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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 430  NBC  April 1, 2018 4:30pm-5:31pm PDT

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the president spending part of his holiday on social media. right now, on nbc bay area news. the president spending part of his holiday on social media. plus the big move for california and the driverless car industry. new regulations rolling out tomorrow. first, breaking news. a person is trapped under a tree in a park. the news starts right now. thank you for joining us. i am terry mcsweeny. a tree falls on an he will -- he
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wi will. the man has been taken to a trauma center. we have a crew in the park hiking to that location. live report coming up at 5:00. on this easter holiday, a community is preparing to take a big step forward. pg&e preparing to replace damaged lines. nbc bay area christy smith live in santa rosa. >> reporter: shortly after the fires burned in here, pg&e put in temporary power lines. tomorrow they start digging trenches for new equipment. another step in the road back. signs of progress in coffee park. >> we are not in a hurry because we want it done right and not
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quickly. >> reporter: losing his home in october. today old neighbors, friends and their supporters came back for a few hours. >> we really focus on staying together and maintaining our friendships through everything that we have gone through. >> reporter: children hunted for easter eggs. they plan to stick together. and tomorrow the work to rebuild picks up. pg&e begins construction on new under ground electric and gas lines. >> we have got to have that under ground going on. >> reporter: temporary overhead lines were put in to allow rebuilding. >> we need it done by october 30th. our pg&e goal is by halloween. >> reporter: peg&e points out
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that state investigation has not determined a cause. they are taking steps. >> it is a step, but make no mistake, it is going to be a long process. >> reporter: pg&e has started staging their equipment a few blocks from here and this is going to be a significant operation. 13 miles of electrical lines will be installed and they will install 15 miles of gas line. reporting live, christie smith. the president taking to twitter. one tweet declaring there will be no more daca deal. jennifer johnson has more from washington. >> reporter: arriving to church blasting mexico. >> mexico has got to help us
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through the border. can't happen that way anymore. >> reporter: one of the tweets saying they laugh at our dumb immigration laws. they must stop the big drug and people flows or i will stop their cash cow, nafta. >> had a great chance and the democrats blew it. >> reporter: this is the president's latest ousted cabinet secretary. he did not resign but was the third person the president fired by twitter in the last month. >> i came to fight for our veterans. no reason for me to resign. >> reporter: the president has fired dozens of high profile staffers since taking office. >> when he says i am starting to get the cabinet that i want, he finally is getting the people around him. >> he doesn't seem to want a lot
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of different viewpoints. he is purging the government. >> reporter: shulkin denied he used government funds. new poll showing 46% americans approve of the job he is doing. president trump's west palm beach golf club vandalized. the sheriff office says secret service is investigating. china set to impose new tariffs. and the move could be felt in california. beginning tomorrow, china is placing tariffs on u.s. goods such as wine and pork.
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a day of rest in sacramento today. no planned protests in the city over the deadly police shooting of stephon clark. coming after a night of protest including a crash of a sheriff's deputy and protesters. protesters began pounding and kicking the video. and you can see one of the patrol cars hit a woman. the sheriff's department says she suffered minor injuries. sheriff's department says the vehicle within code three meaning lights and sirens were warning people to get out of the way. tomorrow the dmv can begin issues permits for autonomous cars to be tested on california
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roads. this is the first time the state is allowing testing with no humans behind the wheel. as of now, it doesn't appear that any company has filed any permits. the company confirmed a model x suv that crashed in mountain view was in fact in autopilot mode. the driver received several visual and one audible warning. what a gorgeous easter sunday. live look at the golden gate bridge. it is absolutely beautiful out there. changes on the way says rob mayeda. >> in the meantime, picture perfect for easter sunday. a little bit cooler as the sea
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breeze is blustery this afternoon. onsho onshore breezes going all the way into the trivalley. tuesday after when the giants have their home opener against seattle mariners. upper 60s and close to 70s. big changes for the second half of the week. potential for a sub tropical boost. along with breezy conditions and coastal mountains could see 2-4 inches of rain. we will give you the time line when we think the heaviest rain will arrive coming up in 15 minutes. thanks a lot. still ahead, it is not a bird, it is not a plane, it is a massive piece of space junk. the timeline.
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plus rare outing for kim jong-un. what it means for ties between the north and south. space stati
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towards the earth right an 18,000-pound chinese space station is plummeting towards the earth right now and could crash down within the next hour. launched back in 2011. chinese officials lost touch with it. and now it is about to re-enter the earth's atmosphere. it should happen shortly after 5:30 this evening. >> most of the track is going to be over the ocean. but a small chance it could come down over south america and a small chance it could come down over central souafrica. right now the predicted point is in the atlantic ocean.
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>> experts say only small internal components expected to hit the ground. kim jong-un watched a performance in pyongyang today. the move comes as kim is expressed more contact between the north and the south. still ahead, we are going to show you the unique celebration in the south bay. that's the easter bunny. >> that is neat. sunshine around ocean beach. a beautiful but breezy view from emeryville, 64. tracking rain chances, and we'll look at the timeline when we come right back. delivery today.
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take a look at this. easter bunny made a special
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delivery today. big dude. soared above oak grove high school today. dropped thousands of easter eggs on the field. >> yeah, it is pretty amazing. but the excitement and joy that we are bringing is awesome. >> and rob points out, yes, plastic eggs. kids and adults with autism were invited to join in the fun today. and everybody got a chance to take pictures with the great big easter bunny. a bit more casual celebration. union street easter parade and spring celebration drew heck of a crowd. can't have an easter parade without the easter bunny. grand marshal of the parade was interim mayor mark farrel.
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they had rides. and great weather. and everybody was chanting rob mayeda thankful. >> a lot of sunshine. little bit windy right now. sea breeze picking up. almost typical of a day of june. our skies cleared out after morning clouds 72. tiburon looking nice. ocean beach, hopefully you are not getting sandblasted. got sunshine, but not exactly warm. walnut creek, that is where it is warm. 77 with mostly sunny skies. mostly sunny and this is how the first few days of the week should begin. breezy conditions at times for the afternoon and daytime highs that you would should be in the
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70s inland and 60s near the coast. little bit chilly in our north bay valleys. bay side closer to 50s. monday afternoon close to today's highs. from san jose south ward. and peninsula temperatures numbers trending cooler tomorrow. highs near 60s and low 60s around san francisco. and north bay highs climbing into the 70s. things are dry for now. this begins to change rapidly late thursday into friday. most of thursday now should be dry thursday night into friday beginning to see light rain. some rain at times for friday. the main event for the rain is
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overnight friday into saturday. so from 11:00 to 4:00 a.m. saturday morning. that is when the heaviest rain is going to come on through. and skies clear as we get into saturday evening. what could power up is this atmospheric river connection which may take hold friday and saturday. so if those two things coincide, that is what is going to bring us higher rainfall. biggest totals will be in the hills of sonoma county, and marin county. watch how the colors change from friday night into saturday morning. 1-3 inches of rain. a lot of that coming down. north bay hills up towards mmt mmt. saint helena. so most of the week, looks
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pretty good. in fact relatively warm outside which is good news because as you are about to see, we have giant space balls as they come back to the area to host seattle mariners. tuesday may actually be closer to 70s. that is important because that is an early afternoon start on tuesday. wednesday looks fine, even thursday should be fine and friday night into saturday, stay tuned. that has potential. especially for the coastal mountains, could see 2-4 inches there. places like san jose could get a lot less. >> giants have a game friday night and saturday as well. >> those games may have more weather issues. maybe not so much friday night, but depending on how much ra
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rainfalls saturday. coming up on nbc bay area news. >> nice way for me to remember. >> a touching story of love and heart break. this is right up there, a truly amazing story that will make you bay area proud coming up.
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it has been six difficult months since the north bay fires more than 40 people lost their lives in those fires. for one man also bitter sweet.
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gar vin thomas has the story in our bay area proud series. >> reporter: if you have driven 101 in sonoma county recently, perhaps you noticed it, a tribute to this woman. well, the story is interesting but it is also quite touching. >> come on, girl. >> reporter: from the tip of his hat to the soles of his boots, glen evan is a cowboy and has been for every one of his 88 years. >> i am a cowboy from the old school of ranches. cattle are just cattle to me. >> come on over here and get some of this. >> reporter: this is a story of how an old school cowboy finally found it in his heart to love a cow. the story begins like so many do
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in sonoma county these days. on the night of october eighth when it seemed like the earth, the sky and every single thing in between was on fire. >> the barn, the house, houses across the street. >> reporter: glen and valerie, his wife of 45 years rushed to save their animals. glen went to get a tractor. when he returned, she was gone. >> reporter: and whe >> where the flowers were planted is where we found my wife's remains. >> reporter: valerie came back into the house to rescue their dogs and neither came out. one thing, much more precious than the rest. >> what's up with you? >> reporter: valerie's favorite
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animal, her pet, a 1,000-pound 15-year-old texas long horn cow named angel. glen thought she was a goner the night of the fire but she survived. and glen could barely leave her side. >> she means everything to me right now. it brings my wife back to me in a nice way. >> reporter: perhaps the only thing that surprised glen more is learning how many others were attached. angel became something of a landmark to thousands of commuters who passed her every single day. when angel disappeared most feared the worst. when the word hit facebook that she was alive, tributes poured
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in. one mission right now, fix up the property enough so that angel can take her proper place once again, and at least one thing will be like it used to be. they don't have a timetable just yet as to when angel will return to her pasture. this is just the first step. wanting the entire family to move back to the property. still ahead on nbc bay area news, months after the deadly fire tore through the north bay, efforts throughout the way in sonoma county. a man taken to the hospital after a tree fell on him. he is the one who called for help.
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right now at 5:00, a day at
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the park takes a frightening turn after a tree falls on a man and traps him. good evening everyone thank you for joining us, i am terry mcsweeny. this all happening at san francisco mcclaren park. unser hudson is there now. >> reporter: i spoke with san francisco fire department and they say they are thankful this man is still alive. ranger crews are out here investigating what happened. now we are told the victim who is only described as an adult male was sitting under the tree listening to music and the tree fell on him. we do know he was taken to the hospital with nonlife-threatening injuries. the park rangers have been out
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here for a short while, taking measurement to investigate how that tree came down. fire department says they were lucky that they were able to get out here quickly and rescue a man from under a tree. we will follow his development. reporting live in san francisco. thank you very much. posting the latest updates on and also on our twitter feed. president trump spent his easter morning on twitter. no more daca deal.
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>> reporter: no more daca deal on easter sunday. but waiting to see if anything is in writing. president trump has changed his mind before about daca. president posted this tweet saying border patrol agents are not allowed to properly do their jo jobs. republicans must go to nuclear option to pass tough laws now. no more daca deal. that left questions about the future to millions of immigrants that were brought without documents as children. some dreamers wonder what is next. >> i feel like they don't care about our values. they don't care about us. they are using us for votes at the end of the day.
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>> reporter: last fall president trump canceled the deferred action for childhood arrival programs. after cancelling daca, trump said he would like to reach a deal with congress to protect dreamers inexchange for funding his long awaited wall. and truly keep families together. well, with more unease from dreamers, show of help from diane feinstein. she is going to address the situation daca recipients are facing and talk about solutions. talking about other issues as well. that event is hosted by the silicon valley leadership group.
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while the president is in florida, shulkin said he did not resign, he was fired. the third person the president has fired in the last month. he says he did not misuse government funds. >> i came to fight for our veterans and had no intention of giving up. no reason for me to resign. >> people close to the president including chris christie support those firings. china zeroing in on u.s. goods. placing tariffs on u.s. goods such as fruit, nuts, wine and pork. moving forward, another big milestone in one of the hardest hit areas, pg&e is said to be
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replacing lines. a sense of optimism in that community. >> reporter: if you drive around the neighborhood today, you see framing work that has happened but for the most part this is what the neighborhood looks like today. shortly after the fire, pg&e put up temporary overhead power lines to allow for building. tomorrow they start really important digging work on trenches. 13 miles of electrical lines and also 15 miles of gas lines. the utility is staging equipment nearby and expected to be working 12 hours day. there are signs of progress. power lines are being looked at as a possible factor in these
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fires. state investigators have not determined a cause. property owners tell us as builders get to work, they hope it all runs quickly. >> a huge step. to get us up and running we have to have these under grounds. >> i hope they can work together and realize rebuilding an entire community. so let's all work together to make it happen and happen right. >> reporter: now today, we found property owners who lost their homes gathering with friends, neighbors and supporters. they tell us they were long time neighbors and plan to stay close through the entire rebuilding process. they set up an easter egg hunt for children in the neighborhood and share stories with us. pg&e says their goal overall is
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to have this trench and electrical and gas work completed by the end of october. reporting live in santa rosa. christie smith nbc bay area news. tomorrow the dmv can begin issuing permits for driverless cars to be driven on roads. first time the state is allowing testing with no humans behind the wheel. at this point, doesn't appear any companies have filed to do anything of that. tesla is in hot water after one of their autonomous vehicle was involved in a fatal crash. the vehicle was in fact in autopilot mode. nbc bay area responds to a
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common family concern medical debt. >> reporter: we are working together with our nbc sister stations around the country. staring stories from here in the bay area and all over the nation. some families have racked up medical debt that rack up six to seven figures. we profile the charity that forgives medical debt. >> getting rid of the feel of powerless people have. >> reporter: we will show you how our donations should help erase as much as $20 million in medical debt. a lesson in avoiding that debt. lots of hospitals offer charity care but don't advertise.
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how a bay area family with a six physical income could still be eligible for help. if you have a consumer complaint, please call us. i will see you again tonight after jesus christ superstar. still ahead, easter at the vatican. the message the pope had on this easter sunday. and lots of sunshine for easter around the bay area. 72 degrees right now. and while the workweek begins with spring like weather, later on tracking the return of rain. details and the time line when we come back. po
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pope frances called for peace. mentioning syria, gaza and. >> reporter: pope frances, the messenger of hope on the global stage calling for peace.
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80,000 worshippers around the globe attended mass. the pope calling for the need to end the carnage in syria demanding that aid be delivered to the needy. the pope said he hoped that mutual respect would prevail over pro visions. he also celebrated newcomers to the faith this easter including a nigeria immigrant. his actions urging. the message delivered on what is the most important holiday on the christian cal dendar
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celebrating the resurrection of jesus. attending an easter service. william and kate arrived a few minutes late. she is expecting the couple's third child later this month. still ahead on nbc bay area news at 5:00, a high end retail has become the latest target of security breeze. see those wind speeds around san francisco. we await the home opener forecast. and rain returning to your seven-day forecast when we come right back.
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after being kicked out of the united states, it appears that they are back home. last week the u.s. ordered 60 russian diplomats to leave the country. two planes touched down in moscow. all came after someone poisoned
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a russian spy and his daughter. a data breach at a popular high end retailer, owner of lord and taylor and saks. this is a sacks fifth avenue store in san francisco. saks says customers will not be liable for the charges and will be offered free identity protection services. live look out of at&t park. how many splashes will there be this year? we'll ask rob mayeda. home opener certain to be
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special. first pitch 1:35 against the mariners. we will have extensive coverage for you. our team will be there at 4:30 in the morning if you want to guarantee your tickets. >> let's take you back outside to at&t park where you have some winds now. 20 miles per hour. game time forecast again the first pitch is at 1:35 in the afternoon. we may see 70s at least upper 60s. thursday as the first three days
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of the week seeing temperatures trending upward. rain chances will be on the increase as we go towards the end of the week. emeryville 62 degrees. sunol, we had highs in the upper 70s. and in san jose. winds did pick up. keeping things relatively cool around san francisco and the coast. and the breeze is reaching solano county. for the morning, maybe patches of low clouds. clear skies, 40s and 50s to start. temperatures in line to what we had today. tri-valley. hayward mid to upper 60s. san francisco, more 60s for your
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monday afternoon and north bay temperatures in the low 70s. things again to change. what we are going to see during the day monday will be high clouds at times. and patchy low clouds for the morning. overall, not much to see there monday and tuesday. bigger changes as high pressure changes from the south. and what is interesting, watching tropical moisture being drawn in. it will feel muggy outside. friday morning we begin to see a chance of mainly lighter rain through the friday morning commute and scattered showers by friday evening. weather system likely showing up from 11:00 friday through saturday morning. and then by saturday evening we begin to see those rain rates starting to drop off. what may make things interesting
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is just how heavy that rain could fall in a shorter period of time. boosted by tropical moisture. and this connection looks like it will stretch from hawaii into california. unusual to see that much moisture in early april. biggest totals on friday will be in the north bay hills. as we get into saturday morning beginning to see those rain tota totals ratchet up. from 11:00 friday night to noon on saturday. mainly falling on friday into saturday morning. by 5:00 friday, less than a third of an inch of rain. and eventually, we may see 3-1 ratio in the santa cruz m
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mountains. this is significant if we manage this to fall from friday night into saturday. snow levels relatively high. close to 6,000 feet. next weekend, could see another six to 12 inches of snow possible in the sierra next saturday. the week begins calm if not slightly warmer. tuesday and wednesday and the second half of the week right now, long range models seem to pinpoint friday evening through saturday morning. look at the temperatures. rain, temperatures in the upper 60. >> thanks very much. still ahead, a special treat coming up tonight other than nbc. a unique production of "jesus christ superstar." behind the scenes with that musical hit.
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♪ ♪ get high speed internet from at&t. $30 per month. no extra monthly fees. more for your thing. that's our thing. visit
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celebrate friendship and beyond at the first ever pixar fest with all new fireworks and your favorite park parades. only at disneyland resort. sound of music", "the wiz" and following up success with live musicals including live music, the whiz, and hair spray. a production of jesus christ superstar. >> reporter: it has been nearly 50 years since "jesus christ superstar," got its start on broadway. >> such an important story to tell. >> reporter: tonight john legend takes on the lead role. >> it talks about the human
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emotions that jesus himself felt. >> reporter: jesus' portrayal. >> this is the ultimate passion play. >> reporter: even as she was winding down her broadway run in waitress, she began working her role of mary mag dalenne. alice cooper brings a comical touch. >> a swirling ball of paranoia and ego. >> reporter: adding to that fun, a 32-piece band and a theater audience of 1300.
5:26 pm
cocreator andrew lloyd webber envisioned. >> it is going to feel like this once in a lifetime moment. >> reporter: one that will be shared tonight with a national audience. live tonight right here on nbc tune in at 8:00 for the two-hour special. we'll be right back.
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well, you know, selfies are a big deal these days. there is now a museum dedicated to selfies. the museum of selfies opened its doors today. a pop up museum in l.a.
5:29 pm
to find out how that is possible, go to the museum. it is going to be open for two months. perhaps the most interesting is the record breaking selfie stick which is more than 90 feet long and stretches the entire length of the selfie museum. we want to say a special congratulations to teigen mcgrady. she helped lead the stanford cardinals to the 2017 women national championships. al proud dad right now. you have an update on the falling chinese trash. >> they think passing perhaps towards buenos airs.
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>> see you at 6:00. tonight we're in oklahoma where teachers are threatening to walk out despite getting a pay raise. the latest in a national trend of teachers demanding more. plus a disturbing development in the investigation of a family whose suv plunged off a california cliff. was it intentional? president trump's easter morning rant rallying against mexico, immigrants a daca, but he's got some of the facts wrong. keep your eyes on the sky. an out of control chinese satellite heads right for the u.s. and broadway icon, andrew lloyd weber sits down with kate snow to talk about his roots, his inspiration and his next big project. announcer: this is "nbc nightly news" with kate snow. a good sunday to you. i'm craig melvin in for kate.


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