a private autopsy was released yesterday, sparriking more ange about how he died. the warriors are in sacramento playing against the kings tonight, and a former warriors and kings star is asking teammates to take action. sacramento native matt barnes will be there in honor of stephon clark. police shot clark after they say he hopped fences, running from them, while they were looking for a man breaking car windows. officers say they saw a gun before firing, but the 22-year-old was not armed. he was holding a cell phone. barnes served as a pallbearer at clark's funeral, and he's given financial support to the clark family. he says this shooting is personal. >> i'm here for support, and i'm here as a father, i'm here as a black man, tired of seeing this. >> protesters have blocked sacramento freeways, demonstrated at kings games. in some cases, blocked thousands of fans from entering the arena. as for tonight, warriors' coach steve kerr says he will talk to
6:29 am
his players about getting involved. >> very much aware of what's been going on in sacramento and very supportive of the protests. so i don't know what's going to happen. we'll see. >> definitely have stephon clark in our minds, and it's a hard thing to go through. something i've never been through. and couldn't imagine. >> the warriors have not yet announced any official plans of joining the movement. at 6:29, coming up this morning on "today in the bay," a warning from police. we'll tell you which bay area city is dealing with reckless bike riders. we'll have that plus your top stories and weather coming up at 7:00. we hope you join us. now, back to "today."
6:30 am
good morning. calls for justice. >> stephon clark. >> new protests overnight in sacramento, california after the family of stephon clark releases an independent autopsy showing the unarmed man was shot multiple times in the back. this as video released of another deadly police shooting in louisiana in 2016. one officer fired and one suspended. the big bean debate. houston and chicago ready to throw-down after a brouhaha after a statue of the bean. both cities take to social media to proclaim their city as top
6:31 am
bean. and craig gets a look at the national civil rights museum. detaili detailing martin luther king's life and legacy. we will show you more from inside. today, saturday, march 31st, 2018. ♪ >> we have ladies here from arizona. what do you think? >> it's too cold in new york! >> hello to the kilby family. >> hello to cincinnati! >> what are you celebrating? >> my 14th birth day. >> happy birthday. >> who do you want to say hi? >> grandma and grandpa in raleigh, north carolina. ♪ good morning. welcome back to "today" on saturday morning. a great crowd. >> a lively bunch. >> i don't feel like it is easter tomorrow.
6:32 am
>> it is the rolling spring break. we get the big crowds. >> it is not that cold. >> it's not warm. >> you are being soft. we have a lot to get to in the final half hour. let's start with "today's news." >> i'm steve patterson in sacramento with the results of the autopsy found stephon clark shot multiple times in the back. that sparked outrage overnight and calls for s for justice. >> the system is guilty as hell. >> reporter: overnight, a growing call for justice. protesters flooded the streets of downtown sacramento again following the death of stephon clark. >> we're disgusted for the chief of police lying to the public. >> reporter: police responding to reports of a vandal breaking car windows and encountered clark. the officers said they thought he had a gun, but after firing 20 shots, discovered it was a cell phone. >> he approached us hands out.
6:33 am
fell down. >> reporter: now a doctor commissioned by the family for the autopsy is offering a different account. he said he was hit eight times. from the left side near the arm pit and spinning him around before shot six more times from behind and once in the thigh. >> the findings of the autopsy contradict many of the narratives that the sacramento police put forward. >> reporter: the autopsy performed by amalou. he said clark did not receive immediate medical treatment. >> it was not instant death. >> reporter: now questions continue to swirl after the death and the outrage around it grows. sacramento police department released a statement saying they will not comment further until the results of the official autopsy released by the county. all of this and another rally planned for today. craig and sheinelle.
6:34 am
>> steve, thank you. from california to baton rouge, louisiana where the police released video of the deadly confrontation with police officers and the man outside the convenience store. one of the officers now has been fired. we have nbc's maya rodriguez with more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, craig. one officer out of a job and the other suspended three days after the deadly 2016 shooting. we want to warn you. some of the video is disturbing. this morning, clearest images of the confrontation with the two baton rouge police officers and 37-year-old alton sterling. >> what i did? >> reporter: for his aunt? too painful to watch. >> i'll die if i see that. >> reporter: officers respond to a 911 call about a man with a gun at a convenience store in 2016. >> he's selling cds.
6:35 am
he's got a .9 millimeter in his pocket. and he's drawing it. >> reporter: they approach sterling who fits the description of the man and the encounter escalates. sterling is tased and tackled. you hear one of the officers yelling sterling has a gun. >> got a gun. gun. >> reporter: officer shoots sterling six times. both the department of justice and the louisiana attorney general have declined to charge the officers. on friday, the baton rouge police department fired salamoni and suspended lake. officer salamoni's attorney says his client plans to appeal the firing although he will never been aice officer in baton rouge ever again. craig. >> maya rodriguez, thank you. some other news this morning, tesla has confirmed one of the vehicles involved in the
6:36 am
fatal crash last week in california was on auto pilot before the accident. tesla says the 38-year-old driver received several warnings to put his hands on the wheel before his car slammed into the highway divider. he died at a nearby hospital shorts after the crash. the -- shortly after the crash. if you are just waking up this morning, you might want to check that lottery ticket. there is a chance you could be $500 million richer. it was drawn overnight and no one claiming the bucks yet. here are the winning numbers. 11, 28, 31, 46 and 59. the megaball number 1. you have it? >> i>> i wish. >> $521 million prize. fourth largest in the game's history sdplch history. >> all of the money could not change the weather. it is chilly. dylan is out on the plaza with a check of the weather. you know, i lived in new york for several years and one
6:37 am
thing i have never done. perform at carnegie hall. >> we are going to perform at carnegie hall. >> in how many hours? >> few hours. >> you arehere? >> yes. >> thank you. good luck. >> thank you. >> so awesome. let's take a look at the weather going on across the country. we are looking at the storm system moving into the plains especially later sunday into monday. this will turn into a system that might bring snow to the northeast by the time we get to monday. yes, once we get to early april. we will see the potential for accumulating snow in the plains on sunday. today, snow across northern wisconsin and moving to michigan. we could see 8 you see.
6:38 am
good saturday morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. i love this view. we have a very shallow layer of fog rolling across san francisco and hugging the coastline. it's at about 500 feet or less. so really low in the atmosphere, but will bring about some slight cooling for today and reach up to 70 degrees for the afternoon once that fog clears. a mix of sun and clouds. 68 degrees tomorrow. and for first pitch for the giants' home opener, 67 degrees with some sunshine. and that's your latest forecast. guys. >> dylan, come back inside. still to come, an all-out war between chicago and houston apparently. and the latest on schwarzenegger's health after emergency open heart surgery. it is all right after these messages. 25% of your mouth.
6:39 am
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woman: where are we taking him? i have no clue. we're just tv doctors. if this was a real emergency, i'd be freaking out. we are the tv doctors of america. together with cigna reminding you to go, know, and take control of your health. schedule your annual check-up today. we're back on a saturday morning with a bizarre feud between two major u.s. cities. >> dylan is in the orange room. >> bizarre is an understatement. this is between chicago and houston.
6:43 am
for a while, the cities have been long time rivals. houston threatens to dethrone chicago as america's third la e largest city. stakes have been raised after houston had art installed. a sculpture shaped like a bean. chicago says it looks like its iconic bean. now the battle with the better bean. unoriginal fourth place houston gets its own bean sculpture. and dear chicago, houston's bean is better and so is houston. the bean battle made it to social media. jamie hernandez says it is a complete original. totally different. al from houston, our bean is a stand up bean. your bean is laying down on the job. tim tweeted, better city, chicago or houston?
6:44 am
and ken said if you have eight hours, i would be happy to explain to you in detail why houston is 1,000 times better than chicago. this is all happening over a bean. sheinelle, you lived in chicago. >> i went to northwestern. >> i didn't know there was a bean. >> we took pictures. it was a cool sculpture. i did not know it was a bean. >> tell your friends. >> you have to side with chicago on this one. >> they had the original bean. of all of the sculptures, you could come up with anything else. >> chicago is threatened. >> i didn't know. >> a thing. a thing. "popstart." >> let's get to it. first up, update on schwarzenegger's health after he had to undergo emergency open heart surgery. he had gone into the hospital on thursday for heart valve replacement which is a common procedure. a complication arose and an open heart team came to the rescue. he is in stable condition and
6:45 am
first words after surgery were "i'm back." next up. "roseanne" fans says the show bill be -- show will be picked up for a second season. it doesn't come as a surprise with the reboot record ratings. tuesday's premiere through 18 million viewers. roseanne tweeted. hey this means we get to do a halloween show. a fun day at the zoo for the kardashian-west clan with a rare sight. kanye smiling. the famously camera shy and son saint said cheese at the san diego zoo. mom posted to snapchat along with the snaps of daughter north posing with the hippos and elephants and penguins. it doesn't appear the latest
6:46 am
edition daughter chicago was there. celebrities do normal things too. >> including smiling. >> good to see him smile. dylan, thank you. coming up, we will take you to the national civil rights museum for a look at martin luther king jr.'s final days after his death. but first this is "today" on nbc.
6:47 am
6:48 am
we're back on saturday morning. remembering martin luther king jr. next week would have been 50 years since he was killed standing on the balcony of the lorraine motel in memphis. >> i went to memphis to tour the national civil rights museum for the exhibits in the very hotel where king was killed. opened in 1991, the national civil rights museum located in downtown memphis, tennessee showcases the legacy of social
6:49 am
change in america. it may be best known for all things related to dr. martin luther king jr.'s famous last visit in 1968. >> i have been to the mountaintop. >> welcome to montgomery. this is the first protest at this level. >> if you don't move out of that seat, i'll have you arrested. >> this is a powerful exhibit. >> here we are in birmingham. it is during this time that dr. king's arrested and he writes his famous letter from the birmingham jail. >> he spent a lot of time in cells like these. >> the cause of peace and broth brotherhood. martin luther king jr. >> a lot of people know the march is happening in 1963. they don't know it is for jobs and freedom. you can feel like you are on the national malil listening to dr. king. >> i have a dream today.
6:50 am
>> this is selma. for our visitors, you have the opportunity to really see what happens on bloody sunday. as we walk this way, what you will see is that we're following the crowd as they walk from selma to montgomery. so now we come to what brought dr. king to memphis. dr. king announces he is going to launch the poor people's campaign. a major campaign to radically reimagine how the nation addresses poverty. we are now in our mlk 50 legacy remembered exhibit. you get the preview. >> the first ones? >> the first ones. this is the first set of color photographs that i have seen from the silent march in downtown memphis. when people come to visit the museum, they will see a large number of photographs that have not been seen before or rarely seen before. >> it is hard to believe 50
6:51 am
years passed and still photos that have not been seen. >> our museum is a timeline. it brings you up to the final moment. which is room 306. where dr. king spent his last hours. >> it is surreal. >> it is. >> that is the most powerful part of the museum. >> that is the part i remember. >> yeah. you know, if you had not been to memphis or that museum, i would strongly encourage you to go. that will do it for us on saturday morning. tomorrow on "sunday today," willie sits down with actor john goodman with a conversation of goodman's life over three dec e decades of acting. evnjoy your saturday and holiday weekend. holiday weekend. see you next weekend. enamel is the strong, white, holiday weekend. see you next weekend. outer layer of your tooth surface. the thing that's really important to dentists is to make sure that that enamel stays strong and resilient for a lifetime the more that we can strengthen and re-harden that tooth surface,
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6:57 am
bay .... protestors demanding good morning. i'm kira klapper. next on "today in the bay," protesters demanding action for a man shot and killed by police. who is tapping the golden state warriors to join the demonstration. and san francisco hoping to host a huge event. and a small cooldown expected across the bay area. meteorologist kari hall will let us know what to expect for easter sunday.
6:58 am
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good saturday morning to you. it is 7:00 on the dot. here's a live look outside. wow, fog over the bay. and you can see downtown san francisco just peeking up in there along with the bay bridge. it looks really beautiful. a city in the clouds. good morning to you. thanks so much for joining us. i'm kira klapper. meteorologist kari hall is in for vianey with a look at our microclimate forecast. we have easter, passover, a lot going on. >> a lot going on. >> finally a little bit of a cooldown for those of us who don't have air conditioning. >> right. so warm. and i


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