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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  April 1, 2018 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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lives, but lost everything else, including their home. this is what remains of the estate pepe cared for. he said his boss will rebuild all of it, even a new house for pepe and his family. 10 weeks after the fires, elizabeth gave birth to a healthy baby boy. philipp and linda still have their home and so do ed and caroline, but just barely. three homes next to theirs were destroyed. the fires killed 43 people, including from atlas peak, however, on that terrible first night, those two aircrews from the california highway patrol saved almost as many. 42 lives. they even went back for the people with pets. >> they didn't have to do this. no one told them. i don't think anyone realizes what a risk they took by trying to save us all that night. >> the word hero is thrown
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around a lot in america. sometimes it applies and sometimes it doesn't. i kind of think it does apply to you guys and the job you did that night. >> you know, we had fortunate to have a good crew and good aircraft and good training and we were just -- >> and good luck? >> by the grace of god, i think. >> fire doesn't care about anything. where you live or how frightened you are. what made the difference here in this lovely corner of the world were the people. who set aside the fears and cared about each other. >> that's all for this edition of dateline. we will see you again friday at 9:00, 8:00 central and see you each week night for nbc nightly news. i'm lester holt. for all of us at nbc news, good night. not an accident.
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new details about an s-u-v that plunged off a cliff near the . right now at 11:00, not an accident. new details about an suv that plunged off a cliff near the bay area and killed an entire family. good evening, everyone, thank you for joining us. i'm terry mcsweeney. new details on this tragic case that's caught the attention of people across the country, and now it appears the driver may have intentionally driven that car off the cliff. marianne favro has the latest. >> it's a difficult case that's attracted national attention. i talked with investigators tonight and there was no physical evidence the suv hit something. in fact, evidence indicates the vehicle sped off the cliff with no attempt to brake. >> there was no tire marks, b e
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burros in the gravel pullout, no physical evidence at the location. >> reporter: highway patrol investigators now believe the driver of the suv carrying a family of eight may have intentionally sped off a cliff last week. tonight the chp says it appears the washington state family's suv may have gone from being stopped at a pullout to possibly accelerating up to 90 miles an hour, and then plunging off the cliff. >> it's an overturned vehicle, 11:24, unknown if it's just occurred. >> officers recovered the bodies of jennifer and sarah hart and three of their six adopted children. and they're trying to find three other children. police searched the family home on thursday. investigators retrieved computers, credit cards and bank statements. not the first time the hart family has been in the news. in 2014, one of their sons was
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famously photographed hugging a police officer during a portland rally. neighbors say the hart recently had been sneaking to their home asking for food. >> they portray this happy little family. and yet, you know, the night before their daughter's telling us, please, please, please, begging us not to make her go back, that they're abusing her. >> last month washington state officials tried to reach the family amid allegations of child abuse or neglect. >> at this point in the investigation it's safe for us to say that felony may have been committed. >> family friends insist the couple was loving. >> jenn and sarah were the most loving two moms we could have ever seen on this earth caring for six, beautiful adopted children. >> it's not clear why the family was in mendocino county. they're awaiting results of toxicology reports to understand better how the suv ended up on the ocean floor. >> investigators say the air bag
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modules indicate the suv was not in a collision before going off the cliff. mendocino county sheriff's deputies are now trying to find anyone who may have seen the family before the crash. marianne favro nbc bay area news. >> we've been posting update s on this, and you can find a timeline of the investigation on our website. a neighborhood devastated by the north bay fires, pg&e planning to install 13 miles of power lines. crews are expected to work 12-hour days. the work comes social security as the investigation into what started the fire continues. that focuses on power lines. homeowners say they're hopeful the work can help a community still healing. >> i hope they can really work together and realize they're
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rebuilding an entire community. so let's all work together to make it happen and make it happen right. >> our christy smith will have a full report on tomorrow's work coming up later in the newscast. new at 11:00, a dramatic search for a missing 13-year-old boy in southern california, believed to have fallen into a drainage ditch in griffith park. more than 100 people have been looking for him. this is video of crews searching earlier today. witnesses told the lapd the teenager was jumping on a wooden plank and it gave way. police say the drainage ditch was filled with water. crews have still not found the teenager. developing story we reported live at 5:00 and 6:00 tonight, a man injured by a falling free branch in one of san francisco's biggest parks. tonight we have the dispatch audio and new details on the man's condition, nbc bay area's live at san francisco general with more on that.
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anser? >> reporter: good evening, the patient was just released. he was the one that made the call to 911 after being hit. a fire official i spoke with earlier today says given how that branch fell, this man is lucky to be alive. >> i'm standing next to the call taiker, who's on the phone with a person who's stuck underneath the tree. >> emergency crews rushed to the scene here at the park to rescue an elderly man knocked out after the large tree branch fell on him. the 911 call came in just after 3:15 p.m. the man was sitting under the tree listening to music when he was hit. park rangers spent several hours investigating the scene, but wouldn't answer any questions about their initial findings. >> i wouldn't have considered it a risk prior to this experience. >> bill wild and his friend say they're glad the man survived. the accident wasn't enough to deter them from their evening
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hikes. >> i go off the concrete paths and they're usually pretty well cleared. >> different reaction from sydney. >> i was concerned for the safety of the kids around hear. >> her family visits the park a lot. safety is always a big concern. she says with so many old trees, people have to be on the lookout. >> that was just an old tree that needed to be checked, yeah. accidents happen. >> reporter: we did reach out to san francisco recreation and park department for an update to their investigation. they did not return our request for comment. reporting live in san francisco, i'm anser hassan. we've been following the story on our social media platforms, one of the tweets we sent out with an update on the man's improved condition. to keep up to date, follow us
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our handle @nbcbayarea. a fire broke out at the uniform service building. the fir started about 4:00, spread to a storage area inside the building. the flames were contained. no one hurt. the cause under investigation. new at 11:00, a strong arm robbery at an east bay bart station. a man claims six juveniles forcibly took his two iphone xs. no arrests have been made. last year bart warned riders about a rise in thefts of cell phones. happening tomorrow a big step for the driverless car industry in california. autonomous cars are getting permits. they can apply for three types of permits. driverless testing, tests with a driver, and deployment. which allows the cars to be used commercially on city streets. it's the first time the state
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has allowed testing with no humans behind the wheel. the company hasn't -- tesla is under scrutiny. a model x suv crashed on 101 mountain view was in auto pilot mode. the driver received lots of visual and automobile warnings, but did not grab the steering wheel and was killed. the president posted this tweet this morning calling for tougher laws and no daca deal. that left a lot of immigrants with questions. one dreamer is staying hopeful lawmakers will pass what he calls a clean dream act. >> i feel like they don't care about our values, don't care about us, and they're just using us for votes at the end of the day. >> president trump says he wants to protect dreamers from deportation, but in exchange wants funding to build a wall at
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the u.s.-mexico border. what was left of an 18,000 pound chinese space station splashed harmlessly in the pacific ocean this evening. it reentered the atmosphere at 5:16 p.m. pacific time, landed in the south pacific. the majority of the station was burned up on spri. but small components fell into the ocean. more than 70% of earth's surface is controlled by water. unusual for uncontrolled entries to occur over land and even more unusual for them to be dangerous. right now, tracking a bit of a windy night around the bay area. wind speeds up to 24 miles an hour. tracking a powerful spring storm that could bring surprisingly high rainfall for the bay area. timeline coming up. hospital bills are huge. two words that might make yours disappear, even if you bring home six figures a year. i'm investigator kris .
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a new production of "jesus christ superstar," one music call group is doing and what they think.
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...the financial dark cloud hanging over millions of american families. tonight nbc bay area responds to medical debt, the financial dark cloud hanging millions of american families, consumer investigator kris gamora is telling you about a nationwide initiative a television group is undertaking. >> making a sizable donation to erase medical debt, but we also want to shed light on a little known option, something that could erase your next hospital bill, even if you have insurance. >> it baffled me. >> from deanna and kevin in arinda. >> the total bill from the hospital was about $76,000. >> to lori in new york. >> how can somebody pay that bill? >> and countless others in between. >> we're screwed. >> documenting the open wound of medical debt. >> we're somewhere in between half a million and $1 million in debt right now. >> here in the consumer
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investigative center our team is constantly taking calls about problems with debt, specifically medical debt, and that adds up. when the federal reserve recently asked people whether they had taken on medical debt in the past year, 46% said yes. >> medical debt just isn't just a one off. >> bruce mclarry with the national foundation for credit counseling, you can ask for financial help. it's called charity care, and you might qualify, even if your family has health insurance, and your income is six figures. u.s. hospitals say they offered $38 billion in charity care in 2016. that includes millions worth here in the bay area. so how do you qualify? and how do you request charity care? well, let's use sutter tehealths an example. its application says an uninsured family of four may
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apply for a full write-off of all charges for hospital services. even if the family has health insurance, they could still qualify for a write-off of deductibles and co-pays if they speed 10% of their income. mclarry says you have to ask early before your bill goes to a debt collector. >> the longer you wait to get help, the fewer options there are. >> many hospitals that get government funding are required to offer charity care. but they don't exactly advertise it. the university of michigan found just 42% of hospitals will notify a patient about charity care before trying to collect an unpaid bill. and so millions of families who can't pay have racked up billions in medical debt. that's where an unusual charity is stepping in. >> we see ourselves as -- givers. >> he's co-founder of rip medical debt. it buys medical debt in bulk
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from debt collectors and forgives the past due accounts. every dollar he spends can buy $100 in debt and erase it. >> we're getting rid of the feeling of powerlessness people have. >> we've made a $150,000 contribution that will forgive as much as $20 million in medical detonationwide, include $1.5 million worth in the bay area. >> we're deeply grateful of the work people are doing and getting out the word. if you know about it, you can do something about it. >> we can't forgive the debt of specific people because the charity is buying the accounts in bulk from debt collectors. if your account is part of the batch of $1.5 million in the bay area that rip is buying and forgiving. you'll get an envelope in the mail. if you get one, we would love to hear from you, please. hold onto that paperwork there,
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that is proof your debt has been forgiven and the debt collector calls should stop. r.i.p. medical debt accepts donations from the public. we suggest your check out r.i.p. before donating. also, on our website and our app, a revealing new feature we're calling ten questions for a debt collector, insider's view of the industry, tricks, secrets and advice for dealing with that next unwanted call. again, on our website, and on our nbc bay area app. if you have a consumer complaint give us a call, 888-996-tips. or online at nbc bay area. >> from a debt collector? you saw it tonight, a live performance of the broadway rock opera "jesus christ superstar," people gathered to catch the show, including the cast from
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the ray of light theater company. they're going to be performing the hit musical next month. but they're reinventing the classic by putting on an all female show. one of the directors spoke about tonight's performance. >> i love the live energy of the audience, people are really into it. i love john legend. >> the ray of light cast is set to perform its rendition of "jesus christ superstar" next month. april fool's day, and a lot of people were having fun with it. tesla founder elon musk tweeted tesla goes bankrupt. despite intense efforts to raise money, including a last hitch mass sail of easter eggs, we've gone bankrupt, so bankrupt you can't believe it. pretty funny. burger king, chocolate whopper. these and many other stories
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today, totally false. no chocolate patty out there, i'm sorry to say. did that make you hungry? >> yeah, that looks good. >> several good days left and then things will change. >> potential for heavy rain coming in towards the end of the week. for the meantime, breezy around the bay area, and mild temperatures starting the week ahead, watching the giants home opener. san rafael, 47 degrees, san francisco, 56 currently, winds out of the west at 20. blustery around the peninsula. emeryville, the city lights, 55 degrees currently, and into san jose, partly cloudy skies, currently 57 degrees. san francisco at 24 miles per hour, on shore breezes reaching
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east bay valleys. that's the coolest day. 40s and 50s to start the morning. high temperatures around san jose should climb into the low 70s. tri-valley, 70s, peninsula temperatures, winds 10 to 20 miles per hour, near 60 in half moon bay, san francisco, another cool day with temperatures in the low 60s, north bay temperatures in the low 70s. high clouds at times, in addition to the patches of low clouds we can see in the morning, but mostly sunny conditions, and probably slightly warmer temperatures for tuesday and wednesday as high pressure holds strong for the first half of the week. first half of the week is dry with 70s in the forecast. things begin to change wednesday and thursday. increasing clouds, and it will start to feel muggy as the moisture plume away from hawaii
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arches up into the ridge. thursday, far north bay, a chance at rain, friday at times, and during the day to see rain that will probably lift back off to the north, brief break friday evening, and then friday night, 11:00 into saturday morning, this could be a period that has heavy rain at times, powered up by tropical moisture. we think this is going to bring the high rainfall rates at times, especially friday into saturday. the projections are a quarter inch of rain into the day friday and then friday night into saturday, one to three inches of rain in the north bay hills. watch out for that as we get into the beginning of next weekend. so mild temperatures, partly cloudy skies through mid-week, chance of north bay rain showers showing up late thursday. but the main event, if the timing holds, right now will be friday night into saturday morning, a couple inches or inches of rain, in the north bay
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hills. we'll be watching that closely next weekend. >> friday night it's the giants and dodgers at at&t. >> windy and probably at this point raining, but tuesday, wednesday, thursday right now look pretty good. >> rob, thanks a lot. coming up, a next door post going viral, the comments about bubble tea and the impact on teenagers in the bay area. easter from the vatican, the message the pope had on today's holiday. the changes coming to yr commute monday morning.. and cars with no drivers? despite the controversy -- there are new permits being issued that could soon make that a reality in california. "today in the bay" - monday morning -- 4:30 to 7.
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the pope... delivering his easter message today. a plea for peace from the vatican, the pope delivering his easter message today, nbc's lucy
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reports from london. >> reporter: the messenger of hope on the global stage this easter. nearly 80,000 worshippers from around the globe attended mass under tight security in st. peters square in rome this morning. the pope calling for the need to end the carnage in syria, demanding that aid be delivered to the needy, and he also urged for reconciliation in the middle east, including in israel where 15 palestinians were killed in clashes on the border this weekend. he hoped the mutual respect would prevail in yemen and the entire middle east. on relations between north and south korea, the pope said he hoped talks aiming to ease the long-standing tensions on the peninsula would advance harmony and peace. he also celebrated newcomers to the space this easter, including a nigerian migrant for becoming a hero in italy, disarming a thief with his bare hands.
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he urged christians to act in the face of injustice, and to keep their hearts open. the message delivered on what is the most important holiday on the christian calendar, celebrating the resurrection of jesus. an east irfit for a queen. prince william and his wife -- she's expecting the couple's third child later this month. prince harry and meghan markle did not attend. their weekend plans are private. the two will wed at st. georges chapel on may 19th. new at 11:00, comments about those popular bubble teas trending online. they have tapioca pearls in it. teens are throwing away their futures by waiting in line at bubble tea shops. she thinks that instead teens
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should be studying nonstop for their s.a.t.s, somebody posted that comment next door, and it has quickly gone viral. just ahead, not just a visit from the easter bunny, vandals heading to the trump international golf club, what they did to the front of that resort. community is preparing ta
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big step forward in what on this easter sunday, a community is preparing to take a big step forward in what has already been a long road to recovery. pg&e is about to replace miles of damaged power and gas lines in santa rosa's coffey park neighborhood which was devastated during the deadly north bay wildfires. christy smith. >> reporter: lots cleared of burned homes. >> we're not in a hurry.
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>> reporter: scott lost his home in october after the disastrous wildfires swept through the region. today, old neighbors, friends and supporters came back for a few hours. >> we really focus on staying together and maintaining our tr friendships through everything we've gone through. >> the children plan to stick together, and the work to rebuild picks up. pg&e begins construction on new electric and gas lines. >> to get us up and running, we've got to have the underground. >> temporary overhead lines were put in to allow rebuilding. >> we need to have it done by october 31st. but as you see the signs up in the neighborhoods say the end of the year. but our pg&e goal is by halloween. >> the power lines are being looked at as a possible cause for the fire that ripped through santa rosa.
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but they point out state investigations have not determined a cause. the road back will be long, but they are taking steps. >> it is a step. but make no mistake, it's going to be a long process. >> reporter: christy smith, nbc bay area news. a sign of president trump's west palm beach club was vandalized this week. red paint was splashed on the sign. you can see someone cleaning up that sign. the palm beach county sheriff's office, says the secret service is investigating. president trump spent part of his morning on easter sunday blasting border control and immigration policy, vowing no deal when it comes to daca. nbc's kelly o'donnell reports. >> reporter: with the first lady and daughter tiffany heading into easter sunday service, the president paused to engage, even in flame, a politically charged
11:34 pm
issue, immigration. zb >> and a lot of people are coming in because they want to take advantage of daca. >> the president's assertion gives a false picture of what the daca program actually is. bill richardson was a border state governor. >> the president is factually incorrect. daca has nothing to do with new immigrants coming in, or immigrants coming in. >> daca, deferred action on childhood arrivals, is an obama-era policy to -- and must be living in the u.s. continuously since 2007. the future is uncertain for the 800,000 enrolled as the president and congress fail to make their legal status erm permanent. >> i say this to daca recipients. the republicans are with you, they want to get your situation taken care of. >> that sympathetic tone was
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gone today as the president declared no more daca deal. >> the president has dangled daca in a cruel sense. he's never been serious about resolving it. >> reporter: the president also described eroding security at the southern border, getting more dangerous, caravans coming, that word, caravan, was used on screen this morning during a fox news segment. outside the church, the president again made mexico his target. >> mexico has got to help us at the border. if they're not going to help us at the border, it's a very sad thing. >> just ahead, it's a data breach that's impacted 5 million people, the personal credit card information of those customers breached by hackers, what saks fifth avenue is saying in is response. -- response. end retailer.
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the owner of "lord and taylor" and "saks" confirmed a data breach at a popular high end retailer, the owner of lord & tailor and saks, data has been breached. purchases made at stories across america, there's a saks fifth avenue in san francisco. the company says at this time they do not believe online purchases are in danger. the company did not say how many people were impacted by the breach. but customers will not be liable for the charges, and will be offered free identity protection services. it started as a grassroots movement in west virginia, and made its way to oklahoma. teachers are walking out of the classroom. >> did the easter bunny come? >> yeah. >> for third grade teacher heather cody, this last spring break got a nickname, spring
11:38 pm
broke. >> paycheck to paycheck, literally. she's one of thousands planning to walk off the job tomorrow. following in the footsteps of teachers in west virginia, kentucky and arizona. >> you don't feel respected as an educator. >> parents and students are backing the teacher's plan to walk out. >> my kids' teachers deserve respect and they're not getting it. >> oklahoma teachers are some of the lowest paid in the nation. last week the state legislature approved a raise for the first time in ten years, on average giving teachers about $6,000 more a year. >> that is a remarkable historic figure for our state, and something that i think we should all be very proud of. >> not good enough, say educators who want a $10,000 pay raise over three years, and millions more to replace textbooks, broken desks, and end
11:39 pm
four-day school weeks, the result of budget cuts in some districts. >> while this is major progress, this investment alone will not undo a decade of neglect. >> back in tulsa, cody says she is committed to teaching the next generation, but wonders how she'll pay for surgery this summer while raising her daughter as a single mom. >> my daughter is in day care, i have a car payment, medical bills that i pay. >> her current solution, living with her parents, and monday's walkout. >> i'm not walking out on my children or my students, i'm walking out for my students. >> maya rodriguez reporting. china is stopping tariffs on 100 imported goods from the u.s. this is a move that could really hit california. the tariffs begin tomorrow, they include fruits, nuts, wine, and pork. china making the move in response to president trump's decision to replace $50,000 in
11:40 pm
tariffs. a rare move by kim jong-un, he and his wife watched a press conference by south korean k-pop stars in pyongyang together. the first time in more than a decade, kim was seen clapping in tune to some of those songs and later took photographs with the performers. kim has expressed willingness for more contact between the north and south. >> a way for me to remember her. coming up, a touching story of love and heartbreak stemming from the north bay fires, the story that will make you bay area proud. and for the parts of the bay area tonight, we're seeing a windy tonight, winds at 24 miles per hour into san francisco, this windy start will be followed up by a wet finish to the week ahead, a strong spring storm headed our way. since the .
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more than 40 people lost their lives in those flames. it's been six difficult months since the north bay fires, more than 40 people lost their lives in those flames. for those they left behind, a very tough time. for one man also bittersweet. nbc bay area's garvin thomas has the story in our bay area proud series. >> reporter: if you've driven 101 in sonoma county recently, perhaps you've noticed it, this billboard, with a tribute to a woman.
11:44 pm
you probably thought there was an interesting story behind it. the story is interesting, but it's also quite touching. >> come on, girl, come on. >> from the tip of his hat to the soles of his boots, glen evans is a cowboy. >> come on, angel. >> has been for everyone of his 88 years. >> i'm a cowboy from the old school of ranches, and, you know, cattle are just cattle to me. >> come on over here and get some of this, yeah. >> this is the story of how an old school cowboy finally found it in his heart to love a cow. >> she means as much to me as my life does. >> the story begins like so many do in sonoma county these days, on the night of october 8th, when it seemed like the earth, the sky, and every single thing in between was on fire. >> the barn, the house was -- houses across the street, this house behind me. >> glen and valerie, his wife of
11:45 pm
45 years, rushed to save their animals. glen went to get a tractor to pull their trailer, he told valerie he'd be right back. but when he returned, she was gone. >> and where the flowers are planted is where my son and i found my wife's remains the next morning. >> valerie had gone back into the house to rescue their dog, and neither came out. >> like a nightmare that i can't wake up from. >> there were precious few things that survived that fire. the one thing, much more precious than the rest. >> what's up with you? >> and quite a bit bigger. valerie's favorite animal, her pet, a 1,000 pound 15-year-old texas long horn cow named angel. glen thought she was a goner the night of the fire. but she survived, and glen can barely stand to leave her side in her temporary home of pen
11:46 pm
grow. >> she means everything to me right now. it brings my wife back to me in a nice way. >> perhaps the only thing that surprised glen more than how attached he's become to angel is learning how many others already were. you see, standing in her pasture, alongside 101 for the past decade and a half, angel became something of a landmark to the thousands of commuters who passed her each and every day. when angel disappeared, most feared the worst. but when word hit facebook she was alive and just displaced, well, the tributes poured in. it's another reason glen that has one mission in life right now, fix up the property enough so that angel can take her proper place once again. and at least one thing will be like it used to be. >> they don't have a timetable as of just yet when angel will
11:47 pm
return to her pasture. of course, she's just the first step, glen and his son want the entire family to move back to their property. garvin thomas, nbc bay area news. great story, well, selfies are a big deal these days, so big there's now a museum dedicated to selfies. it's the museum of selfies opening its doors today, a pop-up museum in l.a., the cultural phenomenon of the selfie, which has roots dating back -- interesting exhibit here, the record-breaking selfie stick is more than 90 feet long, stretches the entire length of this pop-up museum. extra special easter delivery today, this morning an easter bunny in the south bay, taking off in a hot air balloon at oak grove high school's football field, the bunny and
11:48 pm
his co-pilot dropped thousands of easter eggs onto the field. and there are the kids. south ridge church in san jose hosted the epic egg drop. >> it's pretty amazing. like i said, the excitement and joy we're bringing is really awesome. >> kids and adults with autism were especially encouraged to join in today. everyone got a chance to get some eggs and take a picture with the man of the hour, the bunny of the hour, the easter bunny. rob mayeta here now, and they were appreciative of the good weather you provided. >> precious cargo with theester bunny up there. >> and good for the outdoor plants today. a little windy though. and the coast, we'll look at those hour by hour wind speeds heading into monday. right now, 50s and 60s outside, still pretty mild. santa rosa and concord at 60 degrees, may see a patch or two or low clouds for the morning,
11:49 pm
and there you see the wind speeds, up to 21 miles per hour in half moon bay and the reason why the temperatures for the weekend dropped off to the low 60s. blustery for now. tomorrow morning and tomorrow afternoon, an onshore breeze, but not as gusty. morning temperatures, 40s and 50s, highs again tomorrow should climb into the lower 70s, closer to san jose. by still low to mid-60s from san francisco over to half moon bay, 60 degrees, low 70s around the north bay, and east bay valleys for monday afternoon. high pressure will hold its ground through about wednesday. and then it's going to flatten out and we're going to be watching a lot of moisture which right now is just to the north of hawaii, streaming into northern california during the day thursday. you'll notice the humidity going up. overcast skies, rain showing up as early as thursday and then
11:50 pm
light to moderate rain dropping in for your friday morning commute and we'll see about the evening giants game. see the rain temporarily lift off towards the north bay. but look what happens as we head towards 11:00 saturday night. saturday morning this looks like the main event for heavier rain. combination for tropical moisture. saturday morning, saturday evening and sunday things may begin to quiet down. here's what's interesting. a lot of added moisture of this system that can bring higher than average rainfall rates. you can see on the futurecast when that's probably going to happen. it's not really during the day friday but right there from friday night through mid-day saturday as things look right now. santa cruz mountains, north bay hills, the areas in white and purple, more than three inches of rain possibly. watching this closely. the rain totals are brought to you by the atmospheric river connection that looks like it's
11:51 pm
setting up once again to wrap up the week into the we could. for san francisco, we'll have mild temperatures first half of the week, watching the chance of rainmaking a big comeback friday into saturday. holiday weekend plans this weekend were great. next weekend, maybe not so much there on saturday. could have a lot of wind too, so watch that closely through the week. >> rob, thanks very much. and we want to see a special congratulations to teaguen mcgrady. she's a san jose native. helping the stanford cardinals win the national championship. she also happens to be the daughter of willy mcgrady, the director of broadcast operations here. no doubt he's smiling ear to ear. for more sports news, here's kelly johnson with a look at what's ahead. it was a busy easter sunday in sports, the warriors get good news on patrick mckau, and another much needed win at
11:52 pm
oracle. an incredible finish in the women's national championship game. last-minute miracle by the same star who took down yukon, all that ahead in sports.
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my name is cynthia haynes and i am a senior public safety specialist for pg&e. my job is to help educate our first responders on how to deal with natural gas and electric emergencies. everyday when we go to work we want everyone to work safely and come home safely. i live right here in auburn, i absolutely love this community. once i moved here i didn't want to live anywhere else.
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i love that people in this community are willing to come together to make a difference for other people's lives. together, we're building a better california. a lot of prayers were answered on easter sunday for the warriors. patrick mckau's horrifying fall saturday that landed him in the hospital was the starriest thing steve kerr ever experienced. no structural damage or neural destruction. lumbar spine contusion, diagnosis. best news possible after the scary scene in -- he came crashing down hard on his back, an x-ray and ct scan also came back clear and he was released from the hospital this afternoon. he'll miss at least the next three games with a follow-up exam scheduled for thursday. >> just a huge relief. last night was really
11:55 pm
terrifying. and all the news has been good this morning. and he's up walking, i think you guys got the info that he's been released and he'll come back here and get reevaluated thursday. is that right, raymond? and that's the only thing that matters is that patrick's okay. >> so a big relief for kerr and the warriors, back hosting the suns tonight. second quarter clay thompson weaving through traffic, loses it. bust out in the third, kevin durant, and a dunk. draymond green on the trailing three, he gets it to go. green had 13 points. warriors win two in a row, 117-107. how about the ncaa women's championship's game, notre dame and mississippi state, and she
11:56 pm
does it again, two days after hitting the winner to beat yukon, this time she drains it for a national title. it's unbelievable, 61-58 the final. to the diamond, giants wrap up opening weekend in l.a., bottom sixth we go, dodgers up one here, yasiel puig. later in the sixth, the flood gates open. cody bellinger, his first hit, a two-run bomb, barely clears the wall. giants shut out for a second night. dodgers win 9-0. the a's and angels, otani, first batter he faces, he strikes out, and two batters later, matt olson can't find it,
11:57 pm
he goes down swinging. chapman waiting on a breaking ball, goes deep, three-run homer and the a's take the lead. cole calhoun, the single. powell can't come up with it cleanly. a's defense, four errors the last two games. powell can't get it over the heads. a's take three out of four in oakland, 7-4 the final. that will do it for sports. more news after the break. ♪you've got a friend in me
11:58 pm
11:59 pm
celebrate friendship and beyond at the first ever pixar fest with all new fireworks and your favorite park parades. only at disneyland resort. 27-th annual "union street easter in san francisco today the 27th annual union street easter parade and spring celebration, a good crowd, quite the array of sights and sound, really cool hats, bonnets, i should say, the easter bunny was the grand
12:00 am
marshal of the parade. easter bonnet contest, pony rides. that's the one i'm going to vote for just because it's amazing. yeah, because of my yard. great weather to make that that much better. all right, thanks very much for joining us. have a great night. have a great week. take care.


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