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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  April 2, 2018 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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good monday morning to you as we start our day with a live look out on san jose. as you can see, it is still dark outside. but we're up and bright and bringing you the sunshine for you this morning. thank you so much for joining us. i'm marcus washington. >> and i'm kris sanchez. not too shabby. >> not at all. it will be a beautiful day. we're seeing cooler temperatures to start off, but eventually we'll warm up to the upper 60s and mid-70s for today. san jose 53 right now, mountain view 50. san francisco at 53. napa, about 44 degrees. as of right now, our temperature trend does show mostly clear
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skies through the afternoon. and we are on tap to keep mostly dry conditions through today for the next couple days, but i am looking ahead toward our next chance of rain. but for now, let's send it over to mike. >> things calm right now. south bay all the way up out of the south county, no delays. north bay, we do have eastbound 37 i saw some early slowing about 4:00 this morning heading over toward 121. striping work going on. and westbound smaaw some distraction, but it looks like everything has cleared. 101 does move smoothly through san rafael. back to you. tragic new developments now this morning in a case that has caught the attention of people all across the country. investigators are now saying that the driver of that suv that plunged off a cliff may have plunged off the cliff on purpose. the suv was carrying an entire
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family. >> now more on the investigation and how investigators came to that conclusion. >> no skid marks, no burrows in the gravel pullout. no physical evidence at the location. >> reporter: california highway patrol investigators now believe the driver of the suv carrying a family of eight may have intentionally sped off a cliff last week. the chp says it appears the washington state family's suv may have gone from being stopped at a pullout to possibly accelerating up to 90 miles an hour and then plunging off the cliff. officers recovered the bodies of jennifer and sarah hart, and three of their six adopted children. search teams are still trying to find three other children believed to have been in the vehicle. police searched the family home on thursday, investigators retrieved computers, credit
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cards and bank statements. it is not the first time the family has been in the news. in 2014, one of their sons was famously photographed hugging a police officer during a portland rally. but neighbors say the hart children recently had been sneaking to their home asking for food. >> they portray this happy little family, and yet, you know, the night before their daughter is telling us please, please please don't make us go back. >> reporter: last month washington state officials tried to reach the family amid allegations of abuse or effect. >> a felony may have been committed. >> reporter: but family friends insist the couple was loving. >> jen and sarah were the most loving two moms we could have seen caring for six beautiful children. all right investigati >> reporter: investigators are
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waiting results of toxicology reports to try to better understand how the family suv ended up on the ocean floor. maryann fabro, nbc bay area news. new this morning, oakland police say officers stopped a side show overnight, they tweeted two photos saying the cars have been towed for attempting to help start a side show. no details on where it happened. and also happening today, the family of a man shot and killed by a b.a.r.t. officer says that they will learn about their next possible step. the family says they will meet with a district attorney and then they are planning a rally after that. this is body camera video of the officer outside the west oakland station in january. the body camera footage put initial police claims that he had a gun into question. driver beiaccused of plowin
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into the dog patch neighborhood is due in court. he swung an ax and reportedly drove on to the sidewalk killing one of the men. the victim was identified as 34-year-old alesio lopez. and on saturday police arrested a man at tmcarthur sta saying he had thrown a metal pipe hurting another man and a man says six young people stole his two cellphones. we did some checking and b.a.r.t. police are reporting a surge in arrests for 2017. their crime data shows that officers arrested more than 1700 people in 2017 which is nearly a 40% increase from the year before. b.a.r.t. says the numbers also show officers are focused on fare enforcement. the number of citations and warnings to suspected fare evaders jumped 88%. cal train is implementing a new system. instead of paper citations,
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conductors will issue a device to scan i.d.s if caught without a ticket. the fines will be september electroisent electronically .first and second offense is $75 and the third offense could keep you from using cal train for 90 days. coming up, another data breach exposed some 5 million customers' information. we'll tell you who is at risk. and how soon you can expect to look over while driving and expect to see a car with no driver. a look at steps to allow driverless cars.
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good morning. i'm meg tirrell live at cnbc. here are today's top on business headlines. wall street could see some red arrows to see the week. the markets end higher on thursday, but dow posted its first back to back negative month for the first time since october 2016. the nasdaq dragged down recently by big tech names like facebook and amazon had its worst month in more than two years. investors will get reporting today on manufacturing and construction. on thursday, the dow254 points. the nasdaq gained 114. wall matt and hugh man in are possibly talking about a merger. walmart already operates pharmacies in a limited number of primary care clinics and
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plans to start offering lab testing services. it would let us tap into humana's patient population. humana's biggest business is managing medicare advantage plans for older and disabled. and parent of saks fifth avenue and lord and taylor says the stores have been hit by a data breach. they haven't disclosed how many stores or customers are affected. a cybersecurity firm says a group of hackers announced last week they put more than 5 million stolen and credit debit cards up for sale. back to you. >> thank you very much. happening today, california will take a step towards putting completely driverless cars on to roads. the dmv can start issuing the permits. companies can apply for different types of permits. driverless testing and tests with a driver and deployment which allows those cars to be used on on city streets. this is the first time the state has allowed testing with no
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humans behind the wheel. but as for now, it doesn't look like any companies have actually filed for a permit. this is all happening while tesla is under extra scrutiny, a model x suv was in autopilot when it crashed killing its driver. tesla says the driver received several warnings, but did not grab the steering wheel before the collision. coming up, we're looking at a lovely forecast post-holiday. makes it a little easier to go back to work. >> especially when your monday is off to a fairly cool start. we have some 50s on the map, 53 in san jose, 53 for oakland. but want to talk about the daytime highs and i'm looking toward our next chance of possibly see an atmosphere rick river heading toward the bay area gloop a area. and a river of cars moving through dublin.
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taking a live look out at san francisco as we get started with this monday morning. mike will have a look at the traffic in a few minutes. and new video ever an incredible baseball player going viral this morning. meet luke terry, a 14-year-old eighth grader from pennsylvania. sgrus li just like any other catcher, but he only has one arm. the video has been shared almost 30,000 times and has been seen
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by more than a million. oh, wow. >> didn't even notice that until you look closely. just shows you can do anything that you put your mind to. but i can't do the forecast. >> yeah, and keeping with the theme, giants home opener is tomorrow, a lot of people wondering what will the weather be like. chris told me i wore the color on the wrong day. >> yeah, you can do it tomorrow. >> that is okay. sending good vibes early on. now, current temperatures right now 40s and 50s. 53 in san jose, 53 in livermore, napa 44, palo alto 49. so overall very seasonable start. nice and cool out there. not too cold. into the afternoon daytime highs, it is really going to be quite beautiful out there, very springlike. we're talking about mostly clear conditions. let's take a look at our daytime highs for today.
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morgan hill at 73. east bay, similar conditions. oakland are will remain mid to upper 60s. high ward a high of 68, walnut skreekd 72. and along the peninsula, we'll catch a breeze so keep that in mind if you ever plans to be outside for dinner, maybe a light coat. 65 for belmont, san francisco beautiful at 64 for emmark dare r embarcadero. and north bay, we'll keep it in the 70s. santa rosa, 74. so we will keep the dry mostly clear conditions. and then a calm breezy afternoon. we had the winds pick up yesterday and you through the weekend, but today not really a big factor. the winds will remain light. a little bit gustier along the mountainside and the coastal areas. but really just on trend within the 10 and 15 miles per hour range. let's talk about the long range outlook. as the right now, all of the
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models are showing on tap we have this bloom of sub tropical air that will be here thursday. and it willbly higher than average rainfall per hour. which does of course as always bring the threat of possibly seeing some localized flooding. so as we trend toward thursday night, this is looking like it will make its rifle late thursday night into friday morning and then it will really kick in friday morning sticking around through saturday and right now possibly carrying over some sprinkles into sunday. but over the next seven days, giants home opener for tomorrow, nothing to fear. we'll stay dry. aside from some breezy conditions, it doesn't look like the winds will pick up too much. 67 degrees. wednesday, 66. and here comes the plume of subtropical air and moisture into friday. and a wet weekend ahead.
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let's send it over to mike. and we'll have a lighter volume of traffic likely again this week, many school districts are off all at the same time for spring break. we're looking at the south what i and a smooth drive. mountain view, you don't get the week off yet. that is next week. south county moving smoothly out of sis an mar teen, more began hill. and we'll let chp get on scene. and al tatamont pass, no major problems. just typical slowing. green by the time you get to greenville and then cool over to the dublin interchange. bay bridge, no delays through the maze. we have seen this build over the last five, cash lanes on the left approach and now your right filling in a bit, but one lane on either side. we'll have all the lanes open in the next 10 to 15 minutes. on the peninsula side, palo alto moving smoothly 101.
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280 moving nicely as well. less lighting, but still a nice drive between san francisco and the south bay. back to you. continuing coverage now, more fallout from stephon clark's death in sacramento. a woman attending a protest is recovering. sheriff's deputy hit her with a car nap moment appears to have been captured on video. we couldn don't know what prompted the deputy to hit the accelerator. witnesses describe the commotion on. >> it was an immediate jump which knocked her to the ground and went rolling into the gutter. she had a huge bump on her head. about the size of a golf ball. pretty good size. >> and some protestors say a nearby chp officer did not help right away. chp says it has since opened an investigation and went by the victim's house. the sheriff's department is also investigating. happening today, jurors will be selected in the bill comesity
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sexual assault retrial. cosby is accused of drugging and sexually assaulting a woman back in 2004 about that last year a judge declared a mistrial after jurors were in a dead lock. as many as five women are expected to testify against cosby. happening today, the race for california governor comes to the south bay. former los angeles mayorville will be endorsed by several city down till members today. and a top polling candidates will head to northern california next to face off on live tv. nbc bay area is hosting the debate on may 8 at the cal theater. this is in conjunction with the silicon valley community foundation. chuck todd will moderate the event. happening today, senator dianne feinstein will offer support for dreamers. feinstein will take part in a so-called fire side chat in
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sunnyvale. she will address the situation daca recipients face and she will talk about her proposed solutions. and. and there are just not enough crossing guards at san francisco schools. that is the word from the sf examiner this morning. the paper reports that critics say low pay and split shifts are keeping people away. the agency that hires crossing guards says there are 19 street corners now on a wait list. expect traffic delays for the next two weeks if you are traveling between oakland and alameda. bridge inspectors will close at least one bridge of the fruit veail bridge. inspector will also close off high street bridge wednesday through fry and at least one lane on park street bridge will be closed from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. during the first half of the week. coming up, a new production of jesus christ superstar that
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is getting rave reviews, but one local theatre group with an interesting take on the musical. we'll explain. and first little known laws can save couple consumers big money. and we bring one into focus. >> here is a federal protection for contact wearers that few know about. you don't have to buy your lenses in the same office that gives you the exam. the federal trade commission requires the doctor to give you your prescription. so you can take it other places to shop around for the best price. send us your consumer questions, 888-996-tips or at unions ground staff have just and happening now, more problems for travelers using air france. unions for flight crews and ground staff have announced new strikes for april 10 and 11. that is in addition to the strikes scheduled for tomorrow. workers are striking over pay. plus a massive discover y of oi in the persian gulf.
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the island nation says that it has discovered its largest oilfield since the country began drilling near i willly 90 years.
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superstar"? the popular musical came to our t-v screens last night right 4:55. and the big question a lot of people are talking about, did you see jesus christ superstar? >> not yet. i did record it though. we were outside enjoying the weather. >> you're better than me. i didn't even record it. but it is popular for a lot of people. the musical came to tv screens last night. ♪ john legend right there. and people around the bay area
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gathered to catch the show including the cast from ray of light theater company. they will be performing that hit musical next month. but they are reinventing the classic by putting an all-female cast on in the show.he directort it. >> i love the live energy of the audience, people are really into it. i love john legend. >> who doesn't. >> so the ray of light cast is set to perform its rendition of scree sis chri jesus christ superstar next month. an extra special easter delivery, a bunny soared above oak grove high school's football field in a hot air balloon. the bunny and his co-pilot dropped thousands of easter eggs on to the field. >> yeah, it's pretty amazing. the excitement and joy that we're bringing is really awesome. >> kids and adults are autism were specially couraged to join in on the fun and everybody got
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a chance to take a picture with the fay fuss gamous guy. >> and i bet that was a lot of fun. i'm so happy that the weather cooperated with all of the celebrations yesterday. and the family gatherings. easter bunny always scared me, but what doesn't care mscare mer skies. we have great weather on tap. and clear records right now. but they are moving and you do have company. here is oakland, 880 moving nicely. more of your commute coming up. r
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emeryville camera.. good morning and thank you good monday morning. we're looking live from our camera in emeryville. and it looks like a beautiful start to the day. agent po a little jelly bean hangover. hopefully you had a lovely holiday, passover and easter. thanks so much for joining us. i'm kris sanchez. >> and i'm marcus washington. >> and all good news on a monday. we have 70s on tap. i was looking at the wrong lankout lolanong range outlook. and this morning temperatures in the 50s. not too chilly. san jose at 50, san francisco 53.
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and the 24 hour temperature change really no big deal, no difference. san jose about one degree cooler, concord four degrees warmer. sfwr san francisco three. so on the seasonable end of the spring temperatures. and road crews are on the move because they typically work overnight. we're seeing a little bit at the altamont. typical. and highway 37 again i saw slowing eastbound as the crews should be preparing to clear between lakeville and 121. but right now a little slowing west boipd. and the bound. and there is the bay bridge, cash lanes should clear in the next five. a police chase and crash ended in the mt. pleasant area near white road and story road. it took out a crash pole knocking out electricity for about 300 people. one woman describedt


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